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Telemark bindings 2014/2015

Powered by you. The joy of skiing is subjective and can only be defined by you, the skier. ­Regardless of age, skill or conditions, the thrill of skiing is always greater when you and your equipment work together as one. All our bindings are ­developed with the skier in mind, to maximize the skiing experience.

Maximum stability The Rottefella NTN system takes into account the variable snow conditions you will encounter, and takes full advantage of both the ski and the skier’s full potential.

Maximum contact While the flex plate on the NTN binding is in ­contact with your boot throughout the turn, the entire system ensures optimal contact between boot, binding and ski.

Maximum balance The binding ensures optimal balance trough the turns and delivers increased speed and control.

Technology by us. The NTN system is a new species of Telemark bindings, not to be confused with its current duckbilled relatives. It features an exclusive boot and binding interface superior to other bindings in the world of Telemark.

For more information, please visit: * The sideways release system of the NTN binding is not certified according to ISO standards.

Rottefella Freedom is the binding for those who seek the ultimate c ­ hallenges off-piste. Its low weight, unique low-resistance walking mode and wide opening angle, all combine to make the joy of climbing to the top, or letting it all out in virgin terrain, even greater. The binding also has a progressive resistance and is the perfect choice for those who ski in loose snow or mixed snow conditions, on and off prepared trails.

Weight: 1500 grams per pair

Height: 25 mm

Rotation point: 22 mm behind tip of boot

Walking opening angle: 60 degrees

Heel lifter: 35 mm and 65 mm

Ski brake: standard 115 mm

Accessories NTN Ski brake 125 mm

Power Box With its unique fixing to the boot, the Freedom binding has a completely different power transfer to the ski than what you are used to. This means that the traditional use of hard springs to stiffen up the binding is unnecessary. The Freedom functions optimally with the spring strength recommended for the boot size.



The Rottefella Freeride binding provides you with optimal grip from edge to edge and excellent control on hard and icy surfaces. With ­Freeride, you can utilize the advantages of carving skis to the fullest, and you get the maximum joy of skiing regardless of conditions. ­Naturally, Freeride also has a walking mode, so you can reach the backcountry powder comfortably.

Weight: 1940 grams per pair

Height: 30 mm

Rotation point: 22 mm behind tip of boot

Heel lifter: 50 mm

Ski brake: standard 115 mm

Accessories NTN Mounting plate and heel

NTN Power Tubes Two available tensions: Color Green: Blue:

NTN Ski brake 125 mm

Tension Soft Standard Medium

Size Small/Large Standard Large

NTN Spacer

The NTN mounting kit gives users the possibility to mount the binding on a second pair of skis. Just mount the plate and heel to the ski and slide the toe piece in position when needed.

Cobra R8 The Cobra R8 hardwire binding is designed for maximum ­downhill performance with 75 mm boots. Combining a solid housing, long compression springs, and a large base plate underfoot, the ­binding delivers superb edge control and power transfer under all conditions.

Long binding: size 26–32 mondo

Short binding: size 23–28 mondo

Weight: 1810 gr

Standard height: 30 mm

10 mm spacer increases the height to 40 mm

Rottefella crafts superior bindings for Nordic and Telemark skiing. We refine and reinvent them – constantly. We distill the skiing insights of our Norwegian heritage into cutting edge technology. We have been doing this – and only this – for more than 80 years. For us, it’s not just about better bindings – it’s about who we are.

Rottefella AS Industriveien 1, 3490 Klokkarstua Norway Phone: +47 32 79 25 20 Fax: +47 32 79 83 60 E-mail:

Design: Creuna  Print: RK Grafisk  Photo: Pål Laukli/

Rottefella Telemark 2014-2015  
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