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We opened our second Rothmans store in the center of Scarsdale

on to Victoria’s Secret and Lord & Taylor. We always marvel at

more than a decade ago. We were fortunate enough to bring in the

her work ethic. Apparently it is a family trait, as the extra staffing

famous Lubins Boys’ Clothing to our basement space several years

at our annual Scarsdale Sidewalk Sale is mostly made up of her

later. While the store may be smaller than our flagship on 18th St,

extended family. There are no slackers in that bunch.

we feel that it offers a different, but equally rewarding shopping experience. One of the strengths of the store is the dedicated and

Elma says that the best part of her job is that “she likes making guys

knowledgeable team. If you have been in the Scarsdale store, you

look good,” and that she can dress anyone from a “gangster, to a

probably know Elma Reckovic. She is the one who looks like she

kid, to a banker.” She prefers working in a men’s store because men

owns the place, and who knows, maybe she does....

are mostly results oriented when it comes to shopping. “They are needy and in a hurry, but they want to look great. I listen to what

Elma has been with Rothmans for 9 years. She was born in

they are hoping to achieve and then use my experience and style to

Montenegro (c’mon you should know where that is) and is the

get them there. They are very thankful.”

oldest of 5 children. She grew up in the Bronx and attended Christopher Columbus High School. At the age of 14, she started working at a drugstore delivering packages. From there she went



R O T H M A N ’ S


We are thankful to have Elma on our team.