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Issue 2, June 2012 Table of Contents:

II ADA Literature Majlis

Page 2 Taleh Ziyadov presents his new book

ADA celebrated the great Azerbaijani playwright Jafar Jabbarly at the book center.

Page 2 Book Club discusses Steve Jobs at the book café



Page 3 Literature Majlis commemorates Jafar Jabbarly

Page 4 Book Center recommends books for summer reading

Page 5 Book Center hosts PTC company’s “Let’s read books” campaign


And here comes the summer… As we transition into a fresh new season, our thoughts drift away to the sandy

“What good is the warmth of summer, without the cold of winter to give it sweetness.”

beaches of the Caspian Sea, the forests of the Caucasus Mountains, or somewhere else abroad for a sunny summer rest. Now that the school is out and the vacation time is just around the corner, for many, it is time to make leisurely plans in order to wear off the heavy winter we had in Baku and get thoroughly refreshed for the busy fall season. And one of the most enjoyable activities while on vacation is to read lots of books! We at the ADA bookstore decided to

― John Steinbeck, Travels with Charley: In Search of America

take this chance and pick some interesting books for you to help you feed your mind when the Sun feeds your skin. After reading about our activities past month, help yourself with a wide selection of books later on the newsletter! - Rovshana Samadova, ADA Book Center Manager

Issue 2, June 2012

“The core of a successful hub strategy for Azerbaijan should include development of transportation and logistics projects under a Free Economic Zone (FEZ) and Production Sharing Agreement (PSA) schemes, which could stimulate foreign direct investment into non-oil economy and revive non-oil trade in the region”. - Taleh Ziyadov

Book presentation “Azerbaijan as a Regional Hub in Central Eurasia” On May 15, ADA Book Center hosted a public presentation of a newly released book of Azerbaijan Diplomatic Academy (ADA) entitled “Azerbaijan as a Regional Hub in Central Eurasia”. The book is a result of a yearlong research led by ADA’s Research Fellow and the author of the book, Taleh Ziyadov. The study provides a strategic

analysis of the Euro-Asian trade, transportation and logistics networks through Central Eurasia, identifying key strategies for Azerbaijan. It proposes an integrated ‘bird’s eye approach’ in developing the country’s nonoil economy and offers one of many views on what “Azerbaijan 2030” hub vision may look like and how it could be implemented.

The presentation was attended by representatives of various international organizations and ministries interested in the transportation issues, as well as ADA faculty, students and staff. After the presentation, the audience engaged in a lively discussion about the interesting topics covered in the book.

AAA book club discusses Steve Jobs at ADA book cafe The US-educated alumni of AAA held their monthly book club meeting at the ADA book café on May 6. The topic of discussion this time was a book about the Apple co-founder Steve Jobs. The biography “Steve Jobs: The Exclusive Biography” is written by Walter Isaacson. Around 15 book-loving alumni shared their thoughts and insights about the greatest innovator of our times, Steve Jobs.


Issue 2, June 2012


II ADA Literature Majlis Remembering Jafar Jabbarly… On May 14, Azerbaijan Diplomatic Academy held the second Literature Majlis at ADA Book Center. The event was dedicated to the famous Azerbaijani playwright, poet, screenwriter and director Jafar Jabbarly. Rector of ADA, Ambassador Hafiz Pashayev delivered the welcoming remarks, and shared his fond memories from the times when Jabbarly lived. Among several distinguished guests were researchers, who studied Jabbary’s literary works, Tahira Mammad and Arif Rustamli. They acquianted the students and guests with Jabbarly’s works

sharing interesting details and jointly organized by ADA Book facts about his creative life. Center and AZTV Medeniyyet channel. The project was initatied Peoples artist Azer Zeynalov and by the bachelor students of ADA. Zemfira Ismayilova performed an The aim of the event is to take aria from Jabbarly’s play “Sevil”, literature out of the classroom, to accompanied by a piano player learn it in an interactive manner Malahat Ismayilova. Jabbarly’s and analyze it together with the daughter Gulara Jabbarly and his masters of this field. grandchildren were among the honorable guests, who shared their memories and expressed “I and my family are thankful to their gratitude for organizing ADA students and staff for such an event. remembering and enlivening ADA’s Drama Club students successfully played an excerpt from Jabbarly’s “Sevil”.

the memories of Jabbarly”. - Gulara Jabbarly

ADA Literature Majlis is a project


Issue 2, June 2012

ADA Bookstore recommends the following books for summer

Элла Рубинштейн, прекрасная жена и образцовая мать, жила спокойно и благополучно. Элла и представить себе не могла, как круто изменится ее жизнь, когда ей попадет в руки рукопись никому не известного автора.

Bu romanda ikili qiyməәtləәndirməәdəәn, məәrkəәzin kəәnar üzəәrindəә, mütləәqin nisbi qarşısında, ehkamın təәhlil üzəәrindəә ağalığından imtina, patiş, intertekstuallıq, semiotika vəә s. kimi anlayışlardan söhbəәt açılır.

Знаменитый дегустатор и кулинарный критик на пороге смерти пытается вспомнить тот дивный вкус, который ему хочется ощутить в последний раз. Он перебирает в памяти свои вкусовые ощущения с раннего детства, от самых простых до самых экзотических.

Over the long and warm days, Ellie and a stranger from Rathmoye form an illicit attachment. And those in the town can only watch, holding their tongues, as passion, love and fate take their inevitable course.

In this compelling book, Paul Mason sets out to explore the causes and consequences of a new wave of struggle. From London to Cairo, Wisconsin to Tehran, he charts the new forms of collective action: fluid networks of agile, Twitter- and Facebook-savvy networks of youthful protesters who understand how power works.

Orxan Pamuk bu romanında Türkiyəәnin şəәrqindəә islam təәməәlçiliyi vəә qəәrbləәşməә cəәrəәyanlarının necəә üz-üzəә gəәldiyini, insan taleləәrindəә necəә ağır yaralar açdığını yüksəәk səәnəәtkarlıq vəә inandırıcılıqla göstəәrəә bilmişdir.


Issue 2, June 2012

“Let’s read books” campaign PTC Child Development and Childcare Training Company and ADA Book Center jointly organized an event within the “Let’s read books” campaign on May 29. The event was dedicated to International Children’s Day (June 1) and the one-year anniversary of the PTC company.

“Organizing such events is very important in raising awareness about developing book reading habits in children”. - Guler Ahmadova, MP

The objective of the event was to promote and develop book reading habits in kids at an early age. 50 kids and their parents, as well as Members of Parliament, children’s writers and NGO representatives working in the field of children’s issues attended the event. Book reading activities and a contest were held for the kids and the winning teams received presents. A dance group from Children’s Philarmony, as well as piano performers entertained the guests.

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