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The Benidorm Bangers Charity Rally thundered into town recently and handed over a whopping 3000 euros to local charities! Full story back page

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May 2018


A word from The Editor Michelle Baker Email: Welcome to May in Benidorm readers!

So what’s happening in May? Well on a national level, May represents Holy Communions in Catholic Spain and Spanish children pledge their faith to the Catholic Church for the first time since their Christening. Celebrated like mini weddings, with the girls dressed in floor length white dresses and the boys in sailor suits they are lovely family occasions and you’ll see evidence of them most Sundays in May in the Old Town of Benidorm, between the two bays. Unusually I haven’t got a communion to go to this year which is a pity as it’s a great opportunity to get dressed up – mind you I was invited to review the 5 star Hotel Servigroup Montiboli recently and that definitely made up for it (see pages 14 and 15). Fingers crossed we’ll get some spectacular weather in May – this has been the LONGEST, and WORST winter I have ever experienced in Spain (and I’ve experienced more than 30), with as interchangeable weather as good old Blighty – in fact I think you had it better than us in April! Never mind, we’re headed into summer now and boy what a busy summer we’re in for! ‘Official’ figures suggest a 2 per cent decrease in bookings from the UK as Brits faith is slowly being restored in previously popular destinations such as Turkey and Egypt. But as far as fast growing UK Tour Operator is concerned Benidorm is Best! Jet2 bookings to their flagship resort Benidorm are massively up as they revealed recently (see page 8 for details) and it’ll be towel space only on the Levante beach we’re sure! Yes Benidorm is definitely flavour of the moment, it’s the town that never sleeps with something for everyone – whether you’re seeking an active, busy holiday, or a quiet and relaxing time you’ll find it here in Benidorm!

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Waterfalls It’s set to be another busy summer for Benidorm

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It’s A Boy!

Wine Tasting Go-Karts Alicante Shopping

Just tell us where you want to go, we’ll do the rest! Tel This is Spain on (0034) 681 216 898 Mon –Fri 9am -3pm

Huge Congratulations to proud grandparents Wayne (Owner of the fabulous Talk of the Coast Cabaret Bar in Benidorm) and his beautiful wife Janet on the arrival of grandson Presley! And what a gorgeous little boy he is!

Best wishes from Mandy and all the team at the Round Town Times.



Spain’s War on Water

The water balance between the wet north, where a third of Spain’s rain falls, and the dry south, where 60 per cent of the land is semi-arid, continues to inflame passions. And the conflict was in the news again last month as it’s been reported that in just 20 days Spain’s longest river, the Ebro, has thrown in to the sea the equivalent of the total amount of water that the whole of Spain consumes in a year! It’s both ironic and shameful to hear that vast amounts of water are constantly wasted into the Mediterranean Sea and that all the south is asking for is a small part of this wasted water to be able to meet the demands for tourist facilities and all-year round Mediterranean vegetables. There’s no doubt the Ebro has plenty to spare. It’s a healthy river and at this time of the year in particular the delta is a

watery landscape. The rice fields are kept flooded thanks to EU agricultural and environmental money that’s granted to sustain the important wildlife in the area but there’s no getting away from the fact that the river does regularly flood. In fact last month when the Ebro flooded a massive 20,000 hectares of land in the Aragon region were totally ruined causing an astronomical 25 million euros worth of damage. It beggars belief and raises again the serious question as to why there simply aren’t sufficient reservoirs and dams in the Aragon region to collect this excess water and channels being built to get it to the regions that need it most? Any opinions readers? Do you think it’s because Spain is such a divided country with its many autonomous regions and regional governments? Write in and tell us at

May 2018


Farewell Bargain Loving Brits Production company Blakeway North TV recently announced that they’re headed south to the Costa Del Sol to film the next series of popular TV documentary Bargain Loving Brits in the Sun. The show that brought catch phrases like ‘a champagne lifestyle on a lemonade budget’ to life has called time on Benidorm so other expats along the coast can have a turn. But Producer Bob Brears who has a soft spot for Benidorm and its posh neighbour Albir is hopeful they’ll return; “This isn’t goodbye – more hasta luego” he assured RoundTown when Happy Days wasn’t happy he announced the decision. Graham about the decision! aka ‘Happy Days’ enjoys star status in Benidorm since appearing on the show and was anything but happy when he heard the news. “I’m gutted our kid” he said. Ahhh, cheer up Graham!


May 2018

Get those Squatters OUT! Let’s say you have rental property that has been vacant and you haven’t been to visit it for a while. When you do go … surprise! You find some uninvited and unwelcome residents living there. Can you kick them out? Well up until NOW here in Spain the answer would have been a resounding NO even though these people are in effect stealing your property, the police would have considered this a civil and not a criminal matter. To get the squatters out, you would have to open a court case and as you probably know most court systems aren’t exactly the epitome of efficiency. The case could take months or even years to resolve.

Until now if you found an unwelcome squatter living on your property or a tenant who had stopped paying the rent you would not have been allowed; to put padlocks on the place to keep them out; to intimidate them in any way; nor to shut off the utilities (even though you would have had to keep paying them) as the courts would have viewed these acts as illegal and as a result you could have been fined! Anyway, it’s good news as the government (although not yet activated) has agreed that property owners should have the right to evict squatters swiftly … in less than 20days … with no need for lengthy and costly court hearings!



May 2018

Benidorm Seriously

Ok so we wouldn’t normally use the words ‘Benidorm’ and ‘Seriously’ in the same sentence … but this fast growing Facebook group which at the time of press has an incredible 76, 313 members (68,000 of which are active) is being taken VERY seriously for as far as we can see, no other website to do with Benidorm is getting as many hits – so much so that Trip Advisor have banned any mention of it on their site! Round Town met with the brains behind the enterprise, husband and wife team Derek and Tracy, to find out what the attraction is and how it all came about? “It started in a fit of temper!” giggled Tracy who has lived in Spain for 11 years. “There were so many websites with false and out of date information pertaining to Benidorm that I felt I had to do something about it!

And so in March of 2015 she started ‘Benidorm Seriously’ posting information about Benidorm and the surrounding area and was overwhelmed by the response. And the rest as they say is history – today they have a legion of followers who ask Tracy and her assistant Jill literally hundreds of questions per day – and they answer each and every one of them personally!

“We actually live and work here so we are able to inform them honestly and accurately. And we build up quite a rapport with regulars and they come and see us whilst they are in Benidorm” says Tracy. “Often bearing gifts of ‘goodies’ from home!” quips Jill from across the office with a grin! “And we meet socially for drinks with members once a week in a different bar in Benidorm each time” adds Derek who also performs nightly in the ‘Blues Brothers Experience’. Whilst we are chatting the posts are rolling in, so what do people want to know? “Well this lady for example is staying at the Bermudas apartments and wants to know where to pick up her keys” says Tracy, “So I will direct her question to the website where we have a review page for every hotel and apartment here where people can ask questions and people who have stayed there before can reply.” But surely it’s very time consuming? “It is!” laughs Tracy, who is a photographer by trade. “I’d love to have a little more time but it is what it is … what started as a hobby has taken over my life!” she adds.

As seen on TV!


Head inland to the Algar Gorge and brave the icy waters of the waterfalls on this fun day out! As seen on TV in ‘Bargain Brits’ and ‘New Life in the Sun’, a day trip to this popular beauty spot will prove the highlight of your holiday!


Jill, Tracy (centre) & Derek

So whether you live here or you’re just on holiday, if you want to keep in touch with Benidorm on Facebook join Benidorm Seriously today. And if you’re already a member, pop along and say ‘Hi’ to Tracy, Derek and Jill – find their office directly behind the Shamrock Pub on the famous Gerona strip in Benidorm.

Top Attraction!

Algar Waterfalls! The Waterfalls at Algar were voted the top local attraction in a poll conducted by Benidorm Seriously. So if you’ve never been now’s your chance because local excursion company ‘This is Spain’ are offering RoundTown readers a whopping 5 euros discount per person if you plan on visiting this May. The waterfalls are located just half an hour drive inland from Benidorm in the village of Algar. It’s been a local beauty spot for decades but was launched into the spotlight after featuring in a number of TV broadcasts in the UK, a couple of years ago in the series Benidorm and more recently in Bargain Loving Brits in the Sun. Whether you actually brave the ice cool waters or not is all part of the fun on this fabulous day out for all the family, but even if you don’t you’ll still love the sightseeing, the scenery and the feeling you’ve been on a real adventure!

Great day out for Stags, Hens & Groups!

Adults 20 euros Kids (under 12) 17 euros Infants (under 3) 5 euros

Includes entrance fee to falls

Book Now! Or call to book in English (0034) 681 216 898

Gat Reg No. CV-m-2052-A

To reserve your seat call ‘This is Spain’ or visit their booking office within the Indoor Market (see location on map in centre pages). Show or quote this voucher to claim your discount. Voucher valid until May31st

€ 5


! F



May 2018



May 2018


Don’t Forget

Spanish Mothers Day Sunday May 6th

Are you worried about your health care in Spain after BREXIT?

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May 2018


Jet2 says Customer is King!

The growth of Jet2 in recent years has been nothing short of remarkable! A holiday tour operator that let’s be honest was almost unheard of in 2014 especially if you weren’t from the north of England - Jet2 are now one of the biggest players when it comes to holidays and nowhere more so than right here in Benidorm! And their presence in resort is powerful. Who hasn’t seen one of their iconic big red trucks driving around day and night helping checkin guests and collecting luggage - totally free of charge, by the way! And who hasn’t had the privilege of speaking with one of their smartly dressed reps so prominent in their stunning red uniforms?

In 2010 Jet2 carried 0.1 million holiday makers abroad – this figure now stands at a impressive 2.5 million. This makes Jet2 the UKs 2nd largest tour operator. So what lies behind the success and the continual growth of this Leeds based company? Well Round Town were invited by Destinations Manager Anne Mountney to a Jet2 presentation recently at the prestigious Hotel Melia. It was hosted by Steve Heapy the CEO of the company and he explained why the nation loves Jet2

• • • • • • • • •

Main reasons to choose Jet2

An incredible portfolio of 3250 Hotels Fly to 70 destinations in 21 countries 22 Kilos baggage allowance! All Infants go free & lots of free child places Friendly flight times from 9 major UK airports Zero credit card fees Pioneers in allocated seating UK based call centres Free resort flight check in

Fighting for the Good of the Travel Industry Since day one of the gastric claim crisis Jet2 have been totally committed to bringing about a change in the law. They have been to parliament to lobby politicians, they’ve worked closely with the police, they’ve even sent private detectives abroad to investigate. And they were delighted to tell us at the presentation that a new law has just been passed putting these “false” claims under a fixed fee regime meaning that they are no longer financially viable to solicitors. And what are Jet2 doing with the “false” claims that have already received and have subsequently been withdrawn? Well they’re not throwing them away! Oh no! Jet2 have handed them over to the Police to treat as attempted fraud. As a result Round Town was thrilled to hear that these people are now being prosecuted and made to pay Anne Mountney Destination Manager for Jet2 here in Benidorm heavy fines and in some cases even face jail.

It is clear “Customer is King” for Jet2! Their excellent customer service and their commitment to the future of the industry combined with their simple yet smart ideas will ensure that they remain number 1 among holiday-makers here in Benidorm for a very long time to come!

Go to for more information


FREE Trips!

Guadalest or the Chocolate Factory?

‘This is Spain’ invite you on a free excursion to visit either Guadalest or the Chocolate Factory. This is how it works …

Why’s it free?

The trip is free because it’s a promotional trip and includes a short promotion of Birmingham based company Natural Health Products (NHP) fabulous sleep enhancing bedding and mattresses. Many readers will be familiar with these trips – affectionately termed ‘Blanket Trips’, and NHP were the first company to offer them right here in Benidorm back in 1985 and we are still going strong in plenty of holiday resorts around Spain, more than THIRTY years later! Our short, informative and surprisingly entertaining presentation certainly makes you understand how a better night’s sleep can improve your health – a topic very much in the press recently - and there is absolutely no obligation to purchase any of the products and you even get a free drink! Then it’s back on the bus to enjoy the ride to your chosen destination; Guadalest or the Chocolate Factory.

Guides Lynn and Wilf

What is ‘Guadalest’?

Guadalest is a 15th century village nestled high in the hills about a forty minute drive inland from Benidorm. The most visited landmark in the whole of the Valencian region, its white washed sleepy streets have remained unspoilt for centuries so it really offers visitors a priceless insight to the Spain of yesteryear – no wonder it’s a tourist hot spot! There are quaint shops, historic landmarks, and museums or you can people watch from one of the street cafés.

Chocolate Factory

Alternatively, on Wednesdays, we visit the Perez chocolate factory in Villa Joyosa. A fishing town south of Benidorm, Villa Joyosa is famous for its chocolate which is exported worldwide, and at the Perez chocolate factory it’s been made in the traditional way since 1892. Follow the process from cocoa bean to tasting the delicious finished product in the quaint shop, where you can purchase chocolate as a souvenir of your trip, if you wish. You’ll learn lots about life in Spain too, from our very knowledgeable British guides Lynn and Wilf – many people tell them it was better than a paid excursion!

May 2018

Every bit as good as a trip that you’d pay for! Coaches depart every weekday from dozens of hotels in Benidorm and Albir. To book your free place, visit the ‘This is Spain’ stall in the indoor market weekdays, or the outdoor market in the aisle marked ‘F’on Wednesday & Sunday mornings. Or simply pick up the phone and call (0034) 681 216 898 Monday to Friday 9am – 3pm.



May 2018


Anxiety Relief WITHOUT “The High”? 5 minutes with …

CBD is one of the many chemical compounds in a class called “cannabinoids” that naturally occur in cannabis plants. While THC is the most famous of cannabinoids for its ability to get us high, CBD is a rapidly rising star for its capacity to deliver mental and physical benefits without the giggles, paranoia, or couch-lock.

How might CBD help you?

Because of the way that CBD acts in the body, it has many potential benefits. Here are just a few:

Natural pain relief or anti-inflammatory properties Insomnia High blood pressure Quitting smoking and drug withdrawals Epilepsy and other mental health disorders Anxiety disorders - Patients with chronic anxiety are often advised to avoid cannabis, as THC can trigger or amplify anxiety and paranoia. However, a recent study suggests that CBD may help to reduce the anxiety felt by people with certain anxiety disorders. Type 1 diabetes Acne Alzheimer’s disease – Initial research has found that CBD is able to prevent the development of social recognition deficit in subjects. This means that CBD could potentially prevent people in the early stages of Alzheimer’s from losing their ability to recognize the faces of people that they know.

So where can you learn more and purchase CBD? At CBD Store Spain you’ll find a team of professionals ready to offer you a free consultation and guide you through an introduction to using CBD. CBD Store Spain ONLY offer high quality CBD oil and they can back this statement up with laboratory reports that have been produced in a 100 per cent biological and natural way. The team recommends

and indeed invites all clients to ask for a copy of these reports when buying any of their CBD products to ensure they’re of a high quality. In their experience many suppliers are unable to do this and thus the chance of you buying and taking home poor quality or harmful substances is extremely high.

To discover more about CBD visit your local CBD Store. In Benidorm (See advert on map page 17 for exact location) or Alfaz del Pi (near Bon Patata Amsterdam). Alternatively log on to the web or call (0034) 615 157 222.

Solange from EasyHire

Meet successful Benidorm business woman Solange, who has lived and worked in Spain for more than 20 years. Solange was born in Holland but at an early age she realised the Netherlands was far too cold and small for her liking and so aged just 16 she set off around the world to broaden her horizons. Approaching the millennium, an older, wiser Solange, now a single mum and armed with a degree in business management, took the decision to move to Benidorm. For 10 years she worked as a Dutch rep holiday and once settled the rest of the family joined her. In 2005 her two brothers, still studying, started to rent mobility scooters … and thus Easyhire was born. While Solange pursued other careers the brothers worked hard to establish Easyhire as a reputable rental company - and they succeeded. So much so that 3 years ago Solange gave up her day job to join the family business full time. Since then Easyhire has opened a second shop and various park and charge areas in resort. They now even have a hire shop on the Caribbean island of Aruba! We caught up with Solange at EasyHire on the Calle Lepanto and asked her to help us with our Five Minute Feature: What was the last thing you bought? A perfume! What’s your most embarrassing moment? I can never remember the names of our repeat customers and when I think I’ve remembered it and I say it out loud … I can tell by the look on their faces that I’ve got it wrong! What song makes you turn up the volume? “Rule the World” by Take That What’s your pet hate – What would you put in Room 101? Terrorism and violence What would be your top tip for others wanting to live the dream in Benidorm? Being happy doesn’t mean that you have to have a perfect life … but being in Benidorm helps!


On the Couch with …

Rachel Warby


May 2018

A en s on T



from The London Hairdressers, Albir

Entrepreneur, Vidal Sassoon stylist, professional hairdressing instructor and one time star of Channel 4’s New life in the sun. Round Town caught up with the lovely Rachel Warby “on the couch” at The London Hairdresser’s in Albir to commemorate the second anniversary of her business. Rachel was featured on Channel 4’s New Life in the sun and we all watched as she struggled to ‘Live the Dream’ two years ago. Here, she tells us some of the ups and downs you don’t see after the camera stops rolling! Having had such an established, successful hairdressing career in the UK why would you move to Spain and specifically to Albir? I have always loved the idea of a new life in the sun and made a decision early on in my career that I would retire to Spain at 60. Then one day in my late 40s I thought ‘why am I leaving this dream till I’m 60 … why not now?’ I already knew southern Spain and Barcelona but couldn’t imagine myself settling in either so I started to look on line at towns in the Alicante Valencia region and I absolutely fell in love with Oliva. It wasn’t meant to be though. When I visited I realised Oliva (although gorgeous) was just too Spanish for me! So quite by chance on my way back to Alicante airport on the Alsa bus I stumbled upon Altea and Albir … and the rest is history! I rented my flat in London, gave my notice in at work, promised my loyal clients that I would fly back once a month to do their hair and I opened The London Hairdresser’s on 20th of April 2016.

Knowing what you know now would you have changed anything? If I’d have done more homework at the beginning I perhaps wouldn’t have opened the salon as quickly as I did. It has been such hard work I’m not going to lie. I’ve only just managed to scale back on my work timetable of 6 days a week with weekends flying back to the UK to work. So I’m really only now starting to enjoy Albir and my new life in the sun.

“I have to say if it wasn’t for the Round Town Times and everything that you guys have done for me - helping to get my business off the ground and continuing to promote it today - I honestly don’t think I’d still be here.” So what’s the secret behind your success? I’m determined. I’m like a dog with a bone when I want something! And I have to say if it wasn’t for the Round Town Times and everything that you guys have done for me - helping to get my business off the ground and continuing to promote it today - I honestly

don’t think I’d still be here. You really do champion new businesses and help get them off the ground. As you know the cameras and crew of the New Life in the Sun programme followed me two years ago but I can’t say that when the programme aired that it really boosted my trade. The director of the programme, however, Piero, became a real friend of mine. He could see that at times I was struggling, here on my own, and he really did take me under his wing and for that I will always be grateful. For others starting out in Spain and wanting to set up a business what advice would you give them? Follow your gut instinct, be true to yourself and ignore “the negative”. Surround yourself with honest, positive people. Have you any plans for expansion? I am going to open a London Hairdresser’s in Bergen Norway (I already have lots of clients in Albir who are from there) and a Hairdressing Training

Academy in Shoreditch. In this way I can roll out all my ideas (and I have loads) to all the salons all over the world. Any regrets? Losing mum before I made it to where I am now … I really wanted to spoil her and unfortunately I lost her while building the Albir business. And what are you most proud of? I’m proud that I’ve managed to find happiness within myself. If all of this (pardon me) went “tits up” tomorrow … it wouldn’t matter because I’m happy and I have a supportive network of positive people around me! In May and June the New Life in the Sun team will be back to do a follow up series on everyone they filmed two years ago and that will be aired on Channel 4 in January 2019. You don’t have to wait that long though to see Rachel you can pop by the London Hairdresser’s in Albir at any time and be “transformed” in to a “Bird of Paradise” by her or one of her team!


May 2018

At the “Mercaloix” you’ll discover a great mix of traders (many British) selling everything from beauty products to electronics, fashion and jewellery to books and cards! There’s also a wide range of services on offer here including a hairdressers, beauty salon, phone and computer repairs. The bars and cafes have got seating areas making it the perfect place to visit for breakfast, a spot of lunch or a coffee with cake while you shop! Find the Indoor Market on the crossroads opposite the Hotel Nereo. And although the times of some individual businesses may vary, the official opening hours are Monday to Saturday from 8am till 6pm - they don’t even close for siesta!

Whatever you fancy … from salads, sandwiches and omelettes, to vegetarian lasagnas and freshly battered cod with lashings of chips … the family friendly Wooky Hollow has the answer. And all kids’ meals include a free drink! The Wooky Hollow Bar is one of the longest established bars in resort, preparing and serving great food and drink all day, every day. Everything is homemade with fresh produce and the kitchen is open 9am till 10pm starting with their famous ‘all day’ breakfast priced at just 3€. Snacks, Main Meals & OAP Deals – Check out the Wooky’s delicious daily specials catering to all taste buds and satisfying all hunger pangs; and if you’re an OAP there’s a meal deal for just 4.50€ including tea or coffee.

Robbie James Nightly Watch all major sporting events and keep up with your favourite soaps in the bar or laze away your day on the terrace outside. The Wooky’s got something to suit all tastes and all ages.

Find the Wooky Hollow on the Calle Gerona next to the Hotel Marina

Stoned Rats

Police inspectors in a town near Buenos Aires in Argentina, were recently questioned about the disappearance of 540 kilos of marijuana from the evidence room, and the best explanation they could come up with was that addicted rats ate it all! It all started in April last year, when a new Commissioner was called in to relieve his partner Javier Specia, as head of the town’s police department. Protocol dictates that in the case of such a transfer of command, a thorough inventory of everything is left in the hands of his successor by the officer who is transferred to another unit be signed. Although the inventory was allegedly conducted, it was never signed by Specia, which made the new Commissioner suspicious. He notified the Division of Internal Affairs of the Police but after much investigation the best they could come up with was that the rats had been in! Really? Really?


Gat Reg No. CV-m-2052-A

Sightseeing Excursions Book your trips at our shop in the Indoor Market


Rent a Bike Amsterdam

Rent a bike on holiday in Benidorm! It’s the most convenient and environmentally friendly way to explore the resort and the surrounding area. If you’re looking to venture to the mountains, walk around resort, sunbathe on the beach, feel the sea breeze on your face … Rent a Bike Amsterdam can provide you with the ideal vehicle to get there. We have years of experience renting all types of vehicles, we offer a personal treatment and we commit ourselves to advise you personally and professionally in order to give you a perfect experience. Language doesn’t need to be a problem either as our staff can speak to you in English. We have a huge range of products to fit every taste and need. We can provide a wide range of bikes, scooters, mobility scooters, quads, buggies and Segways. And with our new additions, the electric

May 2018

bicycles, you’ll be able to cover more kilometres without any effort. Easy and Inexpensive Prices for bike rentals start at just 5€ for 5 hours. Or pay 10€ and you can take it for the whole day … plus you can hand it in free of charge to your hotel at the end of the rental! What could be easier! Prices for Electric Bikes start at 25€ a day; Scooters and Mobility Scooters from 30€; Quads from 29€, Buggies from 70€ and Segways from just 20€ - Incredible prices! And there’s so much more at Rent a Bike Amsterdam … discount tickets for jetskis, karting, local theme and water parks and offers on airport transfers! Rent A Bike Amsterdam is on Calle Berlin 6, behind the Hotel Port Benidorm, just up from the Triangle Pub. For more information and exact location see advert and marker on centre map pages.

Maintain a Happy Healthy Smile

The Vital Reasons Why You Should Replace Missing Teeth The goal of modern dentistry is for each and every patient to keep all their teeth for their entire lifetime. As dental health awareness and dental technology have advanced over the last half century, we now see fewer older people who are missing all their teeth. Still, we find that people may lose a tooth or a few and not think much of it. The reality is that a missing tooth is far more than just a gap in your smile - it can have serious oral, health and psychological effects down the line. Bones are similar to muscles in that if you don’t stimulate them, they will start to deteriorate. The bones in your jaws are stimulated when the force of biting and chewing travels down the root of your teeth into the bone. When you lose even a single tooth, the bone under where the tooth used to be starts to weaken and decrease in density. If you are missing all the teeth on your upper or lower jaw, this effect is even more pronounced and can lead to the face having a sunken and shortened appearance that makes a person look much older. Patients who have lost teeth also experience negative effects on their health and quality of life. Missing teeth can make it

hard for people to eat healthy foods that might be difficult to chew, such as nuts, vegetables and meats. As a result, many patients with missing teeth also suffer from poor nutrition. Missing teeth can also have social consequences, as patients who are self conscious about their appearance or eating ability may avoid social activities that they once enjoyed. If you are missing teeth it’s very important that you look into your options for tooth replacement as soon as possible. The longer you wait to replace a tooth, the worse your problems with bone loss and other consequences will be.

This article was brought to you by Happy Smile Dental Clinic located in Benidorm on the Calle Lepanto between the Hotel Perla and the Avenida Europa. For more information or to make an appointment see advert on page 7.

UB40 Coming Soon

With their Real Labour of Love 40th Anniversary Tour

Following sell out shows in Spain a couple of years ago UB40 are set to return to Torrevieja (just over an hour’s drive from Benidorm) this August. Demand is going to be massive for this one off concert at The Eras de la Sal Stadium on Wednesday 15th August, so make sure you don’t miss out and get in quick! The original line-up of UB40 with Ali Campbell, Astro and Mickey Virtue enjoyed huge success over a period of 30 years from 1979 until 2008, including number 1 album’s and multiple top 10 gold and platinum selling albums not to mention the Grammy nominations and 4 number ones worldwide.


Campbell, the spirit of their old band UB40 was never going to be far from the surface. All three were founding members of the iconic Birmingham reggae troupe who topped the UK singles chart on three occasions and sold 70 million records as they took their smooth yet “rootsy” musical blend to all corners of the globe.

Since 2008 there have been many tribute Having reiterated their groups and former memcredentials as consumbers passing themselves Listen to the ex founding mate live performers off as UB40 but it is ONLY members of the band put a with triumphant gigs of with Ali Campbell, the fresh take on the legendary late in places as far flung legendary voice of UB40, series of albums, focusing as Nigeria, South Africa reunited with Astro and Papua New Guinea, and Mickey that audion reggae tracks that Ali, Mickey and Astro ences are guaranteed to defined the 1980s! are returning to Spain experience the closest this summer … so do thing to the sound of not miss out! the hugely successful original line-up of UB40 as all the hits are Tickets are available to buy NOW from: played. On this tour you’ll also get to hear Ticketmaster, El Corte Inglés, via the webthese three founding members’ and UK regsite or the gae pioneers’ latest take on the genre. ticket hotline number +34 629 056 720. When vocalist Astro and keyboard player Mickey Virtue rejoined forces with Ali

Torrevieja 15th August


May 2018


A Weekend at the Hotel Exclusive, secluded & simply stunning! Every month I review a nearby hotel, so you the reader may consider it for your next stay and this time I was absolutely delighted to be invited to stay at the most prestigious hotel in this area the five star Servigroup Montíboli!

Celebrating 50 Years

With thanks to Hotel Manager Manuel Garcia pictured here with receptionist Francisco, and all the team at Servigroup for a wonderful weekend There is nothing more relaxing than waking to the soothing sound of the waves

Built in 1968 - thus celebrating its 50th birthday this year - the Servigroup Montíboli was the first five star hotel in Alicante, and was immediately identified as the place to go for a luxurious holiday in a secluded and tranquil environment. Indeed the Montíboli has been graced with hundreds of famous people over the decades, from politicians and pop stars to sports personalities and film stars – it even caught the eye of our very own Sir Paul McCartney, seeking peace and quiet post Beatle Mania.

Secluded Location

Part of the prestigious Servigroup hotel chain – who own more than a dozen hotels in Benidorm alone - the Servigroup Montíboli is located in Villajoyosa, the next

town along from Benidorm travelling south. Perched right on the edge of a cliff, and proclaimed as the ‘pearl of the Mediterranean’, the Montíboli enjoys spectacular sea views and has direct access to two fabulous beaches nestled below. Incredibly peaceful and romantic it is absolutely the perfect retreat to celebrate that special occasion like an anniversary or birthday or even a wedding – as my husband and I did back in 1997. The main body of the hotel is a mix of classic and contemporary and the glass fronted restaurant looking out over the sea is perfect for a special lunch or dinner and needless to say the food is exquisite and the service impeccable. Tennis courts, a fabulous spa and a gym complete the resort so you can be as active as you want. Alternatively you can just relax and be pampered with a full range of luxurious beauty treatments to choose from massage to manicures.


Nearly 90% of our guests are repeat guests The food is exquisite AND delicious

The grounds of the hotel are set over several levels brought together by meandering paths and lush vegetation, and for absolute privacy there are a series of private bungalows reserved for exclusive guests hidden away from the main building with private terraces. The pool area literally juts out over the sea and at the base of the hotel is another restaurant leading out onto the beach – making it the perfect venue for a beach wedding and/or reception.

Star Retreat The Hotel Servigroup Montiboli is a popular star retreat and the walls of the reception are lined with proof! Spain’s King Felipe and Queen Sofia, Julio Iglesias, Robert de Niro and Sir Elton John have all stayed here either for a relaxing break or as a base whilst on tour – as did DJ David Guetta last year. But I particularly enjoyed the story of Sir Paul McCartney’s visit in 1972 as relayed in a newspaper article (also on display) which explained how he had seen a photo of the Hotel and seeking anonymity following his Beatlemania days decided to visit. He managed to arrive unnoticed booking under a false name but was rumbled when asked for his passport at reception. But the article says his privacy was respected throughout his stay and he even managed to enjoy a day trip to Benidorm unrecognised and he described the resort as ‘a great place’!

Julio Iglesias, Sir Paul McCartney & DJ David Guetta have all stayed here!


May 2018


Servigroup Montíboli By RoundTown’s Editor Michelle Baker

The five star Hotel Montiboli is located just South of Benidorm in nearby Villajoyosa

Once discovered the Montíboli becomes a firm favourite; “Nearly 90% of our guests are repeats” revealed Hotel Manager Manuel Garcia as he showed me around. And as Manager of the Montíboli for the past twelve years Señor Garcia knows what brings guests back year after year. “This is the attraction” said Señor Garcia spreading his arms and gesturing the magnificent surroundings. “Our guests enjoy the peace and the exclusivity and they like the attention to detail from The restaurant looks over the sea our staff. For example we greet them by name, we reserve them the same room if we can … we remember their favourite wine … and most importantly we respect their privacy – especially if they are famous. You don’t get this with a big hotel in a busy resort”. And he’s right! We were made to feel as special as if we were royalty itself and I absolutely recommend a weekend at the stunning Hotel Montíboli to everybody. It allowed me to recharge my batteries and indulge in some ‘me’ time, away from the stresses of daily life because there is nothing more relaxing than waking to just the sound of the waves!

Romantic Getaway

You can enjoy a weekend break for two people, with two nights bed and breakfast and including a romantic dinner for two all for just 199€ per person. For more information go to

The five star Hotel Montiboli is the perfect setting for your special occasion and a popular wedding location

My husband Paco & I enjoyed a trip down memory lane - we were married at the Montiboli in 1997!


May 2018

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May 2018


A unique experience second to none!

There are five Port Hotels in Benidorm. They are all very different from one another but they have one common aim – to satisfy their guests and to ensure they give them a holiday to remember! Port Benidorm Hotel & Spa: Towering over the stunning white sand Levante Beach and just ten minutes from Benidorm’s town centre, this hotel offers guests the very best of contemporary luxury hotel accommodation. Totally refurbished this 4 star superior hotel has spacious bedrooms, a spa and gymnasium, an outdoor pool, quality dining, entertainment day and night and various in house eating and drinking venues for customers to enjoy during their stay. The Hotel Port Fiesta Park is just a short walk from the famous Jaime I Avenue, one of the most popular shopping streets in Benidorm. It’s also only a few minute’s walk from the Poniente Beach making it the perfect choice for anyone looking to enjoy a city-beach break - the best of both worlds! The Hotel Port Vista Oro is a recently renovated 3-star hotel that enjoys a perfect location in resort – 5 minutes one way to Benidorm’s Old Town with its shops, restaurants and traditional tapas bars and 5 minutes the other to the stunning Levante beach and all that the New Town has to offer!


Dog Poop DNA Testing

Now is the time to take action and get those irresponsible owners who allow their dogs to poo in public spaces and then just walk away to pay up and clean up. The solution to the problem of dog mess lies in dog poop DNA testing and thankfully the Benidorm authorities are set to invest in this very soon!

The Port Fleming is a real family favourite – a comfortable, uncomplicated hotel situated 200 metres from Poniente Beach. The adults only Hotel Port Mar Blau enjoys a second to none location on Benidorm’s Poniente seafront. Guests here can make the most of the Old Town while also enjoying the gentle waves of the Mediterranean from sunrise to sunset.

To find out more telephone in English (0034) 966 803 232 or email

Reportedly Benidorm is working on a unique plan to crack down on pet owners who don’t pick up poo! It’s true … the Town Hall wants to create a database of dogs’ DNA in resort so officials can identify and punish the owners who don’t pick up after their pets! We are all aware that pet poop negligence is a major problem in resort and it is hoped that this measure, (that has already reaped success in neighbouring town Altea), will increase the vigilance on the streets in order to prevent dog-owners from leaving their pets’ poo in public places. Currently police are only able to fine pet-owners if they catch them in the act of leaving excrement behind. Officers do try to investigate cases that are reported after the dog has left the “crime scene” but it is very difficult to detect these infractions.

To create a database, dog owners will be asked, potentially this year, to provide officials with a sample of their canines’ saliva or fur and subsequently the dog will be chipped! Using the database, officers will be able to take samples of dog droppings and then have a lab analyze the faecal findings to determine which pooch plopped the poop. If the lab finds a match within the database, the dog’s owner will face a hefty fine as well as the costs of processing the sample. Benidorm hopes that these measures will improve the health, hygiene and aesthetics of the resort The database plan also means that all police officers will be asked to be on the lookout for poop perpetrators, not just officers in environmental departments. Round Town thinks it’s a fantastic idea!


May 2018


Sea Turtle Saved! Plastic bags, rings and balloons look like food to a hungry sea turtle. But plastics and trash do not belong inside a sea turtle or in the ocean at all. They can lead to a number of environmental problems and they are especially dangerous for marine animals that can become entangled or accidentally ingest these items while feeding. Over 100 million marine animals in fact die each year due to marine debris, according to the Sea Turtle Conservancy. In July 2017 one such turtle found itself in deep water just off the coast of Benidorm having become entangled in one such piece of plastic debris. Luckily the distressed creature was spotted and cared for by one very generous individual who happened to be swimming in the vicinity at the time. And once on dry land and with the plastic removed the turtle was handed over to the safe keeping of the Benidorm Lifeguards. As protocol requires the injured creature was then transported to the specialist marine hospital at the “Oceanográfico” in Valencia that is world-renowned for its dedication to the recovery and conservation of sea animals. The injured turtle (weighing in at a remarkable 7 kilos) was subsequently christened “Benidorm” by the team of specialist doctors and marine biologists at the facility and following nine months of care and rehabilitation Round Town is happy to report that a fit, healthy and extremely happy “Benidorm” was released back in to its

natural habitat last month. During “Benidorms” time in Valencia he underwent three major surgeries without which he would most certainly have lost the fin. Now, back in the wild, “Benidorm” (who Round Town thinks should more appropriately have been named “Lucky”) has been equipped with a “chip” so that his progress and development can be monitored in the coming years by the specialists at the Oceanographic. Just how exciting is that!

How Can We All Help Make a Difference? Remember the 3 R’s - Reduce, Reuse and Recycle. Avoid using disposable plastics whenever possible. Don’t use personal-care products containing “microbeads” Never litter, and always make sure you dispose of your rubbish. Pick up any plastic bottles or trash you find. Get involved in and organize beach cleanups. Use reusable grocery bags and other reusable items. Carry a reusable to-go drinks container instead of disposable cups or water bottles. Recycle as much as possible.

Pamper Yourself at the BeniCaldea Spa! Your personal space haven Fully Open to the Public

Hidden away under the Hotel Ambassador One on the Calle Gerona is the BeniCaldea Wellness Centre & Spa. Access to this magical place is gained by passing the reception desk on your right and descending the steps on your left. Open 7 days a week, from 10am till 10pm, you’ll find everything here from: a sauna, ice rooms, infra red showers, hydro massage, seaweed treatments, UV sun machines, heated relaxation beds and a stunning pool, which is kept at 35 degrees centigrade … total luxury!

The hustle and bustle of Benidorm has never felt so far away!

Special Offers

Enjoy a couple of hours in this stunning Spa for just 15 Euros. Or treat yourself to a “BeniCaldea Experience” including entrance to the spa for 2 hours plus a Thai Massage of 50 minutes for 45€.

Reservations & Information

If you’re interested in spending a couple of hours of complete relaxation why not pop in and “look before you book”. The direct telephone is 965 855 655 (English spoken). The e-mail is and hotels’ general website for more information is

Not many people are aware that all these fantastic installations and ultra modern state of the art facilities are actually open to everyone, whether resident or non-resident at the Ambassador Playa Hotel


May 2018



Benidorm’s favourite Indian Restaurant!

by Pat Lantsbery Our Host Navi

When Navi opened India Gate way back in 2004, there were only two other Indian restaurants in the whole of Benidorm and the surrounding areas. Now I think that there are around 30! But, I have to say that India Gate is still the best for me. Maybe because Navi was born and bred in India, and learnt all his skills in cooking and blending spices there, before coming here and setting up in Benidorm. When we popped in, it was only 7pm (which is very early to eat in Spain) the place was packed, and within the hour they were actually having to turn people away who hadn’t booked, and this was just an ordinary Thursday evening. That’s how good it is!

Special Meal for Two

India Gate is perfect for a long lingering meal, as they do a set meal for two people for 39 euros, which includes a bottle of wine or two pints of beer. After the poppadoms and 5 dips, there is a choice of several starters, such as Tandoori chicken, pakoras and onion bhajis, followed by any one of twelve different curries Korma, Tikka Masala, etc, with lamb, chicken or vegetable and all served with any naan and any rice. Excellent value at less than 20 euros a head for the whole lot!

Whole Range of Dips

Delectable Mains

Attention to Detail – “Would you like that mild, medium or hot?”

But the night we visited, it was only for a quick curry on our way home, so we just had the poppadoms with the gorgeous dips, some mild and some hot, a perfect start to our meal. We followed this with my favourite Chicken Jalfrezi, and my husband tried, for the first time King Prawn Mango, which was delicious, mild and sweet and very different from the usual curries. The waiters always ask if you want your meal medium or hot, so I always choose my Jalfrezi medium which is as hot as I like. I don’t like the “heat” to detract from the flavours of the spices, which Navi has sent over especially from India, so they are really authentic. We had a peshwari naan between us which had a beautiful coconut flavour and arrived at the table piping hot. We also had a bottle of house wine, which was 10 euros.

Everyone … quite literally “Everyone” is Catered For!

There is a really comprehensive menu from which to choose, with 22 starters from fish tikka to special India Gate soup (which they say is a surprise!), onion bhaji to a mixed starter, prices ranging from 3.50€ to 10.50€, so something for everyone. Then there are no less than 90 main courses (priced from 6.50€), with lamb, chicken, vegetable or king prawns with Dansak, Kashmiri, Rogan Josh, Balti, Vindaloo (if you dare) and special Karai dishes. There are 40 different rices, naans and vegetable accompaniments to go with your meal. And what about if you don’t like curry (I suppose there must be someone!), well fear not, they also do the old Brit favourite, fish and chips, chicken breast with chips and salad, nuggets for the children and even pizza … so what’s not to like at India Gate? Although we mostly expect the children to go for nuggets, there was a little boy at the table next to ours who asked for a children’s Korma, and although he was only three years old, he really tucked into it, bless him! He was so well behaved too, good lad, Isaac from Bolton.

It’s the “little” things that set it apart from the REST! We never have room for pudding but they do a range of India desserts, Lassi, Kulfi etc as well as homemade ice creams of pistachio or mango.

Smart, Efficient, Friendly India Gate Team Excellent Chefs

India gate is careful about the little things which, in my opinion, make a restaurant special. The table cloths are crisp and white as are the serviettes, the staff are quick, efficient and immaculately dressed all with fresh white shirts, the plates arrive warm at the table, and as soon as a table is empty, it is not only re-laid quickly but they also sweep any bits up off the floor before showing new clients to the table. Everywhere is so clean, and you can actually see into the whole of the kitchen and watch the chefs preparing the food. So if you want a perfect Indian meal, be it a quick curry, as we did or a celebratory meal for 2, 12 or 20 people, go to India Gate … but remember to book to avoid disappointment especially if you are a large party. It was April when I visited so not warm enough to sit outside, but as the nights get warmer, it is fascinating to sit outside in the street which has become famous for the amount of different restaurants it boasts, and soak up the many sights and sounds of Benidorm you will be amazed at what you see!

Find India Gate at the Old Town end of the famous Calle Gerona Strip (near the Madeira Centre Hotel). For bookings call 636 059 785. Open daily from 6pm till late. You will NOT be disappointed!

Thank you, Navi and your staff, for another great evening!


May 2018



May 2018

Spain Can’t Wait for Eurovision!

Spain is hoping to improve on its laughable result last year in the Eurovision Song Contest with a romantic ballad between a Catalan boy and a girl from Pamplona. 20 year old Alfred García from a town just outside Barcelona teamed up with 19 year old Amaia Romero to win this year’s national television talent show “Operación Triunfo” – basically Spain’s equivalent the X-Factor - with their love song “Tu Cancion” (Your Song). The young couple were selected in a public vote to represent Spain in the 2018 competition which will take place in Lisbon on 11th of May. The pair who sing in Spanish while playing grand pianos hope that they will perform better in the competition than last year’s contestant, Manel Navarro, whose performance on the night became the butt


Zero Tolerance

of a thousand online jokes While last year’s entry was an annoyingly repetitive pop song sung in English by a self-styled surfer dude who ended the competition last in 26th place, this year’s entry is a soulful romantic ballad written specifically for the duo by a popular Spanish composer.

What a Claim to Fame!

Spain hasn’t fared well in the competition, winning only twice in its history and one of those wins was secured by dictator Franco buying votes. But Spain does have the dubious honour of being one of the countries to receive the most “nul points” in the history of Eurovision. Both Alfred and Amaia are studying music at university but can they break Spain’s Eurovision curse?

Fingers crossed!

Kid Gets Drunk - Mum and Dad Gets Fined! Fair? The legal age to drink in Spain is 18, yet the latest evidence speaks for itself – 68 per cent of 13 to 18 year olds in Spain admit to drinking alcohol on a regular basis. More than a quarter admit to having been “drunk” in the last month and more than half say that they’ve recently attended a “botellón” - a drinking party in the street - with alcohol! Spain has a problem and year on year it’s getting worse. The government has released figures showing that each year more than 5,000 youngsters are admitted to Spanish hospitals with alcohol poisoning. And this is why the alcohol crisis among adolescents has once again hit the headlines. But working out who is to blame and how to resolve the situation is not easy! The government is talking of putting in place a “zero tolerance” law that focuses

its attentions on the responsibility of the parent. While many believe that “education” should begin at home mums and dads argue that at the end of the day it isn’t them selling the alcohol to the kids; nor them allowing their children in to discos and clubs for plus 18 years without correct identification; nor letting them have “botellóns” (drinking parties) in the street. Now the government wants to fine parents when their children are found drunk. But Mums and Dads, however, don’t think this is fair.

We’d love to know what our Round Town readers feel about this? Is this problem all down to the parents or should society as a whole (and the ruling government) take more responsibility? Send your thoughts in to


Hotel Loyalty Programmes are totally Worth It! … even if you don’t travel often! When you hear the phrase “hotel loyalty programme” what comes to mind? Is it a young, suited and booted high-flying business man checking in to his sixth Hilton suite this month? If so, there is a strong case to be made that hotel loyalty programmes are not what you think they are – and it’s time to start making the most of what they can offer! Introducing the Medplaya AMIGO Card! Successful Spanish hotel chain Medplaya now has 16 hotels in Spain: five that we all know and love in Benidorm including the Rio Park, Regente, Riudor, Flamingo Oasis and the recently acquired Agir, three on the Costa Brava, one in Calella, three in Salou and four on the Costa del Sol. Use your AMIGO points in ANY Medplaya Hotel No matter which Medplaya hotel you choose to stay in you are guaranteed a great holiday. You’re also made to feel extra special and valued because Medplaya recognizes and rewards loyalty through its Amigo card scheme. With the Amigo card you can earn points when booking one of their hotels that can be redeemed for discounts and exclusive benefits in any of the 16 hotels. And the more you stay at Medplaya hotels, the more benefits you get. You can exchange points for discounts on the price of your room or you can use them to pay for drinks; wine with your meals; late check out; safe hire; spa circuits; souvenirs and much, much more!

The Perks are NOT just for the BIG Spenders! And don’t think you have to rack up tons of hotel stays to start cashing in on the Medplaya AMIGO benefits - just by signing up you receive 20 points. Travelling and enjoying your holidays has never been this easy! If you’re currently on holiday with Medplaya ask for a registration form and when completed hand it in at the Customer Relations desk. Thousands of AMIGO members are already enjoying these benefits, so what are you waiting for … sign up and start enjoying yours now!

For more information go to

May 2018



May 2018



Eat Your Way around the World Introducing Fabrizio’s

There’s a new eating house in town and it’s called Fabrizio’s. Located in the Old Town near the Magic Fenecia Hotel this international restaurant offers hundreds of sinfully delicious signature dishes from all around the world … that you simply have to try!

No time like the present!

There are thousands of great restaurants to enjoy in Benidorm but none – as far as Round Town are aware anyway - that offer dishes from quite literally all corners of the globe like Fabrizio’s! If you’re looking to try a Greek Moussaka, a Chilean Curanto (a feast of seafood and meat), an Italian Ossobucco, a French Beef Bourguignon or Coq au Vin, Argentinian Asado de Tira (short ribs) or Brasilian Feijoada (black bean and meat stew) … or you simply fancy an International menu that offers both pizza and paella, fish & chips and fajitas, burgers and salads, then Fabrizio’s is THE PLACE! Owner and Head Chef Mario has worked for thirty years in restaurants overseas. And all of the afore-mentioned dishes are Mario favourites hence why they’re all prepared with tender loving care. “Why restrict a restaurant to just one type of food!” he says “when I love and can make lots!” And let’s not forget the Fabrizio 3 course menu of the day which includes your bread and a drink for the amazing price of 8 euros. You simply can’t cook at home for that sort of money and there’s the added bonus of no washing up when you’re finished!



Fabrizio offer signature dishes from all around the world, taking Mexican beyond fajitas and Italy beyond pasta!

Take a seat in the restaurant and enjoy a cosy brunch, lunch or dinner or simply swing by the bar for a quick appetizer or our 8 euro menu of the day!

T 8 EUROS! MENU OF THE DAY FOR JUS ding drink and fresh bread.

Av ail ab le ev er y da y!

3 Courses inclu Chef Prepared from Scratch


The BEST New Orleans Style Barbecue Spare Ribs Served with Fries! Enjoy FREE WiFi & Watch all your favourite Sports on the Bar’s Big Screen

Only the BEST Colombian Coffee for 80 Cents! Fine Dining or Fast and Friendly

Fabrizio’s has been specifically designed to cater for two different types of clientele. It’s a restaurant of two halves ensuring ALL customers enjoy their experience! There’s a quieter, cosier section with linen table cloths and napkins for those wishing to try one of Mario’s international dishes “a la carte” and there’s a bar/cafeteria area with Sky Sports available on a large TV screen ideal for all those “on the go” who are wanting to take advantage of the menu of the day or partake in a beer or two and a burger.

Find Fabrizio’s Restaurant two streets up from Benidorm Port and Dove Park, not far from The Magic Fenecia Hotel in Calle Roldán 3. To reserve a table call 660 731 459.

There’s Panic in Palma

The Mayor of Palma wants to ban holiday homes in the capital, because he says the high numbers of tourists visiting mean locals can’t find a place to live as a result of property prices surging! And he has warned property owners that if they defy the ban and honour the bookings they have already taken from visitors to the island this summer they risk being slapped with a 40,000 euro fine. Wow! Until now, there has been very little regulation on holiday rental properties in Spain but recently, new rules were introduced by the local Balearic Island government which require rental villas to carry a licence in order to operate. Holiday apartments were not, however, included in the new law and so are still technically unregulated and therefore illegal. Concerned holidaymakers who have booked a city break in the Spanish city have been bombarding rental websites with concerns that they could find themselves homeless on arrival. Rental companies and Industry sources meanwhile are convinced

May 2018

that there is very little chance of the ban coming into effect this summer. They say that such a law simply isn’t legally binding, as it would have to be approved by the regional government of the Balearics (the Govern Balear), which covers Mallorca, Menorca, Ibiza and Formentera. It is true that the Tourism Department of the “Govern Balear” is currently in the process of drafting new regulations to tackle the holiday rental industry but these are not due to come into effect before the beginning of 2019, at the earliest. The Town Hall of Palma has reiterated that it has every intention to carry out the ban on all short-stay apartment rentals in the city this summer, even if the regional law is not passed in time. But according to insiders, the Mayor of Palma is very new to the job and many feel that he is simply trying to make a name for himself! We’ll have to wait and see. Watch this space readers and rest assured the Round Town Times will keep you posted!

TRY a Fabrizio Burger! 3€ for the Basic Burger 8€ for the Double Burger with all the Trimmings

Fabrizio’s is on Calle de Roldán 3 – two streets up from Benidorm Port and Dove Park in the Old Town (very near Hotel Magic Fenicia). Open 7 days a week from 7am till Midnight.


May 2018


Coco – Is it a Cat or a Dog?

Brought to you by the Vet’s Clinic in La Cala Coco is a two year old male cat belonging to Martina. Martina has many cats and dogs so she is a regular at the clinic! For weeks Coco suffered with red, inflamed eyes (as in photograph) and yet every other pet in Martina’s household was completely healthy. It was a mystery! We tried different eye drops and injections too but Coco´s eyes did not improve! So after consulting with an eye vet specialist we decided to run some further tests to check for illnesses like Leukemia, cat AIDS, Toxoplasmosis, etc. But everything came back clear! We are four qualified vets at the clinic and we were all puzzled by Coco´s problem! I would ask myself over and over again what on earth this cat’s problem could be! Then I thought that maybe I had to think “out of the box” and change the question to: “what could this ANIMAL’S problem be?” In Mediterranean countries there is a well known disease, spread by the sand fly, called Leishmaniasis which affects dogs and in theory NOT cats! But in dogs it does sometimes produce uveitis (redness of the eye) and/or inflammation inside the eye. So it took just one quick call to the lab (that had run the previous tests) to check if they still had any of Coco’s blood to check for Leishmaniasis in cats? They had the blood

we ran the test and guess what … Bingo! Not only did it come back positive but it was decidedly positive! Finding Leishmaniasis in cats is like someone seeing a ghost … let me tell you, it is NOT the norm! In Coco’s case all’s well that ends well. We now know what Coco´s problem is and we are able to treat it! Coco should now improve quickly as his general health is good. Sometimes a vet’s job can prove very challenging! You need to have a bit of Sherlock Holmes in you! Let’s hope that Coco’s case is a “one off ” though and that the Leishmaniasis doesn’t affect any more cats!

This article was supplied by Felipe Lopez Dugarry (former MRCVS) of the Clínica Veterinaria, La Cala Benidorm. (On main Avenida Vila Joiosa road next to Galp Tangerina petrol station). For appointments see advert adjacent.


Message from Mayor Vicente Arqués “May is a great month for getting to know Alfaz and Albir better. The weather’s great, the days are longer and it’s ideal for dining “al fresco” in one of the many fabulous eateries. We’ve got the “La Creueta” fiestas over the first weekend and so many more cultural and social events throughout the month! Just visit one of the tourist information offices to find out more.”

May 2018


Weekend of Fiestas in Alfaz this May! Alfaz celebrate their “Fiestas de la Creueta” over the first weekend in May with plenty free, outdoor entertainment from morning till night. Everything starts on the Friday night at the “Creueta” itself and following all the traditional religious acts the partying gets under way. Saturday daytime is always dedicated to the little ones with free bouncy castles and other activities from approximately 11am in the morning, breaking for lunch and continuing later at 4pm. Then at night there’s live music and dancing in the street until the early hours … usually accompanied by an open air bar adjacent

Starting Friday 4th to Sunday 6th

to keep the party going! Sunday morning sees an impressive street procession of this year’s elected Queens and other town dignitaries in all their finery followed by a special Sunday service at the local church. The afternoon is then jampacked full of traditional dance performances and popular games. “La Creueta”refers to the area that houses a small statue located just up from the chemist at the bottom of the town and it is in this area where all the festivities take place.

La Creueta Traditional Dancing

LED Lighting Coming Soon! The use of environmentally-friendly technology is a win-win for any town. The installation of LED street lighting generates significant energy savings that in turn provides unprecedented environmental and fiscal benefits for the town and its residents. Many companies made bids for the LED lighting contract in Alfaz del Pi but following much debate the Town Hall finally approved the contract prepared by SICE – a well established electrical company in Spain. They have been asked to design, assemble and deploy the new LED lighting which will provide a better quality light experience for everyone throughout the town. And the time expected to complete this project? Well they’re saying nine months so hopefully at the start of the New Year everything should be up and running! Watch this space!

Alfaz del Pi welcomes a LED light system that goes way beyond simply lighting our streets.


May 2018


NEW to Albir – The Stone Grill t presents your An exciting interactive dining experience tha le! meal cooking on a heated stone at your tab

Each customer is provided with a Stone Grill set including a heated hot stone, a top quality and delightful tender cut of Argentinian meat, delicious sauces and a side order of their choice. The idea is to give customers the chance to cook their meat exactly how they like it, rediscovering their primal food instincts, whilst having a unique, rustic and most importantly, fun dining experience that all the family will enjoy!

What’s it all about?

When the meat touches the stone, it seals instantly trapping all the juices and flavours of the meat inside. The meat will not burn and the stone will remain hot throughout your meal, ensuring that your first bite will be just as succulent and mouth-watering as the last. For the most health conscious, this method of cooking is one of the healthiest around. No oils or fats are used, making it a guilt-free meal and allowing you to indulge in one of their delicious puddings to finish!

ttest “The Ho n i Concept g” Dinin Healthy

Find The Stone Grill at the end of the Albir Avenida on the Hotel Albir Kaktus roundabout opposite the Frax building. Open Monday to Sunday, 5pm till late. Call 673 628 248 for reservations.

Fresh local seafood, vegetarian dishes, chicken and pork fillet are all also available on the stone. The extensive menu has something for everyone. Unique Mexican fajitas served on the stone, barbeque ribs, Aberdeen Angus burgers are some of the other dishes also available.

The Stone Grill believe in using only the finest ingredients. Give it a try and you will not be disappointed!

Funerals ... Explained At Funeraria Pastor we are privileged to serve families of all nationalities in all areas of the Costa Blanca. It is our dedication to do all we can for the bereaved and help them cope with the loss of a loved one, by providing a professional, caring, understanding and compassionate response to their needs. Our highly experienced team will guide you in your arrangements, so that the cost will be within your means and that the service you plan will be fitting and meaningful.

For immediate service and attention, 24 hours a day, telephone Maria in English on (+34) 686 644 964 The Basic Package 1,600€ with ashes (1,400€ without) and this also includes taking care of all necessary documentation in a foreign country.

Discover the Fabulous World of Vines and Wine! Guided tours of the Mendoza vineyards and gardens including wine-tasting at the winery in Alfaz del Pi are available Monday to Saturday! Why not do something different this holiday and book a wine tour? Enjoy the aromas and flavours of one of the most popular Spanish wines amidst the Costa Blanca’s beautiful landscape!

It’s all possible JUST 10 MINUTES from Benidorm! On this unique tour you’ll see first-hand how wine is processed, learn about its history and the impact this industry has on the region’s economy and best of all ... you’ll get to sample the wine! Be the envy of your friends and family when they see the photos from your private wine tour and share with them exciting facts and stories about winemaking in Spain!

To find out more we are holding a meeting “in English” at the Casa Cultura in Alfaz del Pi on Friday 11th of May from 4pm till 6pm and everyone is welcome. Here we’ll explain in more detail all our economical funeral and cremation services after which we’ll answer all of your questions. Please confirm your attendance in advance with María on (0034) 686 644 964.

Funeraria Pastor, c/ Arzobispo Olaechea 4, Valencia - Telephone +34 688 216 373

To book this unique Mendoza wine experience telephone (0034) 965 888 639. Booking is essential.


PMR Spain

May 2018


Round Town had the pleasure of chatting recently to Lisa Turner, Director of PMR Spain and we also met her wonderful team of hard working ladies, Danielle, Nicki and Sina.

Property Management & Rentals

For those unfamiliar with PMR Property Managment & Rental Experts we asked Lisa to fill us in and tell us where it all began. “I realised quite quickly after arriving in Spain that many Ex-Pats had purchased property for holidays but had nobody here to keep an eye on their investment. The homeowners would arrive for their summer holiday only to discover that they had no electricity or that the pool wasn’t fit for use so it made sense to offer a property management service so that somebody here could take care of everything for them. From this original idea PMR was born 11 years ago and we have gone from strength to strength ever since.” What do you attribute the success of PMR to? “We put all of our efforts into the rental market and haven’t diversified into selling. As a result, we have become experts in rentals. In the past few years property sales have taken a downward turn but people continue to seek homes to live in and as such, the rental market has grown. I have a dedicated team who can liaise in a friendly manner with clients. They understand the needs and requirements of each individual and are able to converse with them in their own

language.” Recent news reports have shown a 20 per cent increase in apartment rentals in Spain – what do you attribute this to? “My business, PMR, has grown considerably over the last 10 years and regardless of Brexit, I do not see any reason why this trend will not continue. Tourism is changing all over the world for obvious reasons - popular tourist spots of the past have become nogo areas and as a consequence more holiday makers are now shunning those destinations feeling safer visiting Spain … and this can only be good for the holiday rental business here!” What is the most frequently asked question by those interested in renting a property from PMR? “With our holiday properties the most asked question is “does it have internet?” This is something all travellers want nowadays. And for long term rentals, tenants usually ask for a garage with their property, which isn’t always easy to find in this area.” Working in rentals you must have seen and been asked some things over the years … anything you can share?

“Iremember after the first series of Benidorm was shown on TV, we had many holiday guests booking property with us just so that they could visit the hotel and bars featured in the series. They couldn’t wait to get their keys, unpack and head off to have their pictures taken in front of “Neptune’s Bar”. Well PMR recently featured in a BBC1 programme and funny enough we’ve had the same response - people have been visiting us in the office because they have seen us on TV – Autograph requests are now not uncommon.” What’s next for PMR? “There are no plans for expansion at the

minute. We have a busy office in Alfaz and with our rentals we cover an area from Alicante to Calpe. I am keen to continue with the promotion of our “One Stop Shop” services which include translations, NIE and Residencia applications, change of driving licence, vehicle registrations, insurance and much more.” We’d like to thank Lisa and the whole PMR team for providing us with this insight and remember if you’re looking for a reliable property rental in this area or require any of the services provided by the One Stop Shop … contact PMR (see details below)


May 2018

Diabetic? Taking Metformin?


Are you aware that long term use of Metformin causes vitamin B12 deficiency in 30 per cent of patients? Metformin is a very valuable first line drug used in the treatment of diabetes but as with all medications, it can cause side effects, one of those being vitamin B12 deficiency. Vitamin B12 plays an essential role in the production of red blood cells. Red blood cells provide the body tissues with oxygen. Every cell of your body requires B12 to function properly including the nervous system. It is this effect on the nervous system that can leave B12 deficiency undiagnosed in diabetic patients as the symptoms of diabetic neuropathy and B12 deficiency are the same. Both cause tingling and numbness in the limbs, hands and feet. It is very important for health care professionals to know if these symptoms are caused by nerve damage due to high glucose levels or lack of B12.

What should I look out for? As well as numbness and tingling, sufferers may experience some of the following symptoms: Diarrhoea or constipation: Fatigue, lack of energy, or light-headedness when standing up or with exertion: Loss of appetite: Pale skin: Problems concentrating: Shortness of breath: Swollen, red tongue or bleeding gums: Confusion or change in mental status: Depression: Loss of balance: Muscle weakness. Are you suffering from anything else? You are also at risk of a deficiency (regardless of Metformin use), if you have: Crohn’s disease: Coeliac disease: Fish tapeworm infection: A vegetarian or vegan diet: Any condition that makes it difficult for your body to digest foods: Any surgery that involves removing certain parts of the stomach or small intestine. What can I do? What treatments are available? Whether you are experiencing any of the above symptoms or not, if you are taking Metformin it is suggested that you should be tested yearly to make sure that your B12 levels are adequate. It is important that B12 deficiency is caught early as damage to the nervous system can be halted but existing damage cannot be reversed unless it is identified early.

Treatment if required is quite simple and comes in the form of injections or tablets. Metformin (called Metformina in Spain) comes under several trade names and is sometimes combined with other anti diabetic medicines. If you are unsure what you are taking, read the small print on the packet. Common names for Metformin and mixtures containing it include: Dianben: Janumet: Jentadueto: Icandra: Efficib: Glubrava: Eucreas: Comboglyze. If you are concerned about vitamin B12 deficiency or management of your diabetes, speak to your Family Doctor. This article was supplied by the Family Medical Centre, Albir. If you would like to make an appointment with one of the specialists there call (0034) 966 865 072.

Thinking of Adding a Pet to your Family?

Meet Stitch

Looking for a Sympathetic Female Gynaecologist? The Family Medical Centre in Albir is delighted to welcome Dr Veronica to their team. Dr Veronica listens to women carefully. She understands that the effects of gynaecological problems are not restricted to just certain parts of our bodies. She recognises the fact that gynaecological problems can often have far-reaching effects on our physical, mental and social well-being and for this reason she aims to offer a holistic treatment to all her patients on this basis. For all Gynaecological complaints, Surgeries, Obstetric Care and Delivery, Ultra Sound Scans, Screening, Smear tests, HPV testing and/or Infertility … talk to Dr Veronica.

For appointments call the Family Medical Centre on 966 865 072.

The Costa Blanca is full of animal shelters and rescue groups that are brimming with happy, healthy pets just waiting for someone to take them home. Most shelter pets wind up there because of a human problem like a move or a divorce, not Get a new best because the animals friend! Seriously, did anything wrong. what could be Many are already housetrained and used better than that? to living with families. Stitch is one such dog currently looking for a forever home! He is one of six brothers and sisters all of which have been adopted – leaving Stitch all alone. He’s a Griffon – West Highland Terrier cross and he is an adorable creature! He is sociable, active, loving, clever, funny and an ideal play mate for children … but he also knows how to behave and be quiet when in the house. In fact he only has one defect … once he knows you he will give you unconditional love forever! Stitch is currently being cared for by the SOMOS GOS animal welfare group who also care for abandoned and injured cats, horses, donkeys, sheep, goats … you name it and SOMOS GOS are there … at least when it comes to animals.

SOMOS GOS is a non-profit organisation. With the help of donations they recover, collect, rehabilitate and promote and organise the adoption of abandoned and ill treated animals. They also give lots of educational and informative talks and if you’d like to help you can join the group for 1€ per month. For more information see the SOMOS GOS Facebook Page or send an email to or call Ángeles on 610 065 494.


May 2018




Land for Sale


Close to Alfaz del Pi and just 5 minutes walk to the number 10 bus stop, 3000m2 plot of land for sale. Fenced and secluded, south facing and on two levels, the land has water and electric and is ideal for a motor home or static caravan. Price 69,000 euros.

Tel (0034) 609 656 049 to view. A E C





Long Let Apartment Benidorm’s Bangers! Return! The Benidorm Bangers were in town last month to mark the end of their annual cross-European rally and Round Town’s very own Mandy, along with Hepburn’s and Fresh Radio’s Queen Vikki were again on hand to welcome the boys … and their toys!

A two bedroom two bathroom ground floor flat, in a private retirement complex on Bello Horizonte, La Nucia (car essential). The gated community of British ex pats has 8 apartments, grouped round a communal swimming pool. It has its own walled patio area, a fully fitted kitchen inc. dish washer, built in cooker and microwave, fridge/freezer and washing machine, as well as English TV and Internet, if required. The complex has its own well stocked library/meeting room where residents can sit and chat. An ideal place for older people who want to remain independent but want the security of likeminded people around them. Secure parking.

Rent 575€ per month. One month returnable security deposit required.

For more information or to view, please phone (0034) 619 101 996.

No sooner had the 60 fantastically decorated cars driven through the Benidorm tolls than a police escort guided them through the resort and on to their final destination in front of the White Lion Pub. A great time was had by all and thousands (the main purpose of the trip) were raised for numerous British charities. The boys never forget those most in need on the Costa Blanca though bringing as they always do much needed funds for local charities like ‘Doble Amor’ (helping mentally and physically handicapped) and Busy Bees – to name but two. This rally is a chance to be part of something different and see some of the best scenery Europe has to offer. It’s a great way to spend 4 to 5 days having a “dam good time!” And it’s a fantastic way of raising money for a charity of your choice! And so if you missed out on this unforgettable experience this year - don’t worry … you can get involved in the 2019 rally by emailing

Round Town Times Benidorm May 2018  
Round Town Times Benidorm May 2018