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We bring the Fresh World together UK

Roveg The Product. The People. The Passion.

Vegetables, fruit and exotics. That’s our

special vegetables and is known throughout

world and we know it like the back of our

the world as a supplier of and specialist in

hand. We know where the most delicious

the ripening of exotics like avocados and

products are grown and the best way to

mangos. We make sure that your products

transport them. Roveg supplies and

are delivered just in time and as specified.

markets a wide range of exotic fruit and

The quality of an end product starts at

seamlessly suit demand from the global

the source: intensive collaboration with

market. Sustainability, continuity and

growers. Each and every one of them love

long-term relationships are all key concepts.

what they do and are passionate about

We also believe in the importance of

their products. We offer growers support,

transparent agreements and the

working with them to ensure that harvests

performance of social audits.

Ethical products thanks to intensive collaboration with growers

Certification, food safety and corporate social responsibility

Roveg selects partners that share its

worldwide with quality programmes

respect for people, the planet and society.

designed to achieve the very highest

Our commitment goes hand in hand with

standards. We can also be relied on to

certification by KRAV, Skal, AEO, IFS and

take care of the customs facilities, quality

BRC. We support growers and carriers

marks and certificates required.

We deliver from the grower to the warehouse.

guaranteed quality products received just in

Our innovative ripening systems allow you

time to ensure freshness. This enables you

to truly profit from trends such as ready-to-

to provide your customers with the custom

eat products. We make the entire process

service they desire.

easy for you, consistently supplying you with

Ready-to-eat thanks to innovative ripening systems

An extensive product range

Our international network allows us

products are also grown organically.

to supply customers with hundreds of

Our management of the entire process

different types of vegetables, fruit and

and quality controls guarantee that

exotics. These range from avocados to

customers are supplied with a wide range

mangos to traditional products like citrus

of high-quality, delicious produce all

fruit, melons and tomatoes. Many of these

year round.

We aim for long-term relationships with our

can truly cater to consumers with ready-to-

trade partners and are happy to share our

eat products. We help partners maximise

categorical knowledge with them. We know

their return with professional shop displays

how to really profit from the seasons in

and special promotions.

a distinct and original way and also how you

The product and presentation make the difference

Get to know a global player

We would love to get to know you. With

you achieve your specific aims and also

our international network, Roveg is re-

for more information about the quality

presented throughout the world, coordi-

and reliability that Roveg stands for. We

nating business via our branches in the

will be pleased to assist you in any of 16

Netherlands, Spain, Russia and Chile.

different languages.

Contact us to find out how we could help






Marketing concepts or private label

Roveg has various marketing concepts to

tional material is available for all of them. If

offer, such as Puro Gusto, Pura Vida, Puro

you would prefer to opt for a private label

Mundo (organic), Puro Fresco and Puro De-

concept instead, we can arrange this for you

licio. Each is a brand with its own story, and

too. Please contact us to discuss the many

unique packaging and supporting promo-


Here at Roveg, we package your products

ration the shelf life of products, the desired

the way you want them. We are always

look and transport requirements. Again, the

happy to advise you on packaging materials

options are almost endless.

and other options too, taking into conside-

Various packaging possibilities


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