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May 2014

ROTHERSTHORPE NEWSLETTER The Newsletter for the Community of Rothersthorpe


4th May

8.00am B.C.P. Communion followed by breakfast 9.30am Morning Prayer


11th May

9.30am Holy Communion


18th May

9.30am Morning Praise


25th May 9.30am Morning Worship 2pm Baptism


29th May


Ascension Day followed by breakfast

Week 11th to 18th May Christian Aid Week

Christian Aid Week 11th to 18th May There will be a house to house collection in Rothersthorpe during the above week. All your contributions are distributed via Christian Aid in poor countries where there is extreme poverty and starvation. If anyone would be willing to deliver and/or collect envelopes, Lindsay would be very pleased to hear from you on 830857. Lindsay

Rothersthorpe Church Accounts 2013 I know some are interested in where all the money goes... so I've put together a simplified picture of last year's Church accounts. Talking to a few people at the Coffee Shop, it became clear that not everyone knows that we have to pay something called the Parish Share which largely covers costs associated with having clergy: salaries / pensions / housing / training etc. Sadly last year we were unable to pay our share in full - we were about ÂŁ2,000 short of what was requested, a symptom of declining numbers in the congregation I'm afraid. It also became clear that it is not widely known how few people attend services regularly -

so here in black and white is the stark reality that (excluding the Christmas services) the average Sunday attendance is now only 9 people. We're actually a friendly bunch, so if you'd like to pop along and join us at a service, you would be welcomed with open arms. but enough of the recruitment campaign - back to the numbers..... So - if you're interested... read on!

General Fund Income: Collections Gift Aid (Tax re-claim) PCC fees (wedding etc.) Field rent Newsletter Ads (net) Coffee Shop (net) Fundraising (net) Donations

3267.35 690.26 311.00 300.00 82.74 899.43 1581.24 356.30 7488.32

General Fund Outgoings: Parish Share Clergy expenses Church requisites Benefice Office Maintenance & Electricity Insurance Miscellaneous

4300.00 80.09 19.25 946.44 440.73 1604.18 14.24 7404.93

Note that approx. £120 invoices for the newsletter were not received before the end of the year - so this was owing, making a net loss.

Charitable Giving for the year included: Children’s Society 176.20 - Christian Aid 267.92 - Namansaala orphanage 225.00 669.12 plus £120 baptism collections - to be donated to a Children's Charity (after the year end)

As well as the General account, we have a number of accounts which are restricted or designated as to what the funds can be spent on. The most interesting of these are the Fabric Fund (maintenance of the building) and the Repair Fund (the recent focus for the major urgent repairs). Fabric Fund: In 2013, income was £746 from 100 club, plus £67 interest. We spent £170 on minor repairs. The balance builds up to fund the cost of major repairs. Repair Fund: £725 received from fundraising, donations and collections. £630 spent on architect's fees, to prioritise the urgent repairs. If you have any queries - do feel free to ask! Val 832422

Church Cleaning May 11th May 25th

- Mike & Sue - Lindsay & Christy

News from Rothersthorpe School Keep up to date with all our news -

We were pleased that some staff and pupils were able to join in the Wellington Bomber 70th Anniversary memorial service held in April.

Pupils returned to school after the Easter break and are now enjoying the warmer weather!

Our KS2 gardening club members will shortly resume the many tasks which need to be done at this time of year – preparing our vegetable beds, tidying up the planters and lots of weeding! If any green fingered village residents would like to help us, please contact me in the school office (830995)

May will be another busy month, as Class 3 prepare for their residential experience at Grendon Hall and our Year 6 children undertake the statutory SATs tests.

On 10th May, 22 children are taking part in a Rhythmic Gymnastics competition in Birmingham. This is the first time that our children have entered this competition, following weekly lessons from Ann Craigie (funded by the new Sports Premium funding) – we’ll let you know how we get on next month!

Our half term culminates on Friday 23rd May with the ever popular annual May Day celebrations. All ‘Thruppsters’ will again be invited to join us for our dress rehearsal on Thursday 22nd May. Invitations will be sent out nearer the time.

May we take this opportunity to remind village residents about the safe use of our school grounds out of school hours.

There have already been a number of incidents of the older children causing minor damage (notably by damaging the roof tiles with a football) and having a few arguments, which have culminated in certain youngsters behaving inappropriately.

Unfortunately, we have also noticed a growing number of younger children using the grounds without adult supervision.

Please remember that children under the age of 10 should not be on the grounds unaccompanied. This is for their safety - we would not allow these young children to use the grounds unsupervised during school time and would appreciate your cooperation out of school hours. Carol Watt - School Office

We have just received a report that a member of the Northampton Area Support Team was passed a ten pound note in his change by a supermarket in Northampton. It was later recognised as being a counterfeit note when purchasing an item at another shop. He returned to the supermarket and after some discussion they were persuaded to exchange the note for a legal one. Obviously the things that can show up a forgery vary, but can include the quality of the paper on which the note is printed, the general quality of the printing, the watermark of the Queen's head and the silver markings. There are two of the latter, namely the stripe left of centre which appears as a dark grey line from the front of the note when held up to the light and on the reverse as a silver dotted line, the other being the silver star to the left of the note with the denomination marked on it. In the case reported, the silver star was not sharp and the Queen's face printed to the right was also not a sharp print.

Hazel’s hounds Need a little help with your pets? Friendly and reliable pet care services available to suit your needs. I can offer dog walking, doggy day care and holiday boarding as well as cat/small animal feeding. Regular walking or one off walks welcome.

Care to suit your individual requirements. Contact: Hazel by email Web site: or on 01604 580166 or 07884 444481 Church Repairs Sad to report that the Heritage Lottery Fund was over-subscribed with applications for the latest round and ours was deemed to be not as urgent as others. I have just received feedback that we can apply again. Val Bridges

Thruppsters The next meeting will be on Monday 12th May, meet at Mumford Drive 2.20pm for cream tea at Delapre Abbey. All members past or present are welcome, or if you may have been thinking of joining, please make every effort to attend. Peter Doran

Rothersthorpe Day Nursery Funded Early Learning for 2 year olds in Northamptonshire Rothersthorpe Day Nursery is providing funded places for 2year olds 11 hours free per week (to eligible children) If you are parent/carer of a 2 year old and receive certain benefits you could be entitled to free Early Learning To find out if you are eligible please use simple Online Eligibility Checker (OEC) The Funded Early Learning for 2 year olds entitles eligible children to 570 hours a year of Funded Early Learning at the start of a new term following their 2nd birthday.

Ring on 01604 831263 or email for more details or to arrange a visit, we’d love to hear from you!

WOMEN’S INSTITUTE No speaker as such this month. May is the time we debate, discuss and vote on this year's Resolution which is "The NFWI notes that 3 people die every day whilst waiting for an organ transplant”. We call upon every W.I. member to make their wishes known regarding organ donation as well as urging members of their local community to do likewise. To complete the evening we will enjoy a social time and our artistic abilities will be put to the test with an adult version of Pictionary followed by supper. This will be on Monday 19th May in the Village Hall for 7.30 pm. Please come if you possibly can, the cost is £3 which includes supper. Jenny Dellar

Protect your vehicle From catalytic converter thieves Catalytic converters are part of the exhaust system, designed to reduce carbon emissions in the environment. They are valuable to thieves, and vans, pick-up trucks and 4x4 vehicles are usually targeted as they are easier to access from underneath. The catalytic converter can be cut or unbolted in just minutes, leaving you with a hefty bill to replace it.

Advice to motorists   

Where possible, park your vehicle in a locked garage or in a parking spot overlooked by residents. Consider using a catalytic converter protection device or marking system. If you see someone acting suspiciously under a vehicle, report it to police, obtain as much information as possible, including any vehicle registrations.

For more information call 101 and ask for your local Crime Prevention Officer, alternatively email:

Friday 30th May, 2014 Rothersthorpe Village Hall 7 for 7.30 pm prompt start ÂŁ12 per team of up to 4 Includes supper, tea and coffee (please feel free to bring your own drinks) Not suitable for serious quizzers !

To book a team please telephone Christy – 07760114060 Margaret - 07713633233 or Jenny - 07549656719

Rothersthorpe Village Hall. Annual General Meeting Tuesday 6th May 2014 at 7.30pm The Village Hall will have been opened for 32 years in November this year and was the result of years of hard work, endeavour, fund raising and patience by many people such as Denis Tucker, Peggy Setchell, Don Horn, Philip Dickens, Bobby and Arthur Paul, Paula Jones, Roger Fountain and David Gregory to name but a few. Most of these names will be unknown to many of the village residents today but Rothersthorpe Village owe a huge debt of gratitude to them for their vision and foresight in providing the village with such a wonderful facility. Rothersthorpe Village Hall replaced the old Memorial Hall which had stood on the site of the now Memorial Garden in Church Street, opposite The Lane, since 1925. Rothersthorpe Primary School, which shares the hall with the Village Hall, replaced the adjacent building now Rothersthorpe Nursery School. The Village Hall is approximately half of the main hall at the end nearest the Committee Room. The School Hall is the remainder of the hall at the School Playing Field end. The Village Hall part of the premises comprises half the Main Hall, the Committee Room, the Access Corridor, and Toilets, the Storeroom and Cleaner’s Room plus the Car Park in front of the Hall but not the playing field at the back of the building. The Kitchen is a shared facility. The Village Hall, which is a registered charity, has a 60 year lease on their part of the building with nil annual rent. A cross charging arrangement is in place with the School to apportion the charges for heating, lighting, cleaning, maintenance, etc, all in accordance with agreed proportions set down in the lease agreement with the County Council who own the whole building, the land on which it stands and the playing field. The everyday running of the hall is carried out by the Village Hall Management Committee, often referred to as the VHMC, who are the Management Trustees and administer the hall on behalf of the Parish Council who are the Custodian Trustees.

The School use the whole building for the school days of the week and the Village Hall have the use of the Hall after about 5/6pm on weekdays, at weekends and all day during the School holidays. The cross charging arrangement with the school means that the school hire from the Village Hall half of the hall for 38 weeks of the year at rates agreed and reviewed regularly by the School Governors and this unique situation enables the hall to be kept warm, clean, neat and tidy, and in all day use for most of the year which is a lot different to many Village Halls in the area. This brings in a regular income to the Village Hall but is offset by a similar amount the VHMC pays to the School for the use of their half of the Hall. However the VHMC does have income from Village Hall bookings which enables the VHMC to maintain and add to its savings, ready for any future maintenance issues and provide equipment and facilities to be expected within a modern village hall. The excellent working arrangement and understanding between the School and the VHMC is essential to the smooth running of the Village Hall. The VHMC are led by Philip Dickens as Chairman and are made up, in the majority, by representatives of village hall user groups. Mr Dickens is the only person to have remained from the old Memorial Hall Committee. The current Committee consists of Judith Wood, Philip Dickens, Shirley Luck, Richard Smart, Jenny Dellar, Peter Doran, Jane Whitehouse, Philip Crowe, Christy Nolan, Nicola Fountain, Jenny Sturt, and Mike Barber. Hire charges for the Hall, or individual areas within it, are based on commercial rates set and agreed regularly by the VHMC. Village residents are currently entitled to a 50% discount for bona fide village activities and all bookings must be made through Mrs Jenny Dellar the Village Hall Booking Clerk and School Site Supervisor. Any of the Committee would be pleased to speak with you regarding Village Hall matters, however you may like to come along and take part in the next meeting which will be the Annual General Meeting. This will take place on Tuesday 6th May 2014 at 7.30 pm in the Committee Room of the Village Hall. You will be made very welcome and the proceedings will only take about an hour. Why not come along and express your views and opinions on matters concerning Rothersthorpe Village Hall. Mike Barber — Hon. Sec. Rothersthorpe VHMC

VILLAGE FETE AND PRODUCE SHOW The village Fete and Produce Show is planned to be held on Sunday 20th July this year. All keen participants are to keep an eye on the village notice boards, Website and next month's newsletter for the produce categories which will be announced shortly. If you would like to know about these as soon as they are decided then feel free to contact Jodie on 07875 478976 or or Jeff on 07986 890834. Andy Johnson

ROTHERSTHORPE PLAYING FIELD PROJECT For the latest update on the playing field please visit the village website which explains what progress has been made so far and the plans for the future. The Website is available at or through a Google search. If you do not have access to the internet and would like an update then please feel free to ring Andy Johnson on 07855 759774 and I can provide you with a hard copy. Andy Johnson

VILLAGE CAR WASH A Village Car Wash is to be held in the School Car Park Sunday 1st June between 9.30am - 4pm. Cars ÂŁ3, Vans ÂŁ5 Tea and Coffee available 'while u wait' Proceeds taken will go towards the playing field project. Andy Johnson

Annual Parish Meeting

The Annual parish meeting for Rothersthorpe will be held in the Village Hall on Monday May 12th at


Everyone is very welcome to attend and hear a review of the year for Rothersthorpe. At the conclusion of the Annual Parish meeting, the Annual General meeting of the Parish Council will take place. This is a short meeting where the Chairman and the Vice- Chairman of the Parish Council will be elected for the following year. Following the AGM there will be a regular parish council meeting. Sarah Murphy Parish Clerk

Parish Council Election Result Following the recent Parish Council Election Julie Botterill of 41 Banbury Lane was elected to serve as a Parish Councillor, with 68% of the votes, from a 54.7% turnout of the village, more than a General Election. Sarah Murphy Parish Clerk


I would like to say a big thank you to all the village residents who supported me in the Parish Council Election. I was overwhelmed with your support. For those of you who don't have the internet, or cannot walk to the notice boards, the votes were Julie Botterill 147, Jo Keay 68. Once again, thank you.

Julie Botterill

Keep Rothersthorpe Ship Shape The winter weather has caused the condition of our village roads to deteriorate so please remember to contact the Street Doctor to report issues with pot holes and pavements, ring 0300 126 1000 Monday to Friday 8am to 6pm. Or the web at http:// Sarah Murphy

Women’s Great Britain Cycle Race Tour It may be of interest to residents of the village, that the 1st stage of the Women’s Cycle Race starts in Oundle at 11am on Wednesday 7th May. There are 10 teams from across the world entered and Hannah Barnes a local girl from Towcester is amongst those competing. The tour passes through Rothersthorpe en route into Northampton where it finishes at approximately 1.30pm. There may be some temporary road closures during this time. Here’s your opportunity to get outside and cheer Hannah on. For further information go to: Clive Appleton

Northants Mini owners club — Easter Egg Run A big thank you to everyone in the village and especially to the ladies from our WI who donated Easter eggs this year. Thanks for your efforts and kindness and together with all the people associated with Minis R us, we collected nearly 500 Easter eggs and lots of soft toys, so this year as well as delivering to children's homes on Easter Sunday, we have also been able to donate eggs to a lot of associations for children and people with special needs. All the details along with lots of photos are available on the Facebook page for Minis R us. Thanks again

Christy Nolan

FREE HORSE MANURE If there are any gardeners in the village who could make use of well rotted horse manure, delivery can be arrange by trailer, then please contact Clive Appleton on 831900. Clive Appleton

Kathy Sindall BSc (Hons) MChS

CHIROPODIST/PODIATRIST Registered with the Health Professions Council

Nail, callus and corn management  Diabetic Foot Management Gait analysis and insole/orthotic prescription  Foot care advice 

Available every Friday 9am to 6pm at Parkslope Surgery, 32 Stoke Road, BLISWORTH Telephone 01604 878000 for appointment Fee £20 per consultation (home visits may be available for housebound)

Your Local Mobile Hairdresser Timeless Hair Design Contact Lauren Russell on 07999 484179 0r 01604 766751 10% off for Senior Citizens Minimum Call-Out Charge - £15

Prices Cut & Blow dry - £20.00 Blow dry & Finish - £12.00 Highlights - £29.00 - £48.00 Re-growth Colour - £17.00 User of


Gents Cut & Finish - £10.00 Head Shave - £6.00 Girls 0 – 15yrs - £5.00 - £15.00 Boys 0 – 15yrs - £5.00 - £7.00 Available for appointments Monday - Saturday

Quote this newsletter and receive 10% off your first appointment

ROTHERSTHORPE NEIGHBOURHOOD WATCH It has been reported that CDs, Sat Nav, Mobile Phone and Jacket were taken from a vehicle, which was parked on an enclosed driveway in Church Street, Rothersthorpe on the 8th March. (this was notified after the publication of April’s Newsletter) Please make it more difficult for opportunist thieves by making sure that you have locked your car, removed or hidden any valuables in the boot. Rothersthorpe church was broken into and the lock removed from the safe, but fortunately there was no money in the safe, also the lid of the donation box was farced off and a small amount of cash was taken. There was a road collision at the crossroads, but this didn't involve anyone from the village and no one was seriously injured in the incident. Please be aware that there are lots of incidents happening in villages around us, so we all need to stay alert. The Northants Police website has details of all that is happening around and has lots of useful links. As always if you see anything suspicious please report to the police on 101 or 01604 432436 Stay safe Christy and Margaret

100 Club first quarter draw Congratulations to the winners: 1st - Dorothy Worth 2nd- Caroline Dellar 3rd - Rowena Boscott 4th - Chris Murphy 5th - Steve King As always - if you wish to join this popular scheme (proceeds to the Church Fabric Fund) - contact Val on 832422 Val Bridges

Tranquil Beauty by Carrie Beauty treatments in a professional home salon based in East Hunsbury Gelish & OPI gel nails over 40 colours available! Manicures/pedicures Eye lash/brow tinting Lash lift

Party lashes Spray tan Waxing Facials Massage

10% off first treatment Fully qualified & Batac registered Contact Carrie on 01604 769625 / 07785285060

Tranquil Beauty by Carrie

Open Garden Day Rothersthorpe Playing Field Committee are planning to hold an open garden day on Saturday 5th July to raise funds for the playing field and the Church. If you are interested and would be willing to show off your garden between 12pm and 5pm, please contact me on: 01604 832762, 0789171987 or so we can see if we have enough interest. Thank you John Boyson

COMBINED FLEET MAINTENANCE LTD YOUR LOCAL GARAGE MAKING LIFE EASIER FOR YOU! MOT TEST CENTRE Class 4 - Cars & vans up to 3000 Class 5 Light - Minibuses up to 3500 (16 seats) Class 7 - Vans/Light Commercial up to 3500 10% Off your first invoice Free Collection and Delivery Service for Local Area  Customer Loyalty Scheme  Servicing  Recovery Service  All Repairs and Welding  Diagnostics and Electrical Visit and tell them what you think about your Work experience at this garage. (Latest Diagnostics Equipment)

All Makes and Models Catered For Senior Citizen Discount TRY US FOR TYRES AND BE SURPRISED ALL MAJOR BRANDS OF TYRES SUPPLIED AND FITTED LASER 4 WHEEL ALIGNMENT AS WELL! approved fitting centre Call us on 01604 859701 UNIT 7 JBJ Business Park, Blisworth Northants NN7 3DW

Saturday 7th June 10am to 12.30pm

Refreshments served in Church. Plants, cakes and craft stalls All donations of plants (and cakes!) for this popular annual event will be gratefully received. Proceeds to Church funds This newsletter is produced and distributed by members of the Church of St. Peter & St. Paul, Rothersthorpe, which also meets any cost involved. Items for possible inclusion in the June 2014 edition should be submitted to Phil Crowe at 16 Church Street, or by email to, by phone 830577 or on a CD by 23rd May at the very latest, articles received after this date will not be included. Items will not be printed unless the name of the contributor is supplied. Advertising costs : Full page £10 Half Page £5 Quarter page £2.50 Payment for advertising should be paid in advance.—Cheques should be made payable to Rothersthorpe PCC & passed to Val Bridges. 7 Church Street Edited by Phil Crowe

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