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looking for a fashion space to call their own. Despite the fact that MILK Concept Store has an impressively extensive list of designers, the store is growing in designers and products by the day. This means that there is always something new to see at MILK. Layal Saleh, the brand manager for MILK Concept Store, believes that Milk offers a gateway for designers around the MENA region to enter the Bahraini market. “MILK is a creative solution to designers who would like to display their products front and center in Bahrain,” says Saleh. “With this strategy, we have managed to acquire a pretty even split of new and emerging designers as well as well-known and established designers which gives the store a dynamic and

MILK CONCEPT STORE OPENS IN RIYADAT MALL MANAMA (A’ALI): The exciting new Milk Concept Store was officially launched at the Kingdom’s very own women business incubator, Riyadat Mall. The multi-brand designer fashion and lifestyle concept store is a local Bahraini brand, founded by renowned woman entrepreneur Wafa AlObaidat. It offers a curated selection of contemporary collections of regional brands that feature upcoming designers and limited edition products. The store offers an unique twist to the fashion landscape of the country. With a well-grounded experience in the multifaceted European fashion industry, having worked with Vogue and several well-established fashion publications in London, Wafa AlObaidat seeks to create a platform for Bahrain to be connected to the beautiful craftsmanship of designers regionally and globally. Milk Concept Store opens with products from 50 designers across 9 countries including Lebanon, Syria, Jordan, Kuwait, UAE, Oman, Egypt, KSA and Bahrain. Some of the most noteworthy designers include Lya Lya, Som’or?, Bint Thani, Mira Hayek, The Generous Light Co., Army of 1, Muneera Hamad, Alia Bin Omair, TIMA, Truactive, Bedouin and so many more. The name “MILK“ conceptually signifies purity, freshness and cleanliness, all similarities which are shared with a plain white canvas, awaiting an artisit to bring it to life. It is a boundaryfree and open-minded base for young talents


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