2023 Northwest Florida Weddings Magazine

Page 46


“I wanted a venue in Tallahassee that felt classy and was downtown. The Governors Club and John Gandy Events fit my weddingnight vision perfectly. I also loved that they had their own in-house bartending and catering, especially since our wedding was on a holiday. It made the planning process so much easier. We didn’t have to hustle around to find other vendors to fill those roles. The staff went above and beyond to provide great service. They were friendly and had what we needed before we had to ask! “About two weeks before the wedding, we had the idea of having oysters at the reception. Without much of a heads up, the team at the Governors Club made it happen. We also had a bourbon tasting bar on the outdoor porch. We deferred to the staff, and they made great selections. Our guests loved it.” — Lilly Erickson, Tallahassee, Florida PHOTOS BY CAROLYN ALLEN PHOTOGRAPHY