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Rotunda Community College

Rotunda Newsletter Issue 2 May 2012

Rotunda Community College IIP Rotunda gets Silver!! Rotunda is thrilled to announce our commitment to lifelong learning and the personal and professional development of Rotunda Staff and Volunteers has been officially acknowledged. A recent Investors In People (IIP) assessment resulted in Rotunda being accredited with IIP Silver. This is an extremely important milestone in Rotunda’s history and demonstrates our professionalism with our HR Policies and Procedures. The People of Rotunda are very important to us, and this award proves it! A full report will be published.

2012 Adult Learners Week Award Winners! Adult Learners Week is a time when adults are rewarded for their remarkable achievements throughout the year. This celebratory week of learning enables thousands of people across the UK to be inspired by amazing learning champion. “The whole experience of the learning process has had a great effect on my life... it has given me a great deal of self-assurance that I will carry with me throughout the rest of my life,” Justine Cole

Rotunda’s learning champion Justine Cole

Rotunda Community College It’s Official. Rotunda Nursery is Good.. (Ofsted Inspection Report: Rotunda Nursery, 15/03/2012) Thanks to the hard work and dedication of rotunda staff: Cynthia Heath (Nursery Manager), Justine Cole (Deputy Manager) & Michelle Wells (Nursery Volunteer), were pleased to announce our recent Ofsted inspection. “The children play and learn in a stimulating and welcoming environment. Well-established planning procedures ensure each child makes steady progress in their learning. Good quality staff interaction with children results in children feeling safe and being fully engaged in activities. Policies and procedures are generally effective to ensure children’s well-being”. Free Nursery Places for all our students. For more information - Contact Cynthia on 0151 207 2176.

Rotunda Community College Development of College Buildings – Project 107 Thanks to the Heritage Lottery Fund and Stepclever Property Project, we are expecting to start on site at the end of June. Hooray! We can’t wait for everyone to actually see some physical activity taking place and start to evidence all the hard work that has been going on behind the scenes for some time! We are currently planning for the on site exhibition, renovtion video and volunteer programme. If you feel you would like to contribute to any of the above or discuss how you could get involved then contact Emma Jensen at Rotunda. At the end of the day, this building is for local people and we want everyone to feel that there is something for them. We look forward to giving you our next update!

Rotunda Community College IDAHO 50 Rotunda are one of 50 organisations in Merseyside who took part in Idaho Day on 17 May 2012. Liverpool was the first city in the world to create, participate and engage in IDAHO 50 and Rotunda were proud to be part of this day. The Rotunda event was held on Rotunda Square in Great Mersey Street, Kirkdale. A day open to the whole community, of fun, but with a serious purpose. By means of films, discussions and socialising, we highlighted the issues of hate crime (not just homophobia but in every form – racial, religious, disability etc) and raising awareness that this exists in our community. One of our activities was the planting of pansies which everyone took part in. A barbecue from 1 – 3pm kept everyone well fed. Rotunda’s partners for this event were Homotopia, Liverpool Housing Trust Youth Programme and Merseyside Probation Trust /IAC team.. “The day was a great success and it was lovely to have so many partners at the Rotunda who all said NO to Hate Crime. The symbolism of the balloons going into the sky with the message Say No to Hate Crime was fantastic” Our next event is Titanic Day to be held on the 21st of July from 12-4pm, loads of fun activities for all the family.

Rotunda Community College GIVE & GAIN DAY Digs Deep For North Liverpool Give & Gain Day the UK’s only national day of employee volunteering saw businesses out in force in North Liverpool and the Wirral this year. Volunteers from 7 businesses supported 3 community organisations helping to create garden murals, work on a community allotment and provide IT support classes. Donna Williamson from The Rotunda, a community learning centre in Kirkdale said: “The day went extremely well, our volunteers produced some tremendous artwork and the setting up of a community garden really got a major boost. Now many of our users will get a chance to learn how to grow vegetables and eat healthily”. Companies that want to make a difference in their communities and get involved with Give & Gain Day next year should visit

Rotunda Community College

Rotunda is a community led alternative learning resource for all ages, our registered address is 109-115 Great Mersey Street, Kirkdale, Liverpool, L5 2PL. Rotunda is a registered charity 518951 Limited by Guarantee Ltd 2050597

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Rotunda Newsletter Issue 2

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