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In this article I will discuss about the "mystical" G-spot and a simple way to stimulate it. Experts are somewhat divided about its existence but there is something inside the vagina that makes woman experience intense female orgasms. The G-spot also spelt G spot is an often hidden spot in a woman's vagina that is responsible for intense orgasms! You see, the reason why people can not sometimes find the G spot is that they view the G-spot as some button that is just sitting there waiting to be pressed! This is wrong...first the G spot will not be there unless your woman is really bothered and hot and that is why foreplay is key to mind boggling sex Next do not aim for the G spot, aim to stimulate the clitoris. Because what most experts do not tell you is that the G spot is nothing more than the back end of the clitoris. The G-spot is a spot inside a woman's vagina. The back end of the clitoris that folds up up towards the vaginal wall! So in effect, it is not a spot but a cluster of spots! This "G-spot" is a small "mound" of tissue inside the vagina, between a penny and quarter in size, which responds to being pressed upon. It is almost certainly not the skene's glands (which are located around the urethra behind the G-spot area) as has been suggested by a few people. In fact, the G-Spot is the tissue in that raised area of the vagina, which has a higher concentration of sexual nerves, and produces hormones similar to those made by the male's prostate gland. Here is how you go about stimulating the G-spot: First make sure your woman is warmed up. You can tell if a woman is warmed up and ready for a G-spot orgasm because she will give you be breathing with excitement! Once you are sure she is all warmed up, proceed as follows Slowly and gently place two fingers into the vagina. Using your index finger, touch the anterior wall. It is approximately a finger length up. Many women like having the person touching them to use their index finger to place some pressure on the wall. Try making the 'come here motion' with your index finger to stimulate the G-spot Allow the tip of your finger to tap on the anterior vaginal wall. Let her level of excitement guide your movements. Talk with her, and ask her how different forms of your touch feel. Some women may not like the feeling of being touched there and may even find it painful. Another way to tell if you are indeed touching her g-spot is that there will be a change in its

texture. The g spot area will feel fleshy, like a small area of wrinkled skin. In contrast, the surrounding area will feel taut. The shape of the g-spot is similar to an upright kidney bean. Remember the G-spot will not harden up unless she is turned on In addition to touching her G-spot with your index finger, I encourage you to use your tongue to stimulate her clitoris, inner and outer lips. The combination of fellatio (oral sex) with G-spot stimulation is enough to make most women become extremely excited. Use the simple tips I have just shared with you to make any woman orgasm at will!

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How to Find and Stimulate Her Elusive G-Spot