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So you want to remove age spots and get rid of them in the fastest possible way. But what exactly is an age spot. Every pigmentation mark has a different story to tell and require different type of treatment. So what does your pigmentation mark tell you? What Is Age Spot These spots are also known as solar spots, liver spots and the medical terminology for these spots is solar lentigo. Even though they are a nuisance and cause a lot of stress when they appear on face, they may appear on any part of body that has been exposed to the sun for considerable of time. The colors of these spots vary from gray, dark to deep and light brown. Do you know 90 percent of fair skinned people in the upper age bracket of 50 suffer from this benign skin condition? But do not assume every pigmentation mark to be solar lentigo. These spots are benign. But if the pigmentation is changing color, it is always wise to consult your dermatologist to rule out the possibility of something more serious like skin cancer. A simple biopsy by the dermatologist will tell you whether the skin pigmentation is harmless or not. If the pigmentation is good old and bothersome solar spot there many ways to treat them effectively. What Causes Age Spots Well now that you know what exactly is these spots are we can look for ways to remove them. But successful treatment requires that we must have some basic knowledge about factors that cause this skin condition. The most common cause of such spot is over exposure to sun. The UV ray of the sun accelerates the production of pigment causing melanin in our body as a natural skin protection process. When the excess production of melanin is concentrated on the outer layer of the skin, it appears as age spots. When you grow older in years the extra melanin accumulating in your skin over the years also results in these spots. Sometimes some chemicals also cause age spots. Take for example psoralens. This chemical is present in many vegetables like parsley, limes and parsnips. When you come in contact with the chemical psoralens your skin becomes more sensitive and subsequently when you are exposed to sun your body reacts by producing more melanin which in turn becomes age spots in the long run. Did you know there are some medicines like antibiotics and anti depressants that have the same effect on skin pigmentation production and the consequent so called liver spots? Treatment of Age Spots

Age spot removal can be done in two ways. You can go for over the counter or prescription medicines. Or you can try natural treatment for age spot removal. Here are some tips for age spot removal. 1. Medicines: Retin-A is usually applied topically to remove age spots. As a result the surface skin peels and the new skin of healthy cell appears and the blemishes fade away. This treatment is usually combined with use of glycolic acid. Since the new skin is sensitive it is advised to use sun protection and moisturizer the skin so as not to irritate it. 2. Laser Therapy: This therapy destroys the excess melanocytes that cause skin pigmentation and age spots without any harm to the surrounding skin area. This may require several sessions to completely fade age spots. Even though this treatment is a bit costly, it is quite effective. 3. Cryotherapy: In this treatment procedure liquid nitrogen is applied to the affected area. This process destroys the extra melanin accumulated in the skin. Lighter skin takes the place of age spots as the treated skin heals. 4. Dermabrasion: This process of treatment is quite effective in removing all kinds of skin pigmentation. In this treatment procedure the outer layer of the blemished skin is literally sandpapered by a rotating brush to make way for healthy skin. 5. Chemical peel: This treatment procedure as is obvious requires application of chemical to peel away the outer damaged skin so that healthy skin grows in its place. Any spots on any part of body is a cosmetic concern. These spots have the probability of posing health risk in certain cases too.So it is always better to take preventive steps. Since sun exposure is the most common factor that cause these spots or pigmentation, avoiding exposure to the sun is a good idea. Using a good sun block whenever you need to go out is an absolute necessary. Some basic steps help a lot in the long run. But if you still have those pigmentation marks on your skin in spite of all the precautions, you need to look for an effective treatment method.

There are many natural herbs and vegetables that are free from side effects yet help fade the pigmented spots. Would you like some revealing and interesting information on how to remove age spots naturally? There is tons of information within your finger tips. Why not give them a try before you try any other treatment process.

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How to Remove Age Spots - Cause and Treatment