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y Second Life is now changing. I retired from modeling. That was a big step for me and a difficult one to. I am however excited to be a lot more behind the scenes. I enjoy my peace and quiet and plan for it to continue that way as I run all my businesses. I look forward to growing both my brands, pageant, agency and magazines. I also look forward to the new projects I have planned for the Spring/Summer season. I’m really looking forward to February because there is a lot going on for me. From Fashion For Life moving forward to the next phase, planning team events, working on my big surprise and much more.

Emerald Couture Fashion For Life 2017

1] What is your brands name and when was it created? Emerald Couture officially started in 2014 in SL 2] What made you want to become a designer? I have always loved making clothing, I am a seamstress in real and then started in another world, and love to create 3] How long have you been in Second Life and how have things changed for you since you first rezzed? When i first came to SL back in 2009 i was in another world and i actually hated it here cause i couldnt So I left my account dormant till 2014 when I came back to SL for a family wedding, thanks to some good friends they took the time to help me, learn how sl worked. 4] Why did you join Fashion For Life? For 2 reasons, 1 is I lost my dad to cancer back in 1998 and I saw how it took his life, and then a dear friend from work lost her daughter 2 years ago to cancer. 5] What made you want to become sim sponsor? I want to do whatever I can to help find a cure for cancer, and I feel this is the perfect place for me to do that. :)

6] Is there anything that inspires you when you design? I want my clothing to look like something in the real world and I get a lot of my inspiration from looking in fashion stores or online...I LOVE clothes and shoes... 7] Do you have a favorite design? Each and every design is a favorite, I love all my fashions, but I do love Asian Style the most. 8] Are their any skills you have you would like to improve on? Yes, I am looking into making mesh, I have a lot of ideas, and i have started, but not good enough to put out yet, but hopefully real soon :) 9] Can you give us a sneak peek in detail what you plan on designing? Since I will be on the Beauty and the Beast Sim, I will gear my outfit to the fantasy of the story, thats all i will say right now. :) 10] What should we look forward to from Emerald Couture? More wonderful outfits for men and women.

Rouge Awa


ards 2017

y Edition

Nord Embel'Lys Rouge Magazine Awards 2017 Photography Provided By | RodeurDuNord Reporter | Rose Mikaelson

What made you want to become a designer? I have always enjoyed creation, drawing, painting, writing, sculpture. On Second Life, even if I started to become DJ, I wanted to get into something else, and with all the creative possibilities offered by this virtual game, I wanted to try the creation of jewelry. What has your experience as a designer been like so far? I had no experience when I started to create on Second Life, and I learned on the job not only about the various ways to do but also about the world of jewelry in general. What best describes your brand? I wanted to give a certain image of French luxury to my brand. But I have diversified the styles, which I distinguished by creating collections. Some collections feature luxurious or even prestigious jewel sets, while others present simpler jewels and others still Gothic, even rustic and pagan. Do any RL designers inspire you? Sometimes I see a real jewel and an idea comes to me, to become something else. Then other ideas are added to the previous ones. It’s inspiration. When I finish a jewel, it rarely seems like what I had imagined at first. What do you like and dislike about designing? I love everything about creation itself, from the first piece to the last. As for presentation and communication, that’s another story. Do you face any nail biting challenges? Sometimes a jewel is much harder to create, and as I like precision and detail, it can make things even more delicate and time consuming. I have to consider the limitations of Second Life and find a solution when it becomes complicated.

How would you de

While doing what I love, I try is something for all tastes. My d of beads, stones and chains. Th the nuances between seasons, a in which one can find an affini of the “Marine” set. A luck ch like “La Reine Celte” set, eve “Sama

Do you have your own system every

My collections are not only ba cording to my ideas and desi work to produce more to sell what I like for a result that sati in

What is the positive and nega S

I would say that time is extrem and the time you spend creatin in real life. We need

Does creativity c

It depends on the moments. the initial idea when I create me very easily, sometimes it is jewelry. There are days

What are some of the lessons star

I started with scuplties in wor learned to make necklaces, brac evolved to mesh. I also learned wares to promote my jewels w It’s a rea

What do you look forwar

I have a lot of ideas for this new head. I hope to have enough tim no doubt that my inspiration w always do

escribe your designs?

to expand the offer so that there designs are not simple assemblies They evoke something, a theme like animals, the dark side. Something ity like the dolphins and anchors harm, a social and identity mark en ancestral and spiritual as the ain� set.

m when creating new collections season?

ased on the seasons. I create acires of the moment. And I don’t l more. I just take time to create isfy me. And I’m rather demandng.

ative side of owning a brand in SL?

mely fast when you are a creator, ng is at the expense of time spent d good organization.

come easily to you?

But often, many ideas supplant a jewel. Sometimes it comes to s longer when it is more complex s with and days without.

that you have learned since you rted?

rking with rings. As and when I celets, earrings, etc, and naturally d on the job to use graphic softwith vendors and artistic pictures. al pleasure.

rd to as a designer in 2017?

w year and new collections in my me to make all. In all case, I have will continue to guide me as it has one so far. :)

Shantal Gravois Rouge Magazine Awards 2017 Photography Provided By | Shantal Gravois Reporter | Rose Mikaelson

What made you want to become a model? When you are born in Second life, you are a restless soul wanting to experience everything a little...I went through different stages: I danced, I had clubs, rents, I went to DJs ... until I was bitten by the stylus of “Styling”, and the Fashion World of Second life became my world. Being a model in SL is much more than having a beautiful avatar. It’s making art ... and making art, for me, is what moves my real world and SL world. What has your experience as a model been like so far? Fortunately it has been a mostly positive experience. I have met wonderful people who have contributed a lot in my growth as a model of second life and as a human being. I have had a lot of fun in the different events and modeling that I have participated, I think that is the main factor; to have fun. Of course, I also had some disappointments that at the time I did not understand, but seen from today were situations that brought me some learning. What best describes you as a model? I think I like to experiment, to vary ... I resist tremendously the same thing. I try to constantly change both avatar and style. I’m a Chameleon girl! Do any RL designers inspire you? Keren Craig and Georgina Chapman of Marchesa. What do you like and dislike about modeling? I love the “preparation” of my outfits ... I spend hours and hours trying, removing and changing the different pieces to complement an outfit. This, on my opinion, is the best part: to explore different alternatives. I dislike “The lag”. It is urgent for linden lab to solve this. Do you face any nail biting challenges? For me every project I do is a nail biting challenge... I have never stopped feeling nervous in the backstage ... I think it gives me a little tachycardia in RL, but I enjoy it! How would you describe your career as a model? Like the trip from “Alice to Wonderland”. An exciting adventure full of surprises, magic, creativity and fun.

Do you have your own system when modeling? Basically I use the knowledge acquired in the modeling academies that I was in. However it could be said that I have some personal tips that help me. What is the positive and negative side of being a model in SL? The positive side: * Be one of the first to have and wear the most beautiful creations of Second Life designers. * Have a huge inventory. * The recognition, admiration and affection of people. The negative side: * To be good ... sometimes you have to take a lot of time out of RL. (This can sometimes be an inconvenience, depending on the RL you have.) * When you stand out, it sometimes generates envy or jealousy. Does creativity come easily to you? Yes and no. Sometimes it is as if the muses blow my ear ... I feel inspired and I can think of everything... But sometimes I block, spend hours without knowing how to fix an outfit ... and even I fall asleep on my MacBook... What are some of the lessons that you have learned since you started? “I am not a Real Model” lol, I am a human being who manipulates an avatar. It is good to learn and remember it constantly. Humility. Please! Do you have a favorite design and or style? Not really. I really like to vary. Although I must say that “Vintage” is passionate. The magic of backdating time through styling is fascinating. What is your favorite mega event to participate in? Well, Fashion Week is undoubtedly an important event, Miss Virtual World, I also think it is an aspirational event for SL models, or contests to be an image or muse of different brands ... they are opportunities for all, beautiful experiences. As a Blogger and as a buyer I also like events like Evil Bunny Production and others like Arcade Gacha, Hair Fair, etc.

What is your favorite monthly event to participate in? Without a doubt SWANK event, Fusion101, TWE12VE, Uber, Tres Chic ... I love to go shopping in one place, with a variety of designers and I love the special prices! What do you look forward to as a model in 2017? Have more fun ... Be better ... Get more achievements ... and enjoy all the beautiful experiences that this beautiful profession of second life gives me.

Ruby Ornamental Rouge Magazine Awards 2017 Photography Provided By | Ruby Ornamental Reporter | Rose Mikaelson

What made you want to become a blogger? I made a choice to become a model, being a stylist and a blogger were pretty much like the positive side effects of my primary choice. I do believe my blogging is often much more primary and prominent than my runway or print modeling these days with the ability to reach without the constraints of time and schedules. What has your experience as a blogger been like so far? As a blogger most times I have had very good experiences with some great designers and event organizers as my sponsor. I believe when one is able to be in a team where both the sponsor and blogger feel respected and accountable it’s a great partnership. I am sure many bloggers would agree, we do have not so great experiences when sponsors send out blogger applications and then mock responses. I think the fact that so many blogger would like to be a part of your marketing strategy should ofc be a matter of pride but no way a cause of arrogance. What best describes you best as a blogger? Developing. Smiles 2016 has had some major set backs for me and I know that has reflected in my blogs. I think at this time I am one of the developing blogger who would like to be better at presenting my sponsors and have better two way connects with my readers. Do any designers inspire you? Wicca! I do not blog for Wicca but her designs and her blogs continually inspire my work and my modeling journey. I again do not blog for Gizza but I am a part of the customer assistance team at Gizza and that’s another designer who with their sheer free space really inspire me. What do you like and dislike about blogging? I enjoy blogging, I like being able to create new looks and match different pieces together. Often I come across sponsors requesting every single item blogged and that limits the ability of inspiration or motivation. I do believe one needs to work with the team to strike a balance

Do you face any nail biting challenges? Oh so often, most of the times its around creating a artistic image while continuing to show details of the items. It’s one of those challenges you get better at mitigating with more experience and better skills. Smiles How would you describe your blog? My blog is fresh and developing. It’s is as I am in our journey to do better. Do you have your own system when you blog? Over recent times I have recognized a need to have a process to my blogging action. Why process one would ask? I clearly see how creativity of styling and the of publishing the style in an image are two unique components while they compliment each other they can sometimes also run over or over shadow one another. The system that works for me is to break the two components. I Typically style and think about poses in the first sitting and I will wrap up the picture composition, shooting and edits in the second. If you enjoy writting along your blog, I would possibly suggest that to be a separate session taking lead based on the stories the photos create through your vision. What is the positive and negative side of being a blogger in SL? There are definitely more pros than cons. I have to say being a blogger is a responsibility as much as a privilege. As long as you balance and are able to ensure you focus on Quality – you can be happy and successful. Does creativity come easily to you? I wish I could say yes! Does it come easily – No! Does it need effort – Yes effort and time that is totally worth it since it actually helps me process my thoughts and work through my emotions! I feel much attached to my blogging and it is absolutely something that helps me continue to be excited and engaged in second life

What are some of the lessons that you have learned since you started? - Original & Unique - there are a lot of bloggers that sponsors continue to work with. As a blogger you are called to ensure you add a different twist to the things you blog this way you might be able to reach the shopping urge in people who have differential interests and tastes -Have a system – It is essential to have a system and some consistency to ensure you are able to produce posts which either continue to comply with your own standards and continually improve. Be critical and evaluate the system, your skills and invest in development. Do you a favorite design from you have blogged? Tough one, I try to ensure I am honest to myself. So I try hard to ensure I blog only those pictures that meet me somewhere in terms of acceptability. I do have a long way to go and so I have to say – I may have favorites in the future, right now I am evolving . Smiles What is your favorite mega event to participate in? Fashion For Life : As a survivor and a care giver – I do like to be able to use my second life space to be able to give back What is your favorite monthly event to participate in? SWANK, as a blogger Adonis is a great person to work with. I enjoy and appreciate very much his desire to support his team and his high standards of expectations. What do you look forward to as a blogger in 2017? Improvement, Continual development and better outputs for my readers and sponsors. I have consciously taken up courses which will help me photography and creativity skills which I should be able to complete in Q2. Q3 onwards I am hoping to be able to reach high standards. Stay Tuned !

Pam Astonia Rouge Magazine Awards 2017 Photography Provided By | Pam Astonia Reporter | Rose Mikaelson

What made you want to become a photographer? I have always tapped into my creative side. I was part in an online Photoshop group that specialized in digital art images and i soon became addicted. There were challenges and themes each week, so it kept everything fresh and exciting. What has your experience as a photographer been like so far? There is actually a lot more to photography than just pointing the camera at something and pressing the button. That’s where you start. But learning to become a great photographer is a serious challenge. You’ll always be learning something new, have new directions to explore, and new challenges to face and that’s a good thing! This is a pursuit that I will never be bored with. What best describes you best as a photographer? I start by thinking about the purpose of my work. What I am looking to communicate, and to whom? I try to be specific and want the person I am shooting to understand my vision. I think of the look, mood, tone that I am trying to convey. My images are ethereal generally, and hopefully soulful. Technique is important, but conveying emotion is what gives me the most satisfaction. Does any photography inspire you? Lots of photography/art inspires me. I love fantasy, surreal and ethereal art mostly. Two of my favorite artists are Josephine Wall and Luis Royo. Their work is staggeringly beautiful. What do you like and dislike about photographer? I love the freedom of expression it allows me. There is no better feeling in the world than to share a little part of yourself with people. Also, I have forged a lot of friendships with people all over the world. I dislike it when people cancel at the last minute or don’t show at all. I alter my RL plans to accommodate my clients and expect the same consideration.

Do you face any nail biting challenges? Yes I do. Lol. Especially when there is a deadline and I have 4-6 photos to do. It really IS a nail biter at times. Do you have your own system when you photograph? I do all photos in a green screen studio and download them to Photoshop for editing. All my backgrounds are custom, using portions of different backgrounds found on DeviantArt and Google Images. I use different techniques on each photo, sometimes use downloaded filters, but mostly take advantage of the many options that the program itself has to offer. I occasionally watch tutorials for special effects and photomanipulation. What is the positive and negative side of being a photographer in SL? I like the challenge of transforming an avatar into a beautiful image, enhancing the photo to *bring it to life* so to speak. I always try to create an expressive, emotional component. Does creativity come easily to you? Yes, I have a vivid imagination, and even as a child, spent hours drawing and coloring, and seemed to instinctively understand the use of color and textures. I remember my father taking me to a paint store once, and I made a beeline for the color samples. They mesmerized me. I gathered quite a few and took them home, arranging them in different ways to create different color combinations. It kept me occupied for hours.

What are some of the lessons that you have learned since you started? I learn every day. I observe others work, and it keeps me extremely humble. There are so many amazing photographers in SL. Do you a favorite photograph? I don’t really have a favorite since my work is always evolving, There are definitely ones I like better than others, but it’s hard to pick just one. What is your favorite mega event to participate in? I love participating in charity events, where some of my photos have been place at auctions with all the proceeds going towards good causes. It is extremely rewarding. What is your favorite monthly event to participate in? My work is currently exhibited at the Windlight Gallery where I am an artist in residence. Each month I replace my artwork with a variety of old and new photos.

What do you look forward to as a photographer in 2017? My desire is always to do the best job I can, . Even after the years of experience I have with Photoshop, I learn something new all the time. If I can provide a service to clients who appreciate my vision, it is well worth the effort.

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1] Introduction About You We are one of the few RL families who spend a lot of time together in Second Life. My brother AlmostThere Inventor lived on east coast of the US, Mom and I are on the West. Our experiences in SL kept us more closely connected than a phone call. Mom (Fran Seranade) was 83 at the time we came into Second Life. Our dad had died with Parkinson’s, and Mom was diagnosed with the same disease. After some time in Second Life, she noticed that her Parkinson’s symptoms began to improve. She identified so strongly with her avatar that she felt her muscle strengthen and her balance improve in RL. Drax has documented this in his fabulous video about Mom http://www. 2] Why did you start a charity in Second Life. When I saw the changes in Mom, I realized we needed to use Second Life to help others. We built Creations Park with love for our remarkable mom. It is a public sim, so everyone is welcome to enjoy her favorite activities: live music, dancing, swimming underwater as a mermaid, riding horses, tai chi, and meditation. People who visit often tell me they can feel the love when they are on Creations Park. Many have found wonderful friendships with others who also come to CP for the healing togetherness. 3] When did you start Creations For Parkinson’s? We founded Creations for Parkinson’s in 2012 to raise money for Team Fox which is the grassroots fund raising branch of The Michael J Fox Foundation for Parkinson’s Research. We also started a support group for people in SL with Parkinson’s and related neurological diseases.

4] What are the organization’s unique contest in the magnificent “Undermission and programs? water Paradise”, as well as at “Living We wanted to have fun while helping Light”, the ethereal creation of Mom’s others. It is our mission to spread love, after life experience. peace and joy. We have a wonderful team of talented and committed people who We have Team Fox Donation Globes work together to help further our mission throughout all levels of Creations Park. within Second Life. 8] Do you have any favorite events 5] How many Linden to USD has Crewithin Creations For Parkinson’s? ations For Parkinson’s raised? We are most excited about the upcomWe are very proud to say we have raised 9 ing “Birthday Bash Benefit” to celeMillion Linden which is over $35,000 US. brate mom’s 90th birthday on Saturday Team Fox has set up a special account February 18th. We will have 6 hours of with Linden Labs so the donations are live music. wired directly to the foundation. With the change of each season on 6] How does the charity use your contriCreations Park we hold music events bution? and a fabulous hunt. In fact we were The Michael J Fox Foundation has the nominated by Happy Hunting in the highest rating by Charity Navigator becategory of “Best Sim Hunt” Our cause they are dedicated to having one of Spring Festival starts February 15th. the lowest overheads of any major charity. They spend 89% of all income on the 9] Creations For Parkinson’s is one of most promising research That is double the biggest yearly charities in Second the amount many other charities actually Life. What does that accomplishment put towards research. Michael says “We alone make you feel? operate with a focused sense of optimistic This has given great meaning and deep urgency to find a cure for Parkinson’s in inner satisfaction to my time here in our lifetime. We won’t stop until a cure is SL. found. We’re on it! “ 10] What has been your greatest accomplishment? 7] How do you raise these donations My greatest accomplishment is not within Second Life? only the money we have raised for ParWe have a charming shopping village on kinson’s, but even more important are Creations Park with 30 talented designers the amazing people we have met and who each donate 50% of each sale. We are the lives we have touched. grateful to our fashion coordinator Nola Hellershanks owner of Fifty5 Thursday, 11] Personal Statement to Supporters who is bringing her talent and experience Our family sends loving hugs to all our to our team. wonderful friends and supporters in Second Life. We can accomplish amazCarlyle Chaparral has brought “CP ing things when we all work together SWING” - Big Band Ballroom to our sim. with love. We hold fun dances most nights, and host live singers and DJ’s. The re-creation of Chicago’s Ravinia Festival is used for our outdoor music events hosted by CaraCali, creator of the lovely Botanica. We also hold dances and fun theme

Athena Couture Fashion For Life 2017

1] What is your brands name and when was it created? Athena Couture was the name that I naturally came up with back in 2011. The brand however opened it’s stores to the public August 2014. This new year it will mark 3 years and I will be most excited to celebrate. 2] What made you want to become a designer? Since my early days in Second Life I knew what path I wanted to take and that was to become a designer. It’s a real passion of mine and so very proud I get to do what I love. 3] How long have you been in Second Life and how have things changed for you since you first rezzed? I have been in Second Life for 5 years and 6 months now. Oh how time has flown by and so much has happened since. I started with nothing like all new residents do and slowly build up to what I am today. 4] Why did you join Fashion For Life? I first joined Fashion For Life as a designer in March 2015. I so very excited to give back in a much bigger way. As a volunteer I could do only so much so when the opportunity came I took it and haven’t looked back since. 5] What made you want to become sim sponsor? I am proud to say I am the new Coordinator for Fashion For Life. I wasn’t planning on becoming a sim sponsor because of that reason. However some things arose so in order to smoothly solve the issue I knew I had to take the spot.

6] Is there anything that inspires you when you design? A lot of things can be inspiration for a designer. I don’t have anything specific because I’m the type of person that believes ones imagination shouldn’t be limited to one thing. 7] Do you have a favorite design? This is a tough question but I feel I can answer it by saying it would have to be the formal I named after myself. It is my favorite because it’s a classic style ballroom with the right amount of glitter on the bottom of the gown, in my favorites colors of course and it just makes you feel like a million dollars princess. 8] Are their any skills you have you would like to improve on? There is always room for improvement and If I start list I feel I won’t be able to stop lol However for my brand it would be my photography. I feel I have become better at doing vendor photos but don’t feel I’m quite the level I want to be in yet. 9] Can you give us a sneak peek in detail what you plan on designing? For a sneak peek I can say it fits the theme glamorous perfect. The formals I created are simply perfect for an Oscars Red Carpet and I really look forward to showing them off in March. 10] What should we look forward to in Fashion For Life? I’m looking forward to everything. This is the 11th season for Fashion For Life and I hope to make all Relayers proud and the new Committee.

{SWANK} Feb 2017 Preview

Rouge Magazine Issue #2  
Rouge Magazine Issue #2