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Lea Heinrich > Preface //

This is paradise. Yeah yeah, you don’t see it straightaway and we’d pictured it differently, too. But we wouldn‘t trade places with anyone. Here we move freely, we are researchers, we examine whatever interests us; give ourselves over to distraction. Procrastination! The pen is not our friend and neither is the paper. But they will be there and wait for us, when we come back. And sit down. And begin to tell stories. And that‘s when… we‘ll draw ourselves… and you! June 2017

Triebwerkautor*innen //

Wiese der Lust > Beach of Boredom //




Florian Biermeier > A tragedy // Avocado – Oh! Pleasant face! / Are you the one to end my chase? / Disgrace! / Touched by half of humanity? / Just to examine consistency? / In between the squashed and slimed / I found the one I shall call mine / Once just a fruit. Now precious treasure / Will I guide you home to snack you with pleasure / I take your clothes / To see through tears... / Your rotting flesh… / Ridiculing my hopes and my fears! / Hohohoho! / Next page / You monstrous dread in gorgeous dress… / Laugh delightedly >

at homunculus‘ mess! / My flesh is sear, fruitfully withered / My heart cold as a stone as you should have figured / Avocad – Oh woe is me! / You‘re already dead, I knew, should not have trusted in thee / You little runt cowardly lie at your own mug! / True was the hope that you felt! / Greedily you‘ve chased me for pleasure – a drug! / Rightly you lie there and pelt! / Assholecado! / The devil begotten! / Already knew but must have forgotten... / You beast! You bastard! Inescapable fate! / AVOCADO! / Incarnation… / ...of hate


Jolanda Obleser // Ok. The local anesthesia should be effective by now. / Can you feel anything? / Alright. / Heave / ho! / Oh. We have‌ / opened the paranasal sinus. / I can see inside your brain. 16

Janosch Feiertag > Toxic Apples //





Sara Panzera > Fish & Chips // Our first date was on a windy day. / But soon we started meeting regularly. / I always try to be on time. / Every day I try to find our song. / I have my favourite dish for breakfast. / I fix my hair just one more time. 21

Today is a sunny day. / And I am ready. / You always wait for me at the same place, without saying a word. 22


And when you get tired, I drive you to see the stars. I hope one day it will snow. You‘d love it.


Frank Prager //




Janne Marie Dauer > Polymer // The night before the big exhibition opening, the artist says goodnight to his sculpture called "Polymer" / Goodnight, my darling! 28

Late at night, the two art thieves Wahlmeier and GĂźhnther try to land their big coup. / But Wahlmeier loses his grip. / And Polymer escapes from him down the museum stairs. 29

Polymer rolls down through the city and destroys many a property. / The next morning / Mrs. Rohrsbach is irritated. / What is this thing doing here? / Sound of an old man’s walking stick hitting against Polymer 30

The children use Polymer as a playground. / Mrs. Rohrsbach also finds her practical use and hangs up her laundry on it. / Polymer becomes a community meeting point. / Meanwhile the artist cries desperately. / Where are you? / No exhibition opening without Polymer. / He starts looking. / And follows Polymer’s path of destruction.



Marthe Viehmann > That one // honk / honk / Is he deaf? / honk / honk / At last! / Took you long enough! / Sorry. / Don’t forget to press the button, so that the doors are properly locked. 33

So? Did you cut this loser down to size? / Yeah, he realised his mistake. / Good day! / Oh, good afternoon Mrs. Demen! / Old hag. / The other day, she insulted me in broad daylight! / "That one," she said to me and pointed her naked finger at me! / And "that one" is what you say to a slut! 34

Lea Roth > Magic friendship //





Daniela Heller > Sansa and the Hound // I could keep you safe. / They’re all afraid of me. / No one would hurt you again or I’d k… / Yeah, whatever – let’s go! / Knights are suuuch hypocrites, right?! And by the way, I also like drinking wine, but I’m more the beer type – hey, are you into metal? Blah blah blah blah blah...


Triebwerk #8 - Leseprobe  

Die studentische Anthologie TRIEBWERK erscheint dieses Jahr zum achten Mal. Zu sehen und zu lesen gibt es eine vielfältige Auswahl an Comics...

Triebwerk #8 - Leseprobe  

Die studentische Anthologie TRIEBWERK erscheint dieses Jahr zum achten Mal. Zu sehen und zu lesen gibt es eine vielfältige Auswahl an Comics...