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2BCT Walk to Afghanistan

Ojective: To (as a group) walk, run, jog, skip, exercise the miles between Colorado Springs and Afghanistan which is: 7,389 miles Kickoff : 24 June 2011 at Pershing Field 1:00 *we walk the first mile together as a group Logging miles: Once we get the sign-up sheet, we will divide the people into even groups, each group must have a Team Captain, each person is in charge of logging and emailing their miles to your team captain once a week, and the team captain will forward them to the FRG Leader. Achievements : A team award will be presented to teams that reach their goal. Certificates will be awarded to individuals who reach the following milestones: 500, 1000, and 2000 miles. HAVE FUN!! Need some motivation to get moving??Get one of your team mates to meet you once or twice a week to log some miles together. What better a way to get the time to pass, get the kids out in the fresh air, and to support our Soldiers and the unit.

Rules for the Walk to Afghanistan What is this “Walk to Afghanistan”? The “Walk to Afghanistan” (WTA) is a special project to encourage *Family member/Friend and Soldier moral *Physical Fitness *Positive Relationships While showing support for our deployed Soldiers with every step. During this deployment, participating WTA Teams will engage in a friendly competition to see which team can log the most miles for our Soldiers. This WTA program will start on June 24, 2011 and end on June 4, 2012. What is the distance? The distance from Fort Carson to Kabul, Afghanistan is approximately 7389 Miles. If you get a team of 5 that’s approx. 4 miles a day per person. What is involved? Participants in the WTA project will track their individual miles over the course of this deployment. Participants may contribute as much or as little mileage as they desire. On the first of every month you will need to submit your miles to the FRGLeader so we can keep track of your miles. How can we walk that far? Just as our Soldiers have come together with common goals in mind to accomplish their mission, we too must come together and combine our miles to reach our destination. What are the rules of the walk? 1.The following activities are authorized for this project: walking, running, treadmill, elliptical, biking and swimming. All of these activities will count. Miles for biking and swimming must be converted using the conversion chart below. Children age 11 and under can count miles in their stroller and wagon, or on a scooter and bicycle. 2.Think “safety first”! Walk during daylight hours in well-defined areas (sidewalks, tracks, gyms, etc). Wear reflective gear. Walk in groups of two or more. Use common sensesafety rules. 3.No cheating! Participants must follow the rules, using the honor system, and report the miles that they actually logged. After all, our Soldiers will be walking everywhere they go. 4.Each participant is responsible for tracking their own miles and emailing those miles to the FRGemail addy subject line: Walk to Afghanistan or WTA by the 1st of each month. 5.Consult with your physician before engaging in this activity. You are solely responsible for your health condition. This is a voluntary activity. The WTACwill not be responsible for any injury or illness resulting from this friendly, voluntary activity.


Biking: 2 miles on a bike = 1mile Swimming & Aerobic Exercise: 15min= 1 mile

Walk to Afghanistan: track your miles Walkin g Miles 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30

Biking Miles

Swimmin g Miles

Aerobic Exercis e

Other: miles

Steps per day

Total Miles

Walk to Afghanistan  

(as a group) walk, run, jog, skip, exercise the miles between Colorado Springs and Afghanistan which is: 7,389 miles.

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