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Audience research Quantitative: determining the value of a security by  examining its numerical, measurable characteristics such  as revenues, earnings, margins, and market share. Qualitative: aim to gather in depth understanding of  human behaviour qualitative method investigates the why  and how of decision making. Primary: Finding the information yourself (interviewing) Secondary: Have someone else do it for you (Wikipedia) Types of research



Get a variety of answers Can be very brief and in one go lacking of details Anonymous -gives people more confidence

Interview Surveys

Very accurate-answers comes directly from the source

Is not time reliant. Property needed-recorder

Face to face

Spend time/ask questions/Specific and detailed answer Can see things how it’s meant to be or how it’s done.

Time consuming

Automatically accessiblesaves time

Is not always accurate because something could have changed during that period.


Existing research


Act different (bias)

Audience research  

Learninng of different ways to find information and the pros and cons.

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