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Are There Any Meratol Side Effects? Meratol side effects? Are there any ? If so, what are they ? Search online for Meratol side effects and it is highly unlikely that a whole lot will be revealed that might be regarded as a side effect. This is because, partially at least, meratol uses only all natural ingredients. Natural ingredients as we understand are less likely to result in any unfavorable reactions. And while several other weight loss products that also use natural constituents have been recognized in some circumstances to cause a bloated feeling, gaseous, or feeling jittery, or all three, there have been no reports concerning this with Meratol. Additionally, the actual ingredients themselves, have each been medically tested individually. This also includes one of the key ingredients: capsicum, which is derived from chilli and fires up our metabolisms. Understood to cause mild stomach irritation in some people, nobody using Meratol has described any soreness. This is probably due to the pH sensitive layer to the capsules, which ensures a slow release of the ingredients. Nevertheless, a common misconception, and one that saturates the public consciousness, and to a certain extent medical wisdom , is that just because something is natural, there are no side effects. This is invariably and basically true, and Meratol is no exception i.e. no side effects. However it is important to mention that evidence is starting to come to the public domain that a few herbal supplements may interact with the metabolisation or action of certain prescription medicines, either by escalating or lessening their effects. For example, St John's Wort, a herbal remedy often used for depression and conditions that sometimes accompany it including anxiety, tiredness, loss of appetite or trouble sleeping, has been demonstrated to interact with a variety of drugs. These medications include the antiviral Invirase, Cyclosporine (anti rejection drug), anti-depressant meds and some cancer meds. Other herbals which interact in some way with prescription drugs include ginko, licorice root, kava, and asian ginseng. The main problem here is lack of research. The supplements we have just mentioned are the only ones on which any purposeful research has been conducted. As far as we are aware, no testing in this regard has taken place on the ingredients of Meratol. That said, if you are not taking any prescription medications, you will most likely experience no side effects with click here. But if you are, it's probably sensible to seek advice from with your doctor just to be sure. The same applies if you are expecting or breastfeeding. You can

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Are There Any Meratol Side Effects?  

Meratol side effects? Do they exist ? If so, what ...