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Š Rene Burri / Magnum Photos South of France, 1975

About the photo on the cover: This picture was taken by Rene Burri at Magnum Photos. (1975, South of France)

rotorgroup design & communication agency email or call + 32 (0)51 25 27 25

Magnum Photos is a photographic co-operative of great diversity and distinction owned by its photographer-members. Magnum photographers like Carl De Keyser, Robert Capa, Henri Cartier-Bression, Elliot Erwitt, Martin Parr, and many more all have a powerful individual vision. Rotorgroup choose this picture because for us, covers always need a strong and attractive image. This image shows the essence of visual communication: The woman on the picture is working on her 'image'. In the end beauty and a differentiated character attract us all. And of course, we like beautiful women...

Rotorgroup designs Graphics, , DESIGN, Interior, Events. Our objective is to create a made to measure identity and image for businesses and entrepreneurs. Visual, professional and original, with an extra accent on originality. Rotorgroup does not want to offer its clients ‘mainstream’ ready-made solutions. On the contrary, we create a tailor-made Corporate Identity, regardless the budget size. Our clients are as well a starting company as large-scale industry. Corporate Identity, and we like it the most when it has a subtle twist. Because finally, your company has to profile itself in a clean and differentiated way. Logo, website, packaging, give-aways, advertisements, stands, displays, shop layout, showrooms, product design, etc. These are factors that define your corporate image. With these specialities Rotorgroup wants to create emotions that reflect the soul of your company. In this document, you will see a few of projects.


corporate identity


Koksijde, Fascinating!

Koksijde Corporate Identity

The Municipality of Koksijde chose Rotorgroup to design its new corporate identity. Rotorgroup was awarded this assignment after a competition between different agencies. The main criteria were creativity, budget and timing. A new image, with the K in the middle and Pantone 631 blue, formed the basis for a whole range of items from holiday folders to clothing, give-aways, flags, business cards, letterheads, etc.

client Gemeente Koksijde date launch 6 december 08 place Koksijde more

Because corporate identity is about much more than just the design of a logo, Rotorgroup also created the guidelines for the use of photos so that KoksijdeOostduinkerke was able to present a fascinating face (and rightly so) to the world. Rotorgroup also created the concept for the launch which featured the local authority in a story about a Snail Man, life-size shellfish, and of course the real Santa.


corporate identity/WEB client SBQ vastgoed date january 09 more

SBQ Real Estate



Eastcoast Real Estate SBQ is a new real estate agency in the Knokke region and it also sells apartments in the new La Reserve. Rotorgroup designed the corporate identity and the website for SBQ. At the request of the client the website has been kept as simple and serious as possible. The logo has also been given a refined look to optimally reflect the stylish and professional image that SBQ wants to communicate.

The underlying website programming has been set up to facilitate the publication of all the data on other different real estate websites.


Child-friendly Robotica

Bimbi Fashion For Kids

LOGO/WEB client Bimbi date february 09 place Roeselare more

Bimbi is an exclusive clothing store for children from 0 – 12 years of age in Roeselare. We choose an attractive and colourful corporate identity that is appropriate for a store that sells children’s clothing. Rotorgroup created real BimbiBots, each with their own, wayward character. We took our inspiration for this from the fantasy world of children, who are also playful, happy and wayward.

Enter 9


LOGO/WEB client Lammertyn date june 09 more

constructing for constructors

Lammertyn Web/Logo Construction



mag er een beetje kleur bij

mag er een beetje kleur bij

mooie stofjes

mooie stofjes


puzzel er op los LOGO/WEB

puzzel er op los

zo mooooooooi

zo mooooooooi

client Little History lekker aaibaar 09 date september place Kortrijk more

Grand Stories

Little History Invitation Children Wear

lekker aaibaar

We are very happy to finally present our 1st winter ’09-’10 collection

We are very happy to finally present our 1st winter ’09-’10 collection

Galerij Vitro Koning LeopoldI straat 25 8500 kortrijk

Galerij Vitro Koning LeopoldI straat 25 8500 kortrijk

parkeren rond het oude gerechtsgebouw of aan de Leie

parkeren rond het oude gerechtsgebouw of aan de Leie

vrijdag 4 september van 16.00 tot 21.00 zondag 6 september van 14.00 tot 19.00 zaterdag 12 september van 14.00 tot 19.00


vrijdag 4 september van 16.00 tot 21.00 zondag 6 september van 14.00 tot 19.00 zaterdag 12 september van 14.00 tot 19.00

graag een seintje

graag een seintje

T. 0032 56 32 52 73 M. 0032 475 96 89 29

T. 0032 56 32 52 73 M. 0032 475 96 89 29

leeftijdencirkels (70 mm)





1 5





corporate identity client ASK Architecten date 01 januari 2009 place Knokke-Heist pantone pantone process blue

ASK Architects



Don’t ask An architectural blueprint was used as the fundamental idea to create the corporate image of ASK Architecten. The many different patterns, to be found in architectural design software, became a logic ingredient, all together with the typical Process-Blue. The patterns are mostly used on large graphic surfaces and the pattern itself is not complicated. In this way, the corporate image looks very well balanced and is never overdone.

Each employee at ASK Architecten picked his favorite pattern to ‘fill’ their personal documents, while the ASKhatch is used for all general documents.


Beware of the dog

branding + PHOTOSHOOT client Omnin Inter-Fashions date september 2009 place Zwevegem

Doopl kids accessories



WEBSITE client Modular web theme-based website

Rudy’s undercover lab



with a clear thread.

In order to get away from his nagging wife Yvonne now and then, 22 years ago Rudy decided to build an underground light laboratory in Antarctica. His mission was clear: he wanted to produce the purest, clearest light the world had ever seen. Forever innovating, forever improving. One customer was all he had, Modular Lighting Instruments, a company using Rudy’s light in their fittings.

both good and bad and a story

detailed cartoon full of characters

runs on the Northern Lights. A

where he creates equipment that

of ideals to run his own laboratory

who heads to the North Pole full

And so Rudy was created; a man

Client: Modular Lighting Instruments, 2002 Link: Linked to the theme of the Iglo. Conclusion: Igloo theme can be used in all forms of communication.

Let’s get back in time, way back when Rudy was still at high school, he had two young admirors, Kelvin and Olgi, he was always showing his crazy experiments. Rudy really thought they would later become his pupils, but on the contrary, in the years that came, pure jealousy spoilt the friendship as Rudy’s creativity proved to be far superior than theirs (and even was rewarded for it by closing a secret deal with Modular). Slowly but surely, Kelvin and Olgi split from Rudy and decided that their life mission would be to bully or sabotage Rudy’s plans… Nowadays, Kelvin is a policeman and does nothing other than continuously check on Rudy’s activities or to fine him for the smallest breach of the law. He is aware that Rudy has a hidden agenda, but is too stupid to even realize what a world lies beneath the arctic surface. And then there is Olgi… What a weird guy he is, constantly doing experiments with live animals. His dream is to have the power to mutate with animals, giving him the ability to spy on Rudy or to sabotage his business without being seen. He can drink Rudy’s blood and hopes to discover the secret of mutation one of these days. He is the only one to know Rudy likes to spend time in Atarctica. But for what purpose?, He wonders while doing final mutation tests on a ….pinguin. “Two are stronger than one”, Olgi thinks as he picks up the phone and calls Kelvin. “Ah, dear friend Kelvin, feel like spending some time in Antarctica this winter? I know somebody who does for one or the other reason…” The continuing story of Rudy took place on the website.





PRINT client Modular content corporate magazine


Zinetta is a corporate magazine



Corporate news and projects mixed with humor and ‘in depth’ articles about nightlife, supermarkt stress, truckdrivers, harems, hair customizing, Official Modular dealer list the one million stylo guy, sweet sixteen, diners and much more. Read Zinetta. Out every issue. Main office – Belgium (for general information and sales network addresses in other countries) Modular Lighting Instruments NV • Armoedestraat 71 • 8800 Roeselare • Belgium Tel: **32 (0)51 26 56 56 • Fax: **32 (0)51 22 80 04

The Netherlands Modular Lighting Nederland BV • Bouwerij 54 • 1185 XX Amstelveen • The Netherlands Tel: **31 (0)20 347 30 47 • Fax: **31 (0)20 347 30 48 France Modular Lighting Paris • 42, rue Gassendi • 75014 Paris • France Tel: **33 1 45 42 24 25 • Fax: **33 1 45 42 43 20 Italy Modular Lighting Italy • via dell’Artigianato, 29 • 20040 Bellusco • Italy Tel: **39 039 6840144 • Fax:**39 039 6883365 Japan Modular Lighting Japan • Terrace House B • 1-9-7 Nishi azabu, Minato-ku • Tokyo 106-0031 • Japan Tel: **81-357 75 25 11 • Fax: **81-357 75 25 12


United Kingdom Modular Lighting U.K. • 22-24 St. Giles High Street • London WC2H 8TA • United Kingdom Tel: **44 (0)20 7681 9933 • Fax: **44 (0)20 7681 9943 Switzerland Modular Lighting Switzerland AG • Binzstrasse 23 • 8045 Zürich • Switzerland Tel: **41 44 4564400 • Fax: **41 44 4564409


Norway Modular Lighting Norway AS • Ostre Aker vei 207 • 0975 Oslo • Norway Tel: **47 22 90 25 00 • Fax: **47 22 90 25 25 Spain Modular Lighting Spain • PG. Sant Joan 10 • 08010 Barcelona • Spain Tel: **34 93 244 43 43 • Fax: **34 93 265 59 63 Australia & New Zealand Modular Lighting Australia • 189a St Johns Road • Glebe NSW 2037 • Australia Tel. **61 2 9571 8800 • Fax. **61 2 9571 8811

For a full overview of our worldwide sales network, please contact the Modular headquarters or check the ‘sales network’ area on

Z16-Cover2.indd 1

10/26/07 6:10:42 PM



Le Nord Where: Aarschotstraat Brussels (Schaarbeek), Belgium. What: Bordello-Street. Why: To glance at the adult entertainment atmosphere. Why-not: Human trafficking might still be a problem in this sector. While some call this eye-candy, others find this repulsing. You know what to expect when driving through a red light district. Red lights, pimps on every corner, fluorescent G-strings (apparently corsetry is not so high-fashion anymore), girls seducing clients by shaking body parts, quick hand signs as a secret xxx-language, and a male clientele seeking short-time pleasure at 40 euro. The atmosphere is tense, and although cars are moving very slow because every window needs to be inspected closely, the real pleasureseekers park quick, ‘strike’ fast


Pita places The night makes you hungry. And not only is a hearty kebab meal the ideal way to recover from the partying, also the solitary feeling (24 tables and you are the only one there) charges ones batteries. Döner kebab places are rather unattractive during the day, but their atmosphere seems quite luring during the night. Kebab facts Kebab consists of layers of meat stacked onto a large vertical skewer. Beef, lamb or chicken meat is used. Never pork. The skewer is turned and the meat cooks by radiant heat from a side grill. The meat is cut off with a knife, thus producing small slices of meat.

Shoarma or döner kebab. Both refer to the vertically positioned skewer which is so typical of the nocturnal döner kebab establishments. Most of the time, you can see the quality of the meat before you even taste it. So if it resembles a squashed-together grey-brown mess, it’s time to abandon ship and look for the next kebab serving restaurant. After all, you want to survive the night and feeling sick is not part of that. The meat is thinly sliced off the stack and placed in pita bread, served with a salad, or not. Sometimes the meat is also wrapped in some kind of pancake or wrap. This is what we call a dürüm, and that’s the original one. Do be careful of the sauces served with this dish. They are indispensable and give you the kick you need to survive the night. But better go for the curry sauce if you have any romantic plans. Just a case of not scaring the ladies away with that awful smell coming from your gob. 73


Packing Serge

Elektrik Sky Pattern Packing

PACKAGING client Elektrik Sky graphics Visual identity, Packaging, logo Inspiration thanks to Serge

Although Serge Gainsbourg never wore a shirts with the same pattern, he was the inspiration behind this packaging. There was much more to Serge than his typical denim shirts; it was his mythical lifestyle, his entourage, his songs, his wife (wives) and above all his generation that defined this design.



CORPORATE ID client Shinn boards graphic design for the 2010 board-range


the Shinn is inn

Shinn Kiteboards Rotorgroup designed for Shinn the kiteboard-graphics. This sector needed a new wave. No more skulls, no more bones. Mainly, we made crisp designs, for a brand-new name in kiteboarding. www.shinnboarding;com





MEDIACAMPAIGN client Be Kult date 08-09 place Roeselare more Brugsesteenweg 372a

Be Kult, Be Different

Wear right Be Kult

For Be Kult, a clothing store from Roeselare, Rotorgroup creates each fashion-season all publicity and marketing tools. Be Kult Magazines, flyers, TV commercials and even genuine Be Kult sandwiches. Fashion can never be dull, that is why we bring variation and a new concept each season. Styling, photography, decor, advertising and the layout of the magazines is ‘re-seasoned’. In this way, the clients can see that Be Kult not only has a large and interesting assortment, but also that the in store fashion trends are never outdated.






Collection 09



fresh collection

client Be Kult date 08-09 place Roeselare more Brugsesteenweg 372a


Wear right. Be Kult.

Wintercollectie 09


Clothing from Roeselare


Brugsesteenweg 372A 8800 Roeselare


TER N W I N L E CT I O re C 0 L oesela

,R 72A g3 e w n stee gse Bru

021 21

ADVERTISING client Modular Lighting Instruments place Kortrijk, BiĂŤnnale Classic

a fair tale

Fairytales tales for Modular As part of the M-protected campaign, we went on a foray for real fairytales. Fairytales with real characters, ghosty, spooky or with blinding beauties. What kind of real lives would these people lead? Would everything really be so beautiful and happy? The fairytale photos were not just used as advertisements, they also formed the lynchpin for the catalogue. Typefaces, icons and general atmosphere were all adapted to fit in with the fairytale era.


advertising productdesign

Woodchoppers en Pompons

client Modular Ligting Instruments designed 2007-2008 labeled 2008 more

Henry van de Velde Label 2008 for Branch

Branch Modular Rotor designed this exterior lighting fixture and also made the advertising image. In 2008 this design was awarded with the Henry van de Velde Label. Also in 2008 woodchopping became the next hype.






high on calories

Modular Light Campaign

client Modular advertising campaign and catalogue photography

‘Light’ has several different meanings. One of them indeed is the light produced by lighting equipment. With this series of lights we wanted to highlight the other aspect of light. ‘Light’ for instance can also be the reflection off gold teeth. ‘Light’ is everywhere. Most of the photos were not staged but were the result of a few days of snapping and shooting.





girls girls girls

client Modular Lighting Instruments girls Swedish, Belgian and French

Modular Black and Light These shots were taken in an abandoned old maison de maĂŽtre. Given the international company we were keeping, all the photos had to be taken in one day. You might be interested to know that these photos were used for advertising and that promoting lighting this way was pioneering work at that time. The trend at the time was to show lighting exclusively in architectural settings.


ADVERTISING client Modular Lighting Instruments 12 pictures for media-campaign

about animals in tunnels

Twelve tunnels

The basic element was a tunnel. A tunnel that kept transforming into different dream situations. Twelve absurd worlds where lighting, characters animals and dÊcor all combine to make a whole. Here’s a bit of important information we gathered while shooting the twelve animals. Snakes feel the cold, crocodiles cannot be tamed, bears are unpredictable, elephants are usually well-behaved, horses and goats are nervous, elks are calm, highland buffalos impressive, birds always escape, owls have very sharp claws, flamingos run in circles and camels eat white costumes.



PRODUCT DEVELOPMENT goal cooling beer


cooling a Green Duvel

Incubation Fridge Duvel-Moortgat Incubators keep objects or human life warm. This fridge keeps your drinks cold.




miniature garage

client BMW Belgium

BMW Art Cars The task: create an exclusive display unit for a limited collection of BMW Art Cars. What happens when you pick up a miniature? You take it in your hand. And so we took the position of the hand and shaped it into a U-shaped piece of aluminium that contained the miniature and its protective case. The design and material accurately reflected the exclusive image of a limited series of BMW Art Cars.




A Queen for Salvation

STAND client Modular Lighting Instruments date april 09 place Milan, Zona Tortona

Modular Milaan Modular asked Rotorgroup to handle its participation in Euroluce 2009 (Milan). Taking part in trade fairs only makes sense if the visitors are able to get a feel of the total concept. So, Rotorgoup designed much more than just the stand therefore. The graphics for the stand, clothing of staff on the stand, teasers and the whole story about the Queen of Light and the King of Shadow, were seamlessly interwoven. Call it storytelling if you like. With the white Goddess – the Queen – in the main role who succeeds in getting you to repent and who forgives your sins, and the dark Lord – the King – who does nothing but to make you ogle at Girls Girls Girls and to make you commit loads of other sins. Rotorgroup created a temporary place of pilgrimage in the backstreet district of a big city (Modular City), where ‘salvation’ and ‘temptation’ confronted each other. Loyal clients of Modular were enticed beforehand with letters and a taste of (fake) money. This took place in parallel with the presentation of the new Modular catalogue – which had also undergone a complete conversion to keep the faith with the Modular City – that was revealed en première at the Interieur08 trade fair in Kortrijk.




Supermercados in Modularcity

STAND client Modular Lighting Instruments date october 08 place Kortrijk, Interieur Biënnale

Modular Interieur Biënnale 08 Modular City. Anno 2008. This stand for Modular tells the story of a city in all is diversity. A garage, a nightclub, a supermarket, a night shop, a clothes store and even a playground. The whole city ambiance was concentrated into an 200m² stand. Anyone visiting the stand experienced, saw and listened to the sounds of a whole city. In order to make the ensemble as credible as possible almost everything was personalised to Modular dimensions. Profile Supermarket, Diablo Night Club or a 45Only Record store? The space, graphics, clothing, decor and music were all in perfect harmony with each other. Rotorgroup handled both the concept and the execution of the stand.



STAND client Modular Lighting Instruments date october 08 place Kortrijk, Interieur BiĂŤnnale



Supermercados in Modularcity



night life check our hot new stuff anillo/cupid/izar/ace lighting instruments retrofuturism

get your free copy at the kiosk


STAND client Modular Lighting Instruments place Kortrijk, BiĂŤnnale Classic



Whisky stand


Modular Classic

The only time Modular participated in a Classic, almost antique fair. The question was not long in coming: How to elevate a Classic theme? And the answer is: Scottish lords and a whisky bar. Plaid carpeted walls finished with the Rotor touch. Rotorgroup handled both the concept and the execution of the stand.




Cognac V.S.O.P

Durlet INterieur & IMM

STAND client Durlet date october 08, januari 09 place Interieur08 / IMM09 more

Durlet makes high-quality leather chairs and sofas. These are products that have an excellent finish so visitors need sufficient time and the right ambiance in order to experience or literally to feel the product. This is why Rotorgroup chose a neutral structure, upholstered with warm stained wooden panels. Panels covered the walls and a roof was produced in the same wood to create a certain sense of security and cosiness. Warmth, atmosphere and modern design formed the basis for the presentation of an exclusive and contemporary product.



STAND client Novy date launch 26 february 09 place batibouw more





Novy Batibouw 09 The pioneer in kitchen equipment, Novy, commissioned Rotorgroup to come up with the concept and design for its stand at Batibouw 2009. Novy is an essential part of contemporary kitchens, so it wanted to present its products originally and aesthetically. It wanted to make sure that it was not labelled as a kitchen builder, but as a manufacturer of high-quality kitchen equipment with a superior finish. We went for a totally white stand that reflected Novy’s current corporate identity. The stand was specially designed to include different zones that were linked by vertical and horizontal elements. The challenge for Rotorgroup was to create a separate image and identity for each different zone without closing them off too much. The idea was for visitors to get a clear feeling of transparency once they were on the stand. The stand was lit throughout without specific emphasis on any one area. The use of wood and aluminium reinforced the concept.



Interior client Igor wood Iroko place Ghent



Grand CafĂŠ

Igor Chamfrings The owners of this café gave a very clear briefing: “Create a contemporary space with all the allure of a grand café”. The bottom line was that the atmosphere had to be such that guests could have conversations during the daytime, and that there had to be a certain ambience in the evenings. The interior moreover had to be warm, with no fakely trendy, let’s be happy concepts. Grand cafés are like grand crus. They must improve with age. The use of Iroko wood was an excellent solution. Iroko wood lives, it goes dark and gains a beautiful patina the more it is used. The open fire area is of course an essential. Chamfering, unfolding and all the skills of a craftsman carpenter. This café was sculpted in an amorphous design all in one and the same wood, Iroko. This veneer was glued onto black mdf sheets that ensured that all the different lines and angles were clearly visual. What started off as a joke about a ski chalet turned into one of the most trendsetting and bespoke cafés in all Gent.


STAND DESIGN client Modular theme colder and iglo’s


Interior Iglow

Modular Iglo building A hemisphere with an 18-metre diameter, temperatures dropping below freezing, breathing fluo walls, soft floors that you could sink into, large frozen walls, and a bar with hot chocolate with rum and foam gin and tonic. Stand design can be fascinating.


STAND DESIGn client Photovoltech date july 09 more place Tienen

PhotoVoltech brightest power



the shining


cacao addicts

STAND DESIGN client Natra date september 09 place Malle

Natra chocolate, chocolate and chocolate


Lightplanning & DESIGN client VK Group date june 08 more wood solid afromosia

VK Group Showroom



Afromosia VK Group, a leading engineering firm, wanted to give their office in Brussels an international allure. Rotorgroup was asked to find a solution for the reception and to think about the lighting on the ground floor. For the reception, a majestic piece of furniture is designed in solid afromosia. Different sections and lengths of solid beams are held together with a steel system. By setting the beams at different depths we created a light and expressive ensemble. The whole of the reception is light up by a gigantic wall of light featuring the skyline of Brussels. Another wall of light is placed in the waiting room featuring the latest works by the VK Group.

The corridors inside the offices are light by a pure TL line that weaves its way in a single uninterrupted line through the whole floor. To achieve this, a hole had to be made in an 80-cm thick wall. Customised lighting is created in the meeting rooms complemented by Modular fixtures. Everything was done in close consultation with interior architect StĂŠphanie Van Kerckhove of VK Studio and project manager Dirk Deraeve of the VK Group.

Interior Exterior

Private Residence Outdoor Kitchen

Outdoor kitchen, storage for firewood and bike shed all under one roof. This assignment turned out to be more than just creating an outdoor kitchen: the residents like to live outdoors all year round.

Lightplanning & INTERIOR client private date july 08 place Belgium

The kitchen has room for a big stove, sink, fridge and sufficient cupboards for storing cooking equipment. An island is placed between the table and the kitchen. All fixed furnishings are made in the same material as the shelter.

The result is a modern shelter using warm materials. For the construction, a steel structure is set up that is completely covered with a Bruynzeel Multipanel, stained and varnished in a warm afromosia shade. The full panels (1220x2440mm) are used with wide black joins.




EVENTS client Kortrijk Xpo date november 09 place Kortrijk more

Timeless Character

Classic A Kortrijk Xpo Following on from the work carried out for the 2007 edition, Rotorgroup was commissioned by the ClassicA biennial to come up with the scenography and the graphic style for the 2009 edition. Rotorgroup designed a candleholder that reflects the timeless, classic character of the fair. This candleholder forms part of the graphic style and will also be produced as a life-size symbol at the fair (about 2.5 metres high). Website, invitations, catalogue, advertisements, the floor-plan of the fair and the full concept are all designed to fit in seamlessly together. Visual communications become a visual brand.






Timeless Character



Rotorgroup design & communication agency


Rotorgroup design & communication agency