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Free Drive™ is a patented system in which the bottom bracket is independent of the front and rear triangle. This design is the most efficient and effective way to create a fully active suspension platform under all riding conditions - standing, sitting, coasting or braking. With Free Drive™ you get plush travel, pedaling efficiency, and minimal lateral flex.

IT CREATES A TRUE ALL-MOUNTAIN BIKE. Proven technology that excels on a trail/free ride platform

Plush travel, unmatched pedaling efficiency and minimal lateral flex

Rear shock maintains a consistent leverage ratio, allowing the shock to maximize travel length and ride smoother

Single high-pivot design improves rear axle trajectory over obstacles, maintaining forward momentum

Chain growth over rough terrain is minimized due to isolation of bottom bracket from the frame (no pedal feedback)



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Rowery Mongoose 2013  

Katalog rowerów Mongoose. Rocznik 2013.

Rowery Mongoose 2013  

Katalog rowerów Mongoose. Rocznik 2013.