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Interviews with Entrepreneurs Entrepreneurs are closely observing the emphasis and rise of awareness of the fintech industry and are grasping the opportunities to provide solutions through commercialized fintech projects. Let’s look together at a number of fintech startups and experience their journey and passion in this field.

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fatima ebrahim By Sara Amin

• Can you tell us a little bit about yourself and the company? My name is Fatema Ebrahim, I’m 27 years old and I’m the founder of Valopay! It’s been 2 years now since I re-located from New York, and within the mess of adapting to a new environment again and trying to build a character for myself, I got into the startup space once again- however this time it was my own initiative. Previously I was heavily involved in the startup space in New York. I was working for an award-winning startup in in the city which was the perfect hub to jump start my entrepreneurial senses. I came back to Bahrain with the drive to start something of my own. A friend from San Francisco and I decided to start this journey and in a couple of months, we decided to jumpstart the idea of Valopay! Valopay is an online platform that simplifies communication and facilitates payments between sellers and buyers within the Instagram marketplace. Valopay allows sellers to accept online payments and offers buyers a simpler experience when placing an order. To help process secure and quick transactions, we became certified partners with Paytabs, a Middle Eastern company that has been processing payments in the GCC. • What kind of products and services do you provide? Valopay has features that any small business owner with a base of buyers can use. Valopay is a platform where sellers have their own profile that contain their transactions, uploaded products with their unique codes. These codes can be shared with their buyers anytime via link where the buyer just has to click and pay for the product by credit/debit or even by cash if that’s the preference! • What problems are you solving? They majority of Bahrainis have their own businesses or side projects on social media platforms because its convenient and


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Rowad Magazine Issue #17  
Rowad Magazine Issue #17