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ROTE WAND POST WELCOME TO THE ALPEN SPORT RESORT ROTE WAND EDITION NR. 8, THURSDAY, JULY 12 th 2017 Dear Guests, we dearly invite you to discover the Rote Wand. In the luxurious and private surroundings, you will find plenty of opportunities to relax as well as large variety of activities. We sincerely wish you a great time in the Rote Wand. Family Walch and Team Weather Forecast Thursday, July 12th 2017 7°C | 14°C Sunrise: 5:34 am

Friday, July 13th 2017 5°C | 17°C

Sunset: 9:15 pm

Saturday, July 14th 2017 7°C | 18°C Menu 7:00 – 8:30 pm Knuckle of pork jelly Herb salt | Radish | Crispy bread *** Strong ox soup semolina dumpling *** Endive salad Pumpkin Seed Oil | Pumpkin Seeds | Potato Crunch *** Boiled prime beef from Austrian beef Roast Potato | Cream Spinach | Chives Sauce or Trout from the Zug fish pond Parsley Potato | Garlic Butcher Sauce or Schlutzkrapfen Spinach | Pine nuts *** Austrian cheese from the buffet

*** Powder Pouch Vanilla Ice cream

510 / 2048 Late Lunch / Afternoon Snack 2:30 – 5:00 pm

Ein Service Hungry - after a gorgeous day?von You may have hot and cold food such as soup, bacon, cheese and cake from the buffet between 2.30 and 5 p.m.


THURSDAY, JULY 12 th 2017

Golf course Lech - recreation at the highest level The golfing holiday in Lech is one of the highest standard, and it is about more than just the altitude. The central lagoon is probably the most exclusive golfing region of Austria with all its advantages, it creates for our members and guests a complete package that sets new standards in comfort, pleasure and lifestyle.

Sport & Fitness For Today: 08:30 – 09:00 am

Fit for Fun

02:30 – 3:00 pm

Fascia Training

Forecast for Thursday: 02:30 – 3:00 pm

Fit for Fun

Meeting point:



at the Reception

Regional Vo: dô S'Brot from the bakery Lech Family Clemens Walch Omesberg 352 6764 Lech am Arlberg Tel .: +43 5583 2263 43 Bakery Lech - various black bread, white bread, specialty bread, breakfast biscuits, croissants, pastry biscuits Special feature: Lech Heumilcheis In the bakery Lech from Clemens Walch, his nephew Martin Walch, still bakes as Grandmother Filomena began 80 years ago: in the wood-burning oven, with natural pastries made according to her own recipes, and above all with much love for the bread. Whether it be full grain, walnut or pumpkin bread, whether handsemmel or the famous Lech Loaf: the bread from the bakery Lech is delivered daily in all of Herrgott's bakeries morning. So that even the earliest risers can enjoy the breakfast with all that is included.


THURSDAY, JULY 12 th 2017

For Thursday „All About Cheese“ Walkingdistance: ca 3 ½ hours easy hike We go by bus to the „Wälder Metzge“in Warth. There we could take a closer look how they produce cheese, which we also try. After that we hike over to the Warter Horn, over a nice panorama path to the alp of Bürstegg. On rural roads we go back to Lech.

Wellness & Health Highly recommended after a strenuous hiking day or to prepare individual areas of your body for the coming stress. By using therapeutic handles, stretching and the use of a special oil as well as skin tonic, tired or overstressed muscles is made fit for the next skiing or hiking day. Red Vital Combination 50 min € 90,00 This combination of an back and an reflexology massage starts with the feeds and activated the whole body. This massage release bracings at back and neck. Head Neck Shoulder and Back 50 min € 95,00 This massage is an especially recommended for very severe tension in the shoulder and neck area as well as headache and migraine.

For further Information please contact us at the Reception!

Natalija & Lars are looking forward to seeing you!


THURSDAY, JULY 12 th 2017

The Schualhus Jausenstube Definitely worth a visit! For places like this was the word rest invented. Be it in the small, exquisite dining room or equal outside the door - is a cozy yet exclusive ambience of the ground floor from Jausestuba Schualhus invites you to linger and enjoy. If you are hungry before the late lunch starts, we gladly offer in our jausstube traditional Vorarlberg dishes. We recommend: Opening Times: Tuesday- Sunday: from 11:00-21:00

RW Hotelbetriebs GmbH Zug 5 | A-6764 Lech am Arlberg Telefon: +43 5583 3435-0 E-Mail:

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