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THE ENTERPRISING MUSICIAN’S GUIDE TO PERFORMER CONTRACTS By David R.Williams The Enterprising Musician’s Guide to Performer Contracts is a plain-language guide to the two most commonly used contracts in the music industry: presenters’ engagement (gig) contracts and artist-management contracts. Before getting into clause-specific detail, it provides readers with a brief look into the American legal system and explains how contracts, generally, fit within that system. The guide dissects each clause of these contracts to inform and protect a musician’s rights and help them get the most out of their performance careers. David R. Williams is a former professional musician, music teacher, and musician manager. He has lectured on music industry law (contracts and intellectual property rights) at Yale University, Tanglewood Music Center, Manhattan School of Music, and the University of Wisconsin-Madison, among other institutions.

E-inspection copy available

Rowman & Littlefield Publishers

November 2017 • 190 pages 978-1-5381-0676-1 • $40.00 / £24.95 • Paperback 978-1-5381-0675-4 • $85.00 / £54.95 • Hardback 978-1-5381-0677-8 • $39.99 / £24.95 • eBook

WRITING MUSIC FOR COMMERCIALS Television, Radio, and New Media Third Edition

By Michael Zager Writing Music for Commercials describes the process of composing and arranging music specifically for commercials across the growing variety of media formats. Writing music for commercials requires composers not only learn the craft of writing short-form compositions that can stand on their own, but also understand the advertising business. In this third edition, Zager walks starting composers through the business and art of writing music that aims for a product’s target audience and, when done well, hits its mark.

E-inspection copy available

Recipient of numerous advertising awards for his musical, including a Clio, International Film Festival Awards, Art Directors Club Awards, and a Mobius Advertising Award, Michael Zager is the Dorothy F. Schmidt Eminent Scholar in Performing Arts, professor of music and director of the Commercial Music Program at Florida Atlantic University. Rowman & Littlefield Publishers

2015 • 328 pages 978-0-8108-8410-6 • $47.00 / £31.95 • Paperback 978-1-4422-4666-9 • $89.00 / £60.00 • Hardback 978-0-8108-8411-3 • $46.99 / £31.95 • eBook

THE 21CM INTRODUCTION TO MUSIC ENTREPRENEURSHIP Edited by Mark Rabideau The 21CM Introduction to Music Entrepreneurship introduces students to how the working musicians’ world works and provides them with the tools necessary to invent and execute successful community-based projects. This revolutionary online text embraces the civic-mindedness of service-learning, the high intellectual and performance standards of the academic community, and the creative energy of the entrepreneurial artist. The text facilitates a one-semester course that makes the most of the collective wisdom of world-class musicians, leading entrepreneurship educators, and the local knowledge of onsite instructors. The text is fully online and includes • • • • • • • •

A course syllabus with goals and outcomes Weekly chapters texts in written and audio formats Embedded audio and video stories and related readings Community engagement and research assignments Reflection and discussion prompts Activities to develop creative problem-solving strategies A Toolkit of 35 How-To videos with printable instructions Case studies of revolutionary artists in today’s world

An instructor’s version of the online text is also available and includes: • • • • • • •

Descriptions of sample community-based projects Detailed instructions and materials lists for classroom activities Additional topics for classroom discussion Links to inspirational and educational videos Direction on applying readings and activities to the implementation of a successful community project Problem management suggestions for group project success Progress rubrics and grading recommendations

Mark Rabideau is the director of the 21st Century Musician Initiative at DePauw University and has generated projects ranging from producing and hosting Live from Smoke, founding and serving as executive and artistic director of Artist Now, and producing Worlds End. Rowman & Littlefield Publishers

August 2017 978-1-5381-0671-6 • $60.00 / £39.95 • Online Resource

2 or








A Listener’s Companion

By Geoffrey Block

Piano Portraits of the Belle Époque By Catherine Kautsky

By Joseph E. Morgan

Debussy’s Paris: Portraits of the Belle Époque takes readers on a tour of Paris through detailed descriptions of the city’s delights and the music Debussy wrote to accompany them. Catherine Kautsky explores how key works reveal not only the most appealing aspects of Parisian life, but also the less virtuous attitudes of the time. In contrast to the childlike innocence of fairytales, minstrel shows had racist overtones, colonization entailed domination, and the brooding nationalism of the era was rife with hostility. Debussy left no avenue unexplored, and his piano works present a sweeping overview of the passions, vices, and obsessions of the era’s Parisians. When played today, Debussy’s music breathes the story of one the world’s most fascinating cities. Kautsky reveals little known aspects of Parisian life during the Belle Époque and weaves the music, the man, the city, and the era into an indissoluble whole.

In Experiencing Carl Maria von Weber: A Listener’s Companion, Joseph Morgan walks readers through the many masterpieces that comprise Weber’s oeuvre, providing key insights by integrating critical points in the composer’s life with the burgeoning Romantic and Nationalist movements in Germany that Weber’s music came to champion. Morgan brings to life the musical character of Weber’s most important compositions, from his most popular works such as his programme work Aufforderung zum Tanz (Invitation to the Dance), his majestic solo pieces, and his path-breaking song cycle DieTemperamente beim Verluste der Geliebten (Temperaments on the Loss of a Lover), the very first song cycle ever composed—preceding even Beethoven in this most Romantic of musical subgenres. At every turn, Morgan brings together biographical, political, aesthetic, and historical matters to inform our understanding of Weber’s compositional genius.

Catherine Kautsky is chair of keyboard at Lawrence University and has been lauded by the New York Times as “a pianist who can play Mozart and Schubert as though their sentiments and habits of speech coincided exactly with hers...” Rowman & Littlefield Publishers

September 2017 • 240 pages 978-1-4422-6982-8 • $38.00 / £24.95 • Hardback 978-1-4422-6983-5 • $37.99 / £24.95 • eBook

Joseph E. Morgan is assistant professor of musicology at Middle Tennessee State University. He is the author of Carl Maria von Weber: Oberon and Cosmopolitanism in the Early German Romantic (Rowman & Littlefield, 2014).

A Listener’s Companion “Accessible and provocative. ... For ‘nonspecialist’ listeners wishing to dive more deeply into an analysis of Beethoven’s works and classical music generally.” —Library Journal “There is much to recommend in this book, chiefly the enthusiasm, discernment, expertise, and deep understanding of Beethoven and his cultural milieu that its author brings to the table, as well his clear, forthright explanations.” —Fanfare Magazine Music historian Geoffrey Block explores in layman’s terms a highly representative body of about two dozen Beethoven instrumental and vocal works, offering listeners who know him well, or are just discovering him, an opportunity to grasp the breadth and depth of his musical genius. Experiencing Beethoven places the composer’s works within the evolving context of his personal and professional life and social and cultural milieu. Geoffrey Block is distinguished professor of music history at the University of Puget Sound. Series: Listener’s Companion Rowman & Littlefield Publishers

2017 • 290 pages 978-1-4422-4545-7 • $45.00 / £29.95 • Hardback 978-1-4422-4546-4 • $44.99 / £29.95 • eBook

Series: Listener’s Companion Rowman & Littlefield Publishers

July 2017 • 206 pages 978-1-4422-5556-2 • $40.00 / £24.95 • Hardback 978-1-4422-5557-9 • $39.99 / £24.95 • eBook or






By Donald Sanders

A Listener’s Companion

By David Schroeder

“Performers and students new to Schumann will value this book. Recommended.” —CHOICE

By Franco Sciannameo

A Listener’s Companion

Experiencing Schumann: A Listener’s Companion combines a concise biography of Robert Schumann with an analysis of works from the most important genres in which he worked. The music is discussed in the frame of Schumann’s eventful and ultimately tragic life, and the important influence of his brilliant and adoring—but strong-willed—wife, Clara Wieck Schumann, is also examined. A selected listening discography lists outstanding recorded performances of the featured compositions. Donald Sanders is professor of music and coordinator of keyboard studies at Samford University in Birmingham, Alabama. He is the author of Experiencing Verdi: A Listener’s Companion (R&L, 2014). Series: Listener’s Companion Rowman & Littlefield Publishers

2016 • 200 pages 978-1-4422-4003-2 • $45.00 / £29.95 • Hardback 978-1-4422-4004-9 • $44.99 / £29.95 • eBook


“Recommended.” —CHOICE In Experiencing the Violin Concerto, Franco Sciannameo draws on his years of scholarship and violin performance to trace the genre through Baroque, Classical, and modern periods. Along the way, he explores the social and personal histories of composers, and the fabulous virtuosi who performed concertos, and audiences they conquered worldwide. Inviting readers to consider not only the components of the music but also the power of perception and experience, Sciannameo recreates the atmosphere of a live performance as he paints a narrative history of technique and innovation. Franco Sciannameo is professor and associate dean for Interdisciplinary Initiatives in the College of Fine Arts at Carnegie Mellon University. Series: Listener’s Companion Rowman & Littlefield Publishers

2016 • 204 pages 978-0-8108-8885-2 • $45.00 / £29.95 • Hardback 978-0-8108-8886-9 • $44.99 / £29.95 • eBook or

A Listener’s Companion “This book is well written, even occasionally trendy.” —Fanfare Magazine The music of Tchaikovsky remains as much loved in the twenty-first century as it was a hundred years ago. But it has so much more to offer than luscious orchestration and tuneful melodies. In Experiencing Tchaikovsky: A Listener’s Companion, historian and scholar David Schroeder looks beyond traditional views of Tchaikovsky to explore the dramatic impact of his music by walking readers through the remarkable range of works by this great Russian composer. David Schroeder is professor emeritus at Dalhousie University. His most recent work is Experiencing Mozart: A Listener’s Companion (Scarecrow Press 2013). Series: Listener’s Companion Rowman & Littlefield Publishers

2015 • 238 pages 978-1-4422-3299-0 • $45.00 / £29.95 • Hardback 978-1-4422-3300-3 • $44.99 / £29.95 • eBook


LEONARD BERNSTEIN AND HIS YOUNG PEOPLE’S CONCERTS By Alicia Kopfstein-Penk “A bristlingly well-informed monograph that draws on Bernstein’s archives to tell the story of how his Young People’s Concerts telecasts came to be, and why they have had no true successors.” —The Wall Street Journal


THE MUSIC OF WILLIAM SCHUMAN, VINCENT PERSICHETTI, AND PETER MENNIN Voices of Stone and Steel By Walter Simmons “Highly recommended.” —Classical Net “A valuable entryway into a varied, compelling, and satisfying body of music.” —American Music

“A remarkable document of a remarkable series of documents and an invaluable addition to our deeper understanding of the multi-faceted Bernstein.” —Classical Music

William Schuman, Vincent Persichetti, and Peter Mennin were three of the most significant American composers of the 20th century, yet their music has largely disappeared from view since their respective deaths. This book provides a thorough examination of the lives and work of these artists, clarifying their considerable individuality both as composers and as human beings.

In this first in-depth look at the series, Alicia Kopfstein-Penk’s Leonard Bernstein and His Young People’s Concerts illustrates how the cultural, social, political, and musical upheavals of the long sixties impacted Bernstein’s life and his Young People’s Concerts. Alicia Kopfstein-Penk teaches at American University. Rowman & Littlefield Publishers

2015 • 354 pages 978-0-8108-8849-4 • $42.00 / £27.95 • Hardback 978-0-8108-8850-0 • $41.99 / £27.95 • eBook


EXPERIENCING MOZART A Listener’s Companion

Walter Simmons has received the National Educational Film Festival Award and the ASCAP/Deems Taylor Award for music criticism. Series: Modern Traditionalist Classical Music Rowman & Littlefield Publishers

2017 • 436 pages 978-1-5381-0383-8 • $55.00 / £37.95 • Paperback 978-1-5381-0384-5 • $54.99 / £37.95 • eBook



By David Schroeder “With special features including a glossary of key musical terms and lists of selected reading and listening, this compact guide will appeal to serious listeners and music students alike, and libraries who count them among their patrons should add it to their circulating collections.” —Booklist

The Complete Works of Karlheinz Stockhausen 1950–2007 Updated Edition By Robin Maconie “Highly recommended.” —CHOICE Other Planets: The Complete Works of Karlheinz Stockhausen, 1950–2007 draws on more than fifty years of Maconie’s close study of Stockhausen and functions as a catalogue raisonee of Stockhausen’s complete output. With plentiful citations from the history of radio, film, and sound recording, as well as from contemporary science and technology, the book is laid out in chronological order and contains ample commentary on the composer’s sources of inspiration. The updated edition extends the range of the volume’s contents to include the twenty-five works Stockhausen composed between 2004 and his death in 2007.

“Highly recommended.” —CHOICE In Experiencing Mozart: A Listener’s Companion, music historian David Schroeder illustrates how the issues Mozart cared about so deeply remain important to modern listeners. His views on politics, women, authority, and religion are provided, along with compelling analysis of selected great symphonies and sonatas, moving concertos and innovative keyboard works, and groundbreaking operas. David Schroeder is professor emeritus at Dalhousie University. Series: Listener’s Companion Rowman & Littlefield Publishers

2015 • 236 pages 978-1-4422-4919-6 • $29.00 / £19.95 • Paperback 978-0-8108-8428-1 • $53.00 / £37.95 • Hardback (2013) 978-0-8108-8429-8 • $28.99 / £19.95 • eBook

Robin Maconie is a New Zealand-born composer and musicologist who has studied with Olivier Messiaen and Karlheinz Stockhausen. Rowman & Littlefield Publishers

2017 • 598 pages 978-1-4422-7267-5 • $55.00 / £37.95 • Paperback 978-1-4422-7268-2 • $54.99 / £37.95 • eBook or





A Biographical Dictionary

An Introduction

Third Edition

By Margaret Olson

Edited by Martha Furman Schleifer and Gary Galván

Listening to Art Song: An Introduction offers an easy-to-read, fresh perspective on the remarkably diverse musical genre of art song. As the ultimate expression of the human singing voice, song has provided succor and entertainment to humanity in many forms since the dawn of civilization. Margaret Olson examines art song’s development, outlines the elements that comprise it, offers ideas on how to effectively listen to it, provides brief biographical sketches of key art song composers, and lists important recordings in the Italian, French, German, British, and American art song traditions. By instructing readers in how to evaluate art songs, Olson informs and enhances the art song experience for listeners.

“Recommended.” —CHOICE Now in its third edition, Latin American Classical Composers: A Biographical Dictionary provides a singular Englishlanguage resource for biographical information on hundreds of composers from Central and South America and the Hispanic Caribbean. Entries provide biographical data comprising full names, birth and death dates and locations, background, education, and training, as well as selective works lists more than 2,300 composers. An index of composers by country and women composers of Latin America complement the volume. Martha Furman Schleifer taught at Temple University and was senior editor of the Hildegard Publishing Co. Gary Galván is curator for the Edwin A. Fleisher Collection of Orchestral Music at the Free Library of Philadelphia. Rowman & Littlefield Publishers

2016 • 764 pages 978-0-8108-8870-8 • $125.00 / £85.00 • Hardback 978-0-8108-8871-5 • $124.99 / £85.00 • eBook


COMPOSER GENEALOGIES A Compendium of Composers, Their Teachers, and Their Students

Margaret Olson is the author of The Solo Singer in the Choral Setting: A Handbook for Achieving Vocal Health (Scarecrow Press, 2010). Rowman & Littlefield Publishers

2015 • 304 pages 978-1-4422-3020-0 • $58.00 / £39.95 • Paperback 978-1-4422-3021-7 • $57.99 / £39.95 • eBook

CHAMBER MUSIC An Extensive Guide for Listeners By Lucy Miller Murray “Both casual and seasoned classical-music listeners will likely find this volume on chamber music interesting and useful.” —Booklist

By Scott Pfitzinger Composer Genealogies: A Compendium of Composers, Their Teachers, and Their Students is the first volume to gather the genealogies of more than 17,000 classical composers in a single volume. Functioning as its own fully cross-referenced index, this volume lists composers and their dates, followed by their teachers and notable students. A short introduction presents the parameters by which composers were selected and provides a survey of the literature available for further study. Gathering records and information from reference books, university websites, obituaries, articles, composers’ websites, and even direct contact with some composers, Pfitzinger creates a valuable resource for music researchers, composers, and performers. Scott Pfitzinger is a composer and educator himself and currently serves as the access services librarian at the University of Wisconsin - La Crosse. Rowman & Littlefield Publishers

2017 • 628 pages 978-1-4422-7224-8 • $150.00 / £100.00 • Hardback 978-1-4422-7225-5 • $149.99 / £100.00 • eBook

6 or

“Recommended.” —CHOICE Covering over 500 works, Murray surveys in clear and simple language the historical and musical impact of some 130 composers—20 of them living. Notably, Chamber Music includes the complete string quartets of Beethoven, Bartok, and Shostakovich, as well as 35 piano trios of Haydn. It also provides critical information and assessments of works by composers not nearly so well known, both past and present. Lucy Miller Murray, founder of Market Square Concerts in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, inspired the artistic excellence of the chamber music series for 27 years. Rowman & Littlefield Publishers

2015 • 462 pages 978-1-4422-4342-2 • $89.00 / £60.00 • Hardback 978-1-4422-4343-9 • $87.99 / £60.00 • eBook





The Story of Classical French Hornist Robert Lee Watt

Life of a Lyric Composer

By Robert Lee Watt

By Kirke Mechem

“Black Horn takes on the life of Watt with raw honesty, humor, and diversity. Watt describes every situation with precise detail. Nothing is left to the imagination.” —International Musician

“A well-written page turner that will appeal to everyone, but especially to the opera educator who wants to know a little more about his opera compositional process; the choral conductor looking to learn about Mechem’s choral works, and the composer wanting to gain some practical knowledge.” —The Opera Journal “A fascinating first-person history of classical music in the 20th century.” —Opera America Believe Your Ears is the memoir of composer Kirke Mechem, whose unorthodox path to music provides a fascinating narrative. He wrote songs and played music by ear as a newspaper reporter, a touring tennis player, and a Stanford creative-writing major before studying composition and conducting at Harvard. Rowman & Littlefield Publishers

2017 • 224 pages 978-1-5381-0438-5 • $35.00 / £23.95 • Paperback 978-1-4422-5076-5 • $65.00 / £44.95 • Hardback (2015) 978-1-4422-5077-2 • $34.99 / £23.95 • eBook

CORRESPONDING WITH CARLOS A Biography of Carlos Kleiber By Charles Barber

The Black Horn: The Story of Classical French Hornist Robert Lee Watt tells the story of the first African American French Hornist hired by a major symphony in the United States. Today, few African Americans hold chairs in major American symphony orchestras, and Watt is the first in many years to write about this uniquely exhilarating—and at times painful—experience. Series: African American Cultural Theory and Heritage Rowman & Littlefield Publishers 2016 • 300 pages 978-1-4422-6871-5 • $35.00 / £23.95 • Paperback 978-1-4422-3938-8 • $79.00 / £52.95 • Hardback (2015) 978-1-4422-3939-5 • $34.99 / £23.95 • eBook

DEAN DIXON Negro at Home, Maestro Abroad By Rufus Jones Jr.

“This is a brilliant summary of Kleiber’s way of making music.” —The Guardian “Once the book turns from biographical sketch to lively correspondence, we get the thrill of reading—hearing—the voice of Carlos Kleiber, and all is light. ” —The Wall Street Journal “This is mainly a book so fascinating that for once the ‘impossible to put down’ cliché is appropriate.” —BBC Music Magazine Carlos Kleiber (1930-2004) was the greatest conductor of his generation. Drawing heavily on this decade-and-a-half exchange, Corresponding with Carlos is the first English-language biography of Kleiber ever written. Charles Barber is artistic director of City Opera Vancouver. Rowman & Littlefield Publishers

“Certainly there is wisdom to be imparted by a musician of Watt’s experience. One has to admire his perseverance and tenacity in remaining with what was obviously a contentious section for so many years.” —Fanfare Magazine

2014 • 404 pages 978-1-4422-3117-7 • $40.00 / £24.95 • Paperback 978-0-8108-8143-3 • $99.00 / £65.00 • Hardback (2012) 978-0-8108-8144-0 • $39.99 / £24.95 • eBook

In Dean Dixon: Negro at Home, Maestro Abroad, conductor and scholar Rufus Jones Jr. brings to light a literal treasure trove of unpublished primary sources to tell the compelling story of this great American conductor. A testament to Dixon’s resolve, this first-ever full-length biography of this American musical hero chronicles Dixon’s musical upbringing, beginnings as a conductor, painful decision to leave his own country, rise to fame in Europe and his triumphant stand twenty-one years later when he returned to the United States to serve as a model for aspiring Black classical musicians. Dean Dixon: Negro at Home, Maestro Abroad will interest anyone who wants to know more about Black American history, American musical culture, and Black American concert music and musicians. Series: African American Cultural Theory and Heritage Rowman & Littlefield Publishers 2015 • 206 pages 978-0-8108-8855-5 • $74.00 / £49.95 • Hardback 978-0-8108-8856-2 • $72.99 / £49.95 • eBook










Dramaturgical Leaves: Richard Wagner

By Szymon Paczkowski

By Julian Young This comprehensive study of the way Bach used the Polish style in his music moves beyond technical analysis to place the pieces within the context of Baroque customs and discourse, focusing on the symbolism of the polonaise, the most popular and recognizable Polish dance in 18th-century Saxony.

Edited and translated by Janita R. Hall-Swadley This book completes the second half of Liszt’s writings about stage works, its composers, and music drama. In this volume, Liszt focuses on the works of his most controversial devotee and son-inlaw, Richard Wagner, whose music dramas Liszt championed as conductor during his tenure in Weimar. Janita R. Hall-Swadley is a music researcher and German translator. Series: The Collected Writings of Franz Liszt Rowman & Littlefield Publishers

2017 • 340 pages 978-1-4422-7352-8 • $100.00 / £70.00 • Hardback 978-1-4422-7353-5 • $99.99 / £70.00 • eBook


Szymon Paczkowski is a professor at the Institute of Musicology, University of Warsaw. Series: Contextual Bach Studies Rowman & Littlefield Publishers

March 2017 • 418 pages 978-0-8108-8893-7 • $100.00 / £70.00 • Hardback 978-0-8108-8894-4 • $99.99 / £70.00 • eBook

CLASSICAL LISTENING Two Decades of Reviews from The American Record Guide By Rob Haskins

Johann Mattheson and Christoph Raupach on Music in Time and Eternity

“This book is valuable as an overview of twenty years of publication and public reception of recordings in these categories.” —ARSC Journal

Edited and translated by Joyce L. Irwin Irwin provides translations and commentary for two eighteenth-century texts that illuminate the musico-theological foundation underlying the work of Lutheran composers such as Bach and Telemann. Joyce Irwin is a church historian, organist and choir director. Series: Contextual Bach Studies Rowman & Littlefield Publishers

2015 • 214 pages 978-1-4422-3263-1 • $89.00 / £60.00 • Hardback 978-1-4422-3264-8 • $87.99 / £60.00 • eBook


“Technical skill, historical understanding, and an imagination true to the nature of the music makes for excitement and satisfaction.” —American Record Guide Rob Haskins, musicologist and performer, is associate professor of music at the University of New Hampshire. Rowman & Littlefield Publishers

2016 • 228 pages 978-1-4422-4935-6 • $80.00 / £52.95 • Hardback 978-1-4422-4936-3 • $79.99 / £52.95 • eBook or

“Highly recommended.” —CHOICE Viewing Wagner’s operas through the lens of his philosophy, the book offers often novel interpretations of Lohengrin, The Ring cycle, Tristan und Isolde, Die Meistersinger, and Parsifal. Julian Young is Kenan Professor of Humanities at Wake Forest University. Lexington Books

2016 • 170 pages 978-0-7391-9994-7 • $39.99 / £24.95 • Paperback 978-0-7391-9992-3 • $84.00 / £54.95 • Hardback (2015) 978-0-7391-9993-0 • $39.99 / £24.95 • eBook

CHOPIN’S PROPHET The Life of Pianist Vladimir de Pachmann By Gregor Benko and Edward Blickstein “This book explains all. ... superbly written and edited.” —Teaching History: A Journal of Methods “I highly recommend this volume to library collections and pianophiles.” —Notes: Quarterly Journal of the Music Library Association “This is a detailed, well-documented life story of a fascinating pianist.” —Pianist Rowman & Littlefield Publishers

2015 • 488 pages 978-1-4422-5279-0 • $46.00 / £31.95 • Paperback 978-0-8108-8496-0 • $92.00 / £65.00 • Hardback (2014) 978-0-8108-8497-7 • $45.99 / £31.95 • eBook






A Dictionary 2 Volume Set

Origin, History, and Restoration of an Operatic Masterpiece

Edited by Margaret Ross Griffel

By Vincent Giroud and Michael Kaye Foreword by Plácido Domingo


With more than 700 new entries, the revised edition of Margaret Ross Griffel’s Operas in German: A Dictionary addresses itself wholly to operas written specifically to a German text, whether the text comes from a source originally in German or from a German translation. The main body of this book provides entries on the operas themselves, rather than on musical terms, characters, composers, performers, and other personages. In this way each of the works from the earliest selection through the most contemporary is given a more thorough treatment. Four appendixes list composers, librettists, authors whose works inspired or were adapted for the librettos of the operas included in the dictionary and the sources used by the librettists, and a chronological listing of the entries in the A–Z section. This volume is designed to help the reader obtain more detailed information on the subjects it presents. The first index gives the main characters listed in each opera entry. The second includes names of singers, conductors (excluding composers conducting their own work), producers, composers (of other German settings), directors, choreographers, and arrangers.

Of all operas in the standard repertory, none has had a more complicated genesis and textual history than Offenbach’s Tales of Hoffmann. Vincent Giroud and Michael Kaye’s The Real ‘Tales of Hoffmann’ tells the full story for the first time in English. After discussing how the work of Hoffmann became known and influential in France, the book includes little-known sources for the opera, especially the complete Barbier and Carré play, in French and English. It describes the genesis of the opera. The annotated libretto is published in full, with the variants, for the two versions of the opera: with spoken dialogue or recitatives. Vincent Giroud is professor at the University of Franche-Comté. Michael Kaye is an eminent American musicologist Rowman & Littlefield Publishers

April 2017 • 256 pages 978-1-4422-6084-9 • $75.00 / £49.95 • Paperback 978-1-4422-6083-2 • $130.00 / £85.00 • Hardback 978-1-4422-6085-6 • $74.99 / £49.95 • eBook


Margaret Ross Griffel is the author of the award-winning revised edition of Operas in English: A Dictionary (2012).


Rowman & Littlefield Publishers

A Guide for Directors and Performers

October 2017 • 950 pages 978-1-4422-4796-3 • $180.00 / £120.00 • Hardback 978-1-4422-4797-0 • $179.99 / £120.00 • eBook

By William Ferrara In Staging Scenes from the Operas of Donizetti and Verdi, veteran opera director William Ferrara presents a detailed, practical exploration of the staging of twenty-one scenes from two of opera’s most beloved composers. He brings to life Donizetti’s delightful comedies, L’Elisir d’amore and Don Pasquale, and guides us through the haunted world of Lucia di Lammmermoor. He explores Verdi’s dark themes and imagery in scenes from Rigoletto, and the heartbreaking choices of the characters in La traviata. With signature comic touches, vivid characters, and dynamic stage action, Ferrara brings tried-and-true techniques as well as lively new ideas to these favorite scenes.

ORIENTALISM AND THE OPERATIC WORLD By Nicholas Tarling “Highly recommended.” —CHOICE “As informed as it is informative, the result is a consistently stimulating read, full of artistic and cultural insights—some of them surprising.” —Opera Nicholas Tarling is former professor of history at the University of Auckland, where he taught for nearly thirty years. Rowman & Littlefield Publishers

2015 • 354 pages 978-1-4422-4543-3 • $89.00 / £60.00 • Hardback 978-1-4422-4544-0 • $87.99 / £60.00 • eBook

William Ferrara is Director of Opera at the University of Oklahoma School of Music. Rowman & Littlefield Publishers

2017 • 284 pages 978-1-4422-5782-5 • $55.00 / £37.95 • Paperback 978-1-4422-5781-8 • $110.00 / £75.00 • Hardback 978-1-4422-5783-2 • $54.99 / £37.95 • eBook or









Riding with the Ghost

Banjo Icon

By Erin Osmon

By Gordon Castelnero and David L. Russell Foreword by Béla Fleck

From Country and Blues Roots to the Avett Brothers, Mumford & Sons, and Beyond

“Erin Osmon paints an empathetic and deeply human portrait of Jason Molina, both the artist and the man. A biography that’s as beautifully haunting as one of his songs.” —Bob Mehr, author, Trouble Boys: The True Story of the Replacements “In Jason Molina: Riding with the Ghost, Erin Osmon gives us a riveting biography not only of a great musician whose work deserves to be much wider known, but a well-rounded portrait of a fascinating human being, as well as a glimpse into the creative process. It’s a ride well worth taking.” —Jim DeRogatis, co-host, “Sound Opinions,” and author, Let It Blurt: The Life and Times of Lester Bangs “During his all-too-short lifetime, Jason Molina created some of the most emotionally stirring, soul-enriching, and thought-provoking rock this side of Neil Young, Lou Reed, and Nick Drake. First time author Erin Osmon has crafted a meticulously researched biography infused with both passion and a keen analytic eye. During his lifetime, Molina was criminally under recognized. In a perfect world, Osmon’s loving tribute will play its part in rectifying this.” —Rob Bowman, Grammy Award–winning author, Soulsville U.S.A.: The Story of Stax Records Erin Osmon is a music writer whose work has appeared in dozens of newspapers, magazines, websites, and journals. Rowman & Littlefield Publishers

May 2017 • 240 pages 978-1-4422-6867-8 • $35.00 / £23.95 • Hardback 978-1-4422-6868-5 • $34.99 / £23.95 • eBook

“Must reading for bluegrass fans and an essential acquisition for every library’s performing arts collection.” —Booklist “Earl Scruggs: Banjo Icon gives the most comprehensive and complete history of a man who changed the world of music forever. Earl was an innovator, perfectionist, risk taker and a global inspiration to countless musicians. ... A must-read for any music fan!” —Travis Tritt, singer and songwriter In Earl Scruggs: Banjo Icon, Gordon Castelnero and David L. Russell chronicle the life and legacy of the man who single-handedly reinvigorated the fivestring banjo and left an indelible mark on bluegrass and folk music. After his tenure with the father of bluegrass music, Bill Monroe, Scruggs formed (with Lester Flatt) the Foggy Mountain Boys, also known as Flatt and Scruggs; the Earl Scruggs Revue with his sons; and finally his Family & Friends band. Scruggs released more than forty albums and reached millions of fans through performances on The Beverly Hillbillies and his music’s inclusion in the 1967 movie Bonnie and Clyde. Gordon Castelnero is a freelance documentary writer/producer and author. David L. Russell is a writer, musician, and banjo teacher, and has toured with a number of bluegrass bands in Michigan and Georgia. Series: Roots of American Music: Folk, Americana, Blues, and Country Rowman & Littlefield Publishers March 2017 • 256 pages 978-1-4422-6865-4 • $40.00 / £24.95 • Hardback 978-1-4422-6866-1 • $39.99 / £24.95 • eBook

10 or

By Michael Scott Cain The Americana Revolution: From Country and Blues Roots to the Avett Brothers, Mumford & Sons, and Beyond is an informal social history that describes Americana as both a musical genre and a movement, showing what it is, where it came from, and where it is going. Musician and historian Michael Scott Cain examines how the idea of genre, especially Americana, affects the creation and consumption of music. He tries to discern the formulas of this slippery genre and seeks out the places where artists have broken or bent those formulas in the name of creativity. Through anecdotes and interviews, Cain provides a firsthand view into the creation of Americana to clarify how the genre can be categorized and defined. Through the stories of its creators both long gone and new to the scene, Americana music comes alive as a diverse melting pot of creative genius. With this book, Cain grants music lovers from all backgrounds an unparalleled view into the future of a music that embraces new influences but never forgets its roots. Michael Scott Cain, after teaching popular culture and literature at the collegiate level for forty years, now covers the topic in the Frederick News-Post and Rambles. Series: Roots of American Music: Folk, Americana, Blues, and Country Rowman & Littlefield Publishers March 2017 • 264 pages 978-1-4422-6940-8 • $40.00 / £24.95 • Hardback 978-1-4422-6941-5 • $39.99 / £24.95 • eBook






The Blues Harmonica of Chicago’s Bronzeville

American Troubadour

By Mitsutoshi Inaba

By Donald Brown “Despite Williamson’s flaws, Inaba confirms the prickly singer, who transformed down-home country blues into a unique up-tempo urban jump sound, as a genuine folk hero influential in one of America’s signature musical forms.” —Publishers Weekly

“This concise examination of the Dylan corpus is especially good for younger generations who may want to better understand how a musician in his early seventies can still be so compelling and relevant in twenty-first-century America.” —Booklist “Both longtime fans and newcomers to Dylan’s work will appreciate Brown’s approach.” —Library Journal

“Heartily recommended.” —Blues & Rhythm John Lee “Sonny Boy” Williamson was one of the most popular blues harmonica players and singers from the late 1930s through the 1940s. Mitsutoshi Inaba offers the first full-length biography of this key figure in the evolution of the Chicago blues.

“Highly recommended. All readers.” —CHOICE Donald Brown teaches at Yale and since 2006 has commented on music, movies, and books on blogocentrism.

Mitsutoshi Inaba teaches courses on African American studies with a focus on music at Austin Peay State University in Clarksville, Tennessee. He is the author of Willie Dixon: Preacher of the Blues (2011).

Series: Tempo: A Rowman & Littlefield Music Series on Rock, Pop, and Culture Rowman & Littlefield Publishers

Series: Roots of American Music: Folk, Americana, Blues, and Country Rowman & Littlefield Publishers

*Distributed to the trade by National Book Network.

2017 • 308 pages 978-1-4422-7953-7 • $24.95 / £15.95 • Paperback 978-0-8108-8420-5 • $45.00 / £29.95 • Hardback (2014) 978-0-8108-8421-2 • $23.99 / £15.95 • eBook

2017 • 246 pages 978-1-4422-5442-8 • $45.00 / £29.95 • Hardback 978-1-4422-5443-5 • $44.99 / £29.95 • eBook



WOUNDS TO BIND A Memoir of the Folk-Rock Revolution

His 100 Finest Songs By Jim Beviglia

By Jerry Burgan with Alan Rifkin Foreword by Sylvia Tyson

“Counting Down Bob Dylan is an entertaining and informational read. The text is very easy to follow and also includes an index and a short list of an additional 100 songs. This book could serve as a great introduction to those interested in Dylan or a great source of previously unknown trivia for Dylan fans.” —American Reference Books Annual

“This excellent, well-written chronicle of the folk-rock revolution from an active band member of that time will be enjoyed by general readers and fans of music memoirs.” —Library Journal “An intimate portrait of a boyhood friendship ripening into rivalry and then redemption.” —San Francisco Examiner The dawn of folk rock comes to life in Jerry Burgan’s unforgettable memoir of the prepsychedelic 1960s and the summer that changed everything. Vying with the Byrds to record the first folk-rock hit, Burgan and his lifelong friend Mike Stewart embarked on a road they thought well paved by the latter’s older brother, Kingston Trio member John Stewart. Alan Rifkin teaches creative writing at California State University, Long Beach. Rowman & Littlefield Publishers

2015 • 270 pages 978-1-4422-4536-5 • $24.00 / £15.95 • Paperback 978-0-8108-8861-6 • $53.00 / £37.95 • Hardback (2014) 978-0-8108-8862-3 • $23.99 / £15.95 • eBook

For fifty years, Bob Dylan’s music has been a source of wonder to his fans and endless fodder for analysis by music critics. In Counting Down Bob Dylan, rock journalist Jim Beviglia dares to rank these songs in descending order from Dylan’s 100th best to his #1 song. Jim Beviglia writes for the print and online editions of American Songwriter magazine. Series: Counting Down Rowman & Littlefield Publishers

2017 • 216 pages 978-1-5381-0187-2 • $19.95 / £13.95 • Paperback 978-0-8108-8823-4 • $41.00 / £27.95 • Hardback (2013) 978-0-8108-8824-1 • $18.99 / £12.95 • eBook

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A Listener’s Companion

A Listener’s Companion

By John Clark

By Jeff Sultanof In Experiencing Bessie Smith: A Listener’s Companion, John Clark sets the stage for chronicling Bessie Smith enormous contribution to and influence on music, the music industry, and the recording industry. While her recording career lasted only a decade, she toured long before setting her music to vinyl, much of it amply documented. Singers of every type imaginable were influenced by her work, although in radically different ways, from Billie Holiday to Janis Joplin. As Clark illustrates, learning how to listen to Bessie Smith’s work means just as much grasping how that work had been extended and reinterpreted by her successors as performed and recorded by Smith herself.

John Clark is a musicologist, performing musician, and visiting assistant professor at Connecticut College. Series: Listener’s Companion Rowman & Littlefield Publishers

October 2017 • 190 pages 978-1-4422-4340-8 • $40.00 / £24.95 • Hardback 978-1-4422-4341-5 • $39.99 / £24.95 • eBook

Experiencing Big Band Jazz: A Listener’s Companion takes a fresh look at Big Band music, examining why the big band era started when it did, how pop music changed to meet the needs of big bands and the reverse, the role played by wellknown band leaders and the bands they led, including the non-jazz ensembles often ignored by big band scholars, lists of must-hear recordings drawn from studio as well as live sources, all in context, as well as selected reading. Jeff Sultanof is a composer, arranger, conductor, writer, and historian of American concert and popular music. He currently teaches at the Institute of Audio Research. Series: Listener’s Companion Rowman & Littlefield Publishers

December 2017 • 224 pages 978-1-4422-4242-5 • $40.00 / £24.95 • Hardback 978-1-4422-4243-2 • $39.99 / £24.95 • eBook





A Listener’s Companion By Michael Stephans

A Listener’s Companion

“Award-winning writer, teacher, and renowned jazz drummer Michael Stephans invites the reader on a guided tour of the jazz world in this essential survey of the genre’s history. This groundbreaking book reframes the ever-evolving, distinctly human, art of jazz and invites readers to relearn how to listen.” —Publishers Weekly

By Michael Stephans Saxophonist, violinist, trumpeter, composer, and bandleader Ornette Coleman, along with pianist Cecil Taylor, was one of the founding forces of the Free Jazz movement which took the music world by storm in the 1950s and 60s. Experiencing Ornette Coleman: A Listener’s Companion encourages both jazz devotees and readers with little knowledge of the music to trace the inspirational journey of this now-seminal figure from his early years through the beginnings of the new millennium. Along the way, readers will learn about the music and motivations of the free jazz movement while experiencing an utterly human story of artistic genius and expression. Michael Stephans teaches writing at Bloomsburg University and is the author of Experiencing Jazz: A Listener’s Companion (Scarecrow Press 2013). Series: Listener’s Companion Rowman & Littlefield Publishers

October 2017 • 176 pages 978-1-4422-4962-2 • $40.00 / £24.95 • Hardback 978-1-4422-4963-9 • $39.99 / £24.95 • eBook

12 or

“Recommended as a supplementary source for jazz collections.” —Booklist “Recommended.” —CHOICE “As a very successful attempt to draw interested parties into the world of jazz, Experiencing Jazz is highly recommended.” —Musoscribe Experiencing Jazz: A Listener’s Companion offers a much-needed survey in the art of listening to and enjoying this dynamic, ever-changing art form. Michael Stephans teaches writing at Bloomsburg University of Pennsylvania. Series: Listener’s Companion Rowman & Littlefield Publishers

2017 • 502 pages 978-1-4422-7952-0 • $30.00 / £19.95 • Paperback 978-0-8108-8289-8 • $53.00 / £37.95 • Hardback (2014) 978-0-8108-8290-4 • $29.99 / £19.95 • eBook



JAZZ CHILD A Portrait of Sheila Jordan By Ellen Johnson “Eloquently written, eminently readable.” —All About Jazz “This book is a valuable addition to the history of jazz.” —American Rag


PAT PATRICK American Musician and Cultural Visionary By Bill Banfield “Jazz saxophonist Laurdine “Pat” Patrick, performed and recorded with such diverse artists as Duke Ellington, Thelonios Monk, Quincy Jones, Nat King Cole, and Marvin Gaye. But he is most associated with the Sun Ra Arkestra, in which he spent much of 35 years laying down the bottom with his baritone saxophone, creating a distinctive sound that is instantly identifiable to anyone familiar with the Sun Ra catalog. A little-known jazz fact is that Patrick’s son is Deval Patrick, former governor of Massachusetts. Deval supplied the treasure trove of personal papers, scrapbooks, news clippings, and photographs salvaged from his father’s effects that form the bulk of material compiled by Banfield for this treatment. There are also interviews from surviving band members, who provide a glimpse into Patrick’s good-natured personality and what it was like to survive in an avant-garde jazz big band while living on a shoestring.” —Booklist Bill Banfield serves as professor of Africana Studies / Music and Society, composition, and graduate history studies at the Berklee College of Music. He is director of the Center for Africana Studies. Series: African American Cultural Theory and Heritage Rowman & Littlefield Publishers 2017 • 168 pages 978-1-4422-2973-0 • $45.00 / £29.95 • Hardback 978-1-4422-2974-7 • $44.99 / £29.95 • eBook

“It’s about time that somebody wrote a book about Sheila Jordan. People need to hear something real that’s going to make a difference in their life. This is a message that the world needs.” —Sonny Rollins, Tenor Saxophonist and NEA Jazz Master Series: Studies in Jazz Rowman & Littlefield Publishers

2017 • 274 pages 978-1-4422-7776-2 • $28.00 / £18.95 • Paperback 978-0-8108-8836-4 • $58.00 / £39.95 • Hardback (2015) 978-0-8108-8837-1 • $27.99 / £18.95 • eBook

LOUIS ARMSTRONG The Soundtrack of the American Experience By David Stricklin (University of Arkansas, Little Rock) The life story of this great instrumentalist and bandleader illustrates much of the black entertainer’s impact on American culture and illuminates how popular culture often intersects with politics and economics. Armstrong emerged from a precarious background and triumphed over almost impossible odds, becoming a transcendent public figure and an international icon. Series: Library of African American Biography Rowman & Littlefield Publishers

2015 • 200 pages 978-1-4422-4599-0 • $21.00 / £13.95 • Paperback 978-1-56663-836-4 • $26.00 / £17.95 • Hardback (2010) 978-1-56663-931-6 • $19.99 / £13.95 • eBook


WOMEN’S BANDS IN AMERICA Performing Music and Gender Edited by Jill M. Sullivan Women’s Bands in America is the first comprehensive exploration of women’s bands across the three centuries in American history. Contributors trace women’s emerging roles in society as seen through women’s bands—concert and marching— spanning three centuries of American history. Authors explore town, immigrant, industry, family, school, suffrage, military, jazz, and rock bands, adopting a variety of methodologies and theoretical lenses in order to assemble and interrogate their findings within the context of women’s roles in American society over time. Contributors bring together a series of disciplines in this unique work, including music education, musicology, American history, women’s studies, and history of education. They also draw on numerous primary sources: diaries, film, military records, newspaper articles, oral-history interviews, personal letters, photographs, published ephemera, radio broadcasts, and recordings. Thoroughly, contributors engage in archival historical research, biography, case study, content analysis, iconographic study, oral history, and qualitative research to bring their topics to life. Jill M. Sullivan is associate professor of Music Education at Arizona State University and author of Bands of Sisters: U.S. Women’s Military Bands during World War II (Scarecrow Press, 2011) Rowman & Littlefield Publishers

2017 • 386 pages 978-1-4422-5440-4 • $100.00 / £70.00 • Hardback 978-1-4422-5441-1 • $99.99 / £70.00 • eBook or





African American Jazz in Los Angeles

Race and the Mythology, Politics, and Business of Jazz

By Peter Vacher “A valuable addition to the Central Avenue library, as rich in personal experience as it is broad in range.” —DownBeat Magazine

By Randall Sandke

“This amateur historian’s book, more lucid and straightforward than most professional jazz criticchroniclers could dream of producing, deserves every history-minded jazz fan’s attention.” —Booklist, Starred Review

“Swingin’ On Central Avenue is a welcome addition to jazz history for dedicated West Coasters.” —Jazz Journal “Anyone who has read Vacher’s other books . . . will already be familiar with his quiet erudition and respectful courtesy; Swingin’ on Central Avenue is another fine addition to his oral-history oeuvre.” —London Jazz News Peter Vacher has been lecturing and writing about jazz for more than fifty years.

“Essential.” —CHOICE “This important book is both brave and provocative.” —Jazz Journal Randall Sandke has been a professional jazz musician for over 30 years. Series: Studies in Jazz Rowman & Littlefield Publishers

Rowman & Littlefield Publishers

2016 • 374 pages 978-0-8108-8832-6 • $55.00 / £37.95 • Hardback 978-0-8108-8833-3 • $54.99 / £37.95 • eBook

2015 • 288 pages 978-1-4422-4354-5 • $26.00 / £17.95 • Paperback 978-0-8108-6652-2 • $48.00 / £32.95 • Hardback (2010) 978-0-8108-6990-5 • $25.99 / £17.95 • eBook



Jazz Guitar Great Freddie Green and the Count Basie Sound

By Elizabeth Vihlen McGregor

Improvising the Nation

By Alfred Green

Through this originally African American music, French listeners, commentators, and musicians participated in a process that both challenged and reinforced ideas about their own culture and nation.

“Alfred Green’s biography of his father is lovingly written, with long-hidden details of the life, music, and personality of a figure so intensely private that only a close relative would have access. Green goes beyond his perspective as a son, however, to contribute a valuable and comprehensive account of the elder Green’s professional activity and evolution as the bedrock of the Count Basie rhythm section.” —ARSC Journal

Elizabeth Vihlen McGregor has taught at the United States Merchant Marine Academy, the State College of Florida, and Anna Maria College. Lexington Books

2016 • 290 pages 978-1-4985-2876-4 • $100.00 / £70.00 • Hardback 978-1-4985-2877-1 • $99.99 / £70.00 • eBook

Rhythm Is My Beat tells the story of rhythm guitarist Freddie Green, whose guitar work served as the pulse of the Count Basie Band.


Alfred Green retired from the Los Angeles Unified School District as a psychiatric social worker.

“Should thoroughly engross lovers of the Great American Songbook.” —Booklist

Series: Studies in Jazz Rowman & Littlefield Publishers

2015 • 376 pages 978-1-4422-4246-3 • $75.00 / £49.95 • Hardback 978-1-4422-4247-0 • $74.99 / £49.95 • eBook

The Johnny Hartman Story By Gregg Akkerman

“Editors’ Pick! Gregg Akkerman, director of jazz studies at University of South Carolina Upstate in Spartanburg, has made a crucial contribution to keeping Hartman’s memory alive with this biography. ” —DownBeat Magazine “The text reads easily and is rich in quotes from key personalities.” —CHOICE Series: Studies in Jazz Scarecrow Press

2013 • 392 pages 978-0-8108-8872-2 • $35.00 / £23.95 • Paperback 978-0-8108-8281-2 • $64.00 / £42.95 • Hardback (2012) 978-0-8108-8282-9 • $34.99 / £23.95 • eBook

14 or



ENCYCLOPEDIA OF GREAT POPULAR SONG RECORDINGS Volumes 3 and 4 2 Volume Set By Steve Sullivan


PRINCE AND THE PURPLE RAIN ERA STUDIO SESSIONS 1983 and 1984 By Duane Tudahl Foreword by Ahmir “Questlove”Thompson Prince and the Purple Rain Era Studio Sessions pulls back the curtain to reveal the untold story of Prince’s rise from cult favorite to the biggest rock star on the planet. His journey is documented through detailed accounts of his time secluded behind the doors of the recording studio as well as his days on tour. With unprecedented access to the musicians, singers, and studio engineers who knew Prince best, including members of The Revolution and The Time, Duane Tudahl weaves an intimate saga of an eccentric genius and the people and events who helped shape the groundbreaking music he created. From Sunset Sound Studios’ daily recording logs and the Warner Bros. vault of information, Tudahl uncovers hidden truths about the origins of songs such as “Purple Rain,” “When Doves Cry,” and “Raspberry Beret” and also reveals never-beforepublished details about Prince’s unreleased outtakes. This definitive chronicle of Prince’s creative brilliance provides a new experience of the Purple Rain album as an integral part of Prince’s life and the lives of those closest to him.. Duane Tudahl is a television producer based in Los Angeles. He has produced and directed concert videos involving Sheila E., The Revolution and several other Prince-related bands. Rowman & Littlefield Publishers

November 2017 • 350 pages 978-1-5381-0549-8 • $38.00 / £24.95 • Hardback 978-1-5381-0550-4 • $37.99 / £24.95 • eBook

Volumes 3 and 4 of Encyclopedia of Great Popular Song Recordings provides the stories behind approximately 1,700 more of the greatest song recordings in the history of the music industry, from 1890 to today. In this masterful survey, all genres of popular music are covered, from pop, rock, soul, and country to jazz, blues, classic vocals, hiphop, folk, gospel, and ethnic/world music. Collectors will find detailed discographical data—recording dates, record numbers, Billboard chart data, and personnel—while music lovers will appreciate the detailed commentaries and deep research on the songs, their recording, and the artists. Sullivan organizes songs in chronological order, starting in 1890 and continuing all the way through to the present to include modern gems from June 2016. Steve Sullivan is the author of Encyclopedia of Great Popular Song Recordings, Volumes 1 and 2 (Scarecrow Press, 2013), winner of Library Journal Best Reference for2013 and a Choice Outstanding Academic Title for 2014. Rowman & Littlefield Publishers

April 2017 • 958 pages 978-1-4422-5448-0 • $200.00 / £135.00 • Hardback • 2 volume set 978-1-4422-5449-7 • $199.99 / £135.00 • eBook




LET’S ROCK! How 1950s America Created Elvis and the Rock and Roll Craze By Richard Aquila Rock & roll was one of the most important cultural developments in post–World War II America, yet its origins are shrouded in myth and legend. Let’s Rock! reclaims the lost history of rock & roll. Based on years of research, as well as interviews with Bo Diddley, Pat Boone, and other rock & roll pioneers, the book offers new information and fresh perspectives about Elvis, the rise of rock & roll, and 1950s America. Rock & roll is intertwined with the rise of a post–World War II youth culture, the emergence of African Americans in society, the growth of consumer culture, technological change, the expansion of mass media, and the rise of a Cold War culture that endorsed traditional values to guard against communism. Richard Aquila’s book demonstrates that early rock & roll was not as rebellious as common wisdom has it. Richard Aquila is a professor emeritus of history at Penn State University and the former host of NPR’s “Rock and Roll America.” Rowman & Littlefield Publishers

2017 • 368 pages 978-1-4422-6936-1 • $40.00 / £24.95 • Hardback 978-1-4422-6937-8 • $39.99 / £24.95 • eBook

By Steve Sullivan “Highly recommended for most academic and public libraries.” —Booklist “Highly recommended.” —CHOICE Scarecrow Press

2014 • 1030 pages 978-0-8108-8295-9 • $231.00 / £150.00 • Hardback 2 volume set 978-0-8108-8296-6 • $229.99 / £150.00 • eBook or





EXPERIENCING THE BEATLES A Listener’s Companion By Brooke Halpin


COUNTING DOWN THE BEATLES Their 100 Finest Songs By Jim Beviglia

Brooke Halpin takes readers on a magical tour behind the masterful instrumentation, timeless (yet sometimes mysterious) lyrics, and experimental recording techniques of the Beatles’ American releases from 1964 through 1970. He explores the rock covers from which the four lads launched their careers; the original rock ‘n’ roll and love songs that fueled Beatlemania; the theatrical, psychedelic, world music, and orchestral elements which continually surprised audiences about the depths of the band’s talents, and the guest musicians whose contributions remain unknown to many listeners. Adding to the song analyses are personal vignettes to transport the reader back in time to experience the excitement of hearing the Beatles for the first time. Through their music, lyrics, and playful antics on stage and screen as well as in real life, the Beatles encapsulated the ups and downs of 1960s America. Halpin uncovers how the Beatles’ music continues to be relevant to today’s audiences, revealing little known facts and drawing exciting conclusions about the band, their eventual breakup, and their undiminished fame. Brooke Halpin is an accomplished broadcaster, pianist, composer, painter, and published author. Series: Listener’s Companion Rowman & Littlefield Publishers

The Beatles loom large over the musical landscape even now that nearly a half-century has passed since the four men from Liverpool played their last notes together. While the story of their stunning rise and brief but brilliant time together on top of the pop music world is undoubtedly fascinating, it would ring hollow without the scores of incredible songs that accompanied each milestone. These songs are the focus of rock writer Jim Beviglia’s latest foray into the catalogs of rock royalty. Counting Down the Beatles: Their 100 Finest Songs features Beviglia’s list of the best songs in the band’s unparalleled oeuvre. Ranked in descending order from #100 to #1, each song is accompanied by a lengthy essay providing information on the song’s writing and recording, context on where it falls within the band’s timeline, and the author’s analysis and explanation why it deserves its position in this hallowed canon. Jim Beviglia is a writer for the print and online edition of American Songwriter magazine. Series: Counting Down Rowman & Littlefield Publishers

2017 • 218 pages 978-1-4422-7154-8 • $34.00 / £23.95 • Hardback 978-1-4422-7155-5 • $33.99 / £23.95 • eBook

November 2017 • 180 pages 978-1-4422-7143-2 • $34.00 / £23.95 • Hardback 978-1-4422-7144-9 • $33.99 / £23.95 • eBook


“In this creative history of the solo careers of John, Paul, George, and Ringo, Jackson reimagines the artists’ individual output into “fantasy albums” that could have been put out had the Fab Four remained an intact group. ... loads of fun for Beatles fans.” —Booklist or

“Creative, enlightening, and informative ... highly recommended.” —Library Journal “Recommended.” —CHOICE Taylor Trade Publishing

2014 • 378 pages 978-1-58979-955-4 • $18.95 / £12.95 • Paper 978-0-8108-8222-5 • $41.00 / £27.95 • Hardback (2012) 978-0-8108-8223-2 • $40.99 / £27.95 • eBook

*Distributed to the trade by National Book Network.


THE BEATLES, SGT. PEPPER, AND THE SUMMER OF LOVE Edited by Kenneth Womack (Monmouth University) and Kathryn B. Cox (University of Michigan) For the Fab Four, 1967 would see the band members part ways with psychedelia and the avant-garde through the trials and tribulations of the Magical Mystery Tour, a project that resulted in a series of classic recordings, while at the same time revealing the bandmates’ aesthetic vulnerabilities and failings as would-be filmmakers and auteurs. Series: For the Record: Lexington Studies in Rock and Popular Music Lexington Books June 2017 • 260 pages 978-1-4985-3473-4 • $100.00 / £70.00 • Hardback 978-1-4985-3475-8 • $99.99 / £70.00 • eBook




The 100 Best Songs

Their 100 Finest Songs

By C. Eric Banister

By Jim Beviglia “Music fans will enjoy this volume (and the others in this series), which should find a home in most circulating collections.” —Booklist

“Definitely a must for devoted Stones fans, who come in all ages.” —Booklist “After fascinating and insightful looks at the songs of Bob Dylan and Bruce Springsteen, music writer Beviglia provides a strong look at the 100 finest songs of the Rolling Stones. ... Beviglia’s writing will inspire readers to turn up the volume.” —Publishers Weekly

“Bannister’s work will serve as an excellent gateway to Southern Rock for those unfamiliar with the genre.” —American Reference Books Annual In Counting Down Southern Rock: The 100 Best Songs, C. Eric Banister considers the best songs to emerge from the bands who made Southern rock what it is. Banister examines the impact of the songs on the society and culture of devoted fans and delves deep into the history and production of each song. C. Eric Banister is an internationally published music journalist with a passionate interest in country, blues, and rock and roll. Series: Counting Down Rowman & Littlefield Publishers

2016 • 216 pages 978-1-4422-4539-6 • $40.00 / £24.95 • Hardback 978-1-4422-4540-2 • $39.99 / £24.95 • eBook

In Counting Down the Rolling Stones: Their 100 Finest Songs, rock writer Jim Beviglia dares to rank the band’s finest 100 songs in descending order. It is the perfect playlist builder, whether it is for the longtime fan or the newbie just getting acquainted with the work of Mick, Keith, and the boys. Jim Beviglia is a feature writer for American Songwriter magazine. Series: Counting Down Rowman & Littlefield Publishers

2016 • 222 pages 978-1-4422-5446-6 • $35.00 / £23.95 • Hardback 978-1-4422-5447-3 • $34.99 / £23.95 • eBook


THE GRAIL GUITAR The Search for Jimi Hendrix’s Purple Haze Telecaster

A Listener’s Companion By David Malvinni

By Chris Adams

“Overall, this would be a fine addition to any academic music collection and larger public libraries.” —Booklist

“It’s not often that you can say about a music book that readers will be impatiently turning the pages, anxious to see how the story plays out, but that’s exactly what happens here.” —Booklist, Starred Review

Experiencing the Rolling Stones draws together a broad swath of postwar history as it covers the band’s origins in Swinging London, their interest in the Beat generation, the powerful attraction of Morocco on their lives and music, the infamous drug busts that nearly destroyed the band, the female muses who inspired them, the disaster at Altamont, their flight from England as tax exiles, and the recording sessions outside of England.

“Musician Adams’s fascinating search for the provenance of his beloved and battered Fender Telecaster—which may or may not have been owned by guitar hero Jimi Hendrix—is equal parts cultural history and detective story, and it’s completely compelling reading. ... As Adams traces the guitar’s journey through the 1960s—including a day-glo paint refinishing—he successfully rescues ‘this little piece of rock history for posterity.’” —Publishers Weekly Chris Adams was the driving force behind the early 1970s folk-rock band String Driven Thing. Rowman & Littlefield Publishers

2016 • 238 pages 978-1-4422-4679-9 • $35.00 / £23.95 • Hardback 978-1-4422-4680-5 • $34.99 / £23.95 • eBook

David Malvinni, musicologist and classical guitarist, is adjunct professor of music and African American studies at Santa Barbara City College. Series: Listener’s Companion Rowman & Littlefield Publishers

2016 • 324 pages 978-0-8108-8919-4 • $38.00 / £24.95 • Hardback 978-0-8108-8920-0 • $37.99 / £24.95 • eBook or







A Listener’s Companion

A Listener’s Companion

By Nolan Stolz

By Durrell Bowman In Experiencing Peter Gabriel, author Durrell Bowman delves into the sounds and stories of the innovative, versatile, English pop icon. As not only a singersongwriter and musician, but also a music technologist, world-music champion, and humanitarian, Gabriel has consistently maintained an unabashed individualism and dedication to his artistry. From his early work with Genesis to his substantial contributions as a solo artist, Gabriel’s music ranges from chart-topping pop songs to experimental explorations often filled with disarmingly personal emotions. This book investigates the career of this magnetic performer and uncovers how Gabriel developed a sound so full of raw authenticity that it continues to attract new fans from across the world.

One cannot overstate Black Sabbath’s influence on heavy metal music. Nearly every successful metal band of the past 40 years cites them as an influence. Their five decades of music crosses generations of fans, and they remain relevant to this day, with even their most recent work charting in more than 40 countries. Experiencing Black Sabbath: A Listener’s Companion peeks under the hood, exploring with readers their invaluable contribution to rock music. Scholar and musician, Nolan Stolz leads the reader through Sabbath’s 19 studio albums, several live albums, and additional studio tracks, inviting readers to listen, pause, assess and even replay the work of this seminal act in American rock music history. Nolan Stolz is assistant professor of music at the University of South Carolina Upstate. Series: Listener’s Companion Rowman & Littlefield Publishers

December 2017 • 224 pages 978-1-4422-5691-0 • $40.00 / £24.95 • Hardback 978-1-4422-5692-7 • $39.99 / £24.95 • eBook


EXPERIENCING BILLY JOEL A Listener’s Companion By Thomas MacFarlane Over the course of his career, Billy Joel has released a series of remarkable albums that together chart his journey as an artist from relative obscurity to international success. In Experiencing Billy Joel, musician and writer Thomas MacFarlane explores that musical journey, from Joel’s apprenticeship in the Long Island music scene to his experiences in both New York and Los Angeles writing and recording his own unique brand of piano rock and pop. Experiencing Billy Joel explores each of Joel’s albums, laying out their appeal to musicians and non-musicians alike while also exploring the various production styles that have characterized Joel’s development in the studio.

Durrell Bowman is a cultural musicologist, musician, and IT consultant. He is author of Experiencing Rush: A Listener’s Companion (2014). Series: Listener’s Companion Rowman & Littlefield Publishers

2017 • 246 pages 978-1-4422-5199-1 • $45.00 / £29.95 • Hardback 978-1-4422-5200-4 • $44.99 / £29.95 • eBook

EXPERIENCING DAVID BOWIE A Listener’s Companion By Ian Chapman “David Bowie is one of the most daring and influential artists of his generation. Ian Chapman, musicologist and musician, serves as our tour guide, taking us through the ever-evolving art of Bowie. Chapman goes into great detail about every studio album, as Bowie glides from music hall to metal, glam to soul, disco to electronica. Bowie’s compulsion to innovate becomes clear. And Chapman includes in this study an exploration of the visual aspects, so vital to Bowie’s impact. The book gives us a far deeper understanding of a complex musical force. ” —Pop Culture Classics

Thomas MacFarlane teaches courses in music research and composition at New York University while also working as a composer and a writer. Series: Listener’s Companion Rowman & Littlefield Publishers

Ian Chapman is a senior lecturer in music at the University of Otago, New Zealand.

2017 • 198 pages 978-1-4422-5768-9 • $40.00 / £24.95 • Hardback 978-1-4422-5769-6 • $39.99 / £24.95 • eBook

Series: Listener’s Companion Rowman & Littlefield Publishers

2016 • 254 pages 978-1-4422-3751-3 • $45.00 / £29.95 • Hardback 978-1-4422-3752-0 • $44.99 / £29.95 • eBook

18 or






Sound of the Sixties

Rock ‘n’ Roll to Change the World

By Sean MacLeod

By Timothy D. Neufeld Phil Spector is a musician, songwriter and producer whose musical ability and visionary foresight as a producer influenced popular music and culture of the 20th century. He revolutionized the recording process, as well as re-shaping the business and marketing approach of the music industry. This book primarily focuses on the following themes: early life and formative years; entrepreneur and businessman; technical wizard and musical visionary; the tensions between reality and fantasy in his music; his contributions to the feminist and civil rights movement of the 60s; his role as musical mentor and producer; hiss insatiable need for control and power; and his ultimate decline and fall.

“Neufeld succeeds in his goal of showing how pop musicians can help shape culture.” —Publishers Weekly In U2: Rock ’n’ Roll to Change the World, Timothy D. Neufeld takes up this challenge. Neufeld explores U2’s move from the youthful idealism of a band barely able to play instruments through its many phases of artistic expression and cultural engagement to its employment of faith and activism as a foundation for its success. This book outlines how U2 reshaped the very musical and even political culture that had originally shaped it, demonstrating through close readings of its musical work the dynamic interplay of artistic expression and social engagement.

Sean MacLeod is a songwriter, music producer, and lecturer. He teaches courses in music and media at the Limerick College of Further Education.

Timothy D. Neufeld is the chair of the Biblical and Religious Studies Department at Fresno Pacific University.

Series: Tempo: A Rowman & Littlefield Music Series on Rock, Pop, and Culture Rowman & Littlefield Publishers

Series: Tempo: A Rowman & Littlefield Music Series on Rock, Pop, and Culture Rowman & Littlefield Publishers

December 2017 • 190 pages 978-1-4422-6705-3 • $40.00 / £24.95 • Hardback 978-1-4422-6706-0 • $39.99 / £24.95 • eBook

April 2017 • 238 pages 978-1-4422-4939-4 • $40.00 / £24.95 • Hardback 978-1-4422-4940-0 • $39.99 / £24.95 • eBook




Walking in Their Footsteps

America’s Piano Man

By Aaron J.West

By Joshua S. Duchan Despite his tremendous success, Billy Joel’s gifts as a composer and commentator on American life are long overdue for a thorough investigation. In Billy Joel: America’s Piano Man, music historian Joshua S. Duchan looks at the career and music of this remarkable singer-songwriter, exploring the unique ways Joel channels and transforms the cultural life of a changing America over four decades into bestselling song after song and album after album. Original interviews with Billy Joel blend with Duchan’s engaging analysis to provide readers of all backgrounds and ages a new look at these unforgettable songs. Joshua S. Duchan teaches music history and ethnomusicology at Wayne State University. Series: Tempo: A Rowman & Littlefield Music Series on Rock, Pop, and Culture Rowman & Littlefield Publishers June 2017 • 216 pages 978-1-4422-4205-0 • $40.00 / £24.95 • Hardback 978-1-4422-4206-7 • $39.99 / £24.95 • eBook

“Historian and musician West’s book is an excellent look at how the Police accomplished success by synthesizing disparate influences into ‘marketable, mainstream music, which has remained viable for generations.’” —Publishers Weekly Sting and The Police explores the cultural and musical impact of Stewart Copeland, Andy Summers, and Sting. West details the distinctive hybrid character of The Police’s musical output, which would also characterize Sting’s post-Police career. Sting’s long-lived solo career embodies the power of the artful appropriation of musical styles, while capitalizing on the modern realities of pop music consumption. The Police—and Sting in particular—were pioneers in music video, modern label marketing, global activism, and the internationalization of pop music. Aaron J. West is professor of music history at Collin College. Series: Tempo: A Rowman & Littlefield Music Series on Rock, Pop, and Culture Rowman & Littlefield Publishers 2016 • 204 pages 978-0-8108-8490-8 • $40.00 / £24.95 • Hardback 978-0-8108-8491-5 • $39.99 / £24.95 • eBook or






Country Highwayman

Music for the Masses

By Mary G. Hurd “This solid overview makes it clear just how important Kristofferson’s work has been to the history of country and rock music.” —Publishers Weekly

By Ann van der Merwe With their unforgettable melodies, timeless messages, and stylistic indebtedness to both jazz and Broadway, American popular standards have proven to be among the most widely performed and enjoyed songs of the past century. Ann van der Merwe explores how and why American songbook standards developed in the early twentieth century and how these standards have shaped American—and even global— musical culture ever since. The American Songbook explores key aspects of individual songs, including the musical and lyrical reasons for their broad appeal and applicability over the years.

“Hurd’s study of one of our greatest singer-songwriters offers biographical information, but more essentially, a detailed study of his work. . . .Now’s the time to fully examine and appreciate an astonishing body of work by a timeless artist. Fans of Kristofferson or anyone who admires the art of songwriting will find the book fascinating fare.” —Pop Culture Classics Mary G. Hurd is retired from East Tennessee State University, where she was director of film studies and a member of the English department faculty. Series: Tempo: A Rowman & Littlefield Music Series on Rock, Pop, and Culture Rowman & Littlefield Publishers 2015 • 180 pages 978-0-8108-8820-3 • $45.00 / £29.95 • Hardback 978-0-8108-8821-0 • $44.99 / £29.95 • eBook


Series: Tempo: A Rowman & Littlefield Music Series on Rock, Pop, and Culture Rowman & Littlefield Publishers 2017 • 164 pages 978-1-4422-4244-9 • $45.00 / £29.95 • Hardback 978-1-4422-4245-6 • $44.99 / £29.95 • eBook


THE KINKS A Thoroughly English Phenomenon By Carey Fleiner “Arranged chronologically, the book offers an excellent history of postwar Great Britain told through the eyes of the Davies brothers, Ray and Dave, and their bandmates. The author’s background as a historian shines through in the book’s meticulous research and analytical perspective on the cultural context in which the Kinks wrote their music. Coming out of Britain’s working class in the mid-1960s, the Davies experienced a bit of social mobility during the postwar economic boom. The book deftly discusses the influence of their economic perspective on both the sound of their music and the stories they chose to tell.” —Publishers Weekly “Fans of the beloved, and often underappreciated, band will enjoy this thoughtful examination of their music.” —Booklist Carey Fleiner is a senior lecturer at the University of Winchester. Series: Tempo: A Rowman & Littlefield Music Series on Rock, Pop, and Culture Rowman & Littlefield Publishers 2017 • 244 pages 978-1-4422-3541-0 • $45.00 / £29.95 • Hardback 978-1-4422-3542-7 • $44.99 / £29.95 • eBook


Ann van der Merwe has taught in the music departments of Miami University and Ohio State University. or

Desperado of Los Angeles By George Plasketes “Plasketes provides a comprehensive analysis of Zevon’s entire body of work— from his self-titled debut in 1976 to The Wind, recorded and released during his last year alive—that serves as an almost definitive look at his ‘legacy of tortured brilliance,’ which still attracts new admirers today.” —Publishers Weekly Warren Zevon: Desperado of Los Angeles is the first book-length, critical exploration of one of popular music’s most talented and tormented antiheroes. George Plasketes provides a comprehensive chronicle of Zevon’s 40-year, 20-record career and his enduring cultural significance. George Plasketes is professor of media studies and popular culture in the School of Communication and Journalism at Auburn University in Alabama. Series: Tempo: A Rowman & Littlefield Music Series on Rock, Pop, and Culture Rowman & Littlefield Publishers 2016 • 296 pages 978-1-4422-3456-7 • $45.00 / £29.95 • Hardback 978-1-4422-3457-4 • $44.99 / £29.95 • eBook




BRAVE PUNK WORLD The International Rock Underground from Alerta Roja to Z-Off

Protest and Revolt from the Streets By David A. Ensminger “In The Politics of Punk: Protest and Revolt from the Streets, David Ensminger accomplishes the unwieldy task of documenting the politics and activism of punk as it erupted over several decades and in multiple communities. ... The Politics of Punk is a remarkably thorough and compelling achievement. ... His writing is clear, lively, and even passionate. ... The Politics of Punk marks a valuable contribution to punk studies, illuminating various threads of the movement. I am sure it will inspire other studies to focus on one of those threads in more detail.” —Popular Music & Society

By James Greene Jr. Brave Punk World will immerse you in these foreign scenes, describing the lifestyles and art of passionate, hardcharging groups who remain secret to the punk majority but who are just as crucial as a Ramones or a Sex Pistols. Marvel at the South American bands like Bastardos Sin Nombre who refused to be drafted into their countries’ destructive narcoterrorism, Germans such as Slime who see many of their outrageous songs still banned to this day, the Algerian-by-wayof-France performers Carte de Séjour who had an alleged hand in inspiring the Clash’s landmark hybrid album Sandinista!, and so many many more. James Greene, Jr. is the author of This Music Leaves Stains: The Complete Story of The Misfits.

David Ensminger is humanities, folklore, and English instructor at Lee College. Rowman & Littlefield Publishers

2016 • 260 pages 978-1-4422-5444-2 • $40.00 / £24.95 • Hardback 978-1-4422-5445-9 • $39.99 / £24.95 • eBook

Rowman & Littlefield Publishers

October 2017 • 324 pages 978-1-4422-6984-2 • $40.00 / £24.95 • Hardback 978-1-4422-6985-9 • $39.99 / £24.95 • eBook

THE WORLD AND U2 One Band’s Remaking of Global Activism By Alan McPherson


The World and U2 examines the evolution and influence of the band’s activism from its formation in 1976 to its most recent album and concert tour. Throughout its nearly four decades, the band has held up a mirror to the increasing selfishness in the world while at the same time working to fill the void left by those who have abandoned the world’s poor to their plight. From raising awareness about war and human rights in the 1980s to engaging in direct action in the 1990s to moving mountains of cash for the planet’s poorest in the twentyfirst century, the band have both raised the bar and set the example for other celebrity activists.

ROCKIN’ THE FREE WORLD! How the Rock & Roll Revolution Changed America and the World By Sean Kay “Sean Kay’s Rockin’ the Free World! is a declaration of faith, in the music and in America.” —The Huffington Post In Rockin’ the Free World, international relations expert Sean Kay takes readers inside “Bob Dylan’s America” and shows how this vision linked the rock and roll revolution to American values of freedom, equality, human rights, and peace while tracing how those values have spread globally. Rockin’ the Free World then shows how artists have engaged in advancing change via opportunity and education; domestic and international issue advocacy; and within the recording and broader communications industry.

Alan McPherson is professor of International and Area Studies at the University of Oklahoma. Rowman & Littlefield Publishers

2015 • 182 pages 978-1-4422-4933-2 • $44.00 / £29.95 • Hardback 978-1-4422-4934-9 • $43.99 / £29.95 • eBook

Sean Kay is Robson Professor of Politics and Government at Ohio Wesleyan University. Rowman & Littlefield Publishers

2017 • 284 pages 978-1-4422-6604-9 • $38.00 / £24.95 • Hardback 978-1-4422-6605-6 • $37.99 / £24.95 • eBook or





DYNAMIC DUETS The Best Pop Collaborations from 1955 to 1999

Essays on the Single-Artist Rock Album Edited by Steve Hamelman (Coastal Carolina University)

By Bob Leszczak Dynamic Duets: The Best Pop Collaborations from 1955 to 1999 uncovers the stories behind 110 of the most memorable duets between otherwise independent musical artists. Whether the two artists came together for only one song or for many, the story of each duet’s inception, the collaboration process, and the song’s success and promotion paint a dynamic portrait of each artist and the music they created. Focusing on songs that made it into the Top 40 on Billboard’s Hot 100 between 1955 and 1999, this encyclopedic work includes such classics as Nat “King” Cole and Natalie Cole’s “Unforgettable,” Michael Jackson and Paul McCartney’s “The Girl Is Mine,” and Mick Jagger and David Bowie’s “Dancing in the Street.” Bob Leszczak has been an on-air oldies radio personality for over three decades.

Thriving within a narrow niche in rock music is the recording on which one artist composes, plays, sings and often produces each track. All by Myself explores 11 of these albums released between 1970 and 2011. The essays illuminate aesthetic, technical, and theoretical elements that distinguish AlphaSolo recordings from conventional ones. Rowman & Littlefield Publishers

2016 • 226 pages 978-1-4422-4723-9 • $85.00 / £54.95 • Hardback 978-1-4422-4724-6 • $84.99 / £54.95 • eBook

LEADERS OF THE PACK Girl Groups of the 1960s and Their Influence on Popular Culture in Britain and America By Sean MacLeod (Limerick College of Further Education)

Rowman & Littlefield Publishers

2017 • 216 pages 978-1-4422-7149-4 • $90.00 / £60.00 • Hardback 978-1-4422-7150-0 • $89.99 / £60.00 • eBook

“Recommended.” —CHOICE “MacLeod has done a commendable job researching this topic. ... [H]e presents some unique and important thoughts on the 1960s girl groups and their bearing on the music and culture that followed. I recommend this book for either public or academic libraries.” —Music Reference Services Quarterly

RHYTHM MAKERS The Drumming Legends of Nashville in Their Own Words By Tony Artimisi

Rowman & Littlefield Publishers

2016 • 240 pages 978-1-4422-5201-1 • $80.00 / £52.95 • Hardback 978-1-4422-5202-8 • $79.99 / £52.95 • eBook

“Drummers and Nashville insiders will love this title.” —Library Journal “Anyone looking for insight into the Nashville scene or studio musicianship in general should check out this unique book.” —Modern Drummer Tony Artimisi documents through extensive interviews the work of some of the most influential drum kit players in popular music today, opening a window onto one of the most vibrant music scenes in modern American history. Each legendary figure walks readers through the realities of how musical opportunities arise in Nashville, how the recording process has changed over time, what it is like to drum behind some of the top artists in American music, and how one makes it as a professional drummer. Tony Artimisi is assistant professor of music at Winston Salem State University. Rowman & Littlefield Publishers

2015 • 202 pages 978-1-4422-4011-7 • $47.00 / £31.95 • Hardback 978-1-4422-4012-4 • $46.99 / £31.95 • eBook

THIS MUSIC LEAVES STAINS The Complete Story of the Misfits By James Greene Jr. This Music Leaves Stains presents the full story behind the Misfits. James Greene, Jr., maps this narrative from the band’s birth at the tail end of the original punk movement through their messy dissolve at the dawn of the 1980s right on through the legal warring and inexplicable reunions that helped carry the band into the 21st century. James Greene, Jr. is a freelance writer. Scarecrow Press

2014 • 208 pages 978-1-58979-892-2 • $14.95 / £9.95 • Paperback 978-0-8108-8437-3 • $64.00 / £42.95 • Hardback 978-0-8108-8438-0 • $13.99 / £8.95 • eBook

*Distributed to the trade by National Book Network.

22 or






The Old South in a New World By Jason T. Eastman (Coastal Carolina University)

The Concept Albums

Combining interviews, participant observation and a lyrical analysis, this book explores rebellious southerness through music as it exists in the ideal sense and as individual men try to live up to these subcultural ideals in their daily lives. The southern rock revival is a new social movement carving out a place for an alternative way to live while simultaneously perpetuating stereotypes about poor men.

By Phil Rose (York University)

Lexington Books

March 2017 • 224 pages 978-1-4985-3113-9 • $95.00 / £65.00 • Hardback 978-1-4985-3114-6 • $94.99 / £65.00 • eBook


YOUTH AND ROCK IN THE SOVIET BLOC Youth Cultures, Music, and the State in Russia and Eastern Europe Edited by William Jay Risch (Georgia College) Youth and Rock in the Soviet Bloc explores the rise of youth as consumers of popular culture and the globalization of popular music in Russia and Eastern Europe. This collection of essays challenges assumptions that Communist leaders and Western-influenced youth cultures were inimically hostile to one another. Lexington Books

2017 • 344 pages 978-1-4985-0875-9 • $49.99 / £32.95 • Paperback 978-0-7391-6693-2 • $110.00 / £75.00 • Hardback (2015) 978-0-7391-7823-2 • $49.99 / £32.95 • eBook

DOO-WOP ACAPPELLA A Story of Street Corners, Echoes, and Three-Part Harmonies By Lawrence Pitilli (St. John’s University)

Beyond its elucidation and critique of traditional ‘notation-centric’ musicology, this book’s primary emphasis is on the negotiation and construction of meaning within the extended musical multimedia works of the classic British group Pink Floyd. This book’s analysis of album covers, lyrics, music and film makes use of techniques of literary and film criticism. Series: The Fairleigh Dickinson University Press Series in Communication Studies Fairleigh Dickinson University Press

2016 • 242 pages 978-1-61147-762-7 • $39.99 / £24.95 • Paperback 978-1-61147-760-3 • $85.00 / £54.95 • Hardback (2015) 978-1-61147-761-0 • $39.99 / £24.95 • eBook

Pitilli details this toolittle-explored area of 1950’s and early 60’s American culture. It is the tale of urban change, mass migrations, ethnic acculturation, a changing radio and recording industry, and the dynamics of cultural change in the “sounds” that every generation seeks to make and re-make for itself. Rowman & Littlefield Publishers

2016 • 240 pages 978-1-4422-4429-0 • $75.00 / £49.95 • Hardback 978-1-4422-4430-6 • $74.99 / £49.95 • eBook

CIVIL RIGHTS MUSIC The Soundtracks of the Civil Rights Movement By Reiland Rabaka (University of Colorado at Boulder)

HEAVY METAL MUSIC AND THE COMMUNAL EXPERIENCE Edited by Nelson Varas-Díaz (Florida International University) and Niall Scott (University of Central Lancashire) It is common to hear heavy metal music fans and musicians talk about the “metal community”. This book addresses this notion of “metal community” via the experiences of authors and fans through theoretical reflections and empirical research. Their contributions focus on how metal communities are conceptualized, created, shaped, maintained, interact with their context, and address internal tensions. Lexington Books

2016 • 230 pages 978-1-4985-0638-0 • $85.00 / £54.95 • Hardback 978-1-4985-0639-7 • $84.99 / £54.95 • eBook

“Drawing on a wide range of studies, Rabaka traces the history of African American music, focusing on how that music intersected with the Civil Rights Movement. ... Highly recommended.” —CHOICE Lexington Books

2016 • 272 pages 978-1-4985-3180-1 • $46.99 / £31.95 • Paperback 978-1-4985-3178-8 • $100.00 / £70.00 • Hardback 978-1-4985-3179-5 • $46.99 / £31.95 • eBook

ETHICS, POLITICS, AND ANARCHO-PUNK IDENTIFICATIONS Punk and Anarchy in Philadelphia By Edward Anthony Avery-Natale (Temple University) Ethics, Politics, and Anarcho-Punk Identifications explores the ways in which those who identify as punks and anarchists living in the Philadelphia area construct their identifications narratively through the use of ethics. The book shows that contemporary subcultural and political identifications are complicated by the multiplicity of identifications that postmodern subjects must work from. Lexington Books

2016 • 258 pages 978-1-4985-1998-4 • $90.00 / £60.00 • Hardback 978-1-4985-1999-1 • $89.99 / £60.00 • eBook or




With volumes covering the 1940 to the 2000s, each one of these books examines in detail every musical that opened on Broadway during a particular decade. The books discuss each era’s major successes, notorious failures, and musicals that closed during their pre-Broadway tryouts. In addition to including every hit and flop that debuted during the decade, the books highlight revivals and personal-appearance revues. Each entry contains the following:

• • •

• • • • • • • •

Plot summary Cast members Names of all important personnel, including writers, composers, directors, choreographers, producers, and musical directors Opening and closing dates Number of performances Critical commentary Musical numbers and the performers who introduced the songs Production data, including information about tryouts Source material Tony awards and nominations Details about London and other productions

Dan Dietz is a former professor of composition, world literature, and modern drama at Western Carolina University.





By Dan Dietz

By Dan Dietz

In the first decade of the twentyfirst century, Broadway was notable for old-fashioned, feel-good shows (Hairspray, Jersey Boys), a number of family-friendly musicals (Little Women, Mary Poppins), plenty of revivals (Follies, Oklahoma!, Wonderful Town), a couple of off-thewall hits (Avenue Q, Urinetown), several gargantuan flops (Dance of the Vampires, Lestat), and a few serious productions that garnered critical acclaim (The Light in the Piazza, Next to Normal). Unlike earlier decades which were dominated by specific composers, by a new form of musical theatre, or by numerous British imports, the decade is perhaps most notable for the rise of shows which poked fun at the musical comedy form, such as The Producers and Spamalot. In The Complete Book of 2000s Broadway Musicals, Dan Dietz examines in detail every musical that opened on Broadway from 2000 through the end of 2009. Besides separate entries for each production, the book offers numerous appendixes, including a discography, filmography, and published scripts.

Musicals of the 1990s felt the impact of key developments that forever changed the landscape of Broadway. While the onslaught of British imports slowed down, the so-called Disneyfication of Broadway began, a trend that continues today. Beauty and the Beast and The Lion King became long-running hits, followed by more family-friendly musicals. The decade was also distinguished by a new look at revivals—instead of slavishly reproducing old shows or updating them with campy values, Broadway saw a stream of fresh and sometimes provocative reinventions, including major productions of My Fair Lady, Damn Yankees, Carousel, Show Boat, and Chicago. In The Complete Book of 1990s Broadway Musicals, Dan Dietz examines in detail every musical that opened on Broadway during the 1990s. Besides separate entries for each production, the book offers numerous appendixes, including a discography, filmography, and published scripts, as well as lists of Gilbert and Sullivan operettas, black-themed shows, and Jewishthemed productions.

Rowman & Littlefield Publishers

Rowman & Littlefield Publishers

April 2017 • 514 pages 978-1-4422-7800-4 • $125.00 / £85.00 • Hardback 978-1-4422-7801-1 • $124.99 / £85.00 • eBook


2017 • 484 pages 978-1-4422-7213-2 • $125.00 / £85.00 • Hardback 978-1-4422-7214-9 • $124.99 / £85.00 • eBook or

THE COMPLETE BOOK OF 1980S BROADWAY MUSICALS By Dan Dietz “This volume is yet another robust addition to this collection of works covering Broadway musicals decade by decade. Recommended. All readership levels.” —CHOICE “The book is formidable in its scope, and is well-written and refreshingly objective.” —American Reference Books Annual For Broadway audiences of the 1980s, the decade was perhaps most notable for the so-called “British invasion.” While concept musicals such as Nine and Stephen Sondheim’s Sunday in the Park with George continued to be produced, several London hits came to New York. In addition to shows like Chess, Me and My Girl, and Les Miserables, the decade’s most successful composer Andrew Lloyd Webber was also well represented by Cats, The Phantom of the Opera, Song & Dance, and Starlight Express. There were also many revivals (such as Show Boat and Gypsy), surprise hits (The Pirates of Penzance), huge hits (42nd Street), and notorious flops (Into the Light, Carrie, and Annie 2: Miss Hannigan’s Revenge). Rowman & Littlefield Publishers

2016 • 528 pages 978-1-4422-6091-7 • $125.00 / £85.00 • Hardback 978-1-4422-6092-4 • $124.99 / £85.00 • eBook




By Dan Dietz

By Dan Dietz “Highly recommended. All readership levels.” —CHOICE

“Highly recommended. All readers.” —CHOICE

The 1970s was an exciting decade for musical theatre. Besides shows from legends Stephen Sondheim (Company, Follies, A Little Night Music, and Sweeney Todd) and Andrew Lloyd Webber (Jesus Christ Superstar and Evita), old-fashioned musicals (Annie) and major revivals (No, No, Nanette) became hits. In addition to underappreciated shows like Over Here! and cult musicals such as The Grass Harp and Mack and Mabel, Broadway audiences were entertained by black musicals on the order of The Wiz and Raisin. In The Complete Book of 1970s Broadway Musicals, Dan Dietz examines in detail every musical that opened on Broadway during the 1970s.

The Broadway musical came of age in the 1950s, a period in which some of the greatest productions made their debuts. Shows produced on Broadway during this decade include such classics as Damn Yankees, Fiorello!, Guys and Dolls, The King and I, Kismet, The Most Happy Fella, My Fair Lady, The Pajama Game, Peter Pan, The Sound of Music, and West Side Story. Among the performers who made their marks were Julie Andrews, Bob Fosse, Carol Lawrence, and Gwen Verdon, while other talents who contributed to shows include Leonard Bernstein, Oscar Hammerstein II, Alan Jay Lerner, Frederick Loewe, Cole Porter, Jerome Robbins, Richard Rodgers, and Stephen Sondheim.

Rowman & Littlefield Publishers

Rowman & Littlefield Publishers



By Dan Dietz

By Dan Dietz

2016 • 596 pages 978-1-4422-5165-6 • $125.00 / £85.00 • Hardback 978-1-4422-5166-3 • $124.99 / £85.00 • eBook

“Highly recommended.” —CHOICE

“Recommended.” —CHOICE

“Recommended for medium and large public-library reference collections as well as academic libraries supporting performing-arts programs.” —Booklist

“A rich tour of a landmark decade on the Great White Way.” —Library Journal

While the 1960s may have been a decade of significant upheaval in America, it was also one of the richest periods in musical theatre history. Shows produced on Broadway during this time include such classics as Bye, Bye Birdie; Cabaret; Camelot; Hello Dolly!; Fiddler on the Roof; How to Succeed in Business without Really Trying; Oliver!; and Man of La Mancha. In The Complete Book of 1960s Broadway Musicals, Dan Dietz examines every musical and revue that opened on Broadway during the 1960s. Rowman & Littlefield Publishers

2014 • 478 pages 978-1-4422-3504-5 • $125.00 / £85.00 • Hardback 978-1-4422-3505-2 • $124.99 / £85.00 • eBook

2014 • 622 pages 978-1-4422-3071-2 • $125.00 / £85.00 • Hardback 978-1-4422-3072-9 • $124.99 / £85.00 • eBook

“Musical-theater enthusiasts will enjoy paging through this volume, and students or researchers in the field will find this to be a good starting point. Recommended for medium-sized and large public library reference collections as well as academic libraries supporting performing-arts programs.” —Booklist The debut of Oklahoma! in 1943 ushered in the modern era of Broadway musicals and was followed by a number of successes that have become beloved classics. Shows produced on Broadway during this decade include Annie Get Your Gun, Brigadoon, Carousel, Finian’s Rainbow, Pal Joey, On the Town, and South Pacific. In The Complete Book of 1940s Broadway Musicals, Dan Dietz examines every musical and revue that opened on Broadway during the 1940s. Rowman & Littlefield Publishers

2015 • 610 pages 978-1-4422-4527-3 • $125.00 / £85.00 • Hardback 978-1-4422-4528-0 • $124.99 / £85.00 • eBook or





JAMES NEWTON HOWARD’S SIGNS A Film Score Guide By Erik Heine

By Mariana Whitmer In Elmer Bernstein’s The Magnificent Seven: A Film Score Guide, Mariana Whitmer examines the creation and development of one of the most iconic soundtracks in the history of cinema. The author explores the significance of its familiar score through a variety of lenses, first delving into the background of Elmer Bernstein and his emergence as one of the key composers of the Silver Age of film music. This book also traces Bernstein’s early musical endeavors and considers what led to his attraction to “Americana” music. The book also summarizes Bernstein’s early Westerns, noting that they are clearly in the mainstream of the genre’s musical style, but enhanced by Bernstein’s own distinctive touches. Mariana Whitmer is Program Director, the Center for American Music and the Executive Director, Society for American Music. Series: Film Score Guides Rowman & Littlefield Publishers

June 2017 • 154 pages 978-1-4422-8179-0 • $35.00 / £23.95 • Paperback 978-1-4422-8180-6 • $34.99 / £23.95 • eBook

HANS ZIMMER AND JAMES NEWTON HOWARD’S THE DARK KNIGHT A Film Score Guide By Vasco Hexel In Hans Zimmer and James Newton Howard’s The Dark Knight: A Film Score Guide, Vasco Hexel delves into the composers’ backgrounds to reveal the many facets of meaning in the highs and lows of the score. This book also highlights the working methods of Zimmer and Howard and how they collaborated with each other and the filmmaking team to create such a memorable soundtrack. By drawing on unprecedented access to some of the key creators of the film, the author provides unique insights into the score’s composition. Vasco Hexel leads the Masters Programme in Composition for Screen at the Royal College of Music, London, and is visiting lecturer at the Faculty of Music, University of Cambridge. Series: Film Score Guides Rowman & Littlefield Publishers

2016 • 234 pages 978-1-4422-6672-8 • $50.00 / £32.95 • Paperback 978-1-4422-6673-5 • $49.99 / £32.95 • eBook

26 or

Released in 2002, M. Night Shyamalan’s Signs was the director’s follow-up to The Sixth Sense and Unbreakable, and his third collaboration with composer James Newton Howard. Well received by audiences and critics alike, the film was often cited by reviewers for its music. With its dependence on a single motive, the score is unique in Howard’s career, and one of his most effective and haunting works. In James Newton Howard’s Signs: A Film Score Guide, Erik Heine provides the first close reading of the composer’s work. The book shows how early sketches of cues for Signs were developed into the final score, allowing the reader insight into Howard’s compositional process. Erik Heine is professor of music at the Wanda L. Bass School of Music at Oklahoma City University. Series: Film Score Guides Rowman & Littlefield Publishers

2016 • 228 pages 978-1-4422-5603-3 • $50.00 / £32.95 • Paperback 978-1-4422-5604-0 • $49.99 / £32.95 • eBook

DAVID SHIRE’S THE CONVERSATION A Film Score Guide By Juan Chattah In David Shire’s The Conversation: A Film Score Guide, Juan Chattah draws on extensive interviews with the composer and includes numerous examples from his manuscripts to provide aesthetic and critical insights into the compositional process. The book fleshes out a multifaceted framework that reveals layers of meaning that permeate the score, delving into David Shire’s life and musical upbringing to trace the development of his compositional techniques. The author also investigates the film’s critical and historical contexts and ultimately presents a detailed analysis of the complete soundtrack to the film. Proposing an innovative analytical methodology that intersects semiotics and cognitive psychology, this volume offers a unique insight into the film and its music. Juan Chattah is assistant professor at University of Miami – Frost School of Music. Series: Film Score Guides Rowman & Littlefield Publishers

2016 • 228 pages 978-1-4422-5163-2 • $50.00 / £32.95 • Paperback 978-1-4422-5164-9 • $49.99 / £32.95 • eBook






By Kenneth LaFave

By Melissa U. D. Goldsmith, Paige A.Willson, and Anthony J. Fonseca “Composer LaFave tackles the history of film music in this noteworthy book.” —Booklist

making Jaws and Star Wars.

In Experiencing Film Music: A Listener’s Companion, Kenneth LaFave guides the reader through the history, ideas, personalities, and visions that have shaped the music we hear on the big screen. Looking back to the music improvised for early silent movies, LaFave traces the development of the film score from such early epic masterpieces as Max Steiner’s work for Gone With the Wind, Bernard Herrmann’s musical creations for Alfred Hitchcock’s thrillers, Jerry Goldsmith’s sonic presentation of Chinatown, and Ennio Morricone’s distinctive rewrite of the Western genre, to John Williams’ epoch-

Kenneth LaFave, former music critic for the Arizona Republic and the Kansas City Star, composes, teaches, and writes about music. Series: Listener’s Companion Rowman & Littlefield Publishers

April 2017 • 214 pages 978-1-4422-5841-9 • $40.00 / £24.95 • Hardback 978-1-4422-5842-6 • $39.99 / £24.95 • eBook

Musicians, both fictional and real, have long been subjects of cinema. From biopics of composers Beethoven and Mozart to the rise (and often fall) of imaginary bands in The Commitments and Almost Famous, music of all types has inspired hundreds of films. The Encyclopedia of Musicians and Bands on Film features the most significant productions from around the world, including straightforward biographies, rockumentaries, and even the occasional mockumentary. Among the films discussed in this book are Amadeus, The Blues Brothers, The Buddy Holly Story, The Commitments, That Thing You Do!, and Walk the Line. Melissa U. D. Goldsmith is a visiting lecturer at Westfield State University. Paige A. Willson is assistant professor at the University of Houston. Anthony J. Fonseca is library director at Elms College. Rowman & Littlefield Publishers

2017 • 486 pages 978-1-4422-6986-6 • $120.00 / £80.00 • Hardback 978-1-4422-6987-3 • $119.99 / £80.00 • eBook




“Hischak’s offering presents a wide scope of composers, and anyone who loves film and has previous knowledge of music and/ or film will be delighted by its content.” — Library Journal

A Listener’s Companion By Kat Sherrell “This close-lens look will appeal to both Broadway fans and music lovers in general.” —Booklist

“The Encyclopedia of FIlm Composers is recommended as an interesting addition to the reference collection of academic and public libraries and anywhere film is being studied.” —Booklist

“As a supplementary text for a theater class or an engaging read for theater fans, this one takes top billing.” —Library Journal Experiencing Broadway Music: A Listener’s Companion explores approximately the last century of American musical theater, beginning with the early–twentieth-century shift from European influenced operettas and bawdy variety shows to sophisticated works of seamlessly integrated song and dance that became uniquely American. It concludes with an examination of current musical trends and practices on Broadway. Kat Sherrell is a conductor, pianist, and writer. Her work in New York has included Broadway shows In the Heights, Bring It On and The Book of Mormon and NBC’s Smash.

“Highly recommended.” —CHOICE “I highly recommend this tome as an essential addition to any music and movie print reference collection.” —Reference Reviews The Encyclopedia of Film Composers features entries on more than 250 movie composers from around the world. Thomas S. Hischak is professor of theatre at the State University of New York College at Cortland. Rowman & Littlefield Publishers

2015 • 836 pages 978-1-4422-4549-5 • $100.00 / £70.00 • Hardback 978-1-4422-4550-1 • $99.99 / £70.00 • eBook

Series: Listener’s Companion Rowman & Littlefield Publishers

2017 • 258 pages 978-0-8108-8900-2 • $45.00 / £29.95 • Hardback 978-0-8108-8901-9 • $44.99 / £29.95 • eBook or





NOEL, TALLULAH, COLE, AND ME A Memoir of Broadway’s Golden Age By John C.Wilson with Thomas S. Hischak and Jack Macauley

Music, Film, and Photography

“The previously unpublished autobiography provides a wealth of anecdotes. ... If you’re interested in this rich, colorful era of theatre history, this book is a true treasure.” —Pop Culture Classics

By Raj Chandarlapaty “Recommended.” —CHOICE Re-Creating Paul Bowles includes several examples of films that adapt the author’s personal life and times, the production of surrealist technique in film and literature, and the re-invention of classic works such as The Sheltering Sky and Collected Stories. It assumes the technique for re-production allows the elder Bowles greater freedom in crossing cultural boundaries and overruling the colonialist separateness that guarded cultural content for centuries. Bowles has always deserved re-appraisal in the American academy—and liberation from his stereotypical cult figure identity, a positive force in the ethnic comprehension of Self and society. Raj Chandarlapaty is assistant professor of English at the American University in Afghanistan. Lexington Books

2016 • 228 pages 978-1-4985-0284-9 • $44.99 / £29.95 • Paperback 978-1-4985-0282-5 • $90.00 / £60.00 • Hardback (2015) 978-1-4985-0283-2 • $44.99 / £29.95 • eBook

In Noel, Tallulah, Cole, and Me: A Memoir of Broadway’s Golden Age, producerdirector Wilson provides an eye witness account of a never-to-be-seen-again period in American theatre and culture. Thomas S. Hischak is an internationally recognized author and teacher in the performing arts. Jack Macauley is the great nephew and godson of John C. Wilson and the executor of the John C. Wilson Archive. Rowman & Littlefield Publishers

2016 • 338 pages 978-1-4422-5572-2 • $65.00 / £44.95 • Hardback 978-1-4422-5573-9 • $64.99 / £44.95 • eBook

GUERRILLA FILM SCORING Practical Advice from Hollywood Composers By Jeremy Borum In Guerrilla Film Scoring: Practical Advice from Hollywood Composers, Jeremy Borum provides valuable guidance on how to make a good film score both quickly and inexpensively. This handbook encompasses the entire film scoring process including education, preparation, writing and recording a score, editing, mixing and mastering, finding work, career development, and sample contracts. Offering strategic tools and techniques, this insider’s guide draws on the expertise from a number of prominent composers in movies, television, and video gaming, including Stewart Copeland, Bruce Broughton, and Jack Wall.

FROM SMALL SCREEN TO VINYL A Guide to Television Stars Who Made Records, 19502000 By Bob Leszczak “Trivia hounds, television junkies, and music fans will get a kick out of this quirky volume, which is suitable for public and academic collections and could do well in the circulating stacks.” —Booklist Bob Leszczak offers a look at hundreds of stars who performed double duty: as a television performer as well as a recording artist. He looks not only at the show and the performer but the behind-the-scenes dramas that unfolded as each attempted to tackle the two different mediums. Through his interviews with many of these multitaskers, the author has uncovered new, and mostly never before known facts about those who sought to conquer the world of vinyl. Bob Leszczak is the author of The Encyclopedia of Pop Music Aliases, 1950-2000. Rowman & Littlefield Publishers

2015 • 494 pages 978-1-4422-4273-9 • $79.00 / £52.95 • Hardback 978-1-4422-4274-6 • $77.99 / £52.95 • eBook

28 or

Jeremy Borum is a film composer, orchestrator, and music engraver with credits on 15 features, 2 network shows, 17 shorts, and 35 albums. Rowman & Littlefield Publishers

2015 • 270 pages 978-1-4422-3729-2 • $35.00 / £23.95 • Paperback 978-1-4422-3728-5 • $80.00 / £52.95 • Hardback 978-1-4422-3730-8 • $34.99 / £23.95 • eBook






A Revealing Portrait of the Forgotten Man Behind “Swanee River,” “Beautiful Dreamer,” and “My Old Kentucky Home”

By Norman Abjorensen This book seeks to trace the rise of popular music, identify its key figures and track the origins and development of its multiple genres and styles, all the while seeking to establish historical context. The Historical Dictionary of Popular Music contains a chronology, an introduction, an appendix, and an extensive bibliography. The dictionary section has over 1000 cross-referenced entries on major figures across genres, definitions of genres, technical innovations and surveys of countries and regions. This book is an excellent resource for students, researchers, and anyone wanting to know more about popular music.

By JoAnne O’Connell “Highly recommended.” —CHOICE “All readers interested in Foster, professional or amateur musicians or historians included, will delight in the perspective taken by O’Connell that the man was much more than the few songs for which he is remembered.” —Library Journal An intimate biography of a complex, controversial, and now neglected composer, The Life and Songs of Stephen Foster is an important story about the father of American music. This invaluable portrait of the political, economic, social, racial, and gender issues of antebellum and Civil War America will appeal to history and music lovers of all generations. JoAnne O’Connell has taught at colleges and universities in Pennsylvania and Maryland, and currently spends her time researching and writing. Rowman & Littlefield Publishers

2017 • 496 pages 978-1-4422-5386-5 • $45.00 / £29.95 • Hardback 978-1-4422-5387-2 • $44.99 / £29.95 • eBook

Norman Abjorensen is an Australian historian, academic and broadcaster with a long interest in popular music. Series: Historical Dictionaries of Literature and the Arts Rowman & Littlefield Publishers May 2017 • 656 pages 978-1-5381-0214-5 • $145.00 / £95.00 • Hardback 978-1-5381-0215-2 • $144.99 / £95.00 • eBook



THE SHOFAR Its History and Use By Jeremy Montagu “Highly recommended.” —CHOICE In The Shofar, Jeremy Montagu offers a detailed study of the ram’s horn of the Bible, describing its history and use— both ritual and secular—from biblical times to the present. Because the same person normally blows the shofar each year during the Jewish High Holy Days, few are aware of the wide differences among communities around the world: the varying points in the Jewish liturgical service when the shofar is blown, what sound combinations exist, and the many varieties of the instrument.

“As part of the Historical Dictionaries of Literature and the Arts series, this book is a good starting point for amateurs and college students wanting short essays on various topics concerning sacred music around the world.” —American Reference Books Annual This second edition of Historical Dictionary of Sacred Music contains a chronology, an introduction, appendixes, and an extensive bibliography. The dictionary section has over 800 crossreferenced entries on major types of music, composers, key religious figures, specialized positions, genres of composition, technical terms, instruments, fundamental documents and sources, significant places, and important musical compositions. This book is an excellent access point for students, researchers, and anyone wanting to know more about sacred music.

Jeremy Montagu is former curator of the Joseph P. Swain has taught music history and theory at Phillips Academy and Bate Collection of Musical Instruments and lecturer at the University of Oxford.    Colgate University for more than 25 years. Rowman & Littlefield Publishers

2016 • 202 pages 978-1-4422-5027-7 • $85.00 / £54.95 • Hardback 978-1-4422-5028-4 • $84.99 / £54.95 • eBook

Series: Historical Dictionaries of Literature and the Arts Rowman & Littlefield Publishers 2017 • 402 pages 978-1-4422-6462-5 • $95.00 / £65.00 • Hardback 978-1-4422-6463-2 • $94.99 / £65.00 • eBook or







Edited by M. Jennifer Bloxam (Williams College) and Andrew Shenton (Boston University) This essay collection celebrates the richness of Christian musical tradition across its two thousand year history and across the globe. Opening with a consideration of the fourth-century lamp-lighting hymn Phos hilaron and closing with reflections on contemporary efforts of Ghanaian composers to create Christian worship music in African idioms, the ten contributors engage with a broad ecumenical array of sacred music. Lexington Books

June 2017 • 264 pages 978-1-4985-4990-5 • $100.00 / £70.00 • Hardback 978-1-4985-4991-2 • $99.99 / £70.00 • eBook

PIANO MAKERS IN RUSSIA IN THE NINETEENTH CENTURY By Anne Swartz (Baruch College) Piano Makers in Russia in the Nineteenth Century is a richly detailed thematic study of the history of the piano in Russian society from its beginnings with the European artisans who settled in St. Petersburg in the early decades of the century through the transition to Russianowned family firms. Lehigh University Press

2016 • 214 pages 978-1-61146-170-1 • $39.99 / £24.95 • Paperback 978-1-61146-158-9 • $74.00 / £49.95 • Hardback (2014) 978-1-61146-159-6 • $39.99 / £24.95 • eBook

Amidst the Lundu, The Aria, and the Alleluia By Luiz Costa-lima Neto (Martins Penna School of Theatre) Translated by Stephen Thomson Moore This book clarifies the musical dramaturgy of comedy writer and musician Luiz Carlos Martins Penna (181548) – a notion that encompasses both the theatrical text and its performance. The corpus for this analysis is composed of twelve comedies by Martins Penna written between 1833 and 1846, divided into three groups, which I have called Lundu, Aria, and Alleluia. Lexington Books

March 2017 • 344 pages 978-1-4985-3225-9 • $110.00 / £75.00 • Hardback 978-1-4985-3226-6 • $109.99 / £75.00 • eBook

Composers, Events, and Ideas, 1852– 1918 By Bill F. Faucett (University of South Florida) This book is a history of the Boston’s classicalmusic culture in the period that begins a decade before the American Civil War and extends to the close of the Great War. It provides insights into the intellectual foundation of Boston’s musical development as revealed in the writings of its significant critics and thinkers, including John Sullivan Dwight, John Knowles Paine, and others. Lexington Books

2016 • 294 pages 978-1-4985-3738-4 • $80.00 / £52.95 • Hardback 978-1-4985-3739-1 • $79.99 / £52.95 • eBook

LISTEN AGAIN A New History of Music By David Wulstan (St Peter’s College) “Recommended.” —CHOICE


SINGING, SOLDIERING, AND SHEET MUSIC IN AMERICA DURING THE FIRST WORLD WAR By Christina Gier (University of Alberta) This book presents a study of sheet music and military singing practices in America during the First World War that critically situates them in the social discourses, including issues of segregation and suffrage, and the historical context of the war. Close musical analysis brings the meaningful musical and lyrical expressions of this time period to the forefront. Lexington Books

2017 • 230 pages 978-1-4985-1600-6 • $85.00 / £54.95 • Hardback 978-1-4985-1601-3 • $84.99 / £54.95 • eBook



In Listen Again, Wulstan illustrates how music from Bach to Bartók was far less “revolutionary” than customarily imagined and that the “inversionist” doctrine of Rameau and kindred acoustical misconceptions, courtesy of Heinrich Schenker and other analysts, solve fewer problems than their purveyor claim. Rowman & Littlefield Publishers

2016 • 480 pages 978-1-4422-3749-0 • $80.00 / £52.95 • Hardback 978-1-4422-3750-6 • $79.99 / £52.95 • eBook




By Emily Freeman Brown (Bowling Green State University)

Titles in the Dictionaries for the Modern Musician series offer both the novice and the advanced artist full lists of terms designed to convey the field of study and performance for a major instrument or instrument class, as well as the workings of musicians in areas from conducting to composing. Unlike other encyclopedic works, contributions to this series focus primarily on the knowledge required by the contemporary musical student or performer. Each dictionary completely covers topics from instrument parts and playing technique to major works and key figures. Jo Nardolillo has performed throughout the United States and in Europe, has commissioned, recorded, and given the world premieres of many new works, and is a founding member of the innovative new-music ensemble TangleTown Trio and the eclectic jazz ensemble Touché. She is the author of The Canon of Violin Literature (Scarecrow Press, 2011) and All Things Strings: An Illustrated Dictionary (Rowman & Littlefield, 2014).





By James A. Strain

A Dictionary for the Modern Pianist combines nearly 400 entries covering classical and popular pianists, noted teachers, terminology germane to the piano’s construction, and major manufacturers. Speaking to the needs of the modern performer, it also includes entries on jazz and pop artists, digital pianos, and period instruments. Drawing on the most recent research of numerous specialists, author Stephen Siek emphasizes the piano’s uniquely rich heritage, giving pianists a renewed appreciation for the famous artists and teachers who have shaped their art. Transcending simple alphabetical definitions, the dictionary’s careful attention both to legacy and detail make it an invaluable addition to any pianist’s library.

Illustrated with over 300 pictures, A Dictionary for the Modern Percussionist and Drummer is an essential resource for any musician who wishes to delve into the vast world of percussion and drumming instruments and terminology. With an emphasis on modern terms in many languages and genres, James A. Strain has defined, detailed and explained the use of percussion instruments and drums not only for classical genres, such as orchestra, symphonic band and opera, but also for popular styles, such as jazz, rock, music theatre and marching band. Also included are those world music instruments and ensembles commonly found in public school or university settings, such as steel drum bands, samba bands and gamelan ensembles, as well as historical genres related to rope and rudimental drumming. James Strain is professor of music (percussion) at Northern Michigan University, and historian for the Percussive Arts Society. Series: Dictionaries for the Modern Musician Rowman & Littlefield Publishers

October 2017 • 406 pages 978-0-8108-8692-6 • $100.00 / £70.00 • Hardback 978-0-8108-8693-3 • $99.99 / £70.00 • eBook

By Stephen Siek

Stephen Siek is a pianist, musicologist, and piano historian. He is former professor of music at Wittenberg University and is author of England’s Piano Sage: The Life and Teachings of Tobias Matthay (2011). Series: Dictionaries for the Modern Musician Rowman & Littlefield Publishers

“This volume offers a worthwhile symphonic exploration of the conductor’s craft.” —Library Journal “Recommended.” —CHOICE Series: Dictionaries for the Modern Musician Rowman & Littlefield Publishers

2015 • 432 pages 978-0-8108-8400-7 • $85.00 / £54.95 • Hardback 978-0-8108-8401-4 • $84.99 / £54.95 • eBook

A DICTIONARY FOR THE MODERN TRUMPET PLAYER By Elisa Koehler (Goucher College) “Should be added to the repertoire of academic library collections serving music students as well as public library collections serving amateur and professional musicians.” —Booklist “A terrific read for musicians and fans alike.” —Library Journal “Recommended.” —CHOICE “A very welcome addition to the bookshelves of all trumpet players.” —Notes: Quarterly Journal of the Music Library Association Series: Dictionaries for the Modern Musician Rowman & Littlefield Publishers

2015 • 232 pages 978-0-8108-8657-5 • $79.00 / £52.95 • Hardback 978-0-8108-8658-2 • $77.99 / £52.95 • eBook

A DICTIONARY FOR THE MODERN CLARINETIST By Jane Ellsworth (Eastern Washington University) “Recommended.” —CHOICE Series: Dictionaries for the Modern Musician Rowman & Littlefield Publishers

2015 • 156 pages 978-0-8108-8647-6 • $79.00 / £52.95 • Hardback 978-0-8108-8648-3 • $77.99 / £52.95 • eBook

2017 • 302 pages 978-0-8108-8879-1 • $90.00 / £60.00 • Hardback 978-0-8108-8880-7 • $89.99 / £60.00 • eBook or







History, Performance, and Lore

A Musician’s Guide to Managing Stage Fright

By Lincoln Ballard and Matthew Bengston with John Bell Young

By Casey McGrath, Karin S. Hendricks, and Tawnya D. Smith

This unique collaboration takes a fresh look at the supercharged music and polarizing reception of the Russian composer Alexander Scriabin. From his Chopin-inspired miniatures to his genre-bending symphonies and avant-garde late works, Scriabin left a unique mark on music history. Music lovers who are curious about Scriabin have been torn between academic studies written for specialists and popular sources that glamorize his interests and activities, often at the expense of historical accuracy. This book bridges the divide between these two branches of literature, and brings a modern perspective to his music and legacy.

Divided by area of therapeutic interest, Performance Anxiety Strategies presents relevant and noteworthy research and insight into some of the most popular and many lesser-known therapies— including holistic, exposure, cognitive, behavioral, and medicinal treatments. Each chapter also features self-guided activities and exercises, words of wisdom from established performing artists and athletes, and suggestions for music teachers, as well as first-person narratives about the authors’ personal journeys with music performance anxiety both onstage and in the classroom.

Lincoln Ballard has taught at the University of Washington. Matthew Bengtson is Assistant Professor at the University of Michigan School of Music, Theatre and Dance. John Bell Young is the founder and CEO of Identity Marketing for Concert Artists, Inc. Rowman & Littlefield Publishers

July 2017 • 460 pages 978-1-4422-3261-7 • $100.00 / £70.00 • Hardback 978-1-4422-3262-4 • $99.99 / £70.00 • eBook

THE BIBLE IN MUSIC A Dictionary of Songs, Works, and More By Siobhán Dowling Long and John F.A. Sawyer 2016 International Book Awards “Recommended.” —CHOICE Each entry contains essential information about the original context of the work (date, composer, etc.) and, where relevant, its afterlife in literature, film, politics, and liturgy. It includes an index of biblical references and an index of biblical names, as well as a detailed timeline that brings to the fore key events, works, and publications, placing them in their historical context. There is also a bibliography, a glossary of technical terms, and an index of artists, authors, and composers.

Casey McGrath serves as concertmaster for the Fox Valley Orchestra and on the music faculty of Joliet Junior College. Karin S. Hendricks is assistant professor of music education at Boston University. Tawnya D. Smith is lecturer in music education in the College of Fine Arts at Boston University. Rowman & Littlefield Publishers

2017 • 184 pages 978-1-4422-7152-4 • $40.00 / £24.95 • Paperback 978-1-4422-7151-7 • $90.00 / £60.00 • Hardback 978-1-4422-7153-1 • $39.99 / £24.95 • eBook


THE WORD RHYTHM DICTIONARY A Resource for Writers, Rappers, Poets, and Lyricists By Timothy Polashek The Word Rhythm Dictionary: A Resource for Writers, Rappers, Poets, and Lyricists is a new kind of dictionary—one that reflects the use of “rhythm rhymes” by rappers, poets, and songwriters of today. This is an eminently practical reference work for all wordsmiths looking to add musicality to their writing. Users of this dictionary can alphabetically look up words in the General Index to find collections of words that have the same rhythm as the original word. The Word Rhythm Dictionary organizes words by additional properties: phonetic similarity (alliteration and literary consonance), the number of syllables in words, and syllable stress patterns.

Siobhán Dowling Long lectures in University College Cork. John F.A. Sawyer is a Scottish biblical scholar. Rowman & Littlefield Publishers

2016 • 372 pages 978-0-8108-8451-9 • $95.00 / £65.00 • Hardback 978-0-8108-8452-6 • $94.99 / £65.00 • eBook

Timothy Polashek is a composer, music technologist, and professor of music. Rowman & Littlefield Publishers

2016 • 708 pages 978-1-4422-7327-6 • $45.00 / £29.95 • Paperback 978-0-8108-8416-8 • $76.00 / £49.95 • Hardback (2014) 978-0-8108-8417-5 • $44.99 / £29.95 • eBook

32 or


MUSIC APPS FOR MUSICIANS AND MUSIC TEACHERS By Elizabeth C. Axford Music Apps for Musicians and Music Teachers lists hundreds of music-related apps organized by category, including singing, musical instruments, music theory and composition, songwriting, improvisation, recording, evaluating music performances, listening to music, music history and literature, music appreciation, and more.


MUSIC THEORY AND COMPOSITION A Practical Approach By Stephen C. Stone Music Theory and Composition presents a pragmatic, accessible approach to music theory through an emphasis on melody and counterpoint. This focus explains the “why” of musical construction more clearly than the traditional approach of beginning with chords. With short, digestible chapters, Music Theory and Composition clearly presents otherwise complicated ideas not as strict rules, but as artistic ideals, encouraging the interactive creation of new compositions as a tool for learning.

Elizabeth C. Axford is the owner of Piano Press Studio in Del Mar, California. Rowman & Littlefield Publishers

2015 • 312 pages 978-1-4422-3277-8 • $58.00 / £39.95 • Paperback 978-1-4422-3278-5 • $57.99 / £39.95 • eBook


ENCYCLOPEDIA OF NATIONAL ANTHEMS Second Edition 2 Volumes By Xing Hang “Recommended. General readers.” —CHOICE “This set will help students researching countries and cultures.” —School Library Journal “The written material offers enlightening national sketches.” —Library Journal Xing Hang is assistant professor of history at Brandeis University. Rowman & Littlefield Publishers

2015 • 1080 pages 978-1-4422-5038-3 • $100.00 / £70.00 • Paperback 2 volume set 978-0-8108-7662-0 • $173.00 / £115.00 • Hardback 2 volume set (2011)

E-inspection copy available

Specific features of this text: • Complete curriculum for first-year music theory course • Over 500 musical examples drawn from Common Practice Era compositions as well as more contemporary and popular pieces • Workbook sections of practice activities at the end of each chapter and available for download online • Focus on active composition throughout the text and workbook sections • Conversational tone encourages student engagement Stephen C. Stone has served as music theory faculty at The Johns Hopkins University Peabody Institute for 14 years. Rowman & Littlefield Publishers

January 2018 • 400 pages 978-1-5381-0123-0 • $75.00 / £49.95 • Paperback 978-1-5381-0122-3 • $135.00 / £85.00 • Hardback


TONAL COUNTERPOINT FOR THE 21ST-CENTURY MUSICIAN An Introduction By Teresa Davidian (Tarleton State University) “In this single-semester introduction, Davidian provides students with a textbook that is a direct reflection of the age in which they live. Throughout, the author explains how the techniques of 18th-century counterpoint still readily apply to how music is composed today.” —Teaching Music


PERSPECTIVES ON ARTISTIC RESEARCH IN MUSIC Edited by Robert Burke (Monash University) and Andrys Onsman (University of Melbourne) The increasing interest in artistic research, especially in music, is throwing open doors to exciting ideas about how we generate new musical knowledge and understanding. This book examines the wide array of factors at play in innovative practice and how by treating it as research we can make new ideas more widely accessible.

Rowman & Littlefield Publishers

E-inspection copy available

2015 • 260 pages 978-1-4422-3459-8 • $47.00 / £31.95 • Paperback 978-1-4422-3458-1 • $89.00 / £60.00 • Hardback 978-1-4422-3460-4 • $46.99 / £31.95 • eBook

Lexington Books

2017 • 244 pages 978-1-4985-4481-8 • $95.00 / £65.00 • Hardback 978-1-4985-4482-5 • $94.99 / £65.00 • eBook or





Fifth Edition


By David Daniels

Composing Beyond the Keys

“Essential.” —CHOICE

By Alan Shockley Daniels’ Orchestral Music is the gold standard among conductors, music programmers, orchestra librarians, and any other music professional—or student— seeking to research an orchestral program, whether for a single concert or a full season. Compositions cover the standard international repertoire for the orchestra; this latest edition, nearly a decade since the previous one, contains over 8,500 entries. Daniels’ Orchestral Music organizes works alphabetically by composer and title, and contains duration and instrumentation of each entry, as well as date of composition. Individual appendices make it easy to browse works that include chorus, solo voices, or solo instruments.

Shockley provides a comprehensive resource for composers writing music that uses extended techniques for the piano, and for pianists interested in playing repertoire that makes use of techniques and/or implements unfamiliar to them. Shockley explains dozens of ways to prepare a piano without damaging the instrument, how to notate every standard technique and many, many obscure ones, and the specific geographies of every common concert hall piano. This will be the standard reference for pianists touring and playing inside-the-piano repertoire, and for composers at all levels of familiarity with the piano hoping to understand the mechanical miracle that is the modern piano. Alan Shockley is the director of composition and theory and an associate professor in the Bob Cole Conservatory of Music at California State University, Long Beach. Rowman & Littlefield Publishers

December 2017 • 220 pages 978-1-4422-8189-9 • $60.00 / £39.95 • Paperback 978-1-4422-8187-5 • $135.00 / £90.00 • Hardback 978-1-4422-8188-2 • $59.99 / £39.95 • eBook

David Daniels is Emeritus Professor of Music at Oakland University and Conductor Emeritus of the Warren Symphony. Series: Music Finders Rowman & Littlefield Publishers

2015 • 906 pages 978-1-4422-4537-2 • $85.00 / £54.95 • Hardback

REHEARSING Critical Connections for the Instrumental Music Conductor By John F. Colson Following on the heels of his Conducting and Rehearsing the Instrumental Music Ensemble, John F. Colson takes students to the next level in conducting practice with Rehearsing: Critical Connections for the Instrumental Music Conductor. Colson draws together the critical connections for those seeking to become fully capable and self-assured instrumental music conductors. As he argues, too often conductor training programs treat the problems and challenges of the rehearsal—perhaps the single most critical element in any effort to achieve competency as a conductor—as secondary. Colson’s work addresses the entire rehearsing process thoroughly and authoritatively.


CHORAL-ORCHESTRAL REPERTOIRE A Conductor’s Guide Omnibus Edition

By Jonathan D. Green Choral-Orchestral Repertoire: A Conductor’s Guide offers a fully comprehensive list of choral orchestral works. Surveying choral-orchestral repertoire from 1600 to the present, this omnibus edition of Green’s earlier works includes and enlarges on the original information collected, including a brief biographical sketch of each composer, and for each work the approximate duration, text sources, performing forces, currently available editions, locations of manuscript materials, notes, performance issues, evaluation of solo roles, and evaluation of difficulty. It also includes an updated and upgraded discography, bibliography, and list of publishing sources (with contact information). Composer and conductor, Jonathan D. Green, is Provost and Dean of the Faculty at Illinois Wesleyan University. Series: Music Finders Rowman & Littlefield Publishers

December 2017 • 750 pages 978-1-4422-4466-5 • $95.00 / £65.00 • Hardback 978-1-4422-4467-2 • $94.99 / £65.00 • eBook

34 or

John F. Colson is professor emeritus of music at South Dakota State University. Rowman & Littlefield Publishers

2015 • 312 pages 978-1-4422-5079-6 • $55.00 / £37.95 • Paperback 978-1-4422-5078-9 • $95.00 / £65.00 • Hardback 978-1-4422-5080-2 • $54.99 / £37.95 • eBook






100 Performance Strategies for the Advanced Clarinetist

By Michael J. Pagliaro “This volume offers a great deal of information for new and seasoned string-instrument owners. ... The information is useful and well researched.” —Booklist

Second Edition

By Michele Gingras This second edition of Clarinet Secrets is a compilation of Distinguished Professor Michele Gingras’s acclaimed books that spearheaded Rowman & Littlefield’s Music Secrets series: Clarinet Secrets and More Clarinet Secrets. It is the result of Gingras’s thirty years of hands-on experience spent in the clarinet studio working with students. Learn practical and technical secrets about rapid tonguing and double-tonguing; circular breathing; sight-reading and transposition; reed fixing and repair equipment; improving tone, intonation, technique, and musicianship; contemporary techniques; classical and non-classical performance; performance anxiety; auditioning; career planning and marketability; and more. Michele Gingras is Distinguished Professor Emerita of clarinet at Miami University (OH), where she was named Curry Distinguished Educator and Distinguished Scholar of the graduate faculty. Series: Music Secrets for the Advanced Musician Rowman & Littlefield Publishers 2017 • 222 pages 978-1-4422-7655-0 • $45.00 / £29.95 • Paperback 978-1-4422-7656-7 • $44.99 / £29.95 • eBook

Michael J. Pagliaro is founder and CEO emeritusin-counsel of Ardsley Musical Instrument Service, Ltd., and director of research and development for Contemporary Music Laboratories. Rowman & Littlefield Publishers

2017 • 250 pages 978-1-4422-7402-0 • $35.00 / £23.95 • Paperback 978-0-8108-8897-5 • $95.00 / £65.00 • Hardback (2015) 978-0-8108-8898-2 • $34.99 / £23.95 • eBook


THE BRASS INSTRUMENT OWNER’S HANDBOOK By Michael J. Pagliaro The Brass Instrument Owner’s Handbook provides professionals, musicians, teachers, students, and individuals interested in brass instruments with an abundance of knowledge. It provides a roadmap for every step of the owning process from selecting and buying (or renting) to maintaining, repairing, modifying, upgrading, and even reselling your instrument. Rowman & Littlefield Publishers

VIOLIN SECRETS 101 Strategies for the Advanced Violinist By Jo Nardolillo “This is a clever and thorough collection of the aspects of teaching the advanced violin student, it is well written and illustrated, and is an easy-to-read reference for the teacher looking for that extra spark of knowledge or a simple reminder in a moment of uncertainty.” —American Music Teacher Blending traditional strategies that have produced generations of legendary performers with modern ideas, Nardolillo reveals the secrets of today’s most soughtafter master teachers, garnered through her decade of study at top conservatories across the nation. With more than a quarter century of experience teaching at the advanced level, she has refined and distilled these essential concepts into clear, concise, step-by-step instructions, complete with original illustrations and helpful tips. Jo Nardolillo is the author of All Things Strings: An Illustrated Dictionary (Rowman & Littlefield, 2014) and The Canon of Violin Literature.

2017 • 226 pages 978-1-4422-7401-3 • $35.00 / £23.95 • Paperback 978-1-4422-6861-6 • $95.00 / £65.00 • Hardback 978-1-4422-6862-3 • $34.99 / £23.95 • eBook

FINE-TUNING THE CLARINET SECTION A Handbook for the Band Director By Brent Coppenbarger (North Greenville University) Fine Tuning the Clarinet Section covers the basic foundations of a good clarinet embouchure; selecting and breaking-in a new reed; a discussion on equipment; clarinet maintenance; intonation; articulation strategies; strategies for developing finger technique; developing musicality; developing a warm-up routine; rehearsing the woodwind section; preparing for a solo performance; and 10 steps to better sight-reading. Rowman & Littlefield Publishers

2016 • 124 pages 978-1-4758-2076-8 • $26.00 / £17.95 • Paperback 978-1-4758-2075-1 • $52.00 / £34.95 • Hardback (2016) 978-1-4758-2077-5 • $25.99 / £17.95 • eBook

Series: Music Secrets for the Advanced Musician Rowman & Littlefield Publishers 2016 • 194 pages 978-0-8108-8624-7 • $40.00 / £24.95 • Paperback 978-0-8108-8625-4 • $39.99 / £24.95 • eBook or



THE PIANIST’S CRAFT 2 Mastering the Works of More Great Composers



By Thomas Donahue

A Sourcebook for Instrumental Music

Edited by Richard P. Anderson

In The Harpsichord Stringing Handbook, Thomas Donahue integrates available historical evidence and modern physical principles—from both musicological and scientific literature—to provide practical quantitative information about the stringing of this instrument.

“Recommended.” —CHOICE The Pianist’s Craft 2 gathers together a new collection of essays by renowned performing artists and teachers and discusses the preparation, pedagogy, and performance of selected works by an entirely different set of composers whose works are standard in the piano literature. Richard P. Anderson is professor of piano at the School of Music of Brigham Young University. Rowman & Littlefield Publishers

By John Schneider The Contemporary Guitar traces the extraordinary rise of the instrument in concert music over the past century. John Schneider explains each class of technique and illustrates them with examples. John Schneider is president emeritus of the Guitar Foundation of America. Rowman & Littlefield Publishers

2015 • 360 pages 978-1-4422-3789-6 • $60.00 / £39.95 • Paperback 978-1-4422-3788-9 • $110.00 / £75.00 • Hardback 978-1-4422-3790-2 • $59.99 / £39.95 • eBook


“Provides the instrumental teacher with an arsenal of high-quality materials to sharpen his or her tools for teaching.” —Music Educators Journal

Rowman & Littlefield Publishers

2015 • 260 pages 978-1-4422-4344-6 • $79.00 / £52.95 • Hardback 978-1-4422-4345-3 • $77.99 / £52.95 • eBook

Suzanne L. Burton is professor at the University of Delaware. Alden H. Snell, II is assistant professor at the University of Delaware. Rowman & Littlefield Publishers


“Engaging Musical Practices ought to be a part of every music educator’s library of resources.” —American Music Teacher

Thomas Donahue has authored many journal articles and three books.

2016 • 292 pages 978-1-4422-3265-5 • $65.00 / £44.95 • Hardback 978-1-4422-3266-2 • $64.99 / £44.95 • eBook


Edited by Suzanne L. Burton and Alden H. Snell II

2015 • 308 pages 978-1-4758-0433-1 • $40.00 / £24.95 • Paperback 978-1-4758-0432-4 • $84.00 / £54.95 • Hardback 978-1-4758-0434-8 • $39.99 / £24.95 • eBook

By Miranda Wilson In Cello Practice, Cello Performance, Wilson demonstrates that the movements of the hands are vitally interdependent, supporting and empowering one another in any technical action. Original exercises in the fundamentals of cello playing include cross-lateral exercises, mindful breathing, and one of the most detailed discussions of intonation in the cello literature. Miranda Wilson is professor of cello at the University of Idaho. Rowman & Littlefield Publishers

2015 • 154 pages 978-1-4422-4677-5 • $47.00 / £31.95 • Paperback 978-1-4422-4676-8 • $100.00 / £70.00 • Hardback 978-1-4422-4678-2 • $46.99 / £31.95 • eBook or

THE PHILADELPHIA ORCHESTRA An Annotated Discography By Richard A. Kaplan “Represents exhaustive research and fills a major void in the literature. ... [T]his book is recommended to all collectors of classical orchestral recordings, especially admirers of this legendary orchestra and the various conductors involved.” —ARSC Journal Rowman & Littlefield Publishers

2015 • 538 pages 978-1-4422-3915-9 • $100.00 / £70.00 • Hardback 978-1-4422-3916-6 • $99.99 / £70.00 • eBook






A Handbook for Leaders of Group Singing

Prominent American Voice Teachers Discuss the Teaching of Singing Second Edition

By Michael Bonshor The Confident Choir is an exploration of confidence levels amongst amateur choral singers, and examines some of the factors which can influence their performance. It includes a thorough exploration of some of the factors affecting confidence levels in amateur choral singers; creates an accessible synthesis of some of the psychological models of confidence related to the choral context; and offers practical confidence building strategies for conductors, teachers, community musicians and workshop leaders. Michael Bonshor is an honorary research fellow and associate lecturer in the Department of Music at the University of Sheffield. He is also a research fellow at the Institute of Musical Research, Royal Holloway, University of London. Rowman & Littlefield Publishers

November 2017 • pages 978-1-5381-0279-4 • $40.00 / £24.95 • Paperback 978-1-5381-0278-7 • $90.00 / £60.00 • Hardback 978-1-5381-0280-0 • $39.99 / £24.95 • eBook

By Elizabeth Blades Teaching voice and vocal performance is, by nature, a subjective pursuit. A Spectrum of Voices is the first book in the field of vocal performance pedagogy that draws from the brilliance and combined experience represented by an elite group of exemplary voice teachers. This book does not promote one teacher’s perspective, nor does it promote one particular approach, but instead distills the best from the best, presenting interviews from more than twenty-five notable teachers, six of them new to this second edition. Elizabeth Blades is the founder and director of Vocalhealthworks, dedicated to advancing healthy vocal technique. She is a Certified Coresinging™ Teacher and Adjunct Professor of Music at Shenandoah University. Rowman & Littlefield Publishers

November 2017 • 320 pages 978-1-5381-0700-3 • $55.00 / £37.95 • Paperback 978-1-5381-0699-0 • $90.00 / £60.00 • Hardback 978-1-5381-0701-0 • $54.99 / £37.95 • eBook



By Alan L. Alder and Thalia M. Mulvihill

A DICTIONARY FOR THE MODERN SINGER In The Show Choir Handbook, Alan L. Alder and Thalia M. Mulvihill address both song technique and show presentation, giving show choir directors the full set of tools they need for successful performances. The Show Choir Handbook is a resource for current and future music educators who administer show choirs. With most literature on the topic either out of date or focused on the teaching techniques limited to vocal jazz (drawing on the choral genre’s origins as “swing choirs”), instructors are in dire need of a resource that addresses music produced by publishers and choral arrangers.

By Matthew Hoch (Auburn University) “Highly recommended.” —CHOICE “This is essential for practitioners and undergraduates; it is also recommended for faculty.” —American Reference Books Annual “This book is an authoritative, wellresearched and referenced work that will become an indispensable guide to student singers.” —The Opera Journal

Alan L. Alder is professor at Ball State University. Thalia M. Mulvihill is professor at Ball State University. Rowman & Littlefield Publishers

2016 • 150 pages 978-1-4422-4201-2 • $55.00 / £37.95 • Paperback 978-1-4422-4200-5 • $95.00 / £65.00 • Hardback 978-1-4422-4202-9 • $54.99 / £37.95 • eBook

Series: Dictionaries for the Modern Musician Rowman & Littlefield Publishers

2017 • 318 pages 978-1-4422-7669-7 • $45.00 / £29.95 • Paperback 978-0-8108-8655-1 • $87.00 / £60.00 • Hardback (2014) 978-0-8108-8656-8 • $44.99 / £29.95 • eBook or




Allen Henderson, Executive Editor. Matthew Hoch, Series Editor So You Want to Sing is a series of works devoted to providing a complete survey of what it means to sing within a particular genre. Each contribution functions as a touchstone work for not only professional singers, but students and teachers of singing. Titles in the series offer a common set of topics so readers can navigate easily the various genres addressed in each volume. This series is produced under the direction of the National Association of Teachers of Singing, the leading professional organization devoted to the science and art of singing. All books in the series feature online supplemental material on the NATS website, Allen Henderson is executive director, National Association of Teachers of Singing and professor of voice at Georgia Southern University. Matthew Hoch is associate professor of voice and coordinator of voice studies at Auburn University







A Guide for Performers

A Guide for Performers

A Guide for Performers

By Diane M. Clark and Billy J. Biffle

By Valerie Mindel

By Trineice Robinson-Martin

Barbershoppers Diane M. Clark and Billy J. Biffle provide a practical handbook for singers at all levels and teachers of singing who want to learn about barbershop singing. They also include a brief history of barbershop and a survey of the international organizational structure of the 21stcentury barbershop world, examining barbershop quartets and choruses. Clark and Biffle provide stylistic direction on specialized harmonies and vocal requirements of the style. They reveal how barbershop organizations continue to raise their performance standards through educational events and adjudicated competitions. Guest authors Scott McCoy and Wendy LeBorgne offer valuable primers on vocal anatomy and vocal health to ground the new barbershop singer in solid vocal technique.

In So You Want to Sing Folk Music, singer and writer Valerie Mindel demystifies this sprawling genre, looking at a variety of mainly traditional American musical styles as well as those of the folk revival that continues in various forms to this day. The aim is to help the fledgling singer better understand the scope of folk music and find his or her voice in the genre, looking at the “how” of creating a vocal sound that reflects a folk-based style. The book looks at specific repertories and ways of approaching them in terms of both working up material and performing it. It also looks at some of the realities of folk music in the twenty-first century that affect both amateurs and professionals. Additional chapters address universal questions of voice science and pedagogy, vocal health, and audio enhancement technology.

Diane M. Clark is associate professor Emerita of Music at Rhodes College. Billy J. Biffle has been a barbershopper since 1975 and is a certified master director, judge emeritus, and past president of the Barbershop Harmony Society.

Valerie Mindel is a longtime performer and teacher of various American folk styles.

In So You Want to Sing Gospel, Trineice RobinsonMartin offers the first resource to help individual gospel singers at all levels make the most of their primary instrument—their voice. RobinsonMartin gathers together key information on gospel music history, vocal pedagogy, musical style and performance, and its place in music ministry. So You Want to Sing Gospel covers such vital matters as historical, cultural and spiritual perspectives on the gospel music tradition, training one’s voice, understanding the dynamic of sound production, grasping gospel style, and bringing together vocal performance with ministerial imperatives. She also includes in her discussion such matters as voice type, repertoire selection, and gospel sub-genres. Additional chapters by Scott McCoy and Wendy LeBorgne, and Matthew Edwards address universal questions of voice science and pedagogy, vocal health, and audio enhancement technology.

Series: So You Want to Sing Rowman & Littlefield Publishers

Trineice Robinson-Martin directs the Jazz Vocal Collective Ensemble at Princeton University.

Series: So You Want to Sing Rowman & Littlefield Publishers

2017 • 258 pages 978-1-4422-6561-5 • $37.00 / £24.95 • Paperback 978-1-4422-6562-2 • $36.99 / £24.95 • eBook

August 2017 • 200 pages 978-1-4422-6600-1 • $37.00 / £24.95 • Paperback 978-1-4422-6601-8 • $36.99 / £24.95 • eBook

38 or

Series: So You Want to Sing Rowman & Littlefield Publishers

2017 • 276 pages 978-1-4422-3920-3 • $37.00 / £24.95 • Paperback 978-1-4422-3921-0 • $36.99 / £24.95 • eBook






A Guide for Performers

A Guide for Performers

By Kelly K. Garner

Edited by Matthew Hoch Country music, an original American artform, has been around since before the recording industry began and long before a singer even had the opportunity to sing into a microphone. Kelly K. Garner’s So You Want To Sing Country is a book devoted to briefly reviewing the rich heritage of country singing and thoroughly examining the techniques and methods of singing in a country style. Additional topics of discussion will include country song types and structure, instrumentation, performing on stage and in the studio, and career options in country music. Additional chapters by Scott McCoy and Wendy LeBorgne, and Matthew Edwards address universal questions of voice science and pedagogy, vocal health, and audio enhancement technology.

Kelly K. Garner is assistant professor at Belmont University. Series: So You Want to Sing Rowman & Littlefield Publishers

2017 • 256 pages 978-1-4422-4640-9 • $37.00 / £24.95 • Paperback 978-1-4422-4641-6 • $36.99 / £24.95 • eBook

In So You Want to Sing Sacred Music, multiple contributors offer a broad overview of sacred singing in the JudeoChristian tradition. It is a helpful resource for any singer looking to add sacred performance to their portfolio or seeking opportunities and employment where sacred music is practiced and performed. Additional chapters by Scott McCoy, Wendy LeBorgne, and Matthew Edwards address universal questions of voice science and pedagogy, vocal health, and audio enhancement technology. Matthew Hoch is associate professor at Auburn University. Evan Kent is on the faculty of Hebrew Union College. Sharon L. Radionoff is director of the Sound Singing Institute. Fr. Anthony Ruff is associate professor at St John’s University/School of Theology and Seminary. Series: So You Want to Sing Rowman & Littlefield Publishers

2017 • 252 pages 978-1-4422-5699-6 • $37.00 / £24.95 • Paperback 978-1-4422-5700-9 • $36.99 / £24.95 • eBook


By Karen Hall “Karen Hall offers a succinct and practical guide for singers who want to prepare for a music theater career.” —Journal of Singing

By Jan Shapiro “For the reader intent on pursuing a career as a jazz vocalist, the entire book is useful.” —Journal of Singing So You Want to Sing Jazz gives a guided tour through the art and science of the jazz vocal style. Throughout, Shapiro hones in on what makes jazz singing distinctive, suggesting along the way how other types of singers can make use of jazz. She looks at such key matters in jazz singing as the role of improvisation, the place of specific singers who influenced and even defined vocal jazz as we know it today, and the unique way in which jazz incorporates vibrato, conversational delivery, rhythmic phrasing, and melodic embellishment and improvisation. Jan Shapiro has been on the faculty of Boston’s Berklee College of Music for the past 31 years. Series: So You Want to Sing Rowman & Littlefield Publishers

A Guide for Professionals

2016 • 208 pages 978-1-4422-2935-8 • $35.00 / £23.95 • Paperback978-1-4422-2936-5 • $34.99 / £23.95 • eBook

So You Want to Sing Music Theater covers a vast array of topics. It includes a brief history of music theater; the basics of vocal science and anatomy; information on vocal and bodily health and maintenance; advice on teaching music theater to others; repertoire recommendations for voice and singing types; a survey of music theater styles; insights on working with other music theater stakeholder; and advice on working with and without amplification or microphones, auditioning tips, and casting challenges. Karen Hall is a voice teacher, author, and editor. Series: So You Want to Sing Rowman & Littlefield Publishers

2014 • 180 pages 978-0-8108-8838-8 • $41.00 / £27.95 • Paper 978-0-8108-8839-5 • $40.99 / £27.95 • eBook


SO YOU WANT TO SING ROCK ‘N’ ROLL A Guide for Professionals By Matthew Edwards Rowman & Littlefield Publishers

2015 • 292 pages 978-1-4422-3193-1 • $37.00 / £24.95 • Paperback 978-1-4422-3194-8 • $36.99 / £24.95 • eBook or




SINGING IN BRAZILIAN PORTUGUESE A Guide to Lyric Diction and Vocal Repertoire By Marcía Porter

SCANDINAVIAN SONG A Guide to Swedish, Norwegian, and Danish Repertoire and Diction By Anna Hersey

Singing in Brazilian Portuguese: A Guide to Lyric Diction and Vocal Repertoire makes Brazilian modinhas and canções accessible to singers through an overview of the history of the language and music, brief biographies of major composers, and a sampling of selected texts transliterated into the International Phonetic Alphabet (IPA). Singing in Brazilian Portuguese is the first resource of its kind geared toward singers, voice teachers, vocal coaches, collaborative pianists, and others who are interested in exploring, teaching, and performing this beautiful and exciting repertoire. Marcía D. Porter serves as associate professor of voice at the Florida State University College of Music. Series: Guides to Lyric Diction Rowman & Littlefield Publishers

March 2017 • 352 pages 978-0-8108-8902-6 • $55.00 / £37.95 • Paperback 978-0-8108-8903-3 • $54.99 / £37.95 • eBook


Anna Hersey is assistant professor at Eastern New Mexico University. Rowman & Littlefield Publishers

2016 • 402 pages 978-0-8108-8453-3 • $65.00 / £44.95 • Hardback 978-0-8108-8454-0 • $64.99 / £44.95 • eBook

SINGING IN GREEK A Guide to Greek Lyric Diction and Vocal Repertoire By Lydía Zervanos In Singing in Greek: A Guide to Greek Lyric Diction and Vocal Repertoire, Lydía Zervanos reveals to singers the vast riches of Greek vocal music. Lydía Zervanos is a Greek-born soprano pursuing an active international performing career. Series: Guides to Lyric Diction Rowman & Littlefield Publishers

Second Edition

By Amanda Johnston In the second edition of English and German Diction for Singers, Amanda Johnston continues her comparative, modernized approach to lyric diction. This comprehensive resource offers a thorough analysis of the German and English languages and includes extensive oral drills, word lists, tables, charts, musical examples, and even tongue twisters. Unique to this publication is the illustration of the rhythmic timing and release of consonants within the International Phonetic Alphabet transcriptions in all musical examples. This book is designed for both undergraduate and graduate courses in German and English lyric diction and is an invaluable resource for classical singers, vocal coaches, and voice teachers alike. Amanda Johnston is a collaborative pianist and vocal coach. She is associate professor of music at the University of Mississippi, Oxford. Rowman & Littlefield Publishers

2016 • 360 pages 978-1-4422-6089-4 • $45.00 / £29.95 • Paperback 978-1-4422-6088-7 • $85.00 / £54.95 • Hardback 978-1-4422-6090-0 • $44.99 / £29.95 • eBook


Scandinavian Song is a practical guide to the art songs of Sweden, Norway, and Denmark. Unlike other sources that give at best a cursory overview of lyric diction in the Scandinavian languages, this guide provides practical information, enabling teachers and students to render transcriptions of Swedish, Norwegian, and Danish texts into the International Phonetic Alphabet. or

2015 • 354 pages 978-1-4422-2977-8 • $58.00 / £39.95 • Paper 978-1-4422-2978-5 • $57.99 / £39.95 • eBook

SINGING IN POLISH A Guide to Polish Lyric Diction and Vocal Repertoire By Benjamin Schultz “Singing in Polish is successful as a guide to lyric diction, and serves as a starting point for deeper investigation into this literature.” —Journal of Singing This book offers the essential tools for learning how to sing in Polish. Benjamin Schultz serves as the assistant director of the School of Music at the University of Wisconsin–Madison. Series: Guides to Lyric Diction Rowman & Littlefield Publishers

2016 • 334 pages 978-1-4422-3022-4 • $55.00 / £37.95 • Paperback 978-1-4422-3023-1 • $54.99 / £37.95 • eBook





An Introduction

The Voice of Bel Canto

By Georgine Resick

By Dan H. Marek

French Vocal Literature: An Introduction treats French song literature primarily from the late sixteenth century to the present (with a brief introduction to French prosody and seminal pre-sixteenth century monodic songs). It focuses on songs for solo voice or small vocal ensemble with piano (or organ) accompaniment suitable for recital, concert or church performance. While not musicological in focus, the book presents musical material within the context of trends and movements of other artistic disciplines (primarily poetry, literature, dance, painting and decorative arts) and political and social currents pertinent to musical evolution.

Alto: The Voice of Bel Canto examines the careers of nearly 320 great alto singers, including the great castrati, from the dawn of opera in 1597 to the present. The music of the composers who wrote for the alto voice is discussed along with musical examples and suggestions for listening. Dan H. Marek is a teacher of voice at Mannes College of Music.

Georgine Resick is professor of voice at University of Notre Dame.

Rowman & Littlefield Publishers

2017 • 258 pages 978-1-4422-6505-9 • $85.00 / £54.95 • Hardback 978-1-4422-3589-2 • $84.99 / £54.95 • eBook

Rowman & Littlefield Publishers

December 2017 • 262 pages 978-1-4422-5844-0 • $45.00 / £29.95 • Paperback 978-1-4422-5843-3 • $85.00 / £54.95 • Hardback 978-1-4422-5845-7 • $44.99 / £29.95 • eBook


A Performer’s Guide to Selected Solo Vocal Works


By Loralee Songer

Translations and Pronunciation

This book outlines for singers and voice teachers critical information on selected solo vocal works by three major classical composers active during the first half of the twentieth century: Arnold Schoenberg, Alban Berg, and Anton Webern. For each composer, Songer provides information about the composer’s educational background and compositional style, as well as commentary on representative vocal works supported by musical examples.

By Timothy Cheek Janáček Opera Libretti series (Příhody lišky Bystroušky, The Cunning Little Vixen and Kát’a Kabanová), this volume consists of two parts. Part One gives background on the opera, a discussion about the various voice types and roles, Janáček’s style and Czech performance traditions, Czech folk costumes, and a summary of Czech pronunciation and inflection. Part Two provides the original Czech libretto, wordfor-word English translations, idiomatic English translations, IPA for pronunciation of the Czech, translations of the stage directions, and notes about certain words in Czech dialect. Timothy Cheek is pianist, vocal coach, and associate professor of performing arts at the University of Michigan. Series: The Janácek Opera Libretti Series Rowman & Littlefield Publishers

2017 • 304 pages 978-1-4422-7518-8 • $90.00 / £60.00 • Hardback 978-1-4422-7519-5 • $89.99 / £60.00 • eBook

Loralee Songer teaches at Coe College. Rowman & Littlefield Publishers

2016 • 286 pages 978-1-4422-3297-6 • $55.00 / £37.95 • Paperback 978-1-4422-7189-0 • $120.00 / £80.00 • Hardback 978-1-4422-3298-3 • $54.99 / £37.95 • eBook

THE 21ST-CENTURY VOICE Contemporary and Traditional Extra-Normal Voice 2nd Edition

By Michael Edward Edgerton This book considers contemporary vocal techniques within an acoustic and anatomical framework. With more than 250 illustrations, 150 associated audio tracks, an extended appendix on voice science, a glossary of key terms, and lists of representative compositions, The 21st-Century Voice proposes new directions for vocal exploration. Michael Edward Edgerton is a composer and performer. Rowman & Littlefield Publishers

2015 • 230 pages 978-0-8108-8840-1 • $58.00 / £39.95 • Paperback 978-1-4422-4824-3 • $100.00 / £70.00 • Hardback 978-0-8108-8841-8 • $57.99 / £39.95 • eBook or




In Partnership with the National Association for Music Education

A Catalog of Emerging Band Repertoire

By National Association for Music Education

THE BAND MUSIC HANDBOOK By Christopher M. Cicconi The Band Music Handbook: A Comprehensive Catalog of Band Repertoire presents professional, college, community, and school band directors with an essential tool for discovering and selecting appropriate repertoire. Christopher M. Cicconi presents a wide-ranging catalog of band music composed in the past twenty-five years. From the work of John Adams to Ellen Taaffe Zwilich, the music cataloged includes works appropriate for all ages and skill levels.

Rowman & Littlefield Publishers has partnered with the National Association for Music Education (NAfME) as co-publisher. The result has been an impressive list of titles designed to assist, develop, and improve teacher practice for K-12 music classroom educators. Rowman & Littlefield Publishers

2016 • 2028 pages 978-1-4758-2754-5 • $99.99 / £70.00 • eBook

Series: Music Finders Rowman & Littlefield Publishers

2017 • 192 pages 978-1-4422-6863-0 • $85.00 / £54.95 • Hardback 978-1-4422-6864-7 • $84.99 / £54.95 • eBook


BASIC ELEMENTS OF MUSIC A Primer for Musicians, Music Teachers, and Students By Michael J. Pagliaro

AN ATTITUDE AND APPROACH FOR TEACHING MUSIC TO SPECIAL LEARNERS Third Edition By Elise S. Sobol An international handbook of inspirational wisdom for teaching music universally to enhance the learning potential in children of all ages, backgrounds, and capabilities, An Attitude and Approachfor Teaching Music to Special Learners is a most accessible relevant reference to facilitate lifelong student learning.

“The book offers itself as a strong reference guide for the general music educator, a foundational resource for a music student or a resource for the motivated music enthusiast. Encompassing a variety of must-know topics, this book presents subjects in a 21st-century manner, while acknowledging the academic needs of the reader.” —American Music Teacher

Rowman & Littlefield Publishers

April 2017 • 190 pages 978-1-4758-2841-2 • $30.00 / £19.95 • Paperback 978-1-4758-2840-5 • $60.00 / £39.95 • Hardback 978-1-4758-2842-9 • $29.99 / £19.95 • eBook

Rowman & Littlefield Publishers

2016 • 212 pages 978-1-4422-5779-5 • $35.00 / £23.95 • Paperback 978-1-4422-5778-8 • $85.00 / £54.95 • Hardback 978-1-4422-5780-1 • $34.99 / £23.95 • eBook



CLASSROOM KEYBOARD Play and Create Melodies with Chords By Patricia Melcher Bissell with Brereton Wadsworth Bissell

CLASSROOM KEYBOARD Play and Create Melodies with Chords By Patricia Melcher Bissell with Brereton Wadsworth Bissell

This book is concise, practical, and has modular content that can be taught in several flexible formats. This book will facilitate meeting the Core Music Standards for grades 5 through 8, and the novice/intermediate Harmonizing Instruments Strand. It will help prepare students for the novice/intermediate Ensemble Strand, the proficient Composition/ Theory Strand and the proficient Technology Strand. It will also facilitate introductory college instruction. Rowman & Littlefield Publishers

May 2017 • 124 pages 978-1-4758-3542-7 • $22.00 / £14.95 • Paperback 978-1-4758-3541-0 • $45.00 / £29.95 • Hardback 978-1-4758-3543-4 • $21.99 / £14.95 • eBook

42 or

MUSIC EDUCATION IN THE CARIBBEAN AND LATIN AMERICA A Comprehensive Guide Edited by Raymond Torres-Santos Music Education in the Caribbean and Latin America: A Comprehensive Guide, features music education from twenty of the most important Latin American countries and Caribbean islands. Each chapter will address some -or all- of the following aspects: the early days, music education in Roman Catholic education/convents, Protestant education, cultural life, music in the community, teacher training, conservatory and other institutions, music in higher education, instrumental and vocal music, festivals and competitions, and professional organizations. Rowman & Littlefield Publishers

2017 • 292 pages 978-1-4758-3318-8 • $45.00 / £29.95 • Paperback 978-1-4758-3317-1 • $90.00 / £60.00 • Hardback 978-1-4758-3319-5 • $44.99 / £29.95 • eBook



CREATING MUSIC What Children from Around the World Can Teach Us By Patricia Elaine Riley Children create music in individually unique ways, but also using common processes. What we learn from this exploration leads to teaching strategies, projects, lesson plans, and mentoring recommendations that will help music educators benefit from these particular children’s creations. Patricia Riley is associate professor at the University of Vermont.

UKE CAN DO IT BUNDLE By Philip Tamberino “Uke Can Do It! provides everything music educators need to develop a ukulele program in their school, including ... a guide for first time ukulele buyers, beginner instruction in how to play the ukulele. ... strategies for proposing and outfitting a ukulele program, classroom management tips, scales and chord charts with fingering, and more.” —Music Educators Journal R&L Education

2016 • 254 pages 978-1-4758-3213-6 • $30.00 / £19.95 2 Volume Set • Paper

A Music Camp Curriculum By Eric Branscome Camp Granada is a curriculum and administrative guide to organize a music camp in your school, church, community center, or wherever there are people who love music and who desire to share that love of music with young children. Eric Branscome is Coordinator of Music Education at Austin Peay State University. Series: Spaced Out! Rowman & Littlefield Publishers

2017 • 166 pages 978-1-4758-2929-7 • $30.00 / £19.95 • Paperback 978-1-4758-2928-0 • $60.00 / £39.95 • Hardback 978-1-4758-2930-3 • $29.99 / £19.95 • eBook

Second Edition

By Elizabeth Ann McAnally A welcome guidebook for music teachers trying to navigate the sometimes turbulent waters of middle school general music, it offers strategies and lessons that have been created in the real world of general music by a practicing teacher.

Elizabeth Ann McAnally is a middle school general music teacher and choral director. 2016 • 174 pages 978-1-4758-1486-6 • $25.00 / £15.95 • Paperback 978-1-4758-1485-9 • $50.00 / £32.95 • Hardback 978-1-4758-1487-3 • $24.99 / £15.95 • eBook

2017 • 312 pages 978-1-4758-3017-0 • $35.00 / £23.95 • Paperback 978-1-4758-3016-3 • $70.00 / £47.95 • Hardback 978-1-4758-3018-7 • $34.99 / £23.95 • eBook


The Best Part of Your Day

Rowman & Littlefield Publishers

Rowman & Littlefield Publishers



UKE CAN DO IT 2! Classroom Ukulele Method By Philip Tamberino The book teaches students both how to read and write music on the treble staff but also offers opportunities to follow chord charts, improvise, and play by ear. By encouraging the development of these transferrable skills, Uke Can Do It 2 provides a solid foundation for lifelong music-making!

TAUGHT BY THE STUDENTS Culturally Relevant Pedagogy and Deep Engagement in Music Education By Ruth Gurgel Ruth Gurgel looks at the intersection of instruction, relationships, and music in the classroom, highlighting how each component affects students. Taught by the Students provides an analysis of music education through the lens of Culturally Relevant Pedagogy.

Philip Tamberino is an elementary music teacher in public school.

Ruth Gurgel, Assistant Professor, is the specialist in Elementary Music Education at Kansas State University.

Rowman & Littlefield Publishers

Rowman & Littlefield Publishers

2016 • 64 pages 978-1-4758-1863-5 • $17.00 / £10.95 • Paperback 978-1-4758-1864-2 • $16.99 / £10.95 • eBook

2016 • 188 pages 978-1-4758-1339-5 • $33.00 / £22.95 • Paperback 978-1-4758-1338-8 • $65.00 / £44.95 • Hardback 978-1-4758-1340-1 • $32.99 / £22.95 • eBook or






Perspectives on Learning and Teaching

Edited by Susan Wharton Conkling (Boston University)

A Sourcebook for Middle School General Music

By Danette Littleton “Recommended.” —CHOICE Directed toward music teachers, teacher educators, and scholars, this text invites inquiries and provides insights into contemporary challenges to learning and teaching in an era of standardization. Storytelling with scholarship contributes authenticity and strengthens the premise of this book. Danette Littleton is a former professor of music education.

This volume contains selected proceedings from the 2013 Symposium on Music Teacher Education, sponsored by NAfME’s Society for Music Teacher Education and hosted at University of North Carolina. Hammerness brings her comparative work with music teacher educators in Finland and Norway to bear in her address: From Inspiring Visions to Everyday Practices: Exploring Vision and Practice in Music Teacher Education. Rowman & Littlefield Publishers

2015 • 224 pages 978-1-4758-0991-6 • $40.00 / £24.95 • Paperback 978-1-4758-0990-9 • $84.00 / £54.95 • Hardback 978-1-4758-0992-3 • $39.99 / £24.95 • eBook

Rowman & Littlefield Publishers

2016 • 172 pages 978-1-4758-1335-7 • $30.00 / £19.95 • Paperback 978-1-4758-1334-0 • $60.00 / £39.95 • Hardback 978-1-4758-1336-4 • $29.99 / £19.95 • eBook


THE MUSIC AND LITERACY CONNECTION Second Edition By Dee Hansen (University of Hartford), Elaine Bernstorf (Wichita State University), and Gayle M. Stuber (Kansas State Department of Education)

By Nathan O. Buonviri (Temple University) “Building Better Dictation Skills provides a phenomenal resource for teachers and students of aural skills. It covers important musical concepts in an easy-to-use format. Buonviri truly understands that by building better dictation skills, we are building better musicians, and he shows us how to accomplish this lofty and meaningful goal.” —American Music Teacher Rowman & Littlefield Publishers

2015 • 156 pages 978-1-4758-1392-0 • $30.00 / £19.95 • Paperback /CD-Audio 978-1-4758-1391-3 • $60.00 / £39.95 • Hardback /CD-Audio 978-1-4758-1393-7 • $29.99 / £19.95 • eBook


Edited by Suzanne L. Burton (University of Delaware) “I would recommend this book to new middle school teachers who are not sure where to begin with their curriculum planning, experienced middle school teachers who may want to introduce a new component to their curricula, or those looking for a potential textbook for a middle school general music methods course.” —Music Educators Journal R&L Education

2012 • 244 pages 978-1-60709-438-8 • $46.00 / £31.95 • Paperback 978-1-60709-437-1 • $110.00 / £75.00 • Hardback 978-1-60709-439-5 • $45.99 / £31.95 • eBook

MIDDLE SCHOOL GENERAL MUSIC The Best Part of Your Day By Elizabeth Ann McAnally Middle School General Music is a guidebook for music teachers trying to navigate the sometimes turbulent waters of teaching middle school general music. Written by an in-service teacher, this publication contains strategies and lessons that have been tested and refined in the ‘real world’ of a public school music classroom.

“Highly recommended.” —CHOICE The second edition of The Music and Literacy Connection expands our understanding of the links between reading and music by examining those skills and learning processes that are directly parallel for music learning and language arts literacy in the pre-K, elementary, and secondary levels. Rowman & Littlefield Publishers

2015 • 314 pages 978-1-4758-0599-4 • $42.00 / £27.95 • Paperback 978-1-4758-0598-7 • $84.00 / £54.95 • Hardback 978-1-4758-0600-7 • $41.99 / £27.95 • eBook or

Elizabeth Ann McAnally is a middle school general music teacher and choral director. R&L Education

2010 • 110 pages 978-1-60709-314-5 • $25.00 / £15.95 • Paperback 978-1-60709-313-8 • $69.00 / £47.95 • Hardback 978-1-60709-315-2 • $24.99 / £15.95 • eBook




Cultural Expression and Social Meaning in Balkan Popular Music

Essays on Music in the New Paradigms By Bill Banfield

Edited by Margaret Beissinger, Speranta Radulescu, and Anca Giurchescu

“A provocative and profitable read.” —Thinking On Music

This edited volume examines manele (sing. manea), an urban Romanian songdance ethnopop genre that combines local traditional and popular music with Balkan and Middle Eastern elements. The essays collected here examine the “manea phenomenon” as a vibrant form of cultural expression that engages in several levels of social meaning, all informed by historical conditions, politics, aesthetics, tradition, ethnicity, gender, class, and geography. Margaret Beissinger teaches in the Department of Slavic Languages and Literatures at Princeton University. Speranţa Rădulescu is an ethnomusicologist at the Peasant Museum in Bucharest and associate professor at the National University of Music–Bucharest. Anca Giurchescu was a dance researcher at the Institute of Ethnography and Folklore, Bucharest, for 25 years.. Series: Europea: Ethnomusicologies and Modernities Rowman & Littlefield Publishers 2016 • 348 pages 978-1-4422-6707-7 • $100.00 / £70.00 • Hardback 978-1-4422-6708-4 • $99.99 / £70.00 • eBook

NEAPOLITAN POSTCARDS The Canzone Napoletana as Transnational Subject Edited by Goffredo Plastino and Joseph Sciorra Neapolitan Postcards gathers a diverse group of international scholars to investigate unexplored transnational aspects of the intimate yet globally popular canzone napoletana. This book is the first scholarly work that considers the specific complexities of the international Neapolitan Song scenes through case studies from Argentina, England, Greece, and the United States, employing analyses of compositions, iconographical sources, international films, mechanical musical instruments, performances, and recordings devoted to the canzone napoletana. Goffredo Plastino is reader in ethnomusicology at the International Centre for Music Studies, Newcastle University. Joseph Sciorra is director for academic and cultural programs at the John D. Calandra Italian American Institute, Queens College. Series: Europea: Ethnomusicologies and Modernities Rowman & Littlefield Publishers 2016 • 266 pages 978-0-8108-8159-4 • $95.00 / £65.00 • Hardback 978-0-8108-8160-0 • $94.99 / £65.00 • eBook

Ethnomusicologizing contains writings on contemporary music and culture studies, offering glimpses on more than just music history through reflective essays, interviews with contemporary artists, and exercises in the analysis and criticism of popular culture. Bill Banfield serves as professor at the Berklee College of Music. Series: African American Cultural Theory and Heritage Rowman & Littlefield Publishers 2015 • 446 pages 978-1-4422-2971-6 • $45.00 / £29.95 • Paperback 978-1-4422-2972-3 • $44.99 / £29.95 • eBook

MUSICAL EXODUS Al-Andalus and Its Jewish Diasporas Edited by Ruth F. Davis “The book’s expansive timeframe, dispersed geographies, and widely varied musical traditions paint a composite portrait—by way of case study—of a vibrant and multi-layered area of Jewish music, history, and culture.” —Thinking On Music Ruth F. Davis is University Reader in Ethnomusicology and Fellow and Director of Studies in Music at Corpus Christi College, University of Cambridge. Series: Europea: Ethnomusicologies and Modernities Rowman & Littlefield Publishers 2016 • 258 pages 978-0-8108-8175-4 • $80.00 / £52.95 • Hardback 978-0-8108-8176-1 • $79.99 / £52.95 • eBook

THIS THING CALLED MUSIC Essays in Honor of Bruno Nettl Edited by Victoria Lindsay Levine and Philip V. Bohlman “Recommended.” —CHOICE This Thing Called Music: Essays in Honor of Bruno Nettl salutes not only a great scholar and beloved teacher, but also a thinker whose search for the meaning and ontology of music has exerted a global influence. Victoria Lindsay Levine is professor of music at Colorado College. Philip V. Bohlman is Mary Werkman Distinguished Service Professor of Music and the Humanities at the University of Chicago. Series: Europea: Ethnomusicologies and Modernities Rowman & Littlefield Publishers 2015 • 536 pages 978-1-4422-4207-4 • $58.00 / £39.95 • Hardback 978-1-4422-4208-1 • $57.99 / £39.95 • eBook or




ARGENTINE QUEER TANGO Dance and Sexuality Politics in Buenos Aires By Mercedes Liska Translated by Peggy Westwell and Pablo Vila This book investigates changes in tango dancing in Buenos Aires during the first decade of the twenty-first century and its relationship to contemporary social and cultural transformations. Mercedes Liska focuses on one of the proposed alternatives to conventional tango: queer tango. Mercedes Liska is professor in communication sciences at the University of Buenos Aires. Series: Music, Culture, and Identity in Latin America Lexington Books

MUSIC, CULTURE, AND THE POLITICS OF HEALTH Ethnography of a South African AIDS Choir By Austin C. Okigbo This book is an ethnographic study of a HIV/AIDS choir who use music to articulate their individual and collective experiences of the disease. The study interrogates as to understand the bigger picture of HIV/AIDS using the approach of microanalysis of music event.

TRANSNATIONAL MEMORY AND POPULAR CULTURE IN EAST AND SOUTHEAST ASIA Amnesia, Nostalgia and Heritage By Liew Kai Khiun This book explores the significance of transnational popular culture in the formation and mediation of collective memories across the region. In addition, it explores how cultural memories are used as focal points of staging cultural revival and movements in Singapore and Taiwan.

Ni Wakati Edited by Msia Kibona Clark (California State University) and Mickie Mwanzia Koster (University of Texas at Tyler)

Austin C. Okigbo is assistant professor of ethnomusicology at the University of Colorado, Boulder. Lexington Books

Lexington Books



2016 • 236 pages 978-1-4985-1010-3 • $85.00 / £54.95 • Hardback 978-1-4985-1011-0 • $84.99 / £54.95 • eBook

Pressing Matters By Paul E.Winters Winters examines the resurgence of vinyl record technologies in the twenty-first century and their place in the history of analog sound and the recording industry. This book looks at the ways in which music technologies are both inflected by and inflect human interactions, creating discourses, practices, disciplines, and communities.

Liew Kai Khiun is Assistant Professor at Nanyang Technological University.

Paul E. Winters is professor at DeVry University

Series: Asian Cultural Studies: Transnational and Dialogic Approaches Rowman & Littlefield International

2016 • 208 pages 978-1-4985-1007-3 • $80.00 / £52.95 • Hardback 978-1-4985-1008-0 • $79.99 / £52.95 • eBook

Lexington Books

2017 • 162 pages 978-1-78348-437-9 • $39.95 / £24.95 • Paperback 978-1-78348-436-2 • $120.00 / £80.00 • Hardback 978-1-78348-438-6 • $38.99 / £24.95 • eBook



This book examines social change in Africa through the lens of hip hop music and culture. Artists engage their African communities in a variety of ways that confront established social structures, using coded language and symbols to inform, question, and challenge. Through lyrical expression, dance, and graffiti, hip hop is used to challenge social inequality and to push for social change.

2017 • 182 pages 978-1-4985-3851-0 • $80.00 / £52.95 • Hardback 978-1-4985-3852-7 • $79.99 / £52.95 • eBook



2016 • 336 pages 978-1-4985-0580-2 • $44.99 / £29.95 • Paperback 978-0-7391-9329-7 • $105.00 / £70.00 • Hardback (2015) 978-0-7391-9330-3 • $44.99 / £29.95 • eBook

THEORY AND METHOD IN HISTORICAL ETHNOMUSICOLOGY Edited by Jonathan McCollum (Washington College) and David G. Hebert (Bergen University College) Foreword by Keith Howard In Theory and Method in Historical Ethnomusicology, editors Jonathan McCollum and David Hebert, along with contributors systematically demonstrate various ways that new approaches to historiography––and the related application of new technologies–– impact the work of ethnomusicologists who seek to meaningfully represent music traditions across barriers of both time and space. Lexington Books

2016 • 392 pages 978-1-4985-0086-9 • $54.99 / £37.95 • Paperback 978-0-7391-6826-4 • $116.00 / £75.00 • Hardback (2015) 978-1-4985-0705-9 • $54.99 / £37.95 • eBook


21st-Century Voice, The .............................................. 41 Alexander Scriabin Companion, The . ......................... 32 All by Myself ................................................................ 22 Alto .............................................................................. 41 American Songbook, The . .......................................... 20 Americana Revolution, The ......................................... 10 Argentine Queer Tango ............................................... 46 Attitude and Approach for Teaching Music to Special Learners, An . ................................................ 42 Band Music Handbook, The . ...................................... 42 Basic Elements of Music .............................................. 42 Beatles, Sgt. Pepper, and the Summer of Love, The .... 16 Believe Your Ears ......................................................... 7 Bible in Music, The ...................................................... 32 Billy Joel ....................................................................... 19 Black Horn , The .......................................................... 7 Bob Dylan .................................................................... 11 Brass Instrument Owner’s Handbook, The . ................ 35 Brave Punk World ........................................................ 21 Building Better Dictation Skills . ................................... 44 Camp Granada ............................................................. 43 Cello Practice, Cello Performance ............................... 36 Chamber Music ........................................................... 6 Chopin’s Prophet ......................................................... 8 Choral-Orchestral Repertoire ...................................... 34 Civil Rights Music . ....................................................... 23 Clarinet Secrets . .......................................................... 35 Classical Listening ........................................................ 8 Classroom Keyboard .................................................... 42 Collected Writings of Franz Liszt, The .......................... 8 Complete Book of 1940s Broadway Musicals, The ...... 25 Complete Book of 1950s Broadway Musicals, The ...... 25 Complete Book of 1960s Broadway Musicals, The ...... 25 Complete Book of 1970s Broadway Musicals, The ...... 25 Complete Book of 1990s Broadway Musicals, The ...... 24 Complete Book of 2000s Broadway Musicals, The ...... 24 Composer Genealogies . .............................................. 6 Confident Choir, The ................................................... 37 Contemporary Guitar, The ........................................... 36 Contemporary Piano, The . .......................................... 34 Corresponding with Carlos .......................................... 7 Counting Down Bob Dylan . ......................................... 11 Counting Down Southern Rock . .................................. 17 Counting Down the Beatles ......................................... 16 Counting Down the Rolling Stones .............................. 17 Creating Music . ........................................................... 43 Daniels’ Orchestral Music ............................................ 34 David Shire’s The Conversation ................................... 26 Dean Dixon .................................................................. 7 Debussy’s Paris ............................................................ 3 Dictionary for the Modern Clarinetist, A ..................... 31 Dictionary for the Modern Conductor, A ..................... 31 Dictionary for the Modern Percussionist and Drummer, A . ...................................................... 31 Dictionary for the Modern Pianist, A . ......................... 31 Dictionary for the Modern Singer, A . .......................... 37 Dictionary for the Modern Trumpet Player, A ............. 31 Doo-Wop Acappella . ................................................... 23 Dynamic Duets ............................................................ 22 Earl Scruggs ................................................................. 10 Elmer Bernstein’s The Magnificent Seven ................... 26 Encyclopedia of Film Composers, The ......................... 27 Encyclopedia of Great Popular Song Recordings ......... 15 Encyclopedia of Musicians and Bands on Film, The ... 27 Encyclopedia of National Anthems . ............................ 33 Engaging Musical Practices . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 36, 44 English and German Diction for Singers ...................... 40 Envisioning Music Teacher Education . ........................ 44 Ethics, Politics, and Anarcho-Punk Identifications . ..... 23 Ethnomusicologizing ................................................... 45 Experiencing Beethoven . ............................................ 3

Experiencing Bessie Smith ........................................... 12 Experiencing Big Band Jazz .......................................... 12 Experiencing Billy Joel ................................................. 18 Experiencing Black Sabbath . ....................................... 18 Experiencing Broadway Music . ................................... 27 Experiencing Carl Maria von Weber ............................ 3 Experiencing David Bowie .......................................... 18 Experiencing Film Music .............................................. 27 Experiencing Jazz ......................................................... 12 Experiencing Mozart . .................................................. 5 Experiencing Ornette Coleman . .................................. 12 Experiencing Peter Gabriel .......................................... 18 Experiencing Schumann .............................................. 4 Experiencing Tchaikovsky ............................................ 4 Experiencing the Beatles ............................................. 16 Experiencing the Rolling Stones ................................. 17 Experiencing the Violin Concerto ................................ 4 Exploring Christian Song .............................................. 30 Fine-Tuning the Clarinet Section ................................. 35 Foretastes of Heaven in Lutheran Church Music Tradition ......................................................... 8 French Vocal Literature . .............................................. 41 From Small Screen to Vinyl .......................................... 28 Grail Guitar, The . ........................................................ 17 Guerrilla Film Scoring .................................................. 28 Hans Zimmer and James Newton Howard’s The Dark Knight ............................................................... 26 Harpsichord Stringing Handbook, The . ....................... 36 Heavy Metal Music and the Communal Experience . .. 23 Hip Hop and Social Change in Africa ........................... 46 Historical Dictionary of Popular Music ........................ 29 Historical Dictionary of Sacred Music .......................... 29 James Newton Howard’s Signs .................................... 26 Jason Molina . .............................................................. 10 Jazz and Postwar French Identity ................................ 14 Jazz Child ..................................................................... 13 Jenufa .......................................................................... 41 John Lee “Sonny Boy” Williamson . ............................. 11 Kinks, The ................................................................... 20 Kris Kristofferson ......................................................... 20 Last Balladeer, The . ..................................................... 14 Latin American Classical Composers ........................... 6 Leaders of the Pack ..................................................... 22 Leonard Bernstein and His Young People’s Concerts . . 5 Let’s Rock! ................................................................... 15 Life and Songs of Stephen Foster, The ........................ 29 Listen Again ................................................................. 30 Listening to Art Song ................................................... 6 Louis Armstrong .......................................................... 13 Manele in Romania ..................................................... 45 Middle School General Music . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 43, 44 Music and Literacy Connection, The ........................... 44 Music Apps for Musicians and Music Teachers ........... 33 Music Education in the Caribbean and Latin America . 42 Music Educator e-Collection, The ............................... 42 Music in Boston ........................................................... 30 Music of William Schuman, Vincent Persichetti, and Peter Mennin, The ............................................. 5 Music, Culture, and the Politics of Health ................... 46 Music, Theater, and Society in the Comedies of Luiz Carlos Martins Penna (1833-1846) .................... 30 Music Theory and Composition . ................................. 33 Musical Exodus ............................................................ 45 Musician Contracts for the Enterprising Performer . ... 2 Neapolitan Postcards . ................................................. 45 Noel, Tallulah, Cole, and Me . ...................................... 28 Operas in German ....................................................... 9 Orientalism and the Operatic World ........................... 9 Other Planets . ............................................................. 5

Pat Patrick . .................................................................. 13 Performance Anxiety Strategies .................................. 32 Perspectives on Artistic Research in Music . ................ 33 Phil Spector ................................................................. 19 Philadelphia Orchestra, The ....................................... 36 Philosophies of Richard Wagner, The ......................... 8 Pianist’s Craft 2, The ................................................... 36 Piano Makers in Russia in the Nineteenth Century ..... 30 Polish Style in the Music of Johann Sebastian Bach .... 8 Politics of Punk, The .................................................... 21 Prince and the Purple Rain Studio Sessions . .............. 15 Real Tales of Hoffmann, The ........................................ 9 Re-creating Paul Bowles, the Other, and the Imagination . ............................................................. 28 Rehearsing ................................................................... 34 Rhythm Is My Beat ...................................................... 14 Rhythm Makers ........................................................... 22 Rockin’ the Free World! . ............................................. 21 Roger Waters and Pink Floyd ....................................... 23 Scandinavian Song ....................................................... 40 Shofar, The . ................................................................ 29 Show Choir Handbook, The ........................................ 37 Singing in Brazilian Portuguese ................................... 40 Singing in Greek . ......................................................... 40 Singing in Polish . ......................................................... 40 Singing, Soldiering, and Sheet Music in America during the First World War ....................................... 30 Spectrum of Voices, A . ................................................37 So You Want to Sing Barbershop ................................. 38 So You Want to Sing Country ....................................... 39 So You Want to Sing Folk Music . ................................. 38 So You Want to Sing Gospel . ....................................... 38 So You Want to Sing Jazz ............................................. 39 So You Want to Sing Music Theater . ........................... 39 So You Want to Sing Rock ‘n’ Roll ................................ 39 So You Want to Sing Sacred Music .............................. 39 Songs of the Second Viennese School ......................... 41 Southern Rock Revival, The ........................................ 23 Staging Scenes from the Operas of Donizetti and Verdi . ................................................................. 9 Still the Greatest .......................................................... 16 Sting and The Police .................................................... 19 String Instrument Owner’s Handbook, The ................. 35 Swingin’ on Central Avenue . ....................................... 14 Taught by the Students . .............................................. 43 The 21CM Introduction to Music Entrepreneurship . .. 2 The Complete Book of 1980s Broadway Musicals ....... 24 Theory and Method in Historical Ethnomusicology .... 46 This Music Leaves Stains . ............................................ 22 This Thing Called Music ............................................... 45 Tonal Counterpoint for the 21st-Century Musician ..... 33 Transnational Memory and Popular Culture in East and Southeast Asia ........................................ 46 U2 ................................................................................ 19 Uke Can Do It 2! . ......................................................... 43 Uke Can Do It Bundle . ................................................. 43 Vinyl Records and Analog Culture in the Digital Age ... 46 Violin Secrets ............................................................... 35 Voice Secrets ............................................................... 37 Warren Zevon .............................................................. 20 When Music Goes to School . ...................................... 44 Where the Dark and the Light Folks Meet . ................. 14 Women’s Bands in America ......................................... 13 Word Rhythm Dictionary, The ..................................... 32 World and U2, The . .................................................... 21 Wounds to Bind ........................................................... 11 Writing Music for Commercials ................................... 2 Youth and Rock in the Soviet Bloc ............................... 23 or




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Central America, South America, Mexico, Puerto Rico, and the Caribbean Cranbury International LLC 7 Clarendon Ave. Suite 2 Montpelier, VT 05602 USA T +1 802 223 6565 E

Australia, New Zealand and Papua New Guinea Co Info Pty Ltd 200A Rooks Road Vermont, VIC 3133 Australia T +613 9210 7777 E

Middle East & North Africa Avicenna Partnership Ltd. PO Box 501 Witney Oxfordshire OX28 9JL UK

South Africa, Namibia, Botswana, Lesotho, Swaziland, and Zimbabwe Juta and Company Ltd. 1st Floor, Sunclare Building 21 Dreyer Street Claremont, 7708 Cape Town South Africa T +27 21 659 2300 E

Japan MHM Limited 1-1-13-4F Kanda-Jimbocho
 Tokyo 101-0051
 Japan T. +81-3-3518-9449 E Hong Kong, Taiwan, China, and Philippines Asia Publishers Service Limited 17/F Gee Chang Hong Centre 65 Wong Chuk Hang Road Aberdeen Hong Kong T +852 2553 9289 E Korea Wise Book Solutions #101-1607 Daewoo Freshia 279-50 Sungsoo-Dong 2Ga, Sungdong-Ku Seoul, 133-832 Korea T +822 499 4301 E

Bill Kennedy T +44 7802 244457 E Claire de Gruchy T +44 7771 887843 E India, Bangladesh, Nepal, Bhutan, and Sri Lanka Overleaf B - 519 A, Sushant Lok I Lower Ground Floor Gurgaon - 122002 Haryana India T + 91 9999797190 E Pakistan Tahir Lodhi Publishers’ Representatives 14-G Canalberg HS Multan Road Lahore 53700 Pakistan T +92 42 35292168 E

Rest of Africa Kelvin van Hasselt 15 Hillside Cromer Norfolk NR27 0HY United Kingdom
 T +44 1263 513 560 E

RIGHTS AND PERMISSIONS Clare Cox, Director, Rights & Permissions E Patricia Zline, Permissions Coordinator T +1 301-459-3366 ext. 5420 E

World Rights are available for all titles featured in this catalogue unless otherwise noted at the end of a book’s listing.

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