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Tacheles Promotions “Tacheles” is an old jewish word meaning to disclose, to reveal or tospeak clearly. The slang meaning ofthe word was bringing to an end.The Art-Centre Tacheles is situatedin a ruin in Berlin Mitte. Located in former East Berlin, the area was a Jewish quater in the past and has now become a meeting point for people interested in the arts and culture and for those that think they are. The building itself was the entrance of the Friedrichstadt-Passage, a huge shopping mall built in 1907. Within arelatively short time, the department store went bankrupt, and in 1928 the house was taken over by AEG, that founded the Haus der Technik, a display and marketing space for their products.

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fax: 004930-2823130

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Tickets: 004930-280 96 123

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After the Berlin Wall came down in November 1989, a subculture which had its main focus on autonomy, spontaneity and improvisation arose in the former East Berlin Mitte, Prenzlaur Berg and Friedrichshain. Artists and individualists from all over the world used the plurality of available free spaces to put alternative lifestyles to the test.

In World War II parts of the building were used by the Nazi Party for administration and organization departments,in the 5th floor French Prisoners of warwere detained.Between 1943 and 1945 during the alliedair raids the building was hit by bombsseveral times and got partly damaged, but not completely distroyed.

During its existence, Tacheles in its function as an international arts cen tre has greatly influenced and formed the surrounding area in a positive as well as in a negative sense. By now the once creative surrounding area has mutated to a napless trend quarter. Tacheles also attained recognition from the Berlin government and receives a varying amount of subsidy every year in order to help finance a part of its many pro-jects. Other money is raised through commercial enterprises such as the cinema and the bar.

Due to the individualistic character of the building and the mass of creative activities taking place, the Tacheles soon became famous.

After 1948 one side of the building was still used for other purposes, but the other side was slowly torn down step by step, as the East Berlin government had no funds to restore it properly and for the distant future they had no other plans for this area. So meanwhile, the house became just a storage for building material. The very last structure still standing was planned to be demolished in April 1990.

Right from the start Tacheles was a center of development and realization of individual ways of thinking, of the creative contamination of art and living as well as the testing of artistically and urban ideas. Many international staged performances or concerts here, exhibited paintings, sculptures and instalations. This essential thought still exits today and the program was even extended further by staging and organizing performances, theatre, various work shops, poetry and special events.

In February 1990 the building was discovered by and taken over by a group of young artists from all over the world, and in the meantime it has been declared a historical architectural monument, regarding its special steel construction.

Because of its special architecture and the ‘ruin appearance’ of the rearside and due to its 13 years of activities in the international arts field, “Kunsthaus Tacheles” became quite a celebrity on a national and international scale and is also listed in many travel guides of Berlin. In the course of change since the wall came down, Tacheles has been confronted with the difficult challenge of remaining true to its roots and ideals without becoming too sentimental about the old squatter times.

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Graphic Designers Have at their Hands the tools to


Graphic Graphic Graphic

Graphic Design has fast become a recognised corporate asset. Communication professionals play a core role in helping corporations to mislead audiences in order to invent unfulfilled needs.

Are Graphic Designers aware of the influence they weild in the new economics of Global messaging?

Don’t purchasers

of Dog Biscuts deserve wit,

inteligence and ingenuity in their lives? “Beirut strikes a chord with all of us who like choice and quality choices. After all, Capitalism is here to stay along with advertising and consumerism, it is unrealistic to thinkotherwise. Neville Brody acknowleges the difficulty of abandoning corporate clients or branding work. Yet he is willing to sacrifice more, go out into the field and use his skills to publicise key issues. “Maybe we could do both”, he suggests, “Graphic Design originated in public service, it’s time to give something back”

Do They Care?

Whilst the manu facutrers and the advertisers are often the people who instigate the ideas, graphic designers are very much part and parcel of the whole pro-duction process. To get an idea onto a bill-board or on a supermarket shelf, avisualiser is needed, someone who can manipulate images lay out text in just the right way, choose the right colours, set the document up in Quark Xpress, prepare it for print, whe ther that’s ad-vertising,packaging, publishing, corporate identity, or web design. It maybe an app ropriate timeto look at some examples.

Red Lemonade




Red Lemonade

Red Lemonade

Paglia e Fieno With Vodka & Prawns The Combination of Vodka and Prawns may seem unusual , but has become a modern, but Classic in Italy


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The concept behind this logo is based on a Tattoo of angel wings,



which I choose as a representation of gardian angels. A wing cuts

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into the curl of the ‘r’. The wing is visable in the negative space. This

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logo is going to be used for a photography studio. The inner and outer bands around the logo represent the rings on a camera lens, contained within the rings, is one of the initials of the client.

seskin south lisdowney ballyragget co.kilkenny mobile: 087-0533022

mobile: 087-0533022

seskin south lisdowney ballyragget co.kilkenny

Reg No: 3295786258922

Vat No: 758632299

With Compliments seskin south lisdowney ballyragget co.kilkenny mobile: 087-0533022

seskin south lisdowney ballyragget co.kilkenny mobile: 087-0533022

And turn your head away, Now there’s nothing more to say Now you’re gone away I’ll miss your urchin smile your orphan tears Your shining prize your tiny cries


And I believe in love and I know you do too And I believe in some kind of path, that we can walk down, me and you. So keep your candles burning and make her journey bright and pure. That she will keep returning always and evermore.


Examples of Website Pages for Photography Studio.

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The concept behind this logo came from the idea of what is in



your garden. i looked at the idea of using plant cell, because under a

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microscope they look like little gardens. I took this concept futher,

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and designed my logo around plant DNA, this is reflected in the cross over of the blades of grass. The finished logo, has the appearance of a rolling landscape, which suits the company which is a Landscape company in Kilkenny City.

With Compliments Ballycondra Ballyragget Co.Kilkenny

mobile: 086 8420097

Ballycondra Ballyragget Co.Kilkenny

Reg 5689356820887

mobile: 086 8420097

Vat No: 8655193425

Most of us have some kind of idea of how we would like our garden to look and feel. Once the idea is born, now is the time for careful thought and basic practical planning which will pave a smooth path for acheiving the desired results successfully. Take your time and think of all the options while keeping in mind the advantages and disadvantages in each individual scenario.

A good place to start is by properly checking your soil. There can be a lack of quality and depth of soil. This is more common in housing developments where the soil is very poor. But there is help, the introduction of good quality top soil will solve the problem. You can also add to whatever you plant some farmyard manure, and garden compost. Make oversized holes when planting so the area around the plant can be filled with the nutrient enriched soil. This will ensure the plants will get the optimum nutrients to thrive.

Niall Brophy, Gardenscape

Remember for a successful garden with a little imagination, research and common sense will take you a long way. Don’t be afraid to pester the professionals with your questions. I would be happy to share my knowledge and experience with you.

This can be very useful especially with gardens to the rear of the home, normally which are inclosed and surrounded by perimeter panel fencing or concret block walls. There may also be neighbouring houses with overlooking windows. These are the most obvious stuations where effective screening can make a dramatic difference in the overall look and privacy of your garden. In addition to the screens there are a variety of climbing plants which can be purchased to effectively cover up ugly walls and screens.

Low maintenance is one of the most common requests from busy professional couples, whose recreation time is limited. How many people want to be out on a Summers evening doing back breaking garden work. When with a little preparation they will be able to enjoy their garden

Make sure that the plants you choose are suitable to the soil in your garden. Also be aware of the size of the plants you have chosen for the area you are planting in. When buying plants make sure they look healthy, are free from visable signs of pests and desease and have a good root system. For trees look out for good branches, structure and shape. Make sure that the trunk is strong and relatively straight. Make sure that there is no abnormal suckering growth coming from beneath soil level in the pot.

Most types of trees and shrubs can be planted at any time of the year. Harvest as much natural rain water as possible. This can be done by leaving containers or drums under drain pipes to gather the water.



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Virgins & Vendettas Available at Stonehouse Books Fri 13th February 2009 from 10 am

‘The religious signifier of the Virgin Mary, only this time the sign is expressed through prayer. Fredo sits in a boat fishing, he begins to say a prayer, to help him catch a fish, as he prays, an assassin in the boat with him stands up and shoots him in the head. The prayer Fredo recites is “The Hail Mary”.’

Mac Donagh Junction Kilkenny 056 77 083092



VENDETTAS A Semiotic Analysis of the representation of ‘The Italian American Family’ depicted in the Genre of the Gangster Movie. Thesis By Rowena A. Leavy

Chap 1

We are introduced to Don Michael with a different title sequence, which breaks from the norm of the Godfather I and III. This change in title sequence relates to the changes in the family structure from first generation Italian to the second generation




Like in the previous Godfather the audience sees a black screen; white text, which fades out revealing the words Paramount Pictures Presents; but this where the title sequence differs from the first. We are face to face with the new Godfather Michael Corleone. He is bathed in an orange yellow glow.

Godfather The Godfather II’s storyline depicts Michael’s acceleration in becoming, the head of the Corleone family and coupled with this is his wish, as a second generation Italian American to be accepted as just an American. In The Godfather Vito Corleone dies. His youngest son Michael takes over as head of the family as the film draws to a close.

We know he is seated because the other men present in the darkened room are bending down towards him to kiss his hand. We follow the stare of Michael across the room to a worn antique office chair which has the indent in the leather of someone who once sat there. Aligned to the right of the chair a slow dissolve of the words Mario Puzo’s; Godfather; II.

The text for the first time has changed colour from a muted orange to white, and before it dissolves it returns to orange. The film score also changes to a more sinister tone, this is also a connotive sign, as it subliminally tells the viewer that the families new Godfather, has a more sinister side to him; less forgiving than his predecessor. The fact that Michael is bathed in this strange yellow light signifies the new dawn of a new Godfather. There is a religious connotation to the spectacle unfolding in the sequence. Michael is seated, his hand is being kissed by associates of the crime family, Michael is now in a position which commands the height of respect within the criminal family element and also by his Italian Catholic family. This scene is reflected in the Godfather Part III. When Michael hands over power to Vincent Mancini, who has become Vincent Corleone, the new Don of the Corleone empire. Vincent is bathed in the same yellow light as was Michael.

‘The heroic man does not pose; 1

Chap 1

Michael is treated by the other Dons as though he was a pope and they are his cardinals. This signified mixed with the signifier of the yellow light, and the shadowy toning around the face,is similar the style of religious paintings by Warner Sallman, a twentieth century Religious painter. The images of Christ Sallman painted, were of head and shoulder portraits. The gaze of Jesus in these paintings like Michael and Vito does not face the viewer, so therefore the image of Michael is a metaphorical representation of Jesus. This image of Jesus was very popular with Protestant families and would be particularly recognized across American households from the 1940’s onwards.This connotes that Michael the son of the great Godfather, becomes the ‘Son’ of the ‘God’ father, and therefore the religious connotation hereis that Michael becomes like ‘Christ’, which in turn like the books in the bible, which are split in two, the Godfather represents the Old Testament which signify the old traditions of the first generation and The Godfather II represents,the New Testament which signifies the second generation.It is Michael who is determined to change the Corleone family. The obvious signifiers between the Godfather I and II, connotes the changes and attitudes expressed by Casillo.


Chap 3

Religion and Ritual Murder

As the priest prepares his ointments for the baptism these images are contrasted with the image of an assassin, cleaning his gun to begin the ritual of killing


The use of the baptism is a pivotal scene in the conclusion of the The Godfather. This scene marks the ultimate revenge of the Corloene family, and defines Michael as head of the family. The scene begins with Michael and Kay attending the baptism of Connie and Carlo’s first child, where Michael stands as Godfather. While the baptism takes place, a number of key mafia figures are assassinated by the Corleone’s, as revenge for the murder of Sonny Corleone, and the attempt on Vito’s life. As the priest prepares his ointments for the baptism these images are contrasted with the image of an assassin, cleaning his gun to begin the ritual of killing. As Michael promises to denounce Satan on behalf of the child, the scene cuts to a mafia don being murdered. The baptism scene in The Godfather becomes a metaphor for the Corleones to cleanse themselves of their old enemies. The image of Michael standing on the alter as Godfather to the Connie’s child is not a reference to him being his nephew’s Godfather, but connotes Michael’s final ascendance as the Godfather of the Corleone family.

Vito Corleone rises to power when he kills the menacing Don Fanucci. The killing of Fanucci, takes place around a religious festival of St Genaro celebrated in Little Italy. As Fanucci walks through the streets he is greeted by all, he stops to pin money to the relic of the Saint and is applauded. As he walks through the crowded streets to his home, he pauses momentarily at a stand of religious relics, beside him stands a statue of the Virgin Mary, this signifies his status as a made man. Fanucci makes his way home, where Vito Corleone is waiting for him in the hallway. Vito steps out of the shadows and shoots Fanucci dead. The scene cuts between images of the sacred statue and Fanucci.

Digital Art

Song Bird You are Invited to the opening nighttoofthe theopening exhibition You are Invited night of the exhibition of Photography workofby Rowena Leavy at:by Rowena Leavy at: Photography work The Open Space Gallery, Bold Street, Liverpool on: 22nd of May 2009

Song Bird


Rowena Leavy Portfollio