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A Series of Practical Ideas to Enhance the Proposed Tipperary Town Traffic Management Works

A Submission to Tipperary Town Council……and to people who care about Tipperary Town

Frank Kelly You must be the change you want to see

Page |2 17 July 2013

You must be the change you want to see

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You must be the change you want to see in the world……or in Tipperary Town A slightly modified quotation from Mahatma Gandhi 

You must be the change you want to see

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PURPOSE OF THIS SUBMISSION: The purpose of this submission is to suggest ideas to you that could be researched and implemented to enhance the Tipperary Town centre as part of the Proposed Traffic Plan. These suggestions are focused on making the town centre more attractive to us all whether we are public officials, business people, local residents, shoppers or visitors. As the Tipperary Link Road and Traffic Management Report (referred to as the Report in the pages ahead) highlights in its Introduction: “Tipperary Town is suffering environmentally, socially and commercially from the level and nature of traffic running through the Main Street”. SOURCE: %20Proposed%20Development.pdf While the traffic volumes through the town are a contributory factor, there are many other factors that you’ll understand– unemployment, crime, low educational attainment etc – which contribute to the overall poor image of the town. Don’t you agree? Many of the positives (and there are so many positives) and negatives associated with the town were highlighted in the Tipperary Town Social Report (2009) commissioned as part of the RAPID exercise: SOURCE: t_2009.pdf When you have time, just read this Social Report as you’ll probably see that little has changed since it was written over four years ago. While traffic volumes are a contributory factor to the Town’s perception as being rundown and not conducive to a positive shopping, social or tourist experience, in this submission, you’ll read ideas that could be implemented along with the proposed Traffic Plan. Indeed, many of these ideas are probably ideas that you have had yourself; or they may prompt other ideas that you would like to develop. Hence, the theme of this submission: you must be the change you want to see WHO AM I? It is not really important who I am personally. What is important is the views and ideas that follow are fairly representative of people like myself who recognise how improvements could be made to the Tipperary Town experience for all, whether resident, local, business person or visitor alike. Like over 10,000 people who live in the catchment area, I was schooled in Tipperary. For us all, Tipperary is our town, our shopping town, where we You must be the change you want to see

Page |5 socialise, engage in sport, attend religious services and so on. We also have choices; if we live in Bansha, we may be more attracted to shopping and socialising in the attractive town of Cahir. Likewise, those living in the areas of Kilfeakle and Golden may opt for the Cashel with its range of shops, cafes, hotels and cultural centres like Bru Boru. Similarly, people living in Galbally may be more attracted to Mitchelstown while those living on the Limerick side of Tipperary Town may opt for the convenience of shopping in Limerick’s Crescent Shopping Centre with its range of shops, cinemas and free parking. So like any town, Tipperary Town is competing for people’s business and their euros when shopping or socialising. Against this background, the Proposed Traffic Management Plan needs to be part of a greater vision for revitalising the town. If you’re in general agreement, read on…………….. SCOPE OF THE SUBMISSION: While some of the ideas in this submission could be considered to be outside the scope of traffic management, the proposed traffic management project presents an opportunity to upgrade the presentation of the town for the benefits of its residents, retailers and visitors alike. FIRST THOUGHTS There are many issues in relating to improving traffic flows through the town centre. No doubt you can see the opportunities and, equally so, understand the concerns of others. Three issues amongst these are: 1. The limited finances available for such a scheme; 2. The limited scope for revised flows given the current street and road layouts; 3. That the ultimate solution to alleviate traffic congestion will be the eventual by-pass of the town; while the route has been mapped out, it would appear realistic that it could be 4-7 years before the bypass would be operational mindful of the current cap on capex for road projects, time required for the CPO process and the actual road construction itself. Against this background, there are a number of options which could include: 1. Do nothing………….. and manage the current traffic situation for 4-7 years pending the bypass being constructed and available. Could our town tolerate, really tolerate, this option?

2. Adopt the current plan…………… as detailed in the Report which might improve traffic flows modestly, there are also potential problems with, for example, HGVs having to navigate two additional roundabouts with limited turning space (Abbey St and Crosses Corner); or

You must be the change you want to see

Page |6 3. A Revised Plan …………..based on submissions; such a Plan that would address stakeholders’ and residents’ issues while also incorporating the opportunities that one-way streets could provide for motorists, cyclist, pedestrians and retailers.

LET’S BE STRATEGIC…AND REALISTIC The key thrust of this submission is on the contribution that any revised plan could make to improving the experience of Tipperary Town, whether for its residents, locals, retailers and visitors alike. While our town does suffer from a number of drawbacks, let’s focus on the ‘positives’ while considering how the negatives could be addressed as part of an overall plan that would deal not only the traffic flows for motorists and HGV/commercial traffic . But more importantly, look at how the current proposal, or revised proposal, could make the experience of the Town Centre a positive one for us all and our visitors. THE GREAT ASPECTS OF TIPPERARY TOWN The town benefits from many positives as highlighted in the RAPID report and other sources: •

Heritage Town status;

A number of attractive retails stores, with strong service ethos and attractive shop fronts;

Great reviews on Tripadvisor for eateries such as Flanagan’s Lane, The French Quarter and Kiely’s; (why don’t you take a few minutes to read some of the reviews now and add a review of your favourite place in the town; click on the link below now). •

Positioned on the N24 route for tourists/tour buses traveling to/Rosslare Port to Limerick/Cliffs of Moher/ Galway;

The redevelopment of the Tower Ballroom by ALDI, with 100+ car spaces;

Tipperary Hills amenity area;

A vibrant range of voluntary, social and sports organisations such as Tipperary Musical Society, Tidy Towns Committee, Clanwilliam RFC, St. Michaels FC, Tipperary Golf Club, Tipperary Wheelers, three tennis clubs and sporting facilities at Cannon Hayes;

HOW TIPPERARY TOWN IS PRECEIVED Anecdotal evidence suggests that the Town’s citizens do not have a great sense of pride in the town unlike similar size towns in the region such as Mitchelstown, Cashel and Cahir. While some residents, councillors and council executive staff may consider the perception of the town’s image as unfair, nonetheless the town’s perception is such as it is. You must be the change you want to see

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Social media commentary about the Town is not complimentary either; for example TRIPADVISOR: Tripadvisor is considered the world’s most influential tourism website. A post dated 7th May 2013 from a US tourist enquired about highlights in Tipperary Town resulted in many replies dismissing Tipperary Town with comments such as •

“…I'm from Tipperary Town and there is nothing there. We don't even have a decent cafe or restaurant. All we have is fast food restaurants and I'm sure you can get them in Limerick or Cork or a much nicer town somewhere else. Tipp is a dump. It's filthy. We used to have a cinema but it closed down last week. That would have been the only thing to see in town….”

“….nothing there really……”,

“…agree, not much at all in the town really….”

“….Don't shatter your romantic notions of Tipperary town, admire the county - there are lots of lovely places in Tipp. but the town isn't really one of them. (Sorry Tipp)….”

“….a coat of paint all round wouldn't go amiss but it is a nice town to have a wander around if you are there but if you're not planning on going to the races not much else to go there for??...”

“….Sadly very disappointed especially when other towns in the county are now really smart (eg Cahir and Cashel) The word we came up with was" scruffy". When a place with such an amazing reputation both in heritage and song has potential for some serious tourist activity a walk down the main street was really depressing.Surely the powers that be must find the will and the cash to give the famous old place a facelift…”

It wasn't that bad, but wasn't the smartest town going, and the toilets were grim!

SOURCE: BOARDS.IE is probably Ireland’s most popular online forum. A ‘discussion thread’ on Tipperary’s Best and Worst Town’s attracted a great deal of negative commentary on Tipperary Town ranking it as one of Tipperary’s worst towns: You must be the change you want to see

Page |8 The following is a selection of commentary on Tipperary Town; •

Tipp town is terrible and get my vote for worst town!

Worst town - Tipperary Town without a shadow of a doubt. It's a disgusting, run down kip, with no civic spirit from its denizens. The sooner it's bypassed, the better. Tipp town would be up there with the worst towns in Ireland - along with Athy, Longford, Dundalk and Tuam.

Unfortunately it doesn't present a very positive image most times it comes to prominence. Apart from the song and the Tipperary peace prize, that is

Tipp town, again another town with a bad reputation and rightly so, they can't even hold a st patricks day parade without attacking american tourists. The place also looks fairly desperate. It is unfair that a few scumbags have brought the town down.

Tipp Town in contrast is a dive. Dangerous after dark and increasingly during the day because here the scumbags seek you out. It might be one or two families but if you are misfortunate to be in their general area when the urge to hit someone reaches boiling point then you're going to get a savage beating. No one who knows Tipp Town was surprised that the random violence there dominated Liveline for a week a couple of years ago. Thanks to Joe putting the guards to shame the boyo's got locked up but they are due out soon and they will have a lot of pent up rage to discharge on a few poor innocents. No shopping and pretty much no employment. Best bypassed but the budget isn't there anymore so lock your doors as you slowly pass through.

But Honestly Tipp Town is the worst place ever.... I know spent over half my life there, but have got wise and left!

Sorry to the people living there but Tipp Town in a dive.

Went to school and am in Tipp town everyday nearly. Worst town in Tipperary county? Easily. It's a kip. I went to school in the tech and that was severely depressing. There's nothing here. No scenerary, nothing majorly historical, sweet f all facilities! Just a depressing, run down town.

One thing that has killed tipp town in recent times is the new Tesco and Dunnes on the Limerick road. Business are really struggling in the town centre and so there's are a lack of cafe's, tea shops and resturants that you get in Cashel.

The only thing that has killed the centre of Tipp Town is the people themselves for not demanding a by-pass, I wouldn't shop in the centre of Tipp if you paid me, Its a disgusting traffic clogged kip.

I don't think there are many words that could accurately describe Tipp Town. It is without doubt the most depressing hole in Ireland. I have never in my life witnessed such miserable people that seem to spend their lives begrudging everyone else.

You must be the change you want to see

Page |9 SOURCE: So many of the above negatives could be addressed, some easily while other aspects may take a little more time. As you read on, you’ll be presented with ideas that you (yes, you reading this submission) could implement, influence others, encourage others and hold others to account and much more. ACTING NOW………………THINKING AHEAD Whatever revised traffic plan emerges from the consultation process from various stakeholders, it is crucial that the proposed by-pass is expedited. Given the current cap on national road capital expenditure and allowing for eventual construction, it would appear reasonable that a by-pass of the town would be probably five years out from now. Against that reality, whatever plan is adopted and however much capital invested in the project, it needs to be consider alleviating the current traffic malaise while also contributing to creating a more efficient traffic flow for all users, whether they are motorists, commercial drivers, tourists, cyclists or pedestrians. In the pages that follow are a series of ideas, some easily implemented and low-cost. You too will have your own thoughts, better still, you may be able to improve the ideas below and see how they could be developed and who would take the lead in implementing them.

You must be the change you want to see

P a g e | 10


Let the Access Points Make a Statement

On approaching Tipperary Town from both the Limerick and Waterford sides, there are attractive trees and flowering beds making a god first impression. Slow down a little when driving in and see what you think.

Attractive tree lined approach from Limerick

Seating and planting on approach from Waterford

You must be the change you want to see

P a g e | 11

After being impressed with this tree lined approach, then, you’ll see that things go ‘downhill’. Just look at the Bohercrowe round about where the new proposed link road will commence:

This whole area could easily be improved. While landscape design is outside our competence, just see how this area could be transformed with a little imagination as illustrated by these sketches:

Galbally Road/Emly Road Roundabout (New) This proposed new roundabout could likewise be designed imaginatively to make a positive statement for motorists coming on the R662 from Cork/Mitchelstown/Galbally on the R515 from Charleville/Kilmallock.

You must be the change you want to see

P a g e | 12


Tree screening of commercial premises on N24 Access Routes.

Again, first impressions count! Closer to the town, there are a number of unsightly commercial premises and roundabout hoardings. Benefit: Reduce the negative visual impact of unsightly commercial units and make the access routes more aesthetic to locals and visitors. Costs: To minimise costs, how about moving all the large concrete flower pots on the Main St/Market Yard area to screen commercial premises the N24 access routes ; each pot to be planted with evergreen tree to screen premises. Specifically, these premises include though not limited to vacant former filling station on Bansha Road and commercial premises on the Link Road which now will become the primate access route to the town centre for shoppers and tourists.

10 litres of white paint, the transfer of some of concrete tree tubs and associated labour costs could transform the above vacant premises to a more appealing route into the town centre. Could you estimate the cost?

You must be the change you want to see

P a g e | 13 Consider commercial premises, for example, the one below on the Link Road which would become the one-way N24 access route to the town centre.

Again, use of good signage could promote the business activity (fuel sales, car wash etc.) while appropriate painting and screening would enhance such commercial sites.

You must be the change you want to see

P a g e | 14



Traffic and other signage on the approach roads and streets in the town centre have evolved over a number of years with various schemes. Consider the following signage enhancements as part of the revised traffic plan: •

An audit could be undertaken of the current road signage to identify signs which could be retained and where there are signage gaps.

A series of Advance Direction and Route Confirmation signs are much more appropriate. These examples are helpful as they give us advance notice of our route:

If you’re a motorist or a visitor, have the finger post signs at junctions around the town and environs ever been helpful? Many of these finger post signs are inconsistent, some give

You must be the change you want to see

P a g e | 15 distance, others do not as demonstrated here:

You must be the change you want to see

P a g e | 16



While Tipperary Town has a generally negative image as reported in the RAPID report and as highlighted in social media, it does have a vibrant sports community and many excellent facilities for a town of its size. To highlight its sports facilities, how about improving directions for visiting sports fans and improve the town’s image both to its own population and visitors; consider a series of “brown-on-white” tourist style signs are erected on approach roads with supplementary signs in the town centre are erected. Such a series of signage is used to great effect in Limerick City to highlight its extensive range of sports facilities as shown:

Limerick signage highlighting Sports Venues

The only sign for a sports venue in Tipperary?

Tipperary Town could do the same to highlight it facilities. At present, there appears to be just one such sign for the Golf Club The facilities that could be included in such signage scheme could include (though not limited to): •

Clanwilliam Park - Clanwilliam RFC

Cooke Park – St. Michaels’s FC

Sean Tracy Park – Arravale Rovers GAA

Tipperary Golf Club

Tipperary Hills - Tipperary Pitch & Putt Club; You must be the change you want to see

P a g e | 17 •

Tipperary Race Course

Swimming Pool – Seam Tracy Memorial Pool

Sports Complex & Pitches – Cannon Hayes

Tennis Clubs – Rosanna, County Tipperary & Cannon Hayes Clubs

You must be the change you want to see

P a g e | 18

5. TOURIST SIGNAGE – Entice Visitors to Stop and Enjoy the Town Currently, there are “brown-on-white” signs promoting the Excel Centre on some approach roads. Have a look at them as you drive into town. These signs probably have too much text to be readily assimilated by drivers approaching the town. What do you think? As part of the signs audit, their current location could be re-evaluated. Where they are “at risk” of being obscured by growing bushes etc. more prominent locations could be considered. Where do you think these signs would catch visitors’ attention best? If you’re in the hospitality business or a tourism provider, how important are these signs to your business?

In an effort to the promote the town to visitors, maybe more ‘brown’ tourist signs are erected to incentivise motoring tourists to stop in Tipperary, visit the Excel tourist office and explore the town.

6. OTHER SIGNAGE Consider other signage that would benefit the town

You must be the change you want to see

P a g e | 19 •

Tipperary Train Station – This facility deserves a series of ‘brown-on-white’ signs to indicate its location and promote its use.

Dot Matrix signage – Some larger urban areas like Limerick uses large Dot Matrix signs on approach roads for promotional purposes and to highlight any traffic issues on route.

Unauthorised commercial signs – Businesses deserve road space where they can highlight their location and promote themselves. At the same time, there are cases where a surge of unauthorised signs have been put up which detracts from the image of the town.

Were you aware that Tipperary Town has a ‘gold star’ for disabled accessibility? Or that it is a Fair Trade town? The signs below are on the N24 approach roads though would you really see them? Consider where you think they might make the best impact highlighting the town’s credentials.

You must be the change you want to see

P a g e | 20

MAKING THE TOWN CENTRE WELCOMING 7. PARKING – Make It Easy….. and Affordable Anecdotal evidence confirms that paid parking in our town is a disincentive BOTH to locals to shop and motoring tourists to stop in the town centre. The policy of paid parking has contributed to the economic decline of the town centre. Smart retailers like Lidl provide free parking for their customers as a matter of course, even when they have town centre stores. Like, look at the Co-Op Supervalue on Kickham Place who have invested heavily in a dedicated car park to make it attractive to entice customers to their store. When approaching Tipperary, shoppers and visitors are presented with signs highlight ‘paid parking in operation’:

You must be the change you want to see

P a g e | 21 Is this an incentive for you to ship in the town centre? Does it make it attractive for tourists to stop and explore?

The Midleton Example Now, if you have time, nip down to Midleton in East Cork. It’s just over an hour’s drive from Tipperary. As you approach the town, here’s what you’ll see:

As you drive or walk along the Main Street in Midleton, you will see how free parking makes the town a more vibrant and welcoming experience for locals and visitors alike. You must be the change you want to see

P a g e | 22 Free parking as an incentive could, along with other initiatives, revitalise our town centre. A revised Traffic Management works could include the necessary works. The Midleton experience demonstrates this well. What do you think? In Tipperary Town, it will take courage for this policy to be amended by council management and elected representatives. However, any loss in revenue could be seen as an investment in revitalising the town centre making it attractive to both locals and visitors alike. How would you feel about the following: •

All on-street parking to be free for 2 hours, just like Midleton;

All cark parks to be free for 2 hours;

The Abbey St Car park to be designated as a free car park to encourage motoring tourists to stop, assuming this will now become part of the revised N24 route from Waterford/Rosslare Port through the town.

The Post Office Cark Park, currently free, should be sign-posted more prominently as a free car park for motorists travelling on the N24 from the Limerick side.

Tourist bus parking – To further attract tourist buses to stop in the Town Centre, three dedicated coach spaces could laid out as part of the Traffic Management works . Market St. could be the location for such spaces given its proximity to the Excel Tourist Office. What do you think? Those of you involved in the tourist trade will have your own ideas about how to make the town more accessible for coach tours, especially those that overnight at Aherlow House Hotel or those coach tours en-route from Rosslare and elsewhere. These coach spaces would need to be promoted on access routes and included in the ‘white-onbrown’ tourist signs upgrade.

You must be the change you want to see

P a g e | 23

8. CYCLE LANES Consider trends in local cycling: •

Chat to John or Jerry at O’Carroll’s Bicycle Store who confirm that cycles sales are booming, mainly driven by the ‘bike-to-work’ scheme.

Tipperary Town has an active cycling community with both the Tipperary Wheelers (Tipperary Town), Raparees Club (Dundrum), Galtee Cycling Club and other clubs in Tipperary, Limerick and North Cork.

Clonmel Town and Carrick-on-Suir has introduced a dedicated walk/cycle ways along stretches of the N24 through their towns.

Likewise, nearby Bansha incorporated cycles lanes in its N24 works making it safer for local adults and school children:

Cycle Lane and Shared Pedestrian/Cycle Lanes on the N24 in Bansha

You must be the change you want to see

P a g e | 24

At present, the only bicycle facility is a cycle park in the Market Yard. The introduction of a one-way system allows more space to facilitate dedicated cycle lanes. Benefits: •

Encourage children to cycle to school;


Reduce cross town traffic with parents driving children to the schools, especially The Abbey CBS which will be adjacent to the revised N24 one way route on Abbey Street.

To further promote cycling and reduce school traffic, the current dedicated walk route from Limerick Junction to Tipperary could be designated as a shared Walk/Cycle way:

The existing walkway along the N24 from Limerick Junction towards Tipperary Town

You must be the change you want to see

P a g e | 25

10. FOOTPATHS & STREET LIGHTING The introduction of the one-way system gives a wonderful opportunity to extend footpaths, introduce traffic calming measures and introduce dedicated cycle lanes.

Midleton Streetscape When you walk in Midleton, you’ll see the attractive paved streets, paved on-street parking, seating, bins and trees, all giving a pleasant feel to their town centre. If the one-way system, or some variation of it goes ahead, then, there is an opportunity to upgrade our Main Street to make it a more functional and pleasant for locals, visitors, motorist and business people alike.

You must be the change you want to see

P a g e | 26

11. SHOPFRONTS – Getting the Locals and Visitors Spending The proposed one-way system on the Main Street from Crosses Corner to the Cashel Road presents a great opportunity to improve the retail streetscape. Some retailers have attractive shopfronts and entice shoppers inside their stores with attractive window displays. By way of example, as you walk around town, have a look at Hourigan For Men where a professional window-dresser has been employed to make the display more attractive to encourage guys into the shop. Another good example is Graces Fashions. Could other retailers attract more business by redecorating their shopfronts and being more innovative with window displays to entice you into their shops? Indeed, this point was one of the main issues highlighted by the Tidy Towns adjudicator in the 2011 report on Tipperary Town: “……main issue that will hamper the town's progress is the presentation standard of businesses in the town……...” SOURCE: %20Tipperary%20520.pdf If you’re involved in business in the town and keen to see revitalisation, how about encouraging the Council/TIRD run workshops to: 1. Encourage retailers to keep shopfronts presentable and attractive; and 2. Give guidance on window displays to entice shoppers into stores. Again, as you walk around our town, have a look at the shopfronts; many are well-kept including •

Heffernan’s Hardware – Freshly repainted with traditional sign-writing

O’Dea’s Men’s Wear – Remodernised shopfront

O’Connors Bros Electrical Stores – traditional design;

You’ll see many others as you walk around the principal streets.

You must be the change you want to see

P a g e | 27

12. Vacant Commercial Premises….Simple Makeovers Would Work For so many Irish towns and cities, vacant commercial premises are a fact resulting from the current economic downturn. Tipperary Town suffers from this situation; however, may of the vacant premises have an abandoned look about them. Particular bad examples of such vacant premises include the former Nationwide Building Society building, pictured below, and a series of premises on Davis St (former Falveys, former Fitzgibbon butchers etc). Walking around the town centre, you can spot many more.

The vacant former Nationwide Building Society branch, with large estate agent hoardings and unscreened windows on the N24 at the town’s principal junction.

The owners of some vacant premises have taken a responsible approach offering their windows to other organisation for promotional purposes. For example, the former Daly’s Shop on Main St presents a display from the nearby Moorehaven Centre. If you’re an owner of such a vacant premises or an estate agent marketing a vacant commercial premises, consider how the premises could be better presented so that it has more of a chance of attracting prospective business tenant.

You must be the change you want to see

P a g e | 28 13.


Improving ‘tourist’ signage as suggested earlier can help to motivate tourists to stop and stay in Tipperary. When you read the comments earlier as posted on Tripadvisor, you’ll see that even we ourselves are not really sure what might appeal to visitors. Yet, the Town Council has published an excellent Historic Town Trail and there are an excellent series of information boards dotted around our town. If you have yet to do the Trail, pick up the brochure at The Excel Tourist Office and explore your town. If there are a group of you, see about organising a walk tour for a modest fee with Mary Alice O’Connor, a qualified tour guide. You’ll see your town in a new light and appreciate what will interest both local and visitor alike.

You must be the change you want to see

P a g e | 29



As part of any Traffic Management works, there could be an opportunity to show off the town’s street sculpture more effectively. Indeed, some would look well if illuminated at night. Charles Kickham statue Have a look at this statue. If Kickham Place becomes one-way, then, consider options for the Charles Kickham statue. It could remain where it is though you may consider it a traffic obstacle. As you walk around town, you may identify other sites where it could be more prominent, perhaps illuminated at night and become more an icon of the town. Dove of Peace Again, this stunning piece of sculpture is lost in a corner of the Market Yard. Take time to admire the details as you pass by. It could be made more of a feature in its current location with low fencing, more vibrant planting and seating. See what you think of this sketch; or consider other locations where this sculpture could be relocated as part of the Traffic Management Works. There may be other locations where the sculpture could ‘make a statement’ about Tipperary, the song and its theme of peace.

You must be the change you want to see

P a g e | 30

Martin Breen memorial and others As you walk around town, you’ll discover other sculpture and memorials that could be displayed more prominently. For example, if new Link Road goes ahead, then, the Martin Breen memorial on the Emly Road could be moved to a more fitting display area.

You must be the change you want to see

P a g e | 31


Upgrade the Knockanrawley road from the Bansha Road to Cashel Road as a Link Road

To reduce traffic from Bansha-direction, wishing to travel onto the Cashel Road or Thurles Road, then, the existing Knockanrawley Road could be signposted as an alternative route. While such traffic is likely to be modest, it could help to reduce Thurles/Cashel-bound traffic going through the town. The cost would be limited to signposting; a right-hand turning lane is already in place. The impact on residents along the route would be minimal as the route already has traffic-calming measures. While a minor enhancement, it could help nonetheless. See what you think as you drive the route.

You must be the change you want to see

P a g e | 32

CONCLUSIONS Based on the details in the Report, it is difficult to be enthusiastic about the proposed one-way system and link road. It is short on statistics on traffic volumes on the new one-way system through the town as well as likely volumes on the new link road. The Report does not comment on the costs of the project nor make any reference to associated works such as footpaths etc. At the same time, it is very welcome that there is a concerted effort to address the traffic malaise in our town. Indeed, the people behind the Report are to be commended for their efforts given the many limitations. One option is to do nothing and tolerate the current situation for, say another five years, pending the construction of the by-pass. Alternatively, based on submissions including this one, there is very likely a Revised Plan that could improve traffic flows and contribute to the revitalisation of commercial and social life of our town. More importantly, any revised plan gives the opportunity to be imaginative and embrace other initiatives such as: •

complimentary parking;

improved route and tourist signage;

a concerted effort by retailers and other businesses to make their town centre businesses more appealing;

Improved streetscape with wider footpaths and ‘urban landscaping’ like Midleton;

Inclusion of cycling lanes to encourage cycling, particularly cycling to school.

The foregoing pages are my contribution to improving our town. Whether you’re a public official, garda, a business, a hospitality provider, a resident or a local, consider all the positives and build on that to improve everyone’s pride in our town.

You must be the change you want to see in the world……or in Tipperary Town And to finish off:

A slightly modified quotation from Mahatma Gandhi  Frank Kelly “Marian Villa” Chadville You must be the change you want to see

P a g e | 33 Cappawhite 087-765-1366

You must be the change you want to see

Submission - Tipperary Town  

Practical Ideas To Enhance The Proposed Tipperary Town Traffic Management Works 2013

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