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24 Explore the History of Culligan From 1921 to today!

34 Updated Schedule of Events 38 Convention Speakers 46 2016 Vendor Fair Welcome by Larry Holzman, Culligan International

48 2016 Culligan Vendor Fair Floorplan Hyatt Regency Huntington Beach - Huntington Ballroom

50 2016 Culligan Vendor Fair Floorplan Hyatt Regency Huntington Beach - Grand Ballroom Salons A-C

52 Culligan Commercial, Industrial and Household Products from Around the World by Chris Freeman, Marketing & Product Director EMEA

54 2016 Culligan Awards Celebration featuring THE BEACH BOYS 56 Conference Information 58 2016 Culligan Sponsors 68 Culligan Awards 72 Culligan Dealer Advisory Council (DAC) 75 Culligan Subcommittees 78 Ad Index

4 President’s Letter by David G. Miller Celebrating 80 Years

6 CE0’s Letter by Scott Clawson Celebrating 80 Years

10 Advertising. A Short History of A Critical Component of the Culligan Success Story. by Bill Kennedy, Kennedy Communications The history of Culligan is about advertising.

18 TradeWraps™ by Jennifer Gibson Hebert, JSJ Productions, Inc., and Brad Rapone, TradeWraps™ CDANA Vendor Profile

20 Tribute to Larry Holzman A True Culligan Man!



CELEBRATING 80 YEARS Culligan is 80, and it’s time to have a party! Our gathering in California this month will be a fabulous celebration of the best brand and best people in the water industry. Let’s have a great time. APPRECIATION FOR THE PAST I would like to take this opportunity to thank those that preceded us as great Culligan Men and Women creating and building this Culligan brand that has become what it is today. Listing those names, of course, would fill this page and many more. Many of us can think about our own families that built the dealerships we work in today, while others can remember bosses, mentors and associates that taught them what being part of the Culligan Family was all about. Thousands of individuals spent years before us making water better the Culligan way. I wonder what is was like back in those very early days….how different was it introducing the world to Culligan for the first time, how much work it required to grow this company to the position of dominance it holds today, how many years it took to earn the reputation Culligan has and how much harder it was to learn the business when it was so new to everyone around you. One thing is certain—most of us were not the ones that did it. So thank you to our predecessors. AFFECTION FOR THE PRESENT Our CDANA association is composed of a mix of older experience and younger enthusiasm that is simply tremendous. Our pool of knowledge is expanding and our willingness to share that and also challenge each other enables us to continue improving. The friendships we have are strong and are life long. Furthermore, the leadership of the Culligan company is strong and the trust and expertise the Culligan Brand represents is simply incredible. Think about the homes you are welcomed into as if you lived there and the people who trust us to provide their families with high quality water. Think about the businesses that rely on us to keep them operating. Yes, affection for the present is appropriate. ANTICIPATION FOR THE FUTURE Although there have been some storms over the years, we’ve persevered and prospered. The corporate leadership of Culligan is strong and committed to the growth of the business. The public’s awareness of water quality continues to increase. Our industry is looked to for solutions, and we hold a well-respected position within the industry. The future is bright. And everyday, a wave of “Culligan blue” works to expand our reach and make water…and life better. I anticipate even better days for Culligan. So as we celebrate this year, let’s remember those who blazed the trail. Let’s also live and learn with those here with us now, and be thoughtful of what we should do to prepare those that continue to build this brand and our businesses for the next 80 years.

On behalf of the CDANA Board of Directors David G. Miller, President

4 CDANA Connection Tribute Issue • 2016

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CELEBRATING 80 YEARS Eighty years calls for a celebration. Few companies have a history as rich as ours or a brand as strong. I’m proud to be at Culligan. I have deep respect for Emmett Culligan and those who built this fine company. I take seriously my job to be a steward of the brand I work for, as I know each of you do as well. All of us in the Culligan family share in the milestone anniversary of this great organization. In 1936, with $50 in his pocket, Emmett Culligan talked a blacksmith into letting him bake zeolite on the streets of Northbrook, Illinois. That was a time before televisions, computers or jet airplanes. It was more than three decades before a man would land on the moon. As the world evolved, so too did Culligan. We’ve grown from a provider of basic portable exchange water conditioning into a worldwide enterprise treating water for homes, businesses and industries. Today, we make life better for millions of people. We have much to celebrate. We have quality products and a commitment to innovation. We have the best and strongest dealer network in the industry, a network that conducts more than $1 billion in sales annually. We have a strong presence in scores of countries from Europe to Asia, from South America to the Middle East. Our vision is forward facing. We are improving every touch point in the customer experience and we are doing it in ways that the consumer of today can relate to, such as our new mobile app that shares data and reports leaks. Our new products, including ClearLink and the CTM, bring innovation and convenience. Our commitment to technology shows in our investment in new platforms such as CPort, the iPad and Android apps and Web CAAP. We have a new web site, and we are achieving big gains in search engine optimization and lead generation. Our bottled water business, which you grew by 6% last year, continues to expand. We have wide open opportunity in the fastest growing segment of our industry: commercial. As we gather in California, you’ll have a chance to learn firsthand about many of the important initiatives underway. And you’ll leave with tactical takeaways, such as how to secure excellent reviews to drive more leads. This convention celebrates our heritage, our award winners and the multiple generations of Culligan men and women working in the business. Our 80th anniversary is a time to honor what makes Culligan great, to reaffirm our joint commitment to growth and to cherish the friendships we have in Culligan. Let’s celebrate 80 years…and our bright future!

. Scott Clawson, CEO Culligan International

6 CDANA Connection Tribute Issue • 2016


had a vision, which has grown for eight decades. The Culligan System was his vision and our dealer’s passion, which makes it the strongest within the industry.


Culligan International on your


within the Water Treatment Industry! QUALITY WATER ENTERPRISES DBA CULLIGAN WATER CONDITIONING Salinas, California


Robert Boerner

Culligan Southwest, Inc. Bob Boerner, President of Culligan Southwest, Inc., co-owns and operates with his sister, Kristi Stanford, four Culligan dealerships in Texas. He has been involved with Culligan since 1977, learning the business from his father, Gib Boerner, and helping to carry on the Culligan tradition from its first dealer, his grandfather Wilbur L. Walton. Bob has been involved in the Texas WQA for many years, serving as its President in 1996-97 and currently serving as its Legislative Co-Chair. He served on the WQA Board of Directors for 9 years and continues his involvement with them in various capacities. Bob and his wife, Debrah, have a daughter, Holly, who recently completed a Masters degree at the Harvard Graduate School of Education.

Kristi (Boerner) Stanford Culligan Southwest, Inc. Kristi (Boerner) Stanford, Vice-President of Culligan Southwest, Inc., co-owns four Texas Culligan dealerships in South and West Texas with her brother Bob Boerner. She officially started her career after college at the Culligan of San Antonio office in 1986, having grown up working in the business during high school and college during summer breaks. She manages the HR department, 401(k) retirement plan, employee benefits and business insurances and general banking tasks for the dealerships. She has served on the Board of the TX Water Quality Association and has been Chairman of the Publications Committee for the past few years. Kristi and her husband, Blake, have two children, Kate (recent graduate of the University of Denver) and Mitchell.

Andy Cowan Hall’s Culligan Water, Ohio/Michigan Area Manager Andy Cowan has been with the CR Hall Organization for 20 years. He started out in Wichita, Kansas and then transferred to Cleveland, Ohio in 2001 to become the General Manager of the newly acquired dealership. Today, Andy is the Area Manager for nine dealerships in Ohio and Michigan with combined revenues of twenty million dollars and 115 employees. He is also a proud member of the Culligan One 20 Group.

Sandy Sapp Culligan International Sandy joined the Culligan Marketing team in 2011 bringing with her over 20 years of advertising/marketing experience in the franchise dealer arena. She is responsible for the development of sales and marketing tools that help dealers promote and grow their businesses. Sandy works closely with the various dealer sub-committees and task forces to ensure the materials represent the needs of the Culligan system. Other responsibilities for Sandy include project management and communication to dealers through various vehicles.

8 CDANA Connection Tribute Issue • 2016



CDANA BOARD OF DIRECTORS president David Miller 6/16 989.635.7585 culligan@centurytel.net Bob Boerner 6/16 vice president 210.226.5344 rboerner@CulliganSA.com secretary & Chuck Driessen 6/17 507.835.1234 / 507.835.1241 treasurer Cell: 507.461.2380 chuck.driessen@ultrapure.com Don Meredith 6/19 first past president 262.878.1161 dmculligan@gmail.com Bruce Baumeister 6/19 directors 712.792.9916 bruce@culliganadvantage.com Steve Gibson 6/19 260.347.0758 sgibson@heywaterman.com Hugh Grout 6/17 613.225.9175 Hughg@culligan-water.com Mike Karr 6/18 607.786.9420 mkarr@weareculligan.com Dick Lambert 209.521.7421 dlambert@lambertwater.com

Paul Moorman 6/18 613.968.7700 pmoorman@ thegoodwatercompany.com John Packard 6/16 952.912.7363 john.packard@culliganwater.com Robert Ruhstorfer 6/18 972.241.3828 bruhstorfer@rswh2o.com Pete Singler legal counsel 707.823.8719 pas@singler-law.com executive Jennifer Gibson Hebert director 512.894.4106 jennifer@jsjproductionsinc.com JSJ Productions, Inc. 14101 Highway 290 W. Bldg. 1600-B Austin, Texas 78737 512.894.4106 Fax: 512.858.0486 publisher & Susan Gibson editor susan@jsjproductionsinc.com art director Anya Wilcox anya10@sbcglobal.net Copyright © 2016 by JSJ Productions, Inc. All rights reserved. Reproduction in whole or in part, without the expressed permission of the Publisher, is prohibited. JSJ welcomes editorial content and photography for publication consideration. CDANA Connection is published quarterly by JSJ Productions, Inc. JSJ Productions, Inc. owns all copyrights herein.

“Like with some baseball teams, we built our business on the singles. Each customer counts.“ “Other water treatment businesses may come and go, but we will always be there to service our communities. This is what sets us apart, and service is our number one priority.” “As long as I am alive, we will have someone who answers the calls.” Dale Mast President of Mast Family Culligan

Congratulations Dale Mast on 40 years as the Culligan Man in Southwest Florida!

www.cdana.org 9


10 CDANA Connection Tribute Issue • 2016

hile Culligan’s leadership in water treatment is well known, our rich history has had a big impact in the field of advertising. How important is advertising to the Culligan system? There is no better proof of the importance of advertising to Culligan than in the book “People of Culligan” written in 1986 by Don Hintz commemorating the 50th anniversary of Culligan. Of the nearly 700 pages in the book, the first ten pages are all about advertising. The very first chapter is titled “An ad in Life Magazine and the surprising results it produced”. This author believes the history of Culligan is about advertising. And what a story it is. In March of 1945, the story in Life Magazine featured water softeners to its 22 million readers. That prompted interest in the benefits of soft water. But knowledge of the product does not lead to action unless there is an advertisement of some form to direct the demand. So Culligan management, seeing a big opportunity, called Life Magazine immediately to run an ad. However, Life Magazine’s advertising space was sold out through May…too late they thought to have it make a difference. But then there was a break – a cancellation in the April 22 issue for a full page ad costing $12,500 (in today’s dollars that would be $171,000). The Culligan advertising Continued on page 12

Advertising and convention slogans over the years were creative. In the fifties the slogan “Culligan. Used most often where there’s water to soften.” headlined an ad. In 1976, the 40th Anniversary Convention theme was “Life begins at 40.” Then came more advertising themes. In 1984, “The Future Calls for Culligan was a jingle sung at the end of each ad. Then came “Culligan is Water” in 1989. Then there was “Culligan. Water for Life” for three years after that. Then in 1995, “Trust the Water Experts” began to feature the dealers. Finally in 2006, with the new national and regional agency set up, there was a new slogan from EuroRSG, “Culligan. Better Water Pure and Simple” – the slogan used today.

www.cdana.org 11

EIGHTY YEARS YOUNG The Easton U.S. Water Culligan Group would like to congratulate Culligan International on their 80th anniversary. We are proud to be partners with our fellow dealers and such a great organization led by Scott Clawson and the entire management team. Our family and employees look forward to carrying on this strong tradition for the next 80 years and beyond.

USWaterCompany.com 12 CDANA Connection Tribute Issue • 2016

department jumped at the chance to buy the ad even if they weren’t quite sure how they would pay for it. They didn’t need to worry for too long. The full-page ad generated 13,000 leads for soft water service and the cost per lead would be forever on the lips and brains of Culligan dealers everywhere. That lead cost of 97 cents would equate to $13.17 per lead in today’s dollars. The ad also generated over 3,000 inquiries about people becoming franchisees in the system. Early advertising was primitive and not brand focused. All ads mentioned franchisee opportunity. It was not uncommon to refer to the Culligan business as simply Soft Water Service with no mention of Culligan. That changed by 1948 when all dealers were encouraged to call themselves Culligan Soft Water Service. Advertising began to grow. More magazine ads, sixty second films for movie theater advertising, book matches, trade show cardboard cutouts and ad mats for newspaper advertising followed. While the first advertising executions generated leads, they lacked a memorable execution. Soon dealers realized that if they joined together they could begin to leverage a new medium that was emerging…television. For instance, in June of 1953, dealers from four Southern California counties met with the Crenshaw Ad Agency to see a presentation of radio and television commercials. One of the agency account executives was Dallas Williams, who would later play a big part in building the Culligan name. 1957 Agreement forms Basis of Coops In marketing a key term to breaking through the clutter is to have a strong “share of voice”. Simply, run more advertising than your competitors. But it is hard to do as individual dealers. By joining their individual budgets together, the dealers were able to begin to leverage the explosive growth of TV. In the fifties, icons were being developed like the Marlboro Man, Speedy Alka-Seltzer, the man with the eyepatch in the Hathaway shirt and of course Lulu the Culligan Lady. By 1957, Americans were able to watch 450 stations across the U.S. on 37 million TV sets. By 1960, nearly 90% of households had a TV. Families gathered to watch “I Love Lucy”, “Texaco Star Theatre” and “Gunsmoke”. In the 1957 franchise agreement, it was designed to take advantage of the growth in TV as the advertising coop was formalized as never before. Dealers would be organized into geographic groups built around TV markets to help leverage cooperative advertising opportunities. An ad fund was determined based on purchases from Culligan. The dealers contributed 4% of the purchase price of the equipment from Culligan into a coop fund. Industrial products were assessed a much lower percentage for the ad fund. Corporate matched that contribution into the fund. That set the basis for the coop fund. Then the dealers would match the 4% assessment with monthly contributions to their coop treasurers. Corporate would also match the amount. The advertising fund was effectively split 50/50 between dealers and corporate. The coops produced a lot of the local TV and radio spots, but not many of them were memorable. It wasn’t until 1958 that Dallas Williams, working with the Southern California dealers,

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wrote and voiced some radio commercials with his wife Jean. And when Jean intoned the screechingly famous call “HEY CULLIGAN MAN!”, a famous ad slogan was born. Soon the ads were developed into television commercials and TV coops began running them all over the country. However, national magazines still were the dominant form of national advertising as there were virtually no national broadcast campaigns. There were rules for spending the money. 100% of all coop money was mandated to be spent on television and radio advertising, which is why even today consumers can perfectly intone Jean Williams boisterous “HEY CULLIGAN MAN!” Some ask us, “Why isn’t the Culligan name as well known today?” or state, “It’s not like it used to be”. Could it be that at that time much more of our ad dollars were spent on building the name than today? While the system was learning how to leverage broadcast, spending on Yellow Pages skyrocketed to surpass $5 million dollars a year. In 1989, Culligan ranked as the 19th largest Yellow Pages advertiser in the U.S. One analysis showed Culligan spent 33% of all tracked ad dollars on Yellow Pages. In 1989, the Coop system saw the beginning of a change. Dealers wanted to begin integrating additional media into their plans and petitioned to allow as much as 20% of coop money to be spent on media other than TV. However, the rest, 80%, of all coop money would still carry the requirement of television and radio advertising.

14 CDANA Connection Tribute Issue • 2016

In the late fifties and early sixties, radio ads were produced on vinyl records and sent to the radio stations. Here is a set of records provided by Elmer Parks of Lebanon, Indiana.

There was no change in Yellow Pages as it continued to consume millions of dollars a year. Culligan Welcomes Google and the Web Coop spending across the U.S. surpassed $8 million. Corporate’s National campaign surpassed $4 million. On September 4, 1998, a company started in California named Google. Two months later, on November 11, 1998, the Culligan.com URL was claimed by Culligan International. It was the start of many dealers claiming website URLs and


That’s what it’s called when two companies work side by side to advance each other’s goals. Purolite has proudly served Culligan dealers for over 30 years, and in that time, we’ve learned a lot about supporting your business. Culligan dealers want local technical support. That’s why we have over 20 Purolite reps to answer your questions and help you grow.

Culligan dealers want fast fulfillment. That’s why we have warehouses throughout North America and keep them stocked from our manufacturing plant in Philadelphia, U.S.A.

Culligan dealers want high-quality products at great prices. That’s why we have ISO 9001: 2008 certification and use lean manufacturing techniques to keep prices low.

Purolite is your solutions company. www.purolite.com

www.cdana.org 15

create new websites. At this stage, search engine optimization wasn’t even a gleam in the eye of web programmers. Then, in 2006, new franchisee agreements were signed that would dramatically change the way advertising was funded in the system. Thirty-five ad agencies working with Culligan dealer coops were dismissed and the agency roster was whittled down to six for six regions of the country. Corporate’s National branding campaign went away. Branding was now the responsibility of the coops. The coop fund grew to $12 million using 1.5% of dealer sales for coop. Now, for the first time, dealers were required to spend some of their own money outside of the coop as they contributed 1.0% of sales for local advertising. No longer would Ginger Meyer (Hilliard) approve all ad claims, Coams were enlisted to collect money and approve advertising. Along with the advertising, royalty payments were born. Yellow Pages expenditures were designated to fall under local budgets. In the first year, tracking of Coams showed half of the local ad fund was consumed by Yellow Pages advertising. With the new agreement, the 80/20 rule for coop TV and radio stayed in effect. Then in 2007, dealers effectively lobbied to eliminate the 80/20 covenant saying that some markets could not afford TV and they need the flexibility to spend on other media. This was the year our agency launched the first paid search campaign in the Culligan system for the Minneapolis Coop. The Yellow Pages industry will never be the same. Yellow Pages

Bill Kennedy has experienced much of Culligan advertising first hand as an advertising agency owner. Bill began placing and producing Culligan ads in 1981. His agency Kennedy Communications currently partners with dealers all over North America.

expenditures remained in the several million dollar level in the first year. But the new competitor to Yellow Pages, Google paid search, began to consume dealer, coop and Yellow Pages budgets. Today, the system is organized into 179 coops. Television remains the largest media expenditure. The “HEY CULLIGAN MAN!” slogan and Lulu, the Culligan lady and of course the Culligan Man were firmly entrenched in the history of U.S. advertising. Culligan is an advertising success story, and a business success story.

Stenseng Distributing Inc.

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16 CDANA Connection Tribute Issue • 2016

“Thank You for Your Excellent Service and Dedication to our Customers!” —CR HALL, Hall’s Water


Steve Osborn

Josh Lindsey

Keith Brooks

Karen Wood

Steve French

Mike Gumm

Jim McCormick

Jim Barber

Eric Rothman

Wichita, KS 2015

Wixom, MI 2015

Southern CA 2014

San Diego, CA 2015

Sylmar, CA 2015

Santa Ana, CA 2006

NE Ohio 2014

Sylmar, CA 2013

Santa Ana, CA 2010

CDANA Vendor Profile


by Jennifer Gibson Hebert, JSJ Productions, Inc., and Brad Rapone, TradeWraps™


HEBERT – What is the history of TradeWraps™? RAPONE – TradeWraps™ was founded in 2009 by Alan Givens, a mechanical contractor who was not satisfied with the quality or service provided when he wrapped his fleet of vehicles. “Wrapping my fleet taught me a thing or two. I learned that design matters. I learned that the quality of the materials and the installation process both make a significant impact on how long your wrap will last. In fact, these factors will determine whether your investment lasts for one year or five years.” — Alan Givens, Co-Owner A few years later Alan made me, Brad Rapone (3M™ Preferred Installer), a business partner. Now, more than ever, TradeWraps™ is dedicated to bringing quality designs, prints, installation and customer service nationwide.

18 CDANA Connection Tribute Issue • 2016


HEBERT – What is the purpose/goal of the business?

RAPONE – TradeWraps™ was created for the sole purpose of providing quality design, print, installation and customer service to a starving market. By taking care of our customers, giving them a quality product time and time again, we create lasting relationships. My role is to manage the day-to-day operations, which involves a very long list of things including making sure customers are satisfied, meeting new installers nationwide and pushing the boundaries of quality in the industry. We provide the best in 3M wrap films, printed on the best latex prints and are installed by highly skilled installers. The magical part is that we do all of this on a nationwide level. We have the coveted 3M MCS warranty that gives you (the customer) a 5-year warranty straight from 3M for using us.


HEBERT – Tell me more about the Vehicle Wrap Industry and how it is evolving?

RAPONE – The vehicle wrap business is always evolving. The new printers coming out are faster, print longer and have better quality prints. These types of equipment help speed up our production process to meet our demand. There are always new wrap films being made to adhere to different surfaces. No matter what surface you have, 3M makes a film to stick to it. At TradeWraps™ we have wrapped cars, boats, interior walls and even cinderblock buildings before.


HEBERT – Have you worked with many Culligan dealers?

RAPONE – Currently, we service under 50 Culligan dealers. Each year that number grows due to good reviews being passed around. All of our customers are repeat customers, and we love building that relationship.


HEBERT – Have you found value in being a CDANA Associate Member?

RAPONE – Being a CDANA member has allowed us to reach dealers that we usually wouldn’t.


HEBERT – How sturdy are vehicle wraps and how long do they last?

HEBERT – What is the process for the dealer once they have contracted your company?


RAPONE – We have streamlined the process for the Culligan dealers. We have approved designs from Culligan corporate, so the dealer simply chooses a design. We send them a digital mock up of the design on their vehicle(s). Once a design is approved, printing begins. Printing can take 3-4 days and then graphics are shipped. Most installers can have a vehicle done in a long day. So the process from start to finish is about 2-3 weeks depending on where you are located.


HEBERT – Does TradeWraps™ have anything new on the horizon?

RAPONE – The big changes coming will be debuted at the Culligan 80th Anniversary Convention. We are handing out a TradeWraps™ catalog made specifically for Culligan dealers. Inside you can find pricing on just about any vehicle, options on full or partial wraps, and even some promotional products. For those that don’t know, vehicle wraps are an art form. That is why most sign shops fail at vehicle wraps. We are not sign guys trying to do wraps, we are vehicle wrap artists that wrap. I am proud of the TradeWraps™ team, they are a group of passionate people that have one goal – provide the best quality design, print, installation and service to each and every customer. Congratulations to Culligan on your 80th year. I hope TradeWraps™ will be more of a household name for you guy as the years go on.

RAPONE – The life of a vehicle wrap varies on a lot of things; where you’re located in the U.S., sun exposure, how your employees drive it, etc. However, 3M MCS warranty covers the graphics from fading for 5 years. HEBERT – Can anything be wrapped?





RAPONE – If your vehicles are not wrapped, you are losing money. Vehicle wraps fall under marketing dollars for a business. Today, many marketing dollars online are spent on “impressions.” For example, just consider how many people watch television ads, or look at online ads that are analyzed on a “pay- per-click” basis, wrapping vehicles works in the same way for your business. The average cost of a vehicle wrap is $2,500 with an average life span of 5 years, which breaks down to $42 per month. In our area near Washington DC, vehicles will get 30k to 70k views per day! We are talking about fractions of a penny per impression. The Outdoor Advertising Association of America states, “Fleet vehicle advertising boosts name recognition 15 times greater than any other form of advertising. It is 24/7 advertising that cannot be turned off, skipped, fast forwarded or thrown away.”

Join WQA and take advantage of the exciting opportunities a membership has to offer!



HEBERT – What is the value of branding a vehicle for a Culligan dealer?

Congratulates Culligan International on its 80 year anniversary!


RAPONE – At TradeWraps™ we have wrapped tons of things other than vehicles. Boats, helmets, trash cans, model cars, kids DOC bands, power wheels, office furniture, floors, wall murals and exterior buildings.



www.wqa.org www.cdana.org 19

Thank you Larry Holzman for your 30 years of support and service to Culligan and to the entire dealer network! You’re a true Culligan Man! Larry has been a trusted advisor, partner, key member of Culligan’s leadership team and a friend. I can’t even begin to tell you how much he has helped me in my role at Culligan. He is someone I trust and appreciate. Larry has such great experience, skills and dealer relationships at Culligan. It is rare to have a 30-year employee with so much talent and versatility in what he can do. He understands and speaks for our dealers and customers. I do not make hardly any decision relative to our dealers and franchise business without consulting Larry or having him, of course, lead it. Larry and I make a great team and partnership that makes Culligan better for everyone. I thank him for his support, his leadership, his efforts and his friendship. Congratulations Larry. —Scott Clawson What can I say about 30 years of working with Larry Holzman? A well respected man with integrity and honesty who was as fair as he could be with the dealers while he was trying to do a responsible job for the changing men he reported to in the corporate world. How can I say this? I interacted with him in a variety of situations and he was unwavering in these characteristics in every instance. I confronted him, rolled up my sleeves with him, listened to his wisdom, laughed with him and saw his personal side on a week long cruise. He came to and honored me at my retirement party last year, and he came to my dad’s funeral. He was merciful when I got caught, and helped me through a financially difficult time as a dealer. And yet he was always there to talk turkey with, to confide in, to help me through issues with neighboring dealers as well as call on me to be a better dealer and a better man. And in a weak moment he even let me poke fun at him in my song in front of the dealers at the 75th Anniversary. Larry, because of you in my life I have become a better person and I am deeply grateful. Congratulations my friend. You are a Culligan Man forever. —Dan Driessen Larry has always been here as a valuable resource to the dealers. Even when relations were at their worst, he was very good at keeping the two sides talking. He also had enough rapport with those in both camps to be able to say what needed to be said without offending or losing his position as an intermediary and confidante. —CR Hall Larry has been a consistent voice of reason throughout the many owners of Culligan International, and we may have been in a very different position had it not been for his representation and support of the dealer network. —Don Meredith 20 CDANA Connection Tribute Issue • 2016

It’s not often in one’s career that you have the opportunity to work with one of the “Best Leaders”. For the past 17 years I’ve been fortunate to work under the leadership of Larry Holzman. Larry just doesn’t manage his team, he mentors and motivates all the while giving you the opportunity to succeed. His support team reflects that sense of “just go do it” which has created tight bonds with each other and the company. Larry knows how to integrate creativity into all interactions and results in everyone feeling comfortable about facilitating creative solutions, ideas, and recommendations. One of the best examples of this are his staff meetings. Can a staff meeting be fun? You Betcha! Larry has a way of instilling a sense of open communication where honest concerns are expected and accepted. He listens and communicates honestly. When anyone asks, “Why did you stay 17 years?” always included in my response is – my boss Larry! —Karen Gill

Pay for your service truck with Sani-System ®

Add over $1,500 in monthly profits with the Clean & Sanitize Kit* * Based off actual program by Dan Taylor

· Easy add-on to counter sales and service calls · NSF Certified & EPA Approved · Cleans & Sanitizes in just 60 seconds · Kills 99.999% of harmful bacteria

Certified to NSF/ANSI 60 Standards

EPA Est, No. 3640-WI-01 EPA Reg. No. 1839-155-73529

1-800-285-9176 www.proproducts.com

Our dealers have spoken ...

I have been doing this for 30 years and it is always hard to find a good finance company one that is willing to talk to you and look at your customer as a person, not a score. ... [FFC’s] ownership group has put together a great deal of industry talent. They Foundation know how our businesses operate and are always willing to go the extra Finance Company mile to make a deal. They truly understand the water business and offers more approvals they know there are always other finance options available to than other finance companies, dealers but they WANT to earn the business. including approvals for people with less-than-perfect credit, and they have a Michael Gaeta, Marketing Director, simple, streamlined funding process...I’d Mast Family Culligan, Plant City, FL recommend that other dealers sign up with FFC because the staff is professional, courteous and willing to work with the dealer to find creative ways to get customers approved for financing.

Arthur Browning, General Manager, Water Specialists/Culligan, Temple, TX

... Enrolling is FREE and Easy Easy... Call 1-855-241-0024 or visit foundationfinance.com today! today! www.cdana.org 21

www.cdana.org 22


2016 - Culligan Top Mount Series Softeners and Filters The CTM control valve now provides Culligan dealers an alternative to the 2850 and 2900 valve designs with a better value proposition to the end-users. The CTM offers superior flow rates and resilience to problem water conditions, thanks to its first-of-a-kind piston-seal design with brass-free material construction.

2016 - Rwanda drinking water plant largest Project in Culligan 80 year history Following the completion of a 4,500 gpm OFSY drinking water plant feeding the city of Kigali the capital of Rwanda, Africa in 2015, Culligan has won a $29M project to provide an extra 12,000 gpm of drinking water for Kigali giving nearly 1 million people access to safe drinking water.

2016 - New Culligan.com A new website launched that provides a more intuitive user experience, a streamlined path to lead conversions and brand continuity across all business channels.

2015 - ClearLink PRO™ A first-to-market wireless control system launched, which provides Culligan filtered water from your main faucet.


www.cdana.org 24

2015 - Culligan Android App

2014 - Technopark Facilty Opens in Dubai

Culligan launched Android Service App providing quick access to over 500 manuals on any Android tablet.

Culligan’s 100,000 ft2 chemical manufacturing facility opened in Dubai on 1st February 2014.

2015 - Culligan Cares

2013 - CPort

Culligan Cares officially becomes a 501c3. A new website is launched and Culligan Cares committee focuses on helping with disaster relief and other areas where clean safe water is critical.

2012 - Scott Clawson Named New CEO

An on-line ordering and information portal was launched making it “easy to do business” with Culligan. Scott Clawson joined Culligan as the new Chief Executive Officer.

2014 - IW Evo Reverse Osmosis Reverse osmosis range for industry launched in Bologna, Italy.

2012 - Culligan Change of Ownership

Culligan acquired by well respected investment firm, Centerbridge Partners. Centerbridge is dedicated to partnering with world-class management teams to help companies achieve their operating and financial objectives.

2014 - WebCAAP Program Culligan upgraded their popular commercial equipment sizing tool to be website accessible to both dealer personnel and end-customers. WebCAAP’s direct link to Culligan servers ensured that dealers can design and quote Culligan equipment with the latest pricing, products and branded specifications.

2012 - Tannin and Nitrate Filters

Culligan released the Tannin and Nitrate filters, allowing the Culligan Man to offer an even wider array of filtration solutions.

2012 - HE 1.25

2014 - Marketplace

The most efficient softeners in the world were now able to service a wider array of applications and installation locations with the release of this unit.

A collaborative partnership between CDANA and Culligan was established providing selected items at competitive pricing.



2012 www.cdana.org 25

2012 - HE Softener Cleer

2008 - Culligan Matrix Solutions

2012 - HE Progressive Flow

2007 - Culligan Move to New Headquarters

Culligan launched an extension to the HE line, creating the smartest way to fix hard water, iron and odor problems in a single system.

Culligan showcased a modular family of skid mounted commercial and industrial solutions. A G3 RO system produces up to 200 GPM.

There was continued evolution of the HE product platform. Progressive Flow provides better features than any softener on the market and provides softened water 24 hours a day.

After more than 3 decades at “One Culligan Pkwy” in Northbrook, Culligan moved its worldwide headquarters to Rosemont, IL.

2012 - Culligan iPad Apps

2006 - New Franchise Agreement

Culligan launched Residential, Commercial/Industrial and service iPad apps providing an engaging and interactive customer experience.

2011 - Hi-Flo xN

The “new franchise” was signed by 96% of the independent dealers in North America. This more closely aligned the interests of the dealers and the parent company.

Exclusive to Culligan, the Hi-Flo xN Series featured a 2-inch “all plastic” DC motor driven valve, which offered improved reliability and ease of servicing to commercial and industrial customers. The self-cleaning piston movement and open flow path design proved ideal for problem water applications.

2010 - HE Softeners & Filters Launched

The most efficient softeners and filters in the world were introduced offering green solutions accompanied by consumer friendly monitoring and conditions, softener efficiency and effectiveness.

2008 - Aqua Cleer Launched

The Aqua Cleer RO system was introduced. With encapsulated filters and quick disconnect fittings, the Aqua Cleer offered more than 100 configurations allowing it to be customized to most any water conditions. By adding the Total Defense Filter, the Aqua Cleer provided the highest level of security and contaminant removal of any product on the market.


2005 - CD&R Acquires Culligan

Culligan was acquired by private equity firm Clayton Dubilier & Rice. Under CD&R ownership Culligan and independent dealers agreed on a new 20-year franchise agreement.

2005 - She’s Back!

After a lengthy vacation from the stressful world of advertising, “HEY CULLIGAN MAN!” was reintroduced. Broadway actress Faith Prince performed the famous line in advertising for television and radio. She even made a surprise appearance at the annual convention.

2003 - Gold Softener Named Best Buy

Culligan’s Gold Softener was named “Best Buy”, becoming Culligan’s highest volume water softener.


1990 www.cdana.org 26

1998 - First Ever Holiday Bowl

The first of four Culligan Holiday Bowls were held.

1990 - Triple Filtration Culligan used triple filtration to reduce contaminants in drinking water, offering three times the protection of other systems.

1986 - 50th Anniversary Culligan celebrated 50 years in business with a Golden Anniversary convention in hometown Chicago and Larry Holzman started with the company.

1970 - Emmett Culligan’s Legacy

Emmett announced his retirement from active participation in the company in 1965, retiring to his home in San Bernardino, California, where he died in 1970. From a very modest beginning, plagued by recession and setbacks, Emmett J. Culligan pioneered an idea into the largest manufacturer of household water conditioning equipment in the world.

1967 - Aqua 1

Culligan made its move into bottled water for home and office, adding the delivery of five gallon bottles to both new and existing customers.

The Aqua 1 Water Purifier was the first mass-produced reverse osmosis water treatment system in the world. This kitchen appliance produced “bottled water” quality drinking water without the bottles. The unit was completely selfcontained with a water treatment module located inside the attractive cabinet that also served as a three-gallon reservoir of gravity-dispensed purified drinking water.

1985 - Farewell, Culligan Gal

1967 - CUL on the NYSE

1986 - Bottled Water

Jean Hughes Williams, the first lady to shout, “HEY CULLIGAN MAN!” passed away at age 70.

1978 - 40th Anniversary Don Porth celebrated 40 years with Culligan (1978), Rose Leporace celebrated 40 years with Culligan (1985) and Leroy Sandstrom celebrated 40 years with Culligan (1986).

Culligan became a publicly traded company on the New York Stock Exchange with the symbol, CUL. On opening day the price moved between $23.75 and $25.38 per share.

1966 - More New Products

Many new products were introduced including the Aqua Sensor and the Hi-Flo5 Automatic Control Valve.

1975 - Culligan’s Regeneration Timer Culligan built its own regeneration timer.




www.cdana.org 27

1966 - Culligan International

The International convention was held in Berlin and welcomed 250 delegates from 19 countries including: Austria, Belgium, Denmark, England, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Holland, Iran, Italy, Libya, Morocco, Portugal, Saudi Arabia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland and the USA.

1965 - Sales Contest

Dealers and sales people competed in the “Culligan A-Go-Go� contest, which offered the winners a ten day, all expense paid trip to Europe.

1964 - Elgin Softener Corporation

Culligan acquired the Elgin Softener Corporation. This acquisition gave Culligan entry into industrial and municipal water treatment.

1964 - Everpure, Inc

Culligan acquires Everpure, Inc. Everpure was a small but profitable company with expertise in the treatment of water for the vending machine industry.

1963 - New Products

The Compact Water Softener and the Hydro-Cleer Swimming Pool Filter were introduced.




1963 - Culligan in Europe

1960 - The First Field Service Representatives

Work began on the first European Culligan factory in Diegem, Belgium. The new building was dedicated in September, 1964.

1961 - Compact Conditioner

In Italy, the Compact Conditioner was developed to meet the market need for a cartridge-type water conditioner for modest point-of-use applications. It consisted of an extruded aluminum housing, a plastic head for water connections and a reusable plastic cartridge.

1961 - Mark 4

The Culligan Mark 4 was designed to address “problem” water, even water that was 100 grains hard and contained iron, silt and sediment.

1961 - First European Convention

The company sponsored its first European convention. It was a small gathering by US standards and took place in Switzerland at the Villars Palace Hotel.

1961 - 25th Anniversary

Culligan celebrated its 25th anniversary. A special anniversary issue of Soft Water Topics was issued. Northbrook was Temporarily named “Culliganville.

With the growth of new and more complicated household water softeners, Dealer service personnel were faced with a need for technical training and additional service support. In 1960, Culligan trained the first Field Service Representatives (FSRs) later to be known as Technical Service Engineers (TSEs).

1960 - Mark 2

The Mark 2 Automatic Water Softener had an exclusive, amazing automated control center. It was positioned as “the thinkingest, best looking, water softener yet.”

1960 - Econo-Matic

The Econo-Matic used a spring wound mechanical timer with an intergral valve thus replacing the electric timer and solenoid used on the Mark 1. By eliminating the need for electricity it reduced the cost of installation.

1959 - The Pioneer Automatic Softener

This new softener was named after America’s Pioneer satellite. The new softener featured a new slip connector and a styrofoam insulating jacket. It offered a number of advances, but for several reasons was not liked by the dealers.


www.cdana.org 29

1958 - Cul-Brook

Culligan showcased a manual demand water softener.

1958 - Radio Commercials

The first radio commercials hit the air shouting, “HEY CULLIGAN MAN.” In 1958, Dallas Williams and his wife Jean put together the first “HEY CULLIGAN MAN” radio commercial for a group of dealers in Southern California. After hearing the first few radio commercials, it was decided they should be spread nationwide.

1957 - Self-Regenerating Softeners

Culligan introduced Automatic Service with selfregenerating softeners. This service was welcomed by customers, but new levels of technical complexity led to the need for greater technical training for the dealer’s staff.

1957 - One Millionth Tank

In 1957, the one millionth portable exchange water softener tank was manufactured. The tank was taken from production, polished carefully and then electroplated with 14 carat gold in honor of the occasion. This was the company’s “Golden Record”.

1955 - 3 Solenoid Automatic

The first Culligan automatic household water softener used an assemblage of solenoid valves to accomplish two-cycle automatic regeneration. A total of 600 automatic softeners of this model were shipped to 13 Culligan dealers for a combination market and field test. Acceptance was most promising and led to the development of the 1957 3-D automatic control valve and subsequent models to follow.


1955 - TV Sponsorship

Culligan sponsors TV’s “The Arlene Francis Home Show” which offered millions of housewives tips for better home management.

1955 - Original Cul-Brook Control

The Cul-Matic was the mainstay of the Culligan homeowned softener product line from 1949 to 1967, when automatic softeners went into production. A dealer demand for a lower cost home-owned water softener resulted in the introduction of the Cul-Brook. The name was derived from the first three letters of Culligan and the last five letter of Northbrook.

1954 - Celebrity Endorsements

The first celebrity endorsement by swimming movie star Esther Willliams showed her positioned both as a celebrity swimmer and a homemaker using the phrase, “I know water…and hard water is hard to get along with.” Many Culligan operators enjoyed getting their pictures taken with this famous movie star of the 1950s.


“HEY CULLIGAN MAN” concept was conceived, but no ads are immediately produced.

1952 - Cul-Dew Demineralizer

A small disposable squeeze-bottle demineralizer was developed primarily to provide mineral-free water for steam irons. After filling with tap water, demineralization occurred while shaking the bottle for approximately 60 seconds, after which the mineral-free water could be squeezed into the steam iron through the convenient spout in the cap.

www.cdana.org 30

1952 - Manual Filter Control

Patterned after the 1949 Cul-Matic, the control assembly used a Cul-Flo-Valve to provide the cycles of backwash and service for the Cullar, Cullsan and Cullneu filters. Periodically the local Culligan dealer could provide a portable exchange filter for customer use while returning the filter to the regeneration plant for rejuvenation.

1949 - Cul Soap

Shortages of animal fats during WWII prompted the development and manufacture of synthetic detergents by soap manufacturers. Although more expensive than natural soap, detergents worked better in hard water. After much study, Culligan developed and introduced Cul Soap - a laundry soap specially designed for use with soft water and a Culligan Beauty Bar for the bath.

1946 - Culligan Trucks

With the war at an end, automotive manufacturers were now free to build more consumer and commercial vehicles including trucks. Over the next few years, the company developed a number of standard ways to customize trucks in order to carry Culligan’s unique products.

1944 - The Culligan Gals

With so many men in uniform the company hired hundreds of “Culligan Gals.” Many of them acted as sales people for soft water service. For this purpose the company even developed a Culligan Gal uniform in a military style, including hat and cap.

1942 - WWII

The needs of WWII created a shortage of zinc and other metals used in building hardware products. But in 1943, the War Department asked Culligan to produce silica gel, used to dehumidify and protect moisture sensitive equipment.

1940 - Early Logo

The first company logo was designed saying “Soft Water for the American Home”. There were two issues. First, the word Home seemed limiting. Second, the original logo too closely resembled the shield shape of the Union Pacific Railroad. A revised logo took on a new shape and message: “Soft Water the Culligan Way”.

1939 - Northbrook Office

The company opened its first official office building in Northbrook, Illinois. The washroom faucets were labeled H and C, standing for Hard water and Culligan water. Potential customers were taken into the washroom where they could experience the difference in the water coming from these two faucets.

1938 - First Franchise

W. L. Walton and Jay Trumbull partner up to open up the first Water Softener Service Company in Wheaton, Illinois. They agree to purchase 25 permanently installed softeners and employ Jim Fitzsimmons to regenerate them in homes periodically. WSSC helps to start up 92 Culligan dealerships before being sold to Culligan, Inc. in 1957.


www.cdana.org 31

1938 - Portable Exchange Softener

The company introduced the portable exchange water softener, which enabled a service man to replace tanks on a scheduled basis. Developing a tank light enough to be handled and a two wheel cart to carry the tanks required a great deal of engineering and innovation.

1936 - First Product

In the fall of 1936, Emmet designed a Faucet Water Softener. The bail could be hung over a faucet and water could be softened as it trickled through the zeolite retained between the screens in the top and bottom of the bucket.

1936 - Culligan Zeolite Company

This early version of the company was devoted only to the production of the chemical zeolite used in the water treatment facilities that were made by other companies. Among their handful of employees was a local funeral director who acted as Culligan’s part time accountant.

1936 - Synthetic Zeolite

Emmett found property to rent in Northbrook, Illinois. He made friends with a local blacksmith who helped fabricate much of the equipment needed to make synthetic zeolite for water conditioning.


1923 - Twin City Water Softener Co.

Emmett opened the Twin City Water Softener Company, but the company’s products could not gain competitive advantage due to the high price of zeolite filtering sand. This led Mr. Culligan on a search for a way to make synthetic zeolite. The young company closed its doors in 1925, but Emmett’s search for cheaper zeolite would one day pay dividends.

1921 - Early Softener

Emmett Culligan got the idea for building a softener by talking to a maintenance man in the boiler room of a hospital where upstairs, his wife was in labor with their first child. Mr. Culligan built his homemade water softener using two coffee cans and zeolite sand. The mother and infant came home to a large tub of softened water.

www.cdana.org 32



www.cdana.org 33

UPDATED SCHEDULE OF EVENTS Saturday, April 23, 2016

2:00 PM - 6:00 PM Registration Open – Hyatt Main Lobby – Banquet Seating Sign-Up 6:00 PM - 8:00 PM Sales Hall of Fame Inductees & Incentive Winners Welcome Dinner – Hyatt Lighthouse Courtyard

Sunday, April 24, 2016


Special Note – Enjoy your evening with your Culligan Friends & Family

9:30 AM - 5:00 PM Registration Open – Hyatt Main Lobby – Banquet Seating Sign-Up 10:30 AM - 12:30 PM Sales Hall of Fame Inductees & Incentive Winners Brunch – Huntington Ballroom 1:30 PM - 4:00 PM Sales Hall of Fame Inductees & Incentive Winners Amazing Race – Hyatt Lighthouse Courtyard 3:00 PM - 6:00 PM CDANA Board of Directors Meeting – Vista Ballroom (CDANA Dealer Members Only)

Monday, April 25, 2016 8:00 AM - 5:00 PM Registration Open – Hyatt Convention Center South Foyer

Monday Fun ‘n Sun Events* 9:30 AM - 5:00 PM Culligan Golf Classic* – Tustin Golf Course *Shuttles depart from the Hyatt Convention Foyer at 9:30 AM 12:30 PM - 4:30 PM Dolphin & Whale Watching Safari *Shuttles depart from the Hyatt Convention Foyer at 12:15 PM Mani/Pedi Spa Treatments – Hyatt Pacific Waters Spa 1:00 PM - 5:00 PM *Individual appointment times are included in your itinerary – Sales Winners Optional Activity Only – Please show up to the Spa 15 minutes early. 1:00 PM - 4:00 PM

Huntington Beach Afternoon on the Sand/Water with Surf Lessons *Please meet Culligan Staff at Toes On The Nose in the Hyatt Retail Courtyard at 12:30 PM

2:00 PM - 4:00 PM

Guided Duffy Boat Tour* – Newport Harbor * Shuttles will depart from the Hyatt Convention Foyer at 1:15 PM

2:00 PM - 4:00 PM

Guided Kayak Tour* – Newport Harbor * Shuttles will depart from the Hyatt Convention Foyer at 1:15 PM

2:00 PM - 4:00 PM

Stand-Up Boarding* – Newport Harbor * Shuttles will depart from the Hyatt Convention Foyer at 1:15 PM

7:00 PM - 11:00 PM

2016 Culligan Sales Awards Celebration featuring THE BEACH BOYS – Hyatt Grand Ballroom (Doors Open at 6:45 PM)

34 CDANA Connection Tribute Issue • 2016

UPDATED SCHEDULE OF EVENTS Tuesday, April 26, 2016 Special Note – Enjoy your evening with your Culligan Friends & Family – Shuttle Service from the Hyatt Convention Center Foyer to and from the Surf City Nights Street Fair & Farmers Market in Huntington Beach between 5:30 PM and 10:30 PM.

7:00 AM - 8:00 AM Light Breakfast & Coffee – Hyatt Convention Center Foyer 8:00 AM - 5:00 PM Registration Open – Hyatt Convention Center South Foyer 2016 Gulligan General Session North American Dealers and International Delegates (No Vendors Please) – Hyatt Grand Ballroom 8:00 AM - 8:15 AM Opening 8:15 AM - 9:00 AM CEO Address: Welcome to the 80th Anniversary Celebration – Scott Clawson Culligan Breakout Sessions North American Dealers and International Delegates (No Vendors Please) Dynamic Tools To Grow Your Commercial Business – Driftwood Jim Stewart, Director of C&I Sales & Support, Culligan Intl. Mike Hanson, Manager of C&I Applications, Eau Claire, WI 9:15 AM - 10:30 AM DJ Shannahan, Culligan Dealer of Salisbury, MD Andy Cowan, GM/Sales Mananger of Brooklyn Heights, OH Michael McFarland, Sr. Mgr. NA Commercial Sales, Culligan Intl. Frank Mochak, Sr. Mgr. NA Commercial Sales/Dir. National Accts. Running a Great Culligan Dealership – Huntington Ballroom South Tom Vitacco, VP of Franchise, Culligan Intl. Bret Tangley, Culligan Dealer of Eau Claire, WI 9:15 AM - 10:30 AM Bruce Baumeister, Culligan Dealer, Carroll, IA Bill DeBacker, GM, Culligan of Anoka, MN Matt Gilby, Culligan Dealer of Beaumont, TX Maximizing Web Presence and Lead Generation – Vista Ballroom Erv Rokosh, Director of Marketing, Culligan Intl. 9:15 AM - 10:30 AM Larry Jenkins, President, Ethology Anna Hrach, Director of Content, Ethology Nolan Alexander, Director of Local Search, Ethology The Magic of Electronic Tools – Huntington Beach North Karen Gill, Director of Customer Service, Culligan Intl. 9:15 AM - 10:30 AM Sandy Sapp, Marketing Manager, Culligan Intl. Matt Burns, Product Manager, Culligan Intl. 10:30 AM - 11:00 AM Coffee Break – Hyatt Convention Center Foyer

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UPDATED SCHEDULE OF EVENTS Tuesday, April 26, 2016 Special Note – Enjoy your evening with your Culligan Friends & Family – Shuttle Service from the Hyatt Convention Center Foyer to and from the Surf City Nights Street Fair & Farmers Market in Huntington Beach between 5:30 PM and 10:30 PM.

North American Dealers and International Delegates (No Vendors Please) Dynamic Tools To Grow Your Commercial Business – Driftwood Jim Stewart, Director of C&I Sales & Support, Culligan Intl. Mike Hanson, Manager of C&I Applications. Culligan Intl. 11:00 AM - 12:15 PM DJ Shannahan, Culligan Dealer of Salisbury, MD Andy Cowan, GM/Sales Manager of Brooklyn Heights, OH Michael McFarland, Commercial Sales Manager, Culligan Intl. Frank Mochak, Commercial Sales Manager, Culligan Intl. Running a Great Culligan Dealership – Huntington Ballroom South Tom Vitacco, VP of Franchise, Culligan Intl. Bret Tangley, Culligan Dealer of Eau Claire, WI 11:00 AM - 12:15 PM Bruce Baumeister, Culligan Dealers of Carroll, WI Bill DeBacker, GM, Culligan of Anoka, MN Matt Gilby, Culligan Dealer of Beaumont, TX Maximizing Web Presence and Lead Generation – Vista Ballroom Erv Rokosh, Director of Marketing, Culligan Intl. 11:00 AM - 12:15 PM Larry Jenkins, President, Ethology Anna Hrach, Director of Content, Ethology Nolan Alexander, Director of Local Search, Ethology The Magic of Electronic Tools – Huntington Ballroom North Karen Gill, Director of Customer Service, Culligan Intl. 11:00 AM - 12:15 PM Sandy Sapp, Marketing Manager, Culligan Intl. Matt Burns, Product Manager, Culligan Intl. 12:30 PM - 2:30 PM 2016 Culligan Dealer Awards Luncheon - Featuring Four Day Weekend – Hyatt Grand Ballroom Special Note – Enjoy your evening with your Culligan Friends & Family – Shuttle Service from the Hyatt Convention Center Foyer to and from the Surf City Nights Street Fair & Farmers Market in Huntington Beach between 5:30 PM and 10:30 PM.

International Delegates Breakout Sessions* – Fountain Room North American Dealers and International Delegates (No Vendors Please) Morning Breakout Sessions 8:00 AM - 9:15 AM Culligan General Session – Hyatt Grand Ballroom 9:15 AM - 10:30 AM

New Products Session 1 Chris Freeman, Marketing & Product Director EMEA

10:30 AM - 11:00 AM Coffee Break - Hyatt South Convention Center Foyer 11:00 AM - 12:15 PM

New Product Session 2 Chris Freeman, Marketing & Product Director EMEA

12:30 PM - 2:30 PM 2016 Culligan Dealer Awards Luncheon - Featuring Four Day Weekend – Hyatt Grand Ballroom Afternoon Breakout Sessions 3:00 PM - 4:00 PM C&I Success Stories 4:00 PM - 4:30 PM Coffee Break – Hyatt South Convention Center Foyer 4:30 PM - 5:30 PM C&I Success Stories 8:00 PM - 11:00 PM International Delegate Dinner

36 CDANA Connection Tribute Issue • 2016

UPDATED SCHEDULE OF EVENTS Wednesday, April 27, 2016.

7:00 AM - 8:00 AM Light Breakfast & Coffee – Hyatt Convention Center Foyer 8:00 PM - 3:00 PM Registration Open – Hyatt Convention Center South Foyer 2016 Culligan General Session – Hyatt Grand Ballroom North American Dealers and International Delegates (No Vendors Please) 8:00 AM - 8:15 AM Day 2 Opening 5 Star Reviews – The Key to a Great Customer Experience and More Business Selina Emlen, Manager of Consumer Experience, Culligan Intl. 8:15 AM - 9:15 AM Steve Gibson, Culligan Dealer of Kendallville, IN Brian Kennedy, GM of Plant City, FL David Gilbertson, GM of Eau Claire, WI How to Win in C&I: Culligan’s Fastest Growing Segment John Gallo, VP of Sales & Marketing, Culligan Intl. Chip Pearce, VP, Culligan of Tulsa, OK 9:15 AM - 10:00 AM Alberto Naccarato, C&I Sales Representative of Sylmar, CA Bobby Sanders, C&I Sales Representative of Lubbock, TX Steve Hibbard, Director of Commercial Sales of Ocala, FL 10:00 AM - 10:30 AM Coffee Break – Hyatt Convention Center Foyer Drinking Water…Why Not in Every Home? Zach Schroeck, Director of Product Management, Culligan Intl. 10:30 AM - 11:00 AM Jim McCormick, Regional Sales Coach of Southern CA, Hall’s Water David Miller, Culligan Dealer of Flint, MI Amanda Caissie, Sales Manager of Brantford, ON Keynote: Geoff Smart on Running Your Team at Full Power 11:00 AM - 12:00 PM Geoff Smart, Ph.D, Chairman & Founder, ghSMART & Company Chris Trendler, Principal, ghSMART & Company 12:00 PM - 3:00 PM 6:00 PM - 9:00 PM

2016 Culligan Vendor Fair & Lunch – (Hyatt Grand Ballroom – Salons ABC, South Foyer & Huntington Ballroom) BIG BLUE BEACH BASH Please proceed over the bridge from the Hyatt in order to enter the party!

www.cdana.org 37


April 26, 2016

8:15 AM - 9:00 AM


CEO ADDRESS: WELCOME TO THE 80TH ANNIVERSARY CELEBRATION PRESENTER: SCOTT CLAWSON, CULLIGAN INTL. CEO – HYATT GRAND BALLROOM Scott Clawson, Culligan Intl. CEO, will welcome everyone officially to the 80th Bash first thing Tuesday morning. Scott will share Culligan’s vision for the future and how Culligan Intl. is adapting to the changing needs of today’s consumer. His inspiring call to action will set the stage for two great days of meetings and information.

Scott Clawson


April 26, 2016 9:00 AM - 10:30 AM & 11:00 AM - 12:15 PM


DYNAMIC TOOLS TO GROW YOUR COMMERCIAL BUSINESS – DRIFTWOOD PRESENTERS: Jim Stewart, Director of C&I Sales & Support, Culligan Intl. Mike Hanson, Manager of C&I Applications, Culligan Intl. DJ Shannahan, Culligan Dealer of Salisbury, MD Andy Cowan, GM/Sales Manager of Brooklyn Heights, OH Michael McFarland, Commercial Sales Manager, Culligan Intl. Frank Mochak, Commercial Sales Manager, Culligan Intl. Jim Stewart

38 CDANA Connection Tribute Issue • 2016

Many dealers are experiencing double digit growth in their commercial business. From the experts and dealers who are seeing great growth, learn how they are doing it and how they are using the newest marketing tools, commercial sales through service, tradeshow participation, Lunch & Learns, lead generation and sample proposals.


April 26, 2016

9:00 AM - 10:30 AM & 11:00 AM - 12:15 PM


RUNNING A GREAT CULLIGAN DEALERSHIP – HUNTINGTON BALLROOM SOUTH PRESENTERS: Tom Vitacco, VP of Franchise, Culligan Intl. Bret Tangley, Culligan Dealer of Eau Claire, WI Bruce Baumeister, Culligan Dealers of Carroll, WI Bill DeBacker, GM, Culligan of Anoka, MN Matt Gilby, Culligan Dealer of Beaumont, TX Tom Vitacco


This information-packed session includes presentations by four powerful and highly successful Culligan Men. They will each be sharing their secrets of success through the use of Key Performance Indicators and Sales Metrics; the subjects covered will include Operations, Sales/ Marketing, Sales Management and Finance. Each presenter will be leaving you with take-away information that will be invaluable to your business stability and growth.

April 26, 2016 9:00 AM

- 10:30 AM & 11:00 AM - 12:15 PM


MAXIMIZING WEB PRESENCE AND LEAD GENERATION – VISTA BALLROOM PRESENTERS: Erv Rokosh, Director of Marketing, Culligan Intl. Larry Jenkins, President, Ethology Anna Hrach, Director of Content, Ethology Nolan Alexander, Director of Local Search, Ethology

Erv Rokosh


Ethology, Culligan’s National Digital Agency Partner, will share the latest digital trends based on what we know of today’s online consumer. The digital panel of experts will share key best practices on paid search, content marketing and local search which, are all key elements of a successful digital marketing plan.

April 26, 2016 9:00 AM - 10:30 AM & 11:00 AM - 12:15 PM


THE MAGIC OF ELECTRONIC TOOLS – HUNTINGTON BALLROOM NORTH PRESENTERS: Karen Gill, Director of Customer Service, Culligan Intl. Sandy Sapp, Marketing Manager, Culligan Intl. Matt Burns, Product Manager, Culligan Intl.

Karen Gill

Sandy Sapp

See how Culligan’s commitment to technology is demonstrated in CPort, the iPad and Android Apps and WebCAPP, and how these improvements and updates will save you time, money and effort. Maximize all the capabilities of these tools and hear about the exciting new features that were released this year that will increase your sales and service teams’ productivity and efficiency. Some of the new features already available that you’ll hear about include a quick and efficient way to prepare a Culligan branded proposal packet for a commercial project using WebCAAP; see live examples of the newest service tech videos and how you can maximize order template functionality on CPort; and see how easy it is to customize a sales presentation with your own dealer slides and include interactive hot spots using the new Culligan Residential App…and this is only the tip of wave. We’ll be doing a much deeper dive into all the exciting enhancements that are currently in development for launch later in 2016.

Matt Burns

www.cdana.org 39


April 26, 2016

9:15 AM - 10:30 AM & 11:00 AM - 12:15 PM


9:15 AM - 10:30 AM – NEW PRODUCTS 1 11:00 AM - 12:15 AM – NEW PRODUCTS 2 – FOUNTAIN ROOM

Chris Freeman


PRESENTER: Chris Freeman, Marketing & Products Director, EMEA Ahead of the Vendor Fair in the afternoon, the full range of Culligan’s latest new products will be presented. This first session includes the CTM, Membrane BioReactor (MBR) technologies for waste water treatment and reuse, Culligan’s chemical offerings and medical RO’s for dialysis equipment. The second section will feature a new tankless RO for household drinking water; the Aqua-Cleer Slim (the brackish water RO for Industry); the IW Evo and the new Sea Water Desalination system the SW Evo.

April 26, 2016

3:00 PM - 4:00 PM & 4:30 PM - 5:30 PM


C&I SECTOR SUCCESS STORIES – FOUNTAIN ROOM PRESENTERS: Dealers from Around the World Culligan dealers from around the world will present case studies on our most prestigious projects in sectors including Food & Beverage, Power, Municipal, Swimming Pool, Hospitality and Healthcare. Hear from subject matter experts on how Culligan has succeeded in every C&I market.

40 CDANA Connection Tribute Issue • 2016


April 27, 2016

8:15 AM - 9:15 AM


5 STAR REVIEWS – THE KEY TO A GREAT CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE AND MORE BUSINESS PRESENTERS: Selina Emlen, Manager of Consumer Experience, Culligan Intl. Steve Gibson, Culligan Dealer of Valparaiso, IN Brian Kennedy, GM of Plant City, FL David Gilbertson, GM of Eau Claire, WI

Selina Emlen


What do your customers think and say about you? Do you want five star reviews? Learn more about the Voice of the Customer program that will generate five star reviews for your dealership and help you understand the voice of the your customers. Join us as we introduce this exciting program to the network and talk to a panel of dealers who have been part of this program for the last 5 months to hear what they have learned and experienced.

April 27, 2016

9:15 AM - 10:00 AM


HOW TO WIN IN C&I: CULLIGAN’S FASTEST GROWING SEGMENT PRESENTERS: John Gallo, VP of Sales & Marketing, Culligan Intl. Chip Pearce, VP, Culligan of Tulsa, OK Alberto Naccatrato, C&I Sales Representative of Sylmar, CA Bobby Sanders, C&I Sales Representative of Lubbock, TX Steve Hibbard, Director of Commercial Sales of Ocala, FL John Gallo

A live interactive panel discussion reviewing benefits of focusing on C&I markets. Commercial is the fastest growing segment of our business, tons of opportunity, and Culligan provides focused support. Hear from your peers who are the experts within the network on their best practices and how they succeed in this growing B to B space.

www.cdana.org 41


April 27, 2016

10:30 AM - 11:00 AM



Zach Schroeck


PRESENTERS: Zach Schroeck, Director of Product Management, Culligan Intl. Jim McCormick, Regional Sales Coach of Southern CA, Hall’s Water David Miller, Culligan Dealer of Flint, MI Amanda Caissie, Sales Manager of Brantford, ON In this session, we will discuss how to use the new ClearLink PRO™ product to drive real growth in the drinking water business from those who have done it. We will also share best practices for selling drinking water from top performers and tips on how to respond to issues and concerns if a drinking water emergency arises in your area.

April 27, 2016

11:00 AM - 12:00 PM



Geoff Smart

PRESENTERS: Geoff Smart, Ph.D, Chairman & Founder, ghSMART & Company Chris Trendler, Principal, ghSMART & Company Only 10% of leaders run their teams at full power. Based on the largest study of its kind, Dr. Smart reveals your formula for leadership success. Three questions Dr. Smart will ask in this highly interactive session include: 1. Do we have the right priorities? Priorities are the small handful of things that have the greatest effect on the value your business creates. 2. Do we have the right who? Who refers to the people in your organization. 3. Do we have the right relationships? Relationships are not just about getting along, but getting results. The session includes practical and powerful tools to help every leader calculate their team’s powerscore, and dial it up. Geoff Smart is Founder & Chairman of ghSMART, a leadership consulting firm. He is co-author of the New York Times best-seller “Who: The A Method for Hiring,” which is the #1 best-selling and most- acclaimed book on the topic of “Hiring Talented Teams”. His most recent book, “Power Score: Your Formula for Leadership Success” is a Wall Street Journal best-seller.

42 CDANA Connection Issue 1 • 2016





High Speed Bottling Systems: 450 – 3000 bph 5 Gallon Systems


All bottling processes are not equal. Steelhead stands alone with our commitment ent to innovation, efficiency and bottom line profitability for clients. or our clien nts.



One Operator Bottling Systems: 150 – 350 bph 5 Gallon Systems

Water Treatment: RO, Mineral Injection, Ozone

Full Plants: Turnkey Solutions for Every Size

Check with us for pre-owned options

www.cdana.org 43

Introducing a new fully branded, Culligan UV disinfection system in flow rates of 3-40 gpm, backed by one of the best warranties in the industry!

Worried about Lost Replacement UV Lamp Sales? ... Worry No Longer Not only can you now offer a branded Culligan UV disinfection solution, but you can also have it individually customized for YOUR Dealership.


Each UV system available with integrated color screens programmed with your specific Dealership information Directly sends customers back to you for sales & service Your phone number, website, logo & QR Code for direct link to your Dealership

Your Information Here - * in language of your choice

*A full compliment of NSF Standard 55 Units also available ( Custom screens, but Luminor Blackcomb labeling due to certification)



Manufactured under licence by LUMINOR Environmental Inc., To place orders, or for more information, please contact 519-837-3800

Luminor congratulates the Culligan Dealers on serving the water treatment industry for 80 years. Wishing you continued success!


Tomlinson’s RO faucets are available in five exquisite designs to bring high style to the high-end kitchen. With ten eye-catching finishes to match virtually any kitchen décor and their superior lead-free construction, these RO faucets prove that pure style and pure quality are pure Tomlinson.



Ultra Contemporary



WORLD CLASS, WORLDWIDE 216-587-3400 • www.tomlinsonind.com

www.cdana.org 45

2016 VENDOR FAIR WELCOME Dear Culligan Dealers, One of the convention highlights every year is the opportunity to visit with and learn about new products and services provided by our many vendor partners. These companies are loyal supporters of the Culligan brand and Culligan dealer system, and we are grateful for their support. Many of them have provided additional sponsorships to help make the 80th bash great this year as well, and we owe them a huge THANK YOU. Please take the time to visit with each and every one of them. You will see new products, new marketing tools and re-establish connections with key partners who support your business. As you know, Culligan is important to these partners, and they are important to us. We are also looking for feedback on some new things this year. For example, our international team is bringing in some interesting commercial/industrial products to get your feedback and see if there are some products which would be a good addition to our current offerings. We have a new partner who is offering a line of Culligan branded refrigerator filters. This could be a real opportunity as so many homes have these now. Are you interested? Let us know. In the Culligan Showcase section of the vendor fair, we will be set up to do live demos of the new CPort 2.0 and iPad/Android Apps. You’ll also see some of the newest products and marketing materials/tools for CTM and ClearLink PRO™. As you will see we have split Culligan’s showcase into the following categories in the South Foyer of the Convention Center and include the Culligan Analytical Lab, Marketplace, Drinking Water, Household Products, Commercial Products, Stainless Products, Marketing, C-Port and Culligan Apps. We would love to hear your thoughts on expansion of our drinking water offerings in general, too. So plan to come, spend time, give our vendors and Culligan input….and enjoy lunch!

Larry Holzman, Culligan International

46 CDANA Connection Tribute Issue • 2016

www.cdana.org 47



American Business Systems, Inc.

UniFirst Corporation

TT3 The Sqwincher Corp.

TT25 Water Quality Association

101 100



Unco Data Systems

Phone Tree

103 ClickPoint

Culligan Finance, Inc.

105 Allied Purchasing Company

107 Kennedy Communications

200 Product to Market, LLC

202 Nevada Computer

204 American Copper & Brass, LLC

206 John Guest

Food & Bar TT9 Norland International Inc.

TT10 LUMINOR Enviromental

TT11 NeoLogic Solutions



Sterling Containers/Parker Plastics

RR Donnelley



Oasis International


Polymer Solutions Intl.

TT6 Protexall by DeMoulin


Calgon Carbon


301 Pulsafeeder



Cargill Salt

Clover Water Coolers and Chillers


Optimized Marketing





Betten Trucks

Foundation Finance

Better Water Industries, Inc.


MTN Products, Inc.

Purolite Company

TT17 Whitaker LaChance




Dart Container

TT16 CDANA/ Next Generation Committee

TT12 PolyCycle Solutions



Pro Products LLC

NCM Associates, Inc.

TT15 Good Water Warehouse




IGO Products, LLC


United Salt Corporation

Mainstreet Hub

Food & Bar

405 Paragon

504 Fortiva Retail Credit



Global Filter

Mickey Truck Bodies, Inc.

407 G.A. Murdock, Inc.


409 Xylem Applied Water Systems


Precision Installations Products





TST Water, LLC


Chastang Ford Fleet & Commercial Sales

www.cdana.org 50



Gold Cross Answering Service


Better H2O Products


Featherlight Exhibits

413 Crystal Mountain Water Products Ltd.


BAM Advertising Michaels Wilder & Marketing for Business


416 Resintech, Inc.

415 Watertight

516 Tomlinson



Premium Waters, Inc.

Compass Minerals

Southwest Salt LLC

417 CafĂŠ Valet


Food & Bar



Stenner Pump

www.cdana.org 51

COMMERCIAL, INDUSTRIAL AND HOUSEHOLD PRODUCTS FROM AROUND THE WORLD Culligan has built a global reputation as a market leader in commercial and industrial water treatment. At the 80th convention our International Group will be sharing how Culligan earned that reputation and what we are doing to continue this growth into the future. On Tuesday, April 26th, in two breakout sessions Chris Freeman (EMEA Marketing & Product Director) and his team will showcase the latest Commercial, Industrial, and Household products from Europe. Each unit will be on display at the vendor fair with the design team on hand to answer all of your questions. Then in the afternoon of Tuesday, April 26th, a panel of dealers from around the world will share their best practices and learnings from overseeing some of Culligan’s most prestigious water projects. These discussions will leave little doubt that Culligan has the products, knowledge and network to win in every Commercial & Industrial sector. We look forward to seeing you at the breakout sessions and the vendor fair.

Chris Freeman Marketing & Product Director EMEA

52 CDANA Connection Tribute Issue • 2016

New products that will be on display throughout the convention: Since its launch at the end of 2014, the IW Evo brackish water reverse osmosis range has grown to be one of our biggest global sellers. Based on a fully configurable modular design concept, and with one of the fastest delivery times in the market, the IW Evo RO is a great solution to Industrial and Municipal reverse osmosis for the flow ranges 22 to 175 GPM (5 to 40m3/hr) and up to salinities of 3000ppm of TDS.

With many areas of the world facing drought or water scarcity challenges sea water desalination has become a go-to solution to meet this growing challenge. The new SW Evo Sea Water Reverse Osmosis range from Culligan is the perfect solution for this fast growing market. Suitable for up to 42,000 ppm of salinity at flow rates of 22 to 175 GPM (5 to 40m3/hr), the SW Evo includes the latest in energy efficiency technologies.

The RO2 Thermo is Culligan’s latest medical device certified RO for producing safe high quality water for use in hemodialysis. In addition to a fail-safe PLC controlled 2-pass RO system the RO2 Thermo also uses an in-built heat sanitization system to destroy bacteria and viruses reducing or even eliminating the need to use sanitizing chemicals.

Culligan is constantly looking for different technologies to help us own the full water cycle. Membrane BioReactor (MBR) technology is a great alternative to conventional activated sludge systems. Thanks to its smaller footprint and ability to process high strength effluents to a higher quality than most conventional activated sludge systems the new MBR system allows Culligan to break into the fast growing waste water treatment and reuse market.

In addition to all of the C&I products, the new Aqua-Cleer Slim will be on show. Launched this month in Italy, the Slim uses an integrated pump rather than a pressurized tank to provide unlimited water without waiting. The stylish, slim, and compact design means it can be installed under the sink with ease.

www.cdana.org 53


Recommended Attire: Casual (no shorts) Monday night, everyone will gather for an evening of Fun, Fun, Fun! Sales Hall of Fame Inductees and Sales Incentive Winners will join Culligan representatives from around the world for a gala celebration. After all, there are so many reasons to celebrate! We’ll meet in the Grand Ballroom (doors open at 6:45 PM) where you will be greeted with champagne!  The evening will start of by honoring Culligan’s top Sales Achievers, including the most recent Hall of Fame Inductees.  Awards will be followed by an amazing 80th Birthday Bash dinner. Then it’s concert time where you will be entertained by the legendary Beach Boys!    The Beach Boys are one of the most critically acclaimed and widely influential bands of all time. They have sold in excess of 100 million records worldwide, making them one of the world’s best-selling bands of all time. Mike Love was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 1988. You’ll enjoy the evening as these legendary California icons share their timeless music of sun, surf and cars. We guarantee you will be on your feet, dancing and singing along to the greatest hits from one of the world’s most beloved bands. Whether you sit, sway, dance or sing along, we guarantee you’ll have Fun, Fun, Fun!

54 CDANA Connection Tribute Issue • 2016

ANOTHER QUALITY SEAL OF APPROVAL ResinTech has the best products and technical services you need to ensure the highest water quality

For almost 30 years ResinTech, Inc. has provided its customers with the highest quality ion exchange resins and water filtration products available. ResinTech has continually strived to raise the bar in technical support, quality assurance, laboratory services, and customer assistance. ResinTech has again raised the bar by becoming ISO 9001:2008 certified for Quality Management Systems through Perry Johnson Registrars, Inc. ResinTech’s ISO 9001 and WQA Gold Seal certifications continue the tradition of quality our customers have come to know and trust.






West Berlin, New Jersey, USA

CONFERENCE INFORMATION Name Badge Color Coding System* North American Dealers and guests, Culligan Rosemont and Staff – Blue Hall of Fame Inductees & Sales Incentive Award Winners – Green International Delegates – Purple Vendors – Red *All attendees must wear badges to all events. If you have purchased an individual ticket, your ticket badge will be included in the registration kit of your participating dealer and/or vendor. If you are unsure if you have an individual ticket, please go to the registration desk.

Room Check-In and Check-Out Hyatt Regency Huntington Beach Resort & Spa Check-In is 4:00 PM and Check-Out is 11:00 AM.

56 CDANA Connection Tribute Issue • 2016

Transportation to Golf Tournament and Monday Fun ‘n Sun Optional Outings All transportation will depart from the foyer of the Convention Center: • Culligan Golf Classic Tournament Shuttles will depart at 9:30 AM on Monday, April 25, 2016. • Monday Fun ‘n Sun Whale Watching and Dolphin Safari will depart at 12:15 PM on Monday, April 25, 2016. • Monday Fun ’n Sun Duffy Boat Tour, Guided Kayak Tour and Stand-Up Paddle Boarding will depart at 1:15 PM on Monday, April 25, 2016.

Convention Attire The attire for the 2016 80th Anniversary Convention is Business Casual in Business / Vendor Fair sessions. The 2016 Awards Celebration is Resort California Casual (Suit and Tie not required).

“Success of any organization takes hard work and dedication from the whole team. However, every team needs leaders. I want to thank several of my team leaders for their help towards RS Water’s success.” — Bob Ruhstorfer, CEO, RS Water Holdings LLC DBA’S Culligan of Houston and Culligan of DFW

Brent Chin

Yaser Arshouk

Wil Arias

Culligan, congratulations on your 80th Anniversary! Cargill Salt is a proud supplier to Culligan International and the Culligan Dealers Association of North America.

©2016 Cargill Incorporated

We thank you for your loyal business! See our full line of salt products at www.cargill.com/salt 1 (800) 377-1017

www.cdana.org 57


BAM Advertising & Marketing is an award winning agency with exceptional digital, creative and strategic planning capabilities. At the heart of the agency is BAM Digital Technology that produces custom technologies for clients coast to coast. If you can think of it, we can build it. More importantly, BAM keeps our Culligan dealers at the forefront emerging media and evolving technologies providing a competitive edge for an everchanging marketing landscape.


Precision Installation Products is a wholesale stocking distributor of component parts and accessories for reverse osmosis systems, water softeners and water heaters.

58 CDANA Connection Tribute Issue • 2016



Partnering with Culligan Dealers, nationwide, to close more sales through competitive financing options and training. We are here for YOU!


John Guest is a world-leading manufacturer of high quality engineered push-fit fittings, valves and tubing, ranging in sizes from ¼” to ½” OD and ½”, ¾” and 1” CTS in a variety of configurations for potable water and traditional plumbing applications. Fittings are easy to use and require no tools to make reliable leak-free connections. John Guest products are lead-free and are listed with NSF International Standards 14, 61, CSA Standards pw and IAPMO Plumbing Codes.




Ethology does search, media, creative, content and customer experience, paired with the business consulting needed to drive lasting results. Your business, your strategy and your customers are always at the forefront of everything we do. After all, when your customers get what they want, you get what you need: results.


MTN Products designs and manufactures innovative beverage dispensers that combine stylish appearance with unique operating features providing your customers with many product choices to satisfy their beverage dispensing needs. Experience AquaCafé, the Water Cooler with built in Single Serve Coffee Brewer and the revolutionary Lavit single serve cold beverage machine.


Kennedy Communications provides integrated advertising and interactive campaigns to Culligan dealerships across the country. We would rather outthink than outspend – it is that simple. Our commitment to research coupled with an attitude of innovation gives our dealers an edge when it comes to consistent success year in and year out. Like most progressive and aggressive agencies, we handle all offline and online Culligan marketing needs. From direct mail to email and cable TV, Facebook to YouTube, KennedyC will reach Culligan customers through all advertising channels. PARAGON WATER WATER SYSTEMS

Paragon Water is a major ODM/OEM offering private labeled certified products for our customers. We also manufacture Carbon blocks made in the USA, in Standard and Custom sizes. Our Foodservice division provides solutions from the small coffee shop to large scale restaurant facilities.





Purolite is more than a resin company. For over 30 years, Purolite has provided innovative ion exchange resins and technical support to support Culligan water systems within commercial, industrial and residential markets. To learn more about products and services for your applications, visit Oliver Baumann and Frank Burinsky during the Vendor Fair.

Since 1999, Pete Singler has helped Culligan Dealers, CDANA and the DAC protect and enhance the dealers’ value and investment in the Culligan system. This strong working relationship has developed into even stronger friendships. We have now reached the unprecedented step of working with Scott Clawson and Culligan’s management cooperatively to even further enhance market presence and value of the Culligan system. Exciting times lie ahead.

Steelhead Inc. a leading innovator and manufacturer of Water Bottling Equipment. Products/ Services include 3/5 gallon systems 150 - 3000 bph, Ozone and Mineral Injection, Rack Loading Systems, leak testers, sniffers and other ancillary support equipment. We also offer full design and plant development assistance, making Steelhead your one source solution for water bottling equipment solutions.

Manufacturer of peristaltic metering pumps since 1957. Pumps and prepackaged tank or meter systems inject additives for water treatment or industrial process.





At TradeWraps we have a passion for creating high quality, unique designs. Our skilled team of installers work diligently so you can get your business back on the road. Our success comes from the combination of our creative vehicle wrap designers, using the most dependable industry leading 3M™ Wrap Films and 3M™ Laminates, latest latex print technology for stunning color and our highly skilled professional vehicle wrap installation team.

Xylem, derived from classical Greek, refers to the supporting tissues that help transport water and nutrients from a plant’s roots to its leaves. At Xylem, we strive to solve our customers’ most challenging water problems, and to set industry standards for fluid technology applications and water solutions.

Allied Purchasing is a not-for-profit purchasing co-op that is member owned. We negotiate low prices with suppliers for dealers who join the co-op.

American Copper & Brass, LLC, has been in existence since 1986. During those 30 years, we have had the privilege of partnering with Culligan Dealers on a national basis. We have been, and are committed to, stocking and providing the very best products in support of you, our customer. If you haven’t purchased from us in the past, give us the opportunity to show you why so many dealers consider us the first and also the best choice in support of their business.

www.cdana.org 59


For over 45 years, Betten Trucks has been the nationwide industry leader for quality used and refurbished beverage trucks & trailers. Our fully inspected used equipment comes with guarantees and warranty which affords our customers large savings versus buying new equipment. We specialize in beverage truck reconditioning, painting/decaling and offer parts for all makes of beverage bodies/trailers. Tap our expertise, experience and professionalism for your beverage truck needs. Betten Trucks-The Professionals. CALGON CARBON CORPORATION

We provide coal and coconut based Activated Carbon for water filtration to Culligan International. CARGILL SALT

Cargill Salt has been a proud supplier of salt to Culligan for over 20 years, offering a variety of products to meet any Culligan water softener need.”

60 CDANA Connection Tribute Issue • 2016



Better Water Industries provides equipment that works with your existing equipment line to provide sound solutions to problem water scenarios. These solutions cover Methane, Radon, Sulfate Reducing Bacteria, high Iron and much more.




Better H2O Products, providing products unique to Culligan dealers such as display backdrops, drip trays, leak detectors and customized plumbing fittings.



Established in 1946, Clack Corporation has been providing quality industrial water treatment products, commercial water treatment equipment and molded custom plastic containers. As a leader in the manufacture and distribution of water treatment products and custom molded plastics, we are proud to offer quality solutions our customers can always rely on.

ClickPoint helps sales organizations of all sizes close more leads in less time. With automated lead management and email nurture, dealers follow up with leads quickly and efficiently.


The Café Valet One Cup Coffee System is the leading single serve coffee provider in the hospitality segment. Café Valet is found in over one million hotel rooms in North America including all full service Marriott and Hyatt properties. We will be expanding this very affordable system into the office coffee marketplace. Of course water and coffee go together so we see the potential synergies.


Crystal Mountain water coolers are recognized around the world for their high quality, style and performance. Our manufacturing facility follows strict quality guidelines using state of the art equipment. Crystal Mountain offers customers high quality, competitively priced products by exceptional customer service.


For over 50 years, Featherlite has been an industry leader and the brand you count on to deliver quality. Our crowd-stopping, portable display systems are user friendly and offer years of service.


A Filtration Group brand, Global Filter is a leading provider of high purity liquid filtration solutions.


Fortiva Retail Credit is the leading second look finance provider. With 20 years of experience and having funded over $25 billion in less-thanprime loans, Fortiva is the go-to solution for contractors who want to provide their customers a second look option instead of potentially losing the sale.


Gold Cross Answering Service is a 24/7/365 live operator answering service that has been serving the water industry for nearly 15 years. We are the most qualified company in your industry to handle all your answering service needs. We are your receptionist, customer service department and sales staff. Our professional operators are knowledgeable and trained in unit by passing, saving you time and money. We are skilled at setting sales appointments and offer sales email monitoring and web response. We are the business that never stops working for you.


Foundation Finance Company offers one-call financing solutions for prime, near prime and subprime credit buyers, making it easy for Culligan dealers to close more sales with less hassle. Flexible terms, revolving lines of credit, installment loans and a variety of payment promotions are offered.


IGO Products delivers Premium Water Coolers. We have the most reliable coolers in the marketplace today. We also offer the best customer service, the best customer support, free delivery and fair prices. Contact us for your next order at 909-230-4753.


Whether it is a valve, fitting or filter Culligan dealers from around the country have come to rely on G.A. Murdock for the products they need, when they need them.


Main Street Hub is the voice of more local businesses than any other company. Our “do-it-for-you� marketing platform combines social media, web, mobile and email marketing to connect local businesses with new and existing customers in their communities to get more people in the door and keep them coming back.

www.cdana.org 61


With over 25 years of experience, Michaels Wilder is your partner for strategic placement and optimal results in Print and Internet Yellow Pages advertising. MICKEY TRUCK BODIES, INC.



Nevada Computer has been working with our Culligan customers for almost 50 years. We provide software for them to do their billing, run their routes, schedule and run service calls and so much more.





Imagine your business having it’s own Internet marketing laboratory to know which marketing is working with algorithms so powerful, better results are guaranteed. Optimized Marketing provides just that with scientifically-tested websites, SEO, SEM and monthly personal feedback.

We Are Committed to Meeting Our Customers’ Needs. As the largest supplier of components and systems for the handling, treatment and storage of water, Pentair Water Purification products are key to virtually every water treatment, filtration and storage system made today. Our advanced technologies earn us the water treatment leadership position, and with Pentair products, you are never far from qualified professional support.

Mickey Truck Bodies is the nation’s leading designer and manufacturer of all-aluminum roll-up door bodies for Culligan Distributors.





Linking Value with Solutions®

PhoneTree is the original automated messaging company. Our complete suite of products ranges from onsite to online options that allow you to deliver accurate, highly customizable calls, texts and emails quickly, easily and affordably. Today we proudly serve over 25,000 customers from bottled water businesses to healthcare providers and more.

62 CDANA Connection Tribute Issue • 2016

Premium Waters, Inc. is an authorized bottled water supplier to Culligan dealers in select geographic areas. We offer 24 pack cases of 10oz, .5L, 20oz Culligan Purified Drinking Water, 1 gallon Drinking and Distilled cases, 5 gallon bottles, and custom labeled bottled water solutions.

Since 2001, PTM has provided marketing and technology support services for Culligan dealers. Comprehensive dealer programs developed and implemented over the past 14+ years continue to provide dealers gains in market share, growth and consistent financial returns from advertising investments.

Pulsafeeder has long been recognized as a leader in fluid handling technologies, manufacturing chemical metering pumps, pre-engineered systems, water treatment controllers and a wide variety of accessories. With our metering pump family including trusted brands such as PULSAtron, Chem-Tech, BLACKLINE and Mec-O-Matic, we are here to meet your needs with world-class products and customer service.

www.cdana.org 62


ResinTech, Inc. is a supplier of ion exchange resins, specialty media and activated carbon for the treatment of water and wastewater. A full line of products are offered for the removal of arsenic, nitrate, chromate, perchlorate, uranium, radium, boron, fluoride and other groundwater contaminants. Performance projections and process recommendations are available as well as resin samples for pilot testing.



Southwest Salt provides the purest and highest quality water softening salt in the market. Located in Malaga, NM, our ideal climate helps to achieve exceptional solar evaporated water softening salt.



Tomlinson Industries manufactures high-end, lead-free brass faucets in five styles and many designer finishes for reverse osmosis and treated water dispensing.



Echo Global Logistics manages Culligan’s inbound and outbound transportation programs, focusing on the modes of truckload, less than truckload, specialized equipment, and international ocean. Through our proprietary technology and dedicated service teams, we simplify the critical tasks involved in transportation management so our clients can focus on what they do best. Echo works hand-inhand with Culligan’s distribution centers, dealerships and customer service team to drive continuous improvement and deliver an exceptional client experience.


WatertightTM United Salt Corporation produces and markets a full line of water conditioning salt products. We specialize in private label solar crystals and water conditioning pellets.

VIQUA is proud to be the world’s largest supplier of residential UV water disinfection systems, making tap water safe without the use of chemicals for millions of people around the world. Our high-quality water disinfection systems are found in more than 100 countries. Our brand promise is clear: Simply Safe Water.

Waterlogic Commercial Products, LLC is a best in class BFC distributor with an expanding U.S. dealer network. Our total water solutions feature Firewall Purification technology; the game changing breakthrough in drinking water quality. Founded in 1992, Waterlogic is a worldwide leading manufacturer and global distributor of point of use water purification systems to the commercial & residential markets.

Our team of experts thoroughly understands your industry and is dedicated to implementing Watertight to optimize your business.

www.cdana.org 63







Chastang Ford is a Ford Commercial Truck Dealer located in Houston, TX. We provide various vehicles to assist Culligan Dealers in their everyday business ranging from pickup trucks to service vans to water delivery trucks. We sell and deliver in the 48 states.

Clover bottled water coolers and bottle-free coolers manufacture reliable, extremely durable commercial grade coolers. Clover also manufactures commercial grade single serve coffee brewers made specifically for high traffic and volume use. All of our products are made in Seoul, S. Korea.




Dart is an acknowledged leader in the manufacture of single-use food and beverage packaging products, with distribution across the globe. Offering the Dart and Solo product brands, we have consistently set the Industry Standard of Excellence for quality, service, and representation. Dart provides Culligan with cone, treated paper, wax paper and translucent cup solutions to fit the unique needs of your customers.

Echo Global Logistics manages Culligan’s inbound and outbound transportation programs, focusing on the modes of truckload, less than truckload, specialized equipment and international ocean. Through our proprietary technology and dedicated service teams, we simplify the critical tasks involved in transportation management so our clients can focus on what they do best. Echo works hand-inhand with Culligan’s distribution centers, dealerships and customer service teams to drive continuous improvement and deliver an exceptional client experience.

American Business Systems, Inc. provides software solutions to the water conditioning industry. Our services include Billing System, Routing, Service, Email Billing, Online Bill Pay, Point of Sale, Lead Tracking, Cloud Based Hosting and Integrated AP and GL Accounting System.

64 CDANA Connection Tribute Issue • 2016

Full line Stocking Distributor and OEM for more than 200 manufacturers of water treatment components. Faucets, Filters, Fittings, Media, Membranes, Pumps, Systems, Tanks, Testing equipment, Tubing and UV systems. Located in both the USA and Canada.


Compass Minerals® is the leading salt producer in North America. We are proud to provide premium water softener salt products under the Culligan® name to meet all of your customers’ needs.


In 2016, Hackney is 70 years old. Hackney manufactures custom truck body designs for salt, water, PE tanks delivery and service work with numerous special features including 4 bay, 6 bay, 8 bay or 10 bay body configurations.

www.cdana.org 64





S O L U T I O N S Fi l tra ti o n D ivi s i o n

LUMINOR Environmental is a Canadian manufacturer of ultraviolet (UV) disinfection systems for both residential and commercial applications with a full line of systems with flow rates of up to 625 gpm, all with 100% proprietary UV lamps for protected replacement lamp business. Fully Culligan branded UV systems are available, including fully customized controls programmed with your own corporate logo, phone numbers, etc., and a direct QR code link to your website allowing for your customers to come directly back to you for replacement lamps and/or service. A full complement of NSF approved systems and custom engineered solutions are also available.

Drive profitability by learning from the best. That’s what a 20 Group is all about. The NCM 20 Group peer collaboration process concept is smart and simple: bring together similar, non-competing dealers from a broad cross-section of the country to exchange best practices, experiences, ideas and strategies. Being part of an interactive NCM 20 Group is like having some of the best performers of your industry working for you. Their expertise, insights and experiences can be a valuable part of your operation, just as your input is important to them.



For more than 100 years, OASIS International has innovated, engineered, manufactured and distributed some of the world’s best clean drinking water solutions. Oasis is the recognized worldwide leader of bottled and pressure water coolers and provide point-ofuse filtration equipment, drinking fountains and dehumidifiers to offices, schools, businesses, hospitals, municipal buildings and homes. We deliver water-friendly solutions to more than 80 countries across the Americas, Europe, Asia, Africa and the Middle East.

PolyCycle Solutions (PCS) is a premium blow-molder for the Bottled Water Industry. PCS specializes in bottles for the HOD and Retail Markets. Their product line includes Polycarbonate, BPA Free Tritan and PET material bottles. They have manufacturing plants in California and Georgia, along with a warehouse in Texas. PCS also designs specialty molds for their customers, and has a bottle closed loop recycling program, which benefits the environment, our industry and our customers.

NeoLogic Solutions is a leading manufacturer of filtration products dedicated to providing innovative filter performance at the lowest cost of ownership. With the shortest lead times in the industry, and custom designs available, NeoLogic filtration products are still made in the USA.

Norland has more than 23 years of manufacturing experience producing quality water equipment at affordable prices. Norland’s distillation and filling equipment is used around the world to produce the freshest, cleanest drinking water in bottle sizes ranging from .500ml to 1.5 liters. With Norland, you can buy a complete, integrated system from the blow molder to the case packer and heat tunnel. Further, our systems can fill and package up to 12,000 bph. Norland has the quality, affordability and speed your business needs to succeed.



Polymer Solutions International, Inc. manufactures the ProStack, TierStak, Up-Right and Bottle-Up plastic modular rack systems used by hundreds of domestic and global bottlers to transport, warehouse, distribute and display 3- and 5-gallon bottles for their HOD operations and retail applications. We also manufacture and distribute several plastic pallet sizes and styles that are used in multiple industries.

Pro Products provides high quality, cost effective solutions for rectifying problem water and maintaining water quality equipment performance. Pro Products platforms include Culligan branded chemicals, Culligan branded demo kit, American Hydro Systems featuring Nature Shield, and LanoSoft Soft Water Soaps. Pro Products also manufacturers Sani-System. The only NSF & EPA approved sanitizer for use in water softeners, reverse osmosis units and water coolers.

www.cdana.org 65


Protexall by DeMoulin provides custom – one of a kind – uniforms to Culligan Dealerships. Our uniform line provides quality, durable and fashionable selections for all areas for your business. Sales * Customer Service * Management * Delivery, we have you covered.



We provide Full Service Printing to the Culligan Dealers. We have in stock: Forms, Labels, Stationery, Paper Rolls, Checks and can print on demand Banners, Brochures, Post Cards and all other Marketing Materials.




Sqwincher’s great-tasting, lower sodium, higher potassium, professional grade hydration™ solutions give bodies the electrolytes they need to stay hydrated, fueled and focused.


Sterling Containers, manufactured by Parker Plastics. Manufacturers of 3, 4 and 5 gallon PET bottles. BPA Free.



With over 100 years of combined water treatment experience, the TST Water team is a leading manufacturer of aftermarket refrigerator water filters, as well as filtration products for swimming pools, dishwashers, the food & beverage industry and even filtered water for pets. Located in Temecula, CA and operating in over 150,000 sq. ft., we are proud of the fact that we are the only aftermarket manufacturer of refrigerator replacement water filters that are Made In the USA, and have NSF certification.

66 CDANA Connection Tribute Issue • 2016


UniFirst, a leading provider of workwear, delivers products from traditional uniforms and protective clothing to corporate casual attire and ancillary business items. Serving 300,000 customer locations, UniFirst offers the right Rental, Lease or Purchase program to enhance your company image.


At Whitaker-LaChance Insurance, we take pride in providing business owners value through comprehensive commercial insurance products. Our “Culligan Dealers Group” offered through Frankenmuth Insurance, has proven time and again to support that value promise in coverage and savings for the clients we serve.


Water Quality Association is the not-for-profit trade organization representing the residential, commercial and industrial water quality improvement industry.

Happy 80th Team Culligan!

Wilbur L. Walton, Emmett J Culligan & Jay Trumball c 1952

Proudly Carrying on the Tradition Since 1938

Bob Boerner, Kristi Stanford ,& Gilbert Boerner c 1986


STERLING WATER, INC. is proud to celebrate three generations and 66 successful years of business! “It took a family to start and sustain the Sterling Water level of excellence. It takes a great team to uphold this standard. Thanks to my grandparents, Sterling & Jo, my parents, Peter & Karol, the past and current team members, and the great communities and customers we have the privilege to serve. We raise our glass to you!�

The family-owned dealership began in 1949, when co-founders W. Sterling and Jo Tangley opened their first franchise in Ellsworth, Wisconsin. It has since flourished to include five dealerships, serving thousands of customers across Wisconsin and Central Minnesota.

STERLING WATER, INC. Eau Claire | Rothschild | Sauk Centre | Waupaca | Willmar culliganh2o.com Facebook.com/SterlingWaterCulligan

www.cdana.org 67

CULLIGAN AWARDS HALL OF FAME INDUCTEES Jim Bell*, Fresno, CA Steve French*, Sylmar, CA Brent Chinn, Houston, TX Bryan Send, Traverse City, MI Joshua Lindsey, San Diego, CA Karen Wood, Wixom, MI Lorraine Nolen, Sacramento, CA Steven Osborn, Wichita, KS Glenn Robinson III, Missouri Valley, IA Jack Driscoll, Guelph, ON (Retired) * 2014 2015 TOP CULLIGAN REGION AWARDS Canada Sales Manager Patrick Stoute, ON Household Amanda Caissie, ON Commercial/Industrial Dennis, Atkins, ON Bottled Water Mike Rand, ON Central Sales Manager Bruce Jones, IL Household Thomas Rozum, IL Commercial/Industrial David Barnard, MO Bottled Water Chris Herzog, MO Northeast Sales Manager Gary Keats, Jr. Household Sophia Majot, NY Commercial/Industrial Tom Herberger, NY Bottled Water Thomas Davidson, NY Great Plains Sales Manager Brandon Sims, NE Household Chuck Thomas, MT Commercial/Industrial Joe Shum, KS Bottled Water Anthony Lawson, KS Great Lakes Sales Manager Courtney Burgess, MI Household Craig Prange, MI Commercial Industrial Nitinkumar Chauhan, OH Bottled Water Dan Powell, MI

68 CDANA Connection Tribute Issue • 2016

Southeast Sales Manager Keith Landau, FL Household Pat Fisher, TX Commercial/Industrial Doug Schweitzer, OK Bottled Water George Torres, TX Upper Midwest Sales Manager Gabriel Cohen, WI Household William Mich, WI Commercial/Industrial Mark Delebo, MN Bottled Water Wendy Grotte, MN West Household Michael Gumm, CA Commercial/Industrial Alberto Naccarato, CA Bottled Water Dean Tourand, WA 2015 TOP CULLIGAN DEALER AWARDS Large Market Edmonton, AB Tucson, AZ Surrey, BC Sacramento, CA San Diego, CA Englewood, CO Fort Meyers, FL Jacksonville, FL Miami, FL Nokomis, FL Plant City, FL Kingsland, GA Wixom, MI Minnetonka, MN Ramsey, MN Herculaneum, MO Charlotte, NC LaVista, NE Newburgh, NY Troy, NY Canal Winchester, OH Tulsa, OK Eagleville, PA Austin, TX Houston, TX Irving, TX Waukesha, WI

Medium Market Dothan, AL Lowell, AR Paso Robles, CA Salinas, CA San Rafael, CA Santa Maria, CA Port St. Lucie, FL Springfield, IL Hagerstown, MD Salisbury, MD Grand Rapids, MI Marlette, MI Buffalo, MN New Bern, NC Akron, NY Dover, OH Fremont, OH North Canton, OH Belleville, ON Kitchener, ON Butler, PA Mechanicsburg, PA Chattanooga, TN Beaumont, TX Roanoke, VA Burlington, WI Eau Claire, WI Rothschild, WI Small Market Red Deer, AB Cranbrook, BC Kelowna, BC Prince George, BC Grand Junction, CO Adel, IA Boone, IA Missouri Valley, IA Montpellier, ID Bloomington, IL Franklin, IN Muncie, IN Hays, KS Petoskey, MI Bemidji, MN Northfield, MN Bozeman, MT Columbus, NE Fultonville, NY

Brantford, ON Georgetown, ON Guelph, ON Pembroke, ON Woodstock, ON Brookville, PA Spearfish, SD Moose Jaw, SK Baraboo, WI Sturgeon Bay, WI 2015 CULLIGAN SERVICE AWARDS 5-Year Award Justin Brazelton, Wixom, MI Jim Burrill, New City, NY Robert Caissie, Cambridge, ON Amber Daun, Plymouth, WI Ron Doucette, Kapuskasing, ON Catherine Gilby, Beaumont, TX Mark Kraemer, Lancaster, WI Alena Metzner, Green Bay, WI Frank Panzeca, Wheaton, IL Ryan Parker, Huntsville, AL Rodney Schuler, Hutchinson, KS Rockwell Smith, Kenai, AK Scott Smith, Ft. Wayne, IN Tyler Stenseng, San Benito, TX 10-Year Award Bill Cunard, Missouri Valley, IA Dave Farmer, Rogers City, MI Derrick Harding, Garden City, KS Dave Harker, Lincoln, NE Sean McCarthy, Coralville, IA Daniel Meier, Janesville, WI Douglas Overheimer, Phoenix, AZ Marti Romel, Rogers City, MI Chad Shield, Burlington, IA Arnold Williams, Jr., Front Royal, VA Shawn Wright, Chickasha, OK 15-Year Award Nancy Becker, Lindsay, CA Andy Cowan, Brooklyn Heights, OH Tim & Sue Fatheree, Pampa, TX Murray Floyd, Cranbrook, BC Rebecca Hurst, Paso Robles, CA James J. Kerian, Fertile, MN John Motsch, Clute, TX

www.cdana.org 68

Announcing the birth of a Third Generation Culligan Man. Jase Aaron Gillett reported for his first day as a Culligan Man on Valentines Day 02/14/2016. He is excited to get into the business and take over for his Uncle DJ, Dad Aaron, Gran Pa Kevin and Grand Ma Susan. His Mother Melissa works with the Iowa DOT.As you can see he has the proper Culligan Uniform on and it is clean and presentable to the Public.

They’re not 80, but they are great! The CDANA Board thanks Jennifer & Susan and the entire JSJ Staff for over 22 years of EXCEPTIONAL SERVICE and dedication to the Culligan Dealer system! C C

















www.cdana.org 69

CULLIGAN AWARDS 2015 CULLIGAN SERVICE AWARDS 20-Year Award Eric Clarke, Bellingham, WA Sean Griffiths, Red Deer, AB Travis Hendershot, Bellefonte, PA Jason Karger, Wooster, OH Richard A. LaBrenz, Coleman, MI Randall A. Leathers, Easley, SC Dawn Saxton, Elbow Lake, MN Ron Raney, Hannibal, MO Ricky Sanders, Lexington, SC Jon Stewart, Winnepeg, MB Michele West-Coughlin, Coloma, MI 25-Year Award Michael Bogatzki, Buffalo, MN Steve & Cheryl Covell, Coldwater, MI Chuck Driessen, Waseca, MN Ken Haley, Winona, MN Kevin J. Kunz, Fredericksburg, TX Dick Lambert, Modesto, CA Chris Lane, Hilton Head, SC Tony Mast, Ft. Myers, FL Dan Reid, Sault Ste. Marie, ON Pam Robles, Woodland, CA Kristi Stanford, San Antonio, TX Richard Tate, Charlotte, NC Allan Windover, Fultonville, NY 30-Year Award Ron Corbett, Crete, NE Gina Larson*, Loves Park, IL John Metier, Ft. Dodge, IA Michael Nesheim, Snohomish, WA Michael J. Paggi, Winona, MN Dennis Rupert, Hillsdale, MI *In memory of Jeff Larson 35-Year Award Buzz Cooksey, Youngstown, OH Dan Darrington, Mitchell, SD

70 CDANA Connection Tribute Issue • 2016

Jack Douma, Enid, OK James W. Fisher II, Santa Rosa, CA Dave MacKay, ThunderBay, ON Martin McCarthy, Washington, IA Judy McCarthy, Washington, IA David G. Reynolds III, West Reading, PA Joseph Tepe, Versailles, KY 40-Year Award Donal Dammel, Kalispell, MT Tom Henry, Daytona Beach, FL Judith Kerian, Cresco, IA Dale Limbers, Baton Rouge, LA Al Lukesh, Sidney, NE Richard Meier, Janesville, WI Dwayne & Helen Orth, Ogallala, NE Van D. Waugh, Owosso, MI CONGRATULATIONS 2016 CULLIGAN SALES WINNERS Owen Alger, San Diego, CA Wil Arias, Houston, TX Yaser Arshouk, Houston, TX Casey Baker, Jacksonville, FL Michael Barone, Salisbury, MD Kim Barta, Winnipeg, MB Michael Baun, Regina, SK Patrick Bearden, Rice Lake, WI Don Beno, Inver Grove Heights, MN Todd Bergseng, Minnetonka, MN Carolynn Bieker, Minnetonka, MN Brandon Bowersox, Hagerstown, MD Jecey Buburuz, Regina, SK Matt Bump, Wichita, KS Courtney Burgess, Lansing, MI Amanda Caissie, Brantford, ON Steven Caldwell, Union Grove, WI Troy Campbell, Windsor, CT Patrick Chamberlain, Sylmar, CA Ronald Comer, Hagerstown, MD Dane Copic, Ramsey, MN Kirk Davis, Flint, MI

Dominic Defazio, San Diego, CA Michael DeGroot, Englewood, CO Mark Delebo, Minnetonka, MN D. David Doleshal, Wichita, KS Kendall Dunn, Harrisonburg, VA Keith Elsesser, Dover, OH Coleson Firmage, Salt Lake City, UT Pat Fisher, Midland, TX Steve French, Sylmar, CA Chad Friend, Ravenna, OH Ryan Gage, Omaha, NE Glen Garver, Sylmar, CA Stewart Gow, Crystal Lake, IL Wendy Grotte, Brooklyn Park, MN Michael Gumm, Sylmar, CA Esther Hail, Lubbock, TX John Hall, Nepean, ON Mike Hanson, Eau Claire, WI Scott Hembrook, Janesville, WI Mike Herber, Rochester, MN Tom Herberger, Akron, NY Leon Hoffman, Regina, SK Jud Huntley, Sylmar, CA Kim Ireland, Waukesha, WI Gary Keats, Windsor, CT Bradley Kegarise, Hagerstown, MD Anthony Lawson, Olathe, KS Timothy Lester, Ocala, FL Joshua Lindsay, San Diego, CA Christopher Linstrom, Waukesha, WI Michael Manuel, Sewickley, PA Randy Martinson, Mason City, IA Andy Matheason, Emmetsburg, IA Jodi May, Salt Lake City, UT Kris McCall, Olathe, KS Ken McCardel, Traverse City, MI Douglas McNeil, West Bend, WI Carlos Mendoza, Sylmar, CA William Mich, North Fond du Lac, WI Jason Miller, Sauk Centre, MN Scott Miller, Harrisonburg, VA Karen Moore, Wixom, MI Dan Mueller, Richland Center, WI Wayne Mumford, Brookville, PA

Alberto Naccarato, Sylmar, CA Don Ogle, Omaha, NE Leslie Orr, Nepean, ON Carlos Ortiz, Ontario, CA Steven Osborn, Wichita, KS John Ott, Peoria, IL Kelly Pabst, West Bend, WI James Panuto, Tiffin, OH Mark Pellegrini, Elmira, NY Darrell Phelps, Petoskey, MI Joshua Pitcher, Saint John, NB Dennis Pittsley, Union Grove, WI Joseph Plumhoff, Ramsey, MN Craig Prange, Lansing, MI David Prince, Flint, MI Brian Rack, Ontario, CA Oscar Rigoli, Ontario, CA Glenn Robinson III, Missouri Valley, IA Thomas Rozum, Geneva, IL Bobby Sanders, Lubbock, TX Louie Sanford, Red Wing, MN Frank Scotti, Orlando, FL Bryan Send, Traverse City, MI Sheri Skantz, Minnetonka, MN Dustin Smith, Canal Winchester, OH Scott Smith, Ramsey, MN Shawn Stephenson, Ontario, CA Patrick Stoute, Georgetown, ON Steve Templeton, Terre Haute, IN Chuck Thomas, Missoula, MT Bryan Vigos, Salt Lake City, UT Sharon Walker, Bloomington, IL Wade Waltz, Madison, WI Kyle Weis, Burlington, WI Kristin Wiebe, Winnipeg, MB Casandra Wolters, Waukesha, WI Karen Wood, Wixom, IL Daniel Worby, Regina, SK David Ziebart, Ramsey, MN

Partnership. Purolite congratulates the Culligan Dealers on 80 years of excellence in the water treatment industry. May the wave of success continue for years to come. We value our 30+ year partnership with the Culligan Dealers Network in providing quality water products and services. Purolite is your solutions company. www.purolite.com

PURO-CDANA-Anniversay_halfpage.indd 1

2/19/16 1:34 PM

CONGRATS CULLIGAN! Proud to be a dealership in the Culligan System for 61 years! We look forward to many more to come! –Paul Moorman

www.cdana.org 71




J. Scott Hunting 12/31/2018 Kennewick, WA Phone: 509.586.1174 Fax: 509.586.7821 scotthunting@culligankennewick.com DISTRICT 2


12/31/2017 Ben Jarvis*** Logan, UT Phone: 435.752.2454 Fax: 435.752.2437 ben.c.jarvis@gmail.com



Dick Lambert 12/31/2016 Modesto, CA Phone: 209.521.7241 Fax: 866.467.8709 dlambert@lambertwater.com


Dave Walker 12/31/2016 Grand Island, NE Phone: 308.382.7220 Fax: 308.382.3353 culligangi@culligancountry.com

Polymer Solutions International, Inc.



Bob Ruhstorfer 12/31/2018 Irving, TX Phone: 972.241.3828 Fax: 630.215.5947 bruhstorfer@culligantx.com DISTRICT 6


John Packard 12/31/2017 Minnetonka, MN Phone: 952.933.7200 Fax: 952.933.5049 john.packard@culliganwater.com



Kevin Gillett 12/31/2018 Waterloo, IA Phone: 319.234.4950 Fax: 319.235.0353 kevin@culliganiowa.com DISTRICT 8


Bret Tangley** 12/31/2016 Eau Claire, WI Phone: 715.598.2006 Fax: 715.834.9390 bret.tangley@culliganh2o.com

Delivery & Storage Rack Solutions Safe • Strong • Durable

Where Ideas Become Solutions



• Protect your bottles at your customer’s location • Generate revenue by reselling to your customers • Choices for laydown, standup, double or single or multipack

UpRight Platform Delivery System TM


• Lighten and maximize your payload • Designed for high volume transport • Ideal system for cube trucks and cargo vans

ProStack & TierStack ®

• Engineered plastic modular rack systems for the transportation, delivery and storage of bottled water • Reduce leakers and extend bottle life • Improve payload flexibility and increase efficiency in the factory and field


Bottle Hammock • Safe transport of full bottles • Quick retrieval of empty bottles • Improves delivery productivity

P.O. Box 310 • Newtown Square, PA 19073 • (877)444-RACK(7225) • info@prostack.com • www.prostack.com 72 CDANA Connection Tribute Issue • 2016

APT Approved Provider 95-009. IDEALS/NIRE is also approved to offer continuing education by the American Psychological Association, NBCC, and the Maryland Board of Social Work Examiners.

Congrats on 80 years from the Gibson family and our Team Members from Kendallville, Mishawaka and Valparaiso IN!

We are honored to be part of the Culligan System! www.cdana.org 73



Randy Easton 12/31/2017 Belvidere, IL Phone: 319.398.3876 Fax: 866.274.7177 reaston@uswatercompany.com DISTRICT 10


Dennis Rupert* 12/31/2016 Hillsdale, MI Phone: 517.437.4391 Fax: 517.437.0407 rupertcull@comcast.net DISTRICT 11


12/31/2018 Elmer Parks Lebanon, IN Phone: 765.482.2570 Fax: 765.482.9384 culliganman@mymetronet.net

74 CDANA Connection Tribute Issue • 2016



Don Fuller 12/31/2017 Dayton, OH Phone: 630.576.4782 Fax: 630.748.0394 dfuller@culliganwaterco.com DISTRICT 13


Allan Windover 12/31/2018 Fultonville, NY Phone: 518.853.3352 Fax: 518.853.8085 acw@heyculliganman.net



Art Trilli 12/31/2016 Star Junction, PA Phone: 724.736.8000 Fax: 724.736.0811 theculliganman@hotmail.com DISTRICT 15


Tony Mast 12/31/2017 Ft. Myers, FL Phone: 239.482.2213 Fax: 239.482.3187 t.mast@culliganman.net



CR Hall 12/31/2016 Wichita, KS Phone: 316.293.2202 Fax: 316.267.3502 chall@hallswater.com DISTRICT 17


Randy Clayton 12/31/2017 Barrie, Ontario Phone: 705.728.4782 Fax: 705.728.4096 randy.clayton@heyculliganman.com

*DAC Chairperson **DAC Chairperson Elect ***DAC Past Chairperson

Commercial/Industrial Subcommittee Mike Schaefer, Fenton, MO mike.schaefer@culliganwater.com Scott Chaney, Lowell, AR schaney@hallswater.com Kevin Gillett, Waterloo, IA (Chairman) kevin@culliganiowa.com Mike Hanson, Eau Claire, WI mike.hanson@culliganh2o.com Ben Jarvis, Logan, UT ben.c.jarvis@gmail.com Jeff Lee, Madison, WI jlee@total-water.com Bill London, San Antonio, TX blondon@culligansa.com Dennis Rupert, Hillsdale, MI rupertcull@comcast.net Scott Scheisser, Northfield, MN scott.schiesser@ultrapure.com D.J. Schannahan, Salisbury, MD djshannahan@sharpwater.com Jim Stewart, Rosemont, IL jim.stewart@culligan.com

www.cdana.org 75

2016 Marketing Subcommittee Steve Gibson, Kendallville, IN (Chairman) sgibson@heywaterman.com Bruce Baumeister, Carroll, IA bruce@culliganadvantage.com Alex Connelly, Sioux Falls, SD alex.connelly@siouxfallsculligan.com Randy Easton, Cedar Rapids, IA reason@uswatercompany.com CR Hall, Wichita, KS chall@hallswater.com Brian Kennedy, Plant City, FL bkennedy@tampaculligan.com Scott Schiesser, Northfield, MN scott.schiesser@ultrapure.com Jon Stewart, Winnepeg, MB jstewart@drinkculligan.com Erv Rokosh, Rosemont, IL ervin.rokosh@culligan.com Larry Holzman, Rosemont, IL larry.holzman@culligan.com

South Central Bruce Lamont (Mike Bannister, Dealer) East Coast Kevin Arnold (Debbie McGlynn, GM) Northwest Tracy Newell (Scott Hunting, Dealer) Upper Midwest David Zink (Dick Meier, Dealer) Great Lakes Shannon Ruby (Steve Gibson, Dealer) Canada Ashley Dupont (Lyndon Lesser, Dealer)

2016 SAC Subcommittee Chairman Dave Walker, Dealer – Grand Island, NE West Coast Knute Peterson (Jim Campbell, GM)

2016 Bottled Water Subcommittee Tony Mast, Fort Meyers, FL Mike Karr, Endicott, NY David Walker, Grand Island, NE

2016 Creative Task Force Steve Gibson, Kendallville, IN Brian Kennedy, Plant City, FL Scott Schiesser, Northfield, MN Jon Stewart, Winnepeg, MB Merle Schafman, Rosemont, IL Erv Rokosh, Rosemont, IL


76 CDANA Connection Tribute Issue • 2016

Congratulations to Culligan on your 80th birthday from a 112-year–old!

“Designed to work. Built to last.”

Family Owned Since 1904


We’d like to express our sincerest gratitude to our President, Skip Heffernan, for creating the first employee owned Culligan Dealership. Thank you Skip!” —Employee Owners, Culligan Total Water

“Congratulations to Culligan International & CDANA for 80 years of service to the water treatment industry.” —Culligan Total Water Culligan Total Water 100% Employee Owned www.cdana.org 77


16 Allied Purchasing www.alliedpurchasing.com 75 Buck’s Trucks www.buckstrucks.com 57 Cargill www.cargill.com/salt

21 Foundation Finance Company www.foundationfinance.com 73 Northern Indiana Culligan www.heywaterman.com 17 Hall’s Water www.hallswater.com

21 Pro Products www.proproducts.com

22-23 TradeWraps, LLC www.tradewraps.com

15, 71 Purolite® www.purolite.com

45 Tomlinson www.tomlinsonind.com

7 Quality Water Enterprises www.culliganqwe.com

13 UNCO Data Systems, Inc. www.uncodata.com

69 CDANA Board of Directors www.cdana.org

74 J.H. Vernco www.betterairgap.com

57 RS Water Holdings LLC www.culligantexas.com

76 CDANA 6 www.cdana.org

44 Luminor Environmental www.luminoruv.com

73 Reserve Filter www.reservefilter.com

2 Culligan International www.Cport.Culligan.Com

9 Mast Family Culligan www.culliganfortmyers.com

55 ResinTech www.resintechcom

69 DAKS Enterprises www.culliganiowa.com

77 Mickey Truck Bodies www.mickeybody.com

43 Steelhead www.steelheadinccom

80 Compass Minerals www.compassminerals.com

74 Nevada Computer Center www.nevadacomputer.com

76 Stenner Pumps www.stenner.com

67 Culligan of the Southwest www.culligansw.com 77 Culligan Total Water www.culligantotalwater.com 5 Fortiva™ Retail Credit www.FortivaRetailCredit.com

69 Paragon Water Systems www.paragonewater.com 77 PhoneTree www.phonetree.com/cdana16 72 Polymer Solutions International, Inc. www.prostack.com

12 U.S. Water Group www.USWaterCompany.com 79 United Salt Corp. www.unitedsalt.com 75 United States Resin Company www.usresin.com 19 Water Quality Association® www.wqa.org

16 Stenseng Distributing Inc. www.stensengdistributing.com

14 Western Square www.westernsquare.com

67 Sterling Water, Inc. www.culliganh2o.com

75 Whitaker-Lachance www.whitakerlachance.com

71 The Good Water Company www.thegoodwatercompany.com

2016 CULLIGAN SPONSORS 59 Allied Purchasing

64 Dart

61 Main Street Hub

62 Pulsafeeder

64 American Business

64 ECHO Global Logistics

62 Michaels Wilder

66 RR Donnelly

58 Ethology

62 Mickey Truck Bodies, Inc.

63 Resintech, Inc.

61 Featherlite

65 NCM Associates

59 Singler & Dillon, LLP

61 Fortiva Retail Credit

65 Neologic Solutions

63 Southwest Salt LLC

61 Foundation Finance

62 Nevada Computer

59 Steelhead


65 Norland International

59 Stenner Pumps

Systems, Inc.

59 American Copper & Brass, LLC 58 BAM 60 Betten Trucks 60 Better Water Industries, Inc. 60 Better H20 Products 60 Café Valet 60 Calgon Carbon Corporation 60 Cargill

61 G.A. Murdock, Inc. 61 Global Filter 61 Gold Cross 64 Good Water Warehouse 59 Goulds Water Technology

65 Oasis Intrernational

66 Sterling Containers

62 Optimized Marketing

66 TST Water, LLC

58 Paragon Water Systems

66 The Sqwincher Corp.

62 Pentair

63 Tomlinson Industries

62 Phone Tree

59 TradeWraps®

58 Precision Installation Products, Inc.

63 UNCO Data Systems, Inc.

62 Premium Waters, Inc.

63 United Salt Corporation

66 Unifirst Corporation

64 Chastang Ford

64 Hackney

60 Clack Corporation

61 IGO Products

65 Polycycle Solutions

58 John Guest

63 Viqua

60 Clickpoint

65 Polymer Solutions

58 Kennedy

63 WaterLogic

64 Clover Water Coolers

62 Product To Market, LLC


63 Watertight™

64 Compass Minerals

65 Pro Products LLC

60 Crystal Mountain

65 Luminor Environmental

59 Purolite

66 Whitaker LaChance Insurance

58 Culligan Finance Co.

58 MTN Products

66 Protexall By Demoulin

66 Water Quality Association

78 CDANA Connection Tribute Issue • 2016




Culligan Dealers Association of North America


14101 Highway 290 West, Bldg. 1600-B Austin, Texas 78737 USA

Give your customers a taste of something more.

©2015 Compass Minerals

Offer Culligan® and K-Life® Water Softening Products Consumer demand for sodium free water softening products is rising. At Compass Minerals we understand that. That’s why we offer not only Culligan Water Softener Salt, but also K-Life Sodium Free Water Softener Crystals. By having both products in your line you can meet the needs of all your customers, and take a taste of higher profitability for yourself.


Compass Minerals – your single source to meet all of your customers’ needs. To place your order or for more information call: 800-927-7258.

Profile for Jennifer Gibson Hebert

Culligan 80th Anniversary Tribute Issue  

Best water treatment franchise in the world celebrates history!

Culligan 80th Anniversary Tribute Issue  

Best water treatment franchise in the world celebrates history!

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