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Odysseus the Odyssey Male 878 years old Ithaca United States

Lost at sea again…wondering if Poseidon will ever get off my back about that Trojan War  My Latest Blog Entry

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Last Login: 5 / 5 / 2008

When you are lost for 20 years, how would YOU return into society? (view more) [View All Blog Entries]

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“General” and three of the remaining six categories) General I enjoy exploring new places.

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Scandinavian Music


Writing about all of my travels.

Place to Be

Ithaca with my family


The Odyssey…who doesn’t like that book?




Calypso is trying to get me to be her husband. The Trojans are seeking revenge on me for defeating them in the Trojan War. You know, the usual.

   You probably know my name and  yes, I know, the stories of my many  travels have probably reached your  ears by now so I won't mess with  those details. No? Oh, how rude of  me! I've been in and out of  humanity, and if you have not heard  of my travels, well then you must! I  have traveled the whole world and  back. I have plowed right through  dangers such as Cyclops, sea hags,  seductive demons, oracles, and even  a 10 year war, all the while using my  cleverness and cunning. If you ever  need me to do anything for you, just  call me up and I'll be there! Any  adventure I am willing to go on. Any  dare I am willing to take. One of my  most dangerous and cumbersome  journeys was when I was captured by  the sea goddess Calypso. Calypso  wanted a husband for herself, and  she hoped by marooning me on her  island, I would forget all about my  wife Penelope back in my homeland  of Ithaca. 3 years I spent on that  island. Never once did I give up  hope. I always wanted to get back to  my family safe and sound, and I  always dreamed of them coming to  rescue me some day. Before Calypso  captured me, I had endured sirens,  wars, and losing my men. When I  angered Poseidon, he threw at me  everything in his arsenal. Every day  on the sea I faced his wrath of storms  and getting lost. Through all of it, I  never lost hope of getting back  home. So, I guess you could say that  I am adventurous, and with my  adventurousness, comes  determination. W ho I’d Like To Meet: Edmund Hillary, the first man to climb Mt. Everest.

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One son, Telemachus

May 5 2008 3:51 PM Comment Back Send Message Block User


Usually portrayed by cunningness. No symbol directly relates with me like Zeus and his thunderbolt.

Hey when are you getting back??? You’ve been gone too long this time. You need to stop going on all these adventures that everybody asks you to go on.


An architect or explorer


May 4 2008 11:51 PM Comment Back - Send Message - Block User

Do you want me to speak to Zeus again about helping you? Or will you persevere and try to get back home by yourself like last time?

Apr 29 2008 8:51 PM Comment Back - Send Message - Block User


Are you still using that cunning wit and cleverness that I taught you?


When you are lost for 20 years, how would YOU return into society? (view more) [View All Blog Entries]  MySpace URL  My Latest Blog Entry...

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