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Google Android Tablet PC P107 Amazes the World m_source=document&utm_medium=jane&utm_campaign=Google+android+table t Since iPad released in 2011, it is very popular with people, the advantages of iPad lies in its find display, super battery performance and many kinds of software, but it is too expensive for many people to buy. On the other hand, Apple iPad doesn’t have a lot of ports such as card reader port, USB port, no camera, and the battery can’t be replaced. Due to there is no external expand port of storage, so it can’t be expanded in storage, which may be called “some faults” to some extent. Followed iPad closely since it released, this new Google android tablet adapts Intel N455 with 1.66 clock speed, and comes with 1G DDR3 memory and 9.7inch capacitive touching screen, In addition, it supports Wi-Fi and 3G, you can play 3D video game, watch movies , listen music fast and stable, Most importantly, this battery has a long standby time of more than 7 hours and with phone function, in fact, this Google android tablet comes with android 2.3/4.0 system .but in addition to meet different demands for people , this new android tablet can be installed windows OS, this is so-called dual OS.

Features of Google Android Tablet Multiply Wireless Mode: as one excellent new android tablet Google android tablet PC P107 supports multiple network modes, and you can surf the internet easily with Wi-Fi, as well as fashionable 3g network. In addition, you can surf the webpage by LAN network, you can use this Google android tablet PC replace traditional notebook absolutely. Watch Movie: you can watch movies with high definition in formats of RMVB/RM/AIV, at the meanwhile, you can watch movie online by QQLIVE/Youku/ Tudou . To people who prefer to stay at home, they can watch movie by an ultra-large screen by HDMI port to keep it connected to your Google

android tablet, this means your home is your theater. In addition, this new android tablet supports digital photo player / MP3/MP4 walkman or TV / Radio online e-Book: more like a mobile electronic book house, and customers can enjoy realistic 3D effect. In addition, you can put a text in your Google android tablet and this tablet can directly change text to e-Book, at the meanwhile, you can read more books online, it is very good and useful for student to study. Play Game: QQ/ Fetion/MSM, you can chat with your friends as you pleased, even 360 can do thing to you, you can log in your QQ space to write dairy, and you also can install many kinds of input methods, and the screen of this Google android tablet P107 is easily handwritten Stock Investor Farewell: this new android tablet supports many kinds of stock software such China Merchants Securities, Stock Specialist, you can control the condition simultaneously. Mobile Office: this Google android tablet completely supports Word /Excel/PPT/ PDF, and it is very convenient for the white-collar to do business anytime. Google Map: electronic map, map navigation, which can figure out your location easily and conveniently. This Google android tablet supports s phone functionality (support 2G/3G)

Google Android Tablet PC P107 Amazes the World  

This article mainly takes about the features of Google android tablet