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THe Habo Gazette “Keeping Bogrim in the loop since 2012” 21 March 2012

Volume III

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Equal Education and Habo march on


Cleo Candy

n Tuesday 21 March, (most fittingly – Human Rights Day), Equal Education organized a march, held in Khayelitsha, for Minimum Norms and Standards for School Infrastructure. As simple as this may sound, many schools do not have even as much as a room with four walls in which to hold students during lessons. Tuesday was, therefore, a chance for these students (along with other students from more privileged schools, representatives from other organizations and even a few of our own, from Habo) to speak out and voice their needs. The march started out small and slow but by the time it had progressed half way through the streets of Khayelitsha, it had picked up hundreds of other people standing in the streets, who wished for the same thing but did not know when or how to demonstrate it. By the end, it was estimated that there were over two thousand people marching. “Today we are marching for learners across the country because their is inequality in South Africa’s education system. There are schools in Khayelitsha that are in a terrible condition but this is not a Western Cape issue - it is a national issue. Today we are marching for every school in South Africa,” Nthuthuzo Ndzomo, a member of EE’s Youth Department, told the crowd. Many learners chanted and sang through the streets but everyone marched with the hope of holding our government responsible for formulating a policy for Minimum Norms and Standards and basic infrastructure in all schools throughout our country. Equal Education succeeded, once again, in providing an environment in which young people can stand together to pave the way for an equal and better future.

You can be involved in Equal Education’s campaigns throughout the year. Visit for more info. Page 1

HDSA Bogrim stand in solidarity with Equal Education’s campaign for Minimum Norms and Standards to attend UCT’s ‘Apartheid Israel’ panel discussion later that evening, to try inject a bit of sense into the debate. The panelists were Zapiro, former UDF leader and convicted fraudster Alan Boesak, arms deal RAPHAEL CHASKALSON campaigner Terry Crawford-Browne and former ost members of the Bogrim Body spend a Minister of Defense Ronnie Kasrils. great deal of their lives in the grimy, ageing The debate proved incredibly disheartening to corridors of UCT or Wits. Whilst many of us are not watch: Kasrils and Boesak delivered propagandist very involved in student politics or societies, it was rants, with the former comparing Israel to Nazi impossible to avoid the enraging stream of rhetoric Germany. Similarly, the 200-strong audience failed and petty politics that accompanied “International to cover themselves in glory. Any pro-Israel view Israel Apartheid Week” on our respective University was shut down with jeers and boos. Unfortunately, campuses. the right-wing Jews in the audience also made their I kop a fair bit of flak from friends for being un- presence felt. As expected, they attacked the paninvolved and reclusive at university, so it is not sur- elists viciously. This only strengthened the convicprising that I had no idea this campaign was even tion of the partisan crowd, who grew even less tolerhappening until, walking between lectures, I acci- ant of opposing views as the discussion continued. dentally waded into the middle of an Israel-Palestine In all this chaos, not once was there any sensible, ‘debate’ on UCT’s Jammie Plaza. This screaming level-headed point made, nor did any panelist put match involved a whole lot of angry Jews bellowing forward a possible solution to the conflict. Comproat a posse of shouting people in “Don’t Steal Pales- mise is the only way the Israel-Palestine conflict will tine” shirts a few metres away. be solved.Unfortunately, events such as UCTs ‘ApartAnyway, a couple of Habo folk and myself decided heid Israel Panel’ take us further from that goal.

Comment: UCT Israel Apartheid Week


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Lynzi Bennun Girlfriend 1: Hey-yoh gurl have you heard about the Jozi bayit gurl? Girlfriend 2: U-huh gurl I surez have!


JHB Mazkirut Report


Justine Shear

t the beginning of this month, we ran a really fun and successful Mazkirut Event for grade fours and fives. Nine fantastic channies participated and they really enjoyed it. We ran a few games with them to start, but the event’s piece de resistance was Masterchef. The kids were split into three teams, each given a different theme (Italian, Japanese, South African) and had to make a breakfast in their theme with whatever ingredients we gave them. Surprisingly the food was not disgusting (luckily for Jake, the judge). In fact, some of the dishes they cooked up proved to be quite impressive! The kids had a great time, and we ended off by eating ice cream and making bracelets. The fact that so many of them refused to leave when their parents arrived proved that our first Mazkirut Event was a resounding success!

Justine is also on the Shorashim Tsevet this year. See our next edition for a Shoraz Update by Rosh Shorashim, David ‘Vager’ Yach. Page 2

Haberdashery and Fashion Advice “Putting the tah in your gah!”

The Habo Gazette

Did somebody say Jo’burg? hese girlfriends dont’ joke: the Joburg Ken is looking and booming better than ever! Thanks to our Big Bayit Clean Up Day Event, the Ken has been transformed! The Cage is now an awesome chill area, the small office has become a Habo library work room and the Moadon has morphed into an all-purpose hub for all our challenging, engaging and fun peulot. Equipped with a black board calendar wall to see what events are happening when/to write your birthday on/just to draw random stuff on, a wall of posters and pictures to show Habo through the years and a projector wall, the Moadon is back in business. Our Friday night meetings have been based around the topic of Habonim Dror ideology, which was put to the test at our Jeopardy evening. Attendance has been consistent, with Shomrim playing a huge role! Our “Purim with the Stars” meeting brought out the Ke$ha in Galit ‘Gale’ Selgiman who was ‘hot and danergous’ on the Red Carpet! This year, the JHB Ken aims to have better relations with other Jewish organisations and we have started to put this into action by


Lynzi grapples with paint and Infinity at the JHB Bayit.

hosting a SAUJS event for our Friday night meeting. SAUJS brought out several delegates from Israel to speak about Israel-apartheid week, and we used this opportunity for a panel debate/discussion. Although the discussion did not go as envisioned, our relationship with SAUJS is definitely growing. The panel also opened our eyes to what has been going on during Israel Apartheid week. In other news, we are about to have one of the biggest Mini Machanot Jhb has ever seen. We also have an active Mazkirut who recently ran their first event (read more in Justine’s article) and Mini Mach Work Day proved to us that the level of madrichim in JHB are of the highest quality. Make no mistake: JHB is in business! So if you’re in the area, be sure to stop by the Bayit for a cup’o’tea and we will be sure to make it worth your while.

Cape Town Event Day Report: Garinim

Kiara Klitzner ixteen energetic, grade 3s and 4s were thrilled as they reunited or began their journeys with Habo for the coming year. On Sunday 4 March, Garinim channichim had a blast by participating in GariGames which the Garinim Tzevet planned for them. If you walked into the bayit from 3-5pm that day, you would have initially seen chaos. However, all the running around, loud noises and laughter was due to the ‘Get to know Habo’ station rotation. ‘Close the doors’ could be heard throughout the house and things got a little messy when tasty habo sandwiches were made and blue and white marie biscuits iced. The channichim got to know fun facts about their madrichim and play classic Habo games. We ended off the day with an entertaining Purim fashion show and some swimming. It was a very successful start to the year for the Garinim Tsevet and we are looking forward to the many more future Event Days. With Mini Mach around the corner, GariGames definitely got the madrichim and channichim motivated for more Habo magic in the coming year.


Youth Worker’s Report


Roxanne Joseph

or the past two months, I’ve spent every day toiling away at my desk, in the coldest and darkest room that I’ve ever had the pleasure of gracing. In between exploring Joburg every now and then - from the Neighbourgoods market to the Lion Park in Lanseria - I’ve actually managed to be quite productive. My tafkid of Johannesburg Youth Worker requires me to work very closely with the schools, trying to get Habo madrichim as much time in the classes (a task that I’ve only just managed to achieve at King David Linksfield High) as possible. It is also my job to ensure that weekly school campaigns happen and I run a few chaggim-related events during breaks (such as Purim, Rosh Chodesh and Rosh Hashana). I’ve never really entertained the idea of teaching formally, but having the chance to spend so much time with channichim that I know really well and getting the chance to meet so many new ones is a part of my tafkid that I’ve thoroughly enjoyed. It’s always quite a nice break from the office, where I spend lots of my time on the phone to angry parents and trying to discover who

‘Taps’ at the Johannesburg Bayit (the song, not the plumbing device)

keeps stealing our sweetener. Last week we watched the Linksfield High Purim play, a Jewified version of one of my all-time favourite musicals, Fame. Right after Mini Machaneh (this weekend), we’re going to watch Victory Park High’s Night with the Stars. As well as working with the actual youth, I’ve also managed (with the help of Kim and Gabi) to start up tutoring at a community centre in Town again, organised for Bogrim to participate in an outreach project at Constitutional Hill. I am also currently looking into linking the Joburg Ken up with an Interfaith programme. As Youth Worker, I sit on the Joburg kenI’m basically their willing and all purpose bitch - and get to help out with a few of our national projects, including April seminar, Shnat 2013, Shorashim, Publications and small centres. I’ve only been here for two months and although I’ll never stop arguing with Raph about how much worse Joburg drivers are than Capetonians, will always point out to people that the water here tastes awful and long to see the ocean (or something resembling actual nature), I have to admit that Joburg isn’t all that bad.

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Habo Gazette III  

The Third Edition of our fortnightly newsletter!

Habo Gazette III  

The Third Edition of our fortnightly newsletter!