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Rescission(of( Mandatory(Use( Restrictions( (

Rowland Water District Board of Directors Rescinds the Level 1 Mandatory Use Restrictions Effective April 12, 2011

Due to exemplary conservation efforts by Rowland Water District’s customers and with the help of favorable weather conditions, Rowland Water District Board of Directors has determined that it is possible to rescind the Level 1 Water Use Restrictions effective April 12, 2011. The mandatory water conservation measures and water use restrictions specified under a Level 1 Water Supply Shortage which were imposed effective July 1, 2009, and the metered reduction requirements are hereby suspended. Notwithstanding the rescission of the Level 1 Water Supply Shortage, customers are encouraged to continue using water efficiently and avoiding waste of water. THANK YOU Rowland Water District Customers for your continued conservation efforts!

Rescission of Mandatory Restrictions