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Creating References for Bibliographies



Working in pairs, find a book and write down the reference for it. Remember to put it into Harvard style order: author, date, title, edition (if not the first edition), place of publication and publisher.

_____________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________ 2. Journals: Look through one of the journals and find an article and reference it. Try to find an article with an author. You can find the issue, volume and date details on the front first pages, or at the bottom of the page.

_____________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________ 3. Internet: Log on to a PC and go to Internet Explorer. Type in the following addresses and follow the links to find the relevant article: Type “intelligence gene� into the search box, and click on the article dated 9 September. Reference this article. _____________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________

There are some examples over the page. Some examples of different sources: Remember to keep your bibliography in alphabetical order. Books: Bonel, P. and Lindon, J. (2000) Playwork: a guide to good practice. 2nd ed. Cheltenham: Stanley Thornes. Duffy, A. et al (2006). Working with babies and children under three. London: Heinemann Educational. Hanson, G. and Venturelli, P. (1995). Drugs and society. 4th ed. London: Jones and Bartlett Publishers. Stuart-Hamilton, I. (2000). The psychology of ageing. 3rd ed. London: Jessica Kingsley Publishers Ltd. Journals: Hairon, N. (2008). Drive to increase contraceptive service use in young people. Nursing times. 19 February 2008 ; 21-22. Stevens, J. (2007) What we can learn from all year play. Early Years Educator. Vol 9, no. 5 (Sep) ii-iv. Internet: The National Autistic Society (2002) MMR and autism: more research needed, says The National Autistic Society [Internet]. Available from: <> [Accessed 10 March 2003].

Quiz - Creating Bibliograpy References  

Quiz sheet for ref & bib session 2010

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