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Handbook of Japanese Culture and Society

Routledge Companion to International Business Coaching

Edited by Theodore C. Bestor, and Victoria Bestor, both at Harvard University, USA

Edited by Michel Moral, University of Paris VIII, France and Geoffrey Abbott, Institute of Executive Coaching, Australia

The Handbook of Japanese Culture and Society is an interdisciplinary resource that focuses on contemporary Japan and the social and cultural trends that are important at the beginning of the twenty-first century. This Handbook provides a cutting-edge and comprehensive survey of significant phenomena, institutions, and directions in Japan today, on issues ranging from gender and family, the environment, race and ethnicity, and urban life, to popular culture and electronic media. As such, it is an invaluable reference tool for anyone interested in Japan’s culture and society. Selected Contents: Japan at Mid-Century: From Radio Tokyo to the Tokyo Olympics Peter Duus Cultural Approaches to Political Identity and Discourse David Leheny Politics, Language and Society Nanette Gottlieb Religion in Contemporary Japanese Lives Mark Mullins War and Memory Alexis Dudden Identity and Status Social Class and Identity David Slater The Politics of Gender Robin Le Blanc The Japanese Family in Flux Merry White Race, Ethnicity and Minorities in Japan Richard Siddle Life on the Margins: the Homeless, Migrant Workers, and the Disabled Carolyn Stevens Queer Culture Mark McLelland Mizushobai and Sex Industries Haeng-ja Sachiko Chung Aging and Social Welfare Leng Leng Thang Urban Landscapes Paul Waley Architecture and the Built Environment Bill Coaldrake Cultural Flows: Japan and East Asia Koichi Iwabuchi Japanese Education Roger Goodman Law and Society Lawrence Repeta The Rise of the Civil Sector Akihiro Ogawa Popular Japanese Literature and the Culture of Publishing Stephen Snyder Japanese Manga and Anime Susan Napier Japanese Film and Television Aaron Gerow Music Culture Ian Condry Sports Culture William Kelly Japanese Cuisine and Food Culture Ted and Vickey Bestor October 2008: 246x174: 624pp Hb: 978-0-415-43649-6: £95.00

An effective coach can help the business leader make sense of the challenges and complexities of modern international business, unlocking the potential of both leader and organization. This important new Handbook offers the first comprehensive and detailed introduction to the theory and practice of international business coaching, drawing on the very latest academic research as well as real-world examples of international best practice. The Routledge Companion to International Business Coaching is essential reading for all trainee business coaches, all students of coaching theory and method, and for all business leaders looking to better understand the role of the modern business coach. Selected Contents: 1. An Overview of International Business Coaching 2. Coaching to the Hidden Cultural Frames in Individuals and Organizations 3. Coaching for Meaning Making in International Organizations: Paradox and Complexity 4. Executive Team Coaching in Multinational Companies 5. International Coaching Seen from a Global Human Resources Perspective 6. Person/Organization Fit: What Makes for a Successful Global Coach and How to Select One 7. Coaching Through Mergers and Acquisitions 8. Coaching for Acculturation: Coaching Across the Affective, Behavioural and Cognitive Domains 9. When Far East Meets West: Seeking Cultural Synthesis through Coaching 10. Coaching Different Management Styles between Eastern and Western Europe 11. Enhancing Communication Skills and Awareness for Managers in Intercultural Contexts 12. Tools of Intercultural Coaching: Balancing Face-to-Face Craftmanship with Scientific Efficiency 13. Cultural Dimensions: Coaching to Leverage Differences 14. Coaching a Bi or Multicultural Coachee 15. Coaching Short-Term Expatriates for Success: Avoiding the Sink or Swim 16. Global Corporate Venturers 17. Coaching Women Managers in Multinational Companies 18. Coaching Expatriate Couples 19. Uncertainty Management: Coaching Against Burn-out 20. Morphing: Coping With Stress in Complex Intercultural Environments 21. Tandem Coaching: A Breakthrough Approach to Diversity and Coaching 22. Coaching in Developing Economies: The Latin American Experience 23. The Heart of Cross-Cultural Coaching: Inclusion and Presence that Produces Something Greater 24. Ontological Coaching: Meaning and Trust in Organizational Contexts 25. Body and Culture 26. Coaching with Emotion in the Intercultural Context 27. Reflections on the Future of International Business Coaching

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October 2008: 246x174: 375pp Hb: 978-0-415-45875-7: £100.00

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