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The Kaospilots are returning to Bogotรก, and we are looking for partners and collaborators!

Which organizations and projects are creating new realities in Bogotรก and Colombia?

Who are the KaosPilots? The KaosPilots is an international school for creative business design and social innovation, based in Aarhus, Denmark. With twenty years of experience, we offer an innovative education program for young and creative leaders. We train them to become innovative change agents, capable of creating value, making a difference in the world, and shaping the society of tomorrow. The program is structured around four vocational areas: »»Creative Project Design »»Creative Business Design »»Creative Process Design and »»Leadership The students combine their expertise, gained in these areas, to create meaningful change and foster the future of sustainable leadership and enterprise. The pedagogy of the school combines hands-on work, with real-world projects and stakeholders, and theory, in order to promote personal leadership and the development of skills and competencies that embrace the whole person.

What is an Outpost? In the second year, of their threeyear education, the students move their classroom to a location, outside Scandinavia, in order to create an educational outpost: three months of inspiration and collaboration with local partners. During the outpost, the students will apply their previouslyacquired knowledge and skills, in the four vocational areas, in a new and unfamiliar cultural and social context. A key component of the outpost requires the students to self-organize and create a team-wide learning organization, that acts as a platform for executing their projects, effectively, and facilitate their learning.


Why Bogota? In 2011, we ventured to Bogotá, in order to complete our first outpost, in Colombia. We chose Bogotá because we were drawn to the diversity, energy and vitality of the culture, and we saw great potential to build meaningful collaborations, with leading organizations and inspiring individuals. We were convinced that there was much to learn from the initiatives and people, of Bogotá, that are trying to create a new reality for the city and its inhabitants.   The students completed over fifteen projects, including seven creative consulting projects, 3 business development projects: all with local partners and clients.  The students dedicated themselves to work extremely hard, under unfamiliar, and challenging conditions to create value for their collaborators and clients. Mistakes were made, lessons were learned and the students were inspired by their surroundings, new relationships and experience. We return to Bogotá, with a new team, and a renewed commitment to learning from our experience and achieving even more with clients and stakeholders.

Testimonials Pedro Medina - Yo Creo En Colombia Kaos Pilots... It was great having you in our city and country... I think in 20 years, these 3 months will be invaluable to you and to many of us you were able to touch.

Franklin Combariza - Universidad de los Andes An innovative social initiative, where knowledge of the Spanish language, and the local context, and a focus on achieving concrete results are essential in order to create a profound and successful experience.

Fernando Heinke - Maria Panela It was very beneficial, for Maria Panela, to work with the KaosPilots. I believe we created an invaluable exchange of idea an experiences that resulted in a mutual development of ideas and opportunities. We would love to explore further opportunities with this year’s group of students, and foster new collaborations. We are very pleased with the results of the 2011 Outpost.

What do we need We are looking for project partners and collaborators for the 2012 Outpost! We are looking to work collaborate with a selecting of project partners that are seeking to create new realities, in Bogotá, and that represent a cross-section of sectors: business, arts and culture, civil society and government.

from you? Our students thrive on inspiring and challenging assignments, intensive learning processes and a collaborative relationships, with committed clients and partners. This mixture results in creating value for both parties. We need your commitment including: » A project proposal, based on a need within your organization.

Are you and your organization interested in offering a project to our students and collaborating in the 2012 Outpost?

» Your passion and enthusiasm!

How could you and your organization benefit from offering a project?

» Time and material resources to develop and complete the project (to be agreed upon between you and the student project group).

An opportunity to collaborate with a committed team of passionate, creative and professional KaosPilots. During an intensive 6 week period, they will work to create value and take your project to the next level. We develop fresh and unexpected ideas, combined with the ability to execute them. Our approach is playful and and energetic, combined with rigorous methods, within project, process and business design. The opportunity to work and play with some of the most creative young people in Scandinavia, devoted to creating value with you.

» Making a initial agreement with the team leader, to be developed further by the student project groups.

» Access to English-speaking contact person, within your organization.

timeline March 12th March 12th - 25 March 26th - May 4th May 7th - 13th May 14th - June 14th June 15th

Arrival Orientation Client project work Easter break Learning, reflection and exam Departure from Bogotá

March 12th - June 15th


Outpost 2012-Bogotá Contact information: Rowan Simonsen e-mail: cel: +57 311 479 06 56

Previous Outpost Destinations Our previous outposts have taken place in: »» San Francisco: 1996, 2000 & 2006 »» Durban: 2001, 2003 »» Habana: 2005 »» Vancouver: 2007 »» Shanghai: 2008, 2009, 2010 »» Bogotá: 2011

Peter Sims e-mail: Twitter: @PeterASims cel: +57 310 594 1100 Tel. Denmark: +45 301 147 33

Zulma Sofía Patarroyo e-mail: cel: +57 311 811 67 23

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