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The Different Types of Industrial Recycling Equipment

Overview of Industrial Recycling Equipment •

In a world where natural resources are dwindling fast, industrial recycling operations are critical for ecosystem health. Modern technology has brought forth a number of efficient machines that enable companies to recycle metal, glass, paper, electronics, and certain types of plastic. Heavy equipment allows recycling plants to quickly sort and compact nearly all of the materials that are collected from the surrounding region.

Compactors •

Usually powered by hydraulics, compactors are vital to the recycling industry. Strong metal plates are typically used to compress material into much smaller volumes. Because space is often at a premium at recycling plants, compactors allow more material to be stored at the facility. The devices are particularly useful for scrap metal processing. Highend models are completely enclosed during the compression process for minimum spillage.

Conveyors •

Industrial conveyors are usually built to feed recyclable materials into balers. Because recycling centers sometimes process materials intermittently, conveyors have adjustable control mechanisms so that they can be slowed down or shut off as needed. Most conveyors have side wings to prevent bulkier material from being pushed over the rails.

Shredders •

Recycling plant operators generally use shredders to cut objects into smaller component parts. Composite materials that are made from wood and plastic can be broken down and then reconstituted into new products. Some shredders are quite specific in what they are designed to do, and many of them are alternatively known as grinders, chippers, granulators, or hammermills. Allpurpose shredders are true behemoths and can efficiently process circuit boards, household appliances, and even cars.

Densifiers •

While compactors are meant to sort through mixed waste, densifiers are designed to work with only one kind of material at a time. Plastic bottles and aluminum cans are both good candidates for densifiers. Agglomerators are special kinds of densifiers that are used to process thermoplastic film. When the film is heated to a certain temperature, it fuses together naturally. As soon as this has occurred, the film is cooled down again using a technique known as water injection. The granules themselves are then sorted out and sent on to their desired locations.

Trommels • Trommels are cylinders that are generally used to sort recyclable materials by size. Most of these devices have screens that will collect items and objects that are to be reused. Industrial trommel screens come equipped with brushes, remote controls, and reversible infeeds. Trommels are most useful for separating reusable materials from biodegradable waste that is often intermixed with glass, plastic, and aluminum. Radial stacking conveyors are sometimes attached to the devices so that more material can be processed in one session.

Recycling to Save the Earth •

As ecosystems continue to become degraded, recycling will become increasingly vital to the health of the planet. Industrial recycling equipment allows all sorts of materials to be processed, cleaned, and reused at astonishingly fast rates. As newer models continue to come online, the recycling process will surely become even more efficient. With more Canadian corporations enacting environmentally friendly policies, the future of the Earth may yet be bright.

Further Information • •

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The Different Types of Industrial Recycling Equipment  

For more information on industrial recycling compaction visit If you or you company need a recycling comp...

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