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April 2014

ROTHERSTHORPE NEWSLETTER The Newsletter for the Community of Rothersthorpe


6th Apr

8.00am B.C.P. Communion followed by breakfast 3pm 70th Anniversary memorial service


13th Apr

9.30am Palm Sunday Holy Communion


14th Apr


Journeying through Holy Week


15th Apr


Journeying through Holy Week

Wednesday 16th Apr


Journeying through Holy Week


17th Apr

Good Friday 18th Apr

7.30pm Maundy Thursday Holy Communion 10am 2pm

Easter Eggstravaganza for children An hour at the cross

Easter Day

20th Apr


26th Apr 9.30am P.C.C. away day at Moulton Church Hall


27th Apr 9.30am Morning Worship

9.30am Easter Communion

Easter Monday 21st April meet at Bugbrooke church car park at 10.30am for departure to Salcey Forest for a Bank Holiday Ramble The King of the Jews! Christmas and Easter are inexplicably linked sounds like an A.S.B.O. (Absolutely Stating the Blinding Obvious!). They may be inexplicably linked by the life and death of Christ but also linked by commercial and retail pressures. Christmas has Santa and presents while Easter has its bunnies and chocolate eggs! Because of this the true events that should lie at the centre of the celebrations are often shrouded and glamorised with the full story getting obscured and often sanitised. Take for example the remarkable story of one of the two criminals crucified with him. The criminal began by heaping insults on Jesus, then as he observed Jesus through his own pain and suffering he changed his mind, becoming convinced of a life to come and of the truth of the inscription above Jesus' head: ‘The King of the Jews'.

Then what amazing faith he showed as in agony, he said: 'Jesus, remember me when you come into your kingdom. But if what is believed it is by our works we shall ultimately be judged. What good works will this criminal have to show? Plenty! Firstly, he admitted his sinfulness before the crowd. 'We are punished justly,' he said to the other criminal, 'for we are getting what our deeds deserve'. Secondly, he rebuked his fellow-criminal, 'Don't you fear God?' Finally, when Jesus was at his lowest this criminal stood up for him alone before a hostile crowd - 'This man has done nothing wrong'. What a sensational response to Jesus! This criminal was the first of millions of sinful people who have trusted in Jesus Christ, the crucified Saviour. 'I tell you the truth,' Jesus promised him; 'Today you will be with me in paradise'. The story of the criminal gives us all hope as even on the cross Christ brings restoration, reconciliation and the promise of eternal life. Jesus is still doing the same today in both the spectacular and the ordinary which the following story illustrates. A man who had been a reprobate, a drunkard neglecting both his wife and family was captured by Christ. His workmates used to try to shake him and say, "Surely a sensible man like you cannot believe in the miracles that the Bible tells about. You cannot, for instance, believe that this Jesus of yours turned water into wine." "Whether he turned water into wine or not," said the man, "I do not know; but in my own house I have seen him turn beer into furniture." No one can argue against the proof of a changed life from the criminal on the cross to the reformed reprobate. This truth is at the centre of the Easter story. Why not come to Church this Easter, life may never be the same again! Stephen French Rector of Bugbrooke, Harpole, Kislingbury, Rothersthorpe Telephone: 01604831621 Mobile: 07773407113


Church Cleaning Apr 13th Apr 27th

- Lindsay & Christy - Jane & Lorraine

An Easter Poem - The Tree by S Luck It grows from the ground, it takes its life from the ground. Warmed by the sun and watered by the rain. Seasons come and go. The buds you see, then the leaves so green. Each one special and loved by the tree. Some have blossom and fruit you can eat so many sorts just like you and I. Just as we grow from the seed and become new life. And grow to adult! (not all as we know) When we age like the tree, it bows its branches and spreads ever higher to reach the warmth. At the end of life there is a new beginning. As JESUS was born and became a carpenter. He worked for us on the tree of life and at the end. WHAT DID THEY DO. Nail him to that wooden cross made from the tree. So look again at the trees and see the new life and the branches that JESUS gave to us all. When he rose again to give us new hope and a renewal of life. Anne Shirley

Easter Flowers As usual, the church will be decorated for Easter with lilies and other spring flowers and foliage. It enhances the beauty of this lovely old village church and lifts the heart. We decorate the church on Easter Saturday. If anyone would like to arrange some flowers themselves in memory of a loved one, then please contact Barbara Walsh on 831455 or June Tucker on 830428 June Tucker

PARISH COUNCIL ELECTION An election has been called to fill the vacancy on the Parish Council following the resignation of Mrs Cate Kutas. The election will be held on Thursday April 10th 2014. Polling will take place in the Village Hall from 7am. to 10pm. The candidates are: Julie Botterill and Joanna Keay 51 Banbury Lane 2 Berry Close Any further information before the election will be placed on the village noticeboards and on the village website Sarah Murphy Parish Clerk JULIE BOTTERILL NEEDS YOUR SUPPORT I want to become a Parish Councillor so that I can help make a difference for our future generations. Many people already know me in the village as a campaigner for the Conservation Area and for the beautiful Wild Flower Display along the Banbury Lane, which was planted last year. Rothersthorpe is my home and I want to make sure that it remains a pleasant and peaceful place to live with a strong community loved by all age groups. Please come along to the village hall on 10th April give me your support and vote. Thank you Julie Botterill - Conservation Campaigner Wild Flower Lady JOANNA KEAY NEEDS YOUR SUPPORT I have lived in Rothersthorpe for 16 years and in this time I have met many good friends and been involved in a real village community from events at the village hall, chats in the street, coffee mornings and events at the church. My vision is to help support the village to be a better place to live and for the children of the future to grow up in. I want to encourage, and be part of, improving the safety, presentation and respect of the village. I am currently part of the committee developing the Playing Fields project and believe that this will help and support the growth of the village and build that community feeling. During my working career I have been involved in managing leisure facilities, contractors, people, financials and networking, which I believe are all skills that will aid the village get the best quality at the best value. I have also been managing a ladies football team for 7 years and am involved in a ladies hockey team. I would appreciate your support on the 10th April to vote me on to the parish council so that I can add value to the already excellent committee." Thank you Joanna Keay

Hazel’s hounds Need a little help with your pets? Friendly and reliable pet care services available to suit your needs. I can offer dog walking, doggy day care and holiday boarding as well as cat/small animal feeding. Regular walking or one off walks welcome.

Care to suit your individual requirements. Contact: Hazel by email Web site: or on 01604 580166 or 07884 444481 Parish Council Meetings

The next Parish Council meeting will be held on Monday

7th April at 7.30pm in the Committee Room at the Village Hall. As always, anyone is welcome to attend and address the Parish Council in the public open session at the beginning of the meeting. Please come along and participate in your local community decision making process. Sarah Murphy Parish Clerk HAVE YOU LOST YOUR CAT

We are trying to find out the owner of a cat that has been seen recently around Ardens Grove, Grafton Way area of the village, it is an adult Tom, Tortoiseshell in colour with white legs and a white chest. If you know anything about this cat, can you please get in touch with Christy or Margaret on 01604 831020

In the Village Hall on Saturday 26th April Jeff will be doing the music, maybe sitting down, as he will be recovering, but will be ably assisted by Jodie. Lisa and Roland will man the bar and Jackie will be running the Raffle. All proceeds will go the Cogenhoe charity Caring and Sharing. The Village Hall will be open from 7.30 till late, cost ÂŁ3.50 per head, Tickets available on the door. Christy Nolan VILLAGE HALL BOOK EXCHANGE

The book exchange system in the village hall is now up and running.

If anyone has suitable books, which they would like to donate to the system, then please place them in the bookcase.

It is envisaged that the system will work by people taking a book reading it and then returning it and then taking another.

To help raise funds for charity there is a honesty box beside the bookcase and a donation of 50p per book would be appreciated. Jenny Dellar

Thruppsters The next meeting will be on Monday 7th April at 2.30 with a competition for the best St. George’s Crown, (wearable) tea and cakes as usual. Venue to be notified. All members past or present are welcome, or if you may have been thinking of joining, please make every effort to attend. Peter Doran

News from Rothersthorpe School We have, as always been very busy in school: In February, the children invited parents to our very own “Strictly Rothersthorpe” afternoon. The children all showed off their new found ballroom and Latin techniques, while the audience cheered them on and enjoyed a cup of tea and piece of cake! We have had a number of visitors in school: a local Magistrate conducted a ‘mock trial’ with Class 4, a volunteer from Abington Museum brought ‘old toys’ to show the children in Class 1, while Class 2 visited the Museum as part of their topic work on Victorians. One of our parents talked to Class 3 about climbing Ben Nevis and tutors from Explore Learning at Sixfields have worked with groups of children in Key Stage 2. On top of all this, we continued our weekly Multi-sports sessions with Gavin Kelly, Ann Craigie taught Rhythmic Gymnastics weekly and is preparing a number of teams to take part in a national competition in May. Many children have joined the new ‘out of school’ clubs for Street Dance, Gymnastics and Drama, together with our regular Food Technology, Class 2 Art Club and HotShots basketball! After a couple of friendly matches against local schools, our Year 5 / 6 football team took part in the national finals at Nottingham University which they qualified for previously, but were disappointed to narrowly miss out on the semi finals. The team, together with their parents and Mr & Mrs Fountain all enjoyed the day out and the experience of representing our small school at a national tournament. Very well done to our team and many thanks to Mr Peaks and Grandad John who gave up a great deal of time to coach the team and Mr Newitt for sponsoring the new football kit! Children enjoyed dressing up as characters from a book to celebrate World Book Day on 6th March and then visiting the Usborne Book Fair that Mrs D’Costa had arranged.

Children have continued to enjoy the new IT resources which we are now using regularly in school and we are very grateful to the ‘Friends of Rothersthorpe School’ for their support with fund raising efforts to purchase more during the year. With proposed changes to the ‘Computing’ curriculum for schools planned for later in the year, these much needed resources will be in great demand – all we need now is a faster Broadband connection in the village…. ...Any suggestions? As part of our ‘Values’ theme this term, ‘Perseverance’ and doing something positive for Lent, children in Class 4 are all learning to knit – some with more success that others! The squares which we produce will be used to make blankets for premature babies. We finish the term with our Easter Service in church on 4th April and school re-opens after the holidays on Wednesday 23rd April, for the start of the Summer term. Carol Watt - School Office Wild Flower Borders I would like to thank you for all the comments on the wild flower borders. What a lovely display of poppies and cornflowers. Comments have come back to us from as far as the USA, Canada and Australia. Two weeks ago I set some fresh seed, some seed was left to self set. As you can see the wild plants like the primroses are in full bloom, these are what children from the village planted. Hopefully we can all enjoy another spectacular display this year, roll on Summer.

Julie and Nick Planters at the entrances to the village Jane and Steve McCarthy had a big involvement in the set of the flower planters within the village and, as they have now moved on to pastures new, I feel that I ought to check that all of the planters are being tended to so that the village can look at its best (also because I am coordinating Rothersthorpe's entry to the 'best Village Competition'). I understand (and please correct me if I am wrong) that Pauline Griffith looks after the one on Banbury Lane (Patishall end), Nick and Julie Botterill look after the ones on Kislingbury Road and Christy Nolan the ones down North Street, Angela and John Boyson have kindly volunteered to take on the planters down Banbury Lane (town end). I am sure the planters will look as attractive as they have in previous years and as it is now coming to the time of year to start setting them up I thought I would enquire to see if anyone would like some additional top soil/compost. If you do can you please let me know on 0787547896 and I will arrange to get some delivered. Thanks Jodie Johnson

Why is it important to clean up after my dog Dog fouling is unpleasant and can lead to toxocariasis in humans which can cause serious illness, even blindness. If you do not clear up after your dog, you could also be find. The maximum penalty for committing an offence is £1000 in a magistrates court. WHAT CAN YOU DO As well as clearing up your dog’s mess as a dog owner you can help reduce any health risk to the public by regularly worming your dog. If you have information about a dog walker who fails to pick up, report it to the local council or dog warden.

Remember: dogs can’t behave irresponsibly only the owners can.

Pick up your Dog Poop The Parish Council would like to thank the responsible dog owners/ Walkers for picking up after their animals, But unfortunately all of their efforts are being undone by the irresponsible owners who are not cleaning up their dogs mess. This is not going to do Rothersthorpe village any good when judges looking around the village during the best village 2014 competition and they see dog mess all over the place. We would like to remind all village dog owners that it is an offence to let your dog foul the pavement and verges, the penalty for doing so can result in a fine of ÂŁ1000 and therefore respectfully ask that you pick up the mess and take it home and place it in your black bin. Should anyone witness this activity they should ring the Environmental Protection department on 01327 322323 Parish Council


The Annual General Meeting of the Rothersthorpe Village Hall Management Committee (RVHMC) will be held on Tuesday 6th May 2014 in the Committee Room of the Village Hall.

All are very welcome to attend. There will be more Village Hall information in the May News Letter. Mike Barber . Hon. Secretary of the RVHMC Newspaper Deliveries Ajay Kataria at Blisworth Store has started a newspaper delivery to the village, where the papers are left in a weather proof box at 12 Banbury Lane and Danesfield, North Street. Anyone in the village interested in having a newspaper added to this service, then please contact Ajay on 01604 858205 between 10 am - 1 pm. Jenny Dellar

70th Anniversary Memorial Service There will be a memorial service at 3pm on 6th April in Rothersthorpe church to remember the crew of the Wellington Bomber that crashed in Rothersthorpe village on April 5th 1944 narrowly missing the school and the church. After the service there will be a display in the church of items recovered from the crash site. Anyone who is interested in finding out more about the downed aircraft should visit the Twinwood Aviation Museum, which is located at Twinwood Farm, Twinwood Road, Clapham, Beds. The museum is open Sundays and all Bank Holiday Mondays through the summer from 10.30am to 5.00pm. For further information ring: 01604713644/01604830369 or visit the website: Val Bridges behalf of Brian Morris

We are a family run mobile fish and chip business that have now been running for 84 years. Howe and Co was established in 1930 by the late William John Howe. We currently have four mobile vans and towards the end of this year we are adding to our fleet to increase our number to five. We currently visit Rothersthorpe on a Tuesday evening from 6:30 - 7:20pm. Howe and Co have been overwhelmed with the support that the residents from Rothersthorpe have so far given us and hope to still do in the future. Howe and Co would like to say a big thank you for all of your support and we look forward to seeing you all on Tuesday evenings. If at any point in the future you need to contact us then please do not hesitate to call us on either the office number: 01296 712226 or alternatively you can reach Brendan and Kirsty on van number one on a Tuesday evening on 07712624467. Many Thanks for all of your support. Howe and Co.

Down Your Way column If anyone especially wants something in Mary Leeming’s Down Your Way column, them please either telephone Mary on 01604830347 or email her directly at Mary Leeming

Information about Clubs and Groups within Rothersthorpe I am trying to make sure that the website and notice boards are as informative as possible for new and existing residents in preparation for the 'Best Village Competition' which is held in June. I am currently trying to update the information about the groups and clubs that are held within the village. I would be grateful if anyone who is in charge of a club could contact me with the details please (time, place, contact for enquires etc). You can either call me on 01604 830516/07855759774 or drop me an email on Andy Johnson

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Keep Rothersthorpe Ship Shape The winter weather has caused the condition of our village roads to deteriorate so please remember to contact the Street Doctor to report issues with pot holes and pavements, ring 0300 126 1000 Monday to Friday 8am to 6pm. Or the web at http:// Sarah Murphy

Rothersthorpe Table Tennis Club Rothersthorpe Table Tennis Club, who play in Division 3 of the Towcester and District Table Tennis League are holding an Open Invitation Evening at the Village Hall on Thursday 10th April between 7.45pm and 10.0pm. We would welcome any players of any standard, male and female, young and not so young to come and have a game with a view to forming another team in Rothersthorpe or perhaps another village in the Towcester area. Rothersthorpe Village Hall is able to accommodate the three tables the club has and there are plenty of bats and balls available plus free refreshments on the evening. Why not come along and have a go!!!! We are a good crowd of men and ladies of varying table tennis standards. Neighbouring villages larger than Rothersthorpe such as Milton Malsor, Kislingbury, Harpole, Nether Heyford and Blisworth do not have table tennis teams. If you have family or friends in these villages let them know of the Rothersthorpe Open Invitation Table Tennis Evening. It’s a fun sport that keeps you fit and on your toes!!!! CONGRATULATIONS Congratulations to Mike Barber who, together with his doubles partner Iain Lyndsay, came 3rd in the Vic Fisher Memorial Trophy held at Yardley Gobion Sports and Social club on Tuesday 18th March. Fifteen teams entered from the Towcester and District area. Clive Appleton—For Rothersthorpe Table Tennis Club.

Women’s Great Britain Cycle Race Tour It may be of interest to residents of the village, that the 1st stage of the Women’s Cycle Race starts in Oundle at 11am on Wednesday 7th May and will pass through Rothersthorpe en route into Northampton. More on the race in the May newsletter, for further information go to: Clive Appleton

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ROTHERSTHORPE NEIGHBOURHOOD WATCH We have been advised that there have been two break-ins at yards within our area, also it was reported that the police stopped a van along the A5 as it only had one tail light, found inside the van were various stolen items, along with two live sheep!!! Please be on your guard and report anything suspicious on 01604 432436 Stay safe Christy and Margaret

Children's Society boxes The sum raised in this year’s collection was £139.13p and we would like to thank all box holders for their help. John Boyson

Northants Mini owners club. Easter Egg Run For the past 10 years, myself and a group of other mini owners, Classic and BMW, have each Easter collected and donated Easter Eggs and soft toys, to several Children's Homes in the county, many of these homes are for children with special needs, some are nil by mouth, we also deliver to homes that cater for foster children. The joy that this brings to the children is immeasurable, they especially like to blow the horns. So I am asking if anyone would please like to donate an Easter Egg, (not expensive ones, £1 ones are gratefully received) as are any soft toys and sensory toys. Your help would be appreciated, I can collect any items, or they can be delivered to 6 Grafton Way, telephone 831020. Christy Nolan

WOMEN’S INSTITUTE No expense has been spared for our next meeting. Douglas Maddy, an award winning magical entertainer, is our guest speaker and he will be talking about and demonstrating “Altered Perceptions”. The meeting will be on Monday 14th April (a week earlier than usual due to the Easter Holidays) in the Village Hall at 7.30 pm, visitors are very welcome and the cost is £3 which includes refreshments. Our programme this year is certainly varied, we learned to defend ourselves, had a taster Yoga session and have all overindulged with our pudding tasting evening, we had a least 20 different desserts to sample. Yum!!! Jenny Dellar

Rothersthorpe Sewing Bee Our next meeting is at The Bramble Patch in Weedon, on Wednesday 9th April at 2.30pm to get inspiration & buy any fabrics we may need. Lift shares can be arranged, and we can have a cuppa there too, so don't forget your purse! For further information and details of the 30th April meeting please contact either Caroline on 832249, or Chris on 832480

Good Friday April 18th Egg Decorating Workshop (for children of all ages) Some of you will remember the very popular workshops which used to be held on Good Friday morning, followed by a very simple children's service in the Church. We're planning to have egg-decorating this year ... so brush up your craft skills and come and join us. Even Faberge had to start with something simple. Please bring your own eggs (hard-boiled or blown!) The craft session will run alongside the regular Propeller Café session, so everyone gets a chance to join in whatever their age! The service will be held after the Cafe has stopped serving.

Val Bridges

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Rothersthorpe Village Hall Saturday 12th April 7:30pm. Dancing to the music of the very talented

"Occasional Few" Caller Steve Pascoe. Desserts/Cheese & biscuits to be served in the interval Please bring your own drinks and glasses. Tickets £8 from Val 832422 or available at The Propeller Café on Fridays Proceeds to Church Funds

This newsletter is produced and distributed by members of the Church of St. Peter & St. Paul, Rothersthorpe, which also meets any cost involved. Items for possible inclusion in the May 2014 edition should be submitted to Phil Crowe at 16 Church Street, or by email to, by phone 830577 or on a CD by 24th April at the very latest, articles received after this date will not be included. Items will not be printed unless the name of the contributor is supplied. Advertising costs : Full page £10 Half Page £5 Quarter page £2.50 Payment for advertising should be paid in advance.—Cheques should be made payable to Rothersthorpe PCC & passed to Val Bridges. 7 Church Street Edited by Phil Crowe

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