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to help you as you change and grow. You don't necessarily have to end it so formally. You can go to them less and less. That being said if you ave milestones in your career make sure you let them know as they helped you out. • What made you decide to become a mentor? On what basis do you choose your mentees? I want to share my knowledge and years of experience. Giving others information can save them mistakes and you show support when they are building a business. It’s good to have people around you can relate to. It’s also fun to help people who are interested in the same things you are. It is very personally rewarding I want mentees who are looking for a sounding boardsomeone to give them a reality check and go to for specific problems. There also has to be a rapport where I basically like the person! • Are you involved in any program to support other entrepreneurs? Tell us more.

so much to people’s interactions when they dine together. I would like to work more with young and teenage girls. • What is your advice to growing entrepreneurs? Work hard, be persistent. Don't let others push you off your task but be flexible when you are doing something wrong to change it. If you stop loving what you are dong go do something else. • Any final words to entrepreneurs about mentorship? It’s important to mentor with your comtemporaries and colleagues. Mentoring doesn’t have to be up. You can learn something form anyone at anytime. Keep your eyes and ears open. You will be surprised where you might get some words of wisdom.

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I am Chair of the James Beard Foundation. It is a chef’s organization. While it is not specifically a mentoring program I do meet chefs and cooks who I help. Food is all about sharing and for me the same goes with people I meet in the world of food. Mentoring can be on going or it can be a one off where you give people support. • What are your future plans? Continue to create great desserts as it adds

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