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Jeremy Clarke Residential Specialist Licensed Salesperson REAA 2008

027 513 7043 07 349 8075

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Mission Statement First National Real Estate is committed to providing a level of excellence in real estate services to your region, with a focus on honesty and professionalism. There is a difference between interest and commitment. When you are interested in doing something, you do it ONLY when it is convenient. When you are committed to something, you accept no excuses, ONLY RESULTS!

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My Background My wife and I, together with our two children, moved to Rotorua some 20 years ago after falling in love with the place on a family holiday a couple of years earlier. I continued in my trade as a builder for many years eventually contracting for the majority of the insurance companies operating in Rotorua. Throughout this time my interest in the local Real Estate market continued to grow to a point that I took the jump and hung up my tool belt and entered the Real Estate profession some seven years ago and have never looked back. In all that time my excitement and drive to help my clients achieve and exceed their Real Estate goals has only multiplied. I would consider it a real privilege to help you with your next move.

“I’d love to help you!”


We put you First

Achievements •

Certified Sales Consultant

Member of the Real Estate Institute of New Zealand

First National New Zealand Awards: (Nationwide) •

Ruby Award 2015 - year ending 31st March 2017

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My Recent Sales

18 Clinkard Avenue GLENHOLME


28 Blomfield Street PUKEHANGI

24 Thomas Crescent WESTERN HEIGHTS

119 Mallard Drive SELWYN HEIGHTS

89 Old Quarry Road SELWYN HEIGHTS

15B Buchanan Place SUNNYBROOK

34a & 34b Gordon Road WESTERN HEIGHTS

We put you First

My Recent Sales

24B Trigg Avenue FENTON PARK

4 & 8 Tawhero Street MAMAKU

11 Manuka Crescent HILLCREST

6 Horoeka Street SPRINGFIELD

17 Takahe Street SELWYN HEIGHTS

102A Clayton Road MANGAKAKAHI


36 Ruby Place PUKEHANGI

108A Iles Road LYNMORE

9 Frances Street NGONGOTAHA

31D Frank Street KOUTU

27 Clinkard Avenue GLENHOLME

5 Johnston Crescent HILLCREST

62B Parawai Road NGONGOTAHA

7 Aurora Street SPRINGFIELD

First National Rotorua

Why make me your choice? What my customers say about me..... This was the second property I have marketed with Jeremy Clarke and he has always delivered results exceeding me expectations. I was extremely pleased with Jeremy’s service and expertise for the recent sale of my house. From the initial meeting, everything was made clear and great advice was given in relation to all aspects of the sale such as pricing, marketing, staging and more. Jeremy was amazingly knowledgeable and personable. He always gave us detailed feedback after viewings and open homes. When you hire Jeremy or First National, you are hiring a team of professionals dedicated to getting you through the selling process with ease and care. I found Jeremy trustworthy and always felt he had the best interests at heart. I would recommend him without hesitation. Paul Gale Vendor - 15b Buchanan Street

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Choosing the right agent Choosing the wrong agent could cost you money and delay your opportunity to move forward. The real estate market is fast paced and in a constant state of evolution. Figuring out how best to sell your home, at any given point, is something that can be immensely stressful. We’re conscious of dealing with people and their lives. The emotional as well as the rational. Jeremy utilises all the resources available to him through First National, as well as our many years of experience, he will take time and care in dealing with your real estate needs. We regard our staff as partners in the business and select our team as much for their people skills as for their experience and track records. We are straight forward and honest in our dealings with you and have many satisfied, loyal clients. We want you to be a client for life. We care about you and your property. We take the time to consider your personal needs and wishes and are committed to make sure the sale of your property is handled correctly. Our agency is enthusiastic and we’re committed to constantly training to assure our procedures always deliver the best outcome for you. There’s no room for a pushy or confrontational approach - we favour co-operation and consultation. Call Jeremy today - 027 513 7043.

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Be sure to ask your agent • How will you achieve the maximum price for my property? • Who is the most likely type of buyer for my property? • Where will the buyers for my property come from? • How will you target your marketing to find a buyer for my property? • How and when do you conduct inspections? • What happens when you show a buyer through my property? • How and when will I receive feedback and be kept informed? • Will I be locked into an agreement even if you are not doing what you said you would? • Does your agency offer a service agreement?

We put you First

Establishing the likely sale price of your home Statistically, properties that are overpriced take longer to sell, and in most cases sell for less.

Right up front, I should point out that it’s not uncommon for people to over-estimate the value of their home. It’s only natural - your home, after all, means more to you than just about anyone else. It’s also not uncommon for people to feel, or suspect, that sales consultants inflate their estimates. It’s true, in some cases they do. It’s partly human nature to want to show enthusiasm, and a generous estimate is one way of demonstrating how keen they are for your business. Some sales consultants see it as a form of flattery. But there are more appropriate ways in which we can demonstrate our enthusiasm, so we avoid this practice. my goal is to provide you with a realistic range, one that’s based upon my knowledge of the local market, its current dynamics, as well as greater influences such as national and international economic conditions. We’ll calmly and quietly arrive at a figure that ranges between conservative and optimistic, with due consideration for all the factors that come into play.

Ultimately, a realistic guide will help you achieve a better result!

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Choosing your method of sale Ultimately, the best method of sale is the one you’re most comfortable with. Changing homes rates highly on the stress scale, and for good reason. The simple fact is that changing where you live is emotionally charged.

So, what’s best for you? It’s important to market your property using the most effective possible strategy. After all, for many people, their home is their most valuable asset. Maximising its exposure will help ensure the strongest possible price. Our team have training and skills to conduct successful marketing campaigns for any of the following options: Exclusive Listing – with or without a price You appoint one sales consultant who takes full responsibility on your behalf for the marketing of your property to achieve the result you want. Initially to test the market, your property can be offered with or without a price. Purchaser response will be conveyed to you in order to establish a true market value for your property, thus minimising the risk of underselling. Tender Buyers submit sealed offers (Tenders), which are opened on a pre-determined date. This method is very private and confidential as no one else knows the amount of the tenders or the terms. Offers may be conditional and you have the right to reject any of the offers, or negotiate further with tenderers. Auction The auction process provides you with a high profile marketing campaign culminating in a public auction on a pre-determined date and time where interested parties bid for the right to purchase your property. Only unconditional buyers can bid. Bids must reach or exceed an agreed reserve price before the property can be sold. General Listing A general listing is where your property is listed with more than one agency and therefore no-one takes the responsibility for the marketing. Minimal advertising is offered (if any) and there is a possibility of underselling.

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Generating Momentum When we begin promoting your property a groundswell of momentum is generated. Immediately alerting our buyer database and activating our marketing attracts the interest of all qualified buyers looking for a property like yours. Competition from the most active buyers in the marketplace peaks in the first few weeks - this is generally when the strongest offers are received. Commitment Maintaining momentum is crucial. If offers attracted in the phases At are First not National XXXX weearly believe in of commitment marketing, a market review is recommended to maintain competitiveness. Knowing that defines the difference. Many of our team have when the time is right to alter pricing is apracticed delicate matter and sends signals to the or more. Our in real estate for over a decade marketplace. diverse team has a vast array of previous professional

experience including Banking, Building, Business We monitor the progress of your sale diligently and continually consult assure yousomething Owners, Directors, and so muchto more. That’s understand your chosen position. we’re very proud of. Experience is a resource that matters when it comes to achieving the best possible result.

Process Once listed with us, we immediately set about notifying our qualified buyer database that your home has become available. • Weaction don’t sit about waiting for other marketing efforts to get underway. While we’re preparing newspaper advertising, your home will be showcased on the internet. Before your signboard arrives, we have already been working hard, behind the scenes, creating momentum. The entire team at First National XXXX is committed to completing your sale with care, so you can be on your way to the next • interest chapter in your life as soon as possible.

• marketing

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Expertise, Resources, Commitment, Process Four simple but powerful words. Once you appoint First National Real Estate, you’ll see all four working in unison.


With over 25 years of experience in our region, we’ve a long established track record for outstanding results, selling real estate in the greater Rotorua area and the many surrounding localities. Nothing helps more than a high level of awareness of our area’s history, current affairs and emerging factors when it comes to the sale of your property.


First National Rotorua is backed by the resources of a national network. So, our website is optimised to ensure customers have the best chance of finding your property before someone else’s; we use buyer and tenant matching systems to ensure no stone is left unturned.


At First National Rotorua we believe in commitment that defines the difference. Many of our team have practiced in real estate for over a decade or more. Our diverse team has a vast array of previous professional experience including Developers, Farmers, Builders, Business Owners, Directors, and so much more. That’s something we’re very proud of. Experience is a resource that matters when it comes to achieving the best possible result.


Once listed with us, we immediately set about notifying our qualified buyer database that your home has become available. We don’t sit about waiting for other marketing efforts to get underway. While we’re preparing newspaper advertising, your home will be showcased on the internet, Before your signboard arrives, we’ll have already been working hard, behind the scenes, creating momentum. The entire team at First National Rotorua is committed to completing your sale with care, so you can be on your way to the next chapter in your life as soon as possible.

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Steps to Success First National Rotorua strives to maximise the sale price of every property we market. We adopt a consultative approach to your sale and pride ourselves on achieving the best results for our clients. Here’s how...

1 2 3 4 5 Accurate appraisal

Method of Sale

Advertising & marketing

Presenting you home


1. Our goal is to sell your property for the highest price. This starts with a realistic comparative market analysis. Our expert sales consultants have unparalleled knowledge of property values in this area and this is why we consistently achieve our anticipated price for residential sales. 2. We’ll explain the different methods of sale available and help you choose which is best suited to your needs. Typically, options will include Private Treaty (For Sale), Auction or Tender although other alternatives are available if required. We’ll also look at timing and any events that could impact on the success of your campaign. 3. To maximise your sale price. First National Rotorua will outline a range of marketing and advertising options that ensure a wide audience is alerted to your sale. Our comprehensive marketing includes exposure on our industry leading websites, major real estate web-portals and local Property Guide. 4. We love making sure buyers see the full value of your property. So we’ll guide you with recommendations about a myriad of small things you can do to make sure your property is presented in its best light. 5. Once everything’s ready, we’ll start showing buyers through your home. We’ll offer you the choice of ‘Open House Inspections’ or ‘Private Buyer Appointments’ and discuss which times are best to show your home/ property.

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Receiving Feedback

Auction / Offer

8 9 10 Contracts





6. After each inspection, we keep you informed of our progress by reporting what the prospective buyer thought. This helps ensure we’re on track and allows us to fine tune any areas of concern. 7. Whether selling by Auction or Private Treaty, offers will be received during your marketing campaign. This is where our negotiation skills make all the difference. We’ll help you assess the offer, making recommendations about process, counter offers, and have you in an informed position so that you can make decisions. 8. Once you’ve accepted an offer, or the hammer has fallen at Auction, contractual documentation will be signed by both buyer and seller and the deposit paid. We explain everything you’ll need to know at the time, and let you know when your sale becomes ‘unconditional’. 9. Some of our customers like to celebrate in the customary fashion at this point so you might feel like opening that bottle of Champagne you’ve been keeping on ice! Alternatively, you might prefer a cup of tea. Whatever your choice, we’ll be just as excited as you are as the SOLD sign goes up. 10. Next up comes the ‘Settlement Period’. This is typically three to six weeks but will have been set or negotiated during the sale process. This is when you begin packing up and planning for ‘moving day’. We’re not finished just yet and have lots of helpful tips to help you smooth the process. 11. Moving day. In many cases, this will also be the day your sale ‘settles’ although some people do move out before ‘settlement’, the buyer pays the complete balance of the sale price to you, sometimes the formality of a ‘pre-settlement inspection’. Guess what, we’re still here to help.

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Communication Be sure to ask any sales consultant you interview to show you how and when they will communicate with you to keep you well informed. Your sales consultant’s commitment to communicate with you regularly regarding current market conditions, buyer feedback and what’s happening during the sale process is essential. Selecting a sales consultant who reports reliably after inspections allows you to understand exactly how the market is responding to your property. This feedback allows you to make informed decisions about what can be done to eliminate or minimise reoccurring objections so your sale price can be maximised.

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The next steps Your authorisation to proceed Advertisement and open home dates are confirmed Feedback and review dates are confirmed Advertising schedule confirmed Photos taken Marketing material prepared Flyers delivered in the neighbourhood Web page established Email to known active purchasers Mail-out to local contacts Property preparation completed Team introduced to your property Signboard goes up Let the marketing begin!

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Jeremy Clarke

Residential Specialist Licensed Salesperson REAA 2008 027 513 7043 07 349 8075

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Good As Sold Ltd MREINZ (A Member Of The First National Group) Licensed Agent (REAA 2008)

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