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Wednesday June 26, 2013 Issue 1093 | £2.95


Souter invests €12m in 25 new Van Hools for p8


Iveco launches its new Urbanway citybus at UITP in Geneva p20


DfT statistics reveal bus use in England falls as fares rise p6


Lloyd Morgan's Pete Thompson on staying compliant p44

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Prentice Coaches: community is key





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June 26, 2013 | COACH & BUS WEEK | 3

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Allocation, allocation...


n p4 of this issue you will doubtless read with interest the proposals for the introduction of sophisticated new digital tachographs linked to satellite tracking. We’ve not been able to run a large story at this stage as specific details appear to be somewhat thin on the ground. On the face of it, I can’t help but conclude the proposals contain a conflict between an obvious constant ‘big brother’ monitoring of all commercial vehicle activities and rigid control by the authorities. However, the idea has been tempered by saying it ‘will not lead to automatic fines or penalties.’ Excuse me! I can smell the BS already. Hardened cynics like me can’t help but conclude these devices will be used to monitor and control activities, eliminate the requirement for roadside checking teams and turn enforcement (just like speed cameras) into a major cash cow for VOSA purely to justify high salaries for a select few. If this isn’t the case, why do the tachographs have to include tracking? OK, rules are rules and the

industry must comply with them but current Drivers’ Hours regulations are not only difficult to understand they are open to all sorts of interpretations which may lead to unintended discrepancies in full compliance. However unintentional any misdemeanour is, the system will pick it up (it is what it has been designed to do) and automatically issue penalties. Expecting a computer to view any transgression, however small, with any degree of leniency is probably asking too much. It seems to me this invasive technology is also designed to give the authorities remote, real-time access to all operators’ activities and driver/vehicle records. It strikes me instead of VOSA developing a working partnership with operators to cultivate a better relationship, the organisation will only become more remote and turn into a faceless bureaucratic monstrosity. Digital development of tachographs was intially designed to assist drivers by warning when they were in need of breaks or out of driving time in order to prevent infringements – not to provide overt scrutiny or to aid in their persecution. Martin Cole Technical Editor




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4 | COACH & BUS WEEK | June 26, 2013


“It’s important to use the web to your advantage. The more people know about your company, the more trustworthy you appear...” Ross Prentice Prentice Coaches

briefly The European Union’s Transport and Tourism Committee has approved user rules for a new generation of digital tachographs. These devices will use satellite tracking technology to make it easier to check and enforce driving and rest times, while reducing the number of roadside checks, in order to boost compliance with hours of service requirements. However, the committee said the new user rules ensure this “remote control communication” will not lead to automatic fines or penalties for the driver or the driver’s firm. The rules now need to be approved by the European Parliament and the Council of Ministers. These smart tachographs will be fitted to new vehicles of more than 3.5 metric tons within three years, once the necessary technical specifications are defined by the European Commission. Within 15 years, they will have to be fitted, or retrofitted, to all EU-registered trucks, coaches and buses. Roeville has announced it is to offer a “major upgrade” to its t3 Graphical Routing Application to include support for the routing of pickup points which occur after the main interchange. This will include a number of new operational reports to make lighter work of managing multi coach operation in large interchange scenarios. The Disabled Persons Transport Advisory Committee (DPTAC) will be retained to advise the DfT on accessibility issues relating to disabled people, Norman Baker MP has announced. The government’s review of nondepartmental public bodies in 2010 recommended it be abolished. However, Baker said he has also concluded that there is scope for restructuring DPTAC to ensure it is a more efficient and effective body. FirstGroup has completed the sale of its London bus depots after getting the necessary regulatory approvals. As previously reported, FirstGroup has sold five depots to Metroline and three to Transit Systems Group for a combined consideration of approximately £80m.

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Operator Profile p40

Good news: VOSA & DSA to merge in 2014 Move gains backing of CPT and FTA, removing ‘non-customerfocussed DSA’ Roads Safety Minister Stephen Hammond announced last week that VOSA and the Driving Standards Agency (DSA) are to merge into a single agency which will bring together their testing and standards services. Alastair Peoples, VOSA Chief Executive, will become CEO for the two agencies and will oversee their strategic operations towards a full merger over the next year. DSA Chief Executive Rosemary Thew is to leave the Civil Service on June 30. Alastair Peoples explained: “The aim is to remove duplication of functions, improve efficiency and give our customers a simpler framework of agencies in which to work with. I will now begin the process of working with staff and stakeholders to develop proposals to combine the work of VOSA and DSA.” The announcement was welcomed by Karen Dee, the FTA’s Director of Policy, who said: “FTA supports any move which can deliver improved services and better value for money for its members, and we can certainly see some potential for this in the proposed merger of DSA and VOSA. For example, if this allows Transport Managers to check their OCRS scores at the same time as their drivers’ DCPC status that would be a big step forward.

However, we will be looking very carefully at the detail behind this to ensure benefits such as this are delivered.” CPT’s CEO Simon Posner told CBW: “We (CPT) responded on behalf of the industry to the DfT’s consultation earlier in the year, and we are pleased to see some of our recommendations have come to pass. “The move will make the process of dealing with these agencies much easier for operators and we are hopeful it may lead to a reduction in the fees they pay.” During the consultation, CPT was full of praise about VOSA and the successful implementation of ATFs but by contrast, it was critical of the DSA’s “lack of customer focus.” The trade body said: “The DSA is not so responsive and at times it is a struggle to obtain answers regarding daily operational problems or for it to engage effectively with the industry to discuss future strategic issues and where current policy is detrimental and an administrative burden to the efficient daily operation of bus and coach services in the UK.” Indeed, CPT was particularly critical of DSA’s decision to remove the Delegated Examiner (DE) status from PCV operators due to not meeting the minimum number of driving tests, primarily because of the current economic climate. CPT described the move as “an excellent example of DSA being out of touch with its consumers and their business requirements. When

Alastair Peoples will become CEO for both VOSA and the DSA

the economy improves the ability of the PCV industry to recruit, train and test new bus and coach drivers will be severely delayed as a result of this draconian action by DSA. The continual drive to gold plate the EU Driver CPC directive in spite of industry and training provider objections only seeks to add administrative and cost burdens on industry.” Calling for the industry to deliver PCV driving tests directly through “a revised delegated examiner testing regime rather than having to be reliant on DSA examiners and test stations,” CPT said this could be achieved easily through a reduction in the minimum number of tests required to obtain a DE status. “The ability to carry out tests for operators would reduce the administrative and cost burden on the industry and encourage new drivers into the industry as it would be easier for the unemployed to be trained and tested rather than having to fund the PCV licence acquisition themselves, which at over £3k can be prohibitive to many on unemployment benefit. This would meet the Governments Policy objectives of helping the unemployed into work and the DWP/JCP/CPT Sector-based work academies is an excellent example of this.” CPT also called for “consideration” to be given to creating one body to deliver licensing and testing of drivers and another dealing with vehicle certification, testing and roadside enforcement. “This could be achieved through the merger of DVLA and the Certification Agency,” it said. Last but by no means least, CPT said: “One area which would significantly benefit bus and coach operators and would not compromise road safety given the maintenance undertakings given by operators as part of the O-licensing regime would be if the requirement for PSVs to have an annual test was extended for new vehicles to be tested two years after date of first registration and then annually thereafter.”

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June 26, 2013 | COACH & BUS WEEK | 5

Join the discussion on Twitter by following us at @cbwtweets and find us on Facebook at

Bus profit to drive GoAhead Group The Go-Ahead Group said it has recovered from the adverse weather which impact on its operations earlier in the year and is back on track to report better results in September – the firm announced in its pre-close trading update for the year ending June 29, 2013. David Brown, Group CEO, said: “I am pleased to report continuing resilience across our operations. Both our bus and rail divisions have seen improved growth in passenger numbers in recent weeks, following the effect of adverse weather

previously reported in the third quarter. “Our bus division continues to trade well and is on track to deliver a better than expected result for the full year as we start to see the benefits of cost initiatives coupled with continued revenue growth. We are making good progress towards our target to organically grow bus operating profit to £100m by 2015/16. “While our overall expectations for the full year remain unchanged, we now expect a greater proportion of Group operating profit to come from the bus division.” Some of the ‘cost initiatives’ announced in the firm’s half year results have been delivered ahead of plan and the bus division is now on track to deliver a better than expected result for the full year.

A new document, titled ‘Sleep Apnoea and Driving, the facts’, has been made available to commercial drivers, providing them with answers to the most commonly asked questions surrounding driving and Obstructive Sleep Apnoea Syndrome (OSAS). This is a condition which is particularly prevalent among HGV and PCV drivers, and excessive sleepiness is thought to be responsible for up to 20% of motorway traffic accidents, according to a 2010 SleepMed study. The document, which has been

developed following collaboration between the OSA Partnership Group and the DVLA, has taken into account input from clinicians and the haulage industry, while adhering to the strict legal framework within which the DVLA operates. Professor John Stradling from the Oxford Sleep Clinic said: “It is vital that we do not push the problem underground by making it difficult for commercial drivers to admit that they have symptoms. Therefore members of the OSA Partnership Group have worked closely with the DVLA to agree a consistent process that highlights the importance and the longer term benefits of seeking treatment quickly.” Those most at risk of having the condition are overweight middleaged men. OSAS can be fully treated

Sleep apnoea document made available

Buses currently seem to be coming up trumps at the Go-Ahead Group. This well-presented Optare Versa operated Go North East was caught on camera by Steve Hodgson last year quickly and easily; when the symptoms are controlled, quality of life can improve considerably. However if left untreated OSAS is likely to impact on overall health and wellbeing, and can impact on life expectancy. Ian Gallagher, Head of Policy for DVLA Policy at FTA, said: “We understand from talking to our members that many drivers have concerns about seeking medical advice for fear of losing their licence. However this document provides answers to many questions about OSAS and also offers advice on how to access treatment as quickly as possible.” The OSA Partnership Group has been established to bring together organisations from the commercial vehicle sector, clinicians, patient groups and those interested in health and safety at work together

to raise awareness of sleep apnoea and to address the road safety issues associated with the condition. Jan Chandaman, Acting Head of Medical Licensing Policy at the DVLA, added: “Our concern, first and foremost, has to be the safety of road users – both drivers and others and we want drivers to come forward straight away if they have any symptoms of the condition. Once they are receiving treatment and their symptoms are brought under control, driving can resume without jeopardising their safety and that of other road users.” The document can be accessed on the following websites: driving/ and

Vehicle Inspection & Maintenance Compliance Services

If you would like further information please call 01543 897505 or visit

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6 | COACH & BUS WEEK | June 26, 2013

news › BUSeS


The estimated number of bus passenger journeys made in the year to March 2013

briefly East Yorkshire Motor Services (EYMS) has teamed up with the York Dungeon to offer ‘two for one’ admission upon presenting a valid bus ticket. The promotion, which will run until September 1, offers a potential saving of up to £15.60. EYMS buses run to the city from locations which include Hull, Beverley, Bridlington, Driffield, Market Weighton, Brough/ Elloughton and South Cave. More details at A call for non-emergency patient vehicles to be able to use bus lanes in Oxford has been rejected by the County Council. As previously reported, Campaign group Patient Voice had requested they be allowed to use the restricted lanes to allow quicker transport. A council spokesman told the Oxford Mail: “There is no clause in the relevant bus lane regulations to allow what is being asked for. Implementation of the idea would only be permitted following a period of extensive – and probably expensive – public consultation which would be required to alter the regulations. We have to prioritise schemes with our limited resources in mind and therefore won’t currently be taking this idea forward.” Southern Vectis has launched a new website designed to be a one-stop shop for information on tourist destinations as well as a guide to services for residents. Matt Kitchin, General Manager at Southern Vectis, said the site is designed to be tablet and smartphone friendly. “We expect our customers to find the change a great improvement on our previous site. We still provide up-to-date travel information on Twitter and Facebook, but the general information provided about the islands’ destinations and things to do is very detailed and we hope it will help to attract more visitors to the attractions and events. Our key smartcard can also be purchased on the site,” he added. The design and implementation of the new site has taken the Southern Vectis team over three months to prepare with Londonbased specialist Pancentric Digital. Visit

News6,7.indd 6

Bus use falls as fares rise DfT statistics unclear if news is a fluctuation or the start of a trend Total bus usage in England fell by around 1.3% in 2012/13 due to a levelling of usage in London and continuation of the long-term downward trend in usage outside London, according to provisional statistics from the DfT. An estimated 4.62bn bus passenger journeys were made in the year to March 2013, around 60m fewer than during the previous year. Prior to this, total bus passenger numbers in England had changed very little since reaching a 20-year high in 2008/09, with an upward trend in London offsetting a downward trend in the rest of England. However it is too early to assess whether this is a fluctuation or the start of a trend. Half of bus journeys in England were made in London, where usage was broadly unchanged in the year to March 2013, but has doubled

Kimes of Folkingham set to close?

Respected Lincolnshire bus operator Kimes of Folkingham could close later this summer – but it is by no means certain at this stage. CBW understands the firm’s owner, Centrebus Ltd, has entered a 90-day consultation period with regards to jobs and services as the current operation is not viable. According to the latest Notices & Proceedings, most of Kimes’ routes have been deregistered from August 11 with new registrations in the name of Centrebus from the same date. The only services not showing up are 9 Peterborough to Oakham, 12 Stamford to Uppingham and 58/59 Boston to Kirton/Spalding. It is understood Centrebus management has been in discussions with other operators to see whether they will take over any services, mainly the 58/59. Drivers and engineering staff

since the mid-1990s, over a period in which public funding for London buses increased rapidly. Outside London, usage fell 2.5% over the latest year, and is now around 6% lower than the 2008/09 peak. This represents a resumption of a long-term downward trend which was temporarily reversed by the introduction in 2006 and extension in 2008 of statutory free concessionary travel for older people on buses. Fares in England rose nearly 5% over the year to March 2013, a slightly slower rate of increase than in recent years, but continuation of the general long term pattern of above-inflation increases (inflation measured by the RPI was 3.3% in March 2013). The local bus fares index measures percentage change in bus operator receipts from passengers as a result of any fare changes. These figures provide an estimate of change in the average cost of bus

travel to the passenger, but not the actual fare levels paid (which can vary due to changes in the mix of journeys made and other factors). Between March 2007 and March 2013, average bus fares increased 37%, with similar rises in London and the rest of England over this period as a whole. This compares with a 22% increase in the all items retail prices index (RPI), which means fares have increased in real terms over this period. English bus fares increased by an average annual growth rate of 5.5% a year over the period March 2007 to March 2012, broadly in line with rail fares but well below the average annual growth in motor fuel (petrol and oil) pump prices (9%). In the most recent year, to March 2013, bus fares have risen 4.7%, again broadly in line with the change of 4.5% in rail fares. Motor fuel increased 1.4% over the same period. Campaign for Better Transport’s CEO Stephen Joseph warned: “If the Chancellor uses this week’s spending round to cut support further, then we could see whole networks of bus services being lost.” The next Quarterly Bus Statistics, for Q2 (March to June) 2013 are due to be published in autumn 2013.

The future looks bleak for Kimes’ route 9 Oakham – Peterborough are being offered transfer to either Grantham, Saxby or Corby though some staff will be made redundant, including office staff. Centrebus Commercial Director Dave Shelley told CBW: “We have started a full consultation with staff at our Kimes business. There are options for the future, one being closure, but the consultation will drive the decision making process. It would be inappropriate to comment further at this time,

as we want to ensure the internal consultation is a full and frank one.” Previously owned by its employees, Kimes was acquired by Centrebus in July 2011. Founded in 1945 by the Kimes family, the firm ran 23 vehicles at the time of the Centrebus takeover. The current 20-strong Folkingham-based fleet includes six former Dublin Buses Leyland Olympians, eight low floor double-deckers and half-a-dozen low floor single-deckers.

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June 26, 2013 | COACH & BUS WEEK | 7

2007 19 The year Lloyd Morgan Group was established

The number of Polish cities serves, along with a number of international destinations

End of the road for Coventry PRN Coventry’s Park & Ride North (PRN) is ceasing after Saturday July 27 as a result of a steady decline in use. The service was based in Courthouse Green and was run by Centro and Coventry City Council, with services operated by Travel de Courcey. Guy Craddock, Centro Area Manager for Coventry, said the decision to close PRN had not been taken lightly but it was losing money and current usage averaged just 2.8 passengers a trip. He said: “Even though the service is subsidised by Centro at around £1,900 per week it is still making heavy losses. “Surveys of the passengers who do use the service showed they would in the main either transfer to Park and Ride South or use another bus service into the city centre, so we are not likely to see an increase in car trips there as a result. “It is regrettable we have to make this move but the service was not paying its way and we have a duty to get the best deal possible for taxpayers’ money.” Launched in 1999 the Park & Ride service was designed to relieve traffic congestion from the city centre, and to provide a more affordable alternative to city centre parking. Park and Ride South, also operated by Travel de Courcey, runs from War Memorial Park, off Kenilworth Road, will continue unaffected.

Honour for voice of bus passengers in Wales

Margaret Everson, Senior Officer at Bus Users UK Cymru, has been awarded an MBE in the Queen’s 2013 Birthday Honours List. Awarded for services to bus users and to transport in Wales, the honour has been warmly welcomed by Gillian Merron, Chairman of Bus Users UK. She said: “This is a richly deserved honour for our leading

News6,7.indd 7


Industry share prices at the close of the Stock Exchange on Monday, June 24. FirstGroup saw the greatest proportional rise, while Optare saw the greatest proportional drop. Most figures obtained from


Price: Year High: 430.50p Year Low: 275.80p


Price: Year High: 217.69p Year Low: 90.30p

Sue Dobson (Sustainable Transport Manager),John Rochford (General Manager, Darlington Depot), Nick Knox (Area Managing Director, ANE), John Anderson (Assistant Director for Policy and Regeneration), Nigel Featham (Regional Managing Director, ANE) Jonathan Spruce (Project Director for TVBNI) and Norman Baker

Arriva to bring Sapphire to Darlington Arriva North East (ANE) has announced Darlington is to join the list of locations for its Sapphire premium bus service network. Route 7, which links the town with Durham, is to be upgraded with 10 new Wright Pulsar-bodied VDLSB200s. Due for delivery in October, onboard features will include free WiFi, electric charging points, audio-visual stop announcements and E-leather

Margaret Everson, Senior Officer at Bus Users UK Cymru voice in Wales. We’re very proud of Margaret and this is recognition of many years of service in representing the interests of bus users in which we can all delight.” Margaret’s colleague at Bus

seats with extra leg room. The new Sapphire buses represent a £1.5m investment in the area on behalf of Arriva and come hot on the heels of the introduction of 11 new MAN gas buses to the town. Nigel Featham, Regional Managing Director for ANE, said: “We’re delighted to be bringing the Sapphire brand to Darlington and Durham. It will certainly offer something different. We hope it will tempt more people to try the bus.” The announcement was made in the presence of Transport Minister Norman Baker. An ADL E400 currently used on Arriva Wrexham – Chester route 1 was dispatched north for the occasion. The news was announced now as the Minister was in the region last week. Users Wales, Barclay Davies, said: “Margaret has gained the confidence of bus passengers, the industry and local authorities. She has helped to turn Bus Users UK Cymru into a highly successful campaigning body and the voice of the bus user, creating a model which is respected throughout the UK.” Margaret has specifically campaigned on behalf of passengers with sensory loss, the vulnerable and the elderly, and developed good practice guidance for operators and councils. She has had a successful career in road and rail transport and is a respected professional in the Chartered Institute of Logistics and Transport.


Price: Year High: 1591.0p Year Low: 1158.0p


Price: Year High: 236.00p Year Low: 162.90p


Price: Year High: 321.50p Year Low: 249.20p


Price: Year High: 0.87p Year Low: 0.30p


Price: Year High: 46.98p Year Low: 37.00p


Price: Year High: 88.20p Year Low: 62.29p


Price: Year High: 17.90p Year Low: 8.25p

+0.50 on last week

+6.27 on last week

-53.50 on last week

-1.55 on last week

-0.25 on last week

-0.03 on last week

+0.00 on last week

-4.39 on last week

+0.38 on last week

FTSE 100


Index: Year High: 6,840 Year Low: 5,447

-288 on last week

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8 | COACH & BUS WEEK | June 26, 2013

news › coaches

briefly Work to upgrade part of the M62 through West Yorkshire to a managed motorway took another step forward last week when electronic signs on a second section were activated. The Highways Agency said, for safety reasons, the overhead electronic signs between junction 26 (Chain Bar) and 27 (Gildersome) will remain constantly illuminated with a maximum mandatory speed limit of 50mph until final works on this section are completed later in the summer. The speed limit may be reduced during busy periods to help maintain traffic flow. The contract to widen a 2.8-mile section of the A14 around Kettering, Northamptonshire, has been awarded, paving the way for main construction to start this autumn. The scheme will provide an extra lane in each direction within the existing highway boundary between Junction 7 (A43N) and Junction 9 (A509) of the A14 Kettering Bypass – a notorious bottleneck during peak periods. Award-winning ferry operator DFDS Seaways has launched a new summer menu on its DoverDunkirk and Dover-Calais routes. Coach drivers and passengers on the cross-Channel sailings can enjoy popular dishes such as pasta and meatballs, beer battered cod and chips and ricotta and spinach cannelloni. Customers can also take advantage of a selection of ‘Hero’ dish offers, such as a main course and pudding for £10 or a curry and Heineken for £10. Neil Doorley, Onboard Commercial Director at DFDS Seaways, said: “Fish and chips continues to be the most popular dish onboard, with passengers buying over 165,716 portions of battered cod and chips on DFDS Seaways’ Dover-Dunkirk route alone last year. New dishes on the menu include curry, steak rosti and pasta and meatballs.” The northbound carriageway of the A46 at Leek Wooton, Warwickshire will be closed overnight from June 30 to 1 July. Resurfacing is to take place between 2200 and 0600hrs. A diversion route will be signposted.

News8,9.indd 8

Souter Investments invests in and disposes of Sunseeker 25 new double-deck Van Hools on order with capacity for 89 passengers Sir Brian Souter’s Souter Investments has announced its second major disposal this year with the sale of Sunseeker yachts. The deal came on the same day as orders were placed for 25 new double deck coaches for Sir Brian’s Polish Polski Bus operation. Beijing-based Dalian Wanda Group is acquiring Sunseeker, Britain’s biggest luxury motor yacht manufacturer. Souter Investments was the largest shareholder in Portofino Yacht Investments, which

controlled Sunseeker. Sir Brian said: “This is a welcome announcement. Sunseeker already exports nearly 100% of its yachts to many countries round the world. Wanda will be a wonderful partner, particularly in helping it unlock the substantial potential inherent in the developing Chinese boating market.” For Sir Brian it is the second major disposal in the last three months, having previously realised Souter Investments’ significant stake in the £1.2bn flotation of insurance giant esure. Meanwhile, the €12m investment in new coaches comes on’s second birthday. operates 12 routes and has carried nearly 3.5m passengers since its launch

Chalkwell’s mission to visit 250 schools Annette Withrington of Kent-based operator Chalkwell has set herself the task of visiting 250 schools in the region. She has made over 70 visits already and is reportedly receiving ‘extremely positive’ feedback from the schools which are mainly primary, but also include secondary. Annette said: “These days schools cannot just book a trip –

they have to fill out forms. That is where our specialism comes in because we can help and advise. With the schools I have visited so far on behalf of Chalkwell I have been given the opportunity to put names to faces which is important. “I am promoting Chalkwell to

Annette (second left) with private hire colleagues Michael Yates, Terry Pearce and Karen Lockyer

When the company launched two years ago it had only 18 vehicles. By the end of the year it will have 92 coaches operating in Poland., which brought cheap luxury express coach travel to Poland, now operates 12 routes and has carried nearly 3.5 million passengers since its launch. The new Van Hool luxury double-deckers, which carry 89 passengers, are equipped with air conditioning, toilets and WiFi. They have also been designed to meet the needs of limited mobility and disabled passengers with lower deck wheelchair access. Sir Brian said: “ has been a tremendous success. Passengers love our prices, comfort, convenient schedules and quality service. We have ambitious plans for the future and will continue to expand in Poland and elsewhere in Eastern Europe.” In addition to serving 19 Polish cities, serves a number of international destinations in Germany, the Czech Republic and Slovakia. PolskiBus. com has its own Facebook fanpage with 90,000 followers and in an online birthday competition, passengers can compete for prizes such as an iPod touch, model buses and Ziggi (company mascot) toys. schools which haven’t used us in the past and encouraging them to consider the range of services the company provides. We are getting across the message that we are one of the top coach operators in the county.” On her school visits she takes a BUSK DVD which explains school bus safety designed to help schools with risk assessment and safety. Throughout June, Chalkwell’s School Liaison Officer Terry Pearce and team members have had appointments to visit senior schools in Sittingbourne to meet parents and give out literature.  They will also be recommending that September’s new starters use the bus to travel to school.

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June 26, 2013 | COACH & BUS WEEK | 9

“Operators don’t see us as coming in to catch them out, we’re here to help and we can get it right. It’s better that we find any problems than VOSA or the police.” Pete Thompson Lloyd Morgan Group

Plaxton unleashes the Panther Cub Plaxton’s latest addition to the Panther family, the 10.8m Panther Cub, is now available for customer viewing. The bodybuilder says the new vehicle has already attracted significant interest from customers across the UK and even beyond. The first orders have been received including one for Matthews Coaches in Ireland, a customer who has built up an established Plaxton fleet in recent years including examples of Panther and Elite. The new model is a development of the Panther range and shares much commonality with its longer siblings, including the proven and durable stainless-steel frame and established Volvo B9R running gear, powered by Volvo’s 380bhp 9-litre engine and I-Shift transmission. Seating configurations allow up to 45 passengers or slightly less where toilets and serveries are specified. With an unladen weight less than 11.5t, the payload capacity is a full 3000kg. “This is a segment of the market

we have been monitoring for some time and we knew there was a demand there,” said Alexander Dennis/ Plaxton Director of Business Development, Kevin Wood. “But the reception the Panther Cub has received so far has surpassed even our own expectations. Comfort, interior and locker space and standard of drive have all been areas particularly complimented and the overall package is seen as representing good value for money.” Plaxton offers a comprehensive range of coaches from the 29-seat

Insight p44

Cheetah through a choice of twoand three-axle Panther and Elite models in lengths of up to 15m. The biggest coach is the recentlylaunched Elite i, a 15m interdeck coach with up to 75 seats.

Dedicated coach parking sought in Caernarfon

services are particularly popular. Direct services from Belfast to Dublin Airport and great value web fares mean better value and less hassle than parking. “We have now also launched an X4 service between Derry/ Londonderry and Dublin, which also serves Mid Ulster and Armagh to give people even more flexibility and choice.”

Calls have been made for a dedicated site for coaches in Caernarfon, North Wales after complaints from operators that coaches struggle to find room to park at the Old Shell site car park near Victoria Dock. This has lead to fears that the lack of parking spaces could lead to coaches staying away which could hit the town’s important tourist trade. In one recent incident, a pair of coach drivers went to nearby Galeri to complain to staff that parking bays designated for coaches had been filled with cars. The two drivers reportedly had to leave their coaches parked in front of the cars, blocking the vehicles in. Town Councillor Hywel Roberts said the idea for a dedicated site for coaches in the town had been raised years ago, and locations such as the Cibyn industrial estate had been suggested. “We have been calling for this for a couple of years,” he said. “It could have facilities for cleaning coaches and emptying toilets, and somewhere for the drivers to have a break and a cup of tea. These coach trips are very important to the town and having somewhere for them to go could bring even more to Caernarfon.” A Gwynedd County Council spokesman said: “We are aware of some concerns regarding the bays allocated for coaches at the Old Shell site car park and we are working to resolve the matter. As a council, we are committed to encouraging people to visit Caernarfon’s town centre. There are currently two designated drop-off areas for visiting tourist coaches at Balaclava Road and on the Maes and we would be happy to discuss arrangements directly with the coach companies.” Commenting on the situation, Chris Owens, MD of Alpine Travel, told CBW: “It’s not actually the lack of parking, but more the fact that the locals park their cars in what is a free coach park. You have actually got two coach parks – the issue is they are completely unmanaged. They are quite good coach parks really.”

Customers who are interested in seeing the Panther Cub, or any of the models in the Plaxton range, should contact their local Area Sales Manager or Plaxton Coach Sales Centre at Anston – 01909 551166 – coachsales@

Plaxton’s new 10.8m Panther Cub

Translink announces surge in Goldline passengers

Translink has announced a 6% increase in Goldline coach passenger numbers over the past 12 months. The Northern Ireland state-owned company’s flagship coach service has experienced a massive 45% increase in passenger journeys in the last eight years and now carries over 3m passenger journeys each year. Translink Metro bus services also continue to perform strongly with almost 504,000 journeys made every week in Belfast and an additional 22,000 journeys now made on Metro every month. Translink Marketing Executive Ciarán Rogan said: “It’s clear that more people are choosing to leave the car at home and use our

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A Goldline liveried Scania Irizar bus and coach services for their everyday journeys, whether it’s business or leisure. “This success reflects the investment in new Irizar i4-bodied Scania coaches for Goldline last September, the introduction of free on board WiFi, leather seats and additional legroom and great value fares. “Our cross-border X1 & X2

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10 | COACH & BUS WEEK | June 26, 2013


The engines have been certified following a three year development programme Cummins’ latest ISB engines have been certified to meet Euro 6 standards, ready for January 2014. These engines have met all the stringent levels of particulate matter and oxides of nitrogen when measured on the World Harmonised transient and steady state test cycles. The more challenging on-board diagnostics (OBD) regulations have also been achieved. Available from 150 to 310bhp, Cummins claims the ISB engines are ideal for single and double deck buses and coaches. They use the engine technologies of cooled exhaust gas recirculation (EGR) and variable geometry turbocharging (VGT), tailored for European vehicle design and operations. The engine technologies are matched to the aftertreatment system, designed and manufactured by Cummins Emission Solutions. It combines a Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF)

New HQ for D&G and entry into DRT work

Staffordshire-based independent bus operator D&G Group has moved its headquarters into a renovated former pub. The Wellington is a building of some historic significance and has been a Public House from the early 19th Century. Originally known as the Duke Wellington back in 1818, it was sold to the Uttoxeter and Dove Valley Brewery Co Ltd in the 1840s and known as The Wellington from 1896. In 2006, a fire caused substantial damage to the building and it has stood empty and decrepit since then. D&G Bus has taken up residence in the top floor, with lower two floors still available for rent by third

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with Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) to meet the ultra-low levels of emissions. The certification is a result of a three-year ISB Euro 6 development programme. A key part of the plan has been to prove they operate successfully in extreme hot and cold climates. Engineers carried out more than 30,000km of product validation in challenging vehicle operating conditions in Spain and Scandinavia to ensure emissions compliance. Ambient temperatures ranged between 35C and -29C during the tests, which also took the vehicles to altitudes of more than 2000m. Jonathan Atkinson, Chief Engineer of Product Development, said: “Our testing has successfully validated Cummins’ hardware and control strategy for Euro 6 in extreme temperatures. “It has proven the upgraded Euro 6 OBD system would not generate unnecessary fault codes which could limit vehicle operation in these difficult climates. This has been an important step in our

development programme, ensuring that Cummins’ Euro 6 package delivers for all vehicle users, wherever they operate.” The testing involved advanced telemetry, measuring and recording more than 1300 engine and vehicle parameters on a real-time basis. Engineers sent data via GSM equipment back to the Darlington Technical Centre every hour for review and analysis by functional specialists. After validating findings and identifying solutions in the lab, the test team were then able to make focused adjustments and modifications to the engine and

The recently certified Cummins ISB6 7 Euro 6 Engine

D&G has relocated its HQ into a renovated former pub in Uttoxeter parties. D&G MD David Reeves, who has acquired and renovated the building, said: “I came to a football meeting held in The Wellington around 1984, and I often used to pop in for a drink, and when many years later an opportunity came to invest in The Wellington, I thought,

why not? “We’ve retained character features of the building but it is equipped with all modern conveniences with brand new electrics and a brand new heating system. We’re very pleased with the finished building. It took about six months in total, as it’s a Grade II

listed property.” The operating centres for D&G bus and Green Triangle remain at Crewe and Atherton, respectively – Uttoxeter performs the vital head office functions. In a separate development, from July 15, the flexible transport service in Cheshire East will be operated by D&G Bus. “It’s a very exciting opportunity for us,” Mr Reeves told CBW. “In the past local authorities have used Section 19 operators but they now want to raise the bar by using PCV operators, who have more consistent maintenance systems and higher qualified drivers. “We’ve been trying to break into this type of work for the last two years. It means our Crewe operation is now even more sustainable.” D&G’s new address is: The Wellington, 78 High Street, Uttoxeter, Staffordshire, ST14 7JD. Visit


Cummins gains Euro 6 certification for ISBe

aftertreatment system to further optimise performance. “The aftertreatment system provided more of a challenge than at previous emissions levels, as it has to be kept within a specific temperature band to operate efficiently. This is achieved through advanced control strategies which manipulate the engine hardware and combustion strategy to maintain exhaust temperatures in the optimum range, whilst delivering the best possible fuel efficiency,” concluded Atkinson. For Euro 6, the 4-cylinder ISB4.5 engine is available up to 210bhp. It has an excellent power to weight ratio and delivers a strong peak torque of 760Nm. The 6-cylinder 6.7 litre ISB engine extends up to 310bhp for coach installations, and 280bhp for bus applications. Peak torque is at a high level of 1100Nm. Neil Pattison, Director Automotive Engine Business for Europe, Middle East and Africa, said: “To date our Euro 6 test vehicles are showing very positive results in terms of fuel economy and Adblue usage. Our technology choice coupled with our installation support expertise has enabled us to work closely with our customers to deliver the best possible solution. We believe this has put Cummins in an excellent position to take advantage of the growth opportunities at Euro 6.”

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TfGM aims for carbon neutrality Transport for Greater Manchester (TfGM) has committed to becoming carbon neutral; the first UK transport authority to do so. The organisation has reduced its carbon emissions by 19% over the last three years and says it has a clear path to reach its carbon saving target of 75% by 2018 and is developing plans to be a zero carbon authority by 2033. TfGM has also launched a publicity campaign to raise awareness of the connection between public transport and carbon emissions. Part of the Ticket to Kyoto (T2K) partnership, the campaign highlights what TfGM and four other European partners are doing to help reduce carbon emissions in public transport. Cllr Fender said: “Our zero carbon commitment and T2K partnership show we are serious about making a difference – and T2K has helped us invest in some really innovative green projects. “We’re also doing what we can to show leadership in cutting transport-related emissions, which account for around 30% of Greater

Natural gas engine close to certification

Certification of Cummins Euro 6 ISL G natural gas engine is expected in October. The 8.9-litre engine is available from 250 to 320bhp for alternative fuel bus applications, with a peak torque of 1356Nm. It uses a combination of cooled Exhaust Gas Recirculation (EGR) with stoichiometric combustion. Cummins cooled EGR lowers combustion temperatures and reduces engine out emissions and noise. Stoichiometric combustion, where fuel is burned completely, ensures an oxygen free exhaust. It enables the use of highly efficient three-way catalyst aftertreatment. The maintenance-free, three-way catalyst technology is an effective,

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Manchester’s carbon footprint. Metrolink is the first UK tram system to run on green energy – and we’re on our way to having 280 green hybrid and electric buses on the road – more than anywhere in the UK outside London.” The Greater Manchester Combined Authority agreed a Climate Change Strategy for Greater Manchester in 2011, setting a target of a reduction in carbon emissions by 2020 of 48% from 1990 levels. Longer term national targets require a reduction of 80% by 2050. As the UK partner for the European Union’s major Ticket to Kyoto environmental project, TfGM is working with partners in France, Belgium, Germany and the Netherlands to reduce carbon emissions in public transport. This project has already resulted in innovative green schemes, including the wind turbine providing power at Bolton’s popular Horwich Parkway railway station. Also, Rochdale’s new interchange will be the first in Europe to be powered through on-site hydroelectricity when it opens later this year, thanks to a micro hydro power station on the River Roch. More information about T2K can be found at www.

simple, passive device, packaged as part of the exhaust muffler, providing consistent emissions control across the operating range. For Euro 6, ISL G engine requires minimal changes from Euro 5. A closed crankcase ventilation (CCV) system is added and the electronic controls are upgraded. The new remote mounted CCV system recycles crankcase blow-by gases to minimise exhaust emissions. An updated electronic control module is required to manage the OBD requirements for Euro 6. The engine runs on compressed and liquefied natural gas or bio methane. John Burgess, General Manager for Cummins’ gas engine business, said: “Due to the ultra-clean nature of natural gas products, only a three-way catalyst aftertreatment is needed, with no SCR Adblue injection required. Cummins is working with the authorities to clarify this and enable certification of the ISL G.”

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Which do you prefer – a carrot or a stick? David Richards of AA DriveTech identifies both the benefits of Driver CPC and the possible financial risks of not completing Driver CPC training in time


n life, the words ‘carrot’ and ‘stick’ are often used to describe the two opposite approaches to making something happen; the first being the incentive for you to do it, the second being the punishment if you don’t. The same is true of Driver CPC periodic training, especially as the September 10, 2013 deadline is looming. There is lots of material in circulation explaining why DCPC is beneficial, not only to the bus and coach industries in general but the drivers in particular. However, training is generally only considered beneficial when the participant’s knowledge is increased or people get new insights; in essence, it’s considered worthwhile, the ‘carrot’. For example, one of our DCPC courses is focused on Customer Service. As many drivers today need to be an ambassador for the company, as well as a driver, it is important that they have techniques available to them to deal with people in a professional manner such as communication skills, body language, conflict management and awareness of disability laws. The feedback on this course in particular is very positive... so why are so many drivers reluctant to attend a training programme? Many people tell us they don’t believe the DCPC deadlines will be strictly enforced so therefore aren’t planning ahead. As a result, they aren’t booking or finishing their 35 hours of training. Others think they will wait closer to the deadline to make a final decision. Both these approaches involve risk. The DSA and VOSA have both

recently re-stated the penalties for non-completion by the deadline. This shows they’re serious; this is the ‘stick’! “Not carrying the Driver Qualification Card (which proves a driver has completed DCPC) whilst driving professionally or failing to produce it when asked to do so by the police or VOSA enforcement officers are offences, as is driving without a DCPC.” That’s a £30 fine for not having the card but, more importantly, potentially a £1,000 fine both for the driver if they haven’t completed DCPC training and the employer if they have caused, or permitted, the driver to drive without suitable qualifications. Can you take the risk? Secondly, if you delay booking training, many commentators are saying demand could outstrip supply which means, even if you wanted to, there may be few course places available. Our advice? Get started now and make sure you make the deadlines; book your training early so all your drivers are legal on September 10, 2013.

How AA DriveTech can help AA DriveTech is the post-test training arm of the AA with extensive experience of delivering top quality, value for money and useful driver training to professional drivers whether they are bus, coach or truck drivers. The company offers Driver CPC periodic training both at a client’s business premises as well as ‘open’ courses via a UK-wide network of venues which any driver can attend. To understand more, or book a course, call 0845 345 9626 or go to BookDriverCPC.

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Volvo to launch noiseless electric buses in Gothenburg Electric fleet part of larger project to attract commuters to using public transport SWEDEN Volvo is set to launch a fleet of silent, electric buses in Gothenburg, as part of the city’s aim to become climate-neutral as well as tackle noise pollution. Commencing in 2015, the electric buses will run between Johanneberg Science Park adjacent to Chalmers and Lindholmen Science Park in Hisingen.   The initiative, known as ElectriCity, was launched by Volvo in cooperation with the Swedish Energy Agency, Region Västra Götaland, the City of Gothenburg, Göteborg Energi, Västtrafik, Lindholmen Science Park, and Johanneberg Science Park. In addition to the electric buses the scheme also includes the creation and trial runs of new bus stop solutions, traffic-routing systems, safety concepts, energy supply and business models.

The hope is that the project will attract more commuters to use public transport. This is also expected to clear the way for more, attractive public transport solutions in the Västra Götaland region.    Olof Persson, President and CEO of Volvo, said: “This represents an entirely new mode of travel and will allow for the public-transport

system to contribute to a more pleasant environment. A silent and emissions-free public transport system will enable the inclusion of locations in the city that are currently off limits. It is immensely satisfying to be able to launch this in our hometown, in cooperation with Region Västra Götaland and the City of Gothenburg.”

Volvo’s plug-in hybrids are currently in field tests in Gothenburg

Giti Tire restructures German operations

GERMANY Giti Tire has restructured its German truck and bus tyre sales operation and made several key appointments as it looks to strengthen the strong countrywide position of GT Radial. The move, which came into effect on May 1, 2013, is designed to achieve a 10% market share by 2015, increase the professionalism and knowledge base of the staff, realise the company’s value approach through direct interaction with customers and improve overall service delivery. Andreas Fischer joins Giti Tire as Area Sales Manager (South East), Frank Richter as Area Sales Manager (Central), Henry Boehlke as Area Sales Manager (North East), Markus Koebbe as Area Sales Manager (North West) and Frank Wirz as Area Sales Manager

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The Giti Tire team in Germany West and Switzerland. In addition, Michael Prause has been appointed as Customer Service Manager and both Richard Lyons, Managing Director - Europe, and Peter Foulkes, Marketing Director Europe - Commercial Tires, will be based in Germany. Richard Lyons said: “While the truck and bus operation has performed well in recent years there have been key senior staff appointments in the German office and it was felt the sales force needed to be more closely aligned

to its vision for the business. “To achieve this goal, and most importantly a 10% market share by 2015 for GT Radial through a direct sales operation, we have secured a hugely experienced, professional team which will make a significant contribution in what is still a very tough economic climate.” For more information on Giti Tire’s products and services, visit and gtradial/eu

MAN A24 in Egged livery

Israeli operators order 173 MAN vehicles ISRAEL Israeli bus companies Metropoline and Egged have ordered a total of 173 MAN chassis for domestic passenger transport from MAN importer AET Automotive Equipment and Trucks L.P. The Metropoline order comprises 110 chassis, 90 of which are coach chassis. With independent wheel suspension on the front axle, MAN says they offer a very high level of ride comfort. They feature the eco-friendly EEVcompliant D20 engine. The other 20 chassis are the low-entry variant and are equipped with EEV D08 engines. Metropoline has signed eightand 10-year service contracts respectively for all these vehicles. Bodywork will be completed by local builder Ha‘argaz. The delivery to the Egged company comprises 63 lowfloor citybus chassis with EEV-compliant D20 engines, 10 of which are articulated. Both orders will be delivered to the local body builders by August 2013. Egged Israel Transport Cooperative Society Ltd is the biggest bus operator in Israel: with a fleet of around 3,000 vehicles it transports nearly a million people each day. The company has more than 6,000 employees and its fleet contains over 1,400 MAN vehicles. Formed in 2000, Metropoline transports around 23 million passengers annually with a fleet totalling more than 360 vehicles. With 20 urban routes in Beer Sheva and approximately 200 employees, the annual number of trips carried out by the transport company tops 600,000.

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National Express Dundee is reaffirming its partnership with Dundee City Council’s AntiSocial Behaviour Team. The operator already works with the council to report and investigate any incidents of anti-social behaviour on or around its buses, including vandalism, graffiti, litter, verbal abuse and stone-throwing. A recent review of the agreement between the organisations has strengthened the commitment to cracking down on any low-level crime associated with bus travel. NX says a system is already in place to report incidents, identify perpetrators, gather intelligence and enforce the law if needed.  Community Safety Wardens are also issued with bus passes. They regularly travel on NX routes which gives them the opportunity to watch out for any signs of trouble on or outside the bus and to gather information which could be used if further action is needed.  MD Phil Smith said: “When we encounter anti-social behaviour either on our buses, or directed towards them, we act quickly to ensure the authorities are notified. We assist with investigations and do our best to ensure there is no repetition of such incidents.  “We believe education is a vital tool in helping crack down on anti-social behaviour, so we support efforts to teach pupils about the correct way to behave when engaging with public transport.”  Chris Muir, Community Safety Warden Co-ordinator, Dundee City Council, said: “The Community Safety Wardens are grateful to NX Dundee for its continued support in transporting them around patrol areas in Dundee. “If bus routes have been experiencing incidents of anti-social behaviour we will coordinate our staff to ensure they are in a position to act as a deterrent and identify those responsible. “Any person(s) causing problems on NX Dundee vehicles will be dealt with accordingly. All details will be passed back to our colleagues in the anti-social behaviour team and Police Scotland, with appropriate action being taken when necessary.”


First in York is the first national bus company in the UK to be given an initial four star rating as part of the ECO Stars Fleet Recognition Scheme.

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Coach & Bus Week takes a look at the big issues where you live in our round-up of the regions. If you’ve got a local issue you’d like us to cover, contact James Day on james. stops have been installed in Island Way East, doubling the number of stops around the island and making the service more convenient for local residents. Some early morning buses that previously only served part of the island will be brought into line with the rest of the service to cover the complete circuit of Island Way East and West. Arriva’s Regional Publicity Manager, Richard Lewis, said: “We are pleased to have worked with Medway Council to bring about some changes which we hope will have a positive impact on the convenience of our Service 100, including the new Saturday service between St. Mary’s and Chatham bus and rail stations.”




ECO Stars is a Europe-wide scheme which encourages fleet operators, of all sizes, to improve efficiency and reduce fuel consumption and emissions. The council has welcomed the award – saying First is making a great contribution to the council’s Air Quality Action Plans, part of the Local Transport Plan, which aim to improve the air quality in York for present and future generations. The news comes after the recent announcement that First and the City of York Council have successfully applied for money from Government to fund eight electric buses which are being introduced within the next 12 months. Ben Gilligan, Service Delivery Director for First in York, said: “We are now working with ECO Stars and City of York Council to improve our green credentials even further and we are aiming to get the top mark five star rating as soon as possible.” Cllr Dave Merrett at City of York Council said: “By implementing the key measures in the ECO Stars Scheme a transport operator can reduce fuel consumption by a minimum of 5% in the first year. This fits in with our Air Quality Action Plans which aim to improve the air quality in York.”


Anglian Bus and rail operator Greater Anglia have joined forces with Suffolk County Council

and East Suffolk Lines Community Rail Partnership to offer a new integrated rail and bus service linking Halesworth rail station with Southwold. Anglian Bus’ 520 service now meets every day-time train at Halesworth Station – from Ipswich or Lowestoft – on weekdays and Saturdays. The add-on fare of £2 single and £4 return must be purchased at the same time as the rail ticket to benefit from the discounted price. Partnership Manager for Greater Anglia Geraint Hughes said: “This is a great new service for both visitors to Southwold and for residents wanting to access the rail network. From September, the online booking facility will also allow customers to either generate their own ‘Print Your Own’ (PYO) ticket, or to purchase a ticket on their mobile phone, making travel even easier.”


Arriva has made changes to its service between St. Mary’s Island and Chatham. Most significantly, there is a new Saturday service providing an hourly link with the town centre and rail station, being run under contract to Medway Council. There are also adjustments to the times of some Monday to Friday buses to improve train connections at Chatham Station. On the island itself, two extra bus

TfL has announced changes to bus services in Stratford which will take place later this year to support the opening of Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park, which is due to open in phases from July. The Park is being transformed into a new neighbourhood with thousands of new homes, schools, nurseries, a library, health centres and other community facilities from spring 2014. TfL sought the views of the public and stakeholders to the proposed changes to bus services as part of a nine-week consultation. The body says the responses were broadly positive, so a decision was made to go ahead with the proposed changes to bus services. Peter Bradley, Head of Consultation Delivery, said: “We welcome all of the responses to the consultation and they have helped us shape and develop the bus services in and around Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park and surrounding areas. The development is important as it’s the next chapter of an exciting journey for this area of east London that will be used by many people for years to come.” Affected routes include 97, 308, 339, 388, 588, 26, 30 and D8. Full details on the consultation including key issues raised and TfL’s responses are at stratfordbusnetwork. Sir Peter Hendy CBE, the Transport Commissioner for London, has commended staff working at the Central Licensing Office (CLO) – part of the Office of the Traffic Commissioner – by marking their contribution

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16 | COACH & BUS WEEK | June 26, 2013


to the success of the 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games. Speaking to his audience of traffic commissioners (TCs) and their deputies, representatives of the DfT, and staff from the CLO, Sir Peter said the licensing team in Leeds had been critical to the commercial vehicle industry’s success during the Olympic and Paralympic Games. Presenting limited edition, framed posters – individually signed by Mayor Boris Johnson, Sebastian Coe and Sir Peter himself – to a number of CLO management staff during the event, he said it would not have been possible to support the freight, bus and coach sectors without the hard work and determination of the staff, team leaders and senior team leaders at the TCs’ licensing office. Sir Peter also noted the significant achievement in delivering legislation to facilitate changes to operating centres, praising the work of Lead TC Sarah Bell. Miss Bell added her gratitude to staff at the DfT also in attendance. The lessons learnt will be carried forward to delivery in support of the Commonwealth Games in

DATES FOR YOUR DIARY Glasgow next year. Sir Peter praised the freight, bus and coach industries for their desire to work with the regulators and TfL to make the Olympic and Paralympic Games a success. The operators he had met and worked with had shown the “good” side of the commercial vehicle industry. He also said TCs have the support of operators because it is clear as regulators they care about the industries they oversee. Eight posters were presented by Sir Peter, to John Furzeland (Deputy Head of the Office of the TC); Deborah Kavanagh, Steve Fox, Paul Hartley and Simon Griffiths (Senior Team Leaders) and Danny Leech, Lee Betts and David Whitehead (Team Leaders). Sir Peter said: “The teamwork that so successfully delivered the Olympic and Paralympic Games extended to the TCs and the staff of the CLO. It is a pleasure to celebrate the hard work put in by Sarah Bell and the OTC staff. It also reflects more generally on the support the regulators give to those industries, and the respect the industries have for the TCs in return.”

Showbus 2013 is taking place on September 22 at Long Marston Airfield in Warwickshire. Pictured is a scene at Showbus 2011 at Duxford IWM

2013 n June 30 First Aberdeen Open Day. King Street Depot, Aberdeen. 11-1600hrs. More details at www. or by email on joe.mackie@

n June 30 Ringwood Bus Rally. Scenic rides and memorabilia stall. For details call the Wessex Transport Society on 01202 293245. www. n July 5 Hampshire County Council Public Bus Supplier Engagement Morning. Elizabeth II Court, Sussex Street, Winchester. To book onto the event or for further information contact passenger n July 14 The Annual Peterborough Bus & Commercial Vehicle Rally. Sacrewell Farm (A47/ A1 junction). Free entry. 07828 754412 or 01462 626750 n July 21 Alton Bus Rally. Anstey Park, Anstey Lane, Alton, Hants.

A survey conducted onboard Stagecoach Yorkshire’s three SupertramLink services in Sheffield has revealed high satisfaction levels. Passengers were asked to rate their satisfaction using the service against how they previously travelled. Services SL1, SL2 and SL3 have been progressively introduced since 2007, to provide connections between the Supertram and outlying suburbs by purchasing one ticket which covers the whole bus and tram journey. The services allow customers to reach areas which previously required a long walk or a car journey. One of the targets of these services was to attract people who travelled by car and, of those surveyed, 30% used to travel by car. Almost 100% of passengers on the SL3 service said they would recommend the service to a friend, while more than 85% of passengers across the services were either satisfied or very satisfied with frequency. The majority of passengers felt bus cleanliness, positive driver attitude and the information available added to the travelling experience. Stagecoach Yorkshire MD Paul Lynch said: “It’s good for us to see where we have been doing well so we can continue to improve. The SupertramLink is an important initiative. It’s important we look at the results and look for areas that can be further revised.”

n July 21-22 Coach Tourism Council Summer BBQ. Bedford Swan Hotel, Bedford. 0870 850 2839.

n August 24 Inglebrough Classic & Vintage Vehicle Gathering. Bibbys Coaches depot, North Yorkshire. 10-1700hrs. For details, call 015242 41330 n August 26 The Big Operating Day and Blue & Cream Celebration. Celebrating the centenary of Birmingham’s first blue & cream buses. The Transport Museum Wythall. 01564 826471. n September 7-8 Bus Driver of the Year Final. Blackpool. Call 01303 251462.

n September 8 Bus & Coach Wales 2013. Rhyd y Car Leisure Centre, Merthyr Tydfil n September 9-10 CPT Scotland Annual Conference. Crieff Hydro Hotel, Perthshire. Visit www.cpt-uk. org or call CPT Scotland on 0131 272 215 n September 10 Association of Trainers AGM. 1400hrs, Wembley. For details call 01797 344251. n September 21-22 Metrobus 30th anniversary depot open days. Orpington, Croydon & Crawley. n September 22 Showbus 2013. Long Marston Airfield, Warwickshire. n October 2-3 Coach & Bus Live 2013. NEC, Birmingham. www. n October 20 Oxford Bus Museum Bus & Coach Vehicle Rally. 01993 883 617. www.oxfordbusmuseum. n October 23-24 Young Bus Managers Network Conference. Manchester. www. n October 27 Swansea Bus Museum Running Day. 07877 771 878.

2014 n March 18-19 Young Bus Managers Network Conference. Reading. www.youngbusmanagers. n May 12-14 ALBUM Conference. Murrayfield Stadium, Edinburgh.

Send your event details to gareth.evans@

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Approved Delivery Centre for • Driver CPC, LGV & PCV • JAUPT • RTITB Awards • UK Bus Operator of the Year Award 2012 • Best UK Training Operator 2011 Complete Flexibility • Full or half day sessions • 7 days a week • Times to suit you Contact Karl Ward on 01159 766745/ or Mike Lee on 01159 766739/ to discuss all your driver development needs

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The discount for group admission at Warwick Castle

brIEfly The nine-piece UK Pink Floyd Experience is playing the Grand Opera House in York on September 11 and replicates the line up of the full live Pink Floyd touring band of the late 80s and 90s. With state-of-the-art sound and a spectacular light show, the aim is to perfect the atmosphere of the great Pink Floyd in concert. Songs from albums Dark Side of The Moon through to Division Bell are featured, played with virtuosic ability by the nine band members who are all seasoned musicians. The line up includes a choreographed and costumed three girl backing vocal section. For booking information visit http:// Lyme Park, House and Garden in Cheshire, around eight miles south east of Stockport, is hosting a winter exhibition to mark the 200th anniversary of the publication of Jane Austen’s ‘Pride and Prejudice’. Lyme Park featured as ‘Pemberley’ in the BBC TV production of the book where Colin Firth’s Mr Darcy famously emerges from the lake. In addition, the 1,300 acre estate with its medieval herd of red and fallow deer offers fantastic walks and stunning views. Parking for coaches costs £20 unless bringing booked groups to house and garden. For more information call 01663 762023 or visit lyme-park Masham in North Yorkshire plays host to the renowned Theakston Brewery. Visitors can see the creation of ales first hand with a trained guide providing history and commentary. At the end of the tour, visitors can sample English beer at its best in the brewery tap. The Brewery is a ‘tower style’ brewery and there are steep stairways and some narrow walkways. People with mobility difficulties should be aware of this. There is no brewery parking so coaches are encouraged to park or drop off in Masham market place where the Brewery Visitor Centre is, a short two minute walk away. Masham is about a 20-minute drive north west of Ripon, not too far from the A1. Visit www.theakstons.

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Warwick Castle unlocks centuries of secrets Four rooms which have remained closed for years have been opened to the public For 2013 Warwick Castle has unlocked four rooms which had remained closed for generations to reveal secrets and stories across four centuries of the Castle’s past. The four ancient rooms – Barbican

Battlements & Captain’s Room; a recently unearthed bear pit in Bear Tower; Watergate Room; and The Guards’ Room in Guy’s Tower – represent defining chapters in the Warwick Castle story and reveal tales of battle, siege, murder, power struggles and hauntings. Warwick Castle is open 364 days a year and other attractions include

Castle Dungeon; Merlin: The Dragon Tower; and The Princess Tower. Daily shows at the castle include Raising the Portcullis, Flight of the Eagles Show, Firing the Trebuchet and Warwick Warriors live combat. Access to the four new rooms is included in Castle admission prices. Groups of 10 or more receive 40% off. Free fact sheets are available along with optional tours and lunch packages. There are also specially discounted days for groups on September 27, 28 and 29 with adult admission starting at £11.40 per person and children at £7.80 per person. There’s limited coach parking along with a coach drop off point in the Stratford Road Car Park. Coach parking on site is available on a first come, first served basis. At least four hours is suggested to make the most the castle.

The East Front of Warwick Castle

For more information visit or call 0871 222 6688 and quote ‘Great Merlin Get Together’

Off-road in the realm of lions

Something for everyone at Paignton Zoo

A new off-road option has been opened for visitors to West Midland Safari Park and incorporated into the “Realm of the Lions” exhibit which has been launched to mark the Park’s 40th Anniversary being celebrated this year. The track allows visitors to drive off-road on the kind of terrain that one would normally expect to find in the wilds of Africa – even down to coming face to face with one – or perhaps all 13 – of the Park’s pride of African Lions that now live in the reserve. The entire reserve, which covers almost seven and a half acres, was created primarily to deliver essential enrichment for the Park’s lions – and to provide visitors with an insight into what a trip into real African lion country could be like. Coach parking and drop-off

Paignton Zoo is home to over 2,500 plants and flowers which mimick the natural landscape of the animals. In the Zoo’s Forest zone visitors can see orangutans and gorillas. In the Tropics area colourful reptiles and birds reside and in the Savannah zone groups can meet the giraffes, black rhinos and elephants as well as cheetahs and red pandas. A number of tour options are available for both short and long stays. Groups benefit from discounted entry prices and tailor made visits put together with help from a dedicated Group Sales Co-ordinator. Free coach parking is provided alongside a drop-off and pick-up point outside the main entrance. Free entry and meal are provided for the driver and familiarisation visits are available upon request.

Just lion around… is available on site and discount prices are available to 10 or more paying people in one vehicle. Group Organiser and Driver receive free entry and meal and a preview ticket is available on request. Group Summer Season Prices for 2013 start at £8.50 for 16-64yrs while child admission is £7.50 and under threes go free. Concessions are available for seniors, disabled and students. Group catering and goody bags are available if booked in advance (deposit required).

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June 26, 2013 | COACH & BUS WEEK | 19

1923 200 The year Paignton Zoo in Devon was founded

The number of years since the publication of Jane Austen’s ‘Pride and Prejudice’


The Roof Gardens in Kensington marks its 75th anniversary with a great calendar of events to help celebrate summer 2013. During the summer The Roof Gardens will be teaming up with Heartbreak Productions to put on two live shows: Alice in Wonderland and Romeo and Juliet within the picturesque Tudor Gardens. Tickets are priced at £65pp for adults and £40 per child which both include the play and either a BBQ or hog roast. On the afternoon of Monday August 5, Alice in Wonderland will be staged in the Tudor Garden which will be a fully immersive experience for all the family. On the evenings of August 6, 11 and 12 guests can embark on the journey with the two star-crossed lovers from Romeo and Juliet; which includes an authentic hog roast for guests to fully appreciate the Tudor era. n For more information please visit This August over 70 museums and galleries across Britain are putting on special events, tours and talks about their reserve collections. Highlights include a rare opportunity to go behind the scenes at the Horniman’s Museum; a traditional British pub quiz in Worcester Museum and Gallery; and a session in learning how collections are cared for at Cardiff Story Museum. All events are free. Groups can book their event directly with the museum they plan to attend. n To find a full listing, visit 

diesel prices

Open throughout the year, Wakehurst is the country estate of the Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew, and the National Trust’s most visited property. This beautiful botanic garden is internationally significant for its collections and also its vital scientific research and plant conservation. Visitors can take in woodland and lakes, formal gardens, the Elizabethan mansion and Kew's Millennium seed bank. In 2010, Wakehurst marked an international conservation milestone, conserving the seeds of 10% of the world’s plant species. The new target is 25% by 2020. This endeavour is funded, administered and managed by the Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew. There is parking for eight coaches, 50 yards from entrance. The average length of visit is two hours with guided tours available but limited to a maximum of 25 people. For more information visit wakehurst-place

Edwardian formal lawns and a Victorian mansion Dyffryn Gardens is an example of Edwardian garden design, covering more than 55 acres and featuring a collection of intimate garden rooms, formal lawns and seasonal bedding. There is also a statuary collection and an arboretum featuring trees from all over the world. Within the gardens, Dyffryn House, a Victorian mansion, overlooks the key aspects of the gardens. Significant parts of the ground and first floors, including

the Great Hall, have been restored to their Victorian splendour and were recently opened to the public. Dyffryn Gardens is open daily 10001800hrs. Dyffryn House is open Tuesday to Sunday 1200-1600. Group admission starts at £6.65 and the average length of visit is two hours with on board coach welcomes and guided tours available. Parking is available for six coaches with a drop off point 40 yards from the entrance.

Cost per litre in pence: Sweden Great Britain Italy Ireland Greece Belgium Netherlands Hungary France Czech Republic Portugal Germany Slovenia Spain Austria Poland Luxembourg

143.17 138.20 138.09 127.72 124.29 123.94 123.51 121.41 120.86 120.80 120.26 119.57 114.94 113.23 113.23 109.54 102.09

holiday pound £1 will get you: Euro 1.18 Switzerland (Franc) 1.44 Norway (Kroner) 9.49 Hungary (Forint) 352.29 Czech Republic (Koruna) 30.39 Poland (Zloty) 5.11


The price group admission rate starts for Dyffryn Gardens, in the Vale of Glamorgan, near Cardiff

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20 | COACH & BUS WEEK | June 26, 2013

news focus › iveco bus

Urbanway from Iveco Bus - this “lounge in the city” is available in a number of lengths from 10.5 to 18 metres

Iveco Bus introduces Urbanway at UITP The first public showing by newly created Iveco Bus introduced the manufacturer’s new vehicle, the Urbanway, to visitors at the UITP in Geneva at the end of May Iveco Bus has launched its Urbanway citybus, describing it as a “lounge in the city” with a vast series of configurations in lengths from 10.5 to 18m. The new Urbanway also showcases the company’s Hi-eSCR technology for Euro 6, which is integrated into the new Tector 7 and Cursor 9 engines, housed in a fully reconceived structure said to combine superior resistance and weight reduction. The entire steel structure

Iveco.indd 20

undergoes integral cataphoretic treatment to protect against corrosion. Introducing a new style, Iveco Bus has utilised European Bus System of the Future (EBSF) guidelines to fully redesign the passenger lounge and develop a totally new driver’s area which aims to provide best in class standards for comfort and ergonomics. It also claims to have taken all vehicle aspects into consideration with a focus on performance, durability and simplified maintenance to provide low total cost of ownership. Urbanway has a distinctive appearance and features stylish

new headlamps which integrate a series of LED daytime running lamps (DRL) and a new rear lighting module featuring integral LED devices with brake, indicator, taillight and reverse. Headlamp assemblies also integrate the fog lights plus a ‘cornering light’ function which provides additional lighting during tight turns and manoeuvres. Side panels are easily detachable with both front and rear bumpers consisting of three individual elements; front and rear lights are separate from these panels in order to prevent them from having to be replaced in case of minor road accidents; the vehicle’s front grille

and rear hatch allow space for advertising. The saloon contains refined details aimed at enhancing passenger hospitality. Interior lighting features two continuous LED bands which can be customised with several options: indirect ambient lighting with two bands and LED spotlights built into the top of the cast aluminium column support. The centre door is shifted further to the rear to guarantee increased productivity – creating 1.5 square metres more standing space for passengers. The wide central platform allows for twin wheelchair installation. Seating is characterised for its weight saving, modularity and easy maintenance features. A new air diffusion system with roof integration features dedicated air ducts for heating and air conditioning. Strong bracket mounting for the ducts and their independence from the panels result in a dramatically improved air flow with virtually silent operation.

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June 26, 2013 | COACH & BUS WEEK | 21

Above: The Urbanway can be equipped with two, three or four doors. Below: The Cursor 11 Euro 6 engine Engine range The Urbanway range is available in 10.5, 12 and 18m lengths and can be equipped with two, three or four doors. Driveline options include Diesel, CNG or Hybrids. Euro 6 chassis versions are also available for bodybuilder adaptations. Iveco Bus claims Urbanway accommodates a wide range of configurations from basic to premium with over 3,500 styling combinations from extended side windows to roof streamlining, custom seating and trims. New Euro 6 engines feature the patented FPT Industrial HIeSCR system. This breakthrough technology reduces NOx without requiring the use of EGR (Exhaust Gas Recirculation) which Iveco Bus claims leaves fuel efficiency intact. This system is unique to FPT and simplifies the after-treatment of gases while offering numerous other advantages to operators such as weight reduction, lower fuel consumption, optimised combustion, fewer particles

Iveco.indd 21

(passive particulate filter regeneration and low maintenance) and longevity due to less complex and more efficient technology. HI-eSCR also requires no additional cooling thereby causing less energy to dissipate in order to reduce engine temperature. FPT Industrial’s conversion process during the filtration and reduction cycle is claimed to be significantly more effective than competing systems – achieving 95% rates against 80-85% typically achieved by other manufacturers. Tector 7 and Cursor 9, respectively 6.7 and 8.7 litres, can be specified for the Urbanway although Tector engines have not yet been released in their final Euro 6 format – confirmation of their specification is expected soon. Both engines employ common rail injection; have a lower noise level with less vibration than previous units and are available with both downward or upward positioned exhaust outlets. Tector 7 is suited to 10.5 and

12m applications providing up to 286bhp combining efficiency and reduced consumption. It is lightweight and its longitudinal architecture provides for greater passenger capacity with up to 40 seats as standard. Cursor 9 is available for the 12 and 18m lengths. It provides a high level of performance with up to 400bhp with a variable geometry turbocharger. Cursor 8 is a Euro 6 compliant CNG alternative for operators running vehicles on CNG or bio-methane. FPT believes its HI-eSCR provides the best combination of efficiency

and service life, with compact, lightweight technology and reduced complexity. The entire system, together with the DPF, is located in a single housing mounted beside the frame (thereby reducing volume and facilitating maintenance). Cursor engines have adopted common rail injection technology integrated into the cylinder heads an exclusive Iveco feature, designed to reduce the complexity of the engine bay. The decompression engine braking system has been combined with a butterfly valve on the exhaust to produce the new ‘Super Engine Brake.’ It is claimed to deliver 30% more braking power which markedly adds to overall driving safety, substantially reducing wear on components and providing big savings on consumables. All new hybrids from Iveco Bus will come with Euro 6 technology enhanced with new “Arrive & Go” allowing silent approach to and departure from bus stops. A plug-in hybrid has also joined the range.

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22 | COACH & BUS WEEK | June 26, 2013


In association with


Send your driver news and stories to alex.tyler@coachandbusweek. com or call 01733 293 244.

Charity climb for drivers in memory of colleague Drivers have raised £4,000 for When You Wish Upon a Star A team of drivers from Nottingham City Transport climbed three peaks in three days to raise money in memory of their colleague, David Murden, who died of cancer last year. The team of 10 men and one woman from NCT’s award-winning Gotham Garage climbed Mount Snowdon in Wales, followed by Ben Nevis in Scotland, and lastly Scafell Pike in the Lake District before returning home to Nottingham. Supported by NCT who donated fuel and the use of a minibus to get to the hills, together with a £200 contribution to the charity, local businesses Morrisons in Clifton and Freewheel Cycles in Hockley also provided kit and equipment for the fundraisers. To date, the drivers have managed to raise an impressive £4,000 for When You Wish Upon a Star – the charity which aims to grant the wishes of children suffering life-threatening illnesses. This charity was chosen as it carries on from previous charity

Ed Wills (left) presents Stewart Richardson the regional competition cup

work undertaken by David Murden after his granddaughter died from Leukaemia. Driver Rob Squires, who led the group on their climb, said: “It was tough, and incredibly tiring, but we were all determined to do our best for David’s cause. He was a

great guy, he’s sadly missed, but this is our way of ensuring the memory of David and his granddaughter stays alive. The funds we’ve raised will enable more wishes to be granted for terminally-ill children, and I’m sure David would have been very proud of what we’ve achieved.”

The team atop Ben Nevis

Driver mentor to head up Bus Driver of The Year team morebus driver mentor Stewart Richardson from Poole will lead a team of 10 from local bus companies to compete at the annual UK Bus Driver Of The Year Competition to be held in Blackpool in September. Stewart, who is a mentor for new drivers joining morebus at Wilts & Dorset, competed against 11 drivers in the regional heat held in Salisbury by Go South Coast, the Go Ahead Group-owned division bus companies in the South which

include Wilts & Dorset, Bluestar (Uni-Link’s operating company) and Southern Vectis. Tim Parry, Driving Standards Manager at Go South Coast who organised the regional competition, said only drivers with over one year’s accident free record can enter the event. The contestants first had to sit a theory test and were then required to drive around a specially designed course that included 12 skill tests such as forward and reverse

35 years of safe driving for Johnsons driver Driver Kevin Bridges, who works for Johnsons Coach & Bus Travel in Henley-in-Arden, has been presented with an award from ROSCO for 35 years of safe driving. Kevin has worked in the bus industry for over 40 years and started driving buses at 21. He has seen traffic change dramatically over the years and believes most drivers do not take time to read road situations properly and drive with less care than is needed. He added: “No two days are the same as I cover all the StratfordUpon-Avon routes, which include town journeys with lots of traffic, to countryside routes with tractors and livestock in the road. I am proud of my record for 35 years of continuous road safety and am pleased it is acknowledged by ROSCO and Johnsons.” John Johnson, Commercial Director, Johnsons, said: “To achieve 35 years without a blameworthy accident or prosecution is a fantastic achievement and a milestone every professional driver should aspire to. We are very proud of Kevin.” parking, two simulated bus stops, a narrow slalom and a width test. Stewart said that he was genuinely surprised to have received the least amount of penalty points with a score of 415, ahead of runner-up Darrell Hadland from Southern Vectis, Newport (435) and Mark Cole from Salisbury Reds (455) in third place. Ed Wills, Operations Director for Go South Coast, presented Stewart with the regional trophy and £500 for the achievement which drew on his eight years’ experience. “Stewart will lead a team of 10 drivers from the Go South Coast companies against more than 100 drivers from operators across the UK,” Ed said.

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p00_CBW_1090 1000 Vehicles FP



Page 1

/ 0 8 P W F S       W F I J D M F T  G P S  T B M F

$ P B D I B O E C V T NB S L F U  D P N I B T  U I F  C J H H F T U  D I P J D F  P G  D P B D I F T  C V T F T  B O E  NJ O J C V T F T  XJ U I  P W F S       W F I J D M F T  U P  D I P P T F  G S P N  * U Ŧ T  B M T P  U I F  C J H H F T U  NB S L F U  G P S  T F M M F S T  XJ U I  P W F S        W F I J D M F  B E W F S U J T F NF O U  W J F XT  C Z  C V Z F S T  M B T U  NP O U I  8I F O  T F M M J O H  B  W F I J D M F  P O  D P B D I B O E C V T NB S L F U  D P N Z P V  XJ M M  O P U  P O M Z  H F U  F Y Q P T V S F  U P  U I P V T B O E T  P G  C V Z F S T  C V U  B M T P  U I F  M P XF T U  Q S J D F E  B O E  C F T U  W B M V F  B E  Q S J D F T  B O E  P Q F S B U P S T  Q B D L B H F T  J O  U I F  J O E V T U S Z 

' 0 3  .0 3 &  * / ' 0 S ." 5 * 0 /  : 0 6  $ " /  $ 0 / 5 " $ 5  + " % &  " 5  + " % &  $ " 4 4 * % : !$ 0 " $ ) " / % # 6 4 ." 3 , & 5  $ 0 . 0 3  0 /             

24 | COACH & BUS WEEK | June 26, 2013



TO repairs & refurbishment


The interior of Tanat Valley Coaches’ 1961-built Leyland Tiger Cub ‘YRC194’ enjoyed a refresh before the start of the main operating season this year

Time for refreshments

This week’s Industry Guide examines suppliers of repair and refurbishment services, all geared towards getting vehicles into top condition and back on the road as soon as possible

IndustryGuide_p24,25.indd 24

hether a vehicle is becoming run down or suffers repairable damage, the most important thing is to have it back in service and bringing in revenue as quickly as is practically possible. Many companies are offering a flexible service to help with this, whereby they can travel to the operator’s premises to service a vehicle. This means no further wear and tear is added by sending it away and no arrangements have to be made to have the vehicle picked up, or to drive it there. Many companies are happy to simply supply the right parts and materials, allowing operators who already employ experts in the field to do the job, or even provide the necessary training so they can do so in future. Renovating older vehicles is one of the best ways of postponing fleet

renewal if done well. Some vehicles have a lifespan which easily outlasts the seating of their interiors, but these vehicles can be refurbished, making them look like new on the inside to the eyes of an average bus or coach passenger. Many coachs no longer required for front line operations are ideally suited for the removal of toilets and servery units and upseating in a three-plus-two layout to maximise their capacity for use on school contracts. It’s not uncommon for defects to be spotted on older vehicles during the refurbishment process. Some firms have the skills to both spot and repair these problems as they are found, although they will, of course, inform the operator first. It isn’t just vehicle interiors which can be refurbished – renovating drivetrains extends service life and relaibility. It may give a boost to performance and economy, helping them to keep up with fleets of a lower average age.

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June 26, 2013 | COACH & BUS WEEK | 25

ZF With more than 14,000 units in service, ZF’s Ecomat remains the most widely used fully automatic powershift transmission in the British bus and coach market. However, as the power output of coaches in the UK has gradually increased, this has necessitated a move from powershift automatics to Automated Mechanical Transmissions (AMTs) with high torque capacity such as ZF’s AS-Tronic. Despite this trend, there is a resurgence in demand for conventional automatics in other specialist coaching applications. In particular, torque convertor powershift autos are better suited than dry clutch AMTs to commuter and city tour operations, where heavy traffic congestion is encountered. To meet this demand, ZF offers its Ecolife six-speed torque convertor automatic transmission for coach applications up to at least 2,100 Nm. Around 2,000 units are currently in service with well-

known operators, in applications including the ADL Enviro 400, Mercedes Tourismo and Citaro and Volvo B9TL and B7RLE. To support OEM warranty schemes, ZF Services UK has now established remanufacturing capability for Ecomat 2, Ecomat 2Plus, Ecomat 4 and Ecolife transmissions. The service also satisfies the needs of the commercial aftermarket as vehicles progressively leave warranty, extending the availability of these transmissions well into the future. Remanufacturing enables the improvement of long-term operational reliability, a reduction in whole life costs and brings environmental benefits. Genuine ZF parts are used throughout, by technicians trained by the ZF factory in failure diagnostics, component inspection, assembly and testing. During remanufacturing, ZF factory-trained technicians completely strip and inspect the transmission, assess and rectify

ZF transmission remanufacturing in progress the cause of failure, then repair any consequential damage. The unit is rebuilt using genuine All remanufactured units are fully updated using the latest ZF solutions to known product concerns, before being tested for correct operation of mechanical and electronics systems. This thoroughness of overhaul during remanufacturing reduces the risk of repeat failures to a minimum and improves longterm operational reliability, which ultimately lowers cost of ownership. The process also has

sound ecological credentials. Where available, recycled genuine parts are used, carefully assessed against ZF design and performance tolerances to ensure that quality and reliability are not compromised. This helps reduce the price of replacement units, and supports customers in meeting their own environmental targets. To simplify replacement and avoid delays due to missing parts, each transmission is delivered ‘fully-dressed’ with all ancillaries fitted, ready to run. The unit is supplied with a full warranty, which provides for a replacement transmission in the unlikely event of premature failure. This is valid throughout the pan-European ZF service network, a benefit particularly valued by coach operators running services and tours across continental Europe. T: 01215 264441 E: info.zf-services-uk@ W:

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26 | COACH & BUS WEEK | June 26, 2013



TO repairs & refurbishment

Arriva Bus and Coach:

a brief history

Above: Arriva Bus and Coach’s easily accessible Cleckheaton site. Below: The firm travels to operator’s premises

Incorporated in 1951, Stanley Hughes & Company Limited was involved in sale, repair and dismantling of commercial vehicles. In 1972 the company changed its name to Stanley Hughes (Holdings) Limited. In 1982 as Stanley Hughes (Holdings) Limited the firm became a subsidiary of the Paul Sykes Group, selling DAF chassis with a number of body options. In the early 90s after being granted exclusive rights to import DAF Bus chassis products, the

Arriva Bus and Coach Arriva Bus and Coach understands that changes in emissions regulations and development of new green concepts have rapidly driven vehicle technology beyond most conventional mechanics. This presents a real cost for bus and coach operators, whose competitive market now dictates their compliance with current legislation. The company is committed to minimising overheads and maximising the time an operator’s fleet is on the road through a scheduled maintenance service package. Investment has been made into new, state-of-the-art diagnostic tools to give the modern bus or coach operator the confidence that their vehicle is in safe hands with Arriva Bus and Coach. The service package assures an operator needn’t worry that a dashboard warning light, uneven gearshifts or unexplained fuel consumption will create an obstacle to their operation. The coach and bus service facility at Arriva Bus and Coach is geared to carry out all areas of vehicle repair and service; from routine maintenance, driveline repairs and reconditioning to air conditioning repairs and bodywork refurbishment. Strong links with many vehicle manufacturers enables Arriva Bus and Coach to source even the most obscure part for the oldest bus or coach. Alternatively, parts can be fabricated and installed then the vehicle prepared and painted before being returned to the customer fully restored.

IndustryGuide_p26.indd 26

The firm’s well equipped workshop includes a rolling road Being a first choice partner for UK operators, Arriva Bus and Coach works with all leading bus and coach manufacturers; Van Hool, Temsa, DAF, Wrightbus and MCV. All Van Hool and Temsa coaches are DAF powered and all Wrightbus and MCV buses are fitted with the Cummins engine. The company is an exclusive original equipment parts stockist for DAF, Van Hool and Temsa and is an official DAF/Van Hool Coach and Bus Service Partner. In addition to the specialist on-site facilities, Arriva Bus and

Coach has a range of fully equipped nationwide maintenance vans. All Field Engineers are manufacturertrained technical specialists, allowing the same expert reaction to issues on the operator’s premises or on the road side. With competitive travelling rates, this is an option for non-emergency bus and coach repairs too, offering operators a scheduled maintenance interval. Arriva Bus and Coach invests in people. All technicians are kept up to date with important industry and vehicle knowledge through regular manufacturer training. This training is also available to operators via in-house specific courses and a dedicated internal trainer.

T: Sales: 01274 681144 Parts: 01274 686707 E: busandcoachsales@arriva. / busandcoachparts@ W:

business concentrated its activities on the sale, rental and repair and finance of DAF Bus chassis-based products. In 1988 the business was sold to the motor retailing group T. Cowie plc with the head office based at Sunderland. The Cowie Group changed its name to Arriva plc and reflecting this change in 1998, the Cleckheaton business was renamed Arriva Bus and Coach Limited. In 2003 DAF Bus International changed its name to VDL Bus International. Throughout all the name changes, the firm’s says its ethos of providing quality vehicles to the UK bus and coach market has remained constant. Over the years, Arriva Bus & Coach has fostered long term commitments with its chassis and body builder partners, which include VDL Bus, Van Hool, Temsa, Berkhof, Wrightbus, Plaxton and MCV. The firm’s on-site workforce and field engineers have accumulated a vast amount of product knowledge, which along with the regular training enables the business to maintain and develop the quality of vehicles and service for which it is traditionally renowned.

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28 | COACH & BUS WEEK | June 26, 2013



TO repairs & refurbishment SOMERSTOTALKARE The heavy duty column lifts in a workshop are a vital part of everyday operations and SOMERSTOTALKARE, one of the UK’s leading suppliers of mobile column lifts, supplies a range of products to assist with workshop operations including mobile column lifts both cable free and cabled, parallelogram lifting solutions, ancillaries and a range of after sales service packages and mid-life refurbishment products. The latest product from SOMERSTOTALKARE, the S6cf Cable Free Mobile Column lifts, provide maximum flexibility in the modern workshop and improve efficiency during and between jobs. The lifts, with a maximum load of 7.5 tonnes per column, require no three phase power as the lifts are simply charged for use from a single phase power supply. They are also designed to be used in any configuration around a vehicle, with control of the lifting operation

carried out from any column in the set of four, six or eight lifts. The lack of power cables and interconnecting cables also means set up time is greatly reduced. The lack of cables also reduces the potential health & safety risk of tripping provided by column lifts in the workshop. Amidst an increasing emphasis on the importance of safety in vehicle workshops, driven both by legislation and an industrywide desire to reduce the numbers of workplace injuries, this is an important factor when choosing equipment. To ensure mobile column lifts and workshop operations remain running smoothly, SOMERSTOTALKARE has recently changed the way its service and breakdown engineers are working, improving efficiency within the business and reducing reaction time to breakdown work. The recent changes mean it now has two separate divisions of engineers which include seven preventative maintenance

S6cf Cable Free Mobile Column Lifts provide improved working efficiencies and health & safety engineers and six reactive engineers allowing for each division to concentrate on their particular field of work. As well as the new designated roles for engineers the firm has also reassigned all its customers service dates so postcode areas are visited on a more efficient basis every six

months. This allows the company to plan servicing in advance and allows customers to know exactly when servicing will take place. Scott Gilliam, Service Manager, said: “With our new scheduled service periods we can increase the efficiency of our engineers tasked with service work and with our new split of preventative maintenance and reactive engineers we can reduce our callout time for breakdowns to on average next day but where possible on the same day.” SOMERSTOTALKARE offers service packages for preventative maintenance requirements including all inclusive parts and labour service contracts payable by monthly direct debit. It also offers reports of thorough examination and operator training to ensure all health & safety requirements are met with regards to vehicle lifts. T: 0121 585 2700 E: W:

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June 26, 2013 | COACH & BUS WEEK | 29

WJF Technical Support WJF has a skilled team of busoriented engineers with knowledge of working on all makes of vehicles, specialising in supplying mechanics, coach builders and electricians. The company’s competitive rates come all inclusive for both fixed price and daily/hourly rates. WJF has national coverage working with manufacturers and operators alike; the Blackpoolbased firm can usually supply at short notice and for fixed term, covering shift patterns which fit within an operator’s difficult staffing rotas. In addition to its core business, WJF also confidently prices for refurbishment work, with recent successes working around customers’ vehicle availability, utilising weekends if needed. The company is reasonably new to the London market, but is already successfully supplying in three locations, with plans to build further relationships with the larger operators.

WJF has certainly evolved over the last 18 months by working smarter. The company believes it is unique, in that its hybrid-style company combines a solid core of existing engineers coupled with an experienced recruitment arm to the business, enabling expansion and contraction if needed to fulfil contracts. Finally, the company’s website has now been renewed by its own family web designer – CFresh Design. WJF looks forward to evolving further this year by building new business relationships and winning work by reputation. The WJF brand was created in 2002 and has undergone many changes in recent years. Its current MD Tim Freshney has been with the company for over eight years and is well placed to drive the business forwards. 

T: 01253 340565 E: enquiries@wjf W:

Grayson Thermal Systems If they haven’t already done so, now’s the time for operators to think about servicing vehicle cooling systems to avoid overheating problems. There are some simple steps which ensure cooling systems are in good shape. Test the airflow through the cooling module with the fan locked on full revs. Use an anemometer to take an average reading from the air intake grille: if the reading is higher than 10m per second (as an average across the whole grille), the radiator should be receiving sufficient airflow to cool the engine. If the reading is less than that, test the fan’s rpm using a tachometer with the fan again locked on full. Check with the vehicle manufacturer’s specifications, but a fan speed over 1700rpm usually indicates it is operating correctly. If these checks are satisfactory and the vehicle is overheating it is likely

due to blockage in the radiator or intercooler, which will require a thorough clean, or may need to be replaced. Removal for inspection and cleaning is quick and easy with a quick release cooling system like Grayson’s Cassette 2. When cleaning cooling components with a pressure washer, take care not to damage the fins, which will limit airflow and cause serious overheating in future. While the radiator or intercooler is out of the vehicle, take the opportunity to test it for leaks. The easiest way is with an intercooler test kit – Grayson part no. IK3AA001 will do the trick. If operators still can’t get to the bottom of a vehicle’s overheating issues, or would like to arrange a service, contact the Grayson Thermal Systems service centre to arrange a service visit. T: 0121 700 5610 E: W:

Quality mobile bus & coach engineers WJF Technical Support 01253 340565

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TO repairs & refurbishment Blackpool Coach Services Blackpool Coach Services Ltd is a specialist bodybuilder and repairer of commercial vehicles, which also undertakes refurbishments, conversions, reconditioning and spray painting, situated off Burton road in Blackpool, Lancashire. Established in 1993, the company moved to the current premises off Burton Road behind the Jackson Coaches depot in 2002. With over a century of experience in the staff, Blackpool Coach Services is well placed and skilled to attend to all of an operator’s requirements. Knowing that time off the road is money, the company works efficiently in order to reduce the time the vehicle is out of service. When it comes to refurbishment and refit, Blackpool Coach Services is particularly adept at modernising popular workhorses in the shape of Plaxton Premiers and Paramounts. While the coaches are getting older, much can be done to enhance the vehicle to provide for longer and more lucrative uses. Refurbishing both the exterior and interior of the vehicles provides for a lower cost way of extending vehicle life. For the Paramount, Blackpool Coach Services has developed an upgrade kit which will enhance the styling and the saleability of the product, making it look cleaner and more modern, enhancing the lines of the vehicle and ensuring it is kept as profitable as possible. In the event a bus or coach is involved in an accident, Blackpool Coach Services provides repair work. With many years experience in the bus and coach repair business, the company has all the facilities required to undertake high quality repairs to vehicles. Should operators consider upgrades or other work which they require to be undertaken at the same time, Blackpool Coach Services is well equipped and staffed to undertake all minor or major repairs, including insurance claims for bus or coach accident repair work which operators may require. This includes the following: n Repair of any structural damage to the vehicle; n Panel or skirt repair and or replacement; n Conversions and refit work; n Full repaints can be carried out in the certified spray booth, which is spacious enough to accommodate even double deckers;

IndustryGuide_p30.indd 30

Blackpool Coach Services is particulalry adept at moderning Plaxton Premier coaches like this one n Exterior trim work; and n Interior trim work. As is often the case, especially with some of the older vehicles which come in for panel work, when the side panels, lower skirt panels, flooring or loading bay panels are removed, Blackpool Coach Services routinely finds extensive corrosion present. This can often compromise the structural integrity of the vehicle. The company has had many years experience in rebuilding vehicles’ structural framework damage and it is well equipped to manage this type of framework to rebuild to buses and coaches. Blackpool Coach Services will not undertake any work of this nature which is found without first notifying the operator and supplying photographs of the

damage, along with its assessment of the damage and probable costs where possible. Blackpool Coach Services has offered a specialist spray painting service for many years in its state of the art spray painting facility. The on-site facility is fully compliant with all industrial and health & safety regulations. The company prides itself in offering a bus and coach respray service which will go beyond expectations. It has a fully specified and compliant spray booth to ensure it meets both quality and legal requirements. Operators are more than welcome to visit the Blackpool Coach Services premises to see the facilities first hand. In addition to the spray painting facility, the company also offers

a range of branding options for vehicles, including signwriting, vinyls and transfers, all of which can be undertaken while on-site for vehicle conversion, repair or refurbishment. Blackpool Coach Services works closely with independent retrim specialist West Coast Trim, based close by, to provide a complete one-stop shop for exterior paint and repair with full interior refurbishment. The company offers high quality interior refurbishment to operators throughout the UK, with combined experience of over 70 years across its team of trimmers and upholsterers. T: 01253 698686 W: http://blackpool

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697187-1091-BlackpoolCoach FP



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TO repairs & refurbishment

Eastgate can repair and replace interior timber panelling

Eastgate Coach Trimmers Eastgate Coach Trimmers has been specialising in the refurbishment of coach and bus interiors for 31 years, from small repairs to complete interior retrims including roofs, racks, side walls etc. All work is carried out by highly skilled time served coach trimmers who began their careers at Plaxton Coach Builders in Scarborough, serving five-year apprenticeships in the factory and the local college. They can now, after many years experience, retrim any make and model of bus and coach which arrives at the Pickering workshops. When retrimming the complete interior of a coach, all existing materials are stripped off and if any of the interior can be removed, i.e. the racks, decency shields and toilet cubicle, they are taken out of the coach, dismantled and retrimmed as though they are being installed on the coach on completion, as near a factory finished job as possible. As well as retrimming coach interiors, another aspect of Eastgate’s skills is the removing and relaying of floors, using non slip flooring as well as traditional linoleum. The floor covering is available in many different colours and patterns and can now be fitted with different wood effect design. Labour time is a key issue when relaying flooring as the plywood floor has to be as clean, dry and smooth as glass to achieve a good finish. The lino can be cut into kit form so customers can relay the flooring themselves if they prefer. Even though certain sets of seating can be trimmed in a day, Eastgate prefers to have the seats a little longer as sometimes the foams can be badly damaged or deteriorated. The preparation of the seats after they have been stripped off can take a day in itself, as poor foam is cut out and replaced with new and cut to the profile of the seat with special foam cutters. The more time spent on preparation,

IndustryGuide_p32.indd 32

Above: An example of a renovated heritage vehicle. Below: Leather is a popular choice for executive travel

the better the final product will be. Sets of seats are bought regularly so they can use the parts to make sure the customer’s seats can be repaired if required. Also, as well as transforming tired coach interiors to look ‘as new’, Eastgate over recent years has been retrimming seats for some of the large bus groups. This has proven very successful as up to five sets of bus seat backs and cushions can be collected and delivered at one time, which significantly reduces the transportation costs, especially when travelling to and from the London area and Scotland. Up-seating is also a part of

Eastgate’s business – removing toilets, building up the floors with steelwork & flooring, re-spacing and fitting extra seats where legally possible. Even though there are many different designs of coach moquette for customers to choose from, leather has become more fashionable, not only for piping and headrest inserts but for complete retrims, especially for corporate work, giving an executive look when finished off with company logos, carpets and new curtains. Many vintage and classic coaches which have won awards up and down the country have had their

interiors totally transformed by Eastgate, using the moquette, leather and linoleum designs which were originally used. With Director Neil Fowler’s father being a time served carpenter, even though semi-retired, Eastgate can replace and reproduce any timber seating and interior panelling where deterioration has occurred. Bespoke interiors have been built for large band coaches incorporating bunk beds with air conditioning, small flat screen TVs, sound systems, kitchen areas and large leather horseshoe-shaped lounges. These can be built to customers legal specifications, usually on double deck coaches. Recently, two sets of Setra AmbiAnti style seats have been seen in the workshops, with the padded panels in the seat backs and on the top of the cushions. These do take a little longer to trim and this luxury look can be replicated on many other different types of seats. All work, Eastgate believes, is carried out to a high standard and all of its clientele, present and new, are assured of their best attention. T: 01751 472229 E: info@eastgate-coach W:

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Supplying the Bus & Coach industry with quality seat retrims and interior Tel/Fax: refurbishment. Full floors re-laid and centre gangways. Collection and delivery service anywhere in Email: the UK, seven days Web: a week.

01751 472229

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TO repairs & refurbishment Transport Door Solutions Transport Door Solutions (TDS) is a specialist bus door parts supplier, based in the UK for seven years, with over 20 years product expertise and a large supporting supplier base. It offers cost effective product options which are normally available from stock. Parts are original OE supply or developed fully compatible universal equivalents which TDS has engineered to give a quality, good value alternative. Universal product ranges are its most popular items and have been installed worldwide. TDS ships daily to all destinations from over 2,500 catalogued parts to one of its 600+ registered customers. Its regularly updated website has been improved to give useful part images and cross references which can be displayed online or downloaded as convenient PDF documents. It is being optimised for mobile devices. TDS is the appointed UK agent

TDS provides parts for doors to all corners of the industry for Ventura Systems of Holland and provides full part and service support on the commonly fitted inward gliding & plug sliding door systems present in all major UK fleets. Over 300 commonly used parts for these systems are stocked in the UK for quick VOR response and full access to technical & drawing data is available on request.

TDS regularly finds sources for old and hard to obtain parts. Equivalents can be offered or reverse engineered to a high specification including pneumatic, electronic and mechanical types. TDS just requires samples, drawings or images to assist. TDS co-ordinates a fully trained service agent network to primarily support all TDS and Ventura door systems in service. General pneumatic, electrical & mechanical troubleshooting can be undertaken on all other common door systems. The company offers onsite training and preventative maintenance / healthcheck inspections for older UK-fitted door systems including Peters & Deans and offers attractive parts inclusive packages. TDS is also a supplier of pneumatic & electric glider/folder door systems with over 3,000 systems currently in service in the UK, Europe and South Africa. The firm is working on a number of low volume specialist door applications for unique vehicle projects.

The wide ranging experience, comprehensive services and excellent customer service of TDS makes it the first choice supplier for many operators, repairers and councils, particularly when cost effect options are required in these challenging economic times. TDS stocks a diverse range of universal spare parts which tackle most common failures across current and defunct door systems. Its OEM operations, relationship with Ventura, historical relationship with Peters, Deans and others and the fact it keeps so many parts in its inventory all means spare door parts probably come, directly or indirectly, from TDS. TDS maintains a track record of over 90% performance for shipping orders within 24 hours, with most leaving the same day. T: 01787 473000 E: sales@transportdoor W: www.transportdoorsolutions.

Supporting Bus Door Maintenance, Refurbishment & Service


We can help you with common UK fitted door systems by offering OE or quality universal product options that we have developed with our specialist suppliers. Popular products we supply Bodybuilders, Councils, Repairers & Operators :






We now supply over 2500 spare parts including ALL




specific items.

As a specialist Pneumatic & Electric OE door manufacturer we have extensive product knowledge to help you solve your problems. Please contact us on T: 01787 473000 F: 01787 477040 E:

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June 26, 2013 | COACH & BUS WEEK | 35

Paul Clark Services Paul Clark Services (PCS) continues to provide first class engineering support to the bus and coach industry, and road transport industry in general. The PCS engineering team is strategically based across the UK, enabling support whenever and wherever required. Anything mechanical, electrical or body related is undertaken by PCS all at the customer’s own premises anywhere in the UK, utilising the 60 plus strong team of engineers, coach builders and electricians. This flexibility negates any of the huge expenses involved with taking vehicles to commercial workshops. PCS provides engineering support, carrying out routine maintenance, vehicle inspections and MOT preparations for operators, as well as major unit changes, engine overhauls, repairs, fire risk assessments, contract maintenance and where required fixed price work from its extensive menu of

tasks. For manufacturers such as ADL, BAE, Optare and Wrightbus, PCS undertakes warranty and campaign work. This year started and continues to be extremely busy and follows on from the successes of last year and the customer portfolio also continues to increase, including the likes of TIP GE Capital and Eminox as well as continuing to support existing customers including Stagecoach, Arriva, First, National Express, Go-Ahead and Abellio. PCS’ aim is to provide quality and value for money engineering support to any operator requiring it. PCS continues to be the preferred choice for many of the UK’s largest operators and manufactures. Earlier this year the company’s Quality Management System ISO 9001 became fully certified by ISOQAR UKAS. The company is also a member of the FTA. T: 01793 613122 W: www.paulclarkservices.

Features List 2013 Below is the complete list of this year’s CBW issues showing current scheduled dates for Industry Guides. Dates are subject to change. Issue

Issue Date

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Training & Safety Engines & Transmissions Seating, Flooring & Interiors

Digital Technology Rental, Leasing & Finance Garage Equipment Tachographs Fuel Management & Emission Control Ticketing & Cash Handling

Repairs & Refurbishment Training & Safety Glazing & Entry Systems Uniforms & Workwear Vehicle Presentation Engines & Transmissions

Security & Insurance Digital Technology Garage Equipment Seating, Flooring & Interiors Ticketing & Cash Handling Repairs & Refurbishment Fuel Management & Emission Control

CONTACTS Advertising & Marketing Manager Ian Gillis 01733 293484

Advertising Executive Brian Winterton 01733 293488

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36 | COACH & BUS WEEK | June 26, 2013


South Wales-based NAT (New Adventure Travel) Group is the first independent operator to place Plaxton’s striking new Elitei into service. The two Volvo B11Rbased vehicles bring another new dimension to the fleet and, according to Managing Director Kevyn Jones, “they are certainly making an impression, turning more heads than any coach we’ve operated before.” Kevyn added: “Our first impressions of them are very good and the drivers love them. With the Elitei, we can offer our customers a higher passenger capacity with the luggage room to match.” The coaches will primarily be used on European tour work, including school groups and football supporters. They join a fleet with considerable experience of operating longer vehicles including a number of 15m Plaxton Panthers and a 14m Plaxton Elite.

BigPicture.indd 36

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June 26, 2013 | COACH & BUS WEEK | 37

BigPicture.indd 37

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38 | COACH & BUS WEEK | June 26, 2013


ALBA TRAVEL Penrith-based Alba Travel has added another Optare Solo SR to its fleet for use on a new contract in the Lake District. The choice of the 2.3-metre wide model reflects the narrow roads along most of the route. The contract awarded by the Lake District National Park is for the X33 ‘Lakeland Explorer’ which operates

daily throughout the summer season. The service will start and end each day in Penrith, where the Solo is based, and connects Keswick, Ambleside and Coniston with Ravenglass where the famous narrow gauge railway to Eskdale is located. Transport Manager Michael Holmes said the route includes sections of narrow Lakeland roads. “The slightly narrower width of this Solo SR will suit these

conditions better than a full width bus,” he said. “Outside the tourist season we will use the bus on our local services and private work around Penrith.” “We’ve again specified E-leather seats to give passengers more comfort,” he added. “There are 31 Rescroft CT Lite seats which are fitted with 3-point seat belts and three tip-ups in the wheelchair/buggy bay.”

ABLE COACHES Able Coaches of London is full of praise for its recently acquired Irizar i6 integral coach. The vehicle – currently based at Able’s South Mimms depot – is a 12.2m high-line variant, selected for the additional locker space it has and the comprehensive, high specification which suits Able’s broad range of quality work in the capital.


Chassis/body Optare Solo SR

Slimline (integral)

Engine Mercedes-Benz OM


Transmission Allison 2100 series auto Seats 31 Spec Mobitec LED destination, reversing camera, E-Leather seats Supplied by

Optare 08434 873 200

ATTAIN TRAVEL Birmingham operator Attain Travel has taken delivery of a new Scania Irizar i4 coach. Based on a Scania K320 IB 4x2 chassis, the vehicle features a 320hp Scania engine and the fullyautomated Scania Opticruise gear selection system. The Irizar bodywork is equipped with 59 reclining seats with three-point seatbelts, climate control air-conditioning, DVD player and extra dark tined glass. Based in Witton, which provides easy access to the city centre and the M6, the family-owned business is today owned by siblings Dave Costello and Janet Mauremootoo together with their sister Sally Bollard.

“We can be tackling anything from inbound American and Spanish groups, panoramic tours of London and even battlefield tours for one of our tour operators,” said David Andrews, Proprietor and founder of the company. “We frequently need a lot of luggage space so the extra height was essential. However, the i6 has a really good specification as standard, to which we added

its 90 dealerships throughout the UK and get the vehicle repaired regardless if it’s a chassis or body issue.” Janet said: “The vehicle also has the ‘wow’ factor, and as such we know it is very much appreciated by our passengers.” Significantly, this coach is the ninth new Scania acquired by the firm, which operates predominately on schools’ work and community group day tours. FACT FILE

Giving his verdict on the latest addition to the smartly turned out fleet, Attain Director Dave Costello commented: “We have chosen the Scania Irizar i4

as we already operate two of this type of vehicle and have been very pleased with their performance. The i4 body suits our customer base with the high capacity and

comfort that it offers. “We also receive excellent service from everyone at Scania and know that if we have a problem out on the road we can go into any of

Chassis/body Scania/ Irizar i4 Engine Scania 320hp Transmission Scania

Opticruise Seats 59 Spec Private Hire Supplied by

Scania 01909 500822

For all the latest industry news and information, register with us online at:

Deliveries.indd 38

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June 26 2013 | COACH & BUS WEEK | 39

Have you taken delivery of a new vehicle and want to tell the world about it? Email all the details and pictures to

12 mains power sockets,” he added. The coach sports the latest 12-speed ZF ASTronic automatic gearbox and comes as standard with toilet, Hispacold Bizone Climate System, reverse horn, third rear-view mirror for driver, front and centre monitor DVD system and an Actia reversing camera. “I have to say it’s much better than our other Irizar. I’d go so far as to say it’s the nicest vehicle I’ve ever driven,” said Mr Andrews. FACT FILE

Chassis/body Irizar i6 (integral) Engine DAF 408hp Transmission ZF ASTronic Seats 50 Spec Touring Supplied by

Irizar UK 01909 500514

G-LINE COACH TOURS G-Line Coach Tours, based in St Anne’s on Sea in Lancashire, has upgraded its fleet with the delivery of a new Volvo B7R Sideral 10 Sunsundegui coach. An operator of coach tour holidays for over 40 years, G-Line remains a family-run business and Ernie Bradshaw explained that he has a long association with Volvo and its products. “Ever since 1993 when Leyland Bus finished I’ve maintained at least half of my fleet on the Volvo chassis. There are a number of reasons for that. They are reliable, the drivers like them and we have a good relationship with the Volvo sales and maintenance teams.” Ernie added: “I’ve

traditionally bought slightly larger coaches than the B7R, but we’re seeing a big rise in smaller tours of around 20 people, so this specification of vehicle was ideal. “The coach comes with 40 seats, but we’ve had some stripped out to make it a 34-seater vehicle. This just allows a little extra space and comfort for our passengers, especially if they are travelling on one of our

longer tours to the likes of Devon and Cornwall.” Featuring a simple, robust yet modern design, Volvo’s 10.2-metre B7R coach remains popular with operators due to its ease of manoeuvrability. The vehicle is specified with a 7.1-litre D7E engine, capable of 290hp. The B7R’s lightweight engine and uncomplicated chassis design offer a low net weight, improving

productivity and fuel consumption. The Sunsundegui bodywork offers a stylish and visually impressive finish. G-Line Coach Tours’ new Volvo coach is specified with passengers in mind and features a TV/DVD player and a rear toilet.
“It was the full package,” concluded Mr Bradshaw. “The manufacturer was right, the vehicle was right and most importantly for us, the price was right.” FACT FILE

Chassis/body Volvo B7R/ Sunsundegui Sideral 10 Engine Volvo D7E Transmission ZF Ecolife Seats 34 Spec Touring Supplied by

Volvo Bus UK 02476 210250 en-gb/

Deliveries.indd 39

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40 | COACH & BUS WEEK | June 26, 2013

operator profile › prentice coaches

Ross Prentice started up the company with is father, Don, in 1991. The firm now has 18 vehicles

Prentice.indd 40

24/06/2013 15:47

June 26, 2013 | COACH & BUS WEEK | 41

operator: Prentice Coaches location: Haddington, East Lothian established: 1991 fleet: 18 Contact: 01620 822620

A community coach company Andrew Cream visits East Lothianbased Prentice Coaches to speak to MD Ross Prentice about the company history, its bus routes, future plans and the power of social media


fter a busy day at Lothian Buses and a night out (but not too late) in Edinburgh, I was up bright and early the next day to wait for my ride to East Lothian’s Prentice Coaches. I got a lift in one of Prentice’s vehicles on its way back to the depot from a school run, complete with a friendly driver. Based in Haddington to the east of Edinburgh, the journey to Prentice’s office takes about half an hour. The ride takes us along the A1 and is a trouble-free drive, which undoubtedly helps when running trips into Scotland’s capital. The firm is situated on a small industrial site on the edge of the town. The depot is well-kept and modest, although the company is on the look out for a bigger site. Prentice Coaches is run by Ross Prentice, son of Don, who together set up the company in 1991.

Early days

“My father, Don Prentice, used to work for Ian Glass, who started his bus operations in the late 50s. He joined the company just after I was born,” Ross recalled. “He was located at a bus garage just two doors along from here. “My father took on a management role in 1981, but around 10 years later, Lowland Scottish, which became part of First, approached Ian to buy the

Prentice.indd 41

business. So, he decided to sell out.” However, the buyers decided to acquire the older vehicles and not Ian’s two best vehicles, a DAF MB230 Cataeno and a 35-seat Dennis Javelin. Furthermore, the management team was also let go, leaving Don out of work. With Ross also feeling disillusioned in his role as a mechanic with Eastern Scottish due to a lack of new vehicles, the duo saw an opportunity to start out on their own. “We took the bull by the horns,” Ross said. “We saw the opportunity to start our own business with a suitable vehicle – the DAF Cataeno. We thought, if we didn’t do it, someone else would and the chance would disappear. “My dad was 47 at the time so it was hard for him to decide to take the risk but it was certainly the right decision.” The newly formed Don Prentice Coaches carried its first passengers on June 1, 1991, on a leisure trip to Blackpool. “In 1993 we won our first service route,” Ross continued. The route in question is the 123 Gifford service. A fact worth mentioning is that the route was actually the first in Scotland to be completely low floor. “In 1997 the route came back into tender,” Ross explained. “It was a four-year contract as standard but five-year if we opted for low floor. There was only one

24/06/2013 15:48

42 | COACH & BUS WEEK | June 26, 2013

operator profile › prentice coaches

bus serving the route, so we went for low floor, and it was the first of its kind in Scotland by a matter of minutes.”

Tough tendering

Prentice’s second service route was picked up in 2001 – the 121, which was operated by Vario Beavers. The company ran this route until 2004. Ross explained the decision to stop running after three years: “We won the service again, but it was a seven day a week operation, 16 hours a day. It was a big commitment, involving a two-man shift on a Sunday. It was taking over the business, so we went back to the one service. First then ran it from there.” In 2011, First decided it wanted to commit to East Lothian. “We ran our 123 service up until May 2011 when First decided it wanted all the routes in the area so they massively undercut us,” Ross continued. “It was a kick in the teeth to lose it, but coaching has always been essentially what the business is about so it was soon out of my mind. It meant we could commit to our coaching side – I was reasonably happy. “First’s operation of the 123 didn’t last long though. People came in to look at it and saw it wasn’t making any money.” Just 10 months after First started running the route, on April 2 last year, it announced it was pulling out of Mid Lothian and cancelling services in East Lothian. “After First announced it was pulling out, I knew the council would be on the phone to me,” Ross said. “They asked me if we could run the 123; I said I would look at it but I didn’t think I’d go for it. But, the more work you do on something…the idea becomes cemented in your head. “So, we started the route again on July 2. We acquired two new vehicles, with ticket machines which we have on loan. It was extremely nice to get the call to do the service again.” The 123 is a round route known as the Gifford Circle. First made some alterations to the service when they took it over and Ross told the council he wouldn’t run the service with these changes. “It was a really weird route,” he said. “It went past a hospital which had been closed for 20 years. I had been working on some ideas which were similar to our old timetable; I gave the council three options and

Prentice.indd 42

The bulk of Prentice’s work comes from private hire and school contracts they went for the dearest one. They awarded us on value for money. “Now the service goes past a garden centre, a café and a train station. The garden centre promotes the service for us.” As soon as Prentice started operating the Gifford Circle again, patronage shot up and it is still growing steadily. “The reaction we got from the community when we said we were operating the route again was great, I was quite touched,” Ross added. “We have got to show we can improve though. The aim is to raise passenger numbers – everything

we do is geared towards doing that even though it’s on a small scale.”

Reviving Haddington

Ross is currently working on a project to revive Haddington town centre with a number of stakeholders. Prentice, the council and a new Community Development Trust (HCDT) are looking to bid to Transport Scotland for funding to convert an old railway line to a busway to run services to the railway station. “We’re working on providing a commuter service,” Ross explained. “Three or four runs in the morning

One of Prentice’s 33-seat Euro 5 Cheetah-boded Mercedes-Benz minibuses

and evening – and we can build from there. “Obviously the plan is in the early stages at the moment so it might not happen. HCDT is going to conduct some surveys to find out how popular the route may be. “I am hopeful we would be able to make the service commercial in three years, with the Trust getting a percentage of the profits. We are currently working out the figures and are open to suggestions.”

An online presence

There is no denying that social media has become an incredibly powerful marketing tool and information service for the bus and coach industry. While some operators may not be fully up to speed with what social media can do for a business, Prentice Coaches has embraced it. “I get on really well with Twitter,” Ross said. “It is a great way to let people know what’s going on, especially in bad weather. “I wasn’t sure about Facebook at first, but after hearing someone talking about its benefits at a business event in East Lothian, I set up a Prentice Coaches profile. “I use them slightly differently

24/06/2013 15:48

1991 689 18 Year established

Number of Twitter followers

Number of vehicles

need to get your name out there. The more people know about your company and who you are, the more trustworthy you appear. Coach operators do things differently; in particular I am impressed with Grey’s of Ely’s approach to YouTube – and we’re looking to explore it more as a result.” Other videos Prentice has made include a time-lapse recording of a vehicle being liveried and a film of Ross driving and talking to passengers during Haddington’s town market day. “Talking to the camera is hard,” Ross said. “The general feeling is that people want to see the faces behind companies. If being the public figure of the business is what I’ve got to do then I can accept that.”

too, as a full-size coach wouldn’t be suitable for some of our school runs and we also do a lot of work with small groups. It’s a shame they are stopping production, I don’t know what I will be replacing them with. “The Cheetahs also look the part and we know we can always sell them as they are desirable and they hold their value.” Moving to full-size coaches, Prentice has three vehicles with Dennis Javelin chassis – two with Plaxton Profile bodies and one Plaxton Premiere, although Ross is looking to replace the Premiere in the near future. “Javelins are great as a straight forward low-floor coach,” Ross explained. “They are easy to look after. Again, it’s a shame they stopped making them.” Ross is also enthusiastic about the company’s Volvos, which include B12Bs and B12Ms. “You know what you’re getting with Volvos, they are excellent machines,” he said. “We’ve had a lot of B10Ms over the years. I would buy a Volvo tomorrow – it’s amazing how the I-Shift has moved on over the years.” Now the future of most of the

Bread and butter

– Twitter is a bit more personal whereas Facebook is just business. You need people to ‘like’ and follow you so you have to make relevant posts. You learn what to say in order to attract followers, posting interesting goings on in the business and showing people how busy you are – and it just grows from there. “One of the most important things about these websites is that the local press follows us and write stories about us, for example, about our new smartphone app. Some of the national papers and of course the trade magazines follow us too. “We are currently integrating Facebook into our website as there are still people who use websites and don’t like Facebook. Of course, there are also some people who don’t even go online. But if you get the papers picking up stories from Facebook, that ticks every box.” At the time of writing, Prentice has 331 Facebook ‘likes’ and 689 Twitter followers. The company also has many videos available to view online, showing different aspects of the business, including the rain water harvesting system it uses for washing vehicles. “It’s important to use the web to your advantage,” Ross added. “You

Prentice.indd 43

As alluded to previously, coach work makes up the bulk of Prentice’s operations. The firm’s smaller vehicles are either 24-seat van conversion Mercedes-Benz Varios or 33-seat Cheetahs. “The Varios are extremely reliable, we get very little grief from them,” Ross said. “They are practical

Above and bottom left: Prentice uses rain water harvesting to wash its vehicles. Bottom right: The firm has introduced an app to track its buses

June 26, 2013 | COACH & BUS WEEK | 43

company’s school contracts has been established, Ross has decided to order two more coaches. In the next few weeks he is looking to acquire a new 29-seat Cheetah, while in the autumn he will look to gain a Volvo B9. He was keen to order two more Euro 5 coaches before the cut-off point. On the subject of engines, Ross said: “We could do without the hassle of Euro 6. Euro 4 wasn’t a major hassle and Euro 5 was essentially just a case of a bit more Ad Blue. But Euro 6 is going to make vehicles heavier and dearer. Plus, I don’t know what’s going to happen with seating capacity which is an issue for us as we are tied to different vehicle capacities. “I do think improving emissions is important but Euro 6 may be a step too far; weight is a big issue for everyone now.”

Branching out

Prentice’s coach work is largely school and private hire work. “We like to say we are a community coach company,” Ross said. “We do work with travel agents and tour companies every once in a while, but not that much. We like to stick to local groups and organisations around Haddington and Edinburgh. “We have been busy recently and it will be a busy summer. In fact, we’re at the point of turning people away. Our image and press is helping us. Plus, a couple of local companies have disappeared Mid Lothian way at the hands of the Traffic Commissioner.” The company did a bit more tour work in the early days, Ross said, but advertising the trips was very expensive. “We thought about doing it last year,” he added. “I started looking at what we could do, but it got to March and I realised we had left it too late. But we’re keeping it on the backburner – it’s always in the back of my mind. With social media, it’s easier to get people interested. “There is certainly the possibility for us to get into tours, but we might look to attract different kinds of groups like families. “My son was doing a project on the Titanic at school so I decided to take him to Belfast to see the dry dock where the ship was built and the other attractions there. The trip was brilliant – I’d be looking to offer trips like that which might appeal to people beyond traditional passengers. I might ask our Facebook and Twitter followers!”

24/06/2013 15:48

44 | COACH & BUS WEEK | June 26, 2013

Insight › Lloyd Morgan Group

Pete Thompson is one of two directors at Lloyd Morgan Group, focusing on the financial side of the firm

Keeping you compliant James Day meets Lloyd Morgan Group Director Pete Thompson to find out more about its various compliance, training and health & safety services

LloydMorgan2.indd 44


ompliance is certainly something to be taken seriously in the coach & bus industry. As we’re constantly reminded by reports coming in from Public Inquiries (PI), there is a lot which operators need to stay on top of and it may be difficult for the smaller firms in the industry to acquire the knowledge and ensure compliance procedures are properly followed through. Business partners Gary Thomas and Pete Thompson saw the need for a PCV compliance company and launched Lloyd Morgan Group (LMG) in May 2007, naming the company after Pete’s son Lloyd and

Gary’s daughter Morgan. Since it was incorporated, the business has grown at quite a rate. After starting with compliance checking at small operations, it gained work with some bigger players, with whom LMG has since extended tenders, and now serves the majority of groups and large independent operators in the UK, as well as some of the larger transport authorities outside London. The firm has also grown into community transport and local authority markets. Both Gary and Pete had previous experience in the industry when they set up LMG, both having worked for National Express Group at Travel West Midlands. Pete, charted by the Institute of

24/06/2013 15:35

June26, 2013 | COACH & BUS WEEK | 45

Occupational Health & Safety as a health & safety practitioner, worked in the audit department as part of the compliance management team. He later worked as health & safety / facilites manager for one of the UK’s largest haulage operations. While Gary’s focus, with his sales skills, is more on visiting and establishing clients, Pete is more focused on the financial side, running the business from its new Phoenix House office in Staffordshire.

Robust but affordable

While LMG has grown at quite a rate, it maintains a concise, solid selection of products and services, which are geared towards serving

LloydMorgan2.indd 45

operators of all sizes. “We might not have a million different products to sell but what we have is good and robust,” Pete explained. “It doesn’t need to be rocket science; it needs to be right and sensible. “We try to keep things at the right price full stop so the products are useful for everybody, within reason. As a result we usually keep our products at a low fixed charge, per tachograph/driver, for example. People have to afford it to buy it. “We want operators to see that help is there and now it’s affordable.” Pete said the real value of using compliance services is in preventing very expensive legal problems in the future, should the operator be caught out. “Times are tough, everything is being pinched and we’re a business too, we understand that,” Pete continued. “We have our own overheads. But by being compliant, you can save yourself money in the long run from things like solicitors costs, fines and business disruption. We also provide a lot of ancillary services without charge and give out free advice all the time. “We’re trying to get the message across to people that they need to forward think, not fire fight.” Inevitably, LMG does some work with operators who have already fallen foul of compliance regulations and holds corporate partnerships with some solicitors firms. “We undertake a lot of work for operators after they’ve been through a PI to help them meet the Traffic Commissioner’s conditions,” Pete said. “We help firms through the sticky phase and can see them evolve into good, compliant operators. It’s quite nice and it feels like we’re achieving something.”

Four key focuses

There are four main focuses of the LMG business: inspection services: 1 Vehicle LMG provides standard 28-day inspections, external quality inspections (usually performed quarterly or annually) and off hire inspections. This is ideal for operators who find their maintenance staff stretched, or would like a qualified, independent set of eyes to inspect their fleet; auditing: LMG has 2 Compliance its own audit template for assessing engineering operation, workshops and general practice.

This isn’t a requirement however, as LMG can also work to the customer’s own template, using the operator’s own paperwork for simplicity. The company also performs smaller paperwork audits, as a ‘there & then’, looking at improvements which can be made on the surface rather than digging deep; LMG has evolved 3 Training: to provide a wide range of training, including IRTEC accredited inspection training and defects training. Much of the training on offer is compliance related; and Analysis: LMG provides 4 Tacho an online tachograph analysis service allowing managers to access data anywhere. “It’s about compliance,” Pete explained. “Operators don’t see us as coming in to catch them out, we’re here to help and together we can get it right. It’s better that we find any problems than VOSA or the police.

“Experienced drivers often think they know it all, then suddenly realise they’ve been missing something out. It’s a good awareness exercise.” Pete Thompson


CPT’s compliance partner

LMG is the compliance partner of CPT and together they offer a service called Compliance Plus. The service is only available for CPT members, who have access to discounted rates and several service options, including: n Independent vehicle inspections & maintenance system audits; n Driver walk around check training; n O-licence compliance checks; and n PI support/condition undertakings “The CPT partnership was a big step for us,” Pete said. “It gives us a rubber-stamped position in the PCV sector and proves we are serious, here to stay and a formidable supplier of compliance.” LMG’s reputation has allowed it to represent the bus and coach industry in Westminster on the Parliamentary Advisory Council for Transport Safety (PACTS).

“Our training aims to make staff an asset to the business rather than just box ticking. A better understanding of what you are doing and why leads to improved performance.” While the company has these four focuses, compliance remains at the heart of the company. “We’re trying to become a one-stop shop and offer the majority of compliance related services,” Pete continued. “But we don’t want to offer something we don’t understand or can’t service properly. We can make adjustments for what operators want. We know engineering and stick to what we know.”

LMG Tachograph Analysis Service

LMG’s internet-based Tachograph Analysis Service is compatible with both analogue and digital tachographs. It provides targeted analysis and reports for key personnel at every level of the organisation, which can be presented both numerically and graphically and include: n Infringement summary reports; n Depot comparison reports; n Vehicle continuity reports; n Exception reports; n Hours’ Law analysis reports; n Chart submission reports; n Trend analysis and productivity reports; and n Bespoke reports to match exact requirements. Because the Tachograph Analysis Service is internet based, with access available to all relevant and approved personnel, the data contained can be utilised at any time and from any location. “Our tachograph system has no pre-payments and is pretty much a pay as you go system – you only have to pay for what you need, whether you’re putting through three tachographs or 5,000,” Pete explained. “It is a well-known system which provides a real Janet & John list. It does it all, all you have to do is communicate the information to your staff.”

Driver CPC

LMG’s DCPC training courses also mostly focus on compliance, with courses on Drivers’ Hours, tachographs & working time directive, maintenance systems and daily checks. There’s also a course on speed limits, driving regulations, signs &

24/06/2013 15:35

46 | COACH & BUS WEEK | June 26, 2013

Insight › lloyd morgan group

restrictions to help keep drivers compliant on the road. Aside from this, LMG also offers health & safety training and a customer care course. Driver CPC courses can be done in single or half-day instalments. Pete explained that LMG’s training courses open with a Powerpoint presentation describing the aims of the course and showing drivers they are a cog in a larger machine. “Some drivers don’t appreciate the fact they are a massive part of the business,” Pete said. “They think ‘I’m a driver and this is all I have to do’.” There is often a lot of negativity surrounding the requirement to complete Driver CPC. Asked what he thought about the industry being required to have periodic training, Pete was mostly positive, although he feels there is room for improvement. “Personally I can see where it’s coming from and think it’s a good thing for the industry as a whole,” he stated. “Some things could be improved, but DCPC will evolve through JAUPT and the DSA. “We’re confident as trainers but you can get one rotten apple in a group. In the bus industry though we don’t see too many drivers who cause problems. The PCV industry is slightly different from HGV in that drivers expect some training. “It’s a shame there’s no measure for Driver CPC though. It would be nice to know drivers have listened. Not everyone likes DCPC but it should still be some kind of exchange. If I owned a bus or coach company I would want to spend my money on something which would benefit me and I’d want to know the training was being absorbed.” In terms of the CPC deadline, while Pete doesn’t think there is an immediate threat of the industry being brought to its knees, he does believe there will be an awakening and a last minute influx of training. “Depending on potential damage to industry it will be interesting to see if there will be an extension period. August and September will be very interesting months,” he mused. “Even now we’re still speaking to operators who say ‘yeah, whatever’ and don’t believe they need to do it, although we have been far busier this year. “Anyone who isn’t sure whether they need DCPC can speak to us, although only the DSA can give a definitive yes or no. There is some

LloydMorgan2.indd 46

Health & Safety is one of Lloyd Morgan Group’s areas of expertise confusion about how vehicles can be used for example, such as recovery vehicles which are sometimes used to transport goods. It’s only a recovery wagon when it’s recovering vehicles – just because it has a sticker on it doesn’t mean you don’t need CPC, it’s about how the vehicle is operated.” With the only quality measure for Driver CPC courses being JAUPT approval, there can be confusion about which courses drivers should attend, and Pete warned those going through CPC to choose carefully. “We have received feedback from new client that there are some bandits out there and buying at extremely cheap rates have given them poor courses,” he said. “In the early days pre-CPC, some companies were advertising NVQ1&2 CPC as part of the hours requirement for DCPC and people fell foul, as hours were never uploaded as courses weren’t approved. We had people claiming they’d done their CPC before CPC even started from companies not even approved to provide it. GoSkills have warned about it in the earlier days. “With the current system drivers can check online how many hours of training they have done. It’s all free, they just have to register.”

An awareness exercise

Pete said the courses LMG delivers the most outside of CPC are vehicle inspection, pre-use driver checking and emergency first aid at work. LMG also provides mentoring services for new transport managers. “We offer training as refresher courses or for new employees,” Pete said. “People can get into a little


managing licences

lmgLicence is a new product from LMG which is a comprehensive online tool which manages driving licences of all members of staff driving on behalf of a company. The system can help operators assess the risk of licenced drivers and conduct regular checks, with configurable risk levels, audit periods and a range of advance warnings to suit individual requirements. The data which the system monitors includes: n Date of next licence check; n Colour coded risk flags based on endorsements; n Mandate status; n Licence history; n Any warning notices; and n Banned drivers, which can be banned by employers independently of the DVLA to prevent higher risk drivers working on their behalf. Licence details can be verified with the DVLA in 48 hours and the system has full integration with LMG’s tachograph analysis service, using the same usernames and passwords. The system aims to dramatically reduce the risk of an operator falling foul of the Corporate Manslaughter Act or section 87 (2) of the road traffic act, which makes it an offence for a driver to be permitted to drive on behalf of the business without a valid licence, avoiding some seriously hefty fines and keeping road users safe.

pattern where they can consistently miss things without realising. The course can break this pattern. “Experienced drivers often think they know it all, then suddenly realise they’ve been missing something out. It’s a good awareness exercise.” “People who don’t drive go on the courses too. They want to get an appreciation for what the drivers need to do.” Pete was happy to share some of the feedback which LMG had received from those enrolled on the course. The questionnaire forms which the company uses are more measurable, but Pete said it was nice when drivers had taken the time to write comments. “We get feedback which does go extra mile. We’ve had emails out of the blue from people who just wanted to say thanks. It’s great when people take the time to give written feedback.”

Going international

LMG has UK-wide coverage, and also provides services in Europe and the UAE. Although the work is regular, it’s different from the work the company does in the UK. “We’re usually asked to look at a fleet someone is buying or has just acquired, or to do project management, which can be anything from a five or six day exercise through to a five or six week block. “It can be quite sporadic. We’ve had two projects in last two months but we might not see any for four months.

Always accepting applications

Since it deals with compliance, it makes sense for LMG to have the best vehicle inspectors in the business, and Pete said the company is always searching for skilled staff to join. “We’re always looking for competent auditors or vehicle inspectors,” he stated. “They need to be able to interrogate problems and think outside the box. Since we’re advising people on how to get through VOSA checks and such we need the cream of the crop. “People like this are always hard to find and as a result we’re always interested.” Anyone interested in a role at Lloyd Morgan Group should send their CV to info@

24/06/2013 15:35

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Page 49

June 26, 2013 | COACH & BUS WEEK | 49

2001 Mercedes 814 Vario Optare Nouvelle

Mercedes 814D Euro Coach

2003 Mercedes Citaros

2003 Setra 315 GTHD

49 seat with retractable belts, low mileage, seat back tables, footrests, centre toilet, power door, air con, webasto, cool box and boiler 2 x monitors and DVD, radio cassette, LEZ exhaust, great drive.

31/33 high back seats, forced air, reading lights, PA system, power door and boot.

PSV 12/5/13, taxed 30/4/13, full service history.



38 + 34 standees, LEZ complaint, full DDA, dual door, Hanover LEDs, CCTV, in good condition, very low mileage (240,000 – 260,000 km), 1 year’s MOT. Choice of 6 (5 x 53 plate and 1 x 03 plate). £40,000 each + VAT

Connaught PSV – 01405 814064

Contact William on 07733 914050

yourbus – 01773 714013

Paul Watson Travel

2006 Mercedes Benz 616 CDI Soroco Plus

1994 Toyota Caetano Optimo

Volvo Olympian open top bus

1998 Volvo Olympian

16 Fainsa seats, 3 point belts, seat back tables, A/C, D/G, forced air, reading lights, power door, large boot, fridge, DVD, new re-spray, 280,000 kms.

22 seats with belts, power door, manual gearbox, high speed diff fitted, tidy condition for its year.

Alexander Dennis body, P reg (1997), seats 75. Fitted with a PA system, new MOT on purchase. Choice of 5 vehicles.

Northern Counties low height body, ZF gearbox, 76 seats + 8, choice of 2.


Connaught PSV – 01405 814064

Drew Wilson Coach Sales 0141 248 5524

Bath Bus Company 01225 330444

Stafford Bus Centre 01782 791774

2009 Enviro 200 8.9m

New Turas 500

1995 Scania K113 VanHool Alizee


Converted this year to 70 seater using Cogent seats with 3 point belts, tea machine, TV/DVD.

Mercedes engine, Allison, 30 seats, new MOT.

Cummins E5 engine.



LEZ compliant, manual or auto, Politecnica or Fainsa seats, courier seat option, 3 point belts, air con, power door, dark tinted double glazing, radio/CD/PA, DVD, reverse camera, full draw curtains, extra large luggage boot, Euroliners, 3 year chassis warranty.


Mistral – 01565 621881

Minis To Midis – 01302 833203

Volvo VanHool

2010 Mercedes Benz Travel 45

Very clean and tidy coach for year, converted 2 months ago to 70 seater with 3 point belts.

£26,000 Milligans Coach Travel 01290 550365

16 reclining seats, 3 point belts, A/C, forced air, reading lights, power door, power step, curtains, coach rear, bi-xenon lights, auto gearbox, 189,000 miles.


Connaught PSV – 01405 814064

£53,500 + VAT ono



£27,500 Milligans Coach Travel 01290 550365

EnsignBus 01708 865656

2002 Futura

2005 13m Bova Futura

Full exec spec, Eminox euro 4 exhaust, 49 seats, green cloth, manual, 792K kms, new MOT on sale.

Full executive, 53 reclining seats, good leg room, used on holiday programme, one owner from new, 430,000kms, 12 months MOT.

£55,000 + VAT L.J. Edwards: 01323 440622 option 2 or John 07974 369570

Tel: Adrian on 07717 768315

£84,500+VAT - P/X considered

Telephone Jade Cassidy on 01733 293247 or email




Page 50

50 | COACH & BUS WEEK | June 26, 2013

2010 59 Reg Ford Transit Factory Bus 7HO

17 seats, will have new COIF and PSV test, tachograph, only 60k miles.

2002 ADL ALX200 Dennis Dart

COIF and DDA compliant, Euro 3 engine, 28 seats and 16 standing, taxed until end of June and MOT until July, well maintained and ready to work.

POA – choice of 3

Phone Nick on 01626 833664 or 07872 839530

2007 Unvi Riada

Brand new engine with Mercedes warranty, 22 seats + certified courier seat, leather headrests, Euroliners, DVD, 3 point belts, P/A, air-con, 227,000km, MOT 15/04/14.


Burns Coach Tours 01651 851279

1998 Volvo B10M Caetano Enigma

49 seats with retractable belts, monitor, DVD, radio, cassette, taxed and tested, has air-con but needs re-gas + belts, needs t.l.c. but good motor.

2005 Mercedes 814D Plaxton Cheetah


33 high back seats, 3 point belts, forced air, reading lights, power door and boot.

Stafford Bus Centre 01782 791774

Connaught PSV – 01405 814064

2009 Renault

2005 MAN Noge

16 reclining seats, perfect for airports, takes 20 big suitcases, A/C, TV, DVD, hot drinks & fridge, 3 point belts, overhead racks, front entry, 166,000kms, great on fuel, sale due to fleet restructure.

57 reclining seats, air conditioning, one owner from new, 320,000kms, dark moquette leather inset headrests, curtains.


£17,500 + VAT

£65,000+VAT - P/X considered

Florida Taxi Coaches 01787 477701

Tel: Adrian on 07717 768315

2004 Bova Futura

2003 ADL Enviro 300

51 seat executive, LEZ compliant, ZF auto, excellent condition, centre sunken toilet, 2 monitors, DVD, MOT until May 2014.

COIF and accessibility certificate, 40 seats and 27 standing, taxed until August and with a new MOT, this is a very clean and tidy bus which is ready to go straight to work.

£59,000 + VAT


Paul Watson Travel

Travelstar European 01922 647100 / 07779 801862

Phone Nick on 01626 833664 or 07872 839530

2000 Optare Solo M850

2012 Mercedes Sprinter 515 Cdi

£15,500 + VAT ono

X reg, 27 seats, new MOT.


Stafford Bus Centre 01782 791774

Immediate delivery.16 Leather seats with blue piping 3 point belts, recliners, arm rest to aisle side, A/C, D/G, Large drop boot, PA System, Heater, EVM Conversion, 11800 mls, New MOT, Fully serviced, Ready to go. POA. Location: Crawley - Contact: 01293 852025/ 01293 852040/ 0771 9103203

1 ) 0 5 0 4  " / %  ' 6  $ 0 0 6 3  " 4  4 5 " / % " 3 %  0 /  "  7 & ) * $ &  ' 0 3  4 " &  " % 7 & 3 5 * 4 & .& / 5 4

Telephone Jade Cassidy on 01733 293247 or email




Page 51

June 26, 2013 | COACH & BUS WEEK | 51

1998 Volvo B10M Jonckheere Mistral

2002 Optare Solo M920

Converted to 70 seater in September using Cogent 3+2 seating all fitted with 3 point belts, MOT till Oct 2013 and has no known defects.

02 reg, 31 seats – three available.


£35,000 Milligans Coach Travel 01290 550365

Stafford Bus Centre 01782 791774

2005 Daf VanHool

2008 Setra 416 GT HD

Auto, 49/51 seat executive, purple, immaculate, Webasto, air conditioning, retarder, WC, DVD, reversing camera, hot water, fridge, leather headrests/piping, MOT May 2014, one driver from new, 486,000km. Must sell due to retirement.

53 seat Comfort class, 12 speed ASTronic gearbox, air con, PA, CD & DVD, hot drinks & fridge, WC/washroom, seat belts, continental entrance.


£109,500 + VAT

Burns Coach Tours 01651 851279

Florida Taxi Coaches 01787 477701

2000 SCANIA T9

2007 Setra 415GTHD Comfort Class

2009 MAN NL273F Wrightbus Meridian 12m

2011 Enviro 200 Service Bus

44 seats + 26 standees, fully DDA compliant, Mobitec LED, CCTV, digital tachograph, ex-lease. £67,500 + VAT Southdown PSV 01342 711840 email:

39 seats, choice of 13, but only one for sale! Low miles and clean, only used on P&R. One year’s ADL warranty, new MOT, price inc. re-spray (2 colour).

1994 Volvo B9M Berkof Excellence

2007 Scania K340/ Caetano Levante

Good solid engine and gearbox, tidy bodywork, MOT till April 2014, 37 recliners, loads of legroom and a rear toilet.

Choice of 2, 49 leather reclining seats, ZF automatic gearbox and retarder, Hanover front, side and rear destinations, WC, air conditioning, PLS magic lift, low mileage, recently refurbished and can be used on National Express network until June 2016.

£14,000 Milligans Coach Travel 01290 550365

yourbus – 01773 714013

2007 Mercedes Benz Sprinter 515 CDI



Belfast Bus – 07921 389720

Burns Coach Tours 01651 851279

Imm delivery. Extra long. Ext’d body, manual, c/back boot door, 16 seats + 2 tables, 3 pt seat belts, aisle side arm rests, curtains, large boot, 197000 mls, panoramic windows, Euroliners, full length luggage racks, forced air + reading lights, under dash storage box, PA, new MOT, ready to go, location Crawley. POA 01293 852025/01293 852040/0771 9103203

1993 Dennis Dart Limo Bus

2003 Futura


53 seats, excellent condition, PSV 26/5/13, taxed 30/4/13, service records, lovely bus all round and just had an interior re-trim.

12 months MOT, 20 seats incl. driver, blue leather seats, LED lights in roof, colour changing lights in seats, illuminated glass holders, 2 x champagne buckets, ideal for proms and weddings.

£8,000 + VAT ono

For more information please call Dave or Lou on 01291 625449

49 seats, AS Tronic gearbox, Mercedes engine, Euroliners, Ambiente seats, serviced by Mercedes since new, one owner, 302,000kms, MOT Apr 2014. Must sell due to retirement.

Full exec spec, Eminox euro 4 exhaust, 49 seats, green cloth, manual, 695K kms, new MOT on sale.

£65,000 + VAT L.J. Edwards: 01323 440622 option 2 or John 07974 369570

375,604 miles, PSV 25/4/13, taxed 31/3/13, full service history.

£94,900 ONO + VAT

Tel: Adrian on 07717 768315

£80,000 + VAT each

2008 MAN Auto Ayat

51 seat full executive, owned from new, choice of 2, real head turner, used on tour programme, low mileage @ 240,000kms, a lot of coach for the money, looks great and great value at just...

£89,000+VAT - P/X considered

Tel: Adrian on 07717 768315

Luxury VW Crafter

2007, 16 seats, A/C, DVD, microphone, 125,000 miles, 8 months MOT, excellent condition.



Contact William on 07733 914050

Slick Rides – 07823 770978

Telephone Jade Cassidy on 01733 293247 or email




Page 52

52 | COACH & BUS WEEK | June 26, 2013

1999 Volvo B10M Jonckheere

48 reclining seats with retractable belts, monitor, DVD, radio + cassette, rear toilet with rear door, fully sprayed and new stretch panels fitted, good coach, just been to Spain, lovely driver.

ÂŁ20,000 + VAT ono

2006 Mercedes Benz 814 Vario

24 seats + courier, 3 point belts, luggage racks, reading lights, blown air, private plate, full skirts, wheel trims, very low mileage, test 27/10/2013, stunning condition.

2006 Bova Majiq

49 seat executive, ZF auto, LEZ compliant, leather headrests, twin monitor DVD, centre sunken toilet, tasteful moquette, excellent condition, MOT & taxed.

2008 Mercedes 515 CDI Soroco

ÂŁ99,000 + VAT

19 high back seats, forced air, A/C, D/G, reading lights, power door and boot, in metallic silver.

Paul Watson Travel

ÂŁ32,495 + VAT Call Karl at Whitegate Travel Tel: 01606 786833 Mobile: 07841 110426

Travelstar European 01922 647100 / 07779 801862

Connaught PSV – 01405 814064

Iveco 17 seat wheelchair accessible minibus


2007 (07) Mercedes 515 Coach Built Soroco

2003 Dennis Trident 2 Alexander ALX 400

4300cc turbo diesel engine, automatic gearbox, analogue tachograph, certificate of initial fitness states 32 passenger seats or 10 wheelchairs and 2 seated, Plaxton Beaver 2, there are 17 seats at present but can be made up to 33, Access underfloor rear tail lift, tracking for 10 wheelchairs, ex-council, 118,000kms/73,000 miles, finished in silver, supplied with 12 months PSV or MOT, fully serviced to Good Garage Scheme standards, 3 months nationwide parts and labour warranty. ÂŁ22495 + VAT

16 high back reclining seats, 3 point belts, A/C, forced air, reading lights, curtains, power door, very large boot, TV/DVD, LEZ compliant, test 20/4/2014, 225,000 kms.

Unwin Innotrax floor to take five wheelchairs, underfloor lift, rear heating, tachograph, front entry drop step with slam door, COIF, PSV.


Pembridge Vehicle Management 01633 485858

Ben Weaver Commercials 0114 275 7076

1999 Mercedes 814D Mellor

2003 Volvo Jonckheere B12M Mistral 50

ÂŁ37,995 + VAT Call Karl at Whitegate Travel Tel: 01606 786833 Mobile: 07841 110426


67 seats, Cummins Euro 3 engine, DPF to meet Euro IV, ZF gearbox, DDA compliant, MOT. £25,000 + VAT – ONLY 4 LEFT! Southdown PSV 01342 711840 email:

<RXÂś UH L Q FRQW URO  33 coach seats, 3 point belts, MOT 21/11/12, luggage racks, forced air, power door, boot/side locker, manual gearbox, tacho, repainted cream.


Drew Wilson Coach Sales 0141 248 5524

2006 Plaxton Cheetah

Automatic gearbox, only had one owner from new.

53 passenger seats, 12 months MOT, 527,071kms, interior & exterior in excellent condition, vigorously maintained (records available).

ÂŁ49,950 + VAT ono Star Coaches Limited Martin 07831 265804 Adam 0121 350 5555

2010 Alexander Enviro 200

Very clean example of the market leading bus, fitted with seat belts.



Plaxton Coach Sales Centre 01909 551166

Plaxton Coach Sales Centre 01909 551166


Telephone Jade Cassidy on 01733 293247 or email




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New Ford Transit 17 seat 4.3ton 135ps minibus, air-con, tacho From £20,795 + VAT

(12) 2012 Ford Transit 17 seat minibus 2.2tdci 135ps, tacho, 2300 miles only, ex-demo in silver, COIF/PSV £20,695

(56) 2006 Peugeot Boxer 3.5t on 17 seat minibus 2.8 diesel, high back seats with three point belts, 33,000 miles £8,995 (57) 2008 Iveco 50c15 wheelchair accessible minibus, 17 seats or 4 seated + 5 wheelchairs, rear heating, underfloor tail lift, front entry drop step, 90,000 km COIF/PSV £15,495

(12) 2012 Ford Transit Tourneo 9 seat Trend 2.2 125 PS, air-con, Bluetooth, in Midnight Sky Blue, 2,608 miles £14,900 + VAT

(07) 2007 LDV Maxus 13 seat wheelchair accessible minibus, under floor lift, space for two wheelchairs, electric side step £8,495

(12) 2012 Ford Transit 17 seat minibus 135ps air-con, tacho, COIF/PSV £18,450

(06) 2006 Vauxhall Vivaro 1.9 cdti 9 seat, inboard lift, tracking for 2 wheelchairs, 45,000 miles £8,995

(57) 2007 Renault Master MWB 2.5TD 6 speed, tracking for two wheelchairs, in board lift, aircon, rear heating, 35,000 miles, one owner £12,495

(11) 2011 Ford Transit 9 seat Shuttle Bus, twin side loading doors, large rear luggage area, delivery miles only £16,995


(05) 2005 Fiat Ducato 20ltr diesel SWB 6 Seat wheelchair accessible minibus, Unwin fully tracked floor to take two wheelchairs, lightweight fold out ramp, electric winch £3,995

(10) 2010 Ford Transit 17 seat 140ps minibus, tachograph, 33000 km,FSH, COIF/PSV £15,250 (10) 2010 Ford Transit 17 seat minibus 2.4 diesel, six speed gearbox, tacho, 55,000 km £13,495 (07) 2007 Ford Transit 17 seat minibus 2.4 diesel, six speed, one owner, 64,000 miles, FSH, COIF/PSV £9,950 + VAT


New Peugeot Boxer 16 seat 3.5 ton and 17 seat w/chair accessible minibuses, 2.2 diesel 120ps, six speed gearbox LEZ COMPLIANT From £24,750 + VAT

(56) 2006 Peugeot Boxer 3.5 ton 17 seat LWB minibus, 2.8 diesel, high back seats with three point seat belts, 19,000 miles only £9,450


(05) 2005 Mercedes Vito 6 Seats + 1 wheelchair, inboard lightweight ramp, air-con £5,995

(55) 2005 Peugeot Boxer 3.5 ton 17 seat minibus 2.8 diesel, with three point seat belts, tow bar, removable seats to rear, 77,000 miles £6,995

Y 2001 Renault Mascot 2.8 diesel, 16 seat wheelchair accessible minibus, front entry drop step, fully tracked floor to take five wheelchairs, under floor lift, rear heating, COIF/PSV £5,995


(X) 2000 Ford Transit SWB 2 litre petrol 11 seat minibus, MOT until March 2014 in VGC £1450 no VAT

Contact Graham Thatcher – email:

Tel: 01633 485858 Mobile: 07866 443304

Pembridge House, The Park Business Centre, Plough Road, Goytre, Penperlleni, Nr Usk, South Wales NP4 0AL – 10 minutes from M4 motorway. Viewing by appointment only

Finance Contract Hire and Finance Lease Available. We deliver Nationwide. All vehicles prepared to VOSA standard COIF/PSV specialist

All above prices are subject to VAT @ 20%

681335-1093-Ensign:Layout 1



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2000 DENNIS TRIDENTS Alexander ALX400 bodies, converted to high capacity 85 seat school buses.



1999/2000/2001 V/X/51 PLATE DENNIS TRIDENTS Cummins/Voith, LEZ compliant for 2012 with traps to Euro 4, CCTV, Alexander ALX400 bodies, DDA compliant or upseated to 80 seats.



Caetano Compass bodies, 39 seats, ramps.

Cummins/Voith, LEZ compliant with traps, Plaxton President bodies, 62 seats dual door or 70 when converted to single door. Last few remaining from £8,500.


2001 Y REG VOLVO B7TL’S Euro 3 with traps, DDA, LWB, Plaxton bodies, 67 seats as 2 doors or 78 once converted to single door.

80 seats, Voith gearboxes, Euro 2 engines with traps, or full Euro 3 with traps, Plaxton President bodies, can be DDA with 78 seats.



8.5m, 25 seats, Mercedes engines, DDA, Hanover LEDs, tacho, 3 point SEATBELTS fitted.

SWB, CCTV, particulate traps so LEZ compliant, Plaxton President bodies, dual door 62 seats or single door 71 seats.


2002 52 PLATE VOLVO B7TL’S DDA and LEZ, 70 seats, Euro 3, £24000 plus VAT.

Plaxton Pointer 2 bodies, 10.1m , Cummins Euro 2 engines, DDA, 31 seats, CCTV, particulate traps fitted, LEZ compliant, only £6000 each plus tyres.


Juliette Close, Purfleet Industrial Telephone 01708 865656 Fax: 01708 8 Visit our website for current s

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2000 W REG DAF SB220’S

ZF auto, East Lancs Myllenium bodies, SLF, 46 seats.

1998 R REG DENNIS JAVELIN ZF 6 speed manual, Plaxton Premiere 350, 53 seats, new MOT.

Voith automatic gearboxes, SLF, Alexander ALX300 bodies, 44 seats and 27 standing, heavy duty low floor buses. They can also be converted to be DDA compliant.



9.2m, 31 seats, Mercedes engines, DDA, Hanover LED’s, tacho, 3 point SEATBELTS fitted.

Volvo Euro 2 engines, ZF gearboxes, Alexander RL bodies, 83 / 87 seats.


Euro 3 Cummins engines, DDA compliant , Plaxton President bodies, Hanover LED’s, 67 seats converted to single door or 62 seats as dual door.


Mercedes engines, slimlines, 28 seats.



51 and 02 plate, Cummins Euro 3 ISC engines, LEZ, Plaxton President bodies, can be DDA, single door and 78 seats, or dual door 67 seats.

8.5m, 23 seats (can be upseated), DDA, Euro 5, Mobitech LED’s, tacho, 3 point SEATBELTS fitted.



Euro 2 engines, ZF gearboxes, Northern Counties bodies, 80 seats.

- BRITAIN’S BIGGEST BUS DEALERS Euro 5, ZF automatic, Plaxton profile bodies, 53 seats, air-con, only 72,000km since new.

Park, Purfleet, Essex, RM15 4YF 8 864340 e-mail: t stock at




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Mini Coach Sales

BRAND NEW COACH BUILT MERCEDES 516 FERQUI SOROCO 16 high back leather trimmed reclining seats, courier seat, A/C, D/G, power door, large boot, DVD, silver metallic. AVAILABLE NOW.

BRAND NEW MERCEDES FERQUI TORO 28/32 high back seats + courier, A/C, D/G, forced air, reading lights, power door, large boot.

BRAND NEW MERCEDES BENZ FERQUI SOROCO 19 high back seats, 3 point belts, A/C, D/G, forced air, reading lights and boot.

2011 MERCEDES 519 CDI SPRINTER X-CLUSIVE AUTO 16 high back full leather trimmed seats, 3 point belts, A/C, D/G, power door, glass roof, large boot and DVD system.

2011 61 REG MERCEDES 513 CDI TRANSFER 16 high back seats, 3 point belts, A/C, parking sensors, side entry with automatic step, luggage space.

2010 59 REG MERCEDES 515 CDI TRAVEL 45 16 high back reclining seats, 3 point belts, A/C, forced air, reading lights, DVD, power door & power step, coach rear, auto.

2008 08 REG MERCEDES 515 CDI SOROCO 19 high back seats, forced air, A/C, D/G, reading lights, power door and boot, in silver metallic.

2008 58REG MERCEDES 515CDI SOROCO 16 or 19 high back seats, 3 points belts, AC, forced air, reading lights, curtains, power door and boot.

2007 07 REG MERCEDES 515CDI SOROCO 19 high back seats, 3 point belts, A/C, D/G, forced air, reading lights, power door, boot, in silver metallic.

2005 05 REG MERCEDES 814D PLAXTON CHEETAH 33 high back seats, 3 point belts, forced air, reading lights, power door and boot.

2003 03 REG MERCEDES 413 CDI SOROCO 16 high back seats, 3 point belts, AC, forced air, reading lights, power door and boot.

2001 Y REG MERCEDES 814 VARIO OPTARE NOUVELLE 31/33 high back seats, forced air, reading lights, PA system, power door and boot.

Steve Peach Tel: 01302 770863 Mob: 07836 551020 Email:




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Call for details on our website conversions, upseating, refurbishment, and change of use conversion. Also vehicles available for hire short and long term. email: Telephone: 01782 791774 Mobile: 07803 222552 View our latest arrivals on

MERCEDES 614D VARIO VAN CONVERSION 2003 03 REG Fitted with 20 coach seats, full height boot etc, ideal for airports etc, repainted and new MOT £7,950

MERCEDES 814D VARIO PLAXTON BEAVER 2 1999 T REG Fitted with 29 h/b seats and belts but would re seat to 33, will have new MOT £7,950

FORD TRANSIT 350 15 SEAT FACTORY BUS 57 REG Low miles, Class 5 MOT, drive on any car licence, ideal for school and club use with restricted drivers £9,950





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Gardiners Lane North • Crays Hill • Billericay • Essex • CM11 2XE Tel: 01268 521033 • Mobile: 07860 894331 • Fax: 01268 284951

Email: - Finance available on all vehicles (subject to status) Written details on request.

WHEELCHAIR ACCESSIBLE MINI BUSES For latest stock arrivals follow @h_w_pickrell



57 REG FORD TRANSIT 100, 350 2.4TDCI


Manual gearbox, high roof, Gleneagles conversion, PAS, SLD, electric side step, 8 removable rear high back seats (10 seats in total) plus driver, air con, Unwin tracking & Solo system fitted, Ricon tail lift, 22,487 miles.

Manual 6 speed, high roof, PAS, LWB, O & H conversion, side loading door, side step, 8-14 high back seats, fully tracked Unwin floor, Ricon tail lift, Eberspacher heater, ex NHS, only 31,199 miles.

Manual, MWB, high mroof, PAS, SCW conversion, side loading door, side step, 8 high back seats, fully Unwin tracked floor, Dash ac, Eberspacher heater, Ratcliff underfloor tail lift, 11,092 miles only.

Manual gearbox, high roof, PAS, LWB, tacho, side loading door, electric side step, 11 high back seats, Unwin tracked floor at rear, Eberspacher heater, underfloor Ratcliff tail lift, tacho, 34,955 miles.





Manual gearbox, high roof, PAS, LWB, O&H conversion, SLD, AVS side step, 9 seats plus driver plus 1 x wheelchair space, Unwin tracking, Eberspacher heater, Ricon tail lift, ex local authority, 21,647 miles.

6 speed manualgear box, MWB, high roof, PAS, twin side loading door, side step, 9 seats plus driver plus 1 x wheelchair, heater, Unwin tracked floor, Ricon tail lift, 39,191 miles only.

Manual, PAS, LWB, O & H conversion PTS ambulance, SLD, fold out side step, 6-8 rear high back seats, wipe clean interior, lowering suspension, Unwin tracking, Eberspacher heater, choice of two, 72,000-79,000 miles.

Manual gearbox, high roof, PAS, LWB, tacho, power door, 16 rear high back seats (17 seats in total), Unwin tracked floor, Eberspacher heater, Ratcliff tail lift, COIF, 63,371 miles, PSV tested till March 2014.





Manual gearbox, LWB, PAS, O & H conversion, n/s full height manual door, 16 high back removable seats, Eberspacher heater, PLS underfloor t/lift, ex local authority, COIF'd,103,080 kms, PSV tested till March 2014.

Automatic gearbox, high roof, SCW conversion, twin side loading doors, side step, 6 rear high back seats plus double passenger & driver, AC, Eberspacher heater, Unwin tracking, Ricon tail lift, 38,309 miles only.

Manual gearbox, high roof, PAS, LWB, tacho, side loading door, side step, 14 rear seats, Unwin Innotrax fully tested tracked floor, Eeberspacher heater, underfloor PLS tail lift, tacho, 41,598 kms only

Manual gearbox, high roof, PAS, LWB, O&H conversion SLD, AVS side step, 8 rear high back seats plus 1 x wheelchair space, Unwin tracking, Eberspacher heater, Ricon tail lift, ex local authority, 20,286 miles.





Manual, high roof, PAS, LWB, Atlas conversion, twin side loading door, AVS side step, 6 high back seats, Unwin Inotrac tested floor, Ricon tail lift, ex local authority, 30,383 miles.

Auto gearbox, high roof, PAS, LWB, tacho, power door, 16 rear high back seats (17 seats in total), AMF tracked flat floor, Eberspacher heater, full air con, PLS tail lift, COIF, 49,381 miles only.

6 speed manual gearbox, semi high roof, PAS, MWB, SLD, 14 high back seats including driver, Bluetooth & sat nav, air con, elec windows & mirrors, electric side step, Unwin tracking, Ricon tail lift, 39,834 miles.

Manual 6 speed, high roof, PAS, LWB, O & H conversion, side loading door, side step, 8-14 high back seats, fully tracked Unwin floor, Ricon tail lift, Eberspacher heater, ex NHS, only 12,695 miles.





Auto gearbox, climate control, n/s/f electric power door, 16 high back removable seats on NMI quick release, Eberspacher, PLS underfloor tail lift, ex local authority, COIF'd, 81,280 kms.

Manual gearbox, low roof, O & H conversion, PAS, twin side loading door, side step, 4 high back seats plus 1 x w/chair, modified low floor, electric winch & fold out ramp, 15,491 miles.

Manual gearbox, CD, electric windows & mirrors, a/c, twin side loading doors, high back seat in rear, single passenger seat, cut out floor, lowering air suspension, fold down ramp, Gowerings conversion, only 8,600 miles.

LWB, MAN gearbox, CD, electric windows & mirrors, full AC climate front and rear, twin side loading doors, 9 high back seats in rear, Unwin tracking, Braun tail lift, rear tail gate & blinds, Cotrim conversion, 29,209 miles.





Auto gearbox, LWB, PAS, climate control, n/s/f electric power door, 16 high back removable seats on NMI quick release, Eberspacher, PLS underfloor tail lift, ex local authority, COIF'd.

Manual, semi high roof factory bus conversion, side entry slam door with low entry step, 14 x high back seats plus driver, air con, ex lease, only 32,997 kms.

Agile gearbox, high roof, PAS, LWB, tacho, power front entry door, 16 rear high back seats, Unwin Innotrax flat floor, underfloor Ratcliff t/lift, COIF/IVA to take up to 5 wheelchairs.

Manual gearbox, high roof, O & H conversion, PAS, side loading door, AVS side step, 8 high back seats plus 2 x w/chairs & driver, Unwin tracked floor, ricon internal tail lift, 33,175 miles only.




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62 | COACH & BUS WEEK | June 26, 2013




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June 26, 2013 | COACH & BUS WEEK | 63

Volvo Olympians â&#x20AC;&#x153;Leave room for Nature!â&#x20AC;?

2000 (W) Dennis Trident 2 East Lancs LoLyne 78 seats _ 15 standees, DDA certified, SLF, single door entry, individual seats, current MOT 10/11/2013, will take belts. ÂŁ15,500 + TYRES + VAT Well maintained to the usual high standard of Brighton & Hove.

2002 Volvo B12M Jonckheere Mistral LEZ Euro 4, 53 (with COIF) belted seats, rear continental door, air con, radio PA DVD, MOT late 2013 ÂŁ39,999 + VAT. Finance Available (stc) Available NOW LEZ to Euro 4 One Certified 53 seater now available

2007 Scania K230UB Wright Solar Euro 4, 43 + 27 seats, 1 wheelchair space, Hanover colour destination, wired for Synectics T800 CCTV. ÂŁ69,500 + tyres + VAT each A1 Condition. Choice of 3

2006 (56) Scania CN230 UB OmniCity Euro 4, 41 + (31) seats, Hanover colour destination, 1 wheelchair space. manual ramp, air con, wired for Synetics T800 CCTV, Digital tachograph. ÂŁ63,000 + tyres + VAT each. Choice of 3. A1 condition.

Nigel McCree Mobile: 07817 542113 Office: 01509 502695 or Nev Simpson Mobile: 07814 716149 Email: Insurance Finance Stock updated weekly on the website:


Large selection, all taxed and PSVâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;d, ZF auto boxes, recently re-upholstered, just out of services, upper deck 47, lower 31, standing 8.

We also have a number of Dennis Dart and Volvo single decker busses with seat belts.

Contact us for more information: 01530 560566 07836 517350

5 ) &  ." 3 , & 5  ' 0 3  7 & ) * $ & 4  1 3 0 % 6 $ 5 4  " / %  4 & 3 7 * $ & 4

P    W    F   S         W F I J D M F T G P S  T B M F  P O M J O F





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June 26, 2013 | COACH & BUS WEEK | 65

BUILDINGS The North West’s Premier Minibus Sales, supplying nationwide for over 40 years



08 IVECO 50C15

• Only covered 64,000 miles • 16 high back passenger seats • Lots of Unwin tracking • Full air con • Power door • Front entry • External fully automatic tail lift • Plant on panoramic tinted PSV’d glass • Totally showroom condition inside and out • Will come with 12 months PSV test • Large selection • Tremendous value LEZ £17,995




• 16 high back passenger seats in soft trim with contrasting centre panel • Complete flat floor • Ricon internal fully automatic tail lift PSV’d • Power door with low step entry • Full panoramic tinted windows • Drives and looks like new • Will come with 12 mths PSV test LEZ £21,995



Only covered 49,000 miles • 16 highback passenger seats on Unwin tracking • Flat floor • Full air con • Powerdoor front entry PSV’d • Auto • External fully automatic cassette tail lift • Showroom condition inside and out • Will come with 12 mths PSV • Excellent value £21,995

08 IVECO 45C15


inside and out £17,995

• Only covered 32,000 miles • 16 high back passenger seats in soft trim with contrasting headlining • Lots of Unwin tracking • Full air conditioning • Panoramic plant on tinted windows • Power door • Front entry • Showroom condition

Tel: 01942 864222

LEZ Contact us 24/7: 07818 031725 - Wayne 07715 231694 - Phillip ALL PRICES PLUS VAT We guarantee quality vehicles, right prices, no pressure sales. Come and have a coffee while you browse at your leisure. Junction 23, M6 or 20 miles from Manchester/Liverpool airport.

Bus Workshops - Secure Storage Supplied any width, any length Building to BS5590 - Doors high enough for Double Deckers - Finance available For further information phone

BLUELINE BUILDINGS 01709 578333 anytime


The ABC of Rental Solutions

Under your control. For the time you need it. Bus and Coach

01274 681144



LEZ BOXES FOR SALE 2 x used Eminox LEZ exhaust boxes, used for 6 months 2012. Cleaned/reconditioned. To fit a Bova Futura. With full fitting kit or can be fitted while you wait! £3,000 each + VAT

PARNHAMS COACHES LTD Contact Ray 07747 071071




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66 | COACH & BUS WEEK | June 26, 2013






Innovative funding solutions to fit every business. We specialise in raising funds for all types of companies from sole traders to PLCs.


Contact Malcolm Harrison Auctions

01630 674326

As a specialist business funder, Huxley Corporate Finance can provide your company with a wide range of finance facilities including the following:

• Equipment Finance • Vehicle Finance • Cash Flow • Mortgages • Company Acquisition • Capital Release Scheme • Vehicle Sourcing

Call the team to discuss your current financial requirements on 01829 730062 MALCOLM HARRISON AUCTIONS

Heaters • A/C Equipment Blowers • Motors • Radiators Silicone Hose • Ducting Wiper Equipment • Gas Struts

Tel: 01993 849522 Fax: 01993 706920 Email:



65A High Street, Tarporley, Cheshire, CW6 0DP T 01829 730062 F 01829 730063 E

lifts & ramps

You’re in control.

Take the photos, write the ad and change it later if you want to, all from your online dashboard. Selling a vehicle is simple on . . .




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June 26, 2013 | COACH & BUS WEEK | 67



Sign Writing Services • School bus sign sets with suction cups – £15 + VAT • Vehicle livery design & supply – fitting by arrangement if required • Legal lettering & graphics supplied by post

• Full UK coverage • Same day local delivery

Tel: 01884 290818 Mobile: 07583 334455

• Next day national delivery


• Official Irizar part distributor • All manufacturer parts supplier • Fast, efficient & 24/7

Tel: 01909 511349 PARTS




The ABC of Parts Support


Over 17,000 parts lines directly from stock. Next day delivery as standard. Bus and Coach


MERIDIAN DRIVER LTD Rising above all others

01274 681144



BUCKINGHAM 3 & 2 • Ideal for 3 & 2 configurations • Ergonomic design for maximum support, comfort and legroom • Tried & tested: fitted into many new coaches as OEM • Full range of legs and fitting options make the Buckingham ideal for upseating to 70+ seats • Lighter weight makes easier for installation Prime Passenger Seating Limited 7 Canalwood Industrial Estate, Chirk, Wrexham LL14 5RL Telephone: 01691 898 665 Fax: 01691 770 798 Email:


If you would like further information please call 01543 897505 or visit

Specialist vehicle Inspection training with optional IRTEC accreditation




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68 | COACH & BUS WEEK | June 26, 2013


New Van & Minibus Parts

Digital Techo’s VDO 138112 volt unused

Driver Suspension Seats

Ducato Passenger

Master Mavano Doors

Master Side Doors

Renault 1-9 CDI F9Q Engines New

Sprinter 616 Axel no A9053500300

Sprinter LT New £150

Sprinter Crafter Doors

Sprinter Wheels Conti 235 65 R16C

Toyota Amazon V8 £250 Unused

Transit 17 seater

Transit MiniBus Shell

Transit Tourneo Seats

Transit Wheels Conti 215 75 R16C

Vario Bumpers £75

Vario Headlamps £35

Volvo Compressors No 9521675

Volvo Foot Valves No 3118789

ZF Astronic 12-AS-1930-TD

01706 211 838 Trevor Wigley & Son Bus Ltd


Call 01226 723147 Night Service 01226 716479 Fax 01226 700199 Email

June 26, 2013 | COACH & BUS WEEK | 69

Seen something funny? Send it to or write to: Last Stop, Coach & Bus Week, 3 The Office Village, Cygnet Park, Forder Way, Hampton, Peterborough PE7 8GX

A birthday treat at Yellow Buses Charlie Spetch got a fifth birthday present he will never forget – a trip around the Yellow Buses’ depot. The youngster loves nothing more than travelling on buses – and when he can’t he just likes to watch them. He knows the buses’ numbers and where they go and likes getting an all-day ticket and travelling around with his dad Nigel, mum Joanna and sister Sophie, six. When Nigel asked Yellow Buses if his son could have a closer look around for his birthday, the company was pleased to help. The schoolboy got to sit on the drivers’ seats and explore the buses while no one else was on them. Gareth Edwards, Yellow Buses’ Customer Services Manager, then took him on a tour of the workshop at the Yeomans Way site in Bournemouth. Charlie also received a birthday card and some mementoes of his visit. Gareth said: “It was a pleasure to show Charlie around. He is very enthusiastic about Yellow Buses and asked lots of questions. “We’d love to see him back here one day as a driver.”

Young Charlie gets to sit on a driver’s seat on a Yellow Bus


Monday James here. The familar pressure of press day. Once again the mag is finished with time to spare. Tuesday Update the website & begin piecing together ‘Industry Guide’.

Alex Hornby (left) and Gavin Morrison toast the success of the ‘trent barton 100’ beer at a local Wetherspoon pub

It’s trent barton’s round… A special, limited addition beer marking trent barton’s centenary celebrations is now on sale at selected pubs across Nottinghamshire and Derbyshire. The ‘trent barton 100’ from the Magpie Brewery looks set to prove a hit with real ale drinkers at selected Wetherspoon and independent pubs across the region. Visitors to the independent bus company’s recent 100th birthday bash at its Langley Mill depot were the first to sample the 4.1% brew which has a ‘golden colour and fruity flavour’. Alex Hornby, trent barton’s Commercial Director, commented: “We’re delighted the brewery

has recognised our very special birthday with such a tasty beer and made it widely available for a limited period. “It’s not the first time we’ve teamed up with Nottingham-based Magpie; they’ve named several beers after various routes and ticket offers. “It demonstrates how two local businesses can work together and, in doing so, help to promote the message that the bus offers a safer way to enjoy a great night out. Across the network we run many late night buses enabling drinkers to leave their cars at home.” Gavin Morrison, Head Brewer at Magpie Brewery, added: “We were only too pleased to help trent barton celebrate 100 years on the buses. “It was also great to be a part of the fantastic celebration weekend, the special beer, a light refreshing hoppy ale, went down a treat.”

Wednesday Continue working on upcoming features and the issue at hand. Return to my parents’ home, which I’m still looking after, to discover a driver has managed to go through my neighbour’s garden wall after accidentally pressing the accelerator instead of the brake. I’m told she was wearing flip-flops at the time. Sigh. Even telematics wouldn’t improve drivers this bad. Thursday Piece together most of Industry Guide and prepare for my trip the following day. Unfortunately when I leave the office to meet Alex and pick up the camera and Oyster card, which he had used on his own trip to London, I’m greeted by a huge traffic jam caused by a pair of accidents on the nearby dual carriageway. Trying to avoid it only makes things worse as I find myself in a worse jam caused by roadworks, meaning it takes 45 minutes to drive a couple of miles. Having finally made the exchange, visit my grandfather to deliver birthday whiskey and pick up my suit from my house. Friday As I’m about to leave, I discover I had completely forgotten to pick up my shoes. Balls! Thankfully disaster is averted when I discover some old school shoes in my parent’s cupboard, which still look fine. Travel to London and visit Ian Foster, Engineering Director at Metroline. Despite arriving early, I still leave late as he is a joy to interview and really does get into the details, with obvious enthusiasm. I also get to take a very close look at a newlydelivered NBfL, and Ian shows me a number of small bits of engineering genius which have been put into the vehicle after such a short development time.

LastStop.indd 69

24/06/2013 16:44

70 | COACH & BUS WEEK | June 26, 2013

RECRUITMENT & people Deadlines Booking: Monday 5.00pm Full artwork: Monday 5.00pm Contact Ian Gillis T: 01733 293484 E:

Reading Buses controller in charity sky dive A long-serving Reading Buses radio controller is set to sky dive to raise money for his employer’s charity of the year – Parents And Children Together (PACT). Paul Bridges, who was himself fostered, has announced he will make his first sky dive for the charity next month. The 58 year old, who has worked for Reading Buses for 28 years, is taking the 10,000ft plunge from Redlands Airfield, Swindon, on July 14. Paul said: “I have a close affinity with the charity and recognise the good work that PACT do. When I was growing up there was no support in place and they were hard times. “I think that helping PACT is so

worthwhile as the money raised can be truly life-changing for the children and families they help. “I have always wanted to do a sky dive which is a cross between the self-satisfaction of achieving something for myself and achieving something for someone else.” Reading Buses named PACT as their charity of the year in January and has already raised in excess of £1,000 with their big fundraiser – the company’s annual Open Day – still to come on June 30. Reading Buses Marketing Manager Jake Osman said: “We are really proud of Paul and the challenge he has set himself for this remarkable charity. On his behalf we urge all our customers to donate to PACT. Even if they can only spare £1, it really does help.” To support Paul in his charity dive, funds can be donated to PACT by visiting his Virgin giving page http:// PaulBridgesskydive

DEPOT MANAGER Salary £25 to £30k plus benefits

MCT are seeking to appoint an experienced passenger transport professional to lead the opera�onal team through the next stage of development. The Depot Manager post is a key opera�onal role that ensures day to day opera�onal ac�vi�es are completed in an efficient and cost effec�ve manner. The post holder is responsible for ensuring the companies legal, contractual and procedural obliga�ons are complied with. They will have first line management responsibility for the opera�onal team including supervisors, drivers, support staff and for vehicle legal compliance as defined by VOSA. The post holder will also assist the Opera�ons Director in developing exis�ng and new business areas and be responsible for delivery of opera�onal plans and objec�ves. Applica�ons are welcome by email with CV and suppor�ng le�er quo�ng Reference MCT/DM001 to CLOSING DATE – JUNE 30 For a job pack including job descrip�on and person specifica�on please contact Kath Smith on 0161 946 9254.

Centro’s Black Country boss picks up top women’s award Babs Coombes, Centro’s Black Country Area Manager, beat off competition from four other women to be named rising star of the year at the Women First Shine Awards. During the glitzy ceremony held at central London’s Marriot Hotel, judges heard how Babs played a key role in bringing 60 new buses to Wolverhampton including the area’s first hybrid electric buses. Her work during an overhaul of bus services in Sandwell was praised after negotiations with operators led to several improvements for passengers while also achieving savings in taxpayers’ subsidy. Attendees also heard that in 2010 after a commercial bus route in Wolverhampton was withdrawn Babs worked hard to fill the void and secure a much needed service

for elderly residents in the area. Babs said: “I am so pleased and proud to have won this award. It is amazing to have been recognised in this way.” Babs is currently overseeing the £10million Better Bus Area Fund which will transform bus travel in the Brierley Hill area by providing improved bus routes and facilities.

Babs Coombes with former England rugby star Matt Dawson at the awards

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Two new appointments at the TAS Partnership Preston-based public transport specialist the TAS Partnership has announced two new appointments designed to widen and deepen the firm’s expertise. Jeff Clayton and Meera Rambissoon have joined the company from roles within and working for the bus industry. Jeff was previously Area Service Delivery Manager at First Manchester and latterly assisted Stagecoach with handing the Chester and Wirral depots into their ownership. He has worked for over eight years in public transport, notably for FirstGroup and also for Transdev, where he was a Commercial Analyst in Paris in 2005/6. He was named runner-up, Young Bus Manager of the Year, at the UK Bus Awards in 2012. Jeff joins TAS as a Senior Consultant and his role will involve delivering a range of solutions to its private and public sector partners. Jeff said: “I look forward to helping transport companies and departments assess what is right for them in their local markets. I know from my own experience how it feels to work with ever tightening budgets. With the support of my new colleagues at TAS, I am confident we can deliver improved performance for current and also new clients as they look to position themselves for growth.” Meera joins TAS from bus industry alliance Greener Journeys, where as Campaign Manager she helped turn a new page in proving the economic value of bus services in the UK and secure the support of the bus minister. In addition to

her campaigning experience, Meera brings over five years’ experience as a journalist for the trade press, including CBW, covering passenger transport issues. Meera’s role as a senior consultant is charged with supporting the company’s offer to its broad range of clients. Meera’s knowledge of journalism and campaign management will also allow the company to move into new areas including stakeholder consultation, liaison, promotional activities and marketing. Meera said: “I have long admired the work and analysis of the TAS Partnership so to become part of the team is a dream come true. I can’t wait to get my teeth into contributing to a new and dynamic phase in developing the business. “TAS has an outstanding reputation as a specialist in UK public transport and I am sure I will learn a huge amount from the breadth and depth of expertise here.”

Jeff Clayton at the recent Young Bus Managers conference in Bristol

Associate Solicitor Duncan Brown

Oliver Legal expands team Ipswich-based solicitors’ firm Oliver Legal has taken on another Associate Solicitor. Duncan Brown joined the firm in May from a law firm specialising in property litigation. He will assist owner Murray Oliver offer niche legal services to HGV, coach and bus operators. Duncan qualified as a Solicitor in 1999 and has undertaken civil and commercial dispute work since qualification. Formerly a litigation partner at a Suffolk law firm, he has spent all his career in Essex & East Anglia developing a useful knowledge of the region’s commercial landscape. He specialises in employment law, landlord & tenant law and disputes concerning defects in residential & commercial

properties. His clients have included businesses, individuals, management companies for apartment blocks, property managing agents and charities. Murray Oliver said: “I am pleased to have Duncan on board at Oliver Legal. He is committed to our client-focussed way of working, such as offering our clients direct out of hours telephone contact, and visiting clients at their places of business which provides us with an invaluable understanding of their business practices and individual legal requirements. “Duncan brings significant landlord & tenant law experience, as well as detailed knowledge of the niche area of building disputes, with judgments from several of the cases he has managed being reported and commented on in legal journals. He is already assisting our vehicle operator clients by drafting staff handbooks for their drivers – such driver handbooks being unique requirements of the HGV and PSV industries.”

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