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Which Is Better? Huawei E5331 OR Unlocked Huawei E586 tml At first, there are strong arguments on Huawei E5331 and Huawei E586 when Huawei E5331 was launched, what are the differences between these two mobile wifi? Is that true that unlocked Huawei E5331 is a replacement for unlocked Huawei E586 wireless 3g router? Today let us review these two Huawei 3g routers to find the answer. Unlocked Huawei E586 is known as a mobile Wi-Fi router which supports 21.6Mbps download speed and 5.76Mbps upload speed, and this back-silver 3g router can support 5 users at one time, and this mobile wifi hotspot is very portable for it is less than 100g, at the same time, Unlocked Huawei E586 works with GSM /GPRS/ EDGE: 850/900/1800/1900MHz and HSPA / HSUPA / HSDPA / UMTS: 2100/900MHz, which makes this 3g router supports more than 90% operators in the globe such as Vodafone,O2, T-Mobile, Orange, etc. At the meanwhile, due to this E586 is five wifi-enabled devices, people can share this device with their friends, family members or workmates, in addition, Unlocked Huawei E586 has a Micro SD card slot, if need, this capacity can be added to 32GB, which is useful for people to store many video and pictures, which is really convenient and enjoyable for people to improve their work efficiency and increase their life pleasure.

However ,compared with Huawei E586, Unlocked Huawei E5331 has more advantanges and benefit to some extend. these 21Mbps routers are unlocked and build in antenna, and they work at the same speed in same 2g/3g bands as Huawei E586, this Huawei E5331 has better compatiblity and more wifi– enabled user supports.For besides support the similar operating system to E586 3g router, this E5331 3g router also supports the new OS version of MacX 10.5 and 10.6. In

addition, the feature of 8 wifi–enabled devices makes huawei E5331 obviously differ from unlocked Huawei E586, this means you can share more enjoyment and information with with people. It can be said that Huawei E5331 isn’t so much designed for individuals as designed for a small group or term,or we can say that this shows more considerate design and better user-friendly experience from Huawei, right ,isn’t ? But whether Huawei E5331 3g router supports up to 32GB storage by Micro SD card slot or not hasn’t known yet, what most important is that Huawei E5331 has a much cheaper price than Unlocked huawei E586, for it only cost $119 while Huawei E586 is still sell at the price of $165 in modem3g. Although both of them are good 3g routers ,I think you should disguwish them when you choose, your choice may be decided by your need, welcome to get your prefer 3g router at modem3g store.

Which Is Better? Huawei E5331 VS Unlocked Huawei E586  

this article mainly talks about the differences between Huawie E5331 and unlocked Huawei E586