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May / June 2013

Full Steam Ahead !! Thanks for taking the time to read my second newsletter. I am now fully entrenched back into the fitness industry and loving every second of it. The most enjoyable feeling is being able to go to work in an environment where the people around you are there because A—they want to, and B— they are all trying to achieve a lifestyle and health based goal.

“Rowan has a very subtle approach at getting the best out of

Goal Setting

you in every workout. He

From the moment you wake up, you have goals already set in your mind, from completing tasks, getting chores done like washing or your daily run, to subconscious goals you don't even have to think about.

is driven, motivated,

People have shared their goals with me over the past few weeks. A few have desires to get leaner or bulk up. Because I have had the same goals, I have a real interest in how they are going about achieving them, and I get a thrill out of offering my advice and experiences.

talented and shares his expertise... - Laura Hooykaas

I’ve also worked with people who are making a change to their health through exercise and diet because they want to be able to pick their kids up, run around in the back yard with them, live long enough to enjoy their grandkids and perform better at work. “Make a least one definitive move daily towards your goal” - Bruce Lee

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Goal Setting

Benefits of BCAA’s

Must Eats

Core Essentials

Supplement Giveaway

Team Training Feb 2013

Rowan Smith— 021 425 807——36a Knights Road Rothesay Bay Auckland

BCAA Benefits BCAA’s or “Branch Chain Amino Acids” should be one of the first things anyone who is serious about their training puts into their gym bag. Amino acids help to make up 1/3 of the body’s skeletal muscles. Using a supplement can help muscles retain water, improve strength during your workout, and also help to maintain the body in an anabolic state so muscle wastage doesn't become an issue during over training. BCAA’s should be used pre, during and post workout for best results.

Must Eats Salmon is well known for being high in Omega 3 fatty acids. Studies have shown strong links between Omega 3 and benefits to the body such as decreased risk of cardiovascular disease, improved mood and brain function, joint protection and decreased risked of eye related problems. Salmon contains protein molecules called peptides. These have also been proven to have anti-inflammatory properties.

WIN ME!!!!

Brown Rice is produced by only removing the outermost layer from the rice kernel, where as white rice has many layers removed and the kernel is refined down. Just to mention a few stats, brown rice has 80% more Vitamin B and 60% more iron than white rice. Brown rice is one of the worlds most complete foods and is a quick, cost effective component to any healthy meal. Make sure you include a wide range of proteins in your diet. Don't solely rely on steak and chicken. These are leaner meats than most, but I always try to get salmon, gurnard or snapper into my diet at least once a week.


Core Essentials Prone Body Bridge 5 minutes total

Medicine Ball Crunch 20

Swiss Ball Round The Worlds 20

Toes to Bar (hanging) 20 Total

Prone Knee Taps (knee to elbow) 40

Kettle Bell Woodchops 20 per side

Rowing Machine 2 minutes (fast)

Rowing Machine 2 minutes fast

Rowing Machine 2 minutes fast

Rowan Smith— 021 425 807——36a Knights Road Rothesay Bay Auckland

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