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Real Corfu Discover Corfu, Diapontia Islands and Paxos O Topos Mas Here we continue the story through to the second part of the book “O Topos Mas” created by the children of the central school of Agros. The literal translation of O Topos Mas is “Our Place” but it has a much deeper meaning for Greek people and comes from the heart. The book features beautiful photographs and short descriptions of villages located in the north west of the island, giving you just a brief glimpse of the history of these traditional villages and leaves you wanting to find out so much more. The book is dedicated to all those who believe that the history of a place and its past go hand in hand with the present and the future. We will be featuring more extracts again from this book in future editions of Real Corfu Magazine for your enjoyment.

Town Office: Nikiforou Theotoki 81 first floor. Tel: +30 26610 86025 Head Office: Agios Georgios, Paghi 49083, Corfu, Greece, tel: +30 26630 96024 / +30 26630 96230 Mobile: +30 693 716 4766 / +30 693 290 7894, e-mail:

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Afionas Afionas On northwest Corfu lies for many centuries the small and picturesque village of Afionas. 33 kilometers is the distance from the city of Corfu.

It is found in the nape of small peninsula that separates Saint Georges Bay and Arillas Bay. An all around green peninsula that gives you a sense of freedom while someone walks around the village because of the open seas that lays in front you, enjoying at the same time the splendid view on both sides. Looking on the N.W.we can admire the Diapontia islands (Mathraki, Othonoi, Ereikousa) as well as a lot of other rocky islands and smaller uninhabited islets that hide a small dose of mythology and perhaps history. A lot is said and written for the origin of this small community sometimes encompassing in this moments of glamour. It is sure that word famous people during the past were occupied and dedicated hours in this. As we know for a lot of years the name of the village is Afionas. There are many versions for the origin of the name and looking at recordings of 16th century we discover that the most likely theory is that it belonged in the wider region of Kavadades called upper arillas (Arilas took its name from the trees named Arias - Querqus which exist up to today in the region). This can be concluded from notarial documents of the period 1503-1577 when we do not find community with the name Afionas in the wider region but only Kavadades which includes regions Upper and Lower Arilla. From this point and further, all elements converge that the period of first resident appearance in the village is round 1636 a.c. as it is proved from the year of manufacture from the church of the village Ag.Ioannis.

Makrades Makrades

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Makrades officially belongs to the 8th century AD. In 1200 AD, Ruled by the Byzantine, Angelos Komninos who built a fortress close by to provide a safe heaven for the locals. The fortress was invaded many times, but never conquered, sadly, many locals lost their lives in these attacks. The village is mostly dilapidated, with fine example of architecture which reflect in the stone houses which dominate the village, there is still evidence of the holes made for the guns which were used in, their defence. The population of Makrades is mostly of the older generation. Most of the houses stand empty and near collapse. The old part of the village has a post office, church and supermarket, where the locals sit around chatting about the events of the day. There are also tavernas serving local dishes, and tourist shops selling their handmade crafts and olive oil. If you travel along the road in the direction of Paleokastritsa, there are the most magnificent views looking down onto the crystal clear waters of Paleokastritsa.

Collective Delight

Delicious crayfish pastas and traditional sofritos go to and from the tables and the only break is in order to have a glass of one the most selective wines of the wine-cellar.

When the delight meets its most mediterranean version then all roads lead to Olympia Restaurant, which also has a summer aura called Olympia Mare.

- Olympia & Olympia Mare RestaurantWeather permitting, we have a seat at one of the outside tables. Having the marina in front of us and the blue sky as a background we get ready for a delightful tour. The particularly abundant menu of the Olympia Mare is a gastronomic treasure by itself, including almost the whole mediterranean vocabulary of flavors. The cuisine is basically traditional Greek with notes from the gastronomic gamut of Italy and France . So, we can start traditionally and have a dakos dressed with a blood-red and fresh cut tomato or move in an Italian way and vote for a Prosciutto di Parma with melon. The Seafood Menu is remarkable. The steaming plates release the fragrant smell of basil and the soft taste of garlic plays at the roof of our mouth. The lobster spaghetti and the seafood risotto scented with dill and with the Ionian freshness, are a safe choice. The Chef’s gastronomic suggestions give and go daily, since its only the absolutely fresh ingredients arriving at your plate. The meat menu is also very attractive for those who don’t want to miss the classic choices on their table. Try their corfiot version, such a sofrito with veal. This is a “registered trade mark” dish of the local gastronomic tradition. It is noteworthy that the place has a separated coffee room and a roof garden. The relaxing music and the cool drinks with the panoramic marina view are the ideal epilogue after a generous meal. Our visit at Olympia Mare’s little brother, the Olympia Restaurant at Kanalia area, was also delightful. Its password is the quality food and the good mood and therefore the Olympia Restaurant is one of the most popular destinations of flavour for local people and visitors of the island. We have been welcomed in an intimate environment where the stones and the wood dominate, and the good mood of the live orchestra introduced us at the corfiot easy life. Despite the capaciousness and the elegant atmosphere of the inner drawing room, we preferred the cool garden with the wonderful platans. We ordered a lordly smoked steak and then clinked glasses in the name of the cook. It is notable that the restaurant can easily accommodate social and professional events.

Paxos Paxos p. 4

Paxos untouched by time, is the smallest Ionian Island seven miles by two and is located just nine miles off the southern most tip of Corfu and ten from the mainland of Greece. Paxos has no airport and for this reason has thankfully eluded the masses who flock to the neighboring islands. This magical island holds many enchanting surprises of natural beauty and contrasts. The East Coastline is enveloped in a silvery green cloak formed by the olive trees sloping gently to glistering blue waters. Numerous secluded coves and bays offer solitude of which some are only accessible by boat, the clarity of the sea make snorkeling an excellent pursuit for the more energetic. Tiny harbours with colorful fishing boats complemented by picturesque houses typify the coastline. The West Coast has a dramatic array of the most stunning limestone cliffs dropping away to bleached white shingle bays, huge caves, blue grottoes and crystal waters of aquamarine, truly worth a visit by boat. Paxos surely must be a walkers paradise with it network of mule tracks and donkey paths breathtaking views and natural geological wonders. The hue and aroma fill the air as you brush past the naturally formed country herb gardens. Spring particularly holds a wealth of flora and fauna, the fire flies appear as darkness falls twinkling like fairy lights. Dramatic views over Erimitris cliffs, stretches of pure blue Ionian Sea and beyond, the mountains of Epirus. Approximately, half the islands population of 2600 live in three main villages of Gaios, Loggos, Lakka. To an extent they relay on oil from their olive trees and fish from the sea, just as the islanders have done for hundreds of years. Almost a mile off the southern tip of Paxos is the tiny vineyard island of Anti Paxos, producing local wine which is a must to sample if the opportunity arises. Only two mile long and one mile wide, it has stunning natural bays with pure white sandy beaches. The glistering crystal waters are incomparable to any other island. The Paxos people are characteristically self-sufficient and many households keep livestock, produce their own wine, build their own houses and manage small business with an energy and diligence that is inspiring. Paxos is very special, once stepping on this island the outside world seems to vanish. Time to amble, breathtaking views at every turn, pause for a moment, the scent of rosemary, thyme and sage fill the air, the simplicity of life captivating.

p. 5

This is a unique plot of land, which lies on the tiny island of Moggonisi, and is linked to Paxos by a small bridge. The land slopes gently down reaching into the ionian sea, where the waves lap gently against the rocks.

P381 u

3.300.000,00 €

A plot of land gently sloping, with lovely sea views. The land is situated only 200 mtrs from the quaint bay of Loggos, here you will find a selection of tavernas

P386 u

180.000,00 €

A rare opportunity to purchase this very special plot of land, situated on the tiny island of Moggonisi, which is linked to Paxos by a small bridge. From here the views are breathtaking.

P387 u

1.900.000,00 €

A small elevated olive grove of 1,090 sq mtrs, in a prime location, with beautiful sea views. Located in the area of Mastorataki, close to a main road with easy access.

P378 u

95.000,00 €

Two bedroom apartment, located in an idyllic position, overlooking the piquresque bay of Levrohios, and only 350mtrs from the traditional bay of Loggos. There is a large terrace, with a lovely garden area

P402 u

400.000,00 €

This is an exceptional plot of land in Paxos, only 120mtrs from the little bay of Kipos and 2 km to the picturesque bay of Loggos.

P377 u

300.000,00 €

In this lovely peaceful location, sits an olive grove of approx 2,000 sq mtrs. Located in the area of Manasatika, with beautiful sea views, facing south west giving all day sunshine, and stunning sunsets.

P383 u

90.000,00 €

This traditional detached greek house is located in the area of kontogianatika, in Paxos. Facing east the house has all day sunshine. The house is 70sq mtrs and sits on a plot of land of approx 200 sq mtrs.

P401 u

190.000,00 €

An old traditional house of 80sq mts, situated in a very secluded area. The house is in need of renovation. Once restored this would make a charming home. The property sits on a plot of land of approx 1,000 sq mts.

P388 u

120.000,00 €

This plot of land lies in a prime location, just nestled above the quaint traditional resort of Loggos. The distance to the sea is only 200mtrs, taking you only a 3 minute stroll, yet the land is nicely hidden away.

P385 u

300.000,00 €

This unique property, is situated on a plot of land, with only the sea, with its high cliff tops, sitting right in front of you. The sound of the ocean and the seagulls soaring high above, make this a dream property to own.

P376 u

480.000,00 €

This traditional stone built property was constructed before 1955, but never completed by the owner, and could make a beautiful old traditional dwelling, once restored. The size is 80sq mtrs, 40sq mtrs on each floor.

P384 u

180.000,00 €

Traditional olive press located in the area of Vlahoptaliki. The building is 100sq mtrs, and sits on a plot of land 190sq mtrs.

P380 u

110.000,00 €

Traditional old stone olive press, which was originally constructed over 2 centuries ago. The building is approx 120sq mtrs in size and sits on a land size of 270 sq mtrs.

P382 u

60.000,00 €

Othoni Othoni p. 6


Placed a few kilometres north-west from Corfu island, are the Diapondia islands, consisting of five small islands.

Orthoni being the largest constitutes a small Mediterranean paradise still hidden from massive tourism. Characteristics of this island are the impressive rocks and the numerous marine caves that are a pole of attraction for divers and offer unforgettable sighs to visitors. According to mythology Othoni is identified as the legendary island of Calypso, the Muse that kept Odysseus prisoner for seven years. The Cave of Calypso, one of the most important sites of the island, makes the visitors’ imagination rise for what Odysseus went through. The main settlement of the island is Ammos. Here you will see the small port that boats anchor. Horio, Dafni, Kasimatika and Deletatika are some of the villages you will see while touring in the island. Othoni have about 150 permanent residents. In all Diapondia islands the nature is still wild and there are many sandy beaches where you can find privacy and relax yourself also during the highest

A single storey stone house for renovation measuring 80 sq metres on a plot of land measuring 2,000 sq metres on Othonoi, one of the Diapontia Islands. Surrounded by olive trees with lovely country views.

H334 u

80.000,00 €

A concrete skeleton measuring 500 sq metres requires completion on the Diapontia Island of Othonoi. It is suitable for business opportunity eg restaurant or apartments or it would make one very large stunning villa.

H337 u

180.000,00 €

A single storey stone house in need of renovation on Othonoi one of the Diapontia Islands. Measuring 110 sq metres on a plot of land of 2,500 sq metres. There is also an apothekie (store room) of 40 sq metres.

H335 u

160.000,00 €

A single storey house measuring 100 sq metres on the beautiful Diapontia Island of Othonoi. It is in the traditional village of Xorio with lovely surroundings. There is a patio area of 80 sq metres.

H336 u

200.000,00 €

season. These marvellous islands belong to Corfu’s prefecture and represent the right opportunity for a special and unforgettable trip. During all the summer period you can reach the Diapondia islands by ferry boat from Corfu town or from Sidari and A. Stefanos villages in the North of the island.

Vasilliki and Lambros who are privileged to live here on this piqturesque island, are the local builders here in Othoni, they constructed this property with care and attention to detail and are very proud of their workmanship. They would be very pleased to show what can be achieved to make your home a very special place to live.

A 2 storey house measuring 110 sq metres with a garden of 500 sq metres on Othonoi one of the Diapontia Islands. There are 2 bathrooms, 2 bedrooms, fireplace, kitchen and lounge area.

H333 u

380.000,00 €

p. 7

Easter in Corfu The celebration of Easter in Corfu is a unique experience,

completely different from anywhere else in Greece and particularly impressive for first-time visitors to the island. It is a huge festival, in which various components come together harmoniously, the Orthodox Christian faith, pagan traditions, the powerful presence of Saint Spiridon, the Roman Catholic community, the Venetian influence, genuine Corfiot humour, the music of the philharmonic bands and of course the spring atmosphere Palm Sunday

Palm Sunday is the day when the deliverance of Corfu from the plague in 1630, thanks to the intervention of Saint Spiridon, is celebrated. The Body of the Saint is taken in procession around the streets of the town, accompanied by all the island’s philharmonic orchestras. The procession sets off from the Saint’s Church at 11 in the morning and follows the line of the old town walls, from where the Saint drove off the plague. People from all over the island pour into town, lending a festive feel to the day. At midday, in homes and tavernas, the traditional dish of the day is served - stockfish or salt cod.

Good Friday

Good Friday is the day of the Epitaphios, the funeral of Christ. All over the island, as all over Greece, every church brings out its own funeral bier and parades it around the parish. In Corfu however, the attendant philharmonic orchestras and choirs, the presence of thousands of Corfiots as well as foreign visitors, give another dimension to the gravity of the occasion. It is worth noting that the Old Philharmonic Orchestra (in red uniform) play Albinoni’s ‘Adagio’, the Mantzaros Orchestra (in blue) Verdi’s ‘Marcia Funebre’, and the Kapodistrias Orchestra the ‘Elegia Funebre’, Mariana’s ‘Sventura’ and Chopin’s ‘Funeral March’. The town processions start in the afternoon to give the orchestras time to escort them all. As the hours pass, the processions become thicker on the ground, until they all converge on each other and people don’t know which way to look first. The first epitaphios leaves the Church of the Blessed Virgin of Spiliotissa in the New Fortress and the

Church of Pantokrator in Kampielo at two in the afternoon, and other churches follow, until ten in the evening sees the exit of the Epitaphios from the Orthodox Cathedral.

Holy Saturday

On Holy Saturday, at 6 a.m. in the morning, the custom of ‘the earthquake’ is carried out at the Church of the Blessed Virgin of Strangers. This is a re-enactment of the earthquake which took place after the Resurrection, as described in the Bible. Later, at 9 a.m., the procession of Saint Spiridon, which was consecrated in 1550 when the Saint saved the island from famine, takes place. The Saint shares the stage with the Epitaphios of his own church, a custom which was established during Venetian times when, for reasons of security, epitaphios processions were forbidden, whereas the procession of the Saint was permitted to take place. The accompanying orchestras play Michelli’s ‘Calde Lacrime’, Faccio’s “Hamlet’ and Beethoven’s Funeral March. At 11 a.m. the First Resurrection and the ‘Pot Throwing’ custom take place, and the local people throw pots out of their windows, smashing them onto the streets below. This noisy custom, originating with the Venetians, began in the town and spread to the villages. The Venetians used to throw all their old and useless objects out of the window on January 1st each year, so that the New Year might bring them new ones. The Corfiots adopted this custom and moved it to their great Easter celebration. Nowadays, instead of throwing out old crockery, the people use big, specially made pots (called a ‘botis’), filled with water to make a louder crash. Another explanation for the custom gives it a pagan provenance. At Easter, nature starts its new year and re-awakens after winter. The fruits are collected in new receptacles, throwing out the old ones. After the breaking of the pots, the philharmonic orchestras tour the streets playing joyful songs. At Pinia, the old commercial centre of the town, the custom of the ‘mastelas’ (washtub) has been revived. A half-barrel decorated with myrtle and ribbons is filled with water, and passers-by are invited to throw coins into it for good luck. When the first bell sounds for the Resurrection, someone jumps into the barrel and collects up the money. In old times the diver was not a volunteer but an unsuspecting passer-by, thrown in against his will.




p. 8





Built by its owner with extreme care and attention to detail this villa is 1,000 sq metres and sits in a ground area of 4,000 sq metres .

An extremely large plot of 45,000 sq metres is for sale in Agnos Astrakeri. Approximately 100 metres of the plot fronts the lovely beach.

Plot of 6,695 sq.metres located in Sidari, in the area of Canal d’ Amour. Ideal for hotel investment, it is buildable up to 2,300 sq.metres.

his is an opportunity to own an old 2 storey mansion built in the traditional Corfiot style of approx 200 sq metres. It is in need of renovation.

N327 u

4.000.000,00 €

L247 u

1.800.000,00 €

L146 u

900.000,00 €

H232 u

750.000,00 €





A plot of land on the north coast of Corfu in Agios Spiridonas. The land measures 6,200 sq metres and ends at the sea.

This two stories beautiful villa is situated between Kato and Ano Korakiana on a piece of land which is 1800sq.

This 300 sq metre property in Vigla Kouloura on the north east coast of Corfu was built in 1985 but it was completely renovated to a high standard in 2004.

A newly built 2 storey house is for sale in Asipmatos Potamou. The living accommodation measures 200 sq metres

L292 u

700.000,00 €


A detached property made up of a basement/garage area of 130 sq metres on the ground floor and 130 sq metre

H283 u

450.000,00 €

H364 u

680.000,00 €

A345 u

495.000,00 €



An opportunity to own a piece of land in the north east coast of Corfu, Ideal location to build your holiday home or for investment.

A spacious family house set in a large garden, with fantastic sea view and a wide panoramic view across the headlands towards the Gouvia Marina

An opportunity to own 10,000 sq. metres of land just 150 metres from St. George beach, in the north west of the island.

L208 u

450.000,00 €

H363 u

430.000,00 €



Fully Furnished villa in Arillas 117sqm, with large swimming pool and sea views, very near to the sandy beach.

Plot of land of 15,000 sq.metres, for sale in the north of Corfu, in the area of Astrakeri. Situated on a hill boasting beautiful sea and counrtyside views.

This beautiful plot of land has approximately 100 m of direct sea frontage. Therefore it has the benefit of panoramic sea views.

400.000,00 €

450.000,00 €



H374 u

H282 u

L115 u

380.000,00 €

L202 u

365.000,00 €

L157 u

400.000,00 €


Villa for sale with a total floor area of 295 sq. metres, set on a plot of 2,500 sq. metres which has been carefully designed and landscaped

H180 u

350.000,00 €





A 2 storey building requiring completion, with a total floor area of 360 sq metres.

A complex of 4 studios and 2 x 2 bedroom apartments just 1km from the beach and 800 metres from Sidari.

A beautiful plot of land measuring 7,200 sq metres is for sale near Pendati. The land goes right down to the sea.

A select quality-built development of 5 detached villas in the North-West corner of Corfu.

H359 u

350.000,00 €

A313 u

320.000,00 €

L338 u

290.000,00 €

N343 u

280.000,00 €

p. 9




A very rare opportunity to own a piece of paradise in the lovely sandy bay of Agios Georgios, North West Corfu.

One of a kind plot of 10,000 sq.metres located in St. George area and very close to Afionas village.

It is quite unusual to find a plot of this size (10,000 sq. metres) in the lush, green mountainside with amazing sea views.

H 349 u

259.000,00 €

L174 u

250.000,00 €

L177 u


250.000,00 €

Just a kilometre away from both Arillas and San Stefanos beaches, this plot is situated in a prime position panoramically overlooking the sea.

L193 u

250.000,00 €





A stunning plot of land is for sale in Ermones. It is almost 5,000 sq metres in size and goes right down to the sea. It is buildable up to 200 sq metres.

4-bedroom bungalow located in the village of Prinilas, in the north western part of the island, approximately 35km from Corfu town

A lovely villa to be built in a stunning location.The land has great views to the mountains and countryside. There are also lovely views of the sea of four different areas from the plot.

An old 2 storey traditional village house situated on the edge of Paghi. Measuring 120 sq metres but sitting on a magnificent plot of 2,300 sq m.

L329 u

250.000,00 €


250.000,00 €

N239 u


H347 u

250.000,00 €





Large two bedroom well designed house of 140 sq mts, located in a traditional village with stunning views to the countryside.

A single storey house measuring 85 sq metres is for sale just 1.5 km from the traditional village of Liapades.

The house measures 100 sq ms and comprises of a ground floor with a kitchen, lounge with a fireplace, 1 bedroom and a shower room.

The land is on a slope but fronts right onto the sea. The prime position to build a luxury villa on this plot

H340 u

240.000,00 €

H346 u

235.000,00 €

H361 u


L129 u

220.000 €





Prime plot of land, in an elevated position commanding fabulous views to the sea included a building license for 4 properties.

Three newly built houses which are currently under construction. Each villa has a floor area of 100 sq ms and overlooks the sea and Mouse Island.

The house is 90 sq metres and comprises of 2 bedrooms, bathroom and open plan kitchen and lounge. good value for money.

Newly built maisonette, 70 sq. m, with fantastic sea views and in walking distance of Barbati Beach.

L400 u

220.000,00 €

H154 u

220.000,00 €

H344 u

185.000,00 €


175.000,00 €





Located in Tsoukalia, Magoulades, close to Sidari, but with the privilege of being very secluded, within three minutes by car to the famous bustling area of the northern end of Sidari.

Α Detached single storey Eco Friendly house to be built in Agios Georgios. Measuring 75 sq metres plus a basement area of 38 sq m. Walking distance to the beach.

Α Detached single storey Eco Friendly house to be built in Agios Georgios. Measuring 75 sq metres plus a basement area of 63 sq m. Walking distance to the beach.

Located in a traditional area this beautiful 2-bedroom house is to be built with environmentally friendly materials

A370 u

170.000,00 €

N315 u

165.000,00 €

N316 u

165.000,00 €

N220 u

160.000,00 €

p. 10





A rare opportunity to purchase a lovely plot of land right on the sea front at St George.

A newly completed renovated 2 storey house in Gavrades comprising of a newly fitted kitchen, bathroom and 2 bedrooms.

This newly restored traditional stonebuilt house is on the fringes of the village of Agrafi.

This old house is standing in the main street of the picturesque village and has been beautifully renovated by its current owner in sensitive style.

L342 u

150.000,00 €

H246 u

149.000,00 €

H319 u

139.950,00 €

H373 u

129.000,00 €





This plot of approximately 15,000 sq ms is high up on the side of a hill with views from the right side of the land only down in the bay of Ag Georgios.

Stunning plot of land, with simply breathtaking views. Located on the edge of the small traditional village of Loutses on the northeast of the island.

A good plot of land, facing south, is offered here on the outskirts of Kanalia village. Located only 3klm to Corfu town.

This very substantial three-floor village house, with two bedrooms and two bathrooms in addition to the living accommodation.

L176 u

120.000,00 €

L392 u

120.000,00 €

L397 u

120.000,00 €

H371 u

115.000,00 €





Traditional village house with approx. 90 sq m living space. The ground floor features two double bedrooms a kitchen area and bathroom.

A first floor 3 bedroom apartment is for sale in the well known resort of Sidari with its lively atmosphere, many shops and tavernas.

Charming very old traditional building built in the 1800’s with lots of charactor, situated in the lovely village of Old Perithia.

Old house for sale in the traditional village of Kavadades, on the northwest coast. This property is offered at a very good price for a quick sale.

H330 u

112.500,00 €

A322 u

110.000,00 €

H393 u

95.000,00 €

H396 u

95.000,00 €





Large old house for renovation in walking distance from Ipsos beach. Possibility to make two bedrooms, quiet location, small garden.

A lovely plot of land measuring 3,200 sq metres with panoramic views is available in Arillas. Views to the Diapontia Islands

This lovely plot of land with sea views is offered in a great position, lying on the outskirts of the village of Sfakera.

Old house for renovation with lovely views of Paleocastritsa, west CorfuThis is a traditional village house which is in need of renovation and locted within the village of Lakones.


85.000,00 €

L324 u

85.000,00 €

H390 u

75.000,00 €

H223 u

75.000,00 €





A renovated old village house in Peroulades measuring 55 sq metres. It is only 500 metres from the lovely Logga Beach.

A plot of land measuring 1,460 sq metres. It is within the buildable zone and is buildable up to 350 sq metres.

A piece of land measuring 3,600 sq metres just 400 metres from the traditional village of Perithia. Good road access and the plot faces the road.

A flat plot of 3,540 sq metres in Kavallouri. Buildable up to 200 sq metres with lovely countryside views.

H326 u

72.000,00 €

L328 u

70.000,00 €

L350 u

70.000,00 €

L356 u

70.000,00 €

p. 11





An old olive press in the traditional village of Perithia is for sale. It requires full renovation and some of the old olive press equipment remains in the building.

This three-floor cottage has been restored from a complete wreck to a picturesque holiday home.

Plot of land situated in a peaceful location of Agios Georgios. The land comes with apple, pomegranite and walnut trees.

2 properties on one plot of land are for sale in Makrdades. The first is a single storey property measuring 65 sq metres and that is livable in.

H273 u

70.000,00 €

H372 u

70.000,00 €

L395 u

68.000,00 €

H317 u

68.000,00 €





A flat plot of land measuring 2,600 sq metres near to Sidari. Access is from a side road. Buildable up to 200 sq metres with lovely countryside views

This plot of 2500 sqm is located in the area of Arillas and is buildable up to 200sqm.

A lovely flat piece of land is available for purchase just 200 metres away from the traditional village of Sfakera.

A detached 2 storey house measuring 85 sq metres that requires renovation, with a garden of 590 sq metres.

L325 u

65.000,00 €

L321 u

65.000,00 €

L351 u

65.000,00 €

H332 u

65.000,00 €





A lovely flat plot of land measuring 2,100 sq metres just 200 metres from the lovely beach of Arillas and the facilities that this resort has to offer.

Plot of land of 1,800 sq.metres located very close to the village of Avliotes, in the north western part of the island.

A plot of land measuring 1456 sq metres, is for sale in Agios Georgios just 800 metres from the beautiful sandy beach.

Plot of land, with direct views to the sea. Slightly elevated situated 1klm to the beach of Ag. Spyridon in the north of the island.

L266 u

55.000,00 €

L204 u

55.000,00 €

L365 u

55.000,00 €

L394 u

55.000,00 €





A plot of land measuring 1,800 sq metres which is buildable up to 150 sq metres. The land is flat and has many apple trees.

4,000 sq. metres of land for sale located very close to the village of Doukades, west of the island.

This traditional village house is located in the village of Prinillas, just 10 minutes drive from the beach of St. George.

On this plot of 800sq mtrs, lying in the picturesque traditional village of Loutses, we have a property which is to be completed by the new owner

L295 u

48.000,00 €

L170 u

40.000,00 €

H149 u

40.000,00 €

N389 u

40.000,00 €





A flat piece of land with easy road access is for sale only 1 km from the traditional village of Kavallouri.

A 450 sq metre plot of land in the village of Kastellani Girou within the building zone. Very nice country views.

This property is a nice house in the traditional village of Paghi which is only 3km from the nearest beach of St George.

Lovely and sunny house with sea view for total renovation in very popular village with great facilities. Possiblity to make one bedroom.

L355 u

35.000,00 €

L362 u

35.000,00 €

H143 u

30.000,00 €


28.000,00 €

HOT p. 12

L403 u


45.000,00 €


A great plot of land at a great price with stunning views of the sea and countryside, with a building licence already in place

N299 u

Supermarket San George Michalis Apartments Marios Bungalows Stavroula Studios

38.000,00 € Paghi

we sell only the land here

On the edge of the traditional friendly village of Paghi, lies a slightly elevated piece of land, surrounded by olive trees with beautiful views across the valley with a scattering of villages dotted here and there. In the picture we have an artists impression of the property.

H236 u

65.000,00 €

For information please contact us: 0030 26630 96019 - 0030 6974 326916 website:


This property is approx 100 sq metres. On the ground floor accessed through the white front door is a large room comprising of open plan kitchen/sitting room.

L279 u

35.000,00 € Agios Georgios

A plot of land measuring 2,440 sq metres, is for sale in Agios Georgios, at an excellent price, just 800 metres from the beautiful bay of St George.



Why choose eco-friendly? Imagine a piece of paradise and a dream home! We feel


offers both. Why not come to see for yourself, we will be delighted to show you around. My passion for our beautiful island lead me to research and build Eco- Friendly properties. I discovered that there were so many options now available to those wishing to design and build an eco-friendly property. Architects, engineers and builders worldwide are now using construction techniques that have been developed throughout human history. Eco-friendly homes are far more healthy to live in, offering a better harmonious quality of life. The property is situated in an unspoilt area commanding beautiful mountain views right across the valley with its contrasting foliage, of Cypress and Olive trees. The stillness is uninterrupted by the chirping of birds where you will find some rare species. The colourful Hoopoe being a regular visitor, also soaring high above, you will often see birds of prey. As spring approaches you will see an abundance of colours from the many wild flowers. Located in a peaceful area yet only 2km from from the beautiful Bay of St George and five minutes drive to the village of Agros with its many amenities including a health centre, pharmacy, schools and a variety of shops and café bars. N264 Price

240.000,00 €


in Corfu Town Corfu Town is the capital and main port of the island of Corfu and is one of the most beautiful, most impressive and most interesting cities of Greece. Corfu town is graceful and elegant and is sandwiched between two fortresses built during the Venetian rule. The architecture of Corfu town is strongly influenced by the Sicilians, the Venetians, the French and the British that occupied the island. The town gathers a population of about 40, 000 inhabitants; this wellorganised town is full of elegant buildings, beautiful mansions, superb palaces and magnificent monuments succeeding one another and surrounded by narrow stone-paved streets with stone steps, large beautiful French-designed squares with trees and flowers, impressive and well-preserved Venetian castles and lovely Byzantine and post-Byzantine churches. The unique beauty, charm, character and atmosphere of Corfu town reminds of glamorous towns such as Naples, taking the visitor back to another time and place.

Town Office: Nikiforou Theotoki 81 first floor. Tel: +30 26610 86025 Head Office: Agios Georgios, Paghi 49083, Corfu, Greece tel: +30 26630 96024 / +30 26630 96230 Mobile: +30 693 716 4766 / +30 693 290 7894 e-mail:

If you are looking for a Rare “Jewel” of a property, in our magnificent town, why not call into our office for a relaxing chat, to see if we have that “Diamond” in the sky just for you ! Our estate agency office has its own unsuspecting “Jewels” of its own to offer, which can in turn give you an insight to a part of our history, these unique and exclusive properties are located in and around our beautiful ancient city.

p. 13

BRUGMANSIA The magical medicinal plant

The Brugmansia or Angel Trumpet, has its origins in the subtropical regions of South America along the Andes from Columbia to Northern Chile, Peru and Brazil. If you want to research the cultural and historical origins 0f Angel’s Trumpets you will have to delve deep into the past as far back as the stone age. South American Indians have used this plant for generations as an anesthetic, the flowers for the treatment of varicose veins and as a hallucinogen for the village shaman. Brugmansia did not always attract positive attention. The unpleasant effects of consuming this plant gave it the reputation of a dangerous, magical narcotic able to induce evil spirits. Like many other plants in your garden Brugmansia is very toxic. Children and animals beware! Interestingly this plant is a part of the nightshade family which also includes the tomato, pepper, potato and aubergine. It is a genus of six flowering plants which are large shrubs or small trees reaching the height of ten meters. The name Angels Trumpet refers to the long pendulous trumpet shaped flowers 14cm - 50cm long. They are white, orange, yellow, pink or red and have a delicate attractive scent with light lemony overtones mostly noticeable in early evening. They are very easy to grow, in pots or the ground and prefer good light but not direct sunlight. They are frost tender and the leaves are easily damaged by the wind. They require lots of water and if in pots be careful not to let them dry out. Angel Trumpets need regular large quantities of fertilizer if they are to blossom to there full capacity. What is special about this plant is its natural ability to change. Not only does the colour and the size of the Leaves change during the different seasons, but often in the way which the flowers behaves can be totally different. Temperature has a major effect on the colour of the flowers. The most noticeable is in B. sanguinea and its hybrids which have the most intense colour. The robust species of Brugmansia such as B. sanguinea, B. arborea and

If he “ loves you” he will buy you a special gift.

 Specializing in high quality and fine workmanship in 14k, 18k and 22k gold, modern and ancient Greek Jewellery. 

The ancient Greeks wore the Line of Life and believed that it brought them a long and healthy life.

Quality and consistency are the basic characteristics of

CORFU STAR.81-83, Nik. Theotoki str. tel: +30 26610 45998 e-mail:

Located in the historical centre, we are a member of the “Tax Free” club, come in and admire our collection.

there hybrids, the cooler temperatures deepen there colours. Some have pure white flowers in the summer and in the cooler autumnal months turn pink or are tinted yellow. In there natural habitat, most Angel Trumpets are pollinated by night moths and the intoxicating perfume of the flowers is intended for them alone. From late afternoon they open to the fullest extent and the leaves at the top of the growing shoots take on there growing position pointing almost vertically upwards. A puzzle that still has to be solved is the way the flower buds move while they are developing into flowers. During the first phase the flower buds of Brugmansia always stand upright. As they develop they turn more and more downwards until they are perpendicular. Much of there behaviour is attributed to environmental conditions. During the winter almost all Brugmansia species that bloom during the winter months, the flowers are smaller than those of the summer. In contrast the leaves are often a quarter to a third larger. Brugmansia are easily grown in moist well drained soil in frost free climates. They begin to flower in late spring and will continue till autumn providing it is not too hot. Cuttings can be taken from the end of a branch during the summer. They are easy to grow from seed but you will have to wait for a couple of years before they flower. I have only seen a couple of varieties on Corfu but seeds can be bought online. by Candy Brown

p. 14

Thinking of relocating or just simply looking for somewhere to stay,

why not peruse our rental opportunities.

A145 Price: 900,00 €

Secluded, private and spacious “Cosmos” beach house is an idyllic place for a relaxing holiday for all the family. The house is situated on the beach at Ag. Georgios (St. George) with stunning views of the bay. Fall out of bed in the morning into crystal clear Ionian waters. With spacious and open plan rooms, generous windows and stone floor, the house is a cool haven in the heat of summer. Cosmos sleeps six, each of the three bedrooms with a bathroom. There is a large open plan sitting/ dining and kitchen room, and spacious verandahs on both floors. The kitchen is fully equipped for those who want to eat at home; though there is a quiet little taverna with delicious fresh seafood next door. Although quiet and peaceful there are boating activities and amenities within a few minutes walk, so a car is not essential for those who want the pure beach experience. Cosmos is situated at the northern Afionas end of Ag. Yiorgios Bay which is still wild, backed by hills of broom and myrtle and other native plants. In spring these hills offer magnificent walks, in summer you can rent a boat and explore the bay’s headlands of towering cliffs which hide sandy coves and rocky reefs. After a hot day in the sun return to the cool tranquility of Cosmos..

A136 Price: 900,00 €

A126 Price: 400,00 €

Recently renovated house located in the traditional village of Magoulades, with stunning views across the valley. It has open plan lounge kitchen and dining area, and bathroom on the first floor, and 2 bedrooms and bathroom on the second floor. The property also has air conditioning, and central heating.


lets negotiable

This luxury villa is situated in a secluded area. Surrounded by fruit trees and beautiful country views. The villa has 2 swimming pools with BBQ area. The interior is decorated to a high standard, with 4 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms, with arched open plan living area.


1st April to 15th May 900 euros, 16th May to 31st May 1,000 euros, June 1,200 euros, July 1,500 euros, Aug 2,000 euros, 1st to 11th Sept 1,500 euros, 12th to 30th Sept 1,100 euros, Oct 1,000 euros Nov 900 euros. Air-con extra, 150 euros, for bedrooms, and 300 euros for bedroom and lounge areas.

PRICES PER WEEK May & Oct 900 € June & Sept 1200€ July & Aug 1490 €

A170 Price: 450,00 €

A146 Price:

The villa is located in a secluded spot, on the outskirts of Arillas, with uninterrupted views and magnificent sunsets. Large open plan living/kitchen area, 2 spacious bedrooms, 2 bathrooms. The large terrace area, is perfect for relaxing and soaking up the evening sky.

available for long or short term lets. Prices upon request.

The Villa is a detatched property consisting of an open plan living area on the ground floor with a fully fitted kitchen, dining and lounge area leading to a large west facing patio. There is a separate toilet (English plumbing!) and further east facing terrace (ideal for breakfasts). The first floor has 2 double size bedrooms, both air-conditioned and a large bathroom (English plumbing) complete with bath & separate shower cubicle. Both bedrooms have access to a large shared balcony, again with spectacular sea, island & sunset views. Further details outdoors: The gardens are recently planted and will soon mature with the addition of fruit trees and other natural plants and flowers typical to the region. (Note: due to the elevated nature of the gardens, young children should be appropriately supervised at all times).

Prices are in British Pounds, per week. May & June - £550 July & Aug - £650 Sept - £550 Oct £450. Long term lets possible, information upon request.


This is a lovely well kept property, is in a quiet location on the road from Sidari to Magoulades. There are 3 bedrooms with fitted wardrobes, one with en-suite, large lounge with a fully fitted open plan kitchen. Beautiful garden, with views to the mountains.

available for long or short term lets. Prices upon request.


Lovely refurbished studios located right on the beach, with fantastic views across the bay. Built to a good standard, most having a/c tv. The onsite taverna offers good home cooked food, with a very friendly atmosphere.

price 40 euros per night

Whether you are looking to rent just for a short while, say for a holiday, or even a long term rental, we provide an excellent service. Our service is based on quality, customer care and local knowledge. We pride ourselves on our reputation of providing a friendly, approachable and personal service by professional staff with a wealth of local knowledge and experience. We offer a friendly, dedicated and enthusiastic service. We are committed to using the power of the internet, acting with integrity, honesty and in the best interests of our clients at all times. We have a wide selection of properties to rent, if you are looking for accommodation during your holiday, we have studios, apartments and villas to offer. Or maybe you prefer to be amongst the locals, if so. we can offer traditional homes in villages. We also have business opportunities on offer. Here are a selection our properties, for further details and more properties visit our website

A168 Price: 500,00 € (per month)

Very spacious furnished 3 bedroom apartment, located in the very picturesque traditional village of Afionas. Stunning views over the bays of Arillas (from the front of the apartment), and views to Agios Georgios Bay from the rear of the apartment. The lounge area is very large, leading onto the kitchen with a dining table in both rooms. There are covered verandahs, with a patio area outside also.

A167 Price: 400,00 € (per month)

Two bedroom unfurnished ground floor apartment, with separate kitchen (no electrical appliances) and living room and bathroom. The property has central heating. The garden area is 500sqm in size, stocked with fruit trees. Located in Karousades, 150 mtrs to the nearest school, 30klm to corfu town, with a bus stop right outside the property.


Fabulous brand new studios and apartments for rent, located on the beautiful sandy beach, with fantastic views. Built to a very high standard, with excellent facilities, a/c, sat tv, fully equipped kitchen (in apts) hairdryer, ironing facilities.

price 55 euros per night

A173 Price: 350,00 € (per month)

Spacious apartment, situated in a peaceful area of Arillas, the apartments are set in lovely gardens. Comprising of 2 bedrooms, large lounge, kitchen and bathroom. The beach and amenities are only a few minutes walk away.

A174 Price: 250,00 (per night)

This wonderful retreat of four newly built villas is situated amongst mature olive and lemon groves of the village of Kavadades. Built in 2008’ they are privileged with amazing down hill views of Corfu’s Northern coastline and the rolling hill sides which come alive with the summer breeze. An ideal retreat for those who want to feel the essence of Greek village life, who want to get to know the real Greece. A peaceful lifestyle which has remained un-changed for generations is on your door step and once combined with your own private pool, a glass of Mastogiannis’ homemade wine and the magnificent sea view one can truly indulge themselves in a well deserved holiday.


Bar/snack bar, situated right on the beach in San Stefanos, with stunning sunsets and views right across the bay. on application

p. 15

Ina’s shop (Arillas)

On the beach front in Arillas is a lovely shop which is much more than a supermarket and gift shop that is full of wonderful surprises. The shop sells many local items that are all produced in Kavadades which is a village very close to Arillas. Amongst the Corfiot products is of course Olive Oil which Ina, her father Yiannis and her husband Giorgios produce on their farm and also two types of olives. There is a special display of Made in Kavadades products which should not be missed. They also sell a lovely local red wine from the Mastroyiannis vineyard which contains no water, sugar or preservatives. Very good to drink if you don’t want that “Morning After the Night Before Feeling”. Another favourite is Tsipouro which it’s said is very good for you. This is traditionally drunk after dinner and is made from the grapemust remains from wine making. Also in Ina’s shop you will find everything you need to satisfy your appetite as there is an extremely good range of food and drink products. From meats and cheeses to various dairy products, ie milk, bread, yoghurts and also snacks, biscuits, fruit and vegetables, beers and wines. The list is endless. There is also a wide range of cigarettes available. And there’s more to this shop than initially meets the eye. Peruse the very wide range of beach goods (everything to keep the children happy down on the sand) and also clothes and many other things for you to buy and take home. The shop is very deceiving from the outside and once inside it is a cavern of goodies just waiting to be discovered. Ina also owns another shop just set back from the beach called “Bazaar”. Here is another shop that you can take your time and wander around and look at all of the gold and silver jewellery, clothing, shoes and sandals and again many many more gifts and souveniers that you can buy to take back with you to remind you of your fantastic holiday in the lovely resort of Arillas. Both shops are well worth a good look around.

27 K. Georgaki str - Corfu - Greece Tel.: +30 26610 30724, 31129, 35690, Fax: 26610 28027



Ever wondered if you would like to live a dream – a Mediterranean, or in this case, an Ionian dream? Should you consider acquiring your very own property in Corfu or on one of the surrounding islands, here you will find a team of people to assist you. Also should you want to rent an apartment or villa for any period of time, ROULA ROUVA is well equipped to attend to your needs. Roula herself has had many years of experience in the hospitality industry, carrying over the caring and charming service to her recent endeavours

in the property industry, mostly focused on housing developments. She has a range of properties available, ready in friendly clusters, detached, as apartments , or as new developments off- plan or from site selection. Renovating old and even historic homes is a well developed field of expertise and apart from the numerous plots and more modern houses, she can offer you a selection of valuable but affordable villas and apartments to be renovated. Roula is knowledgeable about processes, materials and services available to both buyers and people renting property. In Corfu Town, the ROULA ROUVA office located on the first floor at Nikiforou Theotoki 81. and is run by Maria Michelle Synadinou, near to the Gold Star Jewellers, where you can also be directed and assisted by Spiros and Dionysis Bardis.

For the Central and East Coast properties, you

have Lammersen Marlou in attendance to your every need regarding accommodation and

property. A professional estate agent, she matches people to property very successfully as her track record proves. This area is enchanted with its beauty but also its people and the ‘aroma’ of the Ionian Sea

In the office in Agios Georgios, Pagi, Roula is

competently assisted by Jean Bell. This personable lady is taking a special interest in letting and can confidently advise both owner and client in any event of renting, This includes agreements, pricing, taking care of properties in your absence and providing domestic services between and during your stay. For the south properties we have Alexandra Makantani, so if you are considering a property in the south, soon we will have a wide variety for you to choose from, which will be added to our website in due course. In Paxos, Roula Rouva is represented by Jenny Makri She accesses the full organisation on Corfu on transactions and has both holiday and more permanent letting and actual

our town office

our head office

purchases available. A number of other people assist in showing and selling properties, but most important is that Roula has built up a reliable source base of lawyers to guide transactions, notaries, architects, engineers, builders, plumbers, electricians, landscapers and interior decorators to come to the rescue of any client who may require their services. She also assists you in financial arrangements.

e-mail: Delfino Blu is a small boutique hotel that will bewitch you with its beautiful simplicity. It is amphitheatrically built at the foot of a hill by one of the most beautiful beaches of the island. Particular attention has been drawn to details and aesthetics, combining corfiot tradition with modern living. Agios Stefanos Avliotes Corfu Greece Tel +30 26630 51629 Fax +30 26630 51628 email: website: