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ROTE WAND POST WELCOME TO THE ALPEN SPORT RESORT ROTE WAND EDITION NR. 65, Saturday, FEBRUARY 10TH 2018 Dear Guests, we dearly invite you to discover the Rote Wand. In the luxurious and private surroundings, you will find plenty of opportunities to relax as well as large variety of activities. We sincerely wish you a great time in the Rote Wand. Family Walch and Team Weather Forecast Saturday, 10. February 2018 -9°C | -4°C Sunday, 11. February 2018 -13°C | -1°C Monday, 12. February 2018 -8°C | -4°C

Snow Depth Mountain: 240 cm Snow Depth Vale: 165 cm Sunrise: 7:55 am Sunset: 4:29 pm

Menu 7:00 – 8:30 pm Tatar of Smoked Fish Cucumber | Wasabi  Consommé of the Deer | Deer-Cranberry Dumplings  Marinated Lettuce Hearts Pomegranate | Cashews | Avocado  Entrecote Roasted Vegetable | Baked Potato | Sour Cream Dip| Herb Butter or Pikeperch Paella | Mussel Stock or Spinach Dumplings Mountain Cheese | Beurre Noisette  International Cheese form the Buffet  Spiced Pear | Hazelnut | Pear Sorbet

Afternoon Snack 3:30 – 5:30 pm Hungry - after a gorgeous day? You may have hot and cold food such as soup, bacon, cheese and cake from the buffet between.

ROTE WAND POST Saturday, February 10th 2018 Shopping Lenai & Linai Felt, Wool, Cotton, and much more! Sonja Zimmermann is the only Lecher Designer. If you want to get some inspirations in advance, our reception stuff is wearing a few thing of the collection. Opening Times: Monday-Saturday: 10.00 am to 01.00 pm & 03.00 pm to 07.00 pm Sunday: 3:00 pm – 7:00 pm

Sport & Fitness For today 2.30 – 3:00


Preview for Sunday: 2.30 – 3:00

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Red Gymnastic


at the Reception

Sport & Fitness The ultimate in skiing enjoyment The highlight for every skier in Lech Zürs am Arlberg. Alpine skiing is taken very seriously in Lech Zürs am Arlberg – for centuries Arlberg has been known as the "cradle of Alpine skiing". It casts a spell over enthusiastic skiers year after year, winter after winter, because Arlberg is where tradition and modernity meet. As a ski resort with the very highest standards of comfort and 340 km of perfectly prepared ski runs, Lech Zürs am Arlberg makes skiers' hearts beat faster and guarantees a relaxed and varied skiing holiday in the heart of Arlberg.


Saturday, February 10th 2018

The Rote Wand Reception Shop You can buy different things which are gettable at the Reception for your home or as a present. From delicious home–made specialities as the well-known Chocolate Fondue to Susanne Kaufmann’s Beauty–Products, to literature, spices and Rote Wand Cups! Visit us at the reception to find your personal presents for home! *Granola *Apricot Jam *Chocolate Fondue *The “Rote Wand 2704m Cups”

€ 14,00 € 5,90 € 10,00 € 35,00

All in a tumble, in different colours. Practical as a decoration for back home or as a souvenir reminding on your holidays. And can be perfectly used for a hot chocolate drink!

Things to Know Our Special - "The Fondue" The Fondue is a swiss dish, consisting of melted cheese, wine and spices which is eaten with toasted bread cubes Over the years, additionally to the cheese fondue, we also started to serve meat fondue. There are two different kinds of meat fondue: Fondue Bourguignonne (cubed fillet of beef fried in hot oil) Fondue Chinoise (sliced fillet of beef & veal boiled in soup) We brought the dish to the western Arlberg in 1964 and ever since then we are offering the Fondue to our guests


Saturday, February 10th 201818

The Schualhus Jausenstube Definitely worth a visit! For places like this was the word rest invented. Be it in the small, exquisite dining room or equal outside the door - is a cozy yet exclusive ambience of the ground floor from Jausestuba Schualhus invites you to linger and enjoy. If you are hungry before the afternoon snack starts, we gladly offer in our jausenstube traditional Vorarlberg dishes. Opening Times: Daily open from 11:00-21:00

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