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Ways in which to sell music What services do they offer Music fans

High street

Musicians/Record labels

They can sell  everything in one  place. No need to  import things to the  customers as they  can come and buy.


To get to actually see  View the product  the product. online. Can  Can get customer  download it as well. service...test products  out before buying  them.

Pure digital

Instant and quick. You can listen to a  short extract of the  track before buying  it. You can buy singles  instead of having to  buy the entire track. Cheaper to buy an  album on iTunes  than in the shop. Sell a variety of  Able to start making  things, there is more  money at a fast pace  chance of making  and there’s no stress  money as there is  over the artwork and  more of a potencial  producing. of audiences  available.

Ways in which high street stores, hybrid and pure digital benefit us  

what do these mean?How do they benefit fans and record labels?

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