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pH in soil MEASUREMENT ROBOT The pH in soil MEASUREMENT ROBOT is a member of the MINILAB Robotic Series and offers a reliable, fast and cost effective solution for the automation for the measurement of pH in soil, and the addition of CaCl or KCl or H2O


Robotic Series

The unit has a compact design, but can hold many samples. The MiniLab 1200 is 1200mm wide and can hold 2 racks of each 100sample cups The Minilab 2000 is 2000mm wide and can hold 4 racks of each 100 samples Other option are also possible. The system can have 1 or 2 pH electrodes. The system can add you CaCl or KCl or H2O2 and stirr the sample. The system can perform automatic calibration for these parameters. Controls can be measured at a set interval.

Standards and Controls for automatic calibration and checks.

Optional washing system, to clean tray with 100 samples cups

Measuring pH, Manipulator here with two electrodes, stirrers and dosing needles. Trays of 100cups

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Ph in soil 01 rouwette consultancy  
Ph in soil 01 rouwette consultancy