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Technological convergence: Technological convergence devices like iPhones and Blackberrys offer consumers choice. e.g. Blackberry: Customers can: BBM (instant messaging) Social Networking Games Maps Apps- Blackberry App world Media player-Music/videos Search web Emails Live stream music- Spotify Premium

Technological convergence happens when device offer media player, camera, camcorder, Wi-fi, all on one device.

Activity 1 Phone: 1) Iphones, Smartphone’s such as blackberry, Computers, latest game consoles like PS3 & Wi, 2)You can listen to music, Television is also available, Games and applications such as Google maps are easy to access, Internet , calendars, Alarms and cameras. 3) Yes, because you can access different types of applications and it offers loads of media functions such as camera & video. It saves you from buying loads of equipment as it is all obtainable through one device. 4) You can listen to music by using live stream music applications such as Spotify. Youtube is fairly easy to use as well. Radio stations such as Kiss FM and Radio one comes with iPhone, it saves you buying a radio. Downloading music from applications such as iTunes is another way to get music. 5) Youtube, Jango, skull MP3, Radio one, Spotify, 6) It depends on how much the websites charge. 7)Probably an iPhone because it offers a lot of functions and plus it looks stylish.

Technological convergence  
Technological convergence  

What is technological convergence and examples of it.