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Handbook of Peace and Conflict Studies Edited by Charles Webel, University of Tromsø, Norway and Johan Galtung, European University Center for Peace Studies, Austria This major new Handbook provides a cutting-edge and transdisciplinary overview of the main issues, debates, state-of-the-art methods, and key concepts in peace and conflict studies today. The fields of peace and conflict studies have grown exponentially since being initiated by Professor Johan Galtung half a century ago. They have forged a transdisciplinary and professional identity distinct from security studies, political science, and international relations. Each section features new essays by distinguished international scholars and professionals working in peace studies and conflict resolution and transformation. Drawing from a wide range of theoretical, methodological, and political positions, the editors and contributors offer topical and enduring approaches to peace and conflict studies.

Selected Contents: Introduction 1. Toward a Philosophy and Metapsychology of Peace 2. Peace by Peaceful Conflict Transformation: The Transcend Approach Part 1: Understanding and Transforming Conflict 3. Negotiation 4. Mediation 5. Former Yugoslavia and Iraq: A Comparative Analysis of International Conflict Mismanagement 6. Peace Studies and Peace Politics: Multicultural Common Security in North-South Conflict Situations 7. Disarmament 8. Nuclear Disarmament Part 2: Creating Peace 9. Peace and Conflict Counseling and Training: The Transcend Approach 10. Nonviolence – More Than the Absence of Violence 11. Human Rights / Peace Processes 12. Reconciliation 13. Peace as a Self-Regulating Process Part 3: Supporting Peace 14. Gender and Peace: Towards a Gender-Inclusive Holistic Perspective 15. Peace Business 16. Peace Journalism 17. Peace Psychology: Theory and Practice 18. Rethinking Peace Education Part 4: Peace Across the Disciplines 19. Peace Studies as a Transdisciplinary Project 20. The Spirit of War and the Spirit of Peace: Understanding the Role of Religion 21. International Law: Amid Power, Order and Justice 22. The Language Game of Peace 23. Peace and the Arts 24. Peace through Health? Conclusion

The Handbook of Peace and Conflict Studies will be essential reading for students of peace studies, conflict studies and conflict resolution. It will also be of interest and use to practitioners in conflict resolution and NGOs, as well as policy makers and diplomats.

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Handbooks 2008 (UK)  

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Handbooks 2008 (UK)  

Handbooks 2008 Catalogue for European, Asian, African and Australian Markets from Routledge, Taylor & Francis Group.

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