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Photo: Manny Perez


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Issue Nยบ4 Summer 2011


Have you ever gone out early in the morning with your camera and taken pictures of things you never noticed before and thought “maybe I’m the only one who’s ever noticed this”. Perhaps it’s just a fire hydrant casting a shadow, or a pink bicycle against black asphalt… the things you see every day but never noticed until today. People call it stopping to smell the roses.


Round Magazine smells the roses. We look around the corners that are often passed by, sometimes finding shady characters and other times glorious hidden gardens.

Certain places have a sense of place and some don’t. It’s that essential character that puts the there in there, with apologies to Gertrude Stein. We love places like that because so many of us live in placeless places. We embrace Key West and Waikiki because the names hold a certain magic and, for a while, we feel more real. Outsiders are suddenly insiders and, if we’re lucky, the sense of place returns home with us. Not everyone returns home. Places with a strong sense of place not only attract tourists, their siren song pulls in artists and musicians, photographers and models, writers, architects and designers. The influx of creative thinkers was the actual salvation of South Beach. However, some serious artists learn that being too close to the fire might get you burned. Being labeled a “South Beach artist” can be a curse if you’re not painting beach scenes. We’ve made it our mission to seek out genuine creativity in popular destinations and bring it to the front. We cover the beach ‘seen’. Did you catch the bride jogging down the beach with her wedding party? Our photographer did. We’re visual thinkers and pictorials are the heart of `Round Magazine. It’s how we stop to smell the roses. If you want to go fishing in Key West there are magazines for that. Want to see celebrities on South Beach, there are magazines for that too. If you want to experience a luau in Waikiki you’ll find everything you need to know in the tourist brochures. But if you want to know why those places have a sense of place, you need to get `Round.

Paper on | Pixels on | Online at 7

Beach Party by Pui-Pui Li





Laurence Gar tel

was commissioned by

Tesla Motors to pimp their ride at Art Basel in Miami Beach. “No major artist ever received a commission to produce art for an Electric Car. I’ve trumped them all by doing so. Electric Art for an Electric Car. Makes sense.” A creative process and exuberant moment of digital art display-using a commercial vehicle wrapping process on printed vinyl. “It is so detailed and something that could never have been painted or conceived by traditional media.” Gartel is the most celebrated face of an art movement that began in the late 60’s and early 70’s with art star Nam June Paik as the protagonist. Tribes of analog video geeks… the VideoFreex in the Catskills, and Jack Moore’s VideoHeads in Amsterdam… were pushing analog video to the breaking point. Legions of new recruits were attracted to the bright lights and swirly shapes of video feedback emanating from the Experimental Television Center in upstate New York. Gartel was present but while others focused on making art move in unpredictable ways, he saw a different angle. Aiming his still camera at the screen he captured an electronic instant; a wild, colorful, distorted and compelling instant. By making colorful collages from over-saturated frame-buffered synthesized electronic imagery, then reproducing it in traditional formats, he turned the video art concept around. Ph







ic h




ne ro


ry E

ric Jon es


eclectic avenue 17

The Tesla Roadster is the world’s only automobile that offers supercar performance without supercar emissions. Engineered for performance and efficiency, the Roadster accelerates from 0 to 60 in 3.7 seconds, delivering 295 lbs-ft. of torque and 288 horsepower without using a drop of gasoline. Powered by the most energy-dense battery in the industry, the Roadster travels 245 miles on a single charge and plugs into nearly any outlet anywhere in the world. With world-class acceleration, handling and design, the Roadster ranks among the world’s most coveted sports cars and sets the standard for premium electric cars to come. Today, there are more than 1,500 Roadsters in over 30 countries.

Gartel’s pixel graffiti caught the attention of Andy Warhol, whom he tutored in the use of the Amiga computer. Warhol used it to simulate his earlier silk-screen style and became the celebrity face of Amiga’s marketing strategy. Perhaps working next to the art world’s best self-promoter taught Gartel a few things too. Commercial commissions soon followed for Coca-Cola and Absolut vodka, both of which had also commissioned Warhol.

“Ar tists today

use Digital Art for the

‘cool factor’, for the fad. Every school today has a digital lab and they are all offering courses in Digital Art, New Media, New Genres, Computer

Art. They don’t know what to call it, whatever the

One puzzle piece at a time. In its physical form, it is

latest catch phrase, but this is not how innovation

tremendously powerful.”

happens. It takes place by not following trends.

Even though the artists and technology were

Thinking outside the box. Now that the box is digi-

pretty sophisticated, early computer art was

tal, I would be thinking something else. We must

still naive. “Any artist understands that their first

turn our attention back to beauty. Whether it be

attempts are always going to be their strongest”

digital or not, the aesthetic has to be there. The

Gartel explains, “I think the real discussion is

real case in point is my 1999 masterpiece, Coney

about how hard it was to make a picture. The

Island Baby. I’ve tried to top this image and its

early attempts took so much effort. Lets just say

impossible. How was it created? I couldn’t tell you.

nobody went to Best Buy to pick up an 8 gig card 19

for $29.95. There was no such thing as memory chips. The computer systems that were necessary for the creation of art imagery had to fill a room. All the systems I ever knew just so happen to be upstate New York. Media Study/Buffalo was the first system I used. Then it was the Experimental Television Center in upstate New York. I often see people like David Jones as a Nikola Tesla. David is an innovator and great thinker of technology. Each year for over 25 years I would go to ETC and wonder what did David create now? Mini Video Image Processor

The hardware was just as creative as

David Jones, the designer of many of the components used by Laurence Gartel and other video artists, has released a new series of video synthesizer modules. The MVIP is a compact, self-contained video synthesizer that can take any standard composite video signal and add colors and visual distortions.

anything else, except I had no idea

The MVIP can be used by artists, musicians, or anybody with a video camera to manipulate live or recorded video and turn them into colorful creations. More information is available from Dave Jones Design, and sample video clips can be seen at:

about that then. I was just a ‘user.’ Someone obviously had to design the tools. In any case, I love early electronic art and it should never go unrecognized. It was the precursor for every person who walks into an Apple Store.”


Gartel is absolutely obsessed with cars and motorcycles, and his art reflects it. Recent works include prints of motorcycle chrome reflections, hand-painted carburetors, and a customized Mercedes.


Lummus Park

by Eric Jones






The Spam Allstars blend improvisational electronic elements and turntables with Latin, funk, hip hop and dub to create what they call an electronic descarga. DJ Le Spam was raised in Toronto, Bogota and London, and now calls Miami home. He got his start by playing guitar in Haitian band Lavalas, and recording and touring with Miami based artist Nil Lara. Along the way he added to his vinyl collection, and when off the road would DJ locally. Those DJ gigs evolved into collaborations with live musicians, performing on an internet radio show, recording in his home studio, and the first of many residencies combining his samplers & DJ skills with a live band. If you hanker for a great trombone solo every now and then, try some Spam.

FU is a band out of Tokyo that cites everyone from Louis Armstrong to the Dead Boys as their influences. I guess they forgot about Klaus Nomi. Their song Oh No Words from the album Love I Love has some very Nomiesque moments amidst gorgeous guitar beds and lush production. Yes it’s pronounced “EFF-JU” but the name FU means something very different in Japan than it means here… “From unconscious, most of our songs come from dream or daydream and they’re already written”. It’s not possible to really categorize the sound achieved by the band, working with Grammy Award winning producer Malcolm Burn. Think Muse with invented language. Think about what Peter Gabriel must hear inside his head before he records.

Found by

We found these notable independent artists touring as opening acts, playing the festival circuits or headlining in nightclubs. They’re seasoned performers with world-class chops, some with substantial regional followings. Download a free MP3 from our website,, and visit our YouTube page to check out all the artists in action. Got a favorite artist we should know? Give us a tweet @roundmagazine.

From the college town of Ithaca NY comes Boy with a Fish. Their second album, I Put My Tongue On the Window, is packed with driving, swirling grooves, and haunting atmospheres. Lyrically, the album is quirky and poetic, the kind of album that makes you want to sit and pour over the liner notes while you listen. The title track is powerfully and artfully urgent, “I’d like to change the name of this plane/I’d like to change where it goes” and “will you save a place for me/will you give me your shoes/will you tell your parents that you love me/even if I lose”. In contrast, You Took Me to the Opera is ethereal and brooding, poking a dark stick at the self-confident wealth sometimes symbolized by that genre. The protagonist sings, “you took me to the opera/and the singer was far away/ it was like the circus but with people who could pay/I liked it when you touched my hand/but

I didn’t like the singing/ why do women wear fur coats/and why do they think they’re winning”. The song, Water On Mars, with a combination of tough drums, moog synthesizer, electric guitar, and big reverb violin, juxtaposes the grit and struggle of daily life with the academic pursuit of trying to figure out if there’s water on Mars, resolved in the chorus line, “I don’t care if they find water on Mars”. In The Neighbors we learn that the neighbors have a truck for sale, keep their dogs outside, and are watching us. Boy with a Fish cook up some edgy food for thought.

Sashamon grew up strumming a uke on Molokai’s west side. His

Violinist Judy Hyman, has recorded and toured

homemade demo has now spread world wide with the support of

with Natalie Merchant, and she and husband

top Kauai professional surfers. Japanese Squeeze became most re-

Jeff Claus, lead singer and lyric writer, have done

quested song on a Big Island radio station and his follow up Necta

scores for a number of award winning documen-

continues to be in heavy rotation throughout the islands.

taries and feature films including Any Given Sun-

One Day Maybe, the singer’s debut album, incorporates many

day. Hyman and Claus are founding and current

diverse influences that blend to create an original, peaceful and

members of another band, The Horse Flies, de-

memorable sound. Sashamon composed and produced this record-

scribed by Rolling Stone as, “A band that’s earned

ing in his home studio on Kauai, playing all the instruments including

a buzz. They churn out swirling, addictive songs

the ukulele, guitar, bass, keyboard, vocals, and drum sequencer.

blending tradition with invention.” 33

With influences ranging from Blondie to Sonic Youth, Sons of Hippies don’t try too hard to live up to their name. It’s largely a good thing but those looking for a champion to resuscitate the legacy of Steppenwolf’s “The Monster” will have to wait a little longer. The band, out of Sarasota, was conceived by Jonas Canales and Katherine Kelly who are, indeed, hippie offspring. No word on the pedigree of bassist Joe Crespo. Their debut album, Warriors of the Light produced by Pro-Pain guitarist Tom Klimchuck, was called ‘dreamily melodic but complexly synthesized music’. The album received the critic’s choice award from Tampa’s Creative Loafing for “Best Modern-Sounding Record”… perhaps oxymoronic for a band that sometimes emits Beatles covers between their originals. But SoH is no nostalgia trip, the record absolutely sounds modern with a vibe made richer by both retro and introspection. Teach your children well. I suggest listening while laying on one’s back in Golden Gate park.

S ons of Hipp ies

Kelly’s evocative pipes elevate the material and, in songs like Omni, she shines with the kind of silver young Grace Slick once possessed. At times she and Canales practically conjure The Sugarcubes, like a tense duet from different rooms. Their second album, A-Morph, is a bit more indie poprock, and asserts a new level of social awareness. In support of the album, the band took to the Eastern festival circuit with emotionally intense performances. They also did a live gig on Tampa radio station WMNF.

A standout cut is Man or Moon, an almost perfect rock tutorial. The band moves effortlessly between classic, post-punk and tribal with suitably abstract lyrics striving for profound notions just out of reach.

… el e me n t s o f p s y c h e de l ic a n d p u n k r oc k w it h t r iba l B r a z il ia n r h yt h m s

A long haired woman approached, a younger neighbor unknown to me, in Krishna pants and beaded tunic. As we passed on the sidewalk she paused and handed me a sprig of rosemary, actually pulling it from her hair. “Fresh from the garden” she said and walked away. It’s rare to encounter hippies anymore but we still spot each other, even if there’s a generation in-between.





ZigZag by Eric & Pui-Pui




Model: Sindy Perez Photo: Justin Riviera


Photo: Kalani Prince

Eva Danielle’s exotic fusion … you can feel it in her fanciful couture and casual wear, together with

the exquisite material, a sheer luxury sensation. While her seductive style is all about Miami, Eva recognizes and appreciates the various regions for which she designs. “I modify things to each country, to give the full measure of respect to each culture. I’m not just a Florida girl, I’m more of an international girl.” In Miami, New York, Paris, Tokyo, India and soon Dubai, Eva Danielle’s unmistakable mix of art and fashion is making its mark, across town and across the globe. Beyond the fashion world, each of Eva Danielle’s line of inspired collections is drawn


Model: Angelina Photo: Navid

Model: Tasha Ford Photo: Gary James

from a different corner of her life and experience. “My background is in art history, so everything I do is based around an historical artistic painting.” She describes one of her favorite collections, Pandora’s Box, as inspired by Dante Gabriel Rossetti’s painting Pandora. With Rossetti as her muse, she flawlessly pulls together a palette of intrigue and emotion to create a collection that is a gallery of daring passion. Her surrealistic collections are a


testament to her distinct ability to synthesize art and fashion. Eva Danielle’s unique creations of wearable art captivate growing demand of the fashion-enthusiasts worldwide as well as celebrity fans. Handcrafted in the United States, her pieces are only produced in limited numbers to ensure the individual expression and experience.


All of the pieces at Eva Danielle are named after an animal that has been rescued through the foundation “Helping Homeless Animals”. She donates a part of the proceeds from every sale to this family founded charity.

Model: Sarah Anne Stewart Photos: John Landers


Model: Sindy Perez Photo: Bobby Ray

Photo: Darryl Nobles


Ilias Collection by Instyle

For further information on the Ilias Collection by Instyle and other Unika Vaev products, go to or call 800-237-1625 for samples.

TREATSTORETREAT Fluid experience in indoor or outdoor lounging


• Sakura a fluid design collection by Mark Robson for Sifas, comes in four relaxation positions – upright to reclined. Pieces can be configured in straight-lined or curved lounge suites. Covered with supple, quick drying, woven Hydropass® material offering revolutionary comfort and performance. • B&B Italia’s Landscape by Jeffrey Bernett, a modern chaise with its slender silhouette offers a sensation of rocking movement. A cushioned seat pad with a three-dimensional surface enhances its comfort. Available in seven colors. • A bed of luxury, Wallace designed by Jean-Marie Massaud for Poliform is an innovative lounger with a floating organic shape, covered in leather over molded flexible polyurethane. • The Leaf Collection from Dedon, designed by Frank Lightart. A poetic and soulful interpretation of nature, single or double cushioned bed and matching side table in weather-resistant DEDON fiber, seagrass or java color. Leaf’s perfect accessory is the soft cotton overlay pad.


d Pro

uc tR ou ndup

Uno is a gyroscopically balanced electric cycle that grows a third wheel at high speeds. Of course it is. Actually a dicycle, with a pair of parallel wheels, the Uno III is small enough to fit in an elevator and keep in your apartment. At slow speeds, up to 15 MPH, one rides in Uno mode with incredible agility and tiny turning radius. Let’s just call it Ocean Drive mode. At higher speeds a third wheel deploys, while moving, transforming the Uno III into a street bike. Speed wise it’s more of a scooter, topping out at just 30 MPH and traveling about 35 miles on a single charge. Want one? BPG Motors will take your $250 deposit right now while you save up the remaining $5,000-7,500. Should be available Spring 2012.


Curved Diamond Journey Bangle This is one of those incredible pieces that not only looks lovely and will enhance absolutely any outfit, but truly tells a story. Perhaps it’s the story of your life together, your love, or even a career milestone. This bangle features a smooth gold or platinum bottom. The piece features graduated diamonds, carefully set into the graceful curve along the top of the piece. Go on, tell your story with this one! All our bangles are 7"" in length. (SKU BB13) Anjolee 877-662-4172

Graff Ski Shower System The Graff Ski Shower System allows users to select a relaxing, cascading rainfall shower or an invigorating shower with massaging jets of water, according to the company. The experience can be completely customized because of the flexibility of a wide shower head with an adjustable slope angle. The shower is a self-contained, pre-plumbed unit, with the pipes hidden behind the wall. (Graff GE1.120ALM31S-PC) eFaucets 877-434-0110

Artemis Fan Minka Aire makes the Artemis fan by George Kovacs, the designer who introduced the halogen torchier to the masses. Shown in Liquid Nickel finish. Also available in Gloss Black, Gloss Red, Gloss White, Copper Bronze, Mahogany, Maple, and Translucent. (Minka Aire F803-LN) Lighting Catalog 877-874-3957

Rhonda Allison Eye Lift The unique wrinkle-diminishing formula comprises three peptide complexes, D-alpha tocopheryl and retinyl to stimulate the skin’s natural self-regenerating abilities and target collagen-forming cells to firm and renew the eye area. The most prominent peptide is a small tri-peptide that mimics the polypeptide found in the venom of the Temple Viper. It reduces “mimic wrinkles,” lines that occur from repetitive facial expressions, by freezing the neuromuscular activity and inhibiting muscle contractions. Skincare by Alana 877-630-9832


Flux Chair The Flux Chair combines design with the benefits of foldable furniture. In its folded state, the Flux Chair is easy to carry and even easier to store. But with a few simple actions the plastic envelope folds into a truly stylish design chair. It’s rated for weights up to 320 lbs. Douwe Jacobs on his design: “The folding chair has always been seen as an integral piece of furniture - a real status object from everyone from the old Egyptians to Napoleon. It is a shame that these days this image has somewhat been lost, especially because the folding concept can offer so much. A folding chair not only saves space, but also enables you to take it everywhere! In addition to this, the extreme ‘compactness’ of the chair considerably reduces CO2 emissions when transported in bulk.’

P3 Guitar Amp P3 Amplifiers was launched by architect and guitarist Price Harrison and tube amp guru and guitarist Kye Kennedy. The primary goal of the company is to produce the finest sounding guitar amplifiers and speaker enclosures. The P3 amplifier’s unique design incorporates the very best features of 60 years of tube circuit evolution. All of the electronics are hand wired and housed in a military grade aluminum enclosure.  There are no printed circuit boards in a P3 amplifier. The electronics are infinitely repairable. Each amplifier is made to order so a great degree of customization is possible. The housing of the P3 head is not a romantic replica of the vintage amplifiers of the 50’s and 60’s; rather, it is a modular aluminum chassis which can be repaired piece by piece if damaged.

J. Peterman Lariat Duffel Consumes a weekend’s worth of travel essentials without flinching. The uncomplicated shape comes with thoughtful details like an extra-long (full-zip) zipper that allows the bag to open widely (so there’s no rummaging through the bag’s contents to find something on the bottom), rolled leather carrying handles and a detachable shoulder strap. Lined in rugged nylon. Lariat leather was first developed for saddles and saddlebags used by riders over a hundred years ago. The honey brown surface has a texture that acquires a patina of natural marks and character scratches that come from daily use….unique in that no two pieces will ever wear the same. 10” x 17” x 11”

Screw Top Table by Joe Doucet From an environmental standpoint, the benefits of shipping an object with as small a footprint as possible are numerous. Unfortunately, flat pack furniture has long been associated with cheap. WL01 “ScrewTop” proudly displays its construction as a design feature. WL01 is the first product in the new line WhyteLabel by Joe Doucet, which produces intellectually and emotionally interesting furnishings of the highest possible quality.


Green POP American classics Coca-Cola and Emeco have collaborated to solve an environmental problem: Up-cycling consumer waste into a sustainable, timeless chair. The 111 Navy Chair® is made of 111 plastic bottles, 65% recycled PET plastic and 35% glass fiber and pigment. In its first year, the chair has diverted 3.5 million bottles out of landfills. Customers across the globe are using a lasting product made of what others discard. With the worldwide success of the 111 Navy Chair® Emeco set out to leave the earth a better place by eliminating waste by 2111. In the spirit of driving change, Emeco announces the annual 2111 Prize: No Waste By 2111. “Unlike other companies who use virgin materials and produce stylish designs in trendy colors with the message that you can consume and recycle, we keep consumer waste out of landfills and up-cycle it into something that does not need to be recycled for a long time. Our Navy Chair design is over 6 decades old. You can buy our 111 Navy Chair® this year or next year or in 10 years to come, it will never go out of style,” said Gregg Buchbinder, Chairman and CEO at Emeco. The goal of the 111 Navy project was to alter consumer behavior by illustrating the value of rPET with beautifully designed and everyday products - ultimately encouraging more recycling.


This year the 2111 prize goes to JAC Motors in Brazil and the project run by the architect Marcello Maksoud of Benedixt, Brazil. By including the 111 Navy Chair in his work on JAC Motors showrooms he diverted 226,662 bottles from the landfills. 111 Navy Chairs will be donated from Marcello Maksoud to the “local, global and green” MUSE School in California, whose philosophy reinforces our goal of No Waste by 2111.


“It is only in our grief where we find our true strength, find the courage to let go and to create beautiful possibilities for a fulfilling life. Art and photography is our way of letting go through acknowledgment.” Photography isn’t just about pictures of luscious landscapes, sensuous sunsets, bouncy babies and beautiful blushing brides.

Photography, like all art, has the power to empower. To encourage. To create possibilities. To heal wounds. This is the vision of one spectacular artist photographer, Michael Colanero. Michael was born in Buffalo, New York and grew up in and around the suburbs of Philadelphia. Michael started his career as a Artist, Graphic Designer and Photographer. Seven years ago he opened up the UNCOMMON Gallery in Fort Lauderdale to provide the local community with a venue to exhibit and sell their artistic work, and to provide creative services. “I very much wanted the gallery to remove for others, so many of the obstacles that made it hard for me to get out there and show my work. To that end I wanted to create a


gallery environment where both emerging and established artists could showcase and promote their work. I wanted to create not just a gallery but a community of people that could appreciate those works as well as socialize and network too.”

Photography Michael Colanero Story Lauren Britz

It was within this network that the Breast Cancer Awareness Body Painting Project: A Fine Art & Photography Essay of Survivors was born. 63

This eloquent and awakening collaboration consists of breast cancer survivors who have their bare torso body painted in the most ethereal ways by the very talented body painters Keegan Hitchcock and Luci Ungerbuehler and then photographed by Michael. “At this point I pick the best images of the series of each model and start my digital artistry on them - creating images that are both visually engaging and thought provoking.”

With over 200,000 breast cancer diagnoses each year in the US, Michael’s aim with this project in hand is to “reach in all the directions it needs to, to make the biggest difference to those who need it most - financially, emotionally and spiritually.” Tongue-in-cheek, Michael whimsically states that he hopes his imagination can keep up with the positive impact and reach of the project - in many ways it has already done so much more then he could ever have anticipated and in ways he never expected. Where to from here? Well Michael is very interested in getting the images into hospitals, doctors offices, plastic surgery clinics, oncology centers and the like. “I and these wonderful women want to do all we can to alleviate stress and worry and to encourage others still on their path with this disease. One survivor participant told me she so wished she could of seen these images before her surgery and that being butchered

This project is ongoing and welcomes new participants. Contact Michael Colanero through Facebook by searching BCABPP.

was one of her biggest fears. To see a positive image of women who have come thru the battle would of been something very helpful for her and she hopes her images can do that for someone else. In fact its one of her main reasons for getting involved - the giving spirit


and selflessness of these women in the project has been a privilege to be around.” 65

Colores del Parque

Colores del Parque by Eric Jones





Photo: Manny Perez

Round Town

`roundtown 75

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nd toss A magic spoonful of anchovy sauce. Oh, great and glorious! Oh, herbaceous meat! ‘Twould tempt the dying Anchorite to eat, Back to the world he’d turn his we

that bites too soon! Yet deem it not, thou man of taste, a fault To add a double quantity of salt. Four times the spoon with oil of Lucca crown, And twice with vinegar proc

ured from town; True taste requires it and your poet begs The pounded yellow of two well-boiled eggs. Let onion’s atoms lurk within the bowl And, scarce suspected, animate the whole, And lastly in the flavoured compou

Espanola Way

Two boiled potatoes strained through a kitchen sieve, Softness and smoothness to the salad give; Of mordant

mustard take a single spoon, Distrust the condimen

eary soul And plunge his fingers in the salad bowl.

Las Olas Cafe Cuban. 644 6th St, 305-534-9333

Indomania Indonesian. 2601 Collins Avenue, 305-535-6332 De Luca Italian. 530 Lincoln Road, 305-672-1009 The Burger and Beer Joint Burgers and beer. 1766 Bay Road, 305-672-3287 Baires Grill Argentinian. 1116 Lincoln Road, 305-538-1116 Wish Nouvelle cuisine. 801 Collins Avenue, 305-674-9474

Fogo de Cha Brazilian. 836 1st St., 305-672-0011 Ola Latin American. 1745 James Ave, 305-695-9125 Jimmy’z Kitchen American. 1542 Alton Rd, 305-534-8216 Joe’s Take Away Seafood Markets. 11 Washington Ave., 305-673-4611 Scarpetta Italian. 4441 Collins Ave., 305-538-2000

Japanese Market Sushi. 1412 79th St Cswy, North Bay Village 305-861-0143




Espanola Way Hosteria Romana Italian 429 Espanola Way, 305.532.4299 Segafredo Italian 500 Espanola Way 786.237.0748 Cafe Nuvo Bostro Mediterranean 412 Espanola Way 305.534.5822 A La Folie Cafe French 516 Espanola Way 305.538.4484 Tapas & Tintos Spanish 448 Espanola Way 305.538.8272 Moonlite Caffe 410 Espanola Way 305.604.9060 Fiamma Gastronomia Italiana Italian 224 Espanola Way 305.397.8152 Boteco Copacabana Brazilian 437 Espanola Way 305.397.8824 Kone Restaurant Latin + Japanese 445 Espanola Way 305.420.5809 The Alibi Asian fusion 218 Espanola Way 305.674.3448

Cevichery Restobar Latin fish 440-448 Espanola Way 305.532.6620 Lost Weekend Pub food 218 Espanola Way 305.672.1707 Tweet your restaurant listing to @roundmagazine Photo: Manny Perez


& save up to on Beach

Holiday Inn Miami Be achfront



• Experience South Beach’s eclectic mix of boutiques, galleries, restaurants and clubs • Enjoy one of IHG’s 13 properties within the Miami Beach area • With the Advance Purchase discount, you’ll save up to 20% on your stay just by booking early


uth Crowne Plaza So

Beach Z

InterContinen tal Miami

Holiday Inn Port of Miami Downtown

©2011 IHG. All rights reserved. Most hotels are independently owned and operated.



South Beach

A colony is a place where people of similar mind cluster, often to build new lives, yet are totally dependent upon distant outsiders.

That dependence drives the daily lives and businesses of South Beach as many seek to become a destination within a destination. Fearing the sun alone won’t be enough to attract outsiders, they host festivals of comedy, food & wine, art, design, music, love and a tribute to the Spring solstice. Some paint their bodies and gyrate while others simply make as much noise as possible and body-slam each other under the neon canopy of Ocean Drive. The pilgrims of this colony were a Communist agitator, a gay doorman, and TV art directors. Barbara Capitman and Leonard Horowitz worked to save Art Deco from becoming art-wrecko, and the crews for Miami Vice painted the buildings as their backdrops. Local property owners wanted their joints to be on TV too, so they fixed them up and painted them in Miami Vice colors. Dedicated designers soon overtook the day-rate landlords, bringing with them a genuine desire to preserve and enhance the largest collection of Art Deco buildings in the world. The beautiful people moved in and the rest is history.


Take the Art Deco Walking Tour: 90-minute guided walking tours, conducted by local historians and architects, are an excellent introduction to art deco and Mediterranean revival architecture and a great way to see the entire Miami Beach Architectural Historic District. Tours originate at the Art Deco Gift Shop.

Call 877-879-4307

One of the most photographed Art Deco hotels along famed South Beach, The Colony Hotel is a renovated 1939 hotel that offers an intoxicating ambiance and fun in the sun for guests who just want to get away to relax and enjoy all that Miami Beach has to offer.



The Art Deco Avalon Hotel serves a complimentary European style buffet breakfast daily. For dinner, A Fish Called Avalon offers seafood specialties indoors or on a veranda overlooking Ocean Drive. The hotel’s lobby bar serves specialty drinks. Guests have swimming privileges at an outdoor pool at a companion hotel 10 blocks away. Front desk staff can help secure VIP passes to some of South Beach’s trendiest nightclubs.

The Hotel Victor is located in the Art Deco district of South Beach. Featuring an Ocean drive address and overlooking the beach, this boutique hotel is adjacent to the Versace Mansion and within one mile of the Lincoln Road entertainment district and the Atlantic Ocean. The lobby’s cool mint green and purple decor invites guests to relax in plush, curvy chairs and sofas, and each area is separated by long, flowing drapes to ensure privacy. Public areas are aromatized, creating an enhanced sensory experience. Dining venues include VIX restaurant and VUE, an outdoor ceviche bar. Decadence reigns at the hotel’s V Bar and Lounge, featuring a musical live jellyfish tank. The Hotel Victor boasts a 6,000 square foot fitness center and spa treatments including relaxing massages, rejuvenating saunas and steam rooms. On site is an outdoor infinity pool overlooking Ocean Drive and the beach. The hotel also has casting and production facilities convenient for working celebrities and directors. The beach front Cardozo Hotel was the setting for Frank Capra’s film “A Hole in the Head” starring Frank Sinatra and James Cagney. Now owned by five time Grammy Award

The Royal Palm South Beach Resort, located in Miami Beach, is an oceanfront property positioned in South Beach’s Art Deco district, an ideal location for shopping and nightclubbing. Lincoln Road boutiques and nightclubs, and the shops along Espanola Way, are located one block from the hotel. The Bass Museum of Art is two blocks away. winning singer Gloria Estefan and her husband, producer Emilio Estefan Jr., the Cardozo is a truely unique and historic property.

This hotel consists of two restored 1930s Art Deco buildings and two modern towers. The ocean view Britto Restaurant, open for breakfast and lunch, prepares continental and American fare, while the Sunset Bar serves poolside cocktails and snacks.

Enjoy a stay at the Cardozo Hotel whether you are on business travel or looking for a weekend getaway. This luxurious property is conveniently located on famous Ocean Drive. You can enjoy your favorite drink and absorb the breathtaking view of Miami Beach’s pristine waters, white sands, palm trees, and gleaming sun.

Accommodations feature 1920s Miami Beach photographs and earth tone color schemes. Beds are draped in 330 thread count striped sateen linens. Room amenities include wireless Internet access, satellite television and CD players. Coffeemakers are included. Bathrooms are stocked with Crabtree & Evelyn toiletries.


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Round Magazine Nº 4 - South Beach  

South Beach, Miami, Travel, art, fashion and fun.

Round Magazine Nº 4 - South Beach  

South Beach, Miami, Travel, art, fashion and fun.


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