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FORECASTING & PLANNING Company Profile 2014

Taking your Sales and Marketing to the next level

Are you a Small to Medium Enterprise business with a need to take your business to the next level with Sales and Marketing efforts, but don’t have the budget for a full time Sales, Marketing or Business Strategist expert to help you grow? In these challenging financial times not all businesses can afford expensive advertising or a full-time sales or marketing head to help them grow their business. It is with this in mind that Forecasting and Planning was established in 1999 to assist companies to create comprehensive marketing, sales and business planning strategies to help them achieve their goals in attracting and securing customers within their target markets.  Our aim is to offer flexible and affordable expertise to help you develop your long term Sales and Marketing capabilities and to provide all the support, leadership and advice to help you achieve this. We can either complement your existing in-house marketing team, agencies or suppliers to support them to deliver your business and marketing objectives, or we can be your only marketing resource, to be called upon whenever necessary. We will work in consultation with you to design, develop and implement a scope of work to suit your specific requirements and within your budget.  

Forecasting & Planning

Marketing, Sales and Business Strateg y Consultants

Consultancy Services Marketing --Planning, Strategy and Reviews --Brand Definition, Development and Rebranding --Market Research --Customer Relationship Management --Loyalty Programme Management --Partnership Marketing --Advertising and Promotions --Digital Marketing - (On-line, Social and Mobile Media) --Web Marketing (Website, SEO and PPC) --Public Relations --Copy Writing

Sales --Multi-channel Strategies --New sales channels/partner networks --Sales team efficiency and effectiveness --Key Account Management --Sales Incentives --Telemarketing --Interim Sales Management --Database Management --Lead Generation --Recruitment, Induction and Performance Metrics

Business Strategy --Forecasting --Budgeting --Business Intelligence --Reporting --Return on Investment --Strategic Planning --Non-Executive Role

Forecasting & Planning

Marketing, Sales and Business Strateg y Consultants

Designed to Meet Your Specific Needs Whatever your immediate requirement, whether it is the need for a one-off piece of work, for a longer term ongoing project or the need to have assistance to develop, measure and improve performance indices, contact us to discuss your specific needs and to set a meeting to explore your specific requirements.  We create effective marketing and sales strategies based on a sound understanding of each client’s needs. 

-- What are your company’s aims? -- Which aspects are most important to you? -- How are your customers segmented? -- Which products do you sell to which customers, and through which channels? -- What are the right sales promotion strategies? -- How can you boost your return on marketing investment? 

These are some of the many questions that we have helped our customers understand and address thereby helping them to take their businesses to the next level. 

Industry Experience

Forecasting & Planning

We have experience in working across a variety of industry

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sectors, such as Technology, Land reclamation, Leadership Development, Telecommunications, Education and Retail and with all sizes of companies from start–ups to well

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established companies.

Forecasting & Planning

Marketing, Sales and Business Strateg y Consultants

Forecasting & planning company profile