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Check the List Wardrobe musts for the fashionable man

Semper paratus is Latin for “always ready” and is the motto of the United States Coast Guard. When it comes to your clothing, there are some basic items that you should have in the closet that will have you prepared for any event or meeting. We asked our buyer, Shae Berry, to put together a list of the essentials. Her list is not a complete wardrobe, but enough to keep you in the game. From your side, let’s not count your Communion/ Bar Mitzvah suit, your 15-year-old tuxedo, or your massive-shouldered Armani suit with the triple-pleated pants. There comes a time to part ways, and there are great organizations like Career Gear ( that would be thrilled to take your donations. SUITS


If you wear suits to work, a minimum of 5 in good working order is necessary. If you dress casually at the office, you still need two, with at least one of them being a solid. 1 solid gray (charcoal/ mid gray) 2-button, flat front. 1 solid navy 2-button, flat front 1 gray patterned (pin dot, pin stripe, mini-check) 2-button, flat front 1 navy patterned (pin dot, pin stripe, mini-check) 2-button, flat front 1 fun suit, could be a brighter blue, a brown, or even a glen plaid 2-button, flat front Seasonal Options: Light gray/ tan 2-button for summer/spring or vested option for the winter

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1 three-quarter length raincoat with removable liner (tan, black, or navy) 1 three-quarter length overcoat 1 casual three-quarter city coat 1 lightweight spring jacket 1 down/ski parka

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slim-fit tuxedo (many, many options at Rothmans) tuxedo shirt formal shoe formal bowtie

SWEATERS 1 lightweight cashmere sweater q q 1 cotton sweater q 1 cotton three-quarter zip SHOES

It does not matter what type of work environment that you inhabit, a man needs a minimum of 15 first-rate shirts for work and play. 3 white dress shirts 3 blue dress shirts 3 patterned sports shirts that could be worn with a blazer if necessary (small checks and ginghams work well here) 3 more casual sport shirts that can be worn with denim, shorts, or khakis 3 “going out” shirts that are updated and modern

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10 ties. Various colors and patterns that are the appropriate width (lapels are narrower, ties are narrower) 1 knit tie 1 bow tie




q 3 polo shirts q 3 dressy t-shirts (not your white Fruit of the Loom) q 3 black t-shirt (it is NYC) q 3 long sleeve knits TROUSERS 4 flat-front dress trouser (gray, navy, black required) q q 3 khaki or non-denim pants q 4 pairs of denim. Should be narrow and primarily dark.

Avoid bold stitching or large logo pocket treatments.



R O T H M A N ’ S


black dress shoe brown dress shoe shoe in a third color (cordovan, grey, cognac, or navy) seasonal Spring casual shoe (sneaker or driving moc) seasonal Fall casual shoe (Chukka or Chelsea boot)



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Lots of underwear to fit correctly under slim suits/jeans/chinos 1 pair of cool sunglasses 2 pair of cufflinks 3 dress belts to match your dress shoes 1 casual belt for denim and khakis 12 pairs of basic socks 6 pairs of fun socks 1 great baseball cap that you love 2 pocket squares 1 stylish scarf 1 sturdy umbrella 1 pair of fine leather gloves 1 partridge in a pear tree (wanted to see if you were paying attention)