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Complete Structures & Systems for

Vegetable Growing Successful greenhouse vegetable growing is more than a structure — it involves design expertise and proper selection of structure and operating systems that work together to create an optimum growing environment. Our team of growing, design and engineering specialists will guide you through this process and provide specifications for every critical element of the vegetable growing environment:

• Project design consultancy services • Greenhouse structures: Poly Arch, Gothic Poly Arch, Venlo, Wide span

• Greenhouse coverings: Inflated double poly, Tempered glass, Acrylic, Polycarbonate

• Ventilation systems: Roof vents, Side vents, Exhaust fans

• Air circulation systems: Under crop air circulation, Vertical air flow fans, Horizontal air flow fans

• Cooling systems: Pad & fan, High pressure fog cooling

• Hot water heating systems: Boiler units, Pipe rail, Grow pipe, Snow melt, Heat storage tanks

• Curtain systems: Shade curtains, Energy retention curtains, Grow light illumination curtains, Side & gable wall curtains, Insect screens

• CO2 enrichment: Liquid CO2 distribution harness, Flue gas CO2 extraction systems

• Irrigation and fertigation systems: Irrigation water storage tanks, Fertilizer injection systems, Control valve sets, Drip irrigation, Recycling systems, UV sterilization systems

• Growing systems: Hanging gutters, Grow buckets

• Electrical installation • Miscellaneous items: Crop support system, Ground cover 43


Rough Bros... • Understands the unique nature of your business • Recommends appropriate structure and growing system for the selected crops • Works within a practical budget • Works from renderings through installation • Designs growing systems and structures to avoid costly retrofits



Customized Growing Solutions from Rough

Rough Brothers will support you every step of the way during and after the realization of your vegetable greenhouse project.

• Greenhouse Structures • Heating, Cooling and Ventilation Systems • Energy Retention and Shade Curtains • Growing Systems • Irrigation and Fertigation • Grow Lights • CO2 Enrichment • Environmental Controls • Electrical Installations • System Integration and Installation • Turnkey Projects • Supply of Growing Requisites Learn more about Vegetable Greenhouse Systems at

Your One Source For Vegetable Systems Rough Brothers, Inc. has the vegetable growing experts, designers, engineers and installers to create unique and customized greenhouse growing systems. We have designed, manufactured and installed greenhouses and related operating systems since 1932. Our team will design and engineer a vegetable facility based on your operating needs and budget, and can create small and large vegetable systems — from ¼-acre to many acres. We have direct expertise in creating healthy and productive growing environments for many crops, including tomatoes, peppers, lettuce, cucumbers, herbs and others.

5513 Vine Street, Cincinnati, OH 45217


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Rough Vegetable Systems  

Complete structures & systems for vegetable growing...

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