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ETHEREAL DIVINITY Spring/Summer 2015 Collection The Ethereal Spring/Summer 2015 Collection is influenced heavily on nature and its ethereal colors. The effortless romance and femininity stretches an underlying connection to the theme of mythological goddesses. Garments encapsulate the theme in consort with the beauty and nature that surrounds it. The enchanting traits afloat the line include: femininity, beauty, power, and strength. The collection uses intricate lace as a base of the collection alongside chiffon, tulle, and satin. Light and pastel colors such as lavender, ice blue, champagne, grey, white, dusty rose, and beige are great representatives of the wonderful ethereal colors found in nature. Long and simple silhouettes trace the beginning of the collection as they move and interact with the air ever gently. Furthermore, a voluptuous gown of tulle and satin floats in unison with the foam and color of the ocean—projecting an ethereal end to the collection. Interactions with the color and elements of nature are treated as the focus to Divinity. ‌.................... We believe femininity not to be a weakness, but strength. We encourage beauty of this identity through a refined rendering of delicate detail and flattering fit.

w w w . t h e e t h e r e a l w o m a n . w i x . c o m / e t h e r e a l

Fashion Designer: Patchara Burapathana; Stylist/Editing and Creative: Roxana Hernandez; Photographers: Yzzy Gonzalez and Pablo de la hoya; MUA: Saless Make-Up; Models: Angeline bernabe, erika cito, rebeca fausto, tania garcia, stella orr, alex del salto, christina suwunnakorn, crystal zahler.

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