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CryoShipTM Global Service The Rotunda CryoShipTM Global service Rotunda – the Center For Human Reproduction now offers a CryoShipTM Global service from any location with a tie-up with the DHL Import/Export Express Service . Now patients can send us their embryos/sperms using our CryoshipTM service. This service is valid through all DHL serviced points globally. Rotunda Cryoship TM will send out a charged 21 day IATA approved Cryoshipper via DHL to your IVF Laboratory where your Embryos or Sperms are stored. The IVF laboratory will transfer the straws into the Cryoshipper and ask DHL to pick up the Cryoshipper within 24 hours of the shipper reaching the IVF laboratory. This is a pre-paid specimen-exempt courier service which bypasses the Embryos or Sperms from any X-ray checks at airport customs.

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The Rotunda – CryoshipTM costs Rs 25,000 Rental Fee for the 21 day Cryoshipper + DHL charges at actuals. The Intended Parents (Clients) must first do a Bank-transfer for Rs. 25,000 and we will send out our Cryoshipper to their IVF Laboratory. This DHL process is prepaid, so the Laboratory just calls DHL within 24 hours of receiving the Cryoshipper & loading the straws required to be transferred and DHL will safely transport the shipment to our Laboratory in India. Subsequently, when DHL raises an invoice, we will ask the Intended Parents (Clients) to transfer the Invoice amount by Bank-transfer to us. (1 of 3) [11/10/2008 9:59:06 AM] ●


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